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can i talk about Pearl for a second? bc even tho i haven't watched su in a while, this bothers me sm whenever i think about it. ever since rose's scabbard, i was so shocked at pearl for 100% willing to let steven die, and not helping him when he barely keeps himself from falling. i was really, really hoping pearl would improve in her behavior and apologize for her actions, so i didn't dislike her too much at the time. i gave her the benefit of the doubt. she hasn't changed much at all has she?

the glare alone she gives him was chilling to me,

what this glare said to me was just “i hate you you ruined my perfect world with your existence”

but that’s just my onion someone could read it a different way too ig but the inexcusable part is the next scene,where only after he plummets down after missing the ledge does she show any concern for his life (or roses gem oops) luckily Steven was able to grab on to the roots and save himself from DYING, but them she just LOOKS at him from the top of the island for like 2 seconds and goes back to crying about rose. Steven could have fallen at any point when he was climbing and pearl just, didn’t care?? she was facing the opposite direction of him on the other side of the island the next time we see her???

like wtf  the worst part was when he climbs up to the top and shes just like

“hm, so anyway do you have any of roses memories? :/”

and bombards us with never before seen interaction with rose and pearl it kinda feels like they’re dangling keys in front of the viewers face to distract us from how shitty pearl has been the whole episode and manipulate us into sympathizing with her or something.

idk this whole scene in a mess in retrospect. And to answer ur question no she hasn’t changed much, if anything shes gotten worse

I respect the opinion of my elders, but just an open query about the charges brought against my generation:

For not working hard enough: where is the evidence. When we were younger you told us you started from a small job and climbed your way to the top. When we are flipping burgers it’s because we didn’t apply ourselves. When you did it, it was shouldering the future by suffering in the present. When we ask for the money to buy bread, it is shameful. When others went on strike in the name of labor conditions, it was heroic. When we ask for more, we never deserve it. So how did you get here? Did you never sit up and demand the world give you what was rightfully yours? How hard working is hard enough?

We are illerate, use slang instead of language, shun poetry: did I just imagine the “rad” bloom of the 70’s? Is it because you can’t catch our tongues in your hands? Is it because our poetry is now published beyond books, beyond the control of one voice, beyond you? That our language doesn’t need your approval to evolve? When you drew political pictures of us asking how to turn a book on, you laughed at our ignorance. When the tables turned, when we were shown to be the most literate and well-read generation on record, you scratched the mirror. You said it was our lazy nature. A body rotting. Because we read trash, or we read into things, or we write loudly and it bothers you. Why does it bother you?

School is too easy: What was it like going to school without being worried about a shooting? Did you ever cower like we have, like I did, like our friends, crying muffled in your hands because you love your parents and now have no time to tell them? What was it like, dear, in a world where my standardized testing scores would have broken your curve and I didn’t even get perfect. What part is the easy part. Is it the highest recorded level of anxiety? Is it the rising teenage suicide rates? Is it the eating disorders, body dismorphia, self harm, self destruction? Tell me, have you seen - there’s a show called “Are you Smarter Than A 5th Grader.” It’s very funny. In it, bright young kids show adults that what we’re learning didn’t even exist in common knowledge while they were in school. Tell me. If you were up against our 5th grade curriculum, who would win? No, I’m sure you’re fine. You learned it all in high school.

We want too many free things: What was it like to want for nothing? What was it like to have a certainty that hard work leads to a bright future. What was it like imagining being rich instead of imagining just being rich enough to eat good food. What was it like, not being worried that a broken leg would cost you an entire apartment? Do you know they hate us so much they would rather see us die than bring down the price of an EpiPen. And since I know you love the idea of us abusing the system, tell me, where do I go to expose the lie about my life-threatening allergy? How do I fake it, because I’d like to opt out of it, and while I’m at it my mental illness, and while I’m at it can you take my chronic pain please. And since I know that the answer is to go to school and get a degree so I can be worthy of not dying, just another question: are you aware fifty thousand dollars a year is equivalent to a house. I could buy a house instead of going to college. Since you’re good at this, while we’re talking, I have two siblings. Which of the three of us gets the money? Go on. Look at us. Choose. Who goes hungry?

We’re entitled: yes, please, give me a deed, give me land, give me better than winning the lottery. What I’m entitled to is life, liberty and the pursuit of profit, am I not? So where are any of the above? Where did the jobs go? Why do you jail people for small crimes but free the criminals? And my life? This life? I end where my body begins, I am cut off from the nation’s decisions about what I can put in or take out of me. And me? I’m safe because I’m white-passing. Don’t the bodies pile up? Aren’t we entitled to justice? Aren’t we entitled to an answer? A response from the government? More than just speeches about how riots won’t solve things? Aren’t we entitled to a fair trial? To freedom of speech? Was it not our common fathers who fought for these things?

We’re lazy: Where? Who has the money? I’ve been working since I was 12, am I just an anomaly? Or do you just ignore those who don’t fit your story? All those student-run engineering projects that are changing history. All those protests. The art world, shifting. All these adults who demand more - do they count as lazy or as entitled? What were you doing at our age? Did it really look all that different?

We don’t listen to real music, don’t like real art, are loud, are too busy partying: We changed and you didn’t keep up. Is that’s what’s so startling?

We are sucked up into the Internet, wouldn’t drop the phone if the apocalypse was happening: my phone has my family on the other end of it. Do you not save pictures from a burning building? Do you really care so little for others you’d stick to the old ways entirely instead of texting? Oh sure, yes, a letter is pretty, I love them. But just asking for a friend: What do I do in an emergency with only a pencil. And I don’t mean to downsize the problem because I mean it’s not like you took Polaroids of your friends at sunset - right? - and it’s definitely wrong of us to want memories of a really nice night, but, just curious, did you post that opinion on the Internet? Was seeing others on the Web what made you upset? Maybe - this is just a crazy idea that popped up into my head - you should go take a walk, go outside, disconnect.

We do everything different: Yes. Because we were raised on the cusp of the next great Renaissance. We are in somewhere new, a galaxy of expansion that doesn’t rely on you. That knows more than you do. That doesn’t function the way you expect it to. How rose-colored is the past to you? The place where you erase AIDS and drug abuse in an effort to tell us we are a terrible youth. Where you don’t talk about the marches that happened around you. How painted do you picture it, simply because you had to physically look in a book to learn something new? How do you turn your eyes to a world where war sits on our necks, our earth melts, our populations swell, our people starve, and we are powerless in it all - and say, “It’s your fault.”

It’s our fault. The housing market, somehow related to our obsessive need for safe spaces, I’m sure, because our dreams no longer lie in yards but rather something big enough for at least a bed, and hopefully with tasteful curtains, and you have no idea what a safe space is. The certain failure of the two-party political system, maybe somehow due to our political correctness - we are, after all, rude enough to never open doors for old ladies or just let you be racist - how we controlled the media, how our desires drove this. Our request for trigger warnings and correct pronouns is a burden, and I see that now, because our special snowflake syndrome really does hurt you as a person; while your ongoing use of torture in corrective therapy is only a problem if you’re actually looking. You’re so right about so many things. When you beat us to correct us, it’s your child and it’s your right; when it’s our bodies we ask to have rights over - well, what did we expect? It’s our fault. The crushing debt, the companies that own our government, the privatization of prisons, the unrightful searches, the human trafficking and abuse of sex workers, the gun violence, the pharmaceutical industries which control our doctor’s choices, the climate change you only just started to admit is happening, the extinction of species worldwide - we are responsible for both pollution and poaching, the lead in our water, the death in our streets. So what do you get from it? From dismissing us? From quitting on us before the race begins? From forgetting who exactly raised us kids?

Now, I was told that the problem is that we too often point to bigotry. That we hide behind pointing out your sexist comments instead of realizing the truth your words wrought. I was told we are so focused on our victories, of a world that rallied for marriage equality, for gender expression, for the safety of survivors, for a healing nation - we call out instead of calling on. So I’m calling on you, Generation X kids. Here’s your free one. No bigotry spoken of. So speak. Explain what exactly you mean.

I get it. We asked for a country. The land is borrowed from your children, they tell me.

Now why are you so afraid when we show up and start collecting?

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What proof do we have that Eris is abusive, other than that characters have said he is? Most held a similar opinion of Rhys, what's the difference? That we have a first person narrator who is privy to the backstory of one but not the other? I'm not trying to be aggressive but I want to know your thoughts. I thought showing was more important than telling in storytelling.

Okay then, like, what ‘proof’ have we got for literally 90% of the things in this series???? Feyre is a 19 year old human girl in a world full of immortal fae. You want an eye witness account for everything in this thing, do you?

 How do I know the war happened the way they said it did? Feyre never saw it, she’s only had characters tell her about it. How do I know Rhys actually hated what he did with Amarantha and didn’t just swap sides right at the end? How do I know Rhys’ dad sucked but his mother was a good person, I’ve only heard him tell me about her, I’ve seen it. How do I know Tamlin’s brothers were awful? Never seen them either. How do I know Beron is really that awful either, I mean maybe he’s wearing a mask too and all the characters are just wrong. How do I know Mor is queer? I’ve never seen her with a girl before, I just have her word for it, maybe she lied. How do I know literally anything in this entire series because WE GET TOLD MOST THINGS NOT SHOWN THEM. 

This is what happens when you have a limited first person pov. The character HAS to get told things in order to tell us things like ???? A little bit of common sense please, do you want me to like, historically fact check Prythian for everything that Feyre tells us about it??? 

And tbh SJM has a pretty crappy habit of doing the whole ‘telling over showing’ thing anyway. See: the entirety of the Throne of Glass series, Mor’s powers in ACOTAR (she’s awesome, really, we promise, we just haven’t actually SEEN her do anything), the assertions that Rhys and co are ~the most powerful ever~ have I actually SEEN that? Can I actually see that? No.  Do I really question these things? No. Because I understand that this is the only way I can actually get some information out of this story and if I only went with what I ‘saw’ and disbelieved everything else I’d have literally nothing?? 

And when it comes to the whole Eris thing, like, dude, it’s not just a couple of characters who’ve said he’s abysmal it’s like, wait let me make a list: 

Tamlin: “His father had her put down. Executed, in front of Lucien, as his two eldest brothers held him and made him watch.” That would be Eris. So at best you’ve got conflicting statements here. 

Lucien: “Lucien crossed his arms, leaning against the back of the couch. “I have to agree with Cassian. Eris is a snake.M, yes, Eris, HIS OWN BROTHER. If anyone was going to know Eris was ~not a bad person~ it’d be Lucien. Lucien who lived in that court. Who knew him. Who Eris apparently cared enough to protect/save, according to him. Eris who apparently cares so much about his mother (as we have seen Lucien does SEEN that is SEEN with our own two eyes) Why the hell would Lucien not know Eris was ‘wearing a mask’. Or maybe…Eris really does suck. 

Rhys: “Eris refused to marry her. Said she’d been sullied by a bastard-born lesser faerie, and he’d now sooner fuck a sow. […]Rhys said with soft wrath, “Eris left her for dead in the middle of their woods.” Idgaf how he tries to spin it later, this is what happened.  

Cassian: “You’re working with that prick,” Cassian cut in, whatever catching-up now over, apparently. He moved to Mor’s side, a hand on her back. He shook his head at Azriel and Rhys, disgust curling his lip. “You should have spiked Eris’s fucking head to the front gates.” 

Amren: “Your whole family is despicable,” Amren said to Lucien.

Mor: At Mor, whose face went white with dread. […]Or at Eris, heir to the Autumn Court, as he strolled into the room. 


And I had the terrible sense that Mor had gone somewhere far, far away as Eris set down his goblet and said, “You look well, Mor.”

The sight of him triggers actual real panic attacks and flashbacks that we can literally see from Feyre’s POV. Five hundred years after the fact and Mor is still traumatised enough by what he did to her to react like this even after all that time. 

Then we have Feyre’s POV herself. Through her we’ve seen Eris laughing alongside his other brothers as Lucien was tortured and nearly killed. 

“I don’t suppose your handsome brothers know, Lucien,” she purred.

“If we did, Lady, we would be the first to tell you,” said the tallest. He was lean, well dressed, every inch of him a court-trained bastard. Probably the eldest, given the way even the ones who looked like born warriors stared at him with deference and calculation—and fear.

 Ah, yes, that would be Eris actively promising help to Amarantha in order to damn Feyre and continue her reign. Then there’s the way Eris hunts down Lucien and Feyre in the Winter Court, actively harms them both. So that’s like…Basically every single main character in this book who’s told you Eris sucks. 

What’s the basis for believing that he doesn’t, out of interest? I mean what ‘evidence’ do you have that he is actually wearing a mask, what do you have that’s so strong it goes against the testimony of multiple characters? Oh I know! You have Eris’ word for it and that’s it. Wow. So unbiased. So convincing. Eris tells us he’s not really a bad guy and that outweighs the half a dozen people who tells us he is! That’s just. Damn. What logic. Can’t argue with that. 

Also, like, I’m sorry, but Rhys’ arc was done properly, Rhys’ redemption wasn’t a retcon it was a followed-through on plan. There were hints UtM that Rhys was not as black as he was painted (He killed the Summer Court faerie outright rather than leaving him to suffer, he repeatedly came to visit Feyre in her cell when no-one else would, he was honest with Feyre about the treatment he received at Amarantha’s hands (a vulnerability on his part), he told her why he was making her dance every night as well as the steps he put in place to protect her, he sent music to her and saved her life, he saved her life and Tamlin’s with the kiss (which Feyre is aware of), he tried to save Feyre’s life while Amarantha was torturing her) 

Rhys was a complex, morally grey character UtM and it’s possible to show a different side to him and a ‘mask’ because there were always hints of him wearing one. What if Ianthe told Feyre she was actually a secret agent working for Prythian but she was forced to act the way she did to keep her cover? What if Amarantha said she’d only dominated Prythian that way to save it from something worse and she too was wearing a mask and working for the greater good? What if Hybern said there was a bigger threat facing them and he had an ulterior motive to this war (and also, I mean, how do you really know Hybern is that awful, we’ve only ever had people tell us about him, maybe he’s misunderstood too!!!!)  @valamerys wrote this out far better than I could in this post, read it too. 

My thoughts are pretty simple, tbh: SJM decided to “”””””redeem”””””” Eris, likely to have him set-up to take over Autumn, now Lucien isn’t an option for that before what with the whole dramatic lost son of Day thing and she did a crap job of it. Like this isn’t some grand morality based character debate that’s going on here, SJM just handled this poorly. In order to make him seem not so bad she had to undo all of the canon that she’d set in place before hand and offer ‘alternative’ explanations for what happened that we’ve never heard about. 

If she planned this all beforehand, if Eris was always wearing a mask why weren’t there hints of it before? Why didn’t she have Tamlin tell Feyre he got an anonymous tip-off the day he saved Lucien’s life from his brothers (which is what Eris claimed). Why wouldn’t Lucien defend him a little, say at least he cared about their mother/was sometimes kinder to him than the others? Why wouldn’t Rhys say that in the arranged marriage that petrified Mor, Eris was as unwilling as she was, that he argued against it? (Eris would have gone through with this marriage regardless of what it did to Mor if she hadn’t slept with Cassian) Why wouldn’t Eris stay quiet UtM or not show up to watch Lucien’s torture (which he does repeatedly)? Why, why, why, why, why would SJM not do something to show us that there might be more to Eris? Unless this was just a sloppy, last minute retcon to redeem a gross, abusive character who still to do this day petrifies his victim? 

Like, if you consider showing to be of more importance than telling in stories….You’ve picked a mighty weird hill to die on here with Eris. Because this is literally the worst example of telling not showing in this entire series. There is no basis for anything that happens with Eris’ character in ACOWAR and the only thing we have stacked against the evidence of two and a half books is what Eris says and how he personally spins the story like ????

 Idk dude, we can have a convoluted, let’s bend over backwards to redeem this guy and show he was misunderstood and has been wearing a mask so convincing it’s never ever ever cracked even once this entire time, to anyone! Even people who’ve known him for centuries….Or we go with the simpler: SJM really didn’t plan or execute this story very well at all. Which seems more reasonable?  

Safe or Smothered

Summary: Dean loves his family, there’s no doubt about it. He cares more than is healthy, if anyone was being honest. Of course, this sometimes leads to conflict; especially when it comes to his little sister.

Word Count: 2586

Warnings: swearing, mild gore (its literally just a bullet like if you can’t handle that then how do you watch the show smh)

A/N: hey guys! Sorry if I haven’t been as active lately but my keyboard doesn’t connect to my tablet and stuff:( but I remembered that this was in my drafts, so I decided to edit some of it and then post it. I’m sorry about the inconvenience!!! My keyboard should be fixed soon.

“Damn it, Y/N,” Dean growled as he slammed the motel door shut. “If you’d just listen to me for once then you wouldn’t be in this situation.”

“He was going to shoot you!” Y/N shouted, wincing as she landed on the leg with a bullet in it. “Do you honestly expect me to stand by while you get shot? I’ve seen you do it for me and Sam, so please, tell me: how is this any different?”

“It just is,” he grumbled, grabbing the first aid kit. “And you know it.”

“Oh, ‘it just is,’ he says,” Y/N called after him. “Good one, De. You should be a lawyer. Listen here, I saved your ass back there, and you’re acting- ah! - you’re acting like I’m dying.” Y/N panted as he dug out the bullet, his stony silence piercing the air.

“Listen,” she continued. “I get you want me to be safe, but there’s a difference between keeping me safe and smothering me.”

“Y/N,” Dean said gruffly as he tied a knot on the bandage. “This is the third hunt in the past month that you’ve gotten shot. I don’t even want to think about all those other times where you could’ve stayed safe if you hadn’t decided to do your own thing-”

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Someone’s Angry....

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Prompt: Dean, Sam, and reader go out for a night of fun. Dean has the biggest crush on reader but doesn’t have the guts to admit it. Someone starts hitting on the reader and they are obviously uncomfortable. Sam tries to convince Dean to go pretend to be their boyfriend but Dean is too nervous, so Sam goes and saves reader from the creepy flirt and Dean is uncharacteristically grumpy for the rest of the night. 

A/N: I wrote this a bit differently, I put lines between the parts where it is supposed to be just Sam and Dean at times when they are away from the reader so that way I could write about them too. I got this prompt from @otpprompts and wanted to try it since I’m trying to come up with stuff of my own. I take requests!

Words: 1,444

Warnings: None, I don’t really think, except implied smut? 

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Do not touch

Characters: Castiel, reader, Dean, Sam, Naomi

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Warnings: angst, blood, violence

Word count: 2181

Summary: the Angels kidnap you as an attempt to lure out Castiel so they can recruit him to work for heaven again.

“Stop!” You screamed as Naomi pulled your broken body through the warehouse. She had captured you as an attempt to lure out Castiel and the Winchesters, and she and the other angels didn’t hold back on hurting you.

“Stay still, Y/N!” She commanded, “stop struggling.”

You continued to walk with her into a room with a lighting fixture creaking in the ceiling above you as she forced you into a seat and tied you to it. Your wrists were bound together as were your ankles and your body was tied tightly to the chair.

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Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean, Bobby, Cas
Word count: 1,259
Warnings: Talk of abortion, angst

The Broken Hunter

Sam walked in, looking like he was about to cry. “You were pregnant?” His voice cracked.

“I was when you went in the pit, and didn’t know and now I am…” You told him, breaking. It had happened when he was soulless, and you didn’t know what that meant for your unborn child.

“Can you excuse us, Dean?” You asked him quietly, looking up at him. “I think I need to do this alone.”

He sighed when he saw the pain and fear in your eyes. “I’ll be downstairs if you need me.” Getting up, he kissed your forehead. “D-don’t make her feel worse than she does about it.” He said under his breath as he passed Sam.

Neither of you said a word as the door shut behind him. You were staring at the ground, your hands under your thighs as you cried silently. Sam stayed standing, his arms crossed over his chest. He didn’t know what to think, or what to feel. “Would you have ever told me?” He asked.

You looked up at him, confused. “What?”

“Would you have ever told me about the abortion?” There was little emotion to his voice, as he was trying to wrap his head around it all. “Or would you have just never brought it up?” That time, you heard the hurt, and you knew that it was more because you hadn’t said a word.

“What? Was I supposed to just blurt it out?” You asked. “It was a hard choice to make, Sam, one that I’ll never forget, but it was the best one.” He wasn’t there, how could he judge you for this? “Dean was the only family I had left! Take me out of hunting, and I risked losing him, too. And it was no time, or place, to raise a kid.” Of course you thought about the what-ifs, the way things could have gone differently, but you didn’t regret it.

Sam nodded, swallowing, his eyes watering. “I get that.” Just because he understood, didn’t mean it didn’t hurt like hell. He was trying to save the world, and wound up hurting the woman he loved, and costing them their child. “And…” He paused, taking a deep breath. “Now?”

You got up and moved over to him, wrapping your arms around his waist. Your hands gripped his shirt as you cried. “I’m scared.”

He felt his shirt getting wet as he wrapped his arms around you. His hand went to the back of your head, his other on your back. “I’m here this time.” He assured you. “I’m not going anywhere.” Although you’d barely been in the same room together recently, he wanted to be there for you. “As whatever you want me to be.” Sam’s chest ached at that, but he wasn’t going to force you into anything.

Looking up at him, you gave him a sad smile. “I want you. Us. What we were.” You told him. “Can we even have that now? With you knowing about what I did?” It scared you that he would hate you.

“You did what you had to.” He told you. “It hurts, but I was gone. That was your choice. Not mine, not Dean’s, no one but you had to decide.”

Nodding, you were glad that he wasn’t flying off the rails like you had half expected. “I’m scared the baby won’t have a soul.” You admitted it, for the first time outloud. He furrowed his brows at you, a silent question. “You’ve had your soul back for 6 weeks, I’m 10 weeks pregnant.”

Sam’s confusion turned to understanding. He put his forehead against yours. “Shit.” He breathed.

“Now you know why I’ve been hiding up here.” You told him. “I-I didn’t know how to be like ‘hey, by the way…’ without it sounding like shit.”

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Okay in Umbara we really see Kix kick it up a notch, everyone else is fighting with 110% and we see Kix kick it up to like 150% when the casualties get high and it just makes me think about medics being reckless with their lives in order to save other lives (my own medic oc that isn't in the star wars universe has the same damn problem he's a stubborn idiot...) and who's gonna save them when they get hurt because they just /had/ to save one more brother. ~CWB nonnie

oh man. it is absolutely true. they just want to help people. they want their brothers to be okay, seeing them get injured and killed over and over and over would drive just about anyone mad. Kix (and all the other medics) just want it all to end.

i mean, some medics show it in different ways too, like @thebisexualmandalorian‘s Killer will work long hours, without sleep, forgetting to eat, just to make sure his brothers are okay. my ocs Stick and Poke just want to help. they specialize in other species anatomies specifically so they can help civilian casualties that are harmed in the war that they are in. 

i love medics and i have a lot of feels about them

a/n: because of this new song i’ve discovered today, i actually plotted this headcanon and wrote it out in three hours. i know, i know. yet another zombie apocalypse – i can’t help it!!!! but this is going to have a fluff twist to it, i hope. enjoy please?!

jikook; zombie apocalypse au + your world’s black and white until you meet your soulmate au. side taegi (only mentioned).

no warnings because it’s sort of fluffy, i think. 

  • Frankly speaking, Jimin’s forgotten about the fairytale dream everyone once had before the apocalypse hit. Right before the mutated genes started infesting everyone and turning them into the undead, everyone had been so fixated over finding the one.
  • •The idea’s nothing but a dumb one right now to Jimin but back then — it had been something beautiful to look forward to, to be able to meet your soulmate who’s going to actually bring colors to your life (literally in this case).
  • Then the apocalypse hit, and Jimin’s already black and white world got even duller.
  • The once beautiful dream left everyone’s mind, or at least for Jimin’s, because he’s not going stick around and picture the day he will finally meet his soulmate when he has other things to worry about constantly (to make sure every day isn’t his last, to make sure he has food, to make sure no one spots him because humans are actually starting to fight each other for ammunitions now).
  • The idea’s only put back to his mind when Jimin finally finds people he trusts enough to travel with — Yoongi and Taehyung who actually risked their lives to save a stranger like him the first time they met — Taehyung’s always the chatterbox, filling up silences in between them whenever they have to take long walks so to reach somewhere safe.
  • Taehyung speaks Yoongi’s soulmate (if Jimin’s surprised that Taehyung isn’t, he doesn’t show that he is).
  • Yoongi was halfway through the woods with Taehyung when he saw someone lying on the ground, dirty with mud and blood with his eyes slowly losing life due to the wound that’s bleeding profusely. Taehyung had approached the stranger then, already drawing a dagger out to put the other into peace and to prevent him from turning into a walker.
  • Yoongi hadn’t said anything then, but he stopped Taehyung, only because he wanted to be the one. It was only after a week that Yoongi admitted to Taehyung over his soulmate who he had met for less than fifteen minutes. The colors surfaced as quickly as they left with his soulmate’s last breath.
  • Jimin thinks his soulmate is dead already, by now.
  • He’s wrong.
  • Yoongi picked the lock of a cabin they had thought to be empty as they tried to hide away from walkers who were starting to follow them after Taehyung accidentally dropped the cans of food he found from the neighborhood in his latest supply run, the sounds attracting quite a number of them over. The instant Yoongi managed to open the door, all of them shoved themselves into the cabin, ready to sigh a loud breath out in relief until Taehyung hears the safety of a gun unclipped.
  • Yoongi’s fast to react, immediately whipping his own gun out to point at the stranger who’s literally glaring at them, letting them know that their presence’s more than just unappreciated. The tension lingers thickly in the air as Taehyung gulps visibly, knowing Yoongi’s definitely ready to shoot if any of them is in danger (so let alone now when Taehyung’s the one the gun’s pointed at) and remains oblivious to the way Jimin’s frame stiffen after a brief eye contact with the younger male.
  • “Don’t shoot, hyung. Lower your gun.” Jimin glances over and presses Yoongi’s gun down himself when the other doesn’t listen. “Hyung, don’t.”
  • “Jimin, what are you doing? He’s going to—”
  • “He’s not going to shoot.”
  • “How do you know?”
  • Jimin can’t find it within himself to answer, and simply glances back to the younger male who eventually lowers at his own gun just to look at his own hands as if in awe. Taehyung and Yoongi exchanged a confused look briefly, but Jimin understands. Of course he does.
  • He’s seeing colors.
  • “My name’s Jimin.” Jimin says quietly after a long while, and proceeded to step closer to the younger male despite Taehyung protesting. The other doesn’t seem like he’s going to raise his gun any time soon, he just seems… confused, really confused.
  • “This doesn’t mean anything.”
  • Jimin agrees, but he can’t say this isn’t the reason why he convinced Yoongi later to let a stranger who pointed a gun at them to follow them. They never allowed people to tag along with them anymore after almost losing their lives over people who ultimately only cared for their own survivals — but whoever this person is… he’s not just anybody.
  • He’s actually Jimin’s soulmate (god, just by registering that alone is so fucking weird).
  • Jimin doesn’t tell Taehyung and Yoongi anything about it, simply keeping that odd status a secret because they can’t even behave naturally around each other. Jimin’s pretty sure soulmates fall in love with each other immediately or something yet with his very own soulmate, everything’s pretty much the opposite. The only thing Jimin’s known so far about him even after spending weeks with him is his name. Jeon Jungkook.
  • It’s a weird thing knowing this is the person that’s actually meant for you when you barely even know him. What first seemed like a romantic idea before the apocalypse only becomes a bizarre one to him now as he cares for Jungkook’s wellbeing (because the colors have to say something) and yet he doesn’t even feel close to him.
  • But things just happen naturally (maybe this is why they are soulmates). It’s hard to not open up to someone who you’re slowly spending every day with, going through life or death situations and taking risks together. It does something, it does a lot. Not just to him, but Jungkook even smiles at Taehyung’s jokes now and shares little stories about him to Yoongi.
  • Now whenever they take a small break, Jungkook sits himself beside Jimin and that alone is strangely comforting enough. They just sit with their shoulders pressed together, fingers almost brushing. It’s not close enough for them to lace together, it’s too soon, but Jimin’s slowly forgetting since when the idea starts to be something he doesn’t feel so awkward over anymore.
  • But maybe here’s the thing why Jimin had been so hesitant to get close to Jungkook. Maybe he knows Jungkook’s supposed to mean something, and that maybe he knows he’s supposed to give a shit if anything’s going to happen. He’s afraid of losing, too afraid and the afternoon Jungkook actually got shot by a group of people who was trying to raid their food and weapons when he’s trying to protect Yoongi, everything hits.
  • He’s scared shitless just at the thought of losing Jungkook. Just a year simply isn’t enough — he’s not supposed to lose his soulmate just like that.
  • So he doesn’t abandon Jungkook even if the other’s almost too heavy for him to carry alongside with his other bags, and blinks back tears as he tries to think of ways to patch Jungkook’s wounds back and find Yoongi and Taehyung who were forced to take a different route with them when trying to escape the gun fire that got way too messy.
  • He’s going to survive, Jungkook’s not going to die on him — Jimin’s going to save him.
  • Jungkook’s consciousness is literally fading in and out by the time Jimin’s piggybacking him (more like just dragging him, because Jungkook’s boots are just scrapping on the ground) across a shallow river, and Jimin realizes — so are the colors he’s looking at. He’s almost losing Jungkook, and the colors are the first sign.
  • God, he’s scared.
  • Jungkook—”
  • “I know, me too.” Jungkook’s voice is rasp when he speaks, sounding breathless as he groans over the pain. “Guess my time’s up.”
  • “No.”
  • “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had met before all these shits happened? I could’ve asked you out for dinner, maybe even cooked for you. Could’ve bought you flowers, could’ve brought you to pretty places and knew you in a normal world without all these… fear and chaos. Fuck, Jimin. Things would’ve been so nice, wouldn’t it?” Jungkook croaks bitterly, and Jimin tries his hardest to not cry as he grits at his teeth. “I could’ve loved you properly.”
  • Jungkook’s not even able to answer him by the time Namjoon actually spots them, losing his consciousness entirely as Namjoon tries to convince Jimin that he’s not trying to hurt them, and that he’s just a recruiter who wants to take them back into a safe shelter. Jimin hadn’t thought of saying yes until Namjoon looked at Jungkook and said “We have medical supplies over there and a doctor, even. Your friend can be treated there.”
  • When Jungkook finally comes to two mornings later, Jimin almost shoved him back into a coma by nagging at his impulsiveness a week ago nonstop. Jungkook’s left confused about the sudden change of environment he’s in until Namjoon finally comes in explaining everything, pacifying Jimin who definitely has brightened up (despite the hostility he’s been hurling at Jungkook) before passing Jungkook a few stalks of flowers. Jungkook can’t believe he’s at a place that flowers get to be grown.
  • “We have to find Taehyung and Yoongi-hyung,” Jungkook says the instant Namjoon leaves, looking at Jimin who catches his meaning immediately. “I know this place’s great but… I can’t stay here knowing they are out somewhere.”
  • “We’ll find them. Just rest more — Hoseok-hyung, I mean… the doctor said you still need a week or so before the wound fully wounds. We’ll leave then. We’ll find them, and we will bring them back here.”
  • “Guess our normal days will have to wait. How long more till I can finally bring you flowers myself?”
  • Jimin finally smiles then, pinching lightly at Jungkook’s arm as he feigns to be annoyed before he seems to slip into deep thoughts, pondering for a long while until Jungkook gathers enough strength to locate where Jimin’s hand is so he can give it a light, reassuring squeeze.
  • “I don’t need flowers… movie dates, fancy dinner or a normal life, Jungkook.” Jimin murmurs softly, and as their eyes meet again, he’s briefly reminded of how they looked at each other the first time. Right now, at this moment, it almost felt the first time when Jungkook had brought colors into his life. “Just this is perfect.”
  • Jimin laces their fingers together tightly, finally like how he always wanted to before kissing lightly on top of their hands.
  • “Yeah, this is perfect.”
Black and White

Summary: After Emma declares that Gideon is beyond saving, Belle and Rumplestiltskin have a talk about the “hero” view of a black and white world.  Truths are shared, and decisions are made.  Post-ep for 6x16, “Mother’s Little Helper”.  Spoilers abound.

Read it on AO3 | FFN

The words kept running through Belle’s mind. They only see the world in black and white.  Instinct had made her object to that statement about the town’s heroes, made her say that they were right to mistrust Gideon.  Gideon had wrought so much destruction in just a few short days, trying to kill Emma, and then asking for her help only to betray her and try to kill her again. He was acting like the worst of villains, hurting people without a care in the world—but he was her son.

Their son.

“Do you really think that we can get through to him?” she whispered, so very aware of Rumplestiltskin’s hand on her own. His touch was light, gentle.  It was everything she needed and Belle wanted to cling to him, but she didn’t dare let herself.

“Of course I do.  I spent so many years reveling in the darkness, and yet you reached me time and again.”  His smile was crooked, but it made Belle’s heart clench.

“Not when it mattered.”  She had to look away, remembering stopping Rumplestiltskin from killing Hook in the clock tower, forcing him out of town because she didn’t know how else to stop him.  Because I didn’t try anything else, she admitted to herself in silence.  Yet Rumplestiltskin hadn’t let her in, then.  He hadn’t been honest, not the way he was now, and that had led them straight do destruction.

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anonymous asked:

I have become obsessed with fanfiction where Lily and James survive and raise Harry and I want it to be 15,000 words or up. Sorry I'm a bit picky when it comes to fanfic. Can you help me?

This post has fics where Jily comes back, and these are all longer fics where Jily live and incorporate some amount of raising Harry:

Title: We’re Back
Author: Miss Ginevra Magdalene Darcy
Rating: T
Genre(s): Family, Angst
Chapters: 34
Word Count: 505,418
Summary: The Light Side are returning, Lily, James and others who died by Voldemort in the first or second wizarding war are returning. It’s wonderful and magical but Teddy’s not adjusting well.

Title: Sunshine in My Eyes
Romance, Angst
Word Count:
Mr. and Mrs. Evans are killed when Lily’s only a girl, and she’s supposed to go to a home with her sister. Instead, a relative they didn’t know they had comes to collect them, and introduces Lily to manners, magic, and a life that’s just the slightest bit different from the life she was supposed to live.

Title: And the Wolves All Cry
Word Count:
AU. if a certain person doesn’t hear a prophecy, does it still come true?

Title: Just Stay Here Tonight
Word Count:
Lily Evans isn’t a witch.

Title: We’re Back
Author: Miss Ginevra Magdalene Darcy
Rating: T
Genre(s): Family, Angst
Chapters: 34
Word Count: 505,418
Summary: The Light Side are returning, Lily, James and others who died by Voldemort in the first or second wizarding war are returning. It’s wonderful and magical but Teddy’s not adjusting well.

Title: A Baby Changes Everything
Author: PokePotterfan93
Rating: M
Genre(s): Humour, Family
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 35,413
Summary: In the smouldering ruins of Godric’s Hollow, baby Harry seeing his mothers body begins crying and vanishes, where did the boy-who-lived and where will he end up? And what happens when 16 year old James and Lily find a baby calling them Dada and Mama.

Title: Promises Unbroken
Author: Robin4
Rating: T
Genre(s): Drama, Adventure
Chapters: 41
Word Count: 170,882
Summary: Sirius Black remained the Secret Keeper and everything he feared came to pass. Ten years later, James and Lily live, Harry attends Hogwarts, and Voldemort remains…yet the world is different and nothing is as it seems.

These are Hinny focused but have some solid Jily raising Harry:

Title: You Wish!
Author: ginnydear
Rating: T
Genre(s): Family
Chapters: 11 [WIP]
Word Count: 43,063
Summary: “There’s an old legend, about souls…” Harry Potter has lived his entire life knowing the legend of half souls, and when he wakes up on his seventeenth birthday with a cryptic two word message on his arm, he becomes part of the legend as well.

Title: Something Flowery
Author: CaptainMercy
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance, Family
Chapters: 80
Word Count: ~
Summary: “Love wasn’t the way you felt as you looked at someone. The stirring in your stomach. It was the complete willingness to throw yourself in front of a knife to save them. And it was having the nerve to accept this, because you’d rather die a thousand times than to see them get hurt.“ A Soul Bonded Hinny fanfiction. Jily lived too. Romione at a slightly younger age, more pronounced than in the books at least. I do not own Harry Potter, JK Rowling does. Harry James Potter was always a different boy. Whether because he was a marked man, or because of his family, he never realized just how strange he was. That is until the Bond started to grow.

And like, they don’t get it? Reylo shippers are so blind by their cliche, and poisonous, “woman redeems evil dude” story that they don’t see it’s not Rey’s job to save him let alone even romance him. The dude freaking restrained her in a torture chamber, mind raped her him where you can clearly see the fear on her face, and tried to kill her later on where you can see the anger and righteous fury on her face. There is no basis for a romance or romantic chemistry between these characters at all. None. And then there’s the underline racism about how they don’t even consider Finn as a worthy romantic partner for Rey despite there actually being SOME chemistry between them on screen and a kiss. I mean I ship StormPilot but come on! Finn and Rey make way more sense than the abusive ship that is Reylo.

And the fact that Reylo shippers are now invading the KOTOR, Darth Revan, and Bastila Shan tags infuriates me because 1: they are totally different, and 2: Revan and Bastila are too good for you. Revan and Bastila have a trust based, consenting marriage that’s not based on torture or fear. She saved his life after Malak betrayed him, she stood by him all throughout the story and let herself be taken by Malak to save him, while he went after her and brought her back from the dark side through their love for each other. They both defied the council in their marriage. There is nothing similar about Reylo aside from the character’s appearances, so just stop. Stop this and stop polluting both the KOTOR era and Star Wars itself with a ship that may very well turn out to be incestuous later on.

inspiratedd  asked:

hi! i wanted to ask what you think about critical reviews? i mean the suggestions which would help improving... cause just " love it" doesnt help much and i would like to give my full honest opinion for your sake too... Have a great day and keep writing!

Personally, I’ve had more terrible concrit than good concrit. Mostly because 9 times out of 10 I’ve been given incorrect information about punctuation.

People who’ve never read a reference book (studying regular fiction can also be educational) and know little about punctuation shouldn’t be commenting on it. I don’t tell people their math is wrong if I don’t know how to solve the equation myself. Not all of our readers are writers. Not all writers are educated on the ins and outs of their craft, either. And those of us, like me, who’ve bled ourselves dry with reference books and online guides, are still capable of making mistakes. When I give someone advice I always link them to sites where they can learn for themselves.

However, concrit can be great if it’s done right. It doesn’t have to be about the punctuation. For example, you might not know much about semi-colons and the like, but as a reader you can tell a writer what did and didn’t evoke emotion in you. You can tell them how their story touched you and if the story they’re telling is gripping. Basically, you tell them why you loved it or why you didn’t. That’s the only way they can know what is and isn’t working. Writers already know the image in their heads. Conveying that image to others is a different matter completely.

“The scene where X shot Y brought tears to my eyes. I could really see the scene in my head.”

“The part where X shot Y was a little confusing to me. I couldn’t tell who was speaking / where they were standing / etc.” They might not have told you how to fix it, but they’ve given you something to fix that you never considered before.

Concrit doesn’t have to be someone saying, “Hey, your dialogue is punctuated wrong”.

I picked up some nasty habits from, I’ll be blunt, “know-it-all” writers on who corrected me INCORRECTLY time and time again. One girl spent weeks telling me to spell “colour” as “color” because apparently they’ve never heard of other languages or spellings, lol.

My advice to writers everywhere is to always double check before giving someone else advice. And to the writers receiving advice on grammar, etc, to take caution. If someone says, “Hey, your dialogue should be like this” please do yourself a favour and RESEARCH their suggestion for yourself. They think your dialogue is flawed? Go read up on how to punctuate dialogue by someone that actually does know how.

I spent years writing dialogue like this: “Hey.” She said. (It should be “Hey,” she said.) All because another writer told me that my version – the CORRECT version – was wrong. If I had just done a quick google search (not only to fact check the reviewer, but to better understand dialogue as a whole thanks to them pointing out my flaw) I would have saved myself a lot of time.

Overall, I think bringing attention to a writer’s flaws and strengths is a great way to push them forward. They’ll never look into improving an aspect of their writing if no one ever tells them it’s wrong. But concrit should always be polite and should never be given to anyone who doesn’t want it.

Also, as a sidenote, different countries have different rules on punctuation (and names, too. The USA calls [.] a period but in England we call it a full stop. That’s important to note as well). :)

anonymous asked:

Please let people know it's important to like or reblog writer's work. People will listen to you. People pay attention to you and you can make a difference. You see, today, I have decided to stop writing. Maybe you can save someone else though. Big writers start as tiny writers, but if no one notices them they can't grow. I hope someone else can benefit from my failure. I love you, but today I am done. I write every day but no one sees it, and no one cares. It hurts too much.

Aw, hon. I’m so sorry. And I know this probably isn’t gonna sound like a real thing, but Every Writer Ever has felt this way ^^ (and frequently still feels this way).

Heck I wrote in a private bubble for decades before I ever even got a bee in my bonnet that it might be something I could share with the public in any way. I’ve got a drawer full of novels I failed to sell for one reason or another, and gave up writing myself for nearly two years before deciding to try writing fic. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done as a writer.

Writing my own characters was one thing, but trying to write characters that were already so well known and loved– and who so many other better and more experienced writers than me were already pumping out TONS of content for on the regular– it was pretty intimidating.

I don’t know (since you’re anon, I don’t know who you are) if you’ve posted short ficlets to tumblr, or anything to AO3, or if you write meta or just reactions to episodes, but just writing into a void can definitely be hard.

Part of it is true that exposure relies on people liking and REBLOGGING your work so it can reach a wider audience, but that doesn’t happen in a vacuum either.

Part of it comes down to excellent tagging. If you’re writing destiel, tag it! If you’re writing ace!Cas, tag it! People ARE looking for specific content, and half the problem in a fandom this large is just sorting through the overwhelming amount of content to find what you’re looking for specifically. Whether on tumblr or AO3, thorough tagging is your friend.

Tags can also be used for self-promotion (so said Lizbob when I asked her about this). The day before you post a story, post a headcanon or something related to your fic in the appropriate tags (remember only the first five tumblr tags get tracked, use them wisely), and then follow it up with a “I really liked this idea so here, have a fun fic about it!” post the next day.

Also, regarding not writing in a vacuum, tumblr “popularity” doesn’t happen without a lot of hard work, either. (I think people wildly overestimate a lot of folks’ actual influence on this site… I mean, it might look like certain folks have massive followings, or a ton of influence, but I think for the most part we’ve got our little bubbles, our little corner of fandom, and that’s not really as large or wide-ranging as folks might believe).

But for the most part, it happens very, very slowly. I guess I was more patient to wait for it to happen after fighting for myself in the traditional publishing world with my original fiction for so long, for getting some moderate attention there after years of trying, of writing and rewriting my works, of improving with no other input than from a handful of beta readers, editors, and agents. And Mr. Mittens. And my mom. I mean, I go back and reread some of my first efforts at novels and absolutely cringe now. But I wasn’t writing for an audience of thousands (or even hundreds, or even tens).

That’s part of what’s weird to me about fic, that a lot of folks approach it as almost a collaborative, community effort, where feedback during the writing process from scores of readers might influence how the story gets written in the first place. So I might not even be the best person to ask about this at all, because to me writing IS a solitary experience, because that’s how I’ve always done it.

I’m sorry you’ve come to the point where you don’t want to write anymore, or that you don’t feel that you can improve or continue without public support, or you feel no one cares or is interested. It’s absolutely not easy to put yourself out there like that. It’s terrifying to put your creation out into the world and get nothing back but crickets.

I know that feel.

But for readers, the only way to encourage writers whose content you enjoy is to reward your writer with kudos. Leave comments. They don’t have to be flowing detailed commendations, just a simple THANK YOU I ENJOYED THIS is all we ask. And if you REALLY loved the thing, then by all means, PASS IT ALONG! Reblog it, recommend it to others.

If you like having new fic to read, and enjoy a writer’s style, the only way to keep getting more is for the writers to feel like it’s worth their time to keep writing.

Because we don’t write IN a void, but we don’t write FOR the void, either.

(sorry, void)

My main problem with Weasley’s is that they seem to be proud of being poor. Rowling did nothing to show them actually strugling, rather showing them to just keep in the low and not doing anything with it. Because Hermione says in last book ‘you can make more food if you have a little with magic’, which is just ridiculous.

I wanted to see them actually deal with poverty, not wallow in it (no easy way out despite magic, of course).
Since they have land, Molly having sheeps because it’s free wool, maybe goats for free milk. Fruit trees, vegetables, chikens, rabbits. Ginny loving bunnies so she won’t eat them maybe. Jams and cakes being a treat for a season. Kids sitting out in the summer and nibbling on sunflower seeds.
Kids - and adults too - wearing incredibly many knitted things because it’s cheep. lines of different colours added on to add length. Kids staying in school because it’s a way to save money. Their presents being often home-made.
Molly send kids to catch chiken and pick vegetables for dinner. Molly counting eggs and making them scrambled so she can portion it equally. Ron and other gorgin on food and not only as comic relief.
Ron being one to cook in last book because he saw what Molly did: thinnig out the soup, using whole fish or chiken, using wild herbs.

They were definitely shown to struggle, especially when, say, having to buy things for their children and when the fear of Arthur losing his job was a real problem. You also have all of them dealing with poverty in different ways and I’m specifically addressing Percy here who was explicitly ashamed of his background and ashamed of the way his family wallowed in said poverty, even angry with his parents for not trying harder and offering them better chances. 

That being said, I do agree with the fact that I would have liked to see more of how they survive as a family and how they work together to deal with the poverty they live in, even if in a positive way. There’s also the issue that the Weasleys were supposed to illustrate what Harry has never had, so even though they were poor, they always had enough to feed and dress everyone, they always made the best out of their situation and loved each other, so I kind of understand why Rowling didn’t want to make them into a miserably poor family. Still, would have been nice to see Harry enjoy all of the activities you mentioned above and sort of finding a welcoming home in a poor family as opposed to the struggle under the roof of a middle class family. 

Just a thought that came to me reading a few youtube comments. Thoughts about the end and if you wanna see the reunion sequence as real or not. And basically just thoughts about Silver and Flint.

Somebody was going on how they were disappointed in Silver betraying everyone like this, only because of his love for Madi. The men, the cause, Flint. They felt it was out of character to betray all of this after growing genuinely attached to the pirates, his men. But I would argue it’s not only about his love for Madi but also his love for Flint.

Because as the story goes on it’s not only Madi getting more important to him, he also grows closer and closer to Flint. So I think that in the end, however mad he is with Flint, however betrayed he feels or felt… he probably still loves him too much to just kill him (which he doesn’t if you go with that version). But he did end Captain Flint after all. And some people pointed out that it was probably hard for him to let Flint go. And some people also argue you could, if you’re so inclined, read it as Silver actually shooting Flint and telling Madi a lie. And silly as it may sound, I’m beginning to think it wouldn’t even make that much of a difference - in the way at least that in both scenarios he will have saved Madi from the war and ended Captain Flint/ freed James. Which both leaves him without Flint and with Madi maybe never truly forgiving him. 

Because for a long time I thought he was actually going to shoot Flint. And I felt as if Flint might have seen it coming and even welcomed it on some level. 

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“The Strokes” - Sentence Starters [Part 1]

Send a sentence in my inbox for my muses reaction to yours saying that to them.

  • Can’t you see I’m trying?
  • I can’t think ‘cause I’m just way too tired.
  • Is this it?”
  • Oh dear, can’t you see? It’s them, it’s not me.
  • We’re not enemies, we just disagree.
  • I don’t even like it. 
  • It seems this game is simply never-ending.
  • It’s in my blood - I just can’t help it.
  • Do it just to please me.
  • Tomorrow will be different.
  • I wish you hadn’t stayed.
  • Let’s go.
  • I’ve been doing this 25 years.
  • I didn’t take no shortcuts.
  • I spent the money that I saved up.
  • I should’ve just not bothered.
  • Then she said, “Oh, you’re a freak”.
  • Together again, like the beginning.
  • It all works somehow in the end.
  • For the record, it’s between you and I.
  • To me, my life– it just don’t make any sense.
  • I just want to misbehave.
  • You ain’t never had nothing I wanted, but… I want it all.
  • When we was young, oh man, did we have fun.
  • Promises, they break before they’re made.
  • See, alone we stand.. Together, we fall apart.
  • Tables, they turn sometimes..
  • You say the strangest things…
  • I gave up.
  • Take me away.
  • Can we go back to your place?
  • Life seems unreal.
  • The world is over, but I don’t care.
  • We all like it a little different…
  • See, people, they don’t understand.

mab-queen-of-the-fey  asked:

so what kind of magic can Alfred do? does he have limits, what happens when he pushes them????( I love this AU so much)

Alfred: Every magical creature has a certain amount of power that they ‘charge’ in a different way. Werewolves gain power at night. Vampires drink blood. Fairies gain power by being in nature. However, if you use too much power your magic will weaken until you can’t use it at all, as well as enter 'power saving mode’. Fairies, like myself, basically shrink down into a pixie state. Pixies are basically the same size as your ear. Pixies use a lot less magic than fairies since we actually use magic to grow ourselves to a normal size.
Ivan: Pixies are like annoying mosquitos buzzing in your ear.

My Thoughts About Sherlock’s The Final Problem

I was never one to be thrown off by spoilers. Maybe that’s the very reason why I kept lurking on Tumblr the day the BFI screening and the supposed leak happened. And it was, needless to say, as expected of the Sherlock fandom to blow things up more than they should because, in a way, this entire time, we were shaped by this series to smarter, more vigilant, and to be just like Sherlock: logical, until emotionally compromised.

To summarise:

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

(I am mostly talking about myself, but hey, feel free to sympathise).

This is why it was puzzling to me why the response was split in half. I saw people who find it amazing and there are some who were deeply disappointed. And it wasn’t until I watched the episode that I understood why.

Some of us expected bigger things ahead because we have been amused by this series in the past, making us theorists. But I realised that they said this series was darker because it dealt with matters of the heart. One that is often more devilish than what the mind can conjure. We were expecting a complete mind game and yet what we got was a harrowing experience through and through.

Originally posted by oithatsmytardis

And yes, I liked it. Loved this episode, in fact. Although I did find the explosion and the 3 men hanging by the window a bit too much to the point of hilarity (it was quite cringey if I’m being honest) but it didn’t make me lose my attachment to the plot because it was a culmination of everything. It has it’s highs and lows, in which I will get into detail.

So as I am drowning (no pun intended) in my own feelings today, I will discuss my assessment of the episode because why the heck not.

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not a theory... [part 2]

[part 1]

In the last post, I left off at Save Me, and how it’s the beginning of BTS’ spiral into the dark lures of fame. They’re starting to feel the pressures of their success and how it’s wrecking them.

In Boy Meets Evil, much has changed since the end of HYYH. Like Run and Save Me, the intro is addressed to fame, not a person. Hobi writes about how his “uncontrollable greed” for success is a monster that opened Hell. From a “childish love” of dancing, his ambition has morphed into something more sinister, more venomous that tears him apart. Although he knew he was looking down a dangerous path, he ignored it. (This love is another name for the devil. “Don’t hold her hand!” I shouted, but turned away from my conscience.) As Hobi (and the rest of the boys) continue striving for more fame and success, they find it harder and harder to stop. They know what they’re doing is turning them into monsters, but “it’s impossible to forget and give up, because those lips were too sweet.”

This continues into Blood, Sweat & Tears. Everything belongs to their fame now - their blood, sweat, tears, body, mind, and soul. Namjoon speaks about how the first taste of fame is sweet - peaches and cream - but it turns into bitterness. The boys have become slaves to their success, agreeing to all of its demands, even when it physically and emotionally hurts them. (It’s fine even if it hurts, tie me up.) But they’ve stopped trying to escape. They have no intentions of breaking free, and they want to keep pushing further and further into this spiral of destruction. (I can’t serve anyone else that isn’t you… I can’t even refuse anyways. I can no longer even run away; you’re too sweet.) In the MV, Tae is shown with ripped-out wings, which is interesting because in Save Me, Namjoon says fame gave them wings to fly, but now their wings are gone.

Each member has experienced the consequences of their success in different ways, and this is seen in their solo songs.

Begin (Jungkook): Jungkook was so young when BTS debuted, and the experience must have been doubly overwhelming to him. He sings about the world being so big while he felt so small. But his hyungs helped him discover himself, and he feels their pain too. (When hyung is in pain, it hurts more than when I’m in pain.)

Lie (Jimin): Jimin’s solo is very similar to the message in Boy Meets Evil and Blood, Sweat, & Tears. Success is a sly predator, encouraging him to be “smooth like a snake.” He’s caught in his public image, which doesn’t truly reflect him, and it torments him. He can still feel himself trapped in the lie he presents to the camera, but the persona is overpowering him. (I’m still the same me; the me from before is still here but the lie that’s gotten too big is trying to swallow me up.

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