and i sat down as he was like ok pop quiz time

Fragments - Part 5

Word Count: 5002

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, canon divergence

A/N: Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome. Unedited. Mistakes are all mine. If you’d like to be tagged, you can add yourself Here

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Ever since the night Cas told you parts of your soul were gone, you’d withdrawn from everyone. Dean hadn’t pushed you, even though you could tell he desperately wanted you to open up to him about whatever it was you were feeling. The absolute truth of it was, you weren’t sure what it was you were feeling. It was all so overwhelming; being thrust back into a world you knew nothing about.

Sam was right, you were good at research. You’d spent most days holed up in your room with your laptop relearning how to be a hunter. When night fell, you’d wait until you were sure everyone was asleep or at the very least in their own rooms and creep out into the library to read more lore. You fully invested yourself in it. You wanted to be a hunter again.

“Y/N?” Cas’ figure cast a shadow in the library and you lifted your head from your research, giving him a half smile. “Are you alright?”

“No.” You whispered, mostly to yourself. Cas was there instantly, sitting next to you and resting his hand on top of yours. “Why are you being so nice to me?”

Cas smiled and laced his fingers with yours. “Well, first and foremost, we were great friends. You understood me in a way nobody else ever did. You read people…and angels…well. I don’t know if that’s something you’ve noticed.” You nodded and huffed a laugh. “Second, I promised your father once that I’d look out for you. I failed once. I don’t intend to do it again.”

“Failed me how?” You questioned. “A lot of people feel like they failed me. People die. You can’t prevent it. It just happens.”

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Weight of Living, Pt. II

Pairing: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 1,487

Warnings: ANGST!!

Anon asked “Can you write a Sebastian x reader imagine where the reader goes to surprise Seb in Atlanta for filming and she waits in his trailer and he walks into his trailer and is kissing his costar or something like that??? I don’t condone cheating and I think anybody who does it is so low but I’ve been having that in my head all day and I love your writing.”

A/N: Part 3 of So Far. If this is boring, I am sorry but I am trying to set it up for the final shit show that is in the next chapter. Enjoy and as always, comments are welcome. Just please be kind.

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Jakob Chychrun #1 - Anatomy

Originally posted by ryanhartman

A/N: I loved writing this! I kinda got carried away because I started to project a little but but oh well, anything to get you through biology right? anyways, we actually do this in my class and it has produced some funny conversations every time someone looks through my camera roll and sees random pictures of my classmates bodies or videos of someone doing exercises or asks me why I have marker all over my legs. Life of a kinesiology student amiright?

ANYWAYS, I combined two prompts for this because I have a lot of Chych requests so message me if you want a rewrite with a specific one but I think you will be happy with how this turned out :) 

Prompts:  Anon: Could I request a Jakob chychrun imagine where you’re trying to study and he keeps bugging you ?

anon: Hi!!! would you write a chychrun one where you guys just have a cute lazy day? Thx:p


You don’t know how long you have spent looking at a picture of the back of your classmate’s legs and that in and of itself should be concerning. To be fair, you are studying for your anatomy quiz tomorrow and you are currently comparing your textbook notes with the photo you took after your tutorial today where you had spent the whole class palpating and labelling and drawing the outlines of the muscles on your lab partner. You were in the middle of redrawing the vastas lateralis in your notebook when all of the sudden a hand plucked your pencil from your grasp from behind you.

“Hey!” you took took off your head phones and turned to look at the pencil-thief, “Jakob Chychrun! Give me back my pencil, I need to study.”

“You weren’t paying attention to me.” Chych pouted from where he sat opposite to your desk on your bed.

“Jakey, you know I’d love to spend time with you but I also really don’t want to have to take this course in the summer to graduate on time.”

“Should I be concerned that you are looking at a zoomed in picture of some other man’s ass in booty shorts with a whole bunch of lines drawn on him?” his eyebrows furrow as he looks at the reference picture pulled up on your laptop.

You giggle a little at how weird half of your camera roll would look like to non-health science major students. “It’s just from my tutorial today,” you explained, “See, we had to palpate and locate the muscles and then draw them on your partner.”

“Hm, I still don’t really like the fact that you have to feel up some other guy every day at school.”

“Is someone jealous?” you smirked at him, “Don’t worry babe, it’s just practical application of my anatomy class.”

“Y’know, we could do your anatomy classes right here, at home.” Jakob said suggestively while faking a stretch with his arms above his head which pulled his shirt up a bit to expose his abs.

“Ok mister, you don’t need to flash your rectus abdominis muscles at me” you rolled your eyes at him, “Can you please hand me back my pencil so that I can return back to by work?”

“See, you know all of this stuff! I think that your time would be much better spent having a lazy day with me on the couch.” Jakob argued.

You thought about it for a second before an idea popped into your head, “If I spend the rest of the afternoon doing whatever you want,” you started to bargain, “then you have to help me study for my quiz and practical exam later.”

“I feel like I should ask more about what this ‘helping’ entails but right now all I can think of is the newest episode of Billions and you cuddling with me.” Jakob reasoned.

“So do we have a deal?” you cocked an eyebrow at him

“Deal.” he sighed

You giggled in delight. “Perfect, you get the living room set up while I change out of these leggings and into something more comfortable.”

Chych nodded and left your room while you rifled through your messy drawers trying to find the pair of Jakob’s sweatpants that you stole the last time he had slept over at your apartment. They were massive on you with the Arizona logo printed below the right hip and the number 6 below that. You knew how much Chych loved when you wore his Arizona stuff so you switched your University of Arizona sweatshirt for a v-neck Chychrun shirsey. When you walked into your living room you could see that he had collected all the pillows and fuzzy blankets in your apartment and made something that looked similar to a nest on your couch in front of the TV. Beside this contraption he placed a bowl of seemingly random snacks that he threw together consisting of whatever he could find in your kitchen. He was sitting with his back against the arm rest and legs splayed in a way that showed he was waiting for you to come cuddle with him.

“You are so lazy and tactile today Chych.” you laughed at him

“I can’t help it! This is my first day off in a week and it’s gross and raining outside.” he said gesturing to the windows that showed a grey afternoon outside,”plus I am always in a mood to cuddle, especially if it’s with my beautiful girlfriend who is wearing my number.”

You smiled but rolled your eyes at his cheesiness. You padded over to him and sat down between his legs, resting your back against his chest and tucking your head under his chin. His arms came around you and he sighed,

“Perfect.” he placed a kiss to the top of your head while you pressed play on the T.V. You stayed like that for a while, with Jakob mindlessly running his hands up and down your arms, tangling your fingers together occasionally while you both would make periodic off-hand comments about what was happening on screen. Halfway through your marathon, you both got hungry so you got up to go to the kitchen and made two smoothies that were apart of Jakob’s NHL diet. You came back and gave Chych a quick kiss when he pouted at you before returning back to your previous position. By the time it started turning dark outside, you had lost track of how many episodes that two of you had watched and the part of your mind that was constantly thinking over what you need to review for all of your classes and quietened significantly.

“Alright mister,” you sat up and stretched, “It’s time for me to get back to my work.”

“Ok…” he pouted at you

“Cheer up muffin!” you teased and gave him a peck on the nose, “You are helping me study now.”

“Fine. I’m nothing if not a man of honour. What do you need help with: flashcards, quizzes?”

“Not quite,” you giggled and raced off to your room to find the box of markers that you kept in your bag for anatomy tutorials. “My quiz is practical, not written.”

“Oh, I can tell I’m not going to like the outcome of this.” Chych groaned.


Jakob walked into practice the next morning dreading the chirping he was about to endure from his teammates. Helping you study last night had started out fun and with lots of giggles as you had labelled and drawn the muscles on Jakob. By the end, you managed to label all of the major muscles on his body and you took plenty of pictures to document it. When you were finished Jakob looked like an art project and textbook diagram rolled into one. The study session had ended in Jakob trying to draw on you and a messy colour fight. But you had accidentally left the marker on for too long and as hard as Jakob tried, he still couldn’t get some of the marker off, especially on his back.

Which is why Jakob was really dreading the locker room. He got there early enough that no one was around in the locker room before practice. However, after practice Jakob had completely forgotten about last night and was talking animatedly with Max Domi while taking off his equipment. He took his shoulder pads off and started hearing snickers from behind him.

“Dude, why do you look like a biology textbook?” Dvorak said from behind him. This caused the whole team to start laughing.

Jakob just blushed lightly, “I had to help (Y/N) study last night.” he mumbled which only produced more laughs and teasing from the boys.

He grabbed his phone and texted you: Kinda hate u right now. boys will never let me live this down. good luck today <3

You chuckled when you received his message and sent back: it worked! 100% baby ;)


There we go! Cute right? As always, thanks for the support everyone! Up next: Brady Skjei!

falling for you pt.2 | jimin

Originally posted by elitejeon

Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: Fluff/Angst + highschool au

Word Count: 2.1k

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

Yejin’s POV

Since the day Jimin had talked to Will, my non-existent relationship with Will took a turn. We would talk almost all class about the stupidest things, jokes and laughter being thrown back and forth, having the teacher have to shush us constantly.

Saying I was happy was an understatement, but honestly?

This was the best thing that’s happened to me, ever, and I can’t believe I needed to thank Jimin for that.

Staring at the Smartboard in front of me, my teacher pulled up the warm-up with a list algebraic expressions waiting to be solved.

Yejin-ah, how do we do this?” Jungkook asked, turning around in his seat to face me. Showing him my answer, I started to explain the problem to him when I felt a pair of eyes on me. Looking to my side, Will was staring at me with a small smile on his face, his eyes glazed over.

Smiling back I asked innocently,“What?”

Chuckling, he shook his head and replied,“ Nothing but just remind me later, I have something important to tell you.”

My eyebrows quirked up at that. 

Important? Could

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My Girl - (Tony x Reader)

A/N- Sorry it took so long, but here it is! In this fic Tony is a major father figure in your life and he certainly isn’t too happy when he finds out his little girl is dating Bucky Barnes. This story matches up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline and has Civil War spoilers SO BE WARNED!


Warning- Civil War Spoilers and angst, so much angst. I may have cried writing this.


Originally posted by sam-kaulitz

You will always remember the night that everything changed. You were 7 years old, waiting with the social worker in the lobby of Saint John’s Hospital. Your right hand held tightly onto a pink butterfly backpack. The uncomfortable waiting room chair a few sizes too big as you listened to Karen the social worker on the phone just outside the room.

“Hello, Miss Potts? Yes, this is Karen the social worker assigned to (Y/N)’s case. I am so sorry to inform you that Vera has passed away…” She paused, looking into the room at you. You pretended to be watching the tv, one of the nurses had given you the remote and an episode of Spongebob flashed across the screen and lit up the room.

“Yes, of course, my sincerest condolences. But I am calling because Vera named you next of kin, and in doing so named you legal guardian of (Y/N). I know that this is a lot to take in right now, losing your sister and now having to deal with your niece but if you need to we can make other arrangements.” She paused again, this time nodding her head and flashing you a reassuring smile. “That is great Miss Potts. I will let her know you are on your way.” She hung up and put the phone into the pocket of her black dress pants.

She crossed the waiting room and crouched down in front of you blocking your view of the television.

“Your Aunt will be here in 20 minutes to pick you up, okay sweetie?”

You gave her a quick nod and ignored her, focusing on the yellow sponge who took your mind elsewhere.

Two episodes of Spongebob and a vending machine pit-stop later, Pepper showed up. You dropped your bag as she dropped to her knees and wrapped you into her arms.

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Hot for a Teacher

Plot: Imagine Finn Balor is a college teacher. The reader, is a college student, having trouble with her assignments and having ex boyfriend troubles. Finn talks to her after class was dismissed. Finn finds our that the reader was lying about her parent’s debt and he punishes her and more.

Warning: very intense smut, daddy dom, student/teacher, some language intense and some erotic words… This gif below will seduce you…

Originally posted by baleesi


I was in History class. We are all waiting for Mr. Balor to get class started. “(Y/N), we need to talk,” my ex said. “Leave me alone Colby,” I sighed. “Come on,” Colby said. “NO!” I yelled. “God, Colby, she said leave her alone!” Asha said.

I sighed and thanked Asha for getting Colby to leave me alone. I saw Mr Balor walk in the class room. “I apologize for being late today. I see everyone has turned in their essays. I will check on them right now and just do some studying for the quiz tomorrow. If I call you name come get your essays,” Mr Balor said.

 Everyone groaned about the quiz tomorrow. “Hey now, get to studying,” he said, as he was sitting down. I study for the test and plus I hope Mr Balor doesn’t noticed that my essay isn’t turned in or completed. I saw him grading each essay individually.

The bell rang..”Okay, class is dismissed. Don’t forget quiz tomorrow,” Mr. Balor said. We all got up and headed out of the class. “Scarlet, may I speak with you for a moment?” Mr. Balor said.

 I turned around and said, “Asha, I will meet you later,” I said. “Ok,” Asha said. I walked over to his desk. “Yes, Mr. Balor?” I asked. “(Y/N) I noticed you don’t have your essay turned in and your grades are dropping. How come?” Mr. Balor asked.

“I have been dealing with ex boyfriend and my parents lost their jobs and they are thinking of me dropping out of college and I don’t want to drop out. I got so much on my plate,” I said, looking down.

 “Hey, hey. I had no idea, (Y/N), that your parents that lost their jobs. Also I noticed that Colby’s been harassing you. I could maybe you help you study and maybe figure out on how to help you stay enrolled at this school. Meet me back here around 5pm and I will take you to my place,” he said. “Will do, Mr Balor” I said.

Later that night.
 I went back to History class waiting for Mr. Balor to take me to his place. He drove to his place. “Welcome to my home. Have a seat,” he said. I placed my backpack on the floor. I took my hoodie off, I have a button up flannel shirt on with leggings. “Would you like anything to drink?” he asked.

  “Water. My throat is dried,” I said. He came into the living room. “You can come sit at the table with me,” he said, I walked over to the table and sat next to him. I got my unfinished essay.

 “Lets see what you got so far on the essay,” he said, as he looked at my essay. “Ok, I see, well I am going to extend the time for you to turn your essay in. Now your grades,” he got my grades out of my folder.

 “What are my grades?” I asked. “Well you have a D right now for essays, quizzes, and test. You only have a few As on the tests,” he said. “Ok. So what am I going to do about my current debt?” I asked.

 “Well I have this idea, if you promise not to tell anyone about me helping you,” he said, placing his hand on my shoulder. “Mr. Balor what are you doing?” I whispered. “I think you are lying to me about your parents job,” he whispered in my ear. I gasps softly.

 “Ok, I lied, Mr Balor. I am attracted to you, since the beginning of the school year,” I said, getting up. He pulled on my arm, “why didn’t you tell me? You could have been honest with me,” he said, pulling me closer.

  I trembled a little bit and swallowed the lump in my throat. He kissed me deeply and passionately and I kissed him back with my tongue slipping my my mouth. I felt his hand go down the front of my leggings and I wasn’t wearing a thing. “You naughty girl,” he whispered

I moaned softly and I started undoing his belt slowly. “I see you want to fuck me, right (Y/N)?” he asked whispering my ear. “Yes,” I said. “Yes what?” he asked. “Yes, sir,” I said. “Good girl…I want to punish you for lying to me and I’ll be your sugar daddy until you keep your grades up,” he said.

He lifted me up and carried me to his playroom. “Time for your punishment. Take your leggings off and get over my knee,” he said. I went over his lap, pulling my leggings off.

  “Ready?” he asked. “Yes, sir,” I said. He spanked my ass hard with his belt. I gasped on the first swat. He did it a second time and I groaned in pain. “Another one, sir,” I said. He spanked my ass harder with his bare hand time time.

 I got on my knees, looking up at him. “Now suck on my cock,” he said to me. I unbutton his jeans and pulled down on his Calvins and his hard cock popped out and I slowly licked the sides of his cock and taking all of his cock, sucking it slowly

He moaned as I was sucking his cock, he brushed my hair out of my face. I went faster and he pulled my hair. “There you go, my whore. Look at me with your beautiful (Y/EC)eyes,” he said, I looked at him and sucked him faster and deep.

He thrust fast and then I deep throat his cock, taking it all. Then I stopped for a moment and kept sucking harder. “Keep going, gag on my cock,” he said. I took his cock some more.

“Stop and on your feet,” he said, pulling me up and he kissed me deeply and I kissed him back with our tongues touching. I pulled off his shirt and he ripped my shirt in the front and took it off me.

Then pushed me on the bed in his play room He hovered over me and we made out some more. I felt his mouth taking my tit and I moaned as he licked my nipple then cupped the other. He kissed down my body and he slowly rubbed my clit and then he fingered me deeply with his finger.

 “Ohh fuck!” I moaned passionately. I felt his tongue on my clit and he starts eating me out and fingering me with two fingers faster and deeper. He went more faster with his tongue and fingers. “Oooh shit!” I moaned with pleasure.

 He kept going and my body started to arch and I run my fingers through his hair. “FUCKK!!!” as he went deeper and faster. “Oh my GOD! I’m gonna cum,” I moaned deeply.

 “Cum in my mouth, slut,” he said as he continued fingering and licking my pussy wall. “Aaahh fuck!!” I moaned as I came. “Mmmmm, baby, you taste amazing,” he said as he puts his fingers in my mouth, tasting my own cum.

He kissed me deeply. “Now, get on your hand and knees on the bed,” he said and I did what I was told to do. He pulled a condom out of the drawer. I spread my legs open, then I felt his cock go deep in my pussy and began to thrust faster.

I moaned louder with every thrust. He started to fuck me more harder and deeper inside me.As he kept fucking me, he spanked my ass and felt his balls smacking my clit. He pulled my hair with my back on his stomach and held me tightly as he kept fucking me harder.

 “Choke me, Mr Balor,” I begged him.He grabbed my neck and started making out with me with his tongue and he bites my bottom lip and he kept going faster. He pulled out and my back laid down on the bed

 He put his cock back inside my pussy and he fucked me faster and deeper. “FUCKK ME DADDY BALOR!” I moaned his named. “I love it when you call me daddy and say my name.

He keep going faster and I moaned and groan and whimpered as he got faster. He lifts me up while his cock was still inside me and I bounced on his cock, both of us kneeling. I kiss him deeply and he bites my bottom lip. I rubbed my clit while we kept fucking.

 We were brutally sweating as we kept fucking. I am almost close to cumming. “I am going to cum,” he said. “I am as well, Mr Balor,” I said. I came all over his cock. Then I got off his cock and he pulled off the condom.

 I was on my knees and he was standing on the bed, jacking his cock for himself to cum. I let my tongue out and a warm hot cum of his all over my lips and my chest. “FUCKKK!!!” he moaned out.

He laid down on the bed and I lay on top of him. We were both sweating from head to toe. “Oh fuck!” I said as we were both catching our breathe. “That was sexy as fuck. You were amazing (Y/N). Now your grades are back to A’s. Now if you want to keep your grades up and I will be your sugar daddy all you want. Promise not to tell a soul about us?” he asked, stroking my hair. “I promise and can’t wait for more.” I said, smiling.

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The Languages We Speak :

So I was tagged in this post by rhaedarofworlds and even though I don’t know a lot about languages I decided this would be fun to write. (Thank You Google Translate).

It came as a huge shock to their friends. After Ben’s coronation they had been friendlier and nicer but they still didn’t open up to their friends very much. It wasn’t because they didn’t want to, rather a force of habit. The Four had been so used to trusting only each other that they forgot they had more people to lean on. Growing up they had stuck as a group, protected each other and looked out for each other. They were all they each had. It was kind of hard to let such habits break.

It dropped on the Four’s Auradon friends at lunch one day. Evie hadn’t been having the best of days. It wasn’t her fault either. It was just one of those days that turn out to be randomly horrible. She sat down in her usual seat between Mal and Doug at the table. Then with a moan and a thump her head fell on the table.

“E, what’s wrong” Mal asked defensively rubbing her friends back. Her Isle survival instincts cropping up. Carlos and Jay grew more alert as well.

Then Evie spoke.

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Not requested

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1 164

Summary: Strangers knew before even they did…

“Are they together or what?”

“Probably, they won’t take their hands off each other.”

You rolled your eyes at the delusional assumptions that you heard when you and Jimin walked through the corridor, his hand on you waist. You have told them so many times that you and Jimin are nothing but very good friends, who have some fun now and then. You never mention that last part though. Jimin laughed beside you at how stupid the comments actually sounded.

“They never learn.” You said in a hushed whisper and his arm around me just tightened, pulling me flush against his side. At the end of the hall we had to go in different directions. I kissed him on his cheek, very close to his lips. He smirked at me and then we parted ways. If I had only known that his face flushed just as red as his hair when our backs were turned. I met up with my twin brother Taehyung who tried holding his laughter. He didn’t succeed. Together we entered psychology and sat down in the back of the classroom.

“Ok, you can’t tell me that there’s nothing going on between you two.” He went straight to the point. I sighed and banged my head against the table.

“There’s nothing going on between me and Jimin, we’re just friends and you know that.” He rolled his eyes and I could tell that he didn’t believe me one bit.

“I think you like him.” The words rolled of his tongue so easily that I think he had wanted to say that for a while. I snapped my head towards him, he couldn’t be serious.

“N-no I don’t.” Why did I stutter, I never stutter. He smirked at me but let the topic go but I knew he was planning something in his head. Something I probably wouldn’t like. I wanted to defend myself more but our teacher entered the classroom and everyone stopped talking.

“Ok everybody, pop quiz time.” Everybody groaned but got out their pens nonetheless. When the paper landed on my desk I swear I would have facepalmed. The title of the quiz was “Love, lust and relations.”

“If that’s not a sign, then I don’t know what is.” Tae whispered in my ear. I almost smacked him.

“Oppa, don’t make me kick you.” He just smiled and started writing down his answers. He made me call him Oppa just because he’s six minutes older than me. Freaking six minutes, how does that make a difference. I’m clearly the most mature one out of us both. I sighed and looked at the first question.

“What’s the three signs of someone who’s in love.” I inwardly groaned. I really did not want to think about this right now. I glanced at Tae who was already halfway through the quiz, how is he so fast. You could almost compare him to Namjoon. Another sigh left my lips and I made myself start with the questions. 

“Oh my god, I’m so happy that is over.” A happy sigh left my lips as me and Tae made our way to the cafeteria for lunch. I could smell the noodles already and my mouth watered. With a tight grip on his hand I dragged him to the cafeteria, I could hear him mutter something that I honestly didn’t care about at the moment. I just wanted food.

His hand left mine as we got our food and sat down at a table where Hobi and Yoongi already were seated. Yoongi looked like he was going to pass out any minute, how could he be tired, I bet he slept more than half the school day yesterday. I started eating right away and the others laughed at me.

“So, how’s it going with Jimin, Y/N?” I almost choked on the food I was about to swallow and stared at Hobi with a horrified look on my face.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked quietly. This question was really testing my patience.

“Well, you like him, don’t you.”

“No, I don’t.” I realised I said that a little too fast. “Just as a friend.”

“Yeah, right.” I could hear Tae teasing me.

“I don’t.” I said more firmly.

“If you don’t invite us to the wedding I’ll be sad.”

“Oh my god, I DON’T LIKE JIMIN!” The whole cafeteria quieted down and everyone looked at me, including Jimin who was stood in the entrance. He looked at me with a shocked impression and before I knew it Tae had lifted me up bridal style and started carrying me out of the cafeteria. I was too confused to do something about it. I could hear Jimin’s protests as Yoongi and Hobi started pulling him after us. Tae kicked a door open and I realised it was one of the dance studios at school. He put me down on the floor and the other’s pushed Jimin inside.

“See you later lovebirds.” Tae said and closed the door, he didn’t bother locking it as if he knew what was going to go down. I refused to meet Jimin’s gaze as he looked at me curiously.

“What was that about?” He asked quietly. I took a deep breath and raised my head to look at him.

“They are just implying that I have a crush on you. They probably think something is going to happen in here.” He smirked at me.

“Well, it has before.” We laughed at that. You don’t wanna know that story. “Is it true though.” This time the question came out as a whisper. I hadn’t left the floor yet.

I shrugged casually.

“I don’t really know.” I was embarrassed at that. My whole life I have always known what I wanted but now I felt so confused. Did I want Jimin and me to be more? I don’t know.

“You don’t know.  Wow, that’s a first.” I stood up and started pacing around the room in circles.

“No I don’t Jimin, I like what we have now.” I turned around to see him just a couple of inches away from me. His gaze intense.

“Let’s figure this out. If someone else kissed me what would you do?” I didn’t hesitate.

“I would kill them.” He smiled. “What would you do if someone else kissed me?”

“I would end them.” A blush crept up my face. “I think we have this figured out by now.” He came closer to my face.

“What would you do if I kissed you now?” I asked, regaining my confidence.

“Try and see.” I came closer and pressed my lips to his cheek like before, just briefly touching the corner of his mouth.

“You’re such a tease.” He whined. I ghosted my lips over his, slightly brushing them as I spoke.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Then I pulled away and proceeded to leave the room. He got the last word though.

“You’ll regret that Jagi!”


Beauty and the Beast Part 2

Summary: Beauty and the Beast AU

Characters: Eventually Dean x Reader

A/N: So the much anticipated second part. I really hope that I lived up to any and all standards. Let me know what you think!!

Part 1

Originally posted by nanfandan

“I’m here about the help wanted sign”

The man simply looked at you, confusion evident in his face as he didn’t say anything.

“Is this a bad time because I can come back later”

This seemed to snap him out of it as he quickly shook his head “No no please come in”

You nodded slowly and hesitantly walked through the door, jumping slightly as you heard it shut behind you. The house you had stepped into was not as you expected. It seemed to be larger on the inside and much emptier, old, dusty furniture lined the walls and old pictures hung above them as you were led down the hall.

“Please have a seat” The man instructed you indicating a chair angled around an old fireplace you doubted even worked.

You hesitantly took a seat, and tried to take up the least amount of space as possible. However, soon footsteps were heard behind you causing you to stand up and spin around. There stood a man whom you assumed to be Dean, dressed in a long trench coat.

“Ohh visitors” The man’s face lit up with a smile as he walked towards you “can I get you something to drink? Water, coffee, tea?” before you could even form a thought he answered for you “Tea, I’ll get you tea” And with those words he walked off to the kitchen leaving you in stunned silence.

“Uhh look” You addressed the man who had met you at the door “I’m really just here for the job, I just need to talk to Dean”

“Dean right” The man mused to himself, thinking for a moment “Dean isn’t-uh-here at the moment.”

Well that meant the man in the trench coat wasn’t him “do you know how long he will be gone?” You pressed “I really need a job”

“I’m afraid he isn’t hiring at the moment” The man’s words came out much too quickly to be the truth.

“The sign out front says you are” You raised an eyebrow at him “Besides it would only be temporary, just a few days of work”

“He’s looking for someone with experience”

“Which I have plenty of” You tried to keep your voice calm as you spoke to him “Which I would tell Dean if I could just talk to him”

“Look” the man began only to be cut off by the voice of the man in the trench coat.


“Yes I’m looking for him do you know where he is” You spoke up before the other man got a chance to.

“Yes would you like me to get him?”

“Yes” You said just as the other man said no.

The man in the trench coat, however, didn’t even hesitate before retreating back down the hall to get Dean. You could hear the other man sigh loudly causing you to smile in victory. This victory, however, was short lived as two sets of footsteps could be heard coming back towards you.

“I hear you wanted to see me” A deep groggy voice sounded before you saw Dean appear. He had no doubt just woken up, still clad in boxers and a t-shirt, his hair sticking up in a thousand different directions.

“Yes I’m here about the job” You spoke, your breath nearly hitching as beautiful bright green eyes landed on yours.

His gaze quickly skimmed your figure before he shook his head and walked over to the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of what you assumed was supposed to be your tea. “Not hiring”

“Please I just want to work for a little while, until I make enough money to get me back on my feet.”

“Still not hiring” He said in an almost bored tone that was tearing away at your patience rapidly.

“A few days at most, I just need enough money for gas so I can get out of town”

“Listen sweetheart” You had to keep your eyes from rolling at the nickname “In order to work in a mechanics shop you need to know about cars”

“Which I do” You spoke frankly, crossing your arms and clenching your jaw.

“I mean more than just cars need gas to run.”

“Ok then quiz me and I’ll prove I know what I’m doing”

Dean’s eyes studied your figure once again, his eyebrow cocked showing clear doubt “You know what I’ve got an old car out back that won’t start. I haven’t had the time to work on her but you get her to run and I’ll consider hiring you.”


“That’s the best deal you’re getting sweetheart, take it or leave it”

This time you didn’t try to stop your eyes from rolling before you spoke “fine” You extended your hand and Dean shook it briefly before walking back down the hall without a word.

You watched him leave with mild curiosity before turning your attention back to the other two men in the room. They were both looking at each other, their faces showing that surprise as they seemed to be having some sort of silent conversation.

“Well would either of you like to show me to the car?” You forced their attention back to you as the taller one shook his head slightly.

“Right-uh-this way” He led you through the kitchen, grabbing a set of car keys off of the counter and walking out the back door to an old barn.

He pulled open the heavy door flooding the area with sunlight illuminating every dust particle that hung in the air causing you to cough.

Inside was an old 1967 Chevy Impala in pristine condition, the black paint shining brightly in the sun catching your breath. “This is the car?”

“No, you touch this and Dean will kill you” The man shook his head, pointing to the other side of the barn. “This is the car” It was a boring 90’s sedan, beat to absolute hell.

“I’d rather work on the impala” You mumbled walking towards the sedan, inspecting the heavily dented doors and roof before popping into the driver’s seat and putting the key into the ignition only to hear that the engine didn’t even turn over causing you to groan. “You know this is going to be more than a one day job right”

“Probably” the man nodded, “But the barns unlocked so you can come back tomorrow whenever”

You nodded and popped open the hood which only caused you to groan louder.

The man laughed slightly and stuffed his hands into his pockets “I’ll be in the house if you need me, tools are against the back wall” and with that he turned on his heel and walked back into the house, leaving you alone with the cars.


And so you worked all day, when dusk came the man in the trench coat came with it out to the barn, a sandwich on a plate and an old fashioned lantern in his hand.

He greeted you happily as he strolled through the bar and handed you half of a sandwich and setting the plate on the ground.

The two of you talked for a while, him doing most of the talking as you tinkered with the engine until you thought you finally had it figured out. You tossed the man, whose name you learned to be Cas, the keys and instructed him to start the car.

He happily sat behind the wheel and put the keys in the ignition. He turned them and immediately the engine began to turn over which in of itself made you want to shout for joy. However, you forced yourself to stay put as you watched all of its parts, trying to see what wasn’t working. That was, however, until the engine suddenly caught and sprung to life.

The purr of the engine filled the room causing you to jump up, pumping your fist in victory. Cas exited the car and walked around towards you, his face showing obvious surprise.

“You never doubted me for a moment right” You teased him, absolutely thrilled that you got the engine to start, and in one day no less.

“No I heavily doubted you” Cas spoke bluntly causing you to roll your eyes “I can’t believe it worked, I’ll get Dean”

“Nah don’t bother” You shook your head, putting your hand on his shoulder to keep him in place “I’ll tell him tomorrow”

“Well then I will see you tomorrow” Cas grinned at you as you grinned back.

“See you tomorrow Cas”

Yes Sir- Michael Clifford Imagine (smut)- straight version

Requested- Yes


Pairing- Michael Clifford & Y/N

Words- 2000+

Summary-  Michael gives you detention so he can have some fun with you

NOTE- I can make an extra part to any imagine/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask


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There’s a quote online somewhere that when you are in bed you check your phone and it says 3am then 5 minutes later it says 7am but you check the clock in school and it will say 3pm and half an hour later it will still be sitting at 3pm. You have to agree with that right now. This class was dragging on. It was one big history speech after another and it was the usual crap you learned from documentaries and general knowledge.

 The only saving grace of the class was the man doing the teaching. Man might have been an extreme definition. Mr Clifford was young, very young. He’d not long graduated and earned his place as a substitute teacher in the school. He’d gone to your school before college and you’d seen him around when you were much younger. He was one of those boys that your friends loved to talk about. He had the look of a bad boy but the personality of a kitten.  

Right now he was dressed in casual jeans and a white shirt and tie. His raven hair was ruffled and messy and he had strips of colour through the fringe. You could watch him for hours without taking in a word he was saying. If he hadn’t given you detention then you might even have said he was your favourite substitute teacher. 

 The usual history lecturer was boring and old and he smelt like cigars and brandy all the time. Michael was a refreshing change but he was also strict. 

You’d tried to pass a note to your friend about him and he’d caught you out. He’d taken the note, scrunched it up and chucked it aside and demanded you stay during lunch for detention. You weren’t the least bit happy about it. Class was a drag enough without adding extra time to sit at your desk and be bored. 

Mr Clifford wrapped up the lesson with homework and the bell rang to signify lunch time. You stood up but Mr Clifford caught your eye and beckoned for you to return to your seat. Your friend threw you a sympathetic look as they left and the other students poured out then shut the door behind them. You frowned as Mr Clifford strolled over and locked the door. His eyes turned and landed on you. 

 "Y/N I feel like we should clear the air just now.“ 

 What was he talking about? Clear the air of what? You gulped as he slammed a hand down on his desk but it was when he lifted it that your heart stopped. 

The note from earlier was in it and it was open and completely clear. 

 "Let’s start with this. Do you think it’s appropriate to say ‘Mr Clifford is so hot I would ride his face back to the Victorian era?’" 

 You turn scarlet and your mouth can’t form words.

 "How about I write my own note,” he adds, sternly.

 You frown as he picks up a pen and begins to scrawl on the whiteboard.

 "Y/N is so dirty I wanna clean her with my come.“ 

 Shit. What was this turning in to? It was like some poorly produced porno. You couldn’t tell if Your teacher was joking or if he was being serious. 

 "your turn to write another one and make it witty,” he ordered, handing you the pen.

 You just sat there, behind your desk, staring at him.

 "Do it,“ he demanded. 

 You scrabbled to your feet and took the pen. Your hand trembled as you brought it up to the whiteboard. Just then he leaned in and his lips ghosted across your ear lobe.

  "Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you kitten,” he grinned.

 Fuck he was serious. He was actually enjoying this. He wanted you maybe even as much as you wanted him. You couldn’t believe your luck and you knew it was wrong. So wrong on so many levels but weren’t fantasies a little wrong? It’s not like he was married and in his fifties with kids and a mortgage. He used to go to school here and everyone knew him and he was young and hot and all the girls had crushes on him. 

 "I want Mr Clifford to eat me out on my desk until I’m begging for mercy,“ you wrote. 

 He chuckled and took the pen from you. Directly below your last note he wrote, "Mr Clifford can’t wait to taste you." 

 You gulped and looked at him. His eyes vote in to yours as he spoke.

 "Now be a good girl and take those panties off and sit on your desk. Mr Clifford is really hungry." 

 Your core clenched and released in the most satisfactory way. His eyes remained fixed to you as you lifted your hands up your skirt and pulled your panties down. You left them on the floor as you stepped out of them and made your way to your desk. You sat on it and looked over at him. He bent down and picked up your panties and you gasped as he shoved them in his pocket.

 "I’m going to keep these so I can use them later,” he says and it’s not a request. 

 "Do you know what you missed in class today while you were sending notes?“ 

You blush and shake your head, slowly. 

 "I didn’t think so and I’m afraid I can’t let you leave this classroom until you take it in so here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to sit there and I’m going to recite everything I already told the class while you had better things to do." 

 Your heart drops. He’s not going to touch you? He just teased the hell out of you and now he was going to give you another boring speech about the battle of Hastings or the Vikings or something? What a jerk.

 "With my tongue, letter by letter on your wet little pussy,” he grins, suddenly.

 What? Oh shit you didn’t see that coming. He slowly, preyed towards you as he loosened his tie around his neck and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. There was something mesmerising about how he moved. He was like a man on a mission and that mission was to eat you out in the classroom. You gulped a little too loudly as he got to his knees before you. Your body jerked as he pushed your skirt out the way.

 "Now try and commit this to memory because we will be going over this topic in your next pop quiz,“ he teases. 

 He gives you no time to retaliate and he leans in and presses his lips to your folds. Your hands grip the edge of the desk until your knuckles are white. God he’s unreal. He begins to trace letters across your core then he stops. 

 "Let’s test you,” he decides, “I’m going to ask you a question then spell out the answer on your clit and, for each one you get right I will let you come.”

 "And if I get it wrong?” You quiver. 

 "Then I will add them up and spank you win my ruler that many times.“

 Why did that sound hot? 

 "Ready to play?” He smirks and you can do nothing but nod in awe. 

 "When was the battle of Hastings?“

 He leans in and his tongue traces the numbers across your sensitive nub. You want to fall back and let him bury his face in your folds but you try your best to concentrate on what he is doing versus how it is making you feel. 

 "1066,” you stutter.

 "Correct. Okay here comes orgasm number one.“ 

 You cry out as his finger enters you and curls up against your front wall, tickling it as his tongue flicks across your clit to a rhythm in your teachers head. You feel your legs tighten and your palms slip on the table as the knot in your stomach unravels and you come with a small cry and a violent jerk. Mr Clifford moves back and smiles, pleased with himself.

 "When did Cleopatra die?” He asks before leaning in and licking again. 

 Your sensitive and it’s hard to hold back another orgasm as he writes the answer on you. 

 "I don’t know,“ you manage to pant out.

 You are so flustered right now. 

 "That’s one spanking then,” he grins. He seems pleased at the idea of spanking you and it makes you even more aroused. 

 "When was Mary queen of Scots beheaded for treason?“ 

 You got this answer wrong as well. Mr Clifford’s tongue worked its magic, sliding between your folds this time as he traced the letter across your entrance. He pulled away as you got it wrong and smirked up at you. 

 "That’s two spankings." 

 How long were you going to do this? He answered your question minutes later. 

 "Last one." 

 You watched him intently as he smiled at you and asked, "when was Martin Luther King born?" 

 You knew this answer without his help but you leaned back and sighed in content as his long tongue danced over your core.

 "1929,” you answered. 

 "Very good,“ he nodded before moving in again. 

 You cried out this time and your hands tangled in his messy hair. 

 "Mr Clifford,” you moaned as you came apart. 

 You almost slid off your desk as your body was invaded with euphoria and he held you in place just in time.

 "Now about those spankings,“ he grinned, wickedly, "I count three for wrong answers, two for passing notes in class and five for being a little slut." 

 You gulped. Ten? He was going to spank you ten times? 

 He stood up and took your hands, leading you to his desk. He bent you over the desk and lifted your skirt to reveal your bare ass. 

 "I’m pretty sure your outfit is against school dress code,” he muses, “your skirt barely covers your backside." 

 You smirked to yourself. You’d got in trouble for it before but you didn’t care. It was your body and you would dress it how you liked. 

 "Such a perky ass,” Mr Clifford complimented. “I’m going to count each spank ok. Starting now." 

 You shrieked as the ruler in his hand came crashing down on one cheek. It stung but it wasn’t unbearable.

 "One,” he called out before bringing it down again on your other cheek.

 He alternated between each cheek until he’d reached ten hits then he rubbed your throbbing backside with his palms and helped you in to a standing position. You swallowed, loudly as you noticed how hard he was. His length was pushing at the fabric of his jeans, gasping for air. 

 "I’ve got a little problem only you can sole,“ he smirked, cheekily.

 "Doesn’t look so little,” you blurted out without thinking. 

 He chuckled and you blushed as he gripped your face in his firm hands and crushed his lips to yours. Fuck he tasted good. There was a hint of strawberry on his lips and his breath was minty fresh. His tongue started a wild dance with yours as it explores your mouth, feverishly. You were ready for more but just then a knock ran out on the door. Mr Clifford jumped and looked round in alarm.

 "Take your seat,“ he demanded as he quickly wiped the whiteboard clean. 

"Look like your doing something,” he added as he strolled to the door. 

 You got out your history books and pretended to read them. Mr Clifford opened the door and Miss James stood before him. 

 "Hello,“ she smiled, "oh I see you have Y/N in detention. Trouble maker that one,” she spoke just loud enough for you to hear and you pulled a face. 

 "I was just checking that we are still on for tonight Michael,“ she grins.

 "Yes we most definitely are,” he replied with an equally soppy grin.

 She tottered away and he shut the door again. You didn’t know why but envy was coursing through you right now. Miss James was pretty and you felt, strangely threatened by her.

What It Can Be

Follow-up to What It Is! (or here at AO3)

“Your brother doesn’t want me around.”

Sam nearly dropped the book he was holding. He turned to find Cas standing behind him the newly-human’s eyes downcast and expression stiff and unhappy.

“Hey, Cas,” Sam said. He blinked and frowned, the adrenaline from the surprise wearing off and Cas’s words now ready to be parsed. They still didn’t make sense. “What?”

“Dean,” Cas said, voice soft on the name. “He wants me to leave.”

Sam’s mouth dropped open a little in shock. He was quite certain that Dean didn’t want Cas to leave. Cas leaving was, in fact, one of the things Dean dreaded and would try to prevent at all costs short of shackling Cas in the basement dungeon.

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