and i said to hannah i'd do this

anonymous asked:

Do you think the Cas/Hannah stuff will stay firmly in the unrequited category? I hope so. I'd prefer her as a sibling/ally.

I think so, yes. As much as I love Hannah (and goddd what a cutie she is) she represents the temptation of Heaven and returning to an angelic life. When she covered him in his coat as he slept this was her literal attempt at wrapping him in the flag of Heaven. I do see Hannah being affected very deeply but human things already, but I’m beginning to believe that “spoiler” that she leaves her vessel and returns to Heaven more and more…

Metatron said what she wants is to be dominated, to have someone big and strong ordering her around, but in truth that’s not what Hannah needs at all. She craves order and purpose and although I think she is learning a great deal from Cas and from humans, the two of them desire vastly different things. Cas wants to be on Earth with the Winchesters, while Hannah looks to the stars.

What she learns on Earth, particularly about the mission of angels – to protect and love humanity – is going to be vital to her going back to Heaven and helping the rest of the angels imo. She doesn’t need to be lead, she is destined to be a different kind of leader herself. She may finally be the one to break the cycle of angels allowing their desire for order and purpose to destroy them….