and i roll down the window and he's like anna

Silent. Prologue

The school bell rang, bringing the final period of the school day to an end. I hurried to my locker, pushing through the crowd of most of my fellow 9th graders. While being shoved and pushed, I finally managed to make it to my top locker. I stood on my tippy toes to reach the lock, quickly turning it to my combination. Usually my best friend, Anna, would be at her locker, (which is right beside mine), but she was no where to be found.

I finally managed to open my locker. A note folded in half slipped out into the chaos of the hallway. I quickly ducked and retrieved the note, opening it slowly.


You tried, you really did. You tried to save me, but I am afraid people like me will never ever be saved. Just know I will always love you,

for I will be in a better place now.


I quickly shoved my book bag into my locker, and ran out of the hallway into the parking lot. I saw my brother, Ashton’s, car. He rolled down the window. I could now see his friends Calum, Luke, and Michael. “Hey kiddo.” He greeted me, as I climbed into the back seat. He was a senior. He wasn’t a “cool” kid, although he was pretty cool to me.

“We need to go to Anna’s house, it’s an emergency.” I breathed out. After all, I did run from the 9th grade hallway all the way to the parking lot. “What’s wrong?” Calum asked. I handed him the note, and he began to read it out loud.

“Shit.” Michael and Luke mumbled simultaneously.

“Hey don’t swear!” Ashton said. “My little sister’s in the car.”

“Ashton, please shut the fuck up and drive.” I yelled, tears beginning to form in my hazel eyes.

Ashton gulped, and began to speed down the interstate to try and get to Anna’s. I put my head in my hands and felt two arms snaking around me.

“Everything’s gonna be okay.” I heard Michael say, resting his chin on my shoulder. I nodded my head, but I had this awful gut feeling that something bad was going to happen.

We finally managed to pull into Anna’s driveway. I jumped out of the car before it came to a complete stop. I fumbled with the door until it opened. Anna’s parents didn’t get off work until 5, so Anna had to be home.

I sprinted up the stairs and into her room. There I saw her. The very beautiful, smart, and just perfect Anna Garmond, hanging from a noose. Her lips were blue, and her body was pale.

“No!” I began to sob. I heard foot steps coming up the stairs, and then felt four pairs of arms engulf me.

That was my bestfriends suicide.

I haven’t spoken a word since.

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Person A is deaf but really loves feeling the vibrations when Person B plays the guitar...

After eighteen years of having the ability to hear everything around her, being deaf was still something Anna had to get used to.

Misunderstandings were more frequent in the Summers household since Elsa had the tendency to forget that Anna didn’t have the ability to hear her call anymore.

Elsa also constantly blamed herself for why her sister had become deaf, but Anna always reassures her that none of it was her fault, and that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Another thing was that sign language was a very hard language to get used to and memorise (and it was also rather bothersome and annoying at times), so Anna had opted to only use the language when needed; normally, she would converse by writing on a notebook and then pass it to the one she was talking to along with a pen, but even that was an annoyance to not only her, but to the people around her.

So many things have changed ever since that night. Most of them are quite problematic, but some are actually quite nice if not bittersweet.

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