and i replace r's with w's

Alright so apparently a trc tv show is gonna be a thing according to you gremlins so here are my thoughts/hopes/shit I would do if I was running this thing: 

  1. Less white people. Please. Y'all wanna get into a convo about who should they should change I’m down but that’s for another post. But Gansey stays White™ that’s nonnegotiable. 
  2. The books walk this really careful line between dramatic awe and hilarity and imo there’s only one way to keep that: the Aesthetic must be at full awe-inducing capacity while the characters unironically deliver their stupid teenager dialogue. 
  3. Make it gayer. Trust me, I know that’s a tall order, but I’m sure they can handle it. 
  4. The fridge stays in the bathroom. This is also nonnegotiable. 
  5. The interior of 300 Fox Way should be noticeably different in every appearance. This fact will be often commented on but never questioned or explained. 
  6. Murder squash song. E v e r y w h e r e . If the murder squash song doesn’t replace the rickroll within a season then what’s the fucking point. 
  7. Introduce the Gray Man with a a couple of slice of life scenes. Let us see his hobbies, his food preferences, his mannerisms. Only on his third appearance should he go to Aglionby and beat the shit out of Declan, thus revealing to us that he’s a hitman. 
  8. Flashback episodes. I want to see Adam and Gansey’s first meeting in all it’s low-budget porno glory.
  9. Never show Ronan’s tattoo or nightmare-creatures in full. Only glimpses. 
  10. Use absolutely 0 cgi on Noah. Any visual effect used to clue us in that he’s a bit off kilter should be all makeup and lighting. Except, of course, when he’s going poltergeist 4 feet in the air or reenacting his own death. 
  11. Introduce Henry earlier. 

And that’s it. If I wanted to try my hand at drafting an episodal outline I’d have to reread the books.

Hair Sims 4

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I love Jem too. When I first started reading the series everyone looked at me weird said that my love for Jem would be replaced with my love for Will BUT JEM IS SO PRECIOUS AND I LOVE HIM.

Let me tell you something friend

I will never

And I mean


Be over the way that CC f l a w l e s s l y created two male protagonists and a love triangle in which BOTH MY SONS WILL AND JEM ARE EQUALLY EVERYTHING TO ME. They are perfect and precious. But YES I’m much more attached to Jem because I always attach myself to the quiet pained brooding type rather than the sarcastic type (idk why because I’M the sarcastic type) but they are both just… ugh. Everything. Perfect. Amazing.

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I know he’s there… he’s always there….waiting…

“And how exactly do you plan on controlling a schizophrenic, Waller? Don’t get me wrong, the idea is very appealing, but is it even possible?” The unnamed man asked, his narrowed eyes staring directly into the depths of Amanda’s, “Because from what I’ve read about this… (Lastname) is that she sees the devil.” There was a menacing smile in his voice, though it quickly fell as Amanda smiled.

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  • This post is about singular noun cases only, I will make a separate post for plural.
  • Some nouns undergo a changing or softening of vowels to accommodate a case ending.
  • Nouns that are of a particular gender and have the ending of another gender take the same rules as if they were of the other gender, example: Mężczyzna (man) acts as Feminine.

Dopełniacz / Genitive

Animate Masculine and Neuter Nouns
These nouns always take the ending -a

Kot > Kota
Pies > Psa
Chłopiec > Chłopca
Dziecko > Dziecka
Krzesło > Krzesła

Inanimate Masculine Nouns
Most of the these nouns take the ending -u

Dom > Domu
Stół > Stołu
Plac > Placu

However, there are some of these nouns that take the -a ending as well.

Nos > Nosa
Koniec > Końca

Feminine Nouns

Most feminine nouns take the ending -y
Nouns ending in -ka, -ga, take the ending -ki, -gi respectively
Nouns ending in -y, take the ending -i
Nouns ending in -ć or -ź, become -ci and -zi
Nouns of foreign origin often get the ending -ii

Kobieta > Kobiety
Szlanka > Szlanki
Droga > Drogi
Miłość > Miłości
Kategoria > Kategorii

Celownik / Dative

Masculine Nouns
Most masculine nouns take the ending -owi. Like other cases, there will be times where variations of vowel change (ą to ę) or vowel dropping (ę) are possible.

Lekarz > Lekarzowi
Mąż > Mężowi
Koń > Koniowi

Neuter nouns and a small number of Masculine nouns take the ending -u

Brat > Bratu
Kot > Kotu
Dziecko > Dziecku
Słowo > Słowu

Feminine Nouns
Most feminine nouns end in -(i)e.
Very often, consonant change or softening occurs:

  • -ka > ce
  • -ga/da > dze
  • -ta > cie
  • -ł > l
  • -p > pi
  • -m > mi
  • -n > ni

Koleżanka > Koleżance
Mama > Mamie
Szkoła > Szkole
Gazeta > Gazecie

Birenik / Accusative

Animate Masculine Nouns
These nouns act like in the Genitive Case and take the ending -a

Kot > Kota
Chłopiec > Chłopca

There are a few exceptions:

Pomidor > Pomidora (tomato)

Neuter Nouns and Inanimate Masculine Nouns
These nouns take no ending and stay the same as in the Nominative.

Feminine Nouns:
Remove the -a and replace it with (or sometimes add) -ę

Mama > Mamę
Szkoła > Szkołę
Kobieta > Kobietę

Narzednik / Instrumental

Masculine Nouns
All masculine nouns take the ending -em
If the nouns contain -ie, it is removed and replaced with -em
If the nouns contain -ó, it is replaced by -o and the -em is attached
-ś, -ć, -ń, -ź are replaced by -si, -ci, -ni, -zi before the -em
Nouns ending in -g, or -k get an additional -i before the -em

Koń > Koniem
Gość > Gościem
Pociąg > Pociągiem

Neuter Nouns
Nouns ending in -e get an extra -m
nouns ending in -o are replaced by the ending -em
-k, -g get an additional -i

Piwo > Piwem
Dziecko > Dzieckiem

Feminine Nouns
The ending -a is replaced by -ą
-ś, -ć, -ń, -ź are replaced by -si, -ci, -ni, -zi before the -ą

Mama > Mamą
Książka > Książką
Kość > Kością

Miejscownik / Locative

Masculine Nouns
There are two groups for this case (these nouns get softening as well like feminine nouns in the Dative case), one group takes -(i)e and the others take -u

  • -ie after: b, f, m, n, p, s, w, z, d, t
  • -e after: r, ł

Chleb > Chlebie
Instytut > Instytucie
Stół > Stole

Nouns ending in one of the following get -u:

  • k, g, c, j, l, ch, dz, sz, rz, cz, ż, dź, dż, ć, ś, ń, ź

Dach > Dachu
Lekarz > Lekarzu
Ptak > Ptaku

Neuter Nouns
Nouns ending in -o get the ending -e
Nouns ending in -e, -cho, -go, -ko get the ending -u

Kino > Kinie
Mieszkanie > Mieszkaniu
Morze > Morzu

Feminine Nouns
These nouns are mostly the same as the feminine nouns in the dative case.
Although some nouns take -i after: l, k, ś, ć, ź, dź, ń
and some take -y after: cz, rz, ż, sz, dz

Lekcja > Lekcji
Twarz > Twarzy

Wołacz / Vocative

Masculine Nouns
The same rules as the Masculine Locative nouns applies to these too.
Exceptions: nouns ending in -iec get the ending -cze

Ojciec > Ojcze
Chłopiec > Chłopcze

Neuter Nouns
These nouns take no ending and stay the same as in the Nominative.

Feminine Nouns
Replace -a with the ending -o
Some Female nouns in the diminutive or pet names get the ending -u

Koleżanka > Koleżanko
Mama > Mamo
Tata > Tato
Ciocia > Ciociu
Babcia > Baciu

Not Good Enough - Kurt Wagner x Female Reader

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Summary: Kurt has a crush on you but you have a stutter. You’re scared to be around him because you’re embarrassed of what he would think of it.

A/N: The way I have written this portrays the characters as students at Xavier Institute :) It’s a little short, but I hope you all enjoy it!

Warnings: I didn’t proofread oops

“(Y/N), he’s staring at you again.” Your friend and fellow mutant whispered to you. 

You slightly turned your head to peek over your shoulder towards the back of the room. Just as your friend had said, a pair of bright amber eyes were glued to you. Your cheeks burned and you quickly faced your friend again. She smiled at you encouragingly.

“Why don’t you just talk to him? Whenever he’s around, he’s always looking at you. I think he really likes you.”

“O-or maybe he t-thinks I’m odd.”

She rolled her eyes, “I guess you’ve forgotten I can read minds.”

“So i-it’s true? He really does l-like me?”

She just smirked and nodded. A second later her eyes grew wide and she leaned in to whisper. “He’s thinking about coming over here…scratch that, he’s decided he will. I’ll see you later.” She scurried off before you could protest.

“Hello, (Y/N).” He said in his thick German accent.

You bashfully nodded before gathering your things. “H-hi, Kurt.”

His tail whipped back and forth behind him and he grinned at you. “I have come to invite you to train with me later.”

“Oh…I r-really have a lot of w-work to do.” You mentally cursed yourself for allowing yourself to stutter in front of him, but he didn’t even seem to notice.

His face dropped a little, but he replaced his disappointment with a smile. “Alright then. Good luck with your schoolwork.” He said before disappearing into thin air.

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*whispers burner-swapssssss* (I still have 0 ideas what I think Red looks like so I took some of my fav. headcanons that I’ve seen around and made something up. TuT) (Jacob stays on their side to balance numbers and because I wanted his dynamic with Abraham!)

Where Deluxe is a peaceful and orderly (but not too orderly) city in the sunshine and Motorcity is all but owned by a Ms. Kane whose belief in complete personal freedom extends to crushing any attempts at establishing a police force or any form of enforced order.  If anybody signs on with Kane Co., protecting them becomes her personal interest and any slight or injury toward them will be severely punished—in extreme cases, by Kane Co.’s continuously-smiling right hand man or the highly experimental bots turned out by her one-man R&D department.

Actually I have so many thoughts and a lot more drawings so I’m gonna do a readmore, hold up.

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                   ’ harley , harley , baaaby , what EVER shall i do with you ? a small ( f r o w n ). pallid palm comes to settle DELICATELY ‘pon tear-stained countenance , tourmaline gaze catching hers as a sigh of DISAPPOINTMENT is relinquished . his sweet HARLEQUIN’S face is just a mess , makeup s m e a r e d from salt water despair && painted RED with blood from where j MAY or MAY NOT have HIT her right in that pretty little face of hers but oooh , she was getting on his nerves something FIERCE ! the intensity of his outburst however COOLING , gradually settling into something more calm , t w i s t e d , the pad of thumb skimming over the CURVE of her cheek.

Quick guide on interacting with individuals with speech disorders

-Mock/copy them
-Laugh at their speech impediment
-Complain that their voice is annoying
-Try to teach them the proper pronunciation
-tell them they are simply lazy
-make them say words for your amusement
-talk down to them as if they are children

-politely ask them to repeat words you didn’t understand, or ask then to reword their sentence
-act as if you didnt even notice the impediment
-if you didnt get a word and dont want to have to make them repeat it, say the word you think you heard and phrase it as a question

And above all:
Treat them like a normal, intelligent being, because that is what they are.

I am 16, and I have rhotacism, meaning my /r/ and /l/ sounds are replaced with
/w/, very much like Elmer Fudd. My family and good friends have learned to accept that even with all the work I put into fixing the disorder, it will likely never go away, and that is just who I am. Sometimes, douchebags who I like to believe just don’t know any better will make fun of my impediment and just be jerks about it. I made this list with the hope that I can open some peoples minds and help them out with how to interact with someone who talks funny. I know it’s awkward meeting someone like me and not knowing what to say, so try to use these tips and prevent from being offensive.

Speech disorders such as rhotacism, stuttering, and lisps are difficult to get rid of, especially as adults, and many people cannot afford speech therapy. It is a problem that we work very hard to eliminate, but all we can do is try to lessen the impediments. Try to be more accepting and realise that while it may not sound perfect and normal, it is not something we can change, and if we could, most people would in a heartbeat.

Thank you. (:

that pasta –> tablet nib post is like. like I get the sentiment of op abt how cool it is to ave a household solution or w/e but regardless of whether it works or not, do y’all really need to replace ur nibs that often?? what r u doing to them? I’m on my like. second or third nib in the entire uh 5/6 years I’ve owned my tablet. it’s still got some miles left in it too.  I guess i don’t have the time/energy to draw every day but still that’s. a while.

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can you write a soulmate!au where the first words the soulmates say to each other are inked on their wrists? if you do aus? maybe the first meeting for matsukawa, bokuto, takahiro, kentarou, aone and kuroo? if you don't do these please just ignore this ask:)

I feel like I kinda failed your request. I’m sorry (╯︵╰,)


Your shift in the café had just started when a young man with unruly black hair and sleepy eyes came up to the counter and ordered.

“I’ll have a Non-Fat Frappuccino With Extra Whipped Cream And Chocolate Sauce.”

You smiled and nodded after all you had to be friendly, but as soon as you turned around you couldn’t hold back a snort. Then, in the middle of preparing his order, you caught a glimpse at your wrist and your movements stilled. A big grin tugged on the corners of your mouth. “Stupid…,” you mumbled.

“Umm… Excuse me?” The man sounded confused.

You turned around with a big grin on the face. How could you not have noticed that peculiar order for it was inked on your wrist for so many years. So often you thought about what to tell the person ordering that drink.

“It’s stupid,” barely containing your smile, “because it’s like ordering a supersized fast-food meal and a diet coke.”

It took only a second for the man to realize what was happening. After a short glance at his wrist, a lazy grin spread on his face. “Couldn’t you think of something cooler to say? It’s pretty embarrassing having that on my wrist.”

“Pff… you’re one to talk,” you said while handing over his order. When you felt his fingers touch yours, a shiver went down your spine.

Before turning around and leaving he café, the man addressed you again, “I’m Matsukawa Issei, I’ll come by after class again.”


You slowly made your way out of the gym. It had been a long day with all that volleyball matches where you had to run around cleaning the court, providing towels and drinks for your team. It was eerily quiet when you walked through the barely lit corridors. That’s when you heard quiet whimpering in close proximity. Quietly, you drew closer and peeked inside the empty changing room.

Well, at least you thought it was empty. As you carefully went inside and peeked around the lockers, you saw a boy sitting on the ground, knees drawn to his chest and body shaking with sobs. You didn’t know what to do. Should you leave or should you try to comfort him.

Just when you decided to silently back away, the boy looked up. His round eyes were red and full of desperation, tears stained his face, his hair was dishelved. When his gaze fell on you, new tears welled up in his eyes.

“Please don’t leave me alone right now.”

You could barely understand his words because of his sobs, but the pleading tone of his voice made you instinctively go forward and sit down next to him. You had barely touched the floor, when the boy already threw his arms around you and sobbed into your shoulder. Running your fingers soothingly through his hair, you murmured, “Shh… I’m here for you, okay?”

You knew who he was. You knew since he said those words to you. The tingling on your wrist hadn’t stopped since then. But now was not the time to talk about that, now you had to make him feel safe.


The bus was crowded, too crowded for your taste. You couldn’t even find a place to steady yourself. Trying not to fall on anyone, you stumbled from one side to another. It all went well so far, until the bus driver decided to slam on the brakes. You tumbled forward until you crashed face forward into something hard.

While you still tried to collect your thoughts, you braced yourself against the thing you collided with.

“Hey, I know I’m sexy, no need to cling to me.”

You could already hear the smirk in the voice reaching your ear. Peeking up, you looked directly into a boy’s grinning face. He had narrow eyes, light brown hair and a teasing smirk plastered on his face.

You backed away from him immediately. “Ugh, seriously? Pretty full of yourself, aren’t you?”

Upon hearing those words, his grin only grew, and it dawned on you, as well. Incredulously, you looked at your wrist and back to his face again. Before you could say anything, a curve threw you out of balance. But the boy was quick to catch your wrist and pull you towards him. A long, sleek finger ghosted over the inked writing on your skin. Then he threw an arm over your shoulders, tugging you safely at his side. “Just taking care you don’t fall on anybody else. I wouldn’t want that.” He whispered into your ear, leaning down.

“Maybe you should invite me out for coffee first before getting so touchy-feely,” you grumbled, but put your arm around his waist, anyway.


“Get out of my way.”

You could hear his roar before you could see him. He shoved you away from the dog that was lying on the street, whimpering.

You fell backwards, grazing your skin because of the rough asphalt. His words stirred something inside you, your wrist prickled suspiciously, but there was no time for that now. You watched the boy cradle the hurt animal in his arms, carefully as if not to cause any more harm. Then he whipped around to you, the affection in his eyes vanishing in a second, being replaced by a burning fury, tears of anger and fear pricking at the corner of his eyes. “What happened to my dog?” he pressed out through gritted teeth.

“I-I tried to hold him back, but he r-ran on the street and got hit by a car.”

The boy paused for a second, when he heard you speak, his eyes flickering to his wrist before locking on his dog again. Tears now threatened to drip on the dog’s fur. He quickly turned around to stride away.

“W-Wait!” you shouted, leaping up to your feet. The boy stopped without turning around. “My mom will be here in a second, she will bring you to the vet,” you continued.

Right in that moment a car pulled up next to you. You took some tentative steps towards the boy and led him towards your mother’s car.

After some minutes of silence you hesitantly put a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “What’s your name?” you asked. To your surprise, he didn’t shrug it away.

“Kyoutani Kentarou,” he mumbled.

“Don’t worry, Kyoutani,” you tried to reassure him, while squeezing his shoulder gently, “He will make it.”


You always told yourself it was okay and most days it really was okay. But today was another day when everything you bottled up over the course of months threatened to break out of you. So you told your parents you would go for a little walk despite the pouring rain.

In the deserted park you plopped down on a bench. It didn’t even take a minute for your tears to start flowing. Barely five minutes later you were crying on the bench, sobs shaking your whole body while the rain already soaked your clothes.

Over your crying you missed the steps coming closer on the gravelled path. Only when they stopped in front of you, you peeked up through your fingers with red and puffy eyes. The man in front of you looked down at you with a stern gaze, his brow was furrowed and his build made him even more intimidating.

“G-go on, just l-leave me alone,” you hiccupped.

At those words, the man’s eyes widened, his stare with which he mustered your face became even more insistent. The grip on his umbrella tightened.

The rain pattering down on you suddenly stopped. Looking up again, you saw the man holding out his umbrella so you wouldn’t get any more wet. Instead raindrops were now running down his own face.


His voice was deep, rumbling, but warm and made you feel secure. It was such a simple word inked on your wrist, you heard every day and every day it got your hopes up. But this No, it felt different. It made your body shudder and tingle. It made you feel secure and warm inside despite your clothes’ dampness. You couldn’t help, but throw your arms around the man in front of you and sob into his chest. A large, calloused hand came up to pat your head and you felt better than you had in months.


Kuroo actually was on his way home, walking his usual route when something odd caught his attention. He couldn’t supress his curiosity.

“Why are you rummaging around the trash?”

Startled because of his words and sudden appearance, you shot up and looked at the strange boy standing in front of you. You always asked yourself why you had those stupid words tattooed on your wrist, because why would you ever search through rubbish? Well, now you knew.

“I lost something important,” was your only answer, tears brimming in your eyes.

Despite you obviously were shaken up, a disbelieving smile spread on the Kuroo’s face and his eyes wandered towards the words on his wrist. “Well, I guess I have to help you then,” he said determined while rolling up his sleeves.

“Seriously?” You sniffled. “Why would you help a complete stranger?”

Kuroo shot you a grin, “A look at your wrist could answer that. Now what are we searching for?”

Never in your life you thought to meet your soulmate like that. On the other hand, what could you expect if the words had something to do with trash? Certainly no romantic meeting at the beach, or something similar. You blushed at the thought, but shook your head to clear your thoughts. You described the item you were searching for.

After some minutes Kuroo triumphantly held the thing up in the air. “Got it! How did it even land in the trash if it’s so important.”

A relieved smile formed on your face. “I hid it in a stupid place and my mom accidently threw it away while cleaning my room.” Then you flung your arms around his neck. “You’re my hero. Let me buy you a coffee for it.”

Kuroo grinned down at you, “It’s a date then.”


Warrior Cats Movie Announced! - Why You Should Be Excited!


China, may just be our salvation after all.

I went to bed last night ready to find myself a good bunker to hunker down in after suffering through the final presidential debate. Jonah Goldberg summed it up best that these things sound like a nasty divorce proceeding. I was ready to divorce myself from life last night until I woke up today to discover literally the greatest news ever: Warrior’s author Kate Cary tweeted out this morning, quote:

“Finally, I can share our big news!


All I know atm is “Alibaba Pictures” and “in development”. I’ll keep you posted.”

So unless you’re Tennelle Flowers, this is probably the greatest news of your entire life. This is in a sense, the birth of my baby. I’ve been reading Warriors for 10 years and throughout that time me and the rest of the fandom were continuously told this was never gonna happen. Now I admit, this announcement doesn’t guarantee it’ll actually happen. It also doesn’t mean that I get to star as Jayfeather in the sequel films. And most importantly, it doesn’t dispel any of the misgivings that Tennelle had in her video: Why You Shouldn’t Want a Warriors Movie. However, what it does do is give me a reason to live. The 49ers suck, Hillary Clinton’s gonna be president, and I have a calculus test on Tuesday. But, there’s a Warriors movie in the works and if there was ever proof that there’s a god watching over me, this has gotta be it. I’m LZRD WZRD and this is: Why You Should Be Excited About the Warrior Cats Movie!.

So diving into this, I always figured that the best way to adapt Warriors would be for all of you to give me a few thousand dollars per month on, that’s L-Z-R-D W-Z-R-D, and with that I could produce four amazing seasons of an animated Warriors series. I actually tweeted out this plan last week, stating that I’d split the original series up so Into the Wild would be a stand-alone season, with books 2 and 3 being combined into season 2, books 3 and 4 combined into season 3, and then book 6 would be season 4. What’s nice about this order is that it will still work if we replace seasons with movies. Into the Wild would be the perfect book to adapt to film by itself. It features a fish-out-of-water protagonist in Firepaw whose desire to find freedom and a place in the world is the perfect way for people to get invested in the film’s universe. Additionally, the book features a complete villain arc with Brokenstar and ThunderClan’s desperate efforts to oppose him, while also featuring sequel bait with Tigerclaw and Fireheart’s quest to expose his treachery. This is the perfect formula for a successful first movie. We’ve already gotten to see part of it come to life via SSS Warrior Cats’ fan episodes of the first few chapters. These videos total a little over an hour and cover the first 50 pages of the 270 page book, or about 20%. When you cut out the intros, outros, and announcements, these easily come in under and hour. Then when you factor in that the videos are pretty slow-paced to begin with and feature additional material like the Whitestorm fight sequence, it’s easy to imagine this all being condensed into 15-25 minutes without losing any of the original material. So if we give it 20 minutes for this early section and multiply that by 5, we would have about an 1:40 minute film, which is about the time it took the Guardians of Ga’Hoole movie to translate three books into one movie’s worth of material. So given that, I don’t think we’d have to worry about this first film cutting much out.

Plus the middle part of the book gives plenty of leeway for the writers to add their own touches. Firepaw’s training, Yellowfang’s introduction, the trip to the Moonstone, and the battle with ShadowClan all take up a lot of narrative time but don’t contain a lot of material vital to the spirit of the story. Now obviously I’m not saying they should cut any of this out, but parts of it could easily be condensed or changed for the benefit of the film and the artists working on it. I could definitely see some dark and visually stunning sequences coming out of the Gathering and Moonstone chapters which I would love to see on screen. This movie also provides a great opportunity for Firepaw’s “romance” with Spottedleaf to be better developed. It’s easily the weakest part of the book and series as a whole in my opinion, although I might argue that Firestar’s obsession with a childhood crush at the expense of Sandstorm makes for a really compelling character flaw. But since this movie doesn’t have a guaranteed sequel to flesh that angle out, they might just give this couple actual screentime and chemistry. So if anyone should be excited about this movie, it should be the Firestar and Spottedleaf shippers, who may just get to see this relationship done proper justice. Another sequence from the book that could be improved on in the movie would be the climactic battle between Firepaw and the ShadowClan rebels against Brokenstar and his followers. In the book, this battle only takes up four pages and I’m not talking about War and Peace pages people. It always seemed like kind of a letdown that this huge event starts and ends so quickly. That’s not to say that it’s bad, as Firepaw does have a really important moment when Whitestorm jumps in and stops him from killing Clawface to avenge Spottedleaf. For all of the people who say he’s a Mary Sue, this is a scene that proves that he had to learn and grow as a character before ascending to the paragon of virtue that he later became. I really hope they keep this in the movie and give the whole scene a real theatrical embellishment. There are so many emotions going on in this scene between Firepaw’s lust for revenge and Yellowfang’s confrontation with her murderous son that it’s hard to imagine how the studio could make this battle being anything less than spectacular, let alone screw it up. Which brings me to the next part of the video: How to Screw Up a Warriors Movie and Make Tennelle Smirk at Me (in 60 seconds or less!)

Now all of this great stuff completely hinges on the studio’s decision to make this film for ONLY Into the Wild. The reason why Legend of the Guardians underwhelmed was because of the studio’s decision to crush multiple books and arcs into a single movie. If the studio decides to throw out Brokenstar or give that arc a back seat, the logical replacement would be to have Tigerstar’s coup and subsequent exile be the climactic scene. The problem with this though is that an insane amount of material would end up getting cut and characters like Ravenpaw, Cinderpelt, and Cloudtail would suffer immensely. Also forget about that Firepaw-Spottedleaf romance. Heck, they might even cut out Silverstream and Graystripe’s relationship and instead replace it with Fireheart and Cinderpelt. Cinderpelt would get pregnant and then die like Silverstream and then I would lose my mind and storm out of the theater. What would really suck about this is that the movie would end on a relative low-note, rather than the New Hope-esque ending of Into the Wild where a giant success took care of an immediate threat with another bigger antagonist lurking in the shadows.

Tigerclaw’s exile was a good thing, but the effect of it devastated Bluestar who nearly tore apart ThunderClan as a result. Not to mention, Silverstream’s death destroyed Graystripe and led him to leave the clan. The end of Forest of Secrets sees Fireheart standing all by himself with the task of carrying his adopted clan resting on his inexperienced shoulders. That’s why this is ideal as the second movie in the series, as it builds on everything the first book setup, while also shaking up the status quo drastically enough to warrant more interest going forward.

Warriors gets compared to Guardians of Ga’Hoole a lot and while it’s fair to worry that this movie may be a disappointment like that, there are two important things to note. 1) the Guardians of Ga’Hoole movie wasn’t that bad and has plenty of supporters. If a Warriors movie makes the same mistakes, it could still be salvageable if the cast and animation is good. Heck, even a major deviation in the storyline could still be well received, although I don’t see any reason for that to happen, which leads me to 2) Warriors is better setup to succeed than Guardians of Ga’Hoole. The reason why the Ga’Hoole movie combined multiple books was because of the structure of the series. Many of the main characters weren’t introduced until late in book one or even in book 2. The first book also doesn’t have the big fight climax that other books in the series have, which translate better to a cinematic story. By contrast, Into the Wild has all of its major cast members introduced immediately in the story and has a satisfying climax that builds on them. Given all of that, there’s no reason for the studio to deviate from just adapting Into the Wild. It’s still very early in production and I’m sure we’ll have a lot more to discuss and speculate on going forward. But just for now, we can sit back and celebrate. Our childhood starts again today and maybe, just maybe, it’ll be alright.

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plot twist: dante is seen being a fuckboi. the fuckboi police come and arrest him and replace him. the fuckboi police is cadenza. she dates jenna and nicole. but poly consensual. also laurance appears and brotps with travlyn who r just chillin. reese appears and hands out pizzas. zane slinks off into the darkness and stays his aro self. aphmau stops forcing ships onto her friends. garroth returns to being a sweetheart. teony becomes one of the main characters. vlyad chills w laurance too. fixed.

this is such a beautiful ask i just,,, a,h,,,,

Yknow, as these pages go on, I’m finding it less and less likely we’re actually going to see Hate and Time.

Which is an honest pity because otherwise there’s going to be nothing else to replace my mental image of them just being/looking like these guys

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hey so i literally finished vlr like Two days ago and i feel like I've missed some stuff so if it doesn't put too much pressure on you can you give me a run down about zero escape 3? what do you know about it?? ;;; sorry

okay i wrote a long ass answer to this but then i realized i must stop so i’m giving a bullet point thing. i assume you mean the new information on it, so i’ll give you that! but if you need a rundown of what we know about it from vlr, you can ask some more. (i’d also suggest checking out my vlr timeline) (check out the 999 and vlr q&a (just look em up on google) if you haven’t yet too)

(spoilers for everything)

so here we go

  • a website called 4infinity website was put up with an odd countdown to something we don’t know over the summer. people theorized ze3. other people didn’t. words randomly showed up throughout the time; here is a screenshot. there were more shown, i can hunt down a list of all the words if you want me to. basically, they’re supposed to be words related to the game, like you know in the opening sequences of 999 and vlr how words flash on the screen? like that
  • uchikoshi made some cryptic, coded tweets during this time. they’ve since been deleted, but once decoded (A-1 replacement and 9-letter shift), we got “W E A R E A L L M E N O F O U R W O R D” and “ T H E L O N G E S T N I G H T W I L L H A V E A N E N D”. so everyone thought it was ze3
  • anyway eventually!! eventually. the countdown began to end. there was a livestream up for a panel at aksys. everyone thought it was ze3. of course it was ze3. but we didn’t let ourselves get too excited
  • the livestream fucking crashed. someone liveblogged the panel, though, and uchikoshi had……….drumroll…. COME IN AND ANNOUNCED ZE3
  • it was so wonderful. tears were shed. personally, i starte dfucking crying. you weren’t around for the literal years people were waiting for ze3; it was a fucking legend, something far off and impossible, this unattainable thing, like half-life 3, but it was FINALLY HERE. holy shit. literally there was stuff like the zero escape 3 project, operation bluebird, tons and tons of posts saying “please play 999″ it’s literally the motto of this fandom we’ve done SO MUCH to try to get this working and apparently it was our support that helped convince them to develop ze3!
  • we only had a blurry-ass picture of the picture shown in the panel, but here it is in high res!
  • next up was when the name and logo were released!
  • shortly after, the crash keys twitter started updating, releasing pictures of new participants. we’re still getting them released! look at all the photos on their twitter
  • the first picture that has since been deleted was this
  • this is what the watch looks like
  • a link to the game preorder is here. it’s coming out in summer 2016!!
  • as for content of the game:

if i missed anything at all let me know, but… i think that’s about it!! if you have any questions lmk