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hi!! could you recommend me some good baekhyun gif makers? exo-centric are fine too :)

hii yes of course!! these blogs are just the ones I remember at the top of my head rn, starting with the ones that gif baekhyunnnnn (some of them are pretty exo-centric but their bias is baekhyun does that count??? LMFAO):

@subaek @progamerbyun @byunvoyage @305heaux @sebaeked @kingbbh @sefuns @mochibaeks @tipannies @my-bobohu

exo/their bias:

@deararchimedes @chanhyun @sehunoh @r-velvets @the-ooverdose @kaizzzi @lawlliets 


Pride Month is almost over, but I still wanted to stick these in the tags in case anyone’s interested: Pride Cap necklaces (also available as keychains; just pick that option under “type”), a fun way to show your pride and also remember that the real Captain America would never be on board with the garbage currently going on in comics.  Pictured are the ones I’ve made so far, but I can make others in pretty much any variety of Pride colors, and I plan to donate most of the proceeds to a relevant organization, like the Trevor Project or Rainbow Railroad. If you think this is cool and/or you have followers who might be interested, please reblog!

[Image description: Captain America shield necklaces repainted in the colors of various Pride flags. LGBT+ (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple), bisexual (dark blue, purple, pink), pansexual (pink, yellow, bright blue), asexual (purple, white, gray, black), aromantic (black, gray, white, light green, darker green), genderfluid (dark blue, black, dark pink, salmon pink, white), transgender (bright blue, white, light pink), genderqueer (purple, white, green), nonbinary (yellow, purple, black, white)]


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#87 - “Why? Because I don’t want you to get hurt, that’s why!”
#92 - “I care more than I know I should.”


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Hi, I couldn't find what i was looking for in the tags or search bar so I was hoping you would be able to help me? I'm looking for a fic in which Steve and Bucky find out that they have a teenage daughter, created by hydra using their DNA, when she turns up at the Avenger tower. I don't remember much about it but I do remember that they called her Brooklyn. I hope this sounds familiar to someone. Thank you!! :)

That sounds like this one:

Project Phoenix by TheAvalonian

“They told me you were enemies,” the girl said blankly. “They told me I had been forged in hatred.”

Neither Bucky nor Steve said anything for a long time. The girl stayed with her hand pressed to the glass, waiting. This time, the question was there, even if she hadn’t asked it outright.

Bucky cleared his throat, tearing his eyes away from Steve’s and pushing down on the handle. “Well, they lied,” he said gruffly, and strode out the door without looking back.

Post-TWS, Steve and Bucky’s lives are just starting to resemble some kind of normal when a young Hydra agent shows up in the lobby of the Avengers’ Tower, claiming to be their daughter.

As promised here is the new theme for July. Thanks to the kind anon that sent this suggestion! and I hope you guys like it!

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Oh right, forgot to mention.

Remember the old pol i did for the how im gonna answer the OOC questions?

so i decided to answer them if its not already in the FAQ and it will only be dooldes (not colored)

so the main story will not be tagged OOC or the current one is tagged #followers special , and the random me answering about the au in general would be tagged #ooc so this blog abit more lively :O

hope it doesnt get confusing xD ))


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An anti just invaded sheith tag bc they are too petty and salty that shippers are celebrating a sheith day . They went on accusing the shippers are normalizing pedophiliiac relationship when the day was to celebrate chris palmer's art lol but oh who am i kidding, they are the ones who put a madafackg Voltron director on block list lmao

I saw something earlier complaining about a ship month or week (can’t remember if it was sh/eith or sh/ance) saying like “Lance doesn’t deserve this on his birthday” like bitch it ain’t always about Lance lmao get over yourself

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I just saw the word edgelord in a non-sherlock context, but like some war flashback, I immediately remembered that one Edgelord™ Churros exits (though I struggled to remember her real name for a moment, my mind came up with Eurasia xD) and that meant I had to find some High Quality Salt™ so here I am browsing your churros tag and honestly thanks for tagging it churros, eurasia who? idk why but I felt compelled to tell you this

Eurasia ascfdggnnko oh god at least you deleted the real name I am laughing so much. xD
She is under eurus tags too i think. My tagging when it comes to her literally sucks. Thanks for sharing this with me friendo. I had a good laugh. War flashback indeed 😂😂😂. Eurasia tho 😁😁

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can we post sheith month early?

I would prefer if no one posted their entries before the beginning of SM, as I will not be systematically be checking the tag until August 1.

If you will not have access to the internet/tumblr during SM: it would work best if you used the ‘Schedule’ feature so your entries post during SM.

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Additional Notes:
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rules   :   fill in the categories below with  3  to  5  things that your character can be identified by .   repost don’t reblog . 

tagged by   :   no one !   just thought it was cute as heck .
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  1. super angsty poet suffering
  2. life is meaningless , pour yourself a drink
  3. his pain is tragic but yours is funny
  4. if he just keeps talking no one will notice how scared he obviously is right now
  5. hyper - critical condescension to mask insecurity  &  admiration


  1. something snarky  &  curt to remind everyone he’s antisocial
  2. taking a step back and forgetting to fake - smile
  3. pretentiously declining introductions or ‘ traditional niceties ‘ on the basis that he doesn’t conform to an expected standard
  4. making brief eye - contact and then smiling at the floor 
  5. grabbing your shoulder without warning and immediately launching into a three act play consisting entirely of him dramatically complaining about something that doesn’t matter or is wholly his problem to remedy


  1. black with a light coat of dust
  2. deep purple because it’s the color of his phone case
  3. the vicious self - loathing scarlet around his eyes


  1. drank a bottle of whisky instead of showering this morning or the day before
  2. if you light seven bed bath  &  beyond candles at once you can forget your debilitating depression for a few seconds
  3. he put a dollar store air - freshener in his pocket because the acidic aroma keeps him  grounded but forgot that other people will smell this too . he reeks of pine and a tropical blend of fruit


  1. 90s band t - shirts and a blazer
  2. black jeans with torn knees because he hasn’t gone shopping since they were invented
  3. faux crocodile skin shoes because he’s Edgy


  1. knotted earphones hanging from jacket pocket , always on stand - by
  2. green pencil with gold lettering worn down to almost unmanageable stub
  3. old leather and silver watch the band of which has clearly been burnt repeatedly by matches


  1. day drinking with no subtlety besides strongly flavored lozenges to mask the scent on his breath . god jonah smells weird
  2. rhythmically scratching himself ( usually arms or thighs ) and any available surfaces around him such as furniture , until there are visible marks left behind
  3. excessive caffeine intake to a medically ill - advised level


  1. gargoyle like lurking in shadowy corners to avoid unwanted interaction
  2. walking around in a daze all day , often notably late to react to any stimuli  &  remaining eerily placid when he does
  3. clenched fists , looking out at people from beneath heavy brow , and keeping his body facing away from even people he’s fully engaging with


  1. morbid celebration and fascination with anything deemed cold , dangerous , or mysterious 
  2. placating ambient sounds and soft spoken self affirmations as his soundtrack for daily life
  3. nearly empty , spacious apartment lit by the moon , no curtains put up to keep the night out . door to the balcony swung open allowing a breeze to filter in and chill half finished scotch on the table 
  4. holding arachnids captive on public transit or an outside table at a restaurant , cupping his hands over them until he has an audience to dangle it at
  5. purple ties and unclasped cufflinks . button down only loosely covering ACDC t - shirt he’s been wearing since he was a teenager . empty colorful candy wrappers forgotten in every pocket 


  1. the ocean   /   led zeppelin
  2. pavane pour une infante defunte   /   maurice ravel
  3. a thousand kisses deep   /   leonard cohen

I was tagged by @auroreamethyste to answer 11 questions &then make my own! thank you!! :D 

1. Do you remember your last dream? Uhm no but I actually remember one recent that I invited my tumblr friends to my birthday party, it was a big wtf even though it’d be so freakin awesome (btw Aurore you came &another two girls I didn’t know XD) 

2. What is your favourite fabric? S A T I NHEAVENLY 

3: If you have any do you like your middle name ? I have sort of a middle name… it isn’t exactly a middle name but when my parents converted my to Judaism when I was adopted the Rabbi didn’t accept the name Annabel (as it isn’t a jewish name) so my mum picked a temporary name, Esther. I think it’s nice. But I actually would love to have Vera as a second name. 

4: Do you have a concert planned ? no :((

5: What is your favourite fruit? Peaches!! :D 

6: Have you ever owned a polaroïd ? no but I wanted one :o 

7 : Do you prefer having long fingernails or short ? long are pretty &nice but they bother me playing so I keep them shorter than I’d like to

8 : What is your favourite holiday place ? Idk ;_;

9: Do you in general follow your intuition ? Sometimes. Sometimes not &then I regret.

10 : What would be your favourite smoothie ? I have a smoothie shop not far away from my home where they sell one w fruits I can’t remember &nuts &dates &peanut butter (it dounds icky but it’s heavenly)

11: Have you ever seen shooting stars ? no :<<<<<<< oh wait, maybe once I did. I’m not sure tho. 


My questions:

1. Are you left-handed or right-handed?

2. What’s your favourite film genre? 

3. How would you spend 100$ ? 

4. Do you own pets? 

5. Do you have a favourite type of flower? 

6. What currently makes you happy? 

7. Opinion on french fries? (sorry I crave them)

8. Favourite book\film character? 

9. Are you a read-the-book-before-the-film person or a watch-the-movie-&-then-read-the-book person?

10. Favourite mythological\fantasy creature?

11. Opinion on Iron Maiden? (sorry I’m just currently listening to them and I ran out of questions)

I’m sorry the questions are so weird and random, oops. Plus sorry it took me so long to find ones. 

I tag @march-for-no-reason @dumbfaceadventureland @my-space-and-all-within @clearthroughtheclouds @dark-side-of-the-division-bell @theprobablezell only if you want to and forgive me if you were tagged already !! I forget those things too easily 

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Name: Selena
Nickname: Lin, Lins, Trash
Height: Around 5′4′’
Ethnicity: White as ffuck
Favorite Fruit : Bananas
Favourite Book : Tbh probably Gravity Falls Journal 3 lmfao
Favourite Flowers : I really like Forget-Me-Nots (thanks harvest moon)
Favourite Animal: ALL.
Favourite Beverage : Root beer motherfuckaas
Favourite fictional character : *SWEATS NERVOUSLY AND STARES INTO THE ABYSS
Number of blankets you sleep with: Usually one. A million in winter.
Dream trip: I’d love to go to Japan one day. But also tbh going to like an E3 event?? FUck yeah.
Blog created : man i don’t even remember i think some time in 2012??? 2011?? iunno my dudes i ain’t treading back that far into that hellhouse

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if you post art or writing on tumblr and are trying to get it seen don’t swear in the tags

tumblr will usually automatically flag the post as adult so that it won’t show up in filtered tags/searches and now with tumblr’s new nonfunctional “"safe mode”“ it’ll hide the post completely

i don’t know yet if swearing in the caption has the same effect but don’t swear in the tags

also and i’m not completely sure about this one but it seems like tumblr flags posts with too many tags because they look like spam; remember that only the first five tags actually make a post appear in that tag so limit it to that and whatever personal tags you need

thanks bye


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)

Red & Blue Connection Theory

Be warned there’s gonna be Voltron s3 spoilers in here!! So if you don’t want to see that, look elsewhere. (Also this is super fucking long, I’m sorry.) 

Anyway so I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and what with (at least temporary) Red Paladin!Lance being confirmed, now is probably the time to post this.

Coincidentally, I’ve been spending the past couple weeks looking for foreshadow of the Red and Blue Lions have some kind of Special Connection and there is quite a bit, so I thought I’d share some of what I’ve found.

The gist of it is that I think Red and Blue have some kind of connection that the other lions don’t seem to have with each other. Of course all the lions have a special bond, but there seem to be a lot of hints that the connection between Red and Blue *coughs* and their pilots is something a little different––basically, that Lance and Keith have shown a lot more interest in/connection to each other’s lions than any of the other paladins have.

(And before everyone jumps down my throat, I’m NOT proposing a permanent lion switch so jot that down lol. But I do think temporary lion switches are Good so uhhhh fight me.)

I’m not sure how to go about explaining this, but I’m just gonna break it down to:

- Keith’s connection with Blue

- Lance’s connection with Red

- What Does It Mean

Here we go!!!

Keith & Blue

- I’m still caught up on this whole “Keith sensed the Blue Lion” thing. Granted, it could have something to do with his alien abilities™ (I’m still rooting for Keith with Altean ancestry, y’all) but I still question the choice of having Keith sense Blue, of all the lions. He only detects the location of two lions in canon, and they’re––you guessed it––Blue and Red. 

First we have some kinda vague “energy” that attracts Keith to Blue:

Then we have this part where Keith just … closes his eyes and senses Red somehow??

(These both happen in the first episode, I might add.)

Like I said, this could be some kinda sixth alien sense. But, I do also wonder if it was Blue trusting & calling out to Keith specifically, which is interesting considering he’s not even her paladin.

- Also in the first episode, when they find Blue, Keith & Lance are the first ones to approach her. Keith even reaches Blue before Lance does!

And then they’re both standing right in front of Blue, side-by-side, when she wakes up.

There is still a close-up on Lance when Blue awakens––but even so, everyone else has much more of a one-on-one first interaction with their lion, so this scene in particular stands out to me.

- Other than in the first episode we don’t get much of Keith interacting with Blue in s1 (except for him saving Blue for Lance in s1e06, which is cute!)

But then there’s also this moment in s2 where he starts asking Coran about whether there might have been Galra on earth before, and whether that could have something to do with Blue being on Earth:

Which is especially interesting now that we know that Keith is part Galra. So …. is it possible the previous Blue Paladin might’ve been Galra?? or even could have been an ancestor of Keith’s?

Then of course we have Lance emerging from his room at the mention of Blue, and accusing Keith of “having his eye on the Blue Lion since day one”:

This is … kinda odd considering Keith hasn’t outwardly shown any desire to pilot Blue as far as I can remember. So, obviously this is a throwback to the very first episode in which Keith first sensed Blue––and the fact that it was brought up again out of nowhere makes me suspicious that there’s Something there that hasn’t quite been addressed yet.

Lance & Red

- *rubs hands together* Now this is Extra Fun because now I know for a fact Lance is gonna fly the Red Lion at some point in s3 because it was in the trailer and all …


Unfortunately I don’t get to say “I told you so” because I didn’t publish this post before then, but anyway! I’ve been looking for foreshadow of this and honestly?? If you ask me, there are hints of Red Paladin!Lance since the very first episode. (Again, I’m not suggesting Lance becomes Red Paladin forever, so please don’t kill me. But I do think Lance having some kind of connection with Red has been foreshadowed.)

- So!! In the first episode I noticed that when Allura assigns each of them a lion, she doesn’t technically assign Blue to Lance (because he interrupts her, lol). It’s just kind of assumed that he’s Blue Paladin since, well, he’s flown Blue. Now, I’m not saying he’s not the Blue Paladin––he is! Buuut I also find a couple things about this scene Intriguing:

1) Lance looks like he almost expects to be assigned the lion as Allura describes it (even though he already has a lion), and then seems a bit shocked/upset when it gets assigned to Keith instead.

2) Not only that, but you may notice the Red Lion hovers between BOTH of them, which is noteworthy because this doesn’t happen to anyone else when they get their lion assigned to them. Hmmmmmm…

- This may be an unpopular opinion but I actually … also think Lance shows some Red Paladin traits. Once again, that’s not to say that Lance doesn’t also fit into the role of Blue Paladin because of course he does, but I do think he shows traces of being capable of being Red Paladin as well.

Like listen, when Allura is assigning Red, these are her exact words: “The Red Lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. … Its pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instincts than skill alone.”

So really the only qualifications here are: 1) Be skilled. 2) Have good instincts.

And Lance?? Fits those qualifications pretty damn well. He’s a skilled pilot, sharpshooter, and strategist. And he has very strong awareness/instincts as well (i.e. being able to identify the Rover clone super fast, being able to come up with a plan on the Balmera on the fly, etc.). There’s no reason why he can’t fly Red if you ask me.

- Also, when the Red Lion gets fire power for the first time Lance is like, “I want that!!” which is interesting … especially because (at least as far as I can remember) no one else expresses jealousy for another paladin’s lion that way.

And generally I just find it kinda funny that Lance accuses Keith of having his eye on the Blue Lion when Lance has like…canonically had his eye on the Red Lion from pretty early on. 

- In addition to all of the above, there does seem to be some foreshadow about Keith getting separated from Red (at least temporarily). i.e. he has that dream about Red rejecting him.

And there’s also that vision he has in BoM where Red is far away from him.

(Tag yourself I’m the people screaming.)

Could be coincidental …. or could be intentional to foreshadow something about a certain someone else temporarily taking over as Red Paladin.

- And lastly: it may not mean anything, but in GoLion (the original anime) Isamu/Lance was Red Paladin … So, could be a nod to the original!

And yes, he wore a blue outfit but piloted the Red Lion, don’t question it. Color coordination hadn’t been invented yet. 

What Does It Mean?!

- In general, there seems to be a lot of subtle foreshadow that there is Some kind of connection between the Red and Blue lions––or at least, to an extent, Keith and Lance have connections to each other’s lions as well as their own.

- It could mean they are both capable of piloting each other’s lions. I’ll say it again––I’m not suggesting a permanent lion swap or anything along those lines, because both paladins also have very strong connections to their own lions. (Also, I’m not sure about Blue Paladin!Keith at this point, although it’s hard to say since we don’t really know what the quintessence of the Blue Lion is yet.)

However, I think in certain situations their lions could be accepting of the other’s paladin (which of course we know is possible since Keith has piloted Black before, and in the s3 trailer it appears he does so again, as well as Lance piloting Red). So, I feel like that could be important.

- As for the reason behind this connection: It could be because their elements balance each other out (you know, the whole fire-and-ice thing), but what I’m really hoping is that there is some significance in the relationship between the previous Red & Blue Paladins (interpret that however you want––but yeah like, maybe they were good friends??? or …. more than that????) and their lions built up a strong connection because of that (or vice versa).

- TL;DR: I think it’s pretty much inevitable that Red & Blue/Keith & Lance have some kind of special connection (space ranger partners™ amiright) and if you ask me there are a lot of signs pointing in that direction. That’s all, bye.