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Christmas Fic! (Preview Post)

First Chapter will be posted December First, and there will be a new chapter every day until Christmas! I’ll have a Christmas Song of the Day too! Whoo!

I love Christmas time and am so excited to share this fic with you guys! Some days I will be asking for your favorite traditions or favorite songs so I can incorporate them into the fic!! Make sure you reblog so everyone can participate!

If you would like to be tagged in chapter one (and the rest of them!!), drop me a message in my ASK BOX  because I won’t remember to check my comments or messages!


Tis the Season!

Steve and Thor have eggnog drinking contests and get all lazy and cuddly afterwards, winding poinsettias through each others hair and giggling.

Clint and Natasha are celebrating their fifth Christmas together, and this year Clint has something special planned, something he has been planning since Budapest.

Peter and Wade are navigating a brand new relationship and Wade turns out to be more sentimental than anyone expects, and Peter scrambles to find the perfect gift for his new boyfriend.

Pepper finally agrees to that date with Rhodey, and spends most of the season blushing, while Bruce brings home a beautiful woman named Val(kyrie!)

And Bucky is trying to find reasons to catch Tony under the mistletoe, because all he wants for Christmas is his favorite genius wrapped in a ribbon.

The Christmas music starts playing December 1st, the tree is sixteen feet tall and the halls are literally decked with boughs of holly. Presents pile up and cookies fill the kitchen, and honestly it’s surprising how many variations of “Sexy Santa” costumes exist, but no one is complaining.

It’s 25 days of Fluff and Feels and Holiday Sweetness!

Welcome to Christmas with the Avengers!


Authors Note: This fic will have lots of sweetness and kissing, but nothing NSFW to keep it as user-friendly as possible! Spideypool is Andrew Garfield/ Ryan Reynolds! It wont follow any MCU timelines, its just nice moments between our favorite people as if there is nothing angsty wrong ever lol I hope you all enjoy it!

Happy Thanksgiving

my first year on Tumblr, I made a thanksgiving post noting everyone who had done me a kindness. I really wanted to do that again, and set about trying to, but it’s too much. literally hundreds of people. people who’ve supported me, people who’ve drawn me things, people who’ve sent me a message of kindness when I was sad. after an hour of going through messages and tagged posts, I was overwhelmed. not to mention some of those accounts have changed names or been deactivated.

still, it means a lot to me. it means enough that I WANT to personally thank each and every one of you. I know it may not seem like it because I come off closed and self absorbed, but I really, really appreciate everything anyone has done for me, even down to the littlest kindness. I do my best to remember all of you. however long ago we may have talked, I am always open to hearing from you again.

I do feel obliged to give special thanks to those who helped @esperhabasi move and get settled in our current place. thank you so much @digitallyfanged @ketrava @gripen47 @bobisonlybob @lupuswolfmaster @randomanonman @wallisninety-six Robin, Bill, and those who wished to remain anonymous.

anyhow, thank you all again! and I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Camp Swan Part 7

A/N: Happy Thanksgiving to any Americans out there. I hope that you have/are going to eat a lot of good food. If you’re not in the U.S. then go get your favorite meal and enjoy it! Food deserves to be enjoyed, you know?
If you can’t be yourself with your family around this time of year, my heart goes out to you. Remember you’re still valid. Hopefully this chapter will maybe provide a little bit of a distraction or happiness. Know that I believe in you :)

Warnings: Swearing, bullying

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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The tension between these boys could melt steel.

Thomas had watched them all morning. There hadn’t been a single sound uttered from their room, not one sentence or remark. The looks Virgil sent them made the hairs on his arm stand up, and the looks that were returned—matching resentment from Roman, cool indifference from Logan, and sad and confused from Patton—made his gut wrench. He didn’t know exactly what had happened, but according to Terry, there had been some form of screaming match the night before. Virgil had spent all of his time by himself in the lounge, only going back when he’d been told to.

Whatever had happened, it had clearly left some rift between them. Roman, Patton, and Logan on one side, Virgil on the other.  He supposed that as long as they were at least treating each other like human beings, there was little Thomas could do other than let them work it out. He got the feeling that none of them would appreciate him stepping in directly, but then, maybe he could do something…


Thomas jumped, startled out of his thoughts. He looked up at Joan, who had sat down at his table at some point without him realizing it. They were looking at him, as if waiting for an answer for something.

“Oh, yeah, I’m sorry I was zoned out there for a moment.”

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10 Song Tag

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rules: list the top 10 songs you’ve been listening to lately and then tag 10 mutuals

1. One More Weekend by Audien x Max - I usually don’t listen to english music but I really like this song and play it almost everyday. Thanks Jungkook!

2. There For You by Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan - This was the song used in Jungkook’s and Jimin’s Tokyo video and I fell in love with it.

3. Lost by Frank Ocean - I’ve actually always liked Frank Ocean but I always forget about him so thanks Jimin for making me remember how much I like this song.

4. Pinwheel by Seventeen - This is on repeat! This is beautiful to listen to when I’m writing fanfic. 

5. Skit: Hesitation and Fear by BTS - I know it’s not technically a song but I listen to it so much and it’s my favorite track off of the album.

6. Shoot Me And Go by Seventeen - If you want to jam, listen to this.

7. Serendipity by BTS (Jimin) - Need I explain?

8. You In Me by KARD - AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Runaway by Pentagon - I just listened to this song today and I’ve been listening to it. It’s addicting. 

10. Hold On by Roy Kim - One of my all time favorite songs. It’s a sad song but it’s a beautiful reminder to stay in this world. 

I’ll tag @seouledsoul2kpop @eat-a-mint-jungkook @fairyguks and @eris0330


Ziyal taps the rim of the glass, and the clear liquid stirs. Samarian sunset, Ezri thinks, but the colours that appear are too dark for that, pink and purple instead of yellow and orange, and they rise in layers from the bottom of the glass. They shade seamlessly into one another until they reach the top, and something sparks off the sugar dusting the rim. Smoke fans out above the glass, and for a brief moment there’s a perfect outline of an orchid, before Ziyal laughs and it dissipates.  

Ezri’s breath catches in her throat at the sight. It’s beautiful – too beautiful for this no-name Syndicate bar, just like Ziyal. “Oh,” she murmurs. “Oh, Ziyal, you’re an artist.”

Ziyal jerks her hands back as if the table suddenly burned, and Ezri watches regret shutter her eyes like a physical thing. “I thought I was. Once.”

[ we felt the light, it taught us to grow ]

a very, very belated @trek-rarepair-swap round 15 fill for @outerspace-iiinnerspace, in which ziyal ends up hiding from the cardassian government by bartending on new sydney and meets ezri. i thought this would be a fic – i kept trying to make it a fic long after i think i knew it wasn’t working, oops, but there were some salvageable scenes like the one above – but i hope you like this as well (& i will definitely link you if i ever get past whatever was making this fic not work)

Get to Know Me Tag Game, Omgbrainstorming Edition

I was tagged by @jenksel

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better

Relationship status: Single

Favorite Color: Lots of them. Greys, black, blue, dark green, bordeaux, silver and I could go on and on.

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick

Last Song I Listened To: Save the Last Dance For Me (Michael Bublé)

Last Movie I Watched: Not sure if it was Fantastic Beasts or the 2017 live action of Beauty and the Beast (not because I confuse the films 😂 I just can’t remember which one I watched later)

Top 3 TV Shows: The Librarians, The Big Bang Theory, and I think Lucifer (Castle is over, so it’s not here, but should be, just like BBC Sherlock and Gilmore Girls. I once loved Once Upon A Time, but kinda gave up after season 4 because of unnecessary drama and shit - I still watch every Rumbelle/Rumple bits) I have problems with rankings, is that obvious?

Top 3 Characters: Jenkins (The Librarians), Severus Snape (Harry Potter), Rumpelstiltskin (Once Upon A Time) - There are SO MANY OTHERS I CAN’T EVEN-

Top 3 Bands: Maroon5, Fall Out Boy, Queen (maybe Cash Cash too?)

Books I’m Currently Reading: The Librarians and The Lost Lamp (Greg Cox), Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods (Rick Riordan), Percy Jackson Greek’s Heroes (Rick Riordan), Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (the Slytherin special edition by JKR), Max Havelaar (Multatuli - college stuff), Into the Wild (Jon Krakauer - same), Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen - excuse to re-read it again #947301 “it’s going to be in one exam of my course, I’m actually studying”)

Tagging -I don’t have 9 people to tag and I feel so bad for anyone I’m tagging because I feel like I’m harassing you??? I’m so SORRY! I love you and your blogs and please FEEL FREE TO IGNORE THIS. Don’t hate me plz @eurazia @sanzochan @nimbleinquiry @beastlycheese @sarashouldbestudying @cartoonjessie @worryinglyinnocent

song tag

Rules: List ten songs you’re listening to currently and tag 10 people.
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  • the good, the bad, and the dirty by p!atd
  • ready for it by taylor swift
  • no by meghan trainor
  • sorry not sorry by demi lovato
  • havana by camila cabello
  • this is gospel by p!atd
  • cancer by mcr
  • doubt by twenty one pilots
  • my songs know what you did in the dark by fob
  • thunder by imagine dragons

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the frames from that gif that kept screwing up

// I have a lot to be thankful for.

I don’t even celebrate thanksgiving, not being American and all, but you guys have made this day memorable for me in a way that I will remember for a long time coming.

I’ve had without a doubt one of the worst years in my entire life, rivaling 2006 (when I lost my sister) and many others, and just like that you guys managed to tip the scales and I don’t feel like complete shit about it anymore? It still hurts like frick and nothing is okay about it, but overall without this day, my memories of this year would have been mostly complete shit.

On top of all, my phone died briefly earlier this day and I wasn’t able to use it for hours (I had plans to chat with people but alas that couldn’t happen) and I was already afraid I’d lost it for good but thankfully we were able to fix it.

BUT YOU GUYS; thank you, truly, for everyone who has sent me mechpreg and optiratch anons, it’s been a blast and I still got some left to reply but please, truly, do not ever hesitate to send me more, even if you’ve never done it before, I’m more than happy to hear about it! 💖💖💖

I pray the content on this blog can one day repay you for all this, because I’m honestly floored by your kindness and generosity, and feel uncertain I can ever match the sheer beauty of them. You guys are amazing. Please never change. 💗

do my eyes deceive me or are those….

matching space-themed backpacks?

weltyclover  asked:

How do you draw a closed snoot? Amd also how do you draw an open snoot from the front?

I draw closed snoots pretty much the same way as opened ones, as illustrated in this one tutorial i did a bit ago! Same goes for drawing opened mouths from the front. 

for closed muzzles, I tend to do placement lines for where the base of the muzzle connects to the face (and also as a marker for where the bottom of the eyes are gonna go!) and a line down the center of the muzzle to help me place the nose and make the upper lip indent shape! This is something I honestly don’t do too much bc I mostly forget but it helps SO MUCH

end result from using said guidelines hfhfh

as for opened snoots, here’s a lil thing using the same formula as my first tutorial;

Firstly, I start out roughing out where I want everything to go! The purple line in the right image helps me place the top corners of the mouth, where i’ll be dragging the lines for the sides of the mouth in a sec. This is a good time to map out how you want your expression to go, since the corner of the mouth I find makes it easier to connect everything else as you’re going along. 

After you get that sorted, drag the lines (blue lines) down from the corners (it’s perfectly fine if the lines don’t match up with the corners, it doesn’t have to be exact!), which are the rest of the mouth. Now is a good time to go in and tighten up/stretch the mouth shape to however it’ll benefit your character/style/expression. My sona has pretty round shapes, so I keep things rounded for her most of the time. (unless i’m exaggerating her expression, then things tend to get a little bit sharp and asymmetrical)

Annnnnnnd then you go in and start adding details! Teeth, tongue, etc. You can see I kinda shortened the lower jaw shape lines a bit after everything since I noticed the mouth was a bit too wide/sliding to the right.. Just so it aligns with the top part of the jaw a little easier!! this is pretty much how I do all my mouth/muzzle stuff, so I hope it helps a bit!

short & sweet ♡


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)


at one point i wanted to do th mchanzo week thing but i started this n realized i wont b Able to do it all. so

heres at least th first day
first nicknames  ✨ ✨

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Reblog this if you had to learn cursive writing as a child

If you were ever told or were made to learn cursive writing when you were in grade school.
I wanna see how many of you suffered like I did.


steven universe (marble madness & open book) » his dark materials trilogy (plus that one movie)