and i remembered how to draw his hair!

me and @poppypomfrey​ were talking and hc that lily like. REFUSES to call sirius by his last name no matter how casual she’s tryin to be bc one time she saw him flinch when avery said ‘hey, black!’ and so now she calls him by literally any other colour 

  • “eat shit cyan’
  • “Maroon I got your test mark’
  • “Cornsilk here use my hair-tie’
  • “Aquamarine stop fucking DRAWING on my CHARMS NOTES” “that’s nice periwinkle’
  • “crimson omg do you remember last night when melanie griffiths called you a shit-eating asshole because i do and it was excellent’
  • ‘turquoise pass me a bagel’‘’tan i literally bet you ten gaellons that gramophone isnt spelt ‘grammar phone’ you absolute arse’
  • “oi orange! tell potter to met me by the fourth floor staircase!”“violet hold my beer i KNOW i can flip of this table”

CLYDE: Alright, guys.

CLYDE: I’m super pissed off right now.

CLYDE: As you may remember, from earlier today, I was stuck lost in the mountains with everybody from class.

CLYDE: Well Stan’s cool (kinda smelly but whatever) uncle came and rescued us. Swooped us right from under our feet and whisked us away on horseback. Hair flowing in the wind, and all.

CLYDE: …does he have hair? Well, his hat was flowing. Whatever.

CLYDE: That’s not the point.

CLYDE: All of that was pretty cool.

CLYDE: But the rest of the day– OH the rest of the day.

CLYDE: I am going to explain to you guys just how awful today was, feat. some detailed drawings.

CLYDE: So when we all got back, it was totally cool and awesome and nobody died and it was great.

CLYDE: Scott got to eat, everybody was happy, and it was only about 12:30 by the time we were back in town.

CLYDE: So Craig was all like, “Let’s go play and have a good time and chill and stuff,” or something like that.

CLYDE: And Jimmy said “Yeah that’d be fun!”

CLYDE: So I was like “Hell motherfucking yeah my besties who love me and are cool but also think I am super duper cool also!”

CLYDE: But just as we were about to, we realised we were all dropped right off in front of the school.

CLYDE: And the teachers and principal came out and told us we still had to go to class for the rest of the day, even though it was more than half way over already.

CLYDE: They didn’t seem all too worried that we were lost in the mountains, but I’m pretty sure Stan and his friends got in trouble.

CLYDE: But anyways. As you can see, I am crying my man tears because I was sad that we had to go to school. It’s a Friday! It would have been so cool to have the whole day off. It’d be like a three day weekend.

CLYDE: I was bummed out but then I also remembered Token was at school so

CLYDE: We rejoiced. Craig, Jimmy, and Tweek were also there, but Token and I were what was important at that moment so I only drew us. 

CLYDE: (and also Timmy was there but he was off to the side and just sort of watching us. I dunno what was up with that.)

CLYDE: That was the only cool part of being at school today.

CLYDE: And then, like God himself decided that school wasn’t enough punishment for me, everybody at school was making fun of me for no reason at all!

CLYDE: Cartman wasn’t actually there but I accidentally drew the body too big so I just drew him anyways.

CLYDE: But they all kept calling me a stinky buttface!

CLYDE: At one point I thought maybe they were calling Craig the stinky buttface, because of the awesome note I put on his back earlier today.

CLYDE: But the note wasn’t there anymore. I think it fell off, or something!

CLYDE: And even when I wasn’t hanging out with Craig, they were still calling me a stinky buttface!

CLYDE: I don’t have a buttface! It’s not stinky!

CLYDE: Do you see how well I drew my face? That’s not butt-like at all! Not even a little!!!

CLYDE: And to top it off, even though they were cool enough to give us a late lunch because of how long we were gone, they were serving the worst food of all!

CLYDE: Meatloaf!

CLYDE: It wouldn’t be that bad if we didn’t find out that today was actually Fiesta Friday! BURRITOS AND SHIT, DUDE.

CLYDE: But because they already served lunch, they had to make something quick for us instead! I would have eaten a two-hour-old burrito no problem!

CLYDE: They clearly underestimate me.

CLYDE: After I ate my food and junk, and after school got let out, I went home.

CLYDE: My dad heard about how we all went missing and he felt bad for me, so he said I wasn’t grounded anymore.

CLYDE: That was pretty cool.

CLYDE: But then he said I was only ungrounded on one condition.

CLYDE: It’s always on one condition.

CLYDE: He said I had to take my dog, Rex, out for a walk.

CLYDE: Now normally, that’d be totally fine!

CLYDE: I love Rex.

CLYDE: But half way through the walk, he decided to take the biggest, smelliest shit my nose has ever had the tragedy of taking a whiff of.

CLYDE: And I hate picking up the dog poo.

CLYDE: I know you have the little baggies that make sure you don’t get any on your hands, but you still feel it!

CLYDE: You still feel the dog shit and you can still smell it, and you might as well be giving the dog crap a gentle, full-body massage with how much it feels like you’re actually touching it.

CLYDE: In short– the second half of today was awful!



CLYDE: Anyways that’s what happened today.

CLYDE: But, on the upside, because I’m ungrounded and it’s the weekend now, Craig, Jimmy, Timmy, Token, Tweek, and I are all going to have a slumber party later!

CLYDE: We’re gonna play games and it’ll be rad and I’ll be sure to blog all about it so you guys can see how hype it is.

CLYDE: Until then, though, I’m just gonna be angry for a while.

CLYDE: Talk to you guys soon!

Taichi Yagami Headcanons

- Loves Naruto to an unhealthy degree. Literally does the Naruto run at practice, and the coach needs to convince him that it does not make him faster.

- Often finds the other Chosen hanging around his house when he’s not home.

- “How did you get in?” “Your mom.” “… And she knew I wasn’t home?” “Yeah.”

- When he rants, he does so to Koushiro because he knows Sora would worry too much.

- Him and Yamato have done countless school projects together. They always turn out horribly. They continue to pair up anyway.

- Loves summer. Freedom and hot, sweaty afternoons. Popsicles, lemonade and lightning bugs.

- Remember that time he drew a map and it was indecipherable chicken scratch? Yeah, he doesn’t get any better at drawing.

- Considers breaking a comb while trying to comb out his hair an accomplishment.

- The absolute worst at every board game ever. Even ones that are more down to luck than strategy. He just… no

- Gets addicted to coffee his junior year of high school

- Has days where he starts walking and doesn’t stop. Out of the building, out of town, over the bridge, exploring miles and miles from everything he knows.

- Brave, thoughtful, adventurous

Other Chosen Headcanons

I was like ‘ohyeah I’m gonna draw galilea, but without her helmet!’ .. until it occurred me that I have no idea how I wanna draw her hair like.. well, short, but anything else than that, no idea.

Soo, I ended up doodling some hair styles for her but I’m still kinda lost what I want here haha 

mah boy
I can’t stop drawing him help

So, I was wondering how would Juzo look like as a kid????
I’m not very creative and I suck at drawing kids but oK

here are some headcanons that I have, I guess-
I had some about Juzo getting his shsl bc of Munakata but then I remembered that they met only in high school oh well.

-Juzo started practising boxing at a young age, because his family (or he thought it about himself) that he wasn’t macho men enough bc gay;
-He kinda liked long hair, but since he was kind of a wimpy kid at the start, he was made fun of, and that’s why he, to this day, has that short haired hairstyle that’s weird tbh but i love it anyway;
-He spent way too much time practising and wanting to be the best™, so he never got to much time to his friends/classmates or even school work;
-He was a lazy student, he didn’t care much about homework and stuff;
- He would get in fights constantly;
-He didn’t got many friends until he met Kyosuke and Chisa;
-He was so obesessed in becoming the best boxer that, at some part of his life, he couldn’t distinguish anymore his talent from his personality and himself as a person, like, he believed that if he didn’t had his talent, he got nothing else. (And Munakata and Chisa helped him believe the opposite~)

i’m not too good with these

So one thing that has sustained me and given me consistent warm fuzzies this past month has been owlet’s Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail, so… here’s a random imagined scene.

Mostly I was vaguely remembering being 5 years old in China and given my first handkerchief and being told that I had to wash it every night so that it’d be clean and dry the next morning.   (And being not very good at that task at all.  And being secretly happy when we moved to the US soon thereafter that I didn’t have to have handkerchiefs anymore.)  So I really wanted our favorite grandpas to be diligent about their handkerchief washing.

Also I wanted to draw Bucky with braids (kind of how I imagined his hair during the motorcycle ride in Advanced Happiness Skills.)  Yay Hair Club!

Was also thinking about this.


I’ve been kind of doing some self study on European history, and have taken a particular interest in Prussia. (I’m reading a whole bunch of really cool books on it!) Considering I’m drawing a lot of France suggests otherwise though, huh? (France is the next country I plan to tackle though.)

Anyway, random sketches, a character study, and rough doodling. I’m still in that “limbo” between how I want the character to look, and how comfortable I actually am at drawing them. It hasn’t quite come together for me yet. Also, I get so bored drawing in just certain styles, I have to go and do others every so often…

France is very pretty, yes? (No joke though. Even after more than a decade of having visited Paris I can still remember that feeling of awe~~!)♥

Things you should know about dragon!Vaughn
-he might not remember how to act like a human being.
-this picture is not to scale and he is huge.
-he still has his messy af hair.


Some reylo doodles (•ω•) 

I really like how the first one turned out, I might come back to it to make a proper lineart and colour it.

Jack U?? Isn’t that another K-pop band???

I remember someone asked me this in school. And I was like no bUT they did work with CL and G-Dragon so yeah. Sonny could dye his side blue maybe Wes could dye his hair pink that’s the shit to do rn. Get some worked up clothes and BAM

I have no idea it’s been a long week