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being the middle wheeler child [headcanons]

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Request: @xbarrjallenx said “can I please request a ‘being mike and nancy’s sister…’ head canon? thank you!“

Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Reader (platonic, family), Nancy Wheeler x Reader (platonic, family), Steve Harrington x Reader (oops it’s romantic)

this is so long and all over the place and i’m thinking of doing a steve story based on this headcanon. thoughts?

  • being a Wheeler has made your life…interesting.
  • to start, you’re the awkward middle child, three years older than Mike and a year younger than Nancy.
  • even though you’re closer in age to Nancy, you can’t help but feel closer to Mike.
  • you‘ve always been the one who watches over them during their campaigns, even joining in when you get bored of doing homework
  • (the whole party loves you)
  • ((in fact, Dustin, Lucas, and Will all have secret crushes on you but shh))
  • but of course you’re still pretty close with Nancy
  • I mean
  • who else are you gonna go to for advice?
  • and gossip?
  • she’s your role model.
  • surprisingly, you fit in with the popular crowd at school
  • which means that you catch the attention of King Steve fairly quickly.
  • you can’t help but fall for the big-haired dork
  • I mean, he hangs out with you a lot and he’s actually showing interest in you
  • just when you think he’s about to ask you out…
  • he goes after Nancy.
  • you can’t help but feel heartbroken
  • and Mike notices, so he tries to distract you, using D&D in order to keep your attention focused away from Steve & Nancy
  • when Will goes missing, things get worse
  • you thought Steve asking Nancy out hurt?
  • imagine losing someone who you’ve known all your life.
  • you go to the search party, tears in your eyes as you search for little Byers
  • when you don’t find anything, you sneak out with the boys
  • you’re just as surprised as they are when you find Eleven
  • you are the one who she trusts the most
  • you give her your old clothes and help the boys set up a small fort in your basement
  • this whole thing has definitely kept your mind off Steve
  • too bad Nancy has to ruin it and drag you to his house the next night.
  • the party is lame (in your opinion) but you just don’t want to see Steve and Nancy making out
  • so when Barb cuts herself, you jump at the chance to leave
  • you take Barb’s side in her argument with Nancy, causing Nancy to say some pretty mean stuff to you
  • (like, even Tommy and Carol are shocked)
  • ((so is Steve but he decides to stick with Nancy instead of you))
  • so you stand up straight and hold back your tears, following Barb outside..
  • …where you are both taken by the Demogorgon.

  • you wake up disoriented, not knowing where you are
  • you’re blinded by bright lights, and when your eyes adjust, you can’t help but smile.
  • sitting around you are Lucas, Dustin, Mike, and Will.
  • you shift around, trying to get comfortable
  • this automatically wakes up Mike, which wakes up Dustin, which wakes up Lucas, which wakes up Will
  • the four boys surround you in a hug before Mike sits up straight, grinning widely.
  • in stumbles Nancy, eyes red and swollen and hair all over the place
  • she lets out a sob as she throws herself on you, apologizing profusely as she realizes just how close she had come to losing you
  • you’re super confused for a few minutes before it all comes back to you
  • Eleven, Barb, Will, the place that the kids now call the “Upside Down”
  • your eyes widen as you look at Mike
  • please tell me no one is dead.”
  • Mike looks at Nancy, who looks right back at him
  • they speak in unison
  • El is gone”
  • “Barb is gone”
  • you look down slightly before getting up, making your way to the door before you feel your legs give out 
  • you begin to fall, feeling two sets of arms steady you
  • woah there kid. take it easy.”
  • it’s Jim Hopper, who you haven’t seen this sober in years. 
  • (Y/N) you’re awake!”
  • all of a sudden, you’re being embraced by someone and you can’t help but smile as you recognize the familiar scent of Farrah Fawcett Hairspray.

  • things are finally going back to normal
  • no Demogorgon and no Upside Down to worry about
  • but then Christmas comes along
  • and you wake up sick
  • your mom forces you to stay in bed, and you listen
  • until you end up in the bathroom, throwing up like crazy.
  • when you see the weird slug coming out of you, you calmly stand up, flush the toilet, and sprint all the way to the Byers household
  • you flinch slightly at Joyce’s smiling face, not wanting to ruin her day
  • you ask her permission to talk to Will and she agrees, knowing that you two are the only ones who understand each other.
  • Will admits that he’s experiencing the same things as you but makes you promise not to tell anyone.
  • you reluctantly agree and he smiles before hugging you.
  • I’m scared (Y/N)”
  • you can’t help but feel protective over Will but you can’t find it in you to lie to him and tell him it’ll all be alright.
  • so you settle for the truth
  • me too Will. me too.”
  • you reject Jonathan’s offer to drive you back home, and although Joyce is worried, she knows that you need the time to yourself.
  • you’re stopped on your way home by a honk
  • you look up slowly to see Steve Harrington leaning our the window of his car
  • hey Wheeler. what’s a pretty girl like you doing out here all alone?”
  • you scoff and roll your eyes before walking away, only for him to follow you up the road.
  • c’mon Wheeler. what’d I do?”
  • Steve eventually gets out of the car and catches up to you, grabbing your wrist and bringing you in, eyes widening when you start crying
  • he wraps you in his arms and carries you to his car before driving off
  • wanna talk about it?” he gently asks. you nod.
  • and so you spill everything
  • and by ‘everything’, I mean
  • e v e r y t h i n g
  • the vague things you remember from the Upside Down, admitting that you remember Barb dying. everything.
  • including your crush on him and your heartbreak over his relationship with Nancy
  • yet you keep your promise to Will, and don’t say a word about the slugs
  • Steve stares at you for a moment before grabbing your cheeks and leaning in
  • your eyes widen and just as his lips brush over yours,
  • you open the door and dart out of the car, running all the way home
  • you couldn’t kiss Steve. you couldn’t do that to Nancy.
  • you start to avoid Steve, even though he always tries to talk to you about it
  • you spend even more time with the kids, immersing yourself in Mike’s search for Eleven.

  • soon enough, it has been nearly a year since the events with the Upside Down
  • you find yourself struggling, visions of that place becoming more and more frequent
  • until it all culminates on Halloween
  • you get dragged to Tina’s party by Jonathan 
  • and you’re actually having fun, until Nancy and Steve get into their fight
  • Steve comes up to Jonathan, telling him to take Nancy home before turning to you
  • you stare at each other until Jonathan comes back, Nancy in his arms
  • you turn and walk away with Jonathan, grabbing his car keys in order to open the door for him
  • After placing Nancy in the car, you realize you forgot your purse so you go back, telling Jonathan to go ahead without you
  • you hear a small shriek from the woods behind the house and can’t help but go near it
  • you find some sort of small creature, which runs when it sees you.
  • you follow it all the way to the Henderson’s home before deciding to turn back…
  • only to find yourself in the Upside Down once again
  • you notice a large shadow looming over the town, and your anxiety skyrockets.
  • the thing makes its way towards you and all of a sudden, you’re in Jim Hopper’s arms.
  • you can’t speak. everything that comes out of your mouth are broken stutters
  • so Hopper takes you to a small, rustic cabin
  • where you find
  • “(Y/N)!!”
  • all of a sudden you’re tackled by a curly head of hair
  • Eleven?”
  • Hopper tells you everything that has happened since last year 
  • you’re just really happy that El is okay.
  • soon you have to go back, promising that you won’t tell anyone about El.
  • you eventually get dragged into the whole thing with Dart, and you have to run around looking for him
  • you run into El, and quickly help her get out of the school, narrowly avoiding Mike
  • you burst outside and find yourself back in the Upside Down
  • Will stands there, gaping at the weird shadow monster
  • you quickly run to Will, trying to get the monster away from him
  • you’re successful but know that it has infected Will.
  • ((you are unaware that a part of it has entered you now as well))
  • you try and help Joyce with Will, and eventually help Bob figure out where Hopper is located but you don’t go with them
  • Mike doesn’t want to let you go but you assure him that you’re going straight home
  • you arrive home, where you run into Dustin
  • and eventually Steve
  • the burning of the tunnels hurt both you and Will, although it hurts Will significantly more
  • Dustin and Steve don’t know what to do
  • eventually, y’all go to the junkyard, where you meet up with Max and Lucas.
  • the kids are all busy arguing, leaving you and Steve alone
  • hey (Y/N), I think it’s time we talk about what happened last Christmas.”
  • “no offense Steve, but now is not really the best time for that.”
  • Steve is so done with you ignoring him but before he can do anything about it, you’re all stuffed inside the bus waiting for the demodogs.
  • you’re on the floor with a demodog about to devour you when all of a sudden, they’re called off.
  • the first thing Steve does when he picks you up is dip you into a dramatic kiss, causing all the kids to groan
  • what about Nancy?”
  • “we broke up the night of Tina’s party. turns out she never loved me and I never loved her. we were always focused on other people.”
  • you eventually make your way to Hawkins Labs, meeting up with everyone else.
  • Nancy hugs you super tightly
  • so, Jonathan huh?”
  • “so, Steve huh?”
  • you find Joyce, Hopper, Will, and Mike and quickly drive to the Byers household.
  • (Y/N) I thought you said you were going straight home!”
  • “shut up Michael. something got in the way.”
  • you quickly realize that you must be sedated as well
  • even though you’re not completely possessed, you’re still a risk
  • you manage to calm down Will when he wakes, and smoothly translate his message towards the others: CLOSE GATE.
  • you’re taken to Hopper’s cabin as well, and the virus comes out of you much more easily than it comes out of Will.
  • eventually, Will is freed and you just know that El has closed the gate.

  • a month later, you find yourself fixing Mike’s tie before the Snow Ball
  • you and Nancy are also going, being in charge of snacks and drinks, respectively.
  • you can’t help but chuckle as Dustin walks into the school, hair all puffed up just like Steve
  • you really can’t help but smile as Nancy walks over and asks to dance with him
  • you find yourself swaying softly to the music, leaning against the walls before..
  • can I have this dance?”
  • you look over to see Steve standing there, a goofy smile on his face as he looks at you
  • you gingerly place your hand in his and squeak as he tugs you closer to him
  • you smile fondly as you spot Mike kissing El and turn to Steve when you hear his laugh slightly
  • what?” you ask
  • it’s just, I don’t know why I didn’t ask you out last year.”
  • “well you were in love with Nancy.”
  • “that’s the thing (Y/N). I never was. it was always you that I was in love with. not her.”
  • you find yourself unable to speak as you pull Steve down, pressing your lips against his in a kiss that leaves him completely breathless.
  • you bounce apart when you hear a squeal and look up to see Nancy and Jonathan standing there, the latter holding a camera up.
  • Jonathan smirks before handing you a polaroid. “congrats.”
  • Nancy follows, leaning up towards Steve and whispering in his ear. “if I see her cry you’re dead Harrington. got it?”
  • Steve chuckles and nods before coming face to face with Dustin and Lucas. 
  • if you hurt her, I will break you, you son of a bitch!” Dustin exclaims.
  • if you ever get bored, call me.” Lucas says with a wink, causing Max to snort.
  • Mike and Eleven are the last to speak. 
  • if you ever do anything bad to her Harrington,” Mike starts.
  • yeah yeah. I get it. you’ll hurt me.” Steve interrupts.
  • Mike snorts before speaking.
  • no. i’ll let el come after you.”
  • you can’t help but laugh at Mike’s words, bringing him into a hug that soon draws Nancy in as well.
  • even though the past two years have been terrifying, you’re just glad that you had such amazing siblings with you every step of the way.

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Lapis and Peridot: abusive power + control

So out of curiosity in light of Raising the Barn, I was brushing up on power and control in abusive relationships, and I came across this interesting diagram:

These are tactics used by abusers to obtain power and control in their relationships. When used together, it creates what’s known as a climate of fear– and, with this, the victim will feel like they don’t have an equal voice in the relationship.

First off, I strongly believe Lapis was holding onto a sense of power over Peridot that she was at least somewhat aware of, leading to Peridot’s hesitation to voice her own wishes. And I’ll like to break down and illustrate the major tactics she used that unambiguously gave her power and control in her and Peridot’s relationship, because apparently there’s still debate on whether or not Lapis is an abusive character.

(mind you, not all tactics have to be used in a relationship, but considering I cover half of them below… I’d say it’s more than enough)

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veritatem inquirendam [seek the truth] (frank castle)

(gif source)

(original request: AU in which Frank is younger, and he and reader are college students. There’s a heated debate in class and everyone disagrees with Frank except the reader. After that, Frank starts paying more attention to the reader and hanging out with her after class, until he realizes he’s falling in love but she has no idea he is until her best friend tells her.)

(this is terrible i LOVE college frank i love this soft soft boy. what a nerd. i hate him. no warnings on this one except mentions of food and some sexism early in the story!!!)

(tagslist: @doct0rstrange, @caryled, @kurtwxgners, @atari-writes ! if i’ve forgotten you or you wanna be added to the tagslist, just send me a message!!! <3)

The professor is wrong. She knows it, but she can’t say it. You can’t say “you’re fucking wrong” in front of a classroom of fourty kids. Instead of speaking her mind, she bites her tongue and clicks the cap of her pen up and down, up and down, trying to tune out the professor’s voice.

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anonymous asked:

Hej! I just saw Thelma and i must admit that it is a film that will stay with me for a long time , but I can’t help but think that Anja was in love only because Thelma wanted “her love”. It’s like somehow she was under the control of Thelma. What do you think? I would love to read your analyze of the movie

I received several asks about this same topic so I’m just gonna write my thoughts here. I’ve seen several people question Anja’s feelings and asking if Thelma has manipulated her the whole time and my answer is… NO. No no no. Anja’s feelings are 100% real. Sure, it’s just my opinion but I think the movie actually supports it. Let me elaborate. This is gonna be long, I think. And of course, spoilers.

So, the moment that really causes this whole debate is the conversation between Thelma and her father and that scene at the ending, right? Well, let’s look at the first for a moment.

This is the point in the movie where Thelma and her father are trying to suppress her powers (and by extension who she is) in the most aggressive way. He keeps her drugged, refuses to let her out, makes her pray constantly for salvation. During one of these prayers, Thelma even admits that she is angry and she can’t handle this anymore. She’s exhausted in body and soul, and in that moment she says something that is essential to understand that scene imo.

It’s after this question that Thelma’s father brings up Anja and her disappearance, which pushes Thelma to admit they were in love and her father to say it was never real and Thelma manipulated Anja’s feelings the whole time. Now… all this is a direct consequence to Thelma’s question. “Why can’t I just be myself?” Thelma’s father is trying to repress who Thelma is. He and Thelma’s mother have been keeping Thelma under strict control ever since the tragic incident with Thelma’s little brother (which also makes for an interesting conversation because the movie makes sure not to make the parents mustache-twirling villains but realistic characters who might even be sympathetic, but there’s time to talk about that in another post). Even when living alone in Oslo we see that they are an aggressively present figure, calling her every day, checking her university timetable, her new friendships on Facebook. Micro-invasions of her privacy that show us they are very much there even when they physically aren’t, and that they are in constant control of Thelma. Back to the prayer scene, Thelma with her words challenges that control. It’s not as much a direct challenge like later in the movie when she asks to be let go as it is a plea of sorts. She is on the verge of tears when she says that, talking to her father, to God and to herself. But it is a challenge to the idea of control that is always looming over Thelma. And indeed, her father is quick to shut it down, by using Thelma’s fear and guilt for having caused Anja’s disappearance. The confrontation could end there, with Thelma just saying she wasn’t angry at Anja, but instead, in that moment of complete emotional fragility, she reveals she was in love with Anja and that Anja was in love with her.

Trond’s silent pause reveals his surprise at Thelma’s words, it’s the last thing he was expecting to hear. But here is the thing. He takes that shocking news and he uses it. Without meaning to, Thelma gave her father something infinitely powerful to use to exercise his control over her. He realizes that Thelma falling in love poses an actual threat to that same control and so, he creates a barrier between Thelma and the object of her affection, Anja; between Thelma and the idea of love, really. Thelma is already in a very vulnerable position, physically, mentally and emotionally, and he puts this doubt in her mind. Was Anja’s love real? Did Anja even like her? Thelma is already scared of her powers, the idea that she not only made the girl she loves disappear but that she manipulated her this whole time is not only terrifying but agonizing. And indeed, this is Thelma’s reaction.

She can’t even breathe properly. Her father isn’t using a generic idea of danger here. He’s basically telling her “She never loved you, no one really can and you only hurt the people you love.” And that leaves Thelma devastated and she seems to abandon herself to the “care” and control of her parents for a while after that (we even have that deeply unsettling scene of Thelma being washed by her father).

Now. Let me state this again. This happens after Thelma’s explicit desire to be the way she is, to be free from control. What better way to keep her restrained than to distance her from the thing that makes her strive for freedom the most? And even if he really believes that to be true (because let’s remember that he only has one version of the story, with barely any details) why should we trust him over Thelma, the character whose journey we’ve followed the whole movie?

This movie at its core is about Thelma overcoming the suppression/repression imposed on her by her parents and herself–because she has internalized their ways as we have proof of several times in the movie–and learning to accept and embrace who she is: her powers (that we shouldn’t look at too literally because they’re more of a metaphor for repression vs liberation tbh), her identity and her sexuality, so by extension, her relationship with Anja. It would make no sense whatsoever if the movie went “No, the parents were right all along. She is a monster who needs to be locked up and drugged and kept under control.” The whole movie would pretty much collapse on its own premise.

Also as I said, Thelma’s father only has one version of the story, an infinitisemal one. We have seen more. He asks in a rethorical way “Did she like you before you wanted her?” And no offense but…

It’s Anja who literally approaches Thelma. She shows interest in her, she is friendly, kind, welcoming before they even have a semblance of relationship, before Thelma even begins to develop deeper thoughts and feelings for Anja. Not to mention that we literally see in the movie an instance of Thelma using involuntarily her powers on Anja and there’s nothing there of her manipulating Anja’s feelings.

Thelma falls asleep thinking about Anja and without meaning to, she uses her powers and she makes Anja come to her. But look at Anja’s reaction to what happened. She is, very obviously, completely confused. She has no idea why she’s standing there, how she got there, and her little “Hi…” to Thelma suggests she’s surprised to see her as well. Now, Thelma basically “called” Anja to her in her sleep because deep down she wants her, but there is no sign she is influencing Anja’s feelings too. If she were, Anja would be even more drawn to Thelma once Thelma shows up. Instead she just stands there, confused, until Thelma has her seizure and Anja rushes to help her. And everything that happens after, the concern and tenderness… that’s all Anja.

I don’t particularly like or care to talk about the specifics of Thelma’s powers because I don’t think they’re something that’s actually that important in the movie since the powers are more of a means for character and identity exploration, but for the purpose of this post let’s discuss that for a moment too. For the whole movie, we see Thelma’s powers have some sort of effect only in a physical way. She can make people disappear, burn, she can fix her mother’s legs. It’s all very material, very tangible. In one of the flashbacks we see little Thelma look for her mother’s attention and affection and is pushed away because her mother’s focus is on Mattias. Little Thelma is jealous/annoyed at her brother–of that kind of jealousy a 6 years old child would feel, there is nothing malicious there–and makes him disappear by accident. The driving force there, though, is Thelma wanting her mother to show her affection. Now, if Thelma was able to manipulate feelings, wouldn’t it have made more sense for her to wish for her mother to focus completely on her and disregard her brother? But that never happens. Also as a child she wasn’t subjected to all that work of repression she experienced growing up so her powers should be even stronger and unrestrained, and yet they have no effect on feelings. So… why should that be different with Anja? Not to mention that the scene at the party clearly shows that Anja’s freedom of action and choice is very much intact since she chooses not to say anything when she realizes the boys are pranking Thelma. Or even before that, confronting Thelma and revealing she has tried to contact her several times after the opera, when Thelma has spent all that time willing her feelings away. Anja is free.

This movie is filled with symbolisms and interesting parallelisms between dark and light, death and life, repression and liberation and at some point I’m gonna talk about that too, but they definitely play into this theme as well, and Anja is a positive symbol of light and liberation etc. It would make no sense to taint that with this obscure idea of Thelma using her powers selfishly to make Anja love her. It would literally mean she doesn’t care for Anja. And that makes no sense.

Now, about the last scene.

It’s up to different interpretations of course, purposefully so, but I struggle to reconcile Thelma’s journey and this movie’s message with an ending that would put her in a malicious and selfish place and would negate those same journey and message. My personal interpretation is that now that Thelma has fully embraced who she is, her desires–that she had previously tried to suppress–align with her reality, and instead of a violent reaction we have this image of serenity.

I tried to stick solely to what’s in the movie, but in case you wanna go beyond that, both Eili and Kaya said they believe it’s a happy ending, with Eili specifically saying Thelma’s powers can’t influence feelings so Anja’s love is real, and director Joachim Trier said he left the ending a bit ambiguous because he is curious about people’s interpretations and he wanted to basically explore this idea of “in our desire to create meaningful connections are we just projecing ourselves onto others or are we creating something real?”, but that he is a romantic at heart and he does think their relationship is real and he leans towards the actresses’ interpretations, because they are those characters so they know.

So…. TL;DR: Anja’s feelings are real and they’re in love and it’s a happy ending.

Secret Santa Gift EXCHANGE!

This is my secret santa gift for @pozolegirl 

I was so excited when I got my assignment and it was for someone whose work I already knew and admired! I hope you like your gift!! 

“So you were right.”

“Was I now?”

“Yes. Ladybug agreed that buying expensive jewelry for a girl you are not dating does, in fact, send mixed signals.” Chat sighed as he dropped down through the skylight and sprawled out against the bedding.

“I told you.” Marinette grinned smugly, not even bothering to look up at him from her desk.

“I can’t believe that you two are ganging up on me!” Chat whined, burying his face into her giant cat pillow.

“I can’t believe you talk about me to Ladybug.” Marinette laughed, her attention already back to whatever project she was currently working on.

“well, she doesn’t like it if I talk too much about my civilian life and you are my only other friend as Chat Noir.”

“I know but… never mind.” She shook her head softly, muttering something under her breath.

“So what sort of present do you want me to get you for Christmas?” Chat asked peering over the loft railing. She froze, her eyebrows furrowing. He grinned in anticipation.

“You already got me a present remember? The absurdly expensive piece of jewelry?” She finally looked up at him with an eyebrow raised challengingly.

“Yeah but you hated it.” He smirked.

“I did not hate it! I just thought a 295 Euro necklace was a little much for a just friends present.”

“Yes you made your feelings on that perfectly clear last time. The point is I need to get you a present that you actually appreciate getting.”

“I do appreciate it! I am literally wearing it right now!”

“That’s just cause you feel guilty. I will get you the perfect present. Just watch.”

Marinette groaned, pulling distractedly on her pigtails.

“Chat you are being ridiculous. You don’t need to get me another present.”

“What do you want?” he asked, grinning wider.

“I want you to not get me another present.”

“Try again. What do you want?”

“I’m not telling you,” she huffed.

“Fine. I have other ways of figuring things out. Just you wait Princess, I will get you the perfect Christmas present.” He stood up, giving her a jaunty salute as he pulled himself back up through the skylight.

“Chat!” She called after him.

He waited silently on her terrace, holding back the bubble of laughter in his chest. He could hear her shuffling around in the room, waiting to see if he would poke his head back in or if he had actually gone.

“Stupid cat,” she muttered finally.

Only then did he disappear into the night.

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Hopefully my last Tyren post....

Some of you, really need to take a deep breath and calm down a little bit. I am just as irritated about this whole Tyren mess as you are, but there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. It’s business, and they’ll put an end to it, when they are ready.

Some of you are pissed, that Lauren is publicly defending Ty, and his actions. Do you all honestly think Lauren Jauregui was fine with basically being called a whore, on the air. They made Lauren sound like his fucking bitch. Like she wakes up every damn morning and fixes his ass a fucking breakfast burrito. The girl who said her damn Label treats her like a slave, is going to be fine and dandy being paid in inches, instead of dollars, I don’t think so.

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Top 10 Must Read Ichihime Fanfics

Multi-chapter edition! These are in particular the fanfics I believe are a must, perhaps even a requirement, for any true Ichihime fan to read! Fics are mostly rated T - M, with varying language and violence, as well as sexual content.

All fanfics are complete, apart from one.

Fanfictions listed here are found on, and are in no particular order.

La Belle et la Bete by Enelya87 - 19th century France. An AU Ichihime story based on Beauty and the Beast. “He lifted his hand and dragged a single claw down her cheek and throat, careful not to break the delicate skin.” Language and Lemons.
This is one of the first Ichihime fanfics I ever found, and I remember staying up a full day for the first time in my life when I first read this. Written back in 2009, with 15 chapters and a total of 131,138 words, its a very capturing read!

Office Romance by Enelya87 - They are separated until Isshin pulls a fast one on Ichigo and brings the two together again. Except for one, slight obstacle.
Because we all need a sexy little fic involving Ichigo trying to keep his cool with Orihime strutting around in a pencil skirt. Jealousy, lace panties, and a not-so-tough “rival” for Orihime’s heart. Written in 2009, 5 chapters, 20,061 words.

Yakusoku Shitara byle.etoile - [If You Promise] Protect me if you want. Stay by my side if you wish. My only request is that you don’t cry for me when I’m gone. Instead, smile in memory of me. IchiHime Royal Realm fanfic.
 I have read this so many times in the past year alone, but never get tired of it. It flips between Orihime and Ichigo’s P.o.v. and is based around the idea “what if Orihime was the key”. le.etoile and Ichihime? Duh! Written in 2009, with 11 chapters and 51,212 words, you can almost taste their yearning for each other.

hardboiled strawberries, smiling halcyon by alice hattercandy“Twice, you almost lost her. Her brother. Aizen. Who do you need next to finally gather your balls— if you have any— and tell what you need to say to her? Don’t wait for the third time. Because bad things come in three.” Days later, it happened.
Do you wanna cry? This is one of those fics you will read over and over, forgetting the ending not because it is forgettable - it is the most memorable - but because it will pull you in just as hard as when you first read it. (Or, it might be because of the tearful trauma.) Alice Hattercandy pretty much wrote the book for Ichihime fanfiction in my opinion. Written in 2009, 24 chapters, 104,971 words.

that beautiful girl, she’s a beautiful girl by alice hattercandy- CRACK. But because he was Ichigo and she was Orihime, nothing seemed to get right in their love story.
I think about this fic literally every day(I whisper the title under my breath way too much) The angsty Ichigo is my favorite Ichigo aside from the protective one, and boy does Alice capture them both! Its cute, and Ichigo is clueless even when he knows. Written in 2010, 3 chapters, 6,472 words.

Long Way Down - by le.etoile- Two entirely different people somehow intertwined by similar pasts. With one boy disabled and the girl with a secret, how will these two not-so-strangers learn to trust and fight against an unknown force together?
An AU, where in Ichigo is disabled and is still more hot/sweet than my delicate heart can handle. I have never found another fic like it. Orihime is so sweet I could cry! Drama? Check! Written in 2010, 17 chapters, 52,375 words.

Tainting the Roses Red by Child of the Ashes - Ichigo knew he could be thick headed. He almost always learned things the hard way, but about this, he couldn’t be making mistakes. His hollow was playing a dangerous game, one that somehow involved Inoue.
You might scream. Why is entirely up to you. In which Hichigo starts to surface more frequently as his relationship grows stronger with Orihime, and new faces stir up trouble. Written in 2010, 25 chapters, 107,347 words.

The Pain of Remembrance by halfdemonfan- It was amazing how one memory could change a person’s perspective. Canon to volume 404.
(Or, episode 300) Featuring a somewhat different end to the Aizen fight. We get to see the soft progression of our favorite couples relationship with a twist of Ichigo angst. Written in 2011, 28 chapters, 154,461 words.

The Most Dangerous Things by Child of the Ashes - In which Orihime runs and Ichigo chases.
My smutty love! Child of the Ashes is another notable writer for the Ichihime community. In this, we experience a sex savvy Ichigo frustrated with the sex curious Orihime. Written in 2011, 9 chapters, 31,128 words.

Bakery Department 12 by CoffeeBooks - ABCookies meets it’s end and Orihime finds herself a new position. It’s still a bakery but different from what she’s used to. Will she be able to handle working with the new employee?
Its cute, its light, and Ichigo is only subtle enough for Orihime to not get. Go figure right? Pining Ichigo is the best. Written in 2012, 12 chapters, 22,245 words.


Hidden Screams - Star Slightly To The Right - “Kurosaki-san, right? I know you do not know me, but I was wondering if you could help me with something.”
AU. I mentioned this wasn’t in any order, but I suppose I lied. Because this is incomplete, it will be the 11th in this top 10.
This is my all time favorite fic, even if incomplete. Ichigo is so just… bad ass, and that sort of sexy-rough my heart cannot handle it maturely. And Orihime, precious Princess she is, good lord! There are a thousand things I could say for this story, but I’d have to make a separate post for it entirely. You MUST read this one! Written in 2012, currently 20 chapters, 101,428 words, last updated November 10th 2016.

anonymous asked:

In 6x18, Snow said she had been planning Emma's wedding since the first curse was broken. Back then Emma was in love with Neal and then Walsh so isnt it obvious that Snow doesnt care who Emma ended up marrying just as long it was to a man?

Yes, and it actually started with Graham. Emma doesn’t show any particular interest in Graham. She’s nice to him, but beyond them being a good-looking man and a woman interacting, there was very little added there. Meanwhile Emma looks at Regina like this…

…and this.

Graham then assumes Emma has feelings for him because she has a very emotional reaction when she catches him sleeping with Regina. He kisses her to try and tell her that he likes her better than Regina and she is just completely confused and stunned by his kiss. She doesn’t realize he is responding to her obvious jealousy because it wasn’t about him. It was about Regina, because for her attraction to Regina we did actually get clues beyond them just sharing screentime.

Next Mary Margaret gets flowers from Whale. Emma angrily throws them thinking Graham is overstepping - and Mary Margaret convinces her it’s completely obvious to everyone she’s in love with Graham. She uses Emma’s anger about this guy not respecting her boundaries as proof she’s actually in love. The idea of Mary Margaret being Emma’s real mother had already been planted in Emma’s mind. Emma hadn’t worked through her abandonment issues, so she was already vulnerable to Mary Margaret’s opinions of her. 

Mary Margaret introduced the idea of Emma having walls up. Walls that keep out love. That wasn’t Emma talking, that was Mary Margaret interpreting the situation. Wrongly. If Emma was mostly oblivious to her own feelings, she was also susceptible to Mary Margaret’s explanation for them. She would have noticed not being able to form emotional bonds with men, not being able to fall in love with them like she was supposed to. So an explanation - preferably not a gay one - would have been welcome. It’s only after that conversation with Mary Margaret she suddenly gives Graham a chance.

After establishing this, they didn’t need to give us any extra explanations for Emma’s relationships with men. Ever since this happened it’s been about being normal and being the person she thinks her mother wants her to be. That’s how repression works in the real world, that’s how lesbians end up married to men. It’s common enough for me to know at least two women in that situation and I didn’t meet them in queer spaces either. I met them at work. On two different continents in two different jobs. A few years later they came out. Both don’t identify as bisexual, but as lesbians.

Even if the show hadn’t given us any clue that Emma might be a lesbian in denial, plenty of shows have characters previously thought to be straight come out, because this is realistic. This happens in the real world. You think you’re straight until you realize you’re not and before that… you act straight or try to act straight. This is a show that went as far as establishing how it actually works beforehand, a show that gave us a hint before building up the closet. So of course, it’s meaningful, otherwise they wouldn’t have done it. It’s an integral part of Emma’s journey, that’s why she’s now about to be married and we are still getting so much focus on the involvement of Snow, because they told us from the beginning that this was about her relationship with her mother.

On top of that they coded Mary Margaret/Snow as a religious mother. She wears a cross. She volunteered for the nuns. She lives in a community that blames her more than David when he cheats on his wife. Women’s sexuality is more restricted. She talks about forgiveness, redemption, and grace. Emma grew up in our world. Of course she would delve deep in the closet in response to that, not willing to risk anything now that she thinks she’s found her real family. She has been obsessed with finding her birth parents, and there would only be one set of those. She wouldn’t want to risk alienating them before getting to know them, but in the process… she lost herself.

“People are going to tell you who you are your whole life. You just got to punch back and say, ‘no, this is who I am.’ You want people to look at you differently? Make them.”

The story has been consistent. She just needs to remember who she is and follow her own advice.

I hate you so much, it must be true love

Murphy x Reader, little bit of Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: smut, nsfw, some swearing…I am trash…

Summary: After an argument about Pike, you and Bellamy break up. You want to hurt him. When you and Murphy get to talking you two start a love/ hate relationship. Things get heated. Fluff ending.

Ahem….I decided that there was not enough Murphy smut in this world. I’m usually more of a Bellamy girl but…he’s been a little brainwashed shit lately so I got more inspired by Murphy. I’m gonna consider this a oneshot I guess…slight POV change in the middle there. Sorry it’s a long one. I just couldn’t stop myself. Also sorry if it’s not good. It’s my first one and considering it’s mine…ofc it’s smut. :)


“I can’t believe what I’m hearing.” you say turning away from your boyfriend…well…kinda boyfriend. You and Bellamy had been sharing a room for four months now, ever since Clarke left. But sharing a bed was not all that you and Bellamy did at night. Everything was starting to look fine, until now.

“You actually think that this headcase is right? That anything Pike does is for ‘the good of the people’?!” You throw your arms in the air facing Bellamy, anger starting to fuel your actions. “Y/n, the grounders can’t be trusted. You of all people should know that!” “ Oh, don’t you dare bring this up right now!”

You lost your best friend in the ring of fire created to stop the grounder attack. That whole thing was a bit taboo, Bellamy had never even brought it up to you before right now. You felt betrayed by Bellamy. You had loved him, but you could no longer stand by his side with this.

“I’m sorry, but this is the hard truth. The grounders want us dead and if we don’t do something now, they will have their way. Pike understands that, why can’t you?” He crosses his arms and clenches his jaw. You can see that neither of you is going to back down from this.

“Believe me, I understand. But what you’re talking about….it’s bound to start another war. One that we might not be able to survive.” you step closer to him and lower your voice, fighting back the tears. “You’re talking about slaughtering 300 innocent people who were sent here to protect us!” You hear your voice break as a tear sets loose. Neither of you seem to be able to believe what the other is saying. Bellamy raises his voice completely overtaken by his stubbornness.

“Innocent!? Each and every one of these savages is to be blamed for the amount of people we’ve all lost. They started this, Y/n. We’re just going to end it.” Bellamy’s not the man that you thought he was. This proves it.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Bellamy yells after you as he sees you grab your packed bag and jacket. “I can’t do this anymore, Bell. It’s over and you know it.”


It has been a week. You haven’t even talked to Bellamy. You could barely look at his face since the massacre. To you Bellamy had become the monster he’d thought the grounders to be. He’d returned the battle unharmed, that somehow upset you even more. You wanted to hurt him, you wanted him to feel the pain that cursed through your heart and shadowed your mind.

“Why the sad face, Princess?” *ugh* Murphy was the last person you wanted to see. You’d never really talked to Murphy before. Bellamy always told you to stay away from him, that he was a murderer and that you would get hurt…but then again, Bellamy wasn’t here was he? His opinion no longer mattered to you.

“Boy drama.” You were sitting on a cut down log with bottle of whiskey in your hand. You’re guessing you didn’t look so good if even Murphy had noticed. “I see. So things must be going great with Bellamy.” He says with exaggerated sarcasm.

“Well, you could say that. I mean…we broke up about a week ago.” You finally look up at him. He looks disheveled. You all do most of the time. No time to sit in front of a mirror really.

“Eesh, tough luck. Mind if I sit here?” He asks gesturing the makeshift chair. “Sure.” You scoot over a bit to give him some space, and offer him a drink.

“No thanks. Can’t really drown my demons anymore. Those fuckers learned how to swim.” You chuckle a bit. Taking a sip for yourself. “What happened to your arm?” You ask pointing to the bandages on his forearm. “Uhm, dinner tried to eat me first I guess.” He gives you a crooked smile and you smile back. He doesn’t seem half as bad as Bellamy had made him out to be.


A few days had passed. You enjoyed Murphy’s company though you’d never tell anyone so. You two always bickered and flirted shamelessly.

“Hey, asshole! Has your face always looked this messed up or did you just forget to put on makeup today?” You give him a goofy smile as he gets closer. “Sup, bitch? What are you even doing here, shouldn’t you be workin’ the street corner?” He smiles back at you and you both shake your heads.

“Poor form, but nice try.” “Yeah, I’m not too proud of that one. I’ll keep working on it. You free tonight?” You always hung out in the evening after your shifts so you agreed to do the same tonight.

He made you happy. None of the others approved of your friendship but you didn’t mind basking in your hedonism. Especially because of the way you knew this made Bellamy feel. He hadn’t really stopped caring for you, but atleast he’d stopped his efforts to make contact with you.

Tonight was bonfire night…but something else was different. You sat a lot closer to Murphy. Your voice sounded a lot more sultry. Maybe it was because you could feel Bellamy’s eyes burn holes into your side. But that wasn’t it. You felt weirdly drawn to Murphy. He was smart, and funny. He made you feel safe enough to open up to him. Tell him things about yourself you never even allowed yourself to think of. You seemed to have the same sort of affect on him. Tonight, after a few drinks, your morals had disappeared and lust had settled in.

You dragged him off to a quiet hallway, away from peering eyes. You leaned against a wall and pulled him closer to you. He stared deep into your eyes, glancing at your lips every now and then. He placed a hand on your waist, squeezing a little to bring you closer. He wrapped his other hand in your hair, tugging at the strands as he ground himself against you.

“You want this, Princess?” His hot breath on your face made shivers run down your spine. You wrapped your arms behind his neck and a leg behind his. You kissed him passionately, letting your tongues explore each-others mouths as he lifted your leg higher around his waist so you could feel his erection grind against you through the unnecessary layers of clothing.

You reluctantly pull away from the kiss. He looks at you with a confused yet determined look on his face. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, I just-” you gasp as he starts kissing your neck, definitely leaving marks for later. It feels so good so you urge him not to stop as you talk.

“I need you to remember, that I still hate you. This-this is just a momentary lapse of weakness brought on by involuntary abstinence. And I can’t do this if you feel something else or whatever. So I must ask. Do you hate me?” He stops for a little bit to look you in the eyes. His eyes seem darker, more focused. He clenches his jaw and shifts his eyes for a second. “Yea, sure.”

You didn’t really believe him but you also didn’t really care. You had never been too great with emotions but you could see he was a little scolded. But right now your brain had no power. Your body wanted him, and he wanted you.

“Then hell yea I want this.” That was the last coherent sentence you spoke. You pulled on his hair as he disheveled yours. The only thing cooling you down was the cold metal you were pinned up against.


Bellamy’s POV

He’d been drinking all night like everyone else. He needed a drink after seeing Y/n drape herself all over Murphy’s lap. He still cared for her, but he wasn’t sure if she cared for him. Maybe she was just trying to make him jealous. Maybe there was still hope for them.

He said goodnight to the rest of the guard and stumbled over to the Ark. He was heading down the halls when he stopped dead in his tracks. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Y/n and Murphy tangled up against a wall. Murphy seemed to notice him standing there but all he did was pull away from the kiss to give Bellamy a crooked smile before grabbing Y/n’s breast, kneading it in his hands as she moaned in his ear and sloppily kissed her neck.

Bellamy couldn’t take this. He practically ran back to the bonfire. He needed a few dozen more drinks before he could let himself think again.


Y/n’s POV

You’re still slightly intoxicated, yet everything seems much clearer. Murphy’s kissing your neck, sucking and biting at all the right places. You moan louder than you wanted to. You plead for Murphy to take you to your room.

When you somehow finally get there Murphy picks you up. You’re straddling him and kissing him while he kicks the door closed. You help him shrug off his jacket and do the same with your own. You’re tugging at his shirt as you try to get rid of yours. Once you succeed you find yourself on the bed. Frantically kissing him as he swiftly removes his shirt.

Your bodies are tightly pressed against each-other. His hands are roaming your body as you try to make the most of what he’s allowing you to move. He starts kissing down your jaw, your neck, stopping to suck and nibble at your nipples, kneading your breast with one hand. Then continues kissing your stomach, all the way down to your aching core. He strips you of your pants and underwear, kissing your inner thighs. Your back arches off the bed as he licks straight over your wet heat.

“All ready for me aren’t you?” He asks you meeting your gaze. You can’t help but stare. He looks so hot between your legs. “Yes-yes, Murphy. Gosh, just fuck me already!” “Impatient little doll. I promise you, I’ll make this worth your while.” And oh was he right. He shifts his focus from your eyes back to your core. He’s like Picasso with his tongue. He makes you grab the sheets in a pathetic attempt to steady yourself as you unravel and let out moans, screams and cusses of his name. Once he’s done you’ve already become a panting mess. He wipes your fluids off his chin and smirks at you.

“You were right, totally worth it!” You smile at him as gets up on his knees in front of you. “I’m always right.” “So you are.” You lift yourself off the bed to place sloppy kisses to his abdomen. You run your hands up the middle of his chest and down his sides, settling them on his belt. You keep kissing his hip bones and his small happy trail as you undo his belt and zipper. He helps you slide off his pants, his eyes glued to your every motion. You kiss the fabric that covers his erection. “Do you want me? Say you want me.” Your voice is light, yet sultry as ever. He practically groans his answer. “Yes, fuck yes I want you!” He pulls you up to kiss him again.

Soon enough he releases your body just enough that you can start kissing all the way down his neck, shoulders and chest. You take off his underwear and lay a firm grip on his throbbing cock. He throws his head back as you lick a small circle around his tip and pump a few times. He can’t seem to look away and decides to hold back your hair. Barely pushing you in any direction. You take him in your mouth little by little. His groaning, swears and moans of your name getting louder with each pump.

“That’s it, Princess! You’re in trouble now!” He pushes you back on the bed. Kissing you deeply, rubbing small circles around you clit. You’re now begging him for a release again. And he is sure willing to oblige. He pulls away and grabs his cock to guide himself through your entrance. You both groan from pleasure. You nod a little, giving him the ok to start moving. You’re both near your climaxes so his pace quickens. Any attempts of kissing fail because your mouth keeps dragging down his chin with each thrust. But neither of you mind.

He’s holding himself up on one elbow, burying his other hand’s fingers in your hips. You drag your fingernails over his back almost painfully enough to draw blood. This makes him grunt even more, his face still buried in the crook of your neck. You even bite his shoulder a little. His length slightly painful, but all the more enjoyable.

The rest of the world no longer exists. Just you and him. You barely hear the people outside. All you can sense is the sweat, the sound of skin against skin, the waves of pleasure washing over you. You keep working in harmony with his thrusts. Your eyes too intrigued by the movements of his lean muscles to dare close. You glance at the place where your bodies meet and feel yourself unraveling underneath him.

You scream his name into oblivion and his movements become less calculated and more uneven as he comes from the feeling of your walls clenching around him. He moans your name in response as he rides out both of your orgasms. He pulls out soon enough. Both of you panting and unable to speak as he lays beside you. You feel weak and you’re shivering, but not from cold. From absolute extacy.

Once you’ve both regained your composure you curl up to his side. He lifts one of your legs up over him and you place a hand on his chest to draw circles on his skin.

“That was…amazing.” He says smiling at you in the glow of the moonlight shining through the small window. “Yeah, it was. Would love to repeat that sometime soon.” You smile back at him. He kisses your head. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


Soon enough you feel yourself drifting off to sleep, until he speaks up again. “I lied earlier.” “What?” You rub your eyes a little until you can clearly see the guilty look on his face as he stares at the ceiling.

“What are you talking about?” He licks over his lips and looks at you. “Earlier, when I said that I hated you…I didn’t mean a word of it. I’m sorry but, you’re actually one of the few people I like in this hellhole. The only person, to be exact.”

You just keep smiling at him. “I know.” “Wha- but you said…” He looks at you with the same confused look from earlier, except this one isn’t shadowed by lust, it’s shaded by hope. “I know what I said. And I lied too. I actually like you too.” You kiss him for reassurance, before turning over and tugging him to spoon you. You’re both fading to sleep as you hear him mumble.

“Thank god.”

The Joy of Socks

yeah, idk either, really. Happy birthday, Harry! [AO3]

Presents for Potter: Saviour Seeks Socks

What do you get the man who single-handedly saved us all from You-Know-Who? A luxury holiday? A bottle of Ogdeon’s Finest? Soap-on-a-rope? Harry Potter’s birthday is coming up, and the Prophet managed to secure an exclusive interview with the man himself. We asked what he really, really wants to receive on the big day.

“A wise man once said to me, you can never have enough socks,” said Potter. “Once you reach a certain level of fame, no one gives you socks any more. At the time, I was too young to truly appreciate the remark, but now I get it. Socks are a great gift—and I never get any!”

So there you have it. Harry Potter needs socks! You can send him some, c/o the Prophet, and we will make sure he gets them. But who was the learned individual who gave Potter such advice? Some have suggested that [cont. page 3]

“How many is this now?” Ginny asked, unwrapping yet another package.

“Today? Including those that were sent to work? Or in total? Because I think we must be close to five hundred pairs, by this point,” Harry replied, holding up another pair. “Ooh, look, these ones have snitches on them, that’s cool.”

“This’ll learn you not to speak to the press ever again,” she said, shaking her head. “‘Dear Mr. Potter, I hope you like these socks, I knitted them myself, also thank you for saving us from Voldemort, love Doris Englow, 94’.”

“It never says that,” said Harry. She held up the note. “Oh, how sweet. Honestly though, the Prophet needs to stop claiming I did everything ‘single-handedly’, they’ve never given enough credit to—dear God, those are the most hideous socks I have ever seen.”

“Don’t be rude to Doris! She put a lot of time into them, and personally I think mustard, lime green and beetroot are lovely colour combinations,” Ginny said. “When did you even get interviewed, anyway?”

“Last Tuesday I was coming out of the canteen at work, and some reporter was lurking. They asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and for a moment I felt like channelling my inner Dumbledore. Don’t worry, I’ve learnt my lesson. Never again,” he said firmly.

“I wonder if he knew all he had to do was complain to the national press about not having any socks, and he’d be sorted for life,” mused Ginny. “Look, the Chuddley Cannons have sent you an entire box full of their entire range.”

“Ron’ll be delighted,” Harry said. “I’ll give them to him later, when we all meet up.”

“Great,” Ginny said. “And what about all the rest?”

“There’s got to be some charity somewhere who’ll accept a donation,” he said.

All of these?” Ginny said doubtfully. “What would anyone do with a thousand socks?”

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Getting Somewhere

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

Summary: You and Sigrid have a very in-depth conversation about your past with Thranduil and the King tries to apologize in his own little way.

Pairings: Thranduil x Reader

Words: 2,063

Warnings: Mentions of Loss of Family Members; Slight Mentions of Hatred from Parents.

A/N: I’ve been hella tired lately so I haven’t been doing anything. No writing no nothing. I think that’s how the weekend is going to go too. Sorry guys. Also this was hard to write. I wanted like a lot of angst, but I couldn’t find a way to fix it so I kinda f’ed up lol

Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series   - Part 1

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You Catch More Flies with Honey than with Vinegar / Reggie Mantle

Words: 1489

Rolling her eyes, (Y/N) slides out of her booth at Pop’s and heads for the door, tired of yet another one of Reggie’s attempts of pursuing her. 

“Hey wait up!” he calls, rushing out of his seat to follow her. (Y/N) had made it out of the diner and Reggie had to jog a few steps to catch up with her. “Please,” he says, reaching out to gently grasp her arm.

She releases a frustrated groan and yanks her arm out of his grip. She stops walking and turns to face him. “What?” she demands, crossing her arms over her chest.

Reggie seemed lost for words, shaking her head (Y/N) goes to turn until she finally hears him speak. “I just want to talk.” Slowly, (Y/N) lets out a breath and lifts a hand, motioning him to continue. “I don’t really know how to do this,” he tells her.

She raises an eyebrow, “You think?” she questions.

Thinking back over the past month, (Y/N) could recall at least a dozen instances where Reggie had tried to gain her attention that had gone horribly wrong. 

When he first began to try and win her over, he approached her at school, his friends behind him, and in front of everyone-publicly declared his intentions. Everyone who knows (Y/N) understands her lack of anticipation to be in the limelight and this stunt he pulled caused a lot of unwanted attention. 

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A post about the show 13 reasons why and why I don’t like Hannah Baker.

By the end of the first episode I really didn’t like Hannah. This didn’t change, not even when I felt emphaty. I’m really sorry if I’m one of the bad guys, I’m really sorry if I end up offending someone. But, remember, I’m a flawed person too. A person who needs to write her thoughts now.

The tapes: for me, revenge. As I see it, the tapes were Hannah’s way to get revenge on everyone who hurt her. They were not about explaining, making people understand, showing how people change. No, they were about payback and haunting. And if you want to tell me otherwise, I’m all ears. People told me she wanted to leave an explanation. She didn’t. Because the ones who deserved the explanation more than anyone were her parents, yes, the ones who were broken in a million pieces after her death. In fact, I cannot forgive Hannah Baker for killing part of her parents when she died in that bathtub.

Justin: we learn how Justin started everything, everything that lead her to her death. Yeah. But we also see how messed up his life was. The reason for him to act like an idiot. I grew fond of Justin. I understood him in some ways. I cannot defend him, I cannot say it was OK, none of it was. He did terrible things but in the end… He was so troubled I don’t think he could distinguish between right and wrong at any point. I feel weird cause, after all he did to Hannah and Jess, I have the strange emphaty towards him. Maybe I’m like him in some way, maybe I’m the kind who allows things to happen.

Jess: Jess was wrecked by the tapes. She went through hell. And maybe she wasn’t a good friend. But neither was Hannah. Telling everyone how Jess got raped and couldn’t even remember it was not fair at all. Saying Jess destroyed the friendship by herself was low. And I’ll defend Jess, yeah, cause no one did, cause Hannah pointed her finger but, apparently, she didn’t fight too hard to keep the friendship. Also, friends come and go, I’m sorry to say. And you cannot, ever, blame someone for your suicide because this person grew apart and couldn’t be a real friend to you for too long.

Zach: shit with Zach was weird, I’m gonna defend him too. He had things of his own, and he really liked her, apparently, she didn’t give him a chance. And he wasn’t mean to her cause he “didn’t get what he wanted”, he was mean in response to her being an asshole, too. So, Hannah can be hurt and be an idiot, but if the others do the same, they are monsters?

Marcus: total asshole. Tipical teenager. He didn’t care much. But he didn’t deserve to be tormented either.

Sheri: wtf? She did one thing wrong and this is proof the world is fucked up and a reason to kill yourself? The girl was nothing but kind and was ate by guilt before and after the tapes, did she deserve to be haunted like this? I don’t think so.

Courtney: one more that was judged because she wasn’t a real friend and didn’t want to be so, either. Can you blame her? No. She wasn’t true to herself? Maybe. Who am I to judge? Who was Hannah? Courtney was an idiot but she didn’t deserve to be exposed.

Ryan: another idiot, yes. Bad behaviour, selfish and all. Does he deserve to live his life thinking he was a reason for someone to commit suicide? I don’t think so. He deserved to pay for his actions, he deserved to know he acted wrong. But in the end he was just an idiot who didn’t try to destroy her in any way.

Tyler: the one who really needed some therapy. He was always bullyed and laughed at, even by Hannah. He had some real problems and carrying responsibility for her suicide would lead to some things that are much bigger than what was already shown. So, this is just an example of the consequences of the tapes.

Bryce: didn’t get to listen to the tapes. We never learn why Bryce was like he was. We never see him being punished and Hannah punishes everyone but him. So Clay has to do it for her. She wanted someone to fight for her and that I understand, mainly because I cannot imagine how she felt. Do I blame Bryce? For many things, yes. For her suicide? No. Because she doesn’t put all the blame in him. He’s not the last drop so at some point she thought she could handle things in a different way, she didn’t.

Mr Porter: he was not more than a counselor, and he cannot carry responsibility for her suicide. Was he good as a counselor? Probably not. Was he useful? Not at all. Everyone is fighting their own battles day after day, he was too, and that’s why he wasn’t there for her. How could he know? Can he be guilty because he gave a crappy advice and didn’t go after her like she wanted? I don’t think so. She left. That’s on her.

Clay: she put Clay through hell, for what? FOR WHAT? he felt like crap, he felt guilty, he faced some shit he clearly didn’t deserve to. So, why? Listening to the tapes was pure torture to Clay. She affected him for good and that doesn’t seem fair at all. She put him in danger, a danger he didn’t deserve. Torturing Clay was low, and I cannot accept it, I cannot like Hannah Baker when I know she was totally aware of how bad the tapes would hit Clay.

Alex: the ultimate consequence… The list was a childish stupid shit to do, yes. Going to the boy’s locker room was too. Why did she do that? She wasn’t allowed there and it was obvious they would talk even more after that. Blaming him for destroying Hannah and Jesse’s friendship? Unfair and stupid. Alex was a thunderstorm, he had so much going on inside his head, he couldn’t even handle Hannah’s thunder, or anything else, to be honest. I would have liked to learn more about him… After all, Hannah’s suicide lead to his. So, are we to blame Hannah the way she blamed him? Alex couldn’t handle the pressure, the guilt and he gives all the signs, he silently walks to his death and noone sees it, no one cares. So what good did the tapes do? They didn’t prevent anything, on the contrary, they lead to destruction and more and more pain. Hannah wanted to be a ghost seeking revenge and she got it.

The parents: the ones who are fucked up without doing anything, without stupid tapes to explain shit. The main reason why I can’t stand Hannah is the fact that, when she killed herself, she was gone, the pain was gone, and exactly at this moment her parent’s worst nightmare began. She didn’t think of them. She didn’t leave a note for them. She dedicated her last week to torment all the kids at school but not a word for her parents. Her mother’s desperation crushed me. She killed herself but she broke them, in a million pieces, never to be put together again. Can you tell me that’s not selfish? Not even a little? I just cannot forgive something like that, because finding your kid dead in the tub is pretty much the worst thing a parent can face.

Edit: if you don’t agree and GET MAD at me, please don’t reply. If you agree or don’t and want to reply with your own non-aggressive opinion, please reply. Edit 2: in case you didn’t understand, I don’t judge the reasons for which she killed herself, I don’t dislike her because of that. I just don’t like the tapes themselves and the apparent reasons for which she left them.

anonymous asked:

what do you think of people saying allurance won't happen because "they treating treating lance's love interest as a secret"? I personally think they making excuses because they were doing it before season 3/4 come out and all the allurance development happened after those interviews I don't remember any talk about lance's love interest after we beging to get allurance stuffs

To be honest, I don’t think they’re treating his love interest like a secret. Quite the opposite, if we go by how they very politely explained it was never their intent to bait k/l, responded to a gender neutral question about Lance’s future SO with female exclusive pronouns, and how Dreamworks has continually pushed all this allurance content lately–I think they’re trying to be as transparent as possible. With Lance’s love life more than anything else, because of how demanding the fandom’s gotten, I think they’re trying to gently show fans how this will go. 

Here are the sources for the interview excerpts I mentioned above:

  • Interviewer: What would Lance look for in a future Mr. or Mrs. Blue Lion? I’m gonna guess she meant Red Lion now. I think she’s trying to fill out her space Tindr profile. But yea, what is Lance’s–And I like this, because Lance is kind of all over the place. He hits on anything that moves and is pretty, which all the aliens are pretty. But what would he look for, really, in a partner or a soulmate?
  • Lauren: I don’t know if Lance knows what he needs. I know what he might look for, but what he might look for is not necessarily what he needs. I think he needs someone who is self-assured and knows herself, so that he can kind of become that same person and know himself. (source)


  • Interviewer: “I feel like there was a little tease? It seems shippers want to ship Lance and Keith together, so are there gonna be any hints of that at all? Or is it just more like–okay, they’re friends, they’re starting to become friends.”
  • Lauren: “I think we had a very natural arc in mind for those two. Which is, they start out at odds, but then they grow to kind of respect each other. And if that leads into people being like–they’re spending time together! Then that’s a ‘thing,’ but…We’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything, we’re just trying to do what’s right for the story.”
  • Joaquim: “We also try not to be overtly affected by what popular opinion might be.”
  • Lauren: “And we’re working in animation. Our schedule is so far in advance for that–even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and just change the story–to be like and now they’re in love!
  • Joaquim: “There’s just no way. We’re already years past that storyline, you know?” (source)

As for this notion Lance’s love will be for someone he didn’t expect, it comes from the answer about his future “Mr. or Mrs. Blue Lion.” Note that the use of a male SO was introduced first, and the staff could have easily answered the question gender neutrally. But they made the very deliberate decision to go no, this is a she, so as to not mince words or get hopes up. This is what the staff means when they said they wouldn’t queerbait. It would be so easy to feed into what fans want and perpetuate this idea k/l might happen so fans keep watching. But nothing in this track record remotely suggests that. 

That’s not a matter of “not wanting to ruin the surprise,” it’s legitimately the staff making a conscious effort to be completely transparent so as to not condone or perpetuate queerbaiting. And that honestly is so much more comforting to me than a staff who will lead their audience on, yet people still ignore it. The thing about keeping things a “surprise” is, that doesn’t come into play when they’re being crystal clear about Lance’s interests. Because if you say things like “oh, you’ll never know!! It might happen!!” when you’ve already expressed that it won’t, that’s queerbaiting. 

Anyway, I’ve covered the allurance thing here, but basically–the sentiment that Lance doesn’t know what he needs in a relationship still holds true. Because at the start, he was interested in Allura for the same shallow reasons he liked every other princess. He wanted someone pretty and cute. Early on, he fantasizes about Allura and another princess in the comics both kneeling at his feet, which indicates he saw the two as interchangeable. Any pretty girl would do.

But as their relationship organically evolved, it became clear that Lance had wholly underestimated Allura and was completely taken by surprise when he saw who she really was. Consider, for instance, Lance thinking he needs someone sweet and soft for him to protect. A damsel in distress he can swoop in save. 

But then he sees Allura fight for the first time and wow. He realizes Allura is just as physically strong as she is mentally, she’s a force of power and Lance has come to highly respect that. Again, not something in a partner he knew he wanted, but it’s part of Allura’s character, and he wholly respects that.  

And then there’s all the other things about Allura he never realized–her devotion to her beliefs, the way she’ll put herself on the front lines to stand for a cause, how she and Lance both just click with Blue, how Allura is the one who steps up and supports Lance rather than just being some damsel he can save. How Allura is strong and fierce and so trusting of him, how she opened up about her very personal connection with Red to him and only him, how she confided the importance of her armor. 

How Lance was the one who realized she had so much potential and heart, how he literally calls her “the heart of Voltron,” and gives her the confidence she needs to awaken an ancient magic. When Lance first met her, he never could’ve predicted things would end up like this. He didn’t realize Allura was so very different from the person he thought she was. Just like how, at the start, he wasn’t what Allura expected either. 

Remember how she didn’t tell him the Blue Lion traits because she felt he didn’t deserve it? 

But then she was the one who opened up and told him why he was chosen by Red? Why he deserves to be on this team? Yeah, their whole dynamic is built on working past that first impression and coming to terms with how much they actually love each other after understanding who they are

There’s “keeping a relationship secret” and then there’s “We’re halfway through the series and want to start getting one of our ships together, so we’re hinting at it as much as possible so people won’t think it just came out of nowhere. It’s a good relationship that’s getting the foundation and buildup it deserves.” Allurance is the latter. 

The fact that the lead-up to season 5 was filled with supplementary material like Lance’s completely Allura focused vlog, his very heartwarming “I knew I could feel you in my heart,” and the allurance holiday edit, are all signs of the latter. I’m pretty sure we’re getting a lot more allurance in season 5, and they’re basically preparing us for it. If a major ship was going canon soon, I’d expect that kind of keen attention to it. 

Happy holidays, I love allurance and Dreamworks does too, because this kind of buildup is very intentional 

anon asked: “do you have thoughts on the party scene when Thelma smokes?“ and since i can’t answer the question in my inbox i’ll do so in this post.

i have a lot of thoughts on that scene. i don’t know how others feel about it but it’s quite a stand out moment for me personally (among many other moments lbr, that film is an unshakeable experience), one that impacts and expands thelma’s journey enormously especially because it’s a pretty complex moment that ties into the whole idea of having absolute control over something and then losing it rather masochistically when thelma comes in touch with her Wants (the result is that we get a moment between two people who want to be together).

since i feel that just talking about the part where thelma actually smokes the so-called weed won’t really make this post justice, i will start from the beginning.

fair warning: this is my own interpretation. if you see things differently its cool.


you don’t need repeated viewing to understand the visual link between the choir scene and the one right after, when the camera follows thelma in the darkness from behind while she walks towards the house party with kristoffer by her side. with the singing (and note that thelma is singing as well) we as viewers are not simply transitioning into a voice-over where we become acutely aware that eventually things will get out of hand (which also happens with sickening ease in thelma’s case, hence why the mix of the sound effect and the camera/scene transition actually put thelma in a very vulnerable position).

with the overlap of the walk and the sound thelma’s feelings also transition from one scene onto another. her voice is meaningfully relating to the moment of self-creation during the choir which then seeps into her walk after, what she has internalized and tries to will away (strong focus on anja and what her father has told her she shouldn’t do), and with each step towards the party it’s clear that she is not just trying too hard, but that her mind is anything but empty, too.

the emotional intensity of the religious song and the mind expanding passage of thelma’s (effectively slowed down) walk with the boy by her side who previously evoked the feeling of alienation between thelma and the rest of the group by the way (using words such as “strange” and “exotic” when addressing thelma and her way of living) therefore painstakingly affect the viewer. you can feel your own consciousness being stretched along with her and what you hear/see since it becomes clear that she enters an idealized version of her own Self that she doesn’t actually want to be, but forces onto her being as she must repress something to fulfill another thing. so, once thelma is inside… she breaks away from the known (there is no protection) and delves into “virtue”.

she accepts the alcohol, says it’s okay:

she hangs out with the boys, jokes around with them:

she refills her glass, significant since she does it:

and smokes:

she expresses power in a new way, makes choices based on her idealized Wants with suspense looming over her every move because there are expectations she must Fulfill and Follow (e.g she takes more than one drag of the cig, trying to feel it), but then the spell-bending moment of truth sets in. 

A sense of normalcy.

at one point time itself collapses for thelma as she starts fantasizing about anja (time suspended and her mind at ease), which brings me to my next point.

one thing i haven’t gotten into yet is anja’s role in this entire situation.

the thing with anja’s entire presence during the party sequence is that there is a nifty symmetry at play. thelma isn’t the only one struggling. in the same active vein thelma navigates herself through the house, from each room into another, anja also breaks her own passiveness at the table when she sees thelma walk in. clearly surprised to catch thelma at the party in the first place, she appears to need a second to regain herself before she can actually get up and walk over to thelma, because what no one at the party knows but every viewer acknowledges is the recollection of the rejection at the opera: this is the first time they see each other after the cloakroom kiss and the denial that came with it. and surprisingly, the same notion is repeated here when thelma walks out of the bathroom with a drink in her hand and anja catches her, looking for the interaction that she has been trying to have for days (she called thelma).

once anja realizes certain changes (e.g thelma drinking) and asks whether thelma attends the party with kristoffer, visibly worried, thelma tells anja that yes, she walked to the party with kristoffer, and leaves her behind with a pained expression, reminiscent of the hurt anja had experienced after the kiss:

the key aspect is that anja looks for the conversation but doesn’t get it as thelma approaches her surroundings differently than she used to before.

in a film that follows thelma for about 98% of the time it’s very interesting to see anja’s reaction to things as well since her emotions shed a new light into the following events (not just in this case but it’s my main focus solely for scene purposes). her perspective is informative in regards to emotional revelations as anja’s scenes are more deepened. everything is very fragile, on the verge.

as i’ve said, i do believe that thelma and anja are more similar during the entire party than different. anja’s instant twist when she gets that kristoffer really is the person thelma came to the party with is telling on it’s own, and from that point on she doesn’t follow thelma anymore but leaves it at that - until thelma reappears and anja’s internal struggle comes to the foreground again when she responds with a “she knows that” while Julie brings up the fact that a lot of people don’t smoke, so clearly thelma doesn’t need to if she doesn’t want to.

as an indicator of the apartness that both thelma and anja experience - in a heavy manner no less - it becomes especially visually clear that something keeps them relatively distant. they do not sit together but actually far enough for them to observe each other - which also seems to elicit a certain challenge between them (in words and expression). i feel there is a lot you can misinterpret with anja’s line, regarding character intentions and end goals, but considering that this scene employs to play with perspective in a direct way, to me all of anja’s words are rooted, again, in care (same way thelma’s idealization also has a lot to do with the fact that she doesn’t want to end up hurting anja).

if you recall the intimate balcony scene you should remember how thelma takes a drag of anja’s cigarette and starts coughing, revealing that she is inexperienced. anja, on the other hand, simply accepts that fact and responds with a genuine “you don’t have to smoke”. now, at the party, thelma is caught up in making a decision regarding smoking and anja’s words act as an inner voice (the same way the choir voice-over does) not just for thelma, but anja herself, in my opinion (and do note that anja is constantly worrying).

a particularly poignant way to look at this scene is to think of anja’s words as an inner voice that wants to remind (which i do LOL): the same way thelma knows that she doesn’t have to smoke, anja’s words echo her own decision, too, to not say anything about the lie. that it’s not weed thelma is going to smoke.

the reason, in my opinion, for this to be something deeply entwined with anja’s feelings is that the inner voice knows what the spoken words have yet to transmit. therefore, i feel that anja tests herself the same way thelma tests her idealized Self - to be unrestrained. and when thelma decides to smoke anja crumbles too. they both cross the line and let, whatever may come, happen.

so, with the Lie thelma’s mind also has it easier to give in and create normalcy. the lie aligns with the idealization. but that’s also where it gets too real, as her repressed feelings bring something entirely different to the foreground.

The reality of unreality.

with considerable playful confusion rising as thelma asks kristoffer “is this normal?” it’s evident that with entering a surreal state thelma is delightfully rendered peaceful with how right it all feels. the brilliant touch of this scene is that thelma is plunging deep into her mind and seeks out the one place she wishes to be true: a place in which she can be next to anja and not worry about anything. the idea that she can just smile and accept this natural feeling.

the central theme of touch in itself is significant here. whereas thelma was unable to let the touch happen at the opera, her mind seizing and her body ready to react with another seizure when anja started to caress her thigh, thelma’s reaction upon seeing anja by her side in her dream-state disregards the denial and fully accepts the pleasure. she allows herself to feel free. to be.

the scene goes even so far to prepare no one for the inevitable - the fact that at some point thelma will snap out of this. i can hardly remember a case where a scenes dying second’s left me this euphoric. like, you have no idea and then everything falls into place and an already phenomenal movie takes everything to a whole new level. the dream does so many things i can’t talk about yet.

the shared physical intimacy reflects a common understanding between anja and thelma as well because yes, truth is the scene is shot from thelma’s point of view, but here is another one: throughout the party sequence it’s clear what anja really wants, so thelma’s dream is a unified vision of what they both come to deny each other (for different reasons). they are the only two sharing this.

with that in mind, the cruelty comes back at the exact moment where thelma’s body gives up fully on anxiety (the snake). so, when she is woken during the most hypnotic moment of her fantasy, the reality of her unreality shatters and she is faced with complete shame (heightening her repression in the process).

actually, if you consider everything i have said, thelma and anja come to - again - represent similarities in feelings. while thelma feels the full force of shame upon waking up from her dream because she isn’t just confused about what she might have done while knocked out but is faced with the fact that she was lied to (and note that she tries hard to keep up through her idealization), anja feels the guilt for not telling thelma about the non-existent weed:

which also results in thelma throwing up:

so, for thelma the only thing left to do (what she feels is the only thing left for her to do imo) is to leave, mumbling out a quiet sorry for creating a mess, trying to distance herself as much as possible. meanwhile, anja again struggles, much harder than before, because she wants to go after thelma. the emotionally revealing thing about this moment is therefore how linked liberation and shame still are (from dream to reality). to a very great extent, in this moment, it means that for thelma the intensity of her reaction is still a very clear sign of her surpression. the dream state is her desire, but reality does not align with it yet.

ALL IN ALL what i’m saying is that… THIS SCENE FUCKED UP MY LIFE.

Listen if you think Sansa did “nothing” to win BotB and wanted Jon to die I think you are ridiculous. And you are most likely a piece of sexist shit who tends to think men’s contribution are higher than women’s. 

1. Sansa risked her life to run away from Ramsay and that is what started this. She didn’t even know if Brienne would show, she didn’t even think Theon was going to help her. But she knew she would rather die than be with Ramsay. 

2. SHE decided “there is only one place we can go, HOME.” You know what Jon wanted to do? Go south and get warm. 

3. Jon was never going to fight for Winterfell. Sansa asked him, pushed him. Sansa did not expect Jon to come with her. Sansa asked “where will you go?” you not we. She thought he would choose a separate path. She already knew she was going to come back for Winterfell on her own. She told him “I want you to help me, but I will do it myself if I have to.” And she would’ve. It would’ve taken her longer but she would’ve found a different way to come for her home.

4. Jon wanted to ignore the whole Rickon thing because “you don’t know that.” Sansa told him this is real. Sansa realizing there was nothing she could do to save Rickon at the end did not mean she did not care. She just realized “no one can protect anyone.” How the fuck did you guys think she would react seeing Rickon’s dead body? She would faint? She would sob? She had to stare at her dead father’s head. She had to sit through performances where they mocked her brother’s death. She had been bruised, beaten, cut, raped. You think she reacts to everything by wailing? This girl no longer has any tears left to cry.

5. Jon was not going to ask the Wildlings to fight for him. Sansa mentioned it first. 

6. Jon thought he had no right over the Stark name. He was never going to go from house to house and say look I am Ned’s son, lend me your army. It was Sansa who kept telling him over and over again that he is Ned’s son. That the Northern men are loyal they will fight for him. She was foolish and had more faith in their loyalty. And would you fucking look at that, when the asshole Northern houses finally came around, all of a sudden the Stark blood mattered again

7. Sansa wanted Jon to wait for more men. She asked him so many times. In the beginning she trusted Jon’s judgement as a battle commander so she sent the Creep away. When she saw she couldn’t “trust him” she asked the Creep to come back. Until the last night she wanted more NORTHERN men which Jon said they did not have time for. She didn’t fucking want LF around her again. So if Jon was losing the battle because he did not have enough men that was Jon’s fault not Sansa’s. If you are not prepared, don’t go to battle. “I have fought beyond the wall against worse than Ramsay Bolton…” Instead he valued Davos, and even Tormund who had no idea what any of his battle plans meant while putting down all of Sansa’s suggestions. 

8. Littlefinger also gets credit for winning BotB but this is what the piece of shit wanted from day 1 when he handed Sansa to the Boltons. He wanted to take an army to fight the Boltons, he just COULD NOT do it himself because the Vale does not answer to him. They don’t fight for him. The only reason he could get the knights of the vale this time was because SANSA needed them. Just like the Wildlings fought for Jon, Sweetrobin sent the army for his cousin Sansa. 

8. Sansa was NOT UNHAPPY that Jon lived. Sansa haters think if they repeat this enough times it will come true. Read the fucking script! Read it! Here I will even screenshot it for you. 

She looked pissed because Ramsay was getting away. Again she doubted Jon. Doubting him is not a fucking crime. He deserved to be doubted for his poor decisions.

9. Stop making up shit that are not true. 

“Sansa, she does love her brother. And they have had a conflicted past. Over the course of this season they have come to really rely upon each other she doesn’t necessarily trust him completely. She didn’t tell him about the meeting with Littlefinger, she didn’t tell him she summoned the Knights of the Vale. There is definitely a little hint of conflict there. We see that come out in episode 9 where she is at the war council where no one asks her opinion despite the fact that she knows Ramsay better than anyone. So I think there is a little bit of anger about that, little bit jealousy, and that relationship will be crucial to watch.- David Benioff

Let me break it down for you one more time, because clearly one year was not enough for you understand this. Remember when Jon was not mad at Sansa for not telling him about KotV, instead he told her “WE NEED TO TRUST EACH OTHER” and gave her a very beautiful kiss that basically said trust me. It is because he realized at that time the reason Sansa did not tell him about the army was because she did not trust him. It is not a crime. Sansa did not hide the army because she is heartless and didn’t care. She just couldn’t bring herself to fully trust Jon. Jon as a man, as a player, as a commander. Jon wasn’t mad because he didn’t have a right to be mad at her. 


It doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. But it’s just you know typical sibling tension.” - Sophie Turner. 

No matter how hurt Sansa was, despite everything he is all that is left of her family. She loves him. She obviously wouldn’t fucking want him dead. 

11. Maybe Sansa wouldn’t have made it too long without Jon’s help, but Jon surely would’ve died in 6x09 if Sansa did not show up with the army she “summoned.” So yeah she saved his ass. If you are going to blame Sansa for Jon’s misfortune say because of her he ended up fighting another war where he almost died again. If she wasn’t there he would be vacationing somewhere warm, getting a nice tan, waiting for the White Walkers to come and end it all. She gave him a reason to fight again and he almost lost his life (which he would’ve eventually anyways with WWs coming and all). 

Last but not least, if none of this got through to you please make your own anti Sansa posts to write your own outrageous arguments. Keep it in your own hateful circle. Just like Fox news and Trump, you will realize you have many, many fans. Stop annoying us, we have better things to do than fact check your lies one by one. 

** p.s- In case some Jon fan feels hurt, this is not about belittling Jon, or taking away Jon’s contribution, this is about giving Sansa the credit she deserves for her part (which people always seem to forget). 

Calm down about Bellarke and Clarke, let’s talk.

Here goes the meta…..

It’s honestly hard for me to even know where to begin with this cause it seems like the writers are touching so many plots at the same time with 4x11 that I’m a bit overwhelmed.

But we can start with this: what Clarke did (betraying the grounders) is not shocking, and it’s not character retrogression OR stagnation.

And it’s not the end of Bellarke either,if the plot from the entire show is anything to go by.

(this is not the “me romanticizing the gun scene, meta.” So stick with me as I try to go through Clarke’s and Bellarke’s plots and explain what I’m thinking )

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

i was re-reading the black moon arc and i read something i didn't caught before? Both Prince Diamond and Neo Endymion say that Neo Serenity never left the palace, what's your opinion on it? don't you think it's quite depressive in snobbish? I find it incredible weird for someone as lively as Usagi

I have a few thoughts on that. Because I don’t think it’s something Usagi would do unless she had to–certainly not just to be a snob. But I think there is an actual purpose to shutting herself away, and that purpose is to literally keep Crystal Tokyo alive. 

Back in the Silver Millennium, the first Queen Serenity had a special prayer room that only she could enter. The Prayer Room, and the crystal tower inside it, somehow amplified Serenity’s power and gave her direct connection to the Moon. In fact, it was Luna’s prayer in that room on Usagi’s behalf that allowed her to defeat Metallia. 

Notice how she doesn’t say the Silver Crystal will give its protection. The Moon will. If the queen had access to the power of the Silver Crystal, why would she need another way of accessing power on top of that? Why does she need to pray to the Moon?

Now, remember how extensive the magic of the Silver Millennium was. Magic is what extended the lives of not just those who lived on the Moon, but every planet that was part of the Silver Millennium. It also quite possibly is what made the Moon habitable. The entire population of multiple planets lived and thrived through that magic. This is often attributed to the Silver Crystal, but I do not believe the Silver Crystal’s presence alone would be enough to do all of that. After all, if it were, why does present-day Tokyo not miraculously find itself living longer after Usagi first cries the Silver Crystal out that night on Tokyo Tower? It requires deliberate action on the part of its holder to be used like that, and so the fact that Queen Serenity had an entire room dedicated to focusing her power tells me that is exactly what she was doing. Using the combination of the Silver Crystal and the Moon itself to distribute power on a massive scale. 

Now look at the room in which Chibi Usa finds the Silver Crystal. 

It actually looks like the original Prayer Room. The pedestal holding the Silver Crystal echoes the pedestal that held the sword, and you can see what looks like more crystal behind it, exactly where the crystal tower was. 

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. Neo Queen Serenity is using her power to sustain Crystal Tokyo in the same way that her mother sustained the Silver Millennium.

This, I believe, is why it is so important that Neo Queen Serenity lost the ability to fight as a sailor soldier. Because her power is no longer dedicated towards fighting. It is entirely used to create and sustain life. It’s the power of a queen cultivating and guarding her kingdom. But if there is a cost to that power, that cost is likely time. The time she must spend shut away in prayer. 

All of that said, though, I still firmly headcanon that Serenity goes out in disguise. Even a queen needs to run out and get donuts once in a while, after all. 

anonymous asked:

supercorp prompt (slowburn oneshot): they both like the other but haven't fully realised it yet and take each other's subconscious flirting as friendship/banter, then one day after Lena is injured by some villain before SG saves the day, Kara feels guilty and worried so goes to patch her up, but Lena has to get partially undressed (eg shirtless) or sthing and Kara gets flustered (bc Kara) & Lena eventually picks up on it and teases her/flirts, scene ends in them kissing Please please please 💖

so, several things, anon: thank you for this absolutely wonderful prompt. and I would like to apologize for taking three or four weeks to get to this. because I couldn’t help myself and accidentally turned it into a 20 page, ten thousand word monster… enjoy? (i really am sorry it took this long, though)

They start out having lunch every other week or so.

It’s normal, it’s what friends do, Lena tells herself. God knows she’s spent long enough without someone genuinely interested in being her friend, so after the first few meetings with Kara, Lena throws herself into it with a passion. Besides, it’s nice to spend lunch breaks in the company of Kara, who’s always ready to talk about everything except the business at L-Corp, which is a relief, and who seems determined to make sure that Lena’s always eating more than enough.

A little into this arrangement, there’s one week when Kara ends up swinging by more times than usual. Three times, early in the morning and late in the afternoon, apologizing profusely but quickly following Lena’s gesture to sit down and pull out her notepad to ask Lena’s opinion on whatever ridiculous piece Carr’s assigned her to this time. And four times, when Kara shows up with arms overflowing with bags of food from whatever new take-out place she’s fancying (normally Chinese, Lena notes, carefully filing away that information) and fills Lena’s office with warm conversations and stories and laughter, and Lena loves it.

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