and i relate to her

Ok, but why aren’t more people in on the “sombra is the little girl from the ‘Hero’ short” train??

It makes perfect sense, she’s been described as the biggest unrealiable narrator in the OW universe, so her age could be just a lie and she’s actually younger, after all, most of the information we know of her backstory is what she tells us in her origin video + her age but not her actual name, and since she’s an unreliable narrator she could… not be telling the whole truth??. 

She says she was orphaned but that could have happened after Hero, her mom died for some reason and she had to join Los Muertos to survive because of her abilities, she is from Dorado, where the short takes place like you just don’t have two characters be from the same place if there’s no relation between them?? She has a dialogue in-game with Soldier where she asks him “Why didn’t you save my home?” like that implies that she knows him and is bitter with him for some reason?? 

She has a mole that the girl didn’t have and purple eyes, but a) her eyes change colour in her skins so it’s probs just contacts, b) we know she got surgeries to get cybernetic augmentations, maybe she got her face altered so that the people she was hiding from wouldn’t recognise her?

When she’s in Dorado in-game, she says “back home, I should stop by the bakery” a bakery is what the GIRL’S MOM IN THE SHORT RAN. Also in her origin video she is shown offering a basket full of bread to some guy who’s computer she’s about to hack… Like she could be referring to another bakery sure, but that’s too much of a coincidence. Like, why put it in her dialogue if she has nothing to do with the girl of the short?? If she’s not that girl they’re sisters or something

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Carrot cake and pumpkin pie

carrot cake: who is your celeb look alike?

I took, like, 9 quizzes to figure this one out xD As far as I can tell, I’m a mix of Beyonce and Shreya Ghoshal?

pumpkin pie: what were your interests as a child?

Ripping heads off Barbie dolls.

I like how I didn’t look for you. You just came in like a raging storm and my world was forever changed.
—  another-broken-hello

Carmilla in three words / Carmilla in one body movement


I’ll definitely become a hero and make money and let my parents take it easy - mature smol ochako (please protect her) (ノД`)・゜・。