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1, 6, 11!

1) is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?

the tempest-fanfic novel I mentioned in the last meme response. it’s been churning and turning and sitting like a bright stone in the pit of my soul for a very long time, and I think I’m waiting for the point where I feel like I’m a Proper Writer who can Do It Justice. it’s going to be completely unlike anything else I write.

6) something you would go back and change in your writing that it’s too late/complicated to change now

obviously I might write certain stories differently, if I were writing them now instead of 2/5/10 years ago, but I don’t regret any of them. the record stands.

speaking more broadly, I don’t think it’s too late to change anything! my writing style is a constantly-morphing beast. my current ‘notes for the second draft’ file in scrivener contains a lot of notes in regards to things that I have picked up on and been determined to change even during the process of writing this one novel, such as FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO A CTRL-F ON THE WORDS ‘ALMOST’, ‘NEARLY’ & ‘A LITTLE’ AND THEN STAB YOURSELF. 

11) what aspect of your writing do you think has most improved since you started writing?

this is a very large and hilarious question to answer given that I started writing fiction at the age of five. so it’s improved in every possible direction and by every possible metric. I think I know more of the rules, now? I know more about grammar and story structure and how other people write. but honestly, I’m just as likely to break those rules in the name of a good sentence or a good story as I was in kindergarten.

oh and also I can write pretty great porn now.

so there’s that.

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Top 10 times a bold, confident Yuuri surprised Viktor by taking initiative with PDA

Top 10 Times a Bold, Confident Yuuri Surprised Viktor By Taking Initiative With PDA

10) Once, when they had been apart for a couple of months for euros/4c, they reunited in an airport and it was like romance movie level drama. Yuuri literally ran and threw himself at Viktor because he had missed him so much and Viktor caught him and spun him around while they were both smiling and laughing and then dipped him into a kiss

9) After being apart for a while, Yuuri and Viktor planned to meet up at one of Viktor’s competitions that Yuuri wasn’t skating in but his flight was delayed and his missed the start. He showed up in the middle of Viktor’s skating and as soon as Viktor got off the ice he ran and literally jumped into Viktor’s arms to kiss him with his legs wrapped around Viktor’s waist which got a lot of approving cheers and wolf whistling from the crowd around them.  

8) Once they were at an outdoor skating rink during the winter and Yuuri kept pretending not to be able to skate to make Viktor hold his hand and catch him when he ‘fell’

7) Once they were at a competition and one of the journalists was flirting very heavily with Viktor despite Viktor not reciprocating and so Yuuri interrupted the interview by pulling Viktor into a kiss and making out with him for so long that the journalist was forced to awkwardly leave (Viktor was absolutely not complaining)

6) Their first time visiting Yuuri’s family in Japan, Yuuri was much less physically affectionate than normal which started to make Viktor a little insecure. But after he mentioned it one night, the next day he came down to breakfast and Yuuri greeted him with a morning kiss and a cup of coffee in front of all the Katsukis to show that he wasn’t ashamed of Viktor at all like Viktor had been worried about

5) Once in St Petersburg Viktor was having a really long conversation with Yakov and holding Yuuri up from leaving so Yuuri went to kiss him goodbye in a kiss that was very much not PG and then whispered something in his ear which made Viktor turn bright red and be like ‘I need to go right now, immediately’ and practically run out after Yuuri

4) Once when they were skating together in Russia when Yuuri came to visit Viktor, some of the younger Russian skaters were making rude comments about Yuuri and their relationship like ‘I wonder if he still fucks Viktor for the gold or if he’s after his money now as well’, since there had been rumours about marriage. In response Yuuri pulled Viktor down into a kiss which got pretty heated pretty quickly and ended up looking over directly at the other skaters mid kiss from over Viktor’s shoulder and raising his eyebrow in a ‘does this look fake to you’ condescending look

3) During the Russian Nationals after chapter 14 Yuuri went along to cheer Viktor on and prove his love to all of Russia which is where the tie pull of the Rivals universe happened except it lead into a kiss that very nearly made Viktor late to skate and ensured he skated his entire routine with a serious blush on his face and hearts in his eyes

2) The kiss from chapter 14

1) At their wedding everyone thought that it was Viktor who was going to kiss Yuuri but instead Yuuri grabbed Viktor as soon as the last words were said and pulled him down into a kiss in front of all their family and friends and refused to let go for a long time. When they finally did break apart his first words were ‘I love you and I’m sorry I made you wait so long’ (because his biggest regret will always be how much more time they could have had together if he had just realised Viktor’s feelings a little earlier)

I figured it out!

@asktheboywholived is referred to as “TT” but what does that stand for??

After many minutes of research I have come to the conclusion that it is the first T name that pops in my head.


but wait

*gasp* Is TT the creator of My Immortal??? Is their blog just redemption for the abomination they created so long ago??

*hacker voice* i’m in

The things I have to DM

Context: running Rise of Tiamat (under 4e mechanics) and they finally get to Tiamat and about to engage in combat. The party consists of a tiefling fighter (Calamitus), a tiefling rogue (Lilith) a human turned tiefling monk (Grim) a human fighter (Corvo) and a genasi sorcerer (Katahm).

Me as DM: Okay. This is what you originally were waiting for so roll initiative. 

Corvo: Wait! I roll diplomacy.

Me: You what? Nevermind. Are you actually going to talk your way out of combat?

Corvo: Nope. Gonna seduce her.

Me: For the love of…fine. Roll.

Corvo: *rolls nat 20*

Rest of party: No!

Me: Hang on. Going to see if this is effective. *rolls d100* 99?!

Corvo: I’m starting to regret this. 

Me: Too bad. She shifts to her human form and dive bombs you to a bed in another plane. We don’t see you again for 33 minutes. 

And so we defeated Tiamat…with sex. 

Bts’ Reaction to Your First Fight


• would probably say things to hurt you out of anger during the fight
• but would immediately regret everything he said afterwards
• this little muffin wouldn’t know what to do when you start to walk out the door
• “Please y/n, you have to believe me when I say that I’m sorry… I-I love you…”


• gets scary when he’s angry
• he gets a little bit violent
• but when he sees that you’re afraid of him, it breaks his heart.
• because he could never hurt you
• he would beg you to forgive him, as he’s brought to tears
• “I’m so sorry y/n, please don’t leave… you’re all I have”


• would probably take his stress out on you and ignore your attempts to talk things out
• “If you hate me so much why don’t you just fucking leave.”
• but when you actually leave he breaks down
• he’d attempt to call and text you but you’d ignore it
• “Please answer the phone, y/n, I want to know that you’re safe. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean what I said. I love you.”


• would try really hard to talk things out afterwards
• would mentally break down knowing he lost you, his everything
• would possibly punch a wall
• he’d call you a thousand times, trying to make things right
• “I’m so sorry baby, please come home. You’re my world; if I lose you, I lose everything.”


• doesn’t usually get angry or start fights
• but when he does it’s scary
• he points out your biggest insecurity- and when he sees you start crying he regrets everything
• “I-I’m sorry y/n, are you alright?”
• he’d pull you in for a long hug
• “I didn’t mean it baby, I was just angry. I’ll never hurt you again, I love you”


• like namjoon, rarely gets angry with you.
• would attempt to ignore you but eventually his anger would build up and he’d lash out at you
• when you storm out, he’d realize what he has done and try to chase after you
• when he finally stops you, he apologizes profusely
• “Wait please, I know I messed up. I’m so sorry y/n. I know I don’t deserve you, but.. I love you, I always have and I always will.”


• he acts like he doesn’t even care
• rolls his eyes at you when you start to yell at him
• finally a tear rolls down your cheek, “yoongi, do you even love me anymore?”
• this would break his heart
• seeing the person he loves the most so hurt by his actions
• “Of course I love you, y/n. I never meant to hurt you baby, I’m so sorry. I love you more than anything, please don’t forget that.”

12 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence, torture, death, light smut

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“He’s everything- my everything, my only, my all.”

Requested by many people (phrase no. 8 from my prompt list)

Draco realized he was in love with Harry Potter when he was seventeen. On that day, in that exact moment, Draco was supposed to hate Harry Potter with more hate than he had ever felt for anything in whole life. He was supposed to sentence Potter to death. But when Draco stood there staring into Potter’s ever so green eyes, his face mere centimeters away from Potter’s - close enough to kiss, all Draco could feel was love. Draco felt sick to his stomach when he realized this, but he shoved all his emotions into the deepest, darkest part of his heart so he could deal with them later, just like he always did.

“I don’t know,” Draco said, and by doing so disappointing his family and betraying everything that he was supposed to care about.

But somehow Draco didn’t give a damn about these consequences. Potter was his everything now.

Draco did not let his love for Harry Potter resurface for five years. Even after Potter’s testimony at Draco’s trial, and Draco becoming friends with Granger in their Eighth Year at Hogwarts, and Draco running into Potter because of Teddy-related activities, Draco’s feelings remained suppressed. And that was okay, because Draco was perfectly fine ignoring these feelings, and he planned on going on ignoring them for the rest of his life, but then Potter had to fuck everything up by being an Auror and nearly dying on the same night that Draco was working in the Severe Spells and Trauma Unit of St. Mungo’s.

“What have we got?” Draco asked the mediwitch on duty as he slipped on a pair of Healing gloves, magically programmed to be impenetrable against germs.

The mediwitch forced her gaze away from the patients being carted into the Trauma center on flying gurneys and looked at the medical chart that an EMW (Emergency Medi-Wizard) had handed her. “Twenty two year old male, took a Spasmos to the chest and was Crucio’d for approximately thirty seven seconds. He’s been having seizures every seventy four seconds. He and his partner were on an Auror mission.”

Draco nodded in understanding. “Who’s got his partner?”

“That’s me.” called Healer Owens. Owens, known to Draco as Jasper, winked at Draco as he slid on his gloves and listened to his own mediwitch recite the medical information on Draco’s patient’s partner.

“Thirty year old female, hit with Petrificus Totalus and thrown against the wall when one of the criminals cast an Expulso. Possible paralyzation and many broken bones,” Jasper’s mediwitch reported.

Jasper grimaced. “We’ll see what we can do about that.”

Jasper and Draco both headed in opposite directions to treat their patients.

The EMWs had just transferred Draco’s patient from the gurney to a bed when Draco reached him. The man’s tanned chest was bare and he was wearing only his trousers; the EMWs must have removed his robes when they realized his chest had been hit. Draco barely got to look at his patient before his mediwitch handed him the specially-modified Healer’s wand  and had to set to work, but one glance was all it took for Draco to recognize the man on the bed: it was Harry Potter.

Draco pushed his thoughts on Harry Potter to the back of his mind (he was quite good at it after five years of practice) and centered all of his attention on the injuries in front of him.

“His seizures are occurring more frequently now, only about sixty two seconds apart now,” his mediwitch chirped. “Forty three seconds until the next one.”

Draco nodded and waved his Healer’s wand over Potter’s - no, the patient’s - chest, and cast a spell to make the area affected by Spasmos glow. A small circle on the left half of the patient’s chest lit up in an electric blue color, and the color had spread across the rest of his chest in thin lines, like branches of a tree.

“Shit,” Draco muttered. One of the branches of light was dangerously close to the patient’s heart. Potter’s heart.

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How to plan the perfect XYZ dragon

so you all might know me as that one weird girl who’s obsessed with XXY dragons, but let me tell you, there is nothing more beautiful and satisfying to look at than a perfectly coordinated XYZ dragon! they’re also super fun to dress! so this is a relatively useless guide to planning your own! I thought it would be helpful for newbies who are still getting used to all the beautiful colors fr has to offer.

Step 1: Picking a Primary

I started with a blank base so I had a clear vision of what I wanted to go for. Skink is a great gene to start with, because it usually has a stark contrast between its main and accent colors. and also, that throat gradient is to die for. it looks really great with treasure primaries like runes, lace, and contour. other great primaries with accents are poison and petals! Iri also works well on certain breeds.

Step 2: Selecting a Secondary

Here is where things actually get fun. I like to choose a color based on the accent color of the primary. Here, cyan is a perfect match for the accent of lead skink. I like that cyan butterfly just has that pale yellow accent color on the tips, but is otherwise a solid bright blue. You can already see the harmony between the colors beginning to work! Other secondaries that have great accent colors are toxin, spinner, and sometimes shimmer. Keep in mind that with certain colors like orca and metals, pretty much any gene will show off a contrasting accent color because that’s just how that color works! (Those ones are my favorite.)

Step 3: Taking a Tertiary

This is the step where it all comes together. That little pale yellow accent color in cyan butterfly matches perfectly with flaxen. Contour is a great simple gene that doesn’t overwhelm other genes or make them too busy, but adds a ton to bring the secondary and primary together. In addition, choosing an eye color is important too–here I chose light eyes to match the tertiary color. I mentioned great treasure tertiaries in step 1, but glimmer, opal and stained can also make for lovely, unique XYZ dragons!

Other Examples!

These are just a few more combinations that can look stunning. With the first dragon I started with his tangerine opal and chose his other colors to be complimentary to it. The second dragon had his primary chosen first, then his tertiary, and his secondary was picked to accent his stunning throat gradient. (Super helpful note: bogsneaks look great with glimmer and underbelly because their throat color will always show through!) The last dragon’s secondary was picked first, and her other genes were chosen to match. On to the last step!

Step 4: Cry

So you want to actually make these dream dragons a reality? Go ahead and search their colors and see what pops up.

There’s a reason it’s nicknamed “the crying workshop.” Have fun with your breeding projects!

Okay but imagine Tony totally doing all the “proud dad” things.

-Someone harping on Spiderman? Tony’s not having it, “Excuse you, but Spiderman is a good kid and he’s doing more good than you are.” 

-Tony talking up Peter to some other genius, saying things like, “This kid will be the next me, just wait and see.”

-Tony showing up to different event Peter is in, usually lowkey, but sometimes not so much…

-Seeing Peter’s inventions and complimenting them, maybe giving him some tips here and there. At one point he flat out offers for Peter to use his own work space/lab for a project.

-Congratulating Peter on asking MJ out, and proceeding to give advice…mainly just, “If you think she’s the one, don’t wait as long as I did…”

-Pretty much just encouraging Peter and talking about him to anyone that will listen 

Bonus: Maybe not quite in character but…Tony having a picture of Peter and talking about him proudly, like pulling it out like, “You see this kid, he is going places.” One day he slips up and says, “My kid is one of the smartest kids you will ever meet.” He doesn’t realize what he said until he gets a, “You have a kid?” response.



Request: y/n being insecure about herself and about love.

Word count: 2,534

Cracking noises from the flames in the beige brick fireplace hanging on the wall, filled the otherwise silent living room. These faint but warm noises always made me feel somehow calm.

I loved the heat filling up the room, I loved shutting my eyes and listen to the flames crack slowly, I loved how it all felt like home to me.

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Oblivious | Richie Tozier

Anonymous said: please do prompt 56 and 67 with richie tozier!!

A/N: this is sooooo bad lmao, sorry.

Richie Tozier x Reader.

56 - “Are you flirting with me?” 

67 - “Stop being so cute.”

Warnings: swearing.

GIF is not mine.

“You honestly have to be the most oblivious person I know, Y/N.” 

You chuckled, your laugh laced with hum and amusement as you turned to face Beverly, raising an eyebrow with slight interest, though by the expression on the other female’s face, you assumed your mirth seemed to overpower any other emotion on your face. “Bev, seriously, if Richie liked me, I think I’d know.” You told her, resulting in the red head to roll her eyes, walking in front of you and stopping you both from walking.

“Y/N, I swear to god you are the only person in the entire school that doesn’t notice it.” She exclaimed, hoping to gain a proper reaction from you, but instead you shook your head slightly, a smile playing on your red lips. Beverly wasn’t the only person who’d told you multiple times about Richie’s sloppy crush on you. In fact, you were almost certain all of the losers had told you about it. You wanted to believe them, but you’d known Richie for a long time and you knew the boy well. Any girl he found the slightest bit attractive became his crush, so you didn’t necessarily think too much about what everyone had told you. “I’ll have to see it to believe it.”

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“Why doesn’t he care?” 9.0

Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

[1.0] [2.0] [3.0] [4.0] [5.0] [6.0] [7.0] [8.0] [9.0] [9.5] [10.0] [11.0] [12.0] [13.0] [13.06]Finale

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Y/N’s p.o.v

It’s been a week since I told him to leave and I was currently on my way to the hospital to get a check up on my injuries, remove bandages and what not. I’ve got two weeks sick leave from work and it’s only been a week in and I don’t know what to do with myself for the next week. I’ve been even more tired recently, sleeping every chance I get and I’ve become an emotional wreck - every time I saw something that reminded me of Taehyung, I couldn’t help but tear up. I miss him so much, more than I should but how could I not when we had so much together. He still meant the world to me and more, articles started spreading saying that our relationship was over, which of course was true but to have it publicly published confirms our breakup and that reality hit me so much harder and that hurts so so much, it’s as if someone stuck their hand in my chest and ripped my heart out. Each time I think about our breakup, I regret it - but I had to let him live his life without being tied down to me when he could be out there having the time of his life without having to worry about me and I couldn’t bare being left alone when I thought I had someone that I could rely on. It’s better knowing what you don’t have than knowing what you do have but can’t have.

I arrived promptly to my appointment, waiting in the designated area for my name to be called. I didn’t have to wait long until the nurse came and guided me to the doctor’s office. 

“Ah Miss Y/L/N, how are you?” the doctor was nice and had a friendly smile. I sat down on the ‘bed’ that was in the corner of the room next to the doctor’s desk.

“I’ve been okay I guess, just sore basically everywhere especially my rib area and I’ve been extra tired recently, I’ve been feeling faint and out of breath too.” I explained the symptoms and waited for her to hopefully clarify that I was not about to die any time soon. She lifted my shirt to check my rib area, then moving on to my my arm to see how my scratches and bruises were healing. 

“Well by the looks of it, the minor injuries are healing well and you can see that the bruises on your arm are now turning and yellow green which means that it is healing. But because of your other symptoms I’ll run a couple of tests just to make sure you’re doing okay like I think you are. You’re probably feeling faint because you’re short of breath because of the heavy bruising around your rib area that makes it difficult for you to take in deep breaths.” I nodded at her and thanked her before following the nurse through to take those tests.

It’s been three days since I’ve had those tests and yesterday the receptionist at the hospital asked me to visit today to speak to the doctors about the results I had. I’m not going to deny the fact that I was terrified, walking in alone I greeted the doctor once again and took a seat on the other side of her desk.

“Hi Miss Y/L/N how are you?” she asked once again.

“I’m doing okay thanks for asking and please call me Y/N.” I confirmed.

“Now I have your test results here.” she said as she placed both her hands on the few pieces of paper that was on her desk. I bit my lip nervously as she picked up a piece of paper.

“So the results here show that you’re pregnant. Congratulations.” Right then and there I felt as though my whole world had stopped. 

I don’t know if really like this part or it was a good idea and it’s definitely NOT my best work but I did what my gut told me to do 😂 this parts also kinda like a filler? I hope you will continue to enjoy it! I should have merged the next part together but I’ve always liked a ‘dramatic’ line to end with so yeah… request for 9.5!💜

(BMC) Michael in the Closet, Song Parody

Parody: Michael in the Closet
Actual Song: Michael in the Bathroom
By: Be More Chill, The Musical

(Based on an anon ask to @irl-michaelmell

I am hiding in the closet
For…. Well, basically all of my life
Should I stay right here, or come out clear?
I have no idea which one is right

I’m a gay guy in a closet
Because Jeremy is too goddamn cute
But I’d rather stay friends
Than risk making that end
By confessing to a crush he won’t want

Everything felt fine
When he had no Christiiiiine
At least then I could sit
And wish/pray and dream

Now I’m just…
Michael in the closet
Michael in the closet day and nightly
I want to scream and shout
I’m just Michael in the closet
Michael in the closet every day now

I’m waiting it out ‘till I’m out of school
And hoping that Jeremy will still think I’m cool
I’m just
Michael, who’s a homo
Michael with his rainbow
Michael in the closet by himself
All by himself

I am hiding but he’s out there
Lucky buddy gets to be fully straight
Memories get erased, loyalties replaced
And what if that ever happened to me?

And I hear a white jock laugh at his friend from next door
‘I’d totally bang you, no homo’
And my feelings sink
Cause it makes me think
I wouldn’t mind the first part if done to me so–

Now it’s just
Michael in the closet
Michael in the closet all his life now
I have regret my patch
Michael in the closet
Michael in the closet all his life now
That stupid rainbow flag

I’ll wait as long as it takes ‘till no one can tell
If I have to change myself, then so it be, oh well

I’m just
Michael, who’s a homo
Michael with his rainbow
Michael in the closet by himself

‘Why, why, why, why…?’
They’re gonna start to ask soon
‘Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t…?’
Sure I’ll get a girlfriend soon!
‘Like, like, like, like…?’
It sucks I can’t just tell them true
‘Are, are, are, are…?’
I wish I were a braver dude
‘You, you, you, you…?’
I have no words left that I can say
‘Gay, gay, gay, gay…??’
I didn’t choose to be this way
‘No, no, no, no…!’
I throw my hood over my face

And I am in a better place
I open my mouth to say I’m straight
But by their looks I know I’m late

And I can’t help but yearn
I wasn’t born like this
But then I look in the mirror
And the present is clear
And I start to wish

I, I

*choked sob*

Some more courage…
Is that too much to ask
M-m-m-m-m, Michael in the closet
I need courage
This is a heinous life
I wish I’d stayed at home in bed, blanket over head
Or wish I never fell for Jer and met a girl instead!

I’m just
Michael with his pride flag, so 'he must be an ally’
Never had a girlfriend, 'he must be real slow then’
Michael, who’s a homo
Along with his rainbow
Michael in the closet by himself!

All by himself
All by himself

When you say 'be straight, or you’ll go to hell’
That’s okay, I can pretend as well.

To the first,
I don’t blame you for the pain I’ve endured on behalf of you. I knew in my heart we could never grow to love one another no matter the fact that I hoped we could learn to. I told myself for a long time that I would wait, and I wouldn’t end up like everyone else. I’m not sure why I went against everything I’ve ever told myself but I guess I don’t necessarily regret it. I understand what happened now, what you were searching for. All along you’re reaching for her, but your hands found me first, but I let you touch me knowing that sometimes men are reaching for another thing. So it’s on me, things worked out for you and Innoway I was collateral damage, it’s alright.
“Draw me like one of your French...boy ?” - Jason Todd x Reader

I’ll never get tired of writing thing with Jason (the best Robin FIGHT ME ON THAT !). Hope you guys will like it :

(My masterlist blog here :


-Can you flex your back muscles please ? 

How could you just ask questions like that without even flinching ? Or blushing at least ? Err. Those were stupid questions, and the answer was very simple : you didn’t like him that way. For you, he was just a friend. Just a friend who accepted to get down in his underwear for you, so that you could practice anatomy. Totally normal. That’s what friends were for. Helping. 

-Great, thanks Jason. That’s great. Wait, turn just to your left a bit…yeah, perfect, thanks. Oh, do you want a blanket or something ? 

-No. No thanks. I’m fine. Just a…little swift of cold wind that’s all.

“Just a little swift of cold wind”. Yeah. Right. Your hand brushing his bicep when you angled his body like you wanted, that’s what made him shiver. But hell was he glad you thought it was because he was cold. 

You were just his friend. His extremely talented friend. His extremely talented friend he was in love with. Oh bugger, he was in for a treat…

It was very rare, that Jason found himself speechless. Or that he was afraid to ask a girl out. After all, like his father, Bruce Wayne, he was quite the ladies’ man.

He never found it hard to ask for someone’s number, or if they wanted to go get dinner with them. But with you ? Well, with you, it was different. And he didn’t really know why…Maybe because he was genuinely in love ? Because this time, if you said “no” to his date proposition, he had everything to loose ? 

You entered his life quite randomly. He was running in one of Gotham’s park and as he ran around it multiple times, his eyes couldn’t help but notice you, sitting in the grass with a sketchbook and a pencil…Especially because you kept staring at him when he was going by. 

Curiosity got the better of him, and after a seventeenth tour of the park, he stopped to stretch…right in front of you. And you kept staring, making him uncomfortable. He was never uncomfortable ! On the contrary, he liked when girls looked at him. He liked it a lot. But you…God he felt uneasy. 

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It’s Only Logical - Chapter One

Pairings: Logicality/Prinxiety

Warnings: Swearing, implied sexuality

Patton didn’t exactly know what he expected when he walked into the florist shop, but this definitely wasn’t it. The man who was presently looking at him with an impassive expression was…hot. Like, really hot. He was tall and slim, with hazel eyes peering curiously at him from behind black glasses and hair that had that effortlessly mussed look that either took five minutes or an hour. Well, if he didn’t get the job, he was definitely getting his number. Patton blinked twice before mentally slapping himself. He was here for a job, not a date!

“Yes, I am hiring. I need someone to assist with customer service, handle the cash register and take phone orders. If the correct candidate proved capable, I might consider allowing them to assist me with arrangements, propagation and landscape design. I presently have a six-man crew to assist with the landscaping arm of my business, but I am handling the shop and greenhouse alone. Do you have any experience?”

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The Way You Looked at Me. [Chapter Four]

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst

College AU!

Word Count: 2.2k

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I kept my word and didn’t stop trying for him, it was hard because most of the time when I’d approach him he’d simply ignore me. Which is better than having rude comments thrown in my direction, but nonetheless; it was still hurtful. Whenever I was practicing in the living room, I’d ask him to dance with me and that was probably already more than ten times in the span of one week, but I always got the same ‘no’ as an answer. Today, I was feeling rather warm, like my body was a human heater so I was changed in comfy sports leggings with a sports bra and an open zipped hoodie for dance practice. Walking out of my room, I saw Hoseok lying there on the sofa again playing on his phone, clearly having nothing better to do so I walked over and tapped him on the shoulder, which caused his to sit up and frown at me again, and so I took a seat right beside him facing in his direction with one leg on the sofa.

“Are you really going to bail on the spot you earned on the dance team? This is a great opportunity for you and you’re just going to give it up because of her? You can’t really be giving it up for me otherwise you wouldn’t have auditioned in the first place. We need talent like you on the team and we’re picking dance duos for the next competition and I want you to be my partner. Come dance with me hmm? Please? Just be my dance partner, one last time?” I placed my hand on his thigh and smiled at him while batting my lashes, if it were the old time he would give in and call me cute for trying so hard, but it wasn’t the case for this time.

“Stop touching me, just because your batting your eyes at me it doesn’t make me easy so that you can get into my pants, I don’t go for sluts and seriously you’re going to dance why are you even dressed like that? It’s disgusting. You can see basically everything, things that men with the right mind wouldn’t want to see, but wait that’s how you like it right? You’re gross. I told you a million times already I don’t and will not dance with you ever again. Now please leave me the fuck alone.” He got up and left, slamming the front door behind him. His words made me feel like utter shit, and self conscious for the matter and tears began to fall down my face again. So I pulled a sicky that day and didn’t go to dance because I no longer had the energy and no longer wanted to walk out the door wearing what I had on. Maybe I should stop trying, maybe it’ll be better for the both of us if I stopped being annoying and pester him. If it’s what makes him happy then I should do just that.

Turns out I didn’t have to pull a sicky because after napping for a good three hours, I figured that I was heating up and a fever was rising. Before leaving the room to go grab food and some pills, I made sure to be dressed up in a way so that I wouldn’t be called a slut or be stared down by people with frowns on their faces, which meant layers upon layers and topped it off with a hoodie. Maybe that’s what happens, because of the way people dress they become the prey because it’s too revealing. I managed to grab what I needed and headed back into my living room from the kitchen down the hall. I sat on the ground by the sofa with my hood up, I leant against the couch not wanting to fall asleep; but my body felt weak and my head was spinning, I could feel my sweat dripping from my forehead because of my rising temperature, I should take layers off but I couldn’t and just like that. I passed out.

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Choking on the Words Bill Skarsgård x Reader



Hello hello! Love how you write and your stories! I was wondering if you could do a reader x bill skarsgard where bill and reader are friends. Everything goes well except that one night when she sees him flirt with some girl. She then realized she’s in love with him. The rest is up to you! Hope you feel inspired by this request! Much love xx

Note: Enjoy! 

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You were in denial.

There was no way you were in love with your friend Bill.

I mean, that was just absolutely absurd.

You and  Bill? Together?

In your eyes you were a lowly, kinda chubby loser who the press would probably bully in their celebrity magazines.

So there was no way possible.

Only now you were realizing you were.

You were deeply in love with your celebrity guy-friend.

You and Bill were invited by your friends to go to the local bar just for the heck of it and to catch up on ol’ times. You were currently sitting at the bar swirling around your ice water with your straw.

You had decided to wear a tight black dress and already you had been hit on 5 guys asking about your name or number or sign and a few had tried to order you drinks. You weren’t much into drinking alcohol or them trying to get you drunk, so you denied them.

You looked over to where your friend Bill was talking to your friend Brain who was a close friend of yours. You kept glancing over to where he was constantly checking up on him which was just creepy.

You weren’t gonna deny you were in love with Bill but you weren’t gonna say it either. Nor were you gonna sing a song about denying love well Greek statues sing along with you (reference from one of my top 3 Disney songs ;) ).

You looked around for entertainment but most of your friends were messes, already left, or were talking with others. You weren’t feeling pretty social at the time but st the same time you didn’t want to be bored and alone.

Sure enough another idiot walked up to you and you cursed for jinxing yourself. This wasn’t what you meant by you wanted company.

“Hey babe. You got some nice looking legs there-”

“If you dare, to finish that sentence or your not out of my sight from the count of three, you’ll find yourself on the floor with 7 broken fingers. So are you a gambler?” You asked not even looking at the guy.

You could still feel the fear radiating off of him however and when he sounded like he was trying to say something you started your countdown, “1…”

“S-Sorry.” He blurted before walking off well he still had his balls intact.

If any idiot knew about your past they’d be running. You had broken at least 45 fingers, taken out 24 teeth, and more than countless times had twisted a drunk idiots arm behind their back until they were begging for mercy.

A few clubs had actually asked you to become a bouncer which you wouldn’t mind at all. Kicking drunk idiots out and when they decide to get violent you have the right to beat the crap out of them.

Your kind of job. :)! 

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Art Museum

Summary: On your day off, you invite Bucky to an art museum. You’re sure he probably wants to spend his time doing something else besides looking at art, but you soon find that his definition of art might be a bit different than yours.

Word Count: 1,429.

A/N: Just another random idea that came in mind. Special thanks to @bovaria for being a doll and for previously reading this through. <3

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