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This is the first Tony x Reader as requested by bitch-queen-of-hell. It was great fun to do - I loved writing both Tony’s sassy and sensitive side. Plus, there is a little bit of Thor x Reader thrown in there so you’re welcome. ;) Enjoy this one.

Prompt: Hello, can I request a tony stark x reader thats just full of fluff? There isnt enough love for him in the fanfic of this fandom. Maybe something like tony sleeping around and the reader gets angry, and tony realizes how she feels? Thanks love

“Bedtime Stories” (Part 1)

Warnings: Swearing

You rubbed your eyes with the palms of your hands as the warm light of morning streamed through the bedroom window. Shifting in your bed covers, you suddenly felt a hand underneath the sheet and cried out. In kicking your legs out to attack the assailant, you ended up falling over the edge of the bed and tumbling to the floor.

“Jesus Christ!” You snarled, grasping for the bed cover and pulling it over yourself despite being dressed in the perfectly acceptable ensemble of a vest and flannel shorts.
“I prefer Tony.” Your friend chuckled, leaning over the bed to peer down at you leisurely. Smirking, you stood up and wrapped the blanket around your body a couple of times. Tony reached out and curled his fingers around the sheet, pulling you towards him.
“Come on…” He purred. “Surely, we’re closer than this.”

“What do you want Tony?”
“Well, frankly, I want you to lose the sheet.” He hummed softly and you swatted his hand away.
“That’s not what I meant and you know it.” You laughed. Sighing, he jumped out of the bed and stood up.
“Well, initially I came in to see if you wanted to grab breakfast but you were sleeping so peacefully and I didn’t want to wake you.” He muttered, adjusting his hair slightly in your mirror.
“So obviously the next step was to crawl into the bed next to me.” You muttered, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and pulling him towards the bedroom door.
“Well…yeah.” He chuckled, making no effort to stop you from dragging him across your room. You pulled the door open and flung Tony outside with surprising force. After recovering, he turned back to face you, leant against the doorframe, and folded his arms.
“So, coffee?” He smiled.
“Love some.” You said with a warm grin before closing the door curtly in his face. Despite how much of a complete prat Tony was, you couldn’t help but love him.

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