and i really wonder how their relationship evolved

bts personality analysis: seokjin

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i think that jin is a really malleable person; someone that can adapt to people based on their personalities. he has the ability to modify his behaviour to suit other people like how he is silly and goofy when around maknae line and is much more reserved and insightful around the hyung line, people who are closer to his age. jin is honest and knows when to assert himself. he knows when he is to be respected and isn’t shy when giving his two cents in a conversation. even though he is seen as confident and outgoing, i think that jin is insecure. he needs praise and he needs to have validation and thats why i think bangtan gets a little hard for him at times because, as we all know, jin doesn’t get the appreciation he deserves. he said that he tells himself that “acting young will make him look young” and i thought of the confidence tactic ‘fake it til you make it’. i think jin is trying really hard and i just want everyone to fuckin appreciate all his hard work can we agree kim seokjin is an angel???? i also have noticed how impatient jin is and i wouldn’t go as far as saying tactless, but i do see that jin is very open about his opinions which can be brutal if it triggers a soft spot. 

ive said this a lot, but people think that a celebrities personality is what we see through interviews and reality shows and even logs - but that isn’t the case. we need to remember that kpop is a business and that they manufacture things a lot because at the end of the day, kpop is for entertainment purposes. bighit has done a good job portraying bts as a relatable, chirpy band; this is bangtan’s ‘avatar’. their avatar sometimes gets taken away in livestreams or in meet-ups and we can see who they truly are and i think that jins alternate, ‘variety’ personality is more or less the same in real life. variety seokjin is goofy and tells dad jokes and that is his shtick, but in real life we see that same hilarious seokjin except a lot more intense. jin is intense and passionate. we see that on stage, majority of the time when he is singing awake. it’s really beautiful to watch the awake performance and to hear his emphasise on certain words that he is most passionate about and you can tell that he has gone through a lot. 

jin has said on many occasions that he felt most loved after the fire era when he Evolved and did hand kisses and told jokes and you could see how happy he was and it made me really happy to see (when did this turn from an analysis to me just complimenting jin????). 

i also noticed while looking through the bts ch+ channel some things that kind of gave me more insight to jins relationships with the bts members. one relationship that kind of had me kind of wondering was jinkook. it’s hard to work out because i’m aware of the age gap but i’ve noticed that jungkook doesn’t necessarily acknowledge jin and it made me quite uncomfortable to watch. i do enjoy the back and forth that jinkook have and the banter is fun but i don’t know - it seems like theres some tension there sometimes (if anyone wants video receipts hmu). i’m not trying to start some god damn ship war so pls chill in my ask box this is just what ive noticed. i think that jin and jimin are a good pair because jimin has a habit of making people feel good and validated which is exactly what jin needs most, and i think jinmin’s relationship is healthy and beneficial for both of them!! i think that taehyung really does look up to jin as an older brother and has a great amount of respect for him and ive noticed that he always laughs at jins jokes!!! a+ concept!!! jin and hoseok are nice to watch because i think jin loves to learn and hoseok is always there to help him learn. even though hoseok is younger than jin, he is a teacher figure to jin. jin respects hoseok. jin and namjoon!!! one of my favourite relationships!! i think that jin is himself when he is around namjoon because he knows that namjoon isn’t one to judge, which i think is something that jin fears. he drinks up namjoons insight and gives his own insight back and i just really love the dynamics of this friendship. jin is most pliant when around yoongi, since yoongi’s character is pretty intense, i wouldn’t have thought that jin would be roommates with him; it just doesn’t seem like a good fit. but it really is kind of perfect. jin has the ability to adapt his personality and knows yoongi’s boundaries and that’s why i think he is the best person to be yoongi’s roommate (i rly cant imagine yoongi rooming with someone from maknae line - what a trainwreck). 

kim seokjin - intp/sagittarius. optimistic, honest, impatient, adaptive.


I just really want to make a post about how amazing and caring Zhan Zheng Xi is. He apparently gets into fights often and acts really tough, but when we see him like that he does it because he cares.
I also wonder if he knows by now how Jian Yi feels about him, he at least has to know that Jian Yi is gay. I got the feeling that he might have thought the kiss was Jian Yi trying it out.
I imagine after the kiss he started thinking about what it meant, maybe considering if he felt something for Jian Yi as well. Zhan Zheng Xi’s character was really built around Jian Yi, most (if not all)of his actions involve Jian Yi, it makes it hard to imagine him with anyone else.
He acts pretty intimate with Jian Yi too, like when he hold his hand and pulls him in for hug out of his own free will.
Zhan Zheng Xi accepts Jian Yi for who he is, even of he may not be able to return his feelings (yet).
He never pushes Jian Yi away and keeps trying to understand what he is feeling. Jian Yi is the one trying to hide what he is feeling, Zhan Zheng Xi notices this and constantly tries to get him to share his troubles so he can help him.
I can’t get over how much he cares for his best friend, he really is an awesome character that would definetly go to the ends of the earth to help Jian Yi.
Thinking about later on when Jian Yi goes missing, and since there is still quite some time until it happens, I wonder how their relationship would have evolved until then and how Zheng Xi would be affected. He would probably be devestated, searching day and night, unable to function properly for a long time after.
I feel like I rambled a lot haha…but Zhan Zheng Xi is one of my favorite characters. He deserves so much more credit, he is so reliable and caring, I literally stay up at night thinking about how amazing this kid is!!
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today i got to talk about kabby with jason rothenberg and i died, here’s the transcript of my death

CLAIRE: “My favorite characters on the show are Kane and Abby.  I’ve been loving watching their relationship evolve this season; I’m loving the romance, but also Kane evolving as a leader and Abby sort of coming back into her own as like the doctor hero is super exciting.  But one of the questions I’ve always kind of wondered – “

JASON: “She’s really into shocklashing.” [laughter] “I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for that.  It was a joke, Twitter, it was a joke!”

CLAIRE: (innocently) “I’m sure there’s fanfic about that.”  [hysterical laughter from Erin who knows I’m trash] “So, my question is, I’m wondering [about] how you guys have evolved their relationship, at what point did you decide, ‘oh, maybe it should go this romantic direction,’ did that sort of evolve out of Paige and Ian or was that on paper from the beginning?  … It’s such a beautifully, deftly built relationship from the pilot on, and I’m just so curious about what that process was.”

JASON: “That’s a really good question. Also a hard question.  I’m trying to remember at what point I said, ‘yeah, let’s pursue that romantic storyline.’  I mean from the beginning they were certainly polar opposites, represented as early as the pilot, I remember the scene where he says ‘If I have to take us down to a cosmic Adam and Eve to save the human race I will,’ and she says, ‘I’m going to do whatever I have to do to make sure we DESERVE to stay alive’ – I totally butchered those lines just there – but they were on the opposite sides, you know?  And obviously, obviously, Kane has evolved quite a lot, and learned the hard way I guess certain ramifications of being that hard-line in his early attitudes.  Being wrong about the earth’s survivability, after having advocated for the Culling, sort of changed him in ways that are still with him for sure.  And so, you know, I think it was a process. 

I think, like everything, you start making a show, and Ian Cusick is so good and Paige Turco is so good and they’re so good together, and a lot of it is because they’re adversarial, you know?  We see sparks between them because there’s conflict in those scenes.  They’re both intelligent and … they’re both arguing for their perspectives all the time, and eventually that chemistry bleeds into the writing …  And so the answer to your question is, I really can’t remember when I decided that, yeah, that should happen, but I mean, I see the same thing that you see … It makes total sense, by the way.  They’re both awesome, and they’re both passionate and compassionate, and I think she’s really taught him how to be a better man.  That’s what we all want out of our significant others.”

Claire: “What a good answer! I’m so happy.”

Erin: “Claire is just OVER THE MOON right now.”

Jason: “Good!  Good.  I love that relationship too. And you know what else, I have to say, they’re in their fifties, and it’s on The CW, and fucking A we’ve got one of the best romantic relationships on television over fifty, and I’m not sure that’s been done before. I’m about to turn fifty, so I’m here to tell you we still have feelings, even romantically.”

Claire: “That’s something I think is really important, both in terms of like varying the kinds of stories the show is telling, but also, you know, I think especially for women over a certain age, allowing them to be romantic and sexual and desired and continuing to own that power after they’ve aged out of being, like, starlets, I think is really important as a part of the representation question of how are women depicted on television.”

Jason: “When I first set out on my journey with this show, it was very important to me to tell stories with Jaha, Kane and Abby on the Ark.  That was the sort of ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ of Season 1 …  And we’ve definitely continued [the emphasis on adult characters] through, for sure.  They’re great actors, and they added a sort of legitimacy and credibility to the show, too … the show has a surprisingly old demographic.  It’s not just watched by kids … the actual demographic as reported by Nielsen is much older than you’d expect.  A lot of the people who watch the show are in their forties and fifties.”

I need a minute to yell about a fic writer whose work I absolutely LOVE. @rhysiana produces some of the most amazing and moving pieces of writing I have literally ever read (and since I am a Nursey/Dex blog, this will focus on her fics for that ship). As you guys probably know, one of my favorite fics ever is her  huntsman piece, which is absolutely perfect in all ways and I read all the time, and time and time again. The writing flows so beautifully and all of the characters are so well described, the scenery she sets is absolutely gorgeous, and the plot is just oh my god amazing and stunning and wonderful (it follows a folklore tale, the Ballad of Tam Lin, but does such a wonderful job of using the Check, Please! Characters). Literally every time I read this fic it’s like the first time, I will never get tired of reading it. SHE ALSO just updated another fic, Sprezzatura, which kinda resonated a bit with my own experiences (read my earlier post) re private school and protecting oneself. This fic explores Nursey’s character quite beautifully. My favorite line of the first chapter is “In his mind, he touched the glass.” UGH. Such amazing writing. I absolutely love this fic.

Besides the Bard and the Huntsman, my all-time favorite 100% MVP GOAT wonderful beautiful tear-inducing gorgeous aaaaaa fic/series is the “Petals and Thorns” series. Ho. Ly. Shit. The first fic, “The Punk and the Florist,” is the fic that tossed me down the NurseyDex hole, and added a cushion at the bottom of my fall with its sequel “Isla Negra.” It’s an AU fic where Dex is a punk artist and Nursey is a florist and the author just molds absolutely beautiful characters who interact so wonderfully and they’re so relatable. The writing is just fantastic. I have no way to express just how much I love this series. GO READ IT. You deserve it.

And then there’s the wonderful Samwell Faculty AU series, in which Nursey and Dex a) adopt a daughter (aaaaa) and b) said daughter throws a fit. The characters are so well written and so true to themselves. Then there’s the cuticle care fic in which Dex shows an affinity for making sure your hands are healthy and takes care of Nursey, and the zombie fic which made me laugh soooo many times, and her collection of mini-fics which describe Nursey and Dex’s evolving friendship/relationship and is just so awesome to read.

So I think it’s pretty clear how much I love this author’s work. The writing is so wonderful, all of the characters just come alive and are written so well, and they stay true to themselves and most of all they’re really real, the interactions aren’t forced, nothing is too cliche, everything is just perfect. Her way of describing settings is just amazing and brings you directly into the situations. The plots are so wonderfully constructed, always original and they make you look at the characters in ways I’ve never read before. I am so blessed to have entered this fandom and support this ship and we have such wonderful authors and artists to provide happy feels and angst and fics and headcanons and illustrations and everything for us. Go follow her blog, @rhysiana!!! Read her stories (all her Check! Please fics can be found here!!! You all deserve good things, and she gives them to us.

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I've been seeing a lot of Klance on my feed, and I was wondering whether the ship is canon or if it's just implied? I kinda want to watch Voltron now because everyone's talking about it!! Thanks:)

hi there!!! As of now, there’s a total of two seasons and twenty four episodes aired, with the third season scheduled to come out on the fourth of august, and klance is not an established romantic relationship. There are cute interactions and a wonderful, interesting dynamic between them, but nothing more is implied, unless you’re really looking for it. I don’t want to tip my head too much to the side, but the number of seasons predicted are eight - a lot of things can happen in the six remaining seasons we have yet to see, and there was some talk about exploring different sexualities from the creators.
Even if it never got to be canon, I think their relationship is really enjoyable and I look forward to see how it’s gonna evolve! Both their personalities and abilities/talents are very well suited to complete each other, and their scenes together are hilarious.

Regardless of klance, assuming you know a bit about the plot of the show (but even if you don’t), I think you should definitely give it a go! It’s funny and lighthearted, but has a lot of future possibilities to expand its characters’ depth and is overall very entertaining. Of course coming from me it’s a little biased, but I really got hooked on it (given I made a sideblog about it and I’m gushing about it continuously lmao). If you do give it a chance, I hope to hear from you again to know your opinions about it!!!  

When You Were Human

“I really wanted you, when you were human.”  Dean says this with a dull cough, as though trying to pass the statement off as casual.  “Just thought you should know that, is all.”

Cas looks up from the book he’s currently reading, brow furrowed.  He appreciates the sentiment (even if he doesn’t entirely believe it), but this is coming out of nowhere:  it’s been years since he was human, and it’s a period of his existence that he’s very much content to put out of his mind.

“Thank you, Dean,” is all he says, however, deciding it’s best to let the unpleasant subject drop.

He goes back to his book, but Dean lingers, hand rubbing uncomfortably over the back of his neck.  “I wouldn’t of mentioned it,” he continues.  “I know it’s, uh…probably not something you wanna think too much about…”

And you are very much correct, Cas thinks.

“…And I really didn’t wanna remind you what a dick I was to you back then, but, well.  Sammy’s been talkin’ to me lately, and, uh…he said some chick flick crap about being more ‘considerate with people’s feelings’ and all…”

“You love chick flicks, Dean,” Cas points out, not looking up as he recalls their Sex in the City marathon the night before.

Dean glowers at him – or tries to, anyway.  He can never muster any venom anymore, when it comes to Cas.  

“Look, what I’m just tryin’ to say is…” He takes a deep, steadying breath through his nose.  “I know it must of hurt, y’know?  And I know you must of assumed it was because you weren’t ‘useful’ or whatever, and that I just didn’t need you anymore.  I know a little something about people walkin’ away from me, and I know a little something about assumin’ the worst about it.”

Dean has his attention now, because yes, that was, in fact, exactly what Cas had believed.  On some level, he still does, though he’d never admit to it.

“But the truth is…” Dean closes his eyes, and recites a sloppy rendition of the same speech he’d heard in the bathroom just minutes prior.  “…When I found out you were human, Cas, I was worried.  God knows I was.  But…part of me was also kinda happy about it.  ‘Cause even if I didn’t admit it to myself way back when, some part of me was already thinkin’ what kind of a life we could have together:  I thought about takin’ you to beaches, laughing in the water and kissing in the sand, about keeping you warm on snowy days and kissing your cold nose.  I thought about watching you go to sleep at night, just like your creepy ass used to do to me, and making you breakfast before you woke up.”

“’Chick flick crap,’ then?”  Cas offers, recalling Dean’s earlier, colorful terminology. 

Dean huffs out a laugh.  “Yeah, you got me there, angel.  Point is, I know I wound up being a dick to you, Cas.  I know I turned you away when you needed me most, and I don’t think I ever apologized for that.  Not enough, anyway.”

“Dean,” Cas sighs, setting his book aside.  “We’ve been over this:  you did what you thought you had to.  You thought Sam was-” 

“I know.  And I know I did what I needed to, but – I coulda done it better, Cas.  I could of put you up with Garth or Jody – God knows they’d love to have you – but I was too busy thinking about how hard it was for me to worry how hard it was for you.  So I just cast you out, like…like a dirty sock, or somethin’.”

It’s a stupid idiom, but Dean knows it hits it mark.  Cas lowers his gaze and makes no reply, adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows.  

“And when I met up with you again, I wasn’t much better,” Dean goes on.  It’s not as hard as he thought it was going to be, now that he’s finally saying it – he thought making amends for his treatment of Cas would make him feel like more of an asshole, but if anything, it feels as though a weight is being lifted off his shoulders.  “I made fun of you for your job, what you were doin’ to get by.  And I was dumb enough to let you go out with that Dora chick even though I was already head over heels for you.” 

“It’s Nora, Dean,” Cas corrects him, though a smile tugs at his lips now.  A faint, Cas-like smile, but a smile nonetheless.  

He enjoys the slight jealousy that twinges Dean’s words, and never let it slip to Dean that all he had done with Nora was babysit (occassionally, he still does – Nora was a nice lady and a good friend, and her child is becoming a wonderful conversationalist.  He decides not to tell Dean that, either.)   

“Whatever,” Dean huffs, eyes rolling theatrically.  “Point is, Cas, I was a dick, and I didn’t deserve you.  But I loved you.  I loved you then, and I love you now.  And I really wanted you, when you were human,”  Dean pauses, swallowing wetly.  “Just like I really, really want you now.”

Cas only nods, unable to convey how much Dean’s words mean to him.  He’s become more secure in Dean’s love for him as their relationship evolved, but in his dark hours, he’d be lying if he were to say a little voice – a voice that sounded suspiciously like Lucifer – didn’t nag at his mind, telling him he was only ever a tool to Dean, and his rejection of him as a human had proved that. 

“Thank you, Dean,” is all he says.  Still, the sincerity of his tone conveys more than words could say.

There’s a comfortable silence as the two just stare at each other – those minute long staring contests, that never cease to make Sam so very uncomfortable (unbeknownst to Sam, they sometimes do it just to get on his nerves, to see how long they can stare longingly into each other’s eyes before he passively-aggressively clears his throat or throws a bitchface and leaves.  Everyone considers it great fun – everyone except Sam.)

“You know,” says Cas, finally.  “We can still do the things you mentioned.  Most of them, anyway.” 

As an angel, Cas can’t sleep unless his energy is seriously depleted, but he’s sure he could fake it fairly convincingly if that’s what Dean wishes.  He can vouch for the fact that watching loved one’s sleep is a wonderfully fascinating experience.  

Dean, however, seems to have something else in mind. 

“Oh yeah?”  he smirks.  “In that case, whaddya say, angel?  You up for a quick romp on the beach?”

Cas stares at him blankly.  “It’s one AM, Dean.  In the middle of Kansas.” 

“So?  You’re wings are feelin’ better, right?  We could be in Miami before you could say Bugs Bunny!

Cas opens his mouth, then closes it again.  It’s true, of course, though he’s been without the use of his wings for so long he sometimes finds himself forgetting he can fly again.  

Wearily, he gets to his feet, wrapping his arms around Dean’s waist as he grins that stupid smirk of his, spreading his arms like Rose from Titanic.

Doesn’t like chick flicks, his ass.

Dean grins at him over his shoulder.  “Take us away, huggy bear.” 

Castiel rolls his eyes at his hunter’s goofiness, yet he finds himself smiling, saying a silent prayer of thanks to his unseen father.

It’s true, of course:  things would be easier if Cas was human, even if it was never meant to be.  And yet, Cas can’t imagine life much better than it is right now.

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why do you like jeankasa? just curious because i'm starting to like this ship and wondering if there are aspects to their dynamic that i might've missed

Unlike most of my ships, I think jeankasa’s one of the pairings in this series that is easy to appreciate without a lot of super deep and/or critical thinking.

Don’t get me wrong—I think other pairings can be appreciated on the surface, too! I just think that jeankasa is easier to fully appreciate without having to dig deep…probably because a good portion of what makes it likable is easy to find/remember having happened.

Almost right away in the series we realize that Jean has the hots for Mikasa. I don’t think anyone denies that it’s kinda cute how he stumbles all over himself to try to compliment her when he doesn’t even know her.

The really cool thing about jeankasa is that Jean once liked Mikasa for superficial reasons…but he no longer does, which does a lot for Jean as a character and also manages to say a lot about Mikasa. 

Throughout the series, particularly in the manga (post female titan arc), we see a lot of evidence of Jean’s affection having evolved. It hasn’t changed into something else, but has built upon that initial attraction. At first he was attracted to her physical appearance, but with time it seems that he also finds himself attracted to her confidence, her strength, her will, her sense of loyalty, and so on.

The series didn’t do a great job with Mikasa at first; it mostly just pushed her badassery, which was disappointing.

Through Jean’s attraction (whether it’s returned or not) we can see that she has qualities that other people really admire. I’m not saying that characters like Eren don’t admire these things, too, but we really see them best through Jean. If I had to guess why, I’d say that Jean represents the everyman, so it’s easy to show things from his perspective without the narrative feeling cluttered.

Anyway, Mikasa is a flawed character, but Jean likes her anyway. Mikasa is a badass, and Jean seems to really respect that—even like it—but he’s not fool enough to think that she’s invincible, either. He steps in to save her life when they’re chasing Bertholdt and Reiner.

I also like that there’s no pressure between them. He’s respectful. (I feel gross saying I like that about a ship because it should be a given and I don’t like praising a ship for portraying a basic requirement to a healthy relationship, but I think there are ships in this fandom where the characters don’t show respect to one another. I’m only mentioning it as a positive because it’s something built into the canon: people always think Jean is sort of a jackass, but he’s definitely changed as a character and they’ve done a great job showing this.)

Mikasa’s point of view is a little harder to consider because like I said, the narrative has done a piss-poor job on getting into her head (this is true of most characters in the series, though, at this point), but she respects Jean, too—even likes him, considers him a friend. While that fact alone probably isn’t worthy of WOOO HOIST THE SAILS I really like friendship as a backdrop to a relationship and feel that, in the situation these characters are in, it’s kind of important to have that foundation, first: especially mutual respect/friendship.

I think if I was going to say anything about jeakasa overall, though, it would be that I appreciate the ship for what it could be—versus what it is (which is obviously nonexistent, since there aren’t many canon ships in this series). Based on what the canon gives us, they could do very well for themselves. (Or end up a very tragic sort of couple, but let’s hope not.)

Most importantly, though, Jean’s feelings toward Mikasa actually seem grounded, which, for a canon crush in a series like this, is almost amazing. I mean, it’s not hard to figure out why Jean likes her, whereas in some series’ I’ve noticed the canon crushes almost don’t make sense even though we’re really supposed to believe in them!

I’m not sure how much of it was intentional and if we were supposed to see Jean’s feelings evolve in this way, or if it was just a product of moving forward with the general plot, but the fact that his feelings are no longer rooted in a physical attraction is wonderful. This is a young man whose feelings mean something real.

(Also Jean fumbling his way through a relationship with Mikasa is a fun thought.)