and i really wonder how their relationship evolved

Okay, I really don’t care if I get hate over this, but since I’ve seen this point so many times the past few days, I feel like I have to say something.

People have been saying that shipping canonically underage characters with older characters is “harming” actual children or csa survivors, regardless of the character’s age in an artist or writer’s rendition. The reasoning behind that statement implies that the fandom still pictures the underage character when they read the story, because that is how they are in canon, and it is impossible to divorce that image from a fan’s work.

I’m sorry, but that logic is flawed and entirely invalid. It really makes me wonder if the people commenting even know how creative derivation works. The majority or writers and artists don’t “age” a character just to so they can post something that would otherwise be against the rules, they are genuinely interested in exploring how canon events would affect a character’s transition into adulthood and the relationships that may or may not evolve with them. Fictional characters can grow and change within a narrative, even if that narrative isn’t present in  canon. That’s pretty much the whole point of fan-art and fan-fiction. In the confines of that story or picture, they are an adult, and if you see a 12 year old instead, that is not our problem.

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