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Ok so, I will go out on a limb and say this: I think the person we saw in these glitches wasn’t the “real” Anti. This guy just stares at us (first gif), looks at us as if he’s in pain and wants us to help him (second gif) and then, when he talks about “true likeness of your soul”, he stares at us again with a face that kinda says “Do you really know Jack that well?”.. What if Jack is NOT Jack? What if Anti took over him after “Say Goodbye” and pretended to be him until now? And the Jack we see in the second gif is trying to ask for help, maybe..?

Also, the thumbnail: there’s Anti in the front and then, hidden behind him, we see Jack! Like, the tables have turned! And for the whole episode, we heard the sentence “I am you but you are not me”.. That is a weird coincidence, I think.. what do you guys think? Am I seeing things? haha

(from “BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS | Detention 返校 - Part 4 (END)”)

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AU: Philip gets invited to a party as a prank and they spike his drink. Lukas has to help him through being drugged. Philip tells him some things about growing up with an addict.
based off of:
Count the Stars
Count the Stars

“Philip, I really don’t think that’s a good idea..”

“What? You upset I’m not the freak you make me out to be?” Philip teased, a smirk tugging at his plump lips as he craned his neck to look over at Lukas. Philip’s eyes dropped to his lap, the small upturn of his lips disappearing as his face fell subtly. He was just teasing, but it still hurt to some extent to know that your lover doesn’t want to be seen in public with you.

Lukas sighed briefly, his own face dropping to the ground for a moment. He never meant to hurt Philip. It was always a heat of the moment thing. He was brash and when he felt need be, violent. He didn’t want Philip to be scared. He wanted him to feel safe. Lukas always felt so closed in and terrified; there was no way he thought to deal with it other than to push Philip away.

The blue eyed boy slowly slid his hand from holding himself up to over top of Philip’s, both of them now looking at the view in front of them.

It wouldn’t seem like much to many - the view. Their view. It was isolated to say the least; trees surrounding a small hill above Tivoli. They had stumbled across it while looking for new places to shoot Lukas’ motocross one day. There was a small area where the trees stopped - the edge of the hill that offered a view of most of their small town. They both declared it their view. Their spot. Their haven. So when everything else around them seemed to be falling apart, they always knew there was one small space they had that kept them going.

The sun was setting. The sky was illuminated in bright orange and pink colors with clouds scattered across the sky. There was a slight breeze drifting through the boys’ hair as they sat next to each other, Lukas’ legs straight out and Philip’s criss crossed. Birds flew high above them and the trees rattled gently. Everything seemed perfect. Content. Safe.

“I just..” Lukas started, an irritated sigh following after. He was never good with expressing his feelings. “I don’t want you getting hurt, is all…” he mumbled, absently smoothing his thumb over the top of Philip’s hand.

Philip breathed a laugh, “Hurt? What’s the worst that could happen? It’s just a party, Lukas,” he inquired, his cheeks heating up slightly at the gentle touch from Lukas’ fingers. “Why’re you acting like I’m leaving for war or something?” he teased, his eyes locked on the boy next to him.

Lukas shrugged, the ghost of a smile playing at his lips. He rolled his eyes, giving Philip a playful shove before looking down at the city below. “Shut up.” he mumbled, shaking his head slightly at himself for becoming so protective over the boy next to him.


Delivered to Philip
I’ll see you at the party. I picked up Rose

From Philip
Great. Can’t wait to see you and your girlfriend together.

Delivered to Philip
Shut up. I’ll find a way to get us alone

From Philip
How charming

The party was just as rambunctious as one would expect. Teenagers drinking until they pass out, grinding on each other as music blared in their ears. Some were outside, underneath the lights strung up around the house that gave it even more vibrancy than it already had.

Lukas made his way upstairs, cautiously looking around the hallways to make sure no one else was there. He intended on keeping his promise to Philip, searching for a way to make sure they would be alone. He didn’t want it to be like that way forever - sneaking around all the time. He often times hoped that one day he would take Philip away from Tivoli to someplace else. Someplace more accepting. Someplace where they could be themselves.

The blonde boy slowly opened one of the bedroom doors, peeking in to see whether it was empty or not. He relaxed his muscles and let a soft sigh of relief fall from his lips as he entered the notably empty room, shutting the door behind him. He pulled out his phone and opened his messages with Philip.

Delivered to Philip
Bedroom next to the bathroom upstairs

After sending the message, Lukas sat down on the bed and let his eyes wander around the room, slightly uncomfortable with having the intentions to make out with Philip in another person’s bed. It was clearly a girl’s room, judging from the multiple polaroids of a group of girls hanging up on the walls and the makeup stand by the window.

The polaroids reminded him of Philip. How he’d always take pictures of Lukas when he was sleeping, or when they were on the hill and the sunset on that particular day caught Philip’s eye and he would pull out his phone to capture it. The distant memories caused a small smile to turn on Lukas’ lips, sitting back on the bed with his arms folded across his chest.

Delivered to Philip
You having that much trouble finding the bedroom?

Lukas had sent the message roughly five minutes after sending the first one. And then another three minutes later.

Delivered to Philip
Come on, Shea. I know you aren’t that stupid. Where are you?

After a few more minutes of waiting for the knock that never came, Lukas pushed himself off of the bed and opened the door. He looked to make sure no one was around before stepping out again, making his way downstairs. His eyes scattered all over the crowded house, frantically looking for the boy. Lukas knew for a fact Philip was there - he saw him come in minutes after he had. He knew it was a bad idea, that Philip never should have came.

“Lukas! Baby, I’ve been looking all over the place for you. Where’ve you been?” Rose yelled over the music as she stumbled up to Lukas, her hands snaking around his waist as a lazy smirk played at her lips. It was clear she was tipsy from the way she eyed him carelessly, though Lukas didn’t seem to notice as his own blue orbs were focused on finding Philip. Anxiousness and dread pumped through his veins as he looked down at Rose for a moment before gently pushing passed her.

“N-nowhere. I just - I need to use the bathroom.” he lied as he pressed a light kiss to her forehead and made his way around the house again. He looked everywhere - outside, in the basement, the kitchen. It was when he bumped into a smaller figure by the fireplace inside did he find him.

“Lukas? H-hey! Hey, I’ve been.. uh.. looking for you!” he slurred, his arms spread out with a goofy grin tugged at his lips and a plastic red cup in his hand. He was clearly drunk, and the stench of beer on his breath caused Lukas to wince slightly. Lukas pushed him away slightly, his eyebrows furrowed and his expression hard as he looked him over. His usual golden brown eyes that had the constant wary look in them were hazed over and red, sweat glistened over his forehead, and he looked dazed out.

“Where have you-” Lukas began to question him but was quickly cut off by Philip smashing his lips against Lukas’ in a sloppy fashion. Lukas pushed him away, his eyes wide and frantically looking around to make sure no one saw. “No - what are you doing?” he scolded, his hands placed on Philip’s shoulders to keep him from falling. They were lucky no one saw; and if they did, they were too drunk to fully process it.

Hurt flashed across Philip’s face before pulling away more, attempting to push Lukas away but he seemed too weak to. Lukas looked around for a moment before grabbing Philip’s sleeve and dragging him towards the stairs. He helped him up, as the boy was too out of it to do it himself while Lukas looked past his shoulder occasionally to make sure no one was paying attention.


“Sit down,” Lukas ordered, demanding yet gentle. He kept his hands on Philip’s shoulders as to guide him to the edge of the bathtub. Philip tripped over his own feet multiple times while making his way over to it, his hands instinctively finding Lukas’ shoulders to keep himself steady.

“The stars look so pre-” Philip began to slur, his eyes seemingly glued to the open window that allowed a cold breeze to sweep through the room, a view of the dark sky visible through it.

“What happened?” Lukas cut him off, bending down so he was eye-level with the boy. Those blue orbs that were usually an icy layer that repelled others away were replaced with frantic worry as he checked Philip everywhere to make sure he was okay. “Are you okay? Do you feel fine?” he questioned him, his hands caressing the boy’s cheeks as his heart pumped in his ears. Lukas was so unbelievably worried about the wellbeing of this boy you could compare him to an overprotective mother.

“Philip? Answer me, how many drinks did you have?” he inquired, his blue eyes meeting Philip’s brown ones. He looked even more dazed out now as his eyes were still locked on the window. “Philip, look at me!” Lukas’ voice rose slightly as he forced Philip to look him in the eyes.

A slight look of hurt flashed across Philip’s face as he winced slightly at Lukas’ loud voice, causing Lukas to feel as if someone had his heart in a fist. “I-I only had one drinks..” he slurred, his voice quiet his own hands loosely wrapped around Lukas’ forearms.

“From the guy with the.. the brown hair.. and the dog tags.. What was his name..” Philip’s voice drifted off as he bit his lip in thought.


“Yeah! Matty.. or Michael…”

Immediately Lukas put two and two together as Philip’s hands slid from his forearms to around his torso in a loose manner.

Matty was notorious for being a prankster at school, whether it was putting glue on a student’s seat or spiking someone’s drink at a party. There was no logical way Philip got drunk off his ass after two drinks. The only explanation would be that he was drugged.

The blonde boy stood up straight, letting Philip’s arms engulf him in a hug he wasn’t expecting. Philip mumbled something against Lukas’ stomach in which he couldn’t make out, but he went with it anyways.

Lukas pulled away and pressed his lips to the top of Philip’s head longer than he meant to, “I’m going to go get you a water bottle. Stay put and don’t move until I come back.” he ordered, making his way to exit the bathroom with a fire burning in his belly.


Lukas had managed to avoid Matty as he walked back down to the party, making sure he kept his mind in the right place. If he acted out and started a fight everyone would question why he was defending Philip and he couldn’t afford anyone becoming more suspicious than they already were.

Lukas sighed as he opened the bathroom door again, closing and locking it behind him. His heart dropped once he had looked up to see Philip was no where to be found. He wasn’t sitting on the edge of the bathtub anymore and the bathroom was much too small to hide anywhere.

Lukas called for the boy multiple times, placing the water bottle on the sink before looking out of the window. It seemed logical - Philip was fascinated by it before Lukas left.

To Lukas’ relief, Philip was standing on the edge of the small slanted roof, his arms by his side as his head craned up towards the sky. He looked as if he wasn’t in control of his body, switching his weight from one foot to the next occasionally. He looked like he didn’t have a care in the world, like he was only invested in that moment. Lukas somewhat envied him.

“Philip, what are you doing, you’re gonna fall!” Lukas’ voice was a harsh whisper as his eyes were locked onto Philip, his feet holding himself up on the toilet seat and his torso halfway out of the window. “Come here, let me pull you back in.”

Philip turned around to look at Lukas for a brief moment before staring up again, a lazy smile pressed to his lips. “The stars look so pretty..” he mumbled, finishing his sentence from before.

“Philip, come here, you-”

“I’m fine, Lukas! Stop worrying so much all the time, I’m not a little ki-” Philip slurred, his voice rising slightly as he turned around to face Lukas fully. His movements were sloppy and slow, causing him to stumble back abruptly, which was ultimately enough to make Lukas climb out of the window and pull him back before he fell off the roof.

Lukas pulled Philip closer to his chest with such a force that they almost fell backwards onto the roof. Luckily, Lukas caught himself. He pushed himself away from Philip, his expression hard and angry.

“What the hell were you thinking? Someone could have seen you! Seen us!” Lukas’ voice rose slightly as he stared at Philip. “I’m not supposed to be up here with you, I’m-”

“Then-then why are you?” Philip poked Lukas’ chest, his expression a mixture of hurt and frustration. He pulled away, sighing as he sat down on the roof. He refused to look up at Lukas, who stared down at the boy in disbelief.

Philip sighed, leaning his head back against the roof with a small frown playing at his lips while his eyes slowly closed shut. Lukas eyed him carefully before sighing and sitting down next to Philip. He waited for the soft snores to begin erupting from the boy’s lips to signal that he was sleeping but it never came. There was complete silence between the two before Philip let a worn out sigh fall from his lips, his eyes opening again. He shifted slightly before speaking.

“My mom-” he began, avoiding eye contact with Lukas, even though his full attention was on Philip. “She used to always come home late from one of her..” he stopped, shaking his head slightly. “her dates.” he rolled his eyes, noticing Lukas’ expression drop at his words.

“I would stay up to wait for her. Every time she left. I knew she’d come home messed up, but I didn’t care. She’s my mom,” he shrugged, his voice cracking a bit. “She knew I would get upset because she never came home at times she promised to,” he explained, not realizing when he had started playing with Lukas’ fingers. He didn’t stop him, though - he was listening intently to Philip.

“So she’d take me outside to the couch in the courtyard. Sit down with me,” he slurred, his eyes shifting from their intertwined fingers to the starry sky above. “And we’d stay there, for hours. Just counting the stars. Looking at constellations. Sometimes even until the sun started showing..” his voice drifted off as he looked up at Lukas, who still hadn’t broken his gaze.

“I’m sorry, Philip.” he mumbled. His entire aura had changed from anger to gentleness, a feeling of mere admiration washing over him as Philip shifted, pressing his head into Lukas’ neck.

The next five words were the last ones Lukas heard from Philip that night. His voice was so soft that Lukas almost didn’t hear him. The boy wrapped his arms around Philip as he looked up at the sky, for once not worried if anyone caught them.

“Count the stars with me.”

You grinned as you pulled the chain, cold water splashing down on Jared as you did so.

“A cold shower?” he asked, flicking his hair from his face, “Really?”

“You said we could do whatever I wanted,” you reminded him, walking over to him and sitting in his lap, “And I really love Flashdance.”

You ran your hands up his chest, unbuttoning his soaked through shirt, kissing his skin as it was revealed.

“Who did it better?” he asked, his hands on your hips, “Me or Alex?”

“You,” you murmured against his clavicle, pushing his shirt from his shoulders, “Always you.”

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Imagine: The Maze Runner boys are all in an interview and somehow sex gets brought up. Thomas stays quiet because he knows that information is something the both of you want quiet. 

“Well Thomas and Ki Hong are the only ones who have girls and Ki Hong is married so we already know where that leads.” Dylan said nudging Thomas to mess with him. 

“Yeah Thomas how are you and your beautiful lady?” The interviewer turns the spot light to him causing his cheeks to turn rosy. 

“We’re good. I’m really happy.” Thomas speaks shyly 

“I bet a girl like that keeps you really happy.” The interviewer jokes. 

The boys start cracking up when they see Thomas’ face turn the shade of a tomato.

“If you only knew” Thomas replies with a huge smile on his face.

                         KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 6

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: NEW UPDATE! YAY! Okay, things are really getting intense now (as if they weren’t before) i’m pretty stoked to make the next few parts as I’ve got a lot in mind. BTW! Guess who finally makes an appearance this chapter? Please enjoy/reblog/like…whatever your lovely soul wants to do! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.3K+

Warning: Cursing? As usual.


Anyone who cried as much as you did couldn’t possibly recognize their own face, how could they? The way your face was heated, cheeks stained with undried tears along with your bloodshot eyes–it was something horrifying. Yet, in the back of your mind, a questioned raised: how was Kylo not the least bit grossed out at the sight of your terrifying aftermath called a face? Taking in yet another sniff as you continuously wiped your tears, you weren’t sure what you were crying about at this point. “Stupid Kylo Ren,” You muttered, tossing the crushed up toilet paper towards the mirror with such force, you couldn’t help but let out a small laugh as you watched it completely miss and land in the sink.

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Zeiyth Iyerah by @raelcsart

Where to begin ? @zeiyth, you’re an example of courage, determination, kindness and forgiveness. You had to face a lot of difficult situation, but never once I saw you giving up. Always you take the time to gather your strength and stand up again. I admire you for that.
This is a very small gift as you deserve way more, I want you to know that I consider you as a very dear friend, I really like you Zei *hugs*

Road Trip

s u m m a r y // based off the au  “We were on miniature road trip together when my car broke down in the middle of nowhere. The heater isn’t working now and we’re both freezing because it’s rainy out, so we’re forced to huddle under a blanket in the backseat and share body heat (and oh my god this wasn’t meant to be romantic but if you keep looking at me like that I am going to kiss the shit out of you).”

You slipped on your denim ripped shorts that came just an inch below your ass. You were wearing a color corset top and some black sandals, your toes painted a pretty peach color. You hair was in a big ponytail a few pieces left out to frame your face. You and your best friend Justin were going on a mini road trip to Arizona—don’t ask why because you really didn’t know either. He called you yesterday asking if you wanted to do something today and suggested you go on a little rode trip to the four corners. The four corners was the only play you could stand in four states all at once, it’s a point where Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona meet. You would only be gone for about a day since Arizona was right next to California. You tightened your ponytail a little bit checking your outfit on last time when your phone started to vibrate.

From: J to the B

On my way are you ready?

To: J to the B


You grabbed your black studded backpack starting to stuff things in it. You put your laptop inside with some random movies, your charger, your portable charging Starbucks cup (it’s real I swear and they’re cute), some random lip gloss, ear phones, your wallet, your sunglasses, and your camera—leaving your phone out to carry. You pursed your lips together thinking of anything else you might need but you couldn’t think of anything else. You closed the bag hearing the doorbell ring already. You walked over to the door twisting the smooth knob to reveal Justin leaning against your cherry wood door.

“Hi,” You smiled, your eyes observing his outfit.

He was wearing one of his fedora hats, a white shirt, some jeans and sneakers. You couldn’t see his hair through his hat but knowing him, he only put it on because he didn’t feel like gelling it. He had sunglasses on, a watch and his Cartier bracelets as usual.

“Hey,” He said returning the smile and giving you a hug. Pulling away, he looked at your outfit, “Nice shorts.” He chuckled tugging on them a little bit.

“Thanks,” You replied, feeling your heart flutter at his small compliment. You stared into his hazel brown eyes for a moment seeing him lick his lips as you stood in silence with a smile on your face.

Justin cleared his throat a little awkwardly when he realized you were staring at each other for quite some time, “You ready?” He asked scratching the back his head.

“Uh, yeah just let me get my bag real quick.” You coughed, turning on your heal to go get your backpack.

You grabbed it off your bed and turned off the lamp grabbing your house keys; wouldn’t want to forget those again. Turning off the bedroom light, you turned off the rest of the lights in your house walking over to Justin and leaving shutting the door.

You walked to his car side by side and he walked over to the passenger side opening the door for you. You hummed a small thank you as you got in and he shut the door after you then went over to his side hopping into the car. You set your bag in the back seat behind you putting your phone in your lap as  he put on his seat belt then started the car.

You took the aux cord hooking it up to your phone then scrolled through trying to a song you felt like listening to. Justin backed out of your drive way his eyes on the road. Kicking your feet up onto his dash, you decided on Come My Way (feat. Drake) by Fetty Wap, your current obsession—drakes part especially made you hype. Justin’s turned up the song bobbing his head a little making you laugh, as he looked over at you all comfortable in his car.

“All I gotta do is put my mind to this shit

Cancel out my ex, I put a line through that bitch”

You and Justin rapped in unison making you burst into laughter. You weirdly danced in your seat, Justin glancing over to you every once and a while to chuckle at your horrible attempt at dancing.

“Put your seat belt on.” Justin stated looking at you with a little worry in his eyes.

You listened to him, buckling it across your body. Looking out the window of his car you admired the beautiful palm trees in your sight. Your unbuckled your seat belt for a moment reaching in the back to get you camera out of your bag. Your ass was kind of next to Justin’s face and your heard him cough awkwardly as you sat back down in your seat.

You put your seat belt on then snapped some pictures of the palm trees. You took a picture of your feet; the front of Justin’s car, the rearview mirror then looked over at Justin. Pointing the camera towards him, you took a picture of him with his one hand on the steering wheel and the other rested on his lap. Justin’s head snapped in your direction when the flash went off grinning you as you took another of him.

“Take your hat off.” You winked subtly. He shook his head at you no licking his chapped lips. “Please.” You pouted at him sticking you bottom lip out.

He playfully rolled his eyes at you moving his hand that was on his lap to take it off then placed it on your head. You shrugged your shoulders not really minding it. Pointing the camera towards him again, you snapped a few more picture as you came to a red light. Justin’s hand left the steering reel and he grabbed the camera from your hands.

“Pose,” He said, giving you a slow and sexy smile.

You giggled putting up a peace sign the flash going off, you stuck out your tongue and crossed your eyes making a silly face the flash going off again, you titled your head and smiling, Justin took one last picture. He brought the camera from his face looking at the picture he just took of you.

“Beautiful.” A smile dangled on the corner of his lips as he stared down at the photo. You bit on your bottom lip glancing away. Justin looked up at you then set the camera down on your lap as the light turned green.

You sat straight in your chair, your lips pressed together. You didn’t know why you always got so flushed when Justin complemented you, you two were best friends and have been for a very long time—things like this never used to bother you but now it made you feel something you didn’t really know how to explain.

Fumbling with your fingers you looked over at Justin his messy hair on his head as he tapped his fingers against his seat. You crossed your legs together tapping the air with your foot as leaned your head back on the car seat.

“You tired?” Justin asked, turning his head to look over at you.

“A little bit,” You responded, batting your eyes at him a yawn escaping your mouth.

“Go to sleep,” He replied, turning a sharp corner making you see sunset through his window.

“—but I need a pillow.” You whined, hoping he would stop the car and offer his shoulder for a moment.

Instead when stopped at a stop sign he unbuckled his seat belt tugging his shirt off his body balling it up and handing it to you. You hid the smile that was trying to creep on your face as your eyes stared down at his tone chest. You felt your mouth water wondering when the hell he started working out again. He looked good shirtless all the time but (Beyoncé voice) goddamn. You found yourself staring at his defined abs wanting to just reach your hand out and rub your hands down them—or kiss them—or both.

“Y/N, hey.” He said waving his hand in front of your face snapping you out of your daydream.

“Huh?” You muttered, looking up at his eyes making a small chuckle leave his lips.

“I said I’ll wake you up when we stop for gas.” He repeated and you nodded you head.

Justin put his seat belt on as you turned laying on your side and shutting your eyes drifting off to the sound of him humming the every song that played.

You felt someone shake your shoulder making you groan and wake up from your lovely dream. Your dream was about Justin and oddly it wasn’t the first time—this time it was about something that was not so appropriate but it felt so real.

“Y/N, wake up before I pour water on you.” You heard Justin groan and the sound of a door shutting.

You opened your eyes the bright lights of the gas station hitting your eyes making you cover them. You cleared your throat taking off your seat belt and sitting up to see Justin not in the car. You looked around seeing him stand there pumping gas into the car, shirtless. There wasn’t anyone really outside just one or two cars; they were parked though. You opened the car door stretching out your tired legs as Justin looked over at you putting the gas things bag where it belonged.

“Hey sleepy head.” He breathed in a husky voice.

“Yeah, do you want your shirt back? It’s kind of cold out here.” You pressed, shivering yourself starting to run your hands up and down arms, goosebumps forming.

He nodded his head laughing as you opened the car back up tossing him his shirt. He pulled it over his head motion for you to follow him into seven eleven. You walked a little faster to catch up to him, his tattooed arm wrapping around your shoulder and pulling you closer to him. A roar of thunder made you stop in your tracks and jump. Justin looked up at the sky for a moment before you two continued walking.

When you stepped into the shop a small ding echoed and the gas station attendant greeting you with a hello, which you and Justin greeted back. You tried to drift away from Justin to go towards the candy isle but he pulled you back to him, his arm dropping to go around your waist.

“Justin, I want candy.” You laughed trying to get away from him. He pinched your side looking down at you since you were much shorter than him.

“You can get anything you want.” He said, giving you his famous smirk.

“Anything I want?”

“Anything.” You shyly crossed your arms around your chest walking towards the back where the drinks were. Looking through them you opened the glass door picking up a Half ‘N Half Snapple. “You want one?” You asked Justin as you held the door open just in case.

“Nah, I’ll get a Gatorade though.” He replied nodding his at it.

You picked it up handing the cold bottle to him and he grabbed it. You shut the door, as your hands were now freezing cold. Justin leaned against one of the other doors playing with the bottle in his hand. You smiled to yourself stepping up to him only for his eyes to meet yours. You bit your lower lip as he leaned in a little your lips brushing against his. Having to ruin the moment because you were just that kind of person, you put your cold hand onto his cheek making him groan.

“Ugh, shit that’s cold.” He grumbled taking your hands off his cheeks.

You laughed as he scrunched his nose up at you and you kissed it making him smile a little. You don’t know what was up with the two of you lately but you liked it. Justin held onto your cold hands bringing them down and rubbing his thumbs against the back of your hands.

“We should get some food.” You murmured, looking up at him. He nodded in response nothing saying anything.

He let go of one of your hands holding on to the other as you walked towards the candy. Justin interlaced his fingers with yours, your cheeks beginning to get hot—you didn’t mind at all. You looked through the chocolate not knowing which one to get; they were all so good.

“Which one should I get?” You asked sadly letting go his hand to hold a Twix in one hand and a Milky Way in the other.

“Just get both.” He shrugged his shoulder stuffing his hands in his pocket.

You mentally sighed knowing you probably shouldn’t have let go. He was probably thinking you didn’t want to hold his hand now but you wanted to, you really did.

“Alright.” You faked a smile.

Justin grabbed a bag of chips and took the stuff from your hand walking to the counter to pay for everything. He pulled his wallet out of his jean pockets swiping his card when the total came to $12.37. Grabbing the plastic bag, he held it in his hands telling the lady at the counter thank you. You walked out the station the air smelling like it was going to rain. You both got into the car starting to see small drips of waterfall from the sky. Justin dug into the bag handing you your stuff.

“Thanks.” You muttered, setting your drink down in the cup holder. You opened the mirrored sun visor seeing you hair was complete mess and you shirked. “Justin why didn’t you tell me my hair looked horrible.”

He looked over at you looking at it for a moment reply, “It looks fine, what are you talking about?”

“Do you not see this?” You raised your eyebrows at your frizzy hair.

“Here I’ll fix it.” He said reaching over to you. He grabbed ahold of the elastic pulling it down to let your hair loose. He flicked the hair tie somewhere.

“You just made it worse.” You whimpered, trying to fix it.

“Y/N, it looks fine. You still look as beautiful as ever.” He complemented opening his bags of chips. “You want some?”

You nodded your head and he handed the bag to you chewing as he grabbed his eyes out of his pocket. He put them into the ignition starting it then putting his seat belt on. You chewed on the tasty chips in your mouth doing the same. You pushed the button on the side of the seat leaning you chair back a little so you could get comfortable. Justin backed up, leaving the gas station and turning into a road surrounded by trees and dirt. He reached over to you grabbing a chip from the bag and putting it in his mouth.

“Can you open that?” He questioned, pointing towards his drink.

You grabbed his drink twisting the cap off and handing in to him. He drank a few gulps then handed it back to you. You put the cap back on and set it down back into the cup holder. Another clap of thunder sounded starting to make you a little scared, as it got cold in Justin’s car.

“Can you turn on the heat or something?” You posed starting to feel goosebumps on your arms.

“It’s actually broken right now. Damn, I didn’t even think about it before we left.” He cursed looking over at you shiver. “Sorry.”

“It’s alright, I think I’ll manage.” You said opening the Twix bar that you previously had placed on your lap.

“There might be a blanket back there that I left one day.” He mentioned, taking a quick glance back to see.

You unbuckled your seat belt reaching back to get the blanket setting it in your lap as you sat back down. Justin turned on his windshield whippers driving down the road. You wrapped you self in the warm blanket looking over at Justin.

“You cold?”

“A little bit, I think I’ll manage.” He chuckled mocking you from earlier. It was silent for a moment until he spoke up again. “You know, I think you were moaning in your sleep.”

“What?” You asked in sort of a question, narrowing you eyes at him as you took another bite of your Twix.

“I think you were moaning in your sleep.” He repeated looking over at you and you could tell he was trying to hold back the smirk on his face.

You didn’t say anything your mouth just hung open your eyes focused ahead of you not knowing how to respond to that. What were you suppose to say? Like yeah Justin I was and it wa because I was dreaming about you—damn you never should’ve took his shirt and he shouldn’t have took it off.

“So who were you dreaming about?” He posed, taking your Twix out of you hand for a moment to take a bite.

“No one.” You said simply even though you knew he was going to think you were lying.

“Oh, come on it was about someone.”

“No it wasn’t it, it wasn’t about anyone at all.” You lied, rolling you head still not making any eye contact with him.

“Then look at me.” He said, a pit of nervousness settling in your stomach.

Just as you were about to say something else the rain started to pour harder and Justin’s car slowly came to a halt. You looked at him seeing a confused look knowing that it wasn’t on purpose. He slowly turned the steering wheel and it stopped on the side of the road.

“I think there’s something wrong with engine or something.” He huffed. “Great, we’re in the middle of nowhere and it’s cold.”

He was pretty right you guys wouldn’t be able to fix anything until the rain stopped. “At least we’re together.” You stated seeing Justin shiver.

You looked towards the back not knowing if you should take a chance of not. You decided to, taking your seat belt off you threw the blanket into the back. Justin looked at you as you climbed back there.

“Come on,” You said, waving your hand for him to lay with you.

He opened his mouth like he was about to say something then closed it slipping off his shoes then climbing in the back with you. You sat up straight for a moment taking off you sandals as he made himself comfortable against side of the car. He patted his lap so you scooted over sitting on top him then spreading the cover over the both of you. His cold hands touched you waist making you shiver a little bit.

“Oh, I have my laptop do you want to watch a movie?” You asked looking at him behind you. He nodded his head so you leaned down grabbing your laptop out your bag and the five movies you stuffed in there. “I have Monster in Law, Stepbrothers, Bride Wars, Mean Girls, and Divergent.”

“You brought a whole bunch of chick movies.” He chuckled, hid breath against your neck.

“—Well I didn’t think we’d watch them they were just in case.”

“You pick.”

You picked Bride Wards since it was funny and romantic, also you haven’t seen in a while. You opened you laptop the screen flashing a picture of you and Justin. It was from your birthday party a few months ago. Justin was dressed nicely in a suit and you were in a low-cut black dress. You hand your arms wrapped around his neck and one of your legs of the ground in a cute way as Justin’s hands were on your waist and he was looking into your eyes.

“I remember that picture.” He said and you could hear the smile on your face. “That was the day your sister thought we were dating so I had to pretend to be your boyfriend.”

You thought back on that day, it was a great and it was true. She kept pressuring you about not dating anyone so it kind of slipped that you were dating Justin so he went along with it. Putting the disk inside the laptop rested on your lap as you leaned your head back into Justin’s chest his fingers starting to trace little circles on your hips. You could hear the sound of the rain against the car as the movie started. You felt Justin’s eyes on you so you couldn’t help but turn your head to look at him—he was looking back.

You stared at each other being able to glimpse part of each other’s face from the light of your laptop. You bit your lip from nervousness his eyes flickering down from your eyes to your lips. You wanted to kiss him, really bad. His soft lips brushed against your plump ones making you let out a small breath. His lips stayed there for a moment as if he was contemplating if he should kiss you or not.

“Kiss me.” You whispered.

Not having to ask twice his lips pressed against yours making you shot of ecstasy go through your body. You didn’t notice until now how bad you wanted it to happen—you were glad it was. You slowly kissed him back wanting to savor the moment as one of hands reached up to your face. He tucked some of your hair behind your ear cupping your cheek to keep your lips against his.

This felt right and hoped it felt right to him too. He pulled away from the kiss biting your bottom lip lightly in the process, smiling down at you. You smiled back not knowing what to say so you just turned your attention back to the movie. Justin fingers starting to play with your hair as you played that moment over and over again in your head.

  • He’s Not a Monster - Fanfiction

Everything was a blur the moment you woke up, dangling from your tied up ankles. You hung from a wobbly, unstable platform and opened your hazy eyes onto the city below. The cars were honking and were spazzing across the street, the usual traffic in Gotham.

“Oh, shit!” You exclaim, suddenly realizing the horrific state you were in. You felt the cool midnight breeze move you around, making you anxious about the squeaking metal which decided whether you lived or fell to a gruesome death. Either case, you really wanted to go home and sleep or eat something hot; it was freezing and it was early winter!

While dangling for a moment, you suddenly felt a vibration from your back jean pocket. You gasped, “Phone! I swear if I dro-” Your heart literally sank while watching your new samsung smartphone gracefully slip out of your shivering hands and down to the street. Your eyes widen and your face flushes in anger. “Damnit! I really needed it! Ah, why am I so stupid?!” Hitting your head lightly, out of the corner of your eye, you notice a dark figure looming above you. Noticing this, you immediately shut up.

“Who’s there?” You ask, squinting your eyes. Damnit, I can’t see. Ahhh, maybe he’s the one who put me here! Why can’t I remember anythi-

“Do you remember who put you here?” The dark figure asked. His voice was extremely deep and had a weird voice changer effect as well. “Ah, I don’t remember actually. Sorry..” You apologize, smiling nervously. From the moonlight above, you eye the stranger carefully and notice two stubs on his head; you then notice he wore a mask..and a suit!

The mysterious man surprisingly landed on a sturdy platform which was out of reach for you, and once your eyes were fixed onto him, you realized who he was. “B-ba-b–” You stutter. As you began putting things together in your head, your eyes glance over to his face and recognize his smile. So he’s human after all, you think. Batman began cutting the rope off and immediately carried you in his arms, sliding down, then releasing his bat wings to land somewhere safer.

“We’re okay now.” He said. You hadn’t opened your eyes since the flight, but as you did, the empty alleyway made you feel much better. Turning to the savior, he seemed to have grabbed your arm and dragged you to a black and strange looking vehicle. “Could you kindly get inside, (your name)?” He asked, opened up the passenger door. “Oh, sure..” You mumble, hopping inside. He made his way to the driver’s seat, but while doing so, you felt confused. How did he know my name? And why don’t I remember jack? Your thoughts rambled on and on until Batman placed his large hand on her shoulder. “I asked you if you were hurting anywhere.” He sounded different now. His voice was more organic and human. “Ah, my bad. I’m feeling okay..” There was an awkward moment of silence but he turned on the ceiling light and examined your face. “Hm, they beat you badly.” He mumbled, looking very angry. Pausing for a moment, you decide to ask something.

“Um, how did you know my name?” You ask with a quiet shaky tone of voice; for some reason you were nervous to ask a simple question like that. “You must not remember, since you were the one who told me anyway. I’d like to explain what happened before you woke up once we reach a certain destination.” Batman’s voice was monotonous and a bit lacking in emotion now, which saddened you but it wasn’t like you’ve met him before, right?

The drive to your home was short and sweet, minus the awkward silence and the damn stop lights. After parking outside of your home, you frown and turn to Batman, but he had already gotten out of the vehicle, and began to open your door. “I’ll answer your questions inside, (your name)..” He said it very plainly and headed towards your front door, opening it. What?! I didn’t lock it?? You think, cautiously following the bat into your house. Nothing looked robbed or broken; it looked normal. It was relieving to see this but you were now concerned about the current situation at hand.

“Alright, you may ask–”

“How do you know my name?” You ask confidently. Batman just sighs and smiles, “You’ve already asked me that.”

“Oh yeah..” You become flustered now. “Second question! How come I don’t remember anything? Why I was hanging up there like that, with my face all beat up?” You became very emotional at this point, desperate for answers and the truth.

“The Joker had become aware of who you are, (your name), and he thought it was a weakness of mine so–” Batman looked surprisingly nervous now, you notice. “He kidnapped you and then he beat you, obviously from your bruises and cuts.”

“So, what am I to you?” You ask. Your eyes were suddenly glossed with tears. It was so confusing and angering that you didn’t know who and what you were in the last 24 hours. Not to mention the abuse which appeared all over your body. The black suited hero kept quiet for a long time, until he let out a deep sigh.

“What have you heard of me, what do you remember of the Batman?” He asked, which threw you off guard.

“What do you mean?” You ask, wiping your eyes. He didn’t answer, but his eyes were so deep and in some sort of pain. You huff and pull your hair back. “Well, you’re the hero of Gotham city. You save people and bring criminals to justice and..” Your voice begins to shake, your nose tingles from the upcoming wave of tears about to arise. “You’ve ruined some people’s lives.” This time, you look at his eyes and continue.

“You’ve become feared from the police, the criminals, and the children who have once looked up to you. You’re not human, they say. You don’t care about anyone but yourself and your pride. You kill the guilty as well as the innocent. You’re a liar.” You stop your abusive words and avert your eyes to the carpet below, watching your vision blur from tears. You hear Batman breathing softly and just before you continue, you flinch at the mask, which once covered this man’s identity, that collapsed onto the floor. Too afraid to look up, you hug yourself and stare at your feet until a bare hand holds up your chin to look up. It was Bruce Wayne. Your boyfriend of two years who was always working and was so stressed but never had the selfishness to show it to you. You saw the child who lost his parents due to a deranged criminal, and also a very loving man who had saved you so many times, but you just never knew it was him. The mask was the barrier, but now it had been broken; shattered.

“Bruce..?” You stare at his bruised face, and it was somehow able to give a warm smile. “(your name), I’m so sorry I’ve been lying to you everyday.” You saw his eyes redden with tears. He was stone cold Batman, now the love of your life. He removed his armor and suit, exposing his cuts and bruises all over his toned torso and arms. You couldn’t help but open your mouth in shock at the injuries as you desperately placed your once shaking hands onto his chest and abdomen. “Bruce, you’re so hurt..” You say, making your way to embrace him.

“I’ve kept it from you because if you knew, you’d be hurt like you are now. I couldn’t risk it anymore but it finally happened.” You heard his voice choke up. “You’re so hurt, (your name). It’s my fault. I couldn’t protect you today, I’m sorry.” You kept your head against his bare chest wondering how much strength he had to hold in his emotions during the ride here. I’m such a burden, you think. “Bruce, it’s alright.” You softly say, still holding him tightly. “How? You almost died today..” You finally let go and looked him in the eye; the both of you were red and wet-faced. “No wonder why you’d come home so late, so tired. You never once showed me anger or frustration. Bruce, how can you be so hurt but then never show it?” You shut your eyes and furrow your brows, upset at yourself for all the arguments you had in the past which mainly consisted about him being out so late, your worry about him apparently two-timing you. All these suspicions disappeared.

“(your name), I love you so much.” He said softly, shutting his tired eyes and suddenly collapsing onto you. “Bruce?!” You yell, helping him onto your couch, then running to get some water and the first aid kit. After returning to him, he started regaining consciousness and looked at you first. You don’t say anything for a couple minutes after treating his fresh open wounds on his face and chest, later covering them up with bandaids and gauze. “(your name), I–”

“He’s not a monster.” You say, avoiding eye contact. Bruce looks at you with a raised eyebrow. “What?”

“That’s what I tell my coworkers. They would gossip about you and occasionally compliment you, but sometimes they trash talk about you and claim you’re truly evil. That’s what I tell them. He’s not a monster.” Bruce’s expression relaxed as he heard your words. He shut his eyes and repeated it a few times in his head, before glancing at you. “I was right.” You say, kissing his forehead and embracing him once more.

He’s not a monster.

JUST LOok AT HIS NECK (😍😳) and IMAGINE you both laying on the bed and your head on his chest while you watch a movie and you getting bored so you lift your head till your faced with his neck and you just start to leave SO many hickeys on him and he’s moaning and he gets turned on and tries to touch and to stop you and says “as much as I’m enjoying this baby girl, I don’t want my fans to see” but he isn’t really thinking about stopping you any time soon  and you just continue and take his hands and press them down on the pillows beside his head and if he really wanted to stop you he would have easily freed himself cause he’s much stronger and after you left many hickey on his neck, you look up to see him with closed eyes and biting his lip and suddenly your back is pressed to the bed while he hovers over you and he leaves hickeys not just on your neck but (after taking of all your clothes ) everywhere on you body like your hips and inner thighs and then he starts to rub his sweatpants covered crotch against your naked one, showing you how turned on he is and after a wild and long night , fans see him buying breakfast and everybody freaking out because he forgot to cover up his neck and goodbye world (GIF IS NOT MINE ||| CREDIT TO OWNER)


Sorry for the drag but the long awaited chapter is here! If you wished to be tagged in the remainder chapters, tell me in my ask!
New Kid part 7:

“Why are you calling me?” I said tucking hair behind my ear
“I missed your voice”
“Alittle too late, don’t you think?”
“Your still the crazy girl I fell in love with”
“And your still the cheating bastard I fell out of love with” nate looked over at me examining my face.
“Baby, I miss you I really do.”
“Save it please, because I really don’t miss you.”
“Please just see me ,one last time, hear me out, if you don’t feel the same, ill leave you alone forever”
“No, I don’t want to see you, I can’t look at you knowing what you did. I don’t even wanna breath the same air as you.”
“Please princess, just give me a chance”
I let a deep breath out
“If I go, you’ll leave me alone?”
“When & Where”
“Now, my house”
“I’ll be there in 5”

I hung up and looked over to the boys
“Quick change of plans” I said turning the car, we drove in silience until we reached the front of his house, “why are we here” gilinsky asked “I need to end this once and for all, stay in the car.” I said getting out, I was walking up the drive way when i felt a hand against my shoulder “you don’t have to do this.” Nate said “I know but I want to I’ll be okay you guys are here I’m good” I said hugging him “be careful” “you know me” I said pulling away. I made my way to the door, and opened it, and saw David sitting in the sofa hands roaming through his hair

“Y/n..” He breathed out in relief
“Hi” I said coldly “sit, please?” He said looking at the sofa. I walked over,and sat down looking him straight in the eyes. “What’s this all about” I said “I miss you, i miss us.” he said throwing his hands to the side “again, it’s a little too late for that” “Y/n I love you dammit!” “NO DAVID!” I yelled a little too loud “you don’t get to do this to me, you broke me once,and left me to reattach the pieces. You got to move on, and I was left to forget everything we were! I fucking loved you. I let my walls down for you! Something I never fucking do, but I did for you, and as soon as I did you cheated on me! Now im fine, I’m okay again, I’ve moved on” “yeah,with sammy I see” “shut the fuck up! I get to talk,not you. I moved on, I’m fine, I’ve been happier without you, and now you want to randomly come back because you “miss me”. bullshit. I bet your back, because you have no one to fuck, and you think your gonna be able to crawl back in my panties. Sorry David, but it’s not working this time. And for your information sammy is my friend. So fuck you, fuck your apology, I don’t need to hear it. I came to let everything out, and now that I did.“ I fumbled grabbing my things and stood up “It’s time for me to go” I started walking away “no! You leave when I say so!” David yelled yanking my arm and throwing me across the room. I stood there motionless on the ground and David came to my side “fuck, fuck fuck I’m sorry I’m sorry” a single tear slid from my eye. I forced myself up and he took hold of my arm once again. With my free arm, i slapped him which angered him more “get the fuck off of me” I yelled. He ran to me, and pushed me against a wall “now your gonna pay” he yelled, he smashed his lips against mine. I tried to hit him but his grip on my arms were too tight. He used one hand to hold both my hands, still not breaking the kiss, and took his other free hand, and slid them down my pants. I kicked, but it was no use. He threw me to the sofa, continuing what he was doing. He forcibly rubbed me, but i threw my head back, and managed to yell. He covered my mouth and used his free hand to forcibly massage my breasts. After a couple seconds ,I heard the door swing open, and saw Nate from the corner of my eye. Johnson quickly dialed 911, and before David had time to react, gilinsky and nate pulled him off of me. Gilinsky came to me helping me up, and nate fought with David. Nate threw blow after blow connecting with David’s face until the cops came, and a cop pulled him off. “DONT FUCKING TOUCH A GIRL LIKE THAT EVER” nate yelled trying to break free. Gilinsky and Johnson helped me walk outside. to a awaiting ambulance and a short time later a bloody David appeared, hand cuffed, escorted to a awaiting cop car.


11x03 “The Bad Seed”
“I had it coming…”

You know, this is what gets to me about Dean so much. Moments like this one. Moments when you can see in his eyes how much he despises himself. How that quick look at Sam and Cas almost has something pleading. As if he’s saying “Please, don’t look at me” and “Please especially don’t look at me with such worry and care in your eyes, with such softness. I don’t deserve any of that”. You can almost feel how much Dean just wants to disappear right then and there. How the shame of everything leading up to this moment is written all over his face.

So when he puts that icepack back on his head it’s not really to relieve the pain in my opinion, because that he almost welcomes. Because that is something to distract him from how he feels inside. Mask the emotional pain with the physical kind, that’s always been so very Dean. And it hurts me every single time I see it. So no, in my opinion, that little motion of pressing the icepack to his forehead has nothing to do with pain relieve, in my opinion it much more serves as some kind of barrier, something to hide behind. And yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if a silent tear ran down his face. Shielded from view. Impossible for his brother and best friend to see.

Imagine #147 Let’s pretend (Pt.4)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


I fell asleep next to Neymar, the guy I had to pretend to be my boyfriend, the guy I could not stand.

When I woke up I felt a hand gently caressing my hand, so I got up really fast shocked.

“What are you doing?” I asked looking at Neymar with a proud smile.

“Hey don’t look at me; you were the one sleeping on my chest.”

“Whatever.” I said as I got out of bed and went in his bathroom.

“Are you crazy? Getting this fragile in front of him! Get your shit together,” I said to myself looking in the mirror.

As I cleaned my face, I walked back in the bedroom and bumped in to Neymar standing in front of the door. Shirtless.

“You okay?” Neymar asked laughing.


“Listen, want to go out for breakfast?” he asked as I took my clothes.

“Why, I need to go home.”

“Well you have to go on a game with me in two hours so…”


“What?” he asked confused not understanding if I accepted or not.

“I’ll go.”

“Get dressed then. Oh, and this is not a real date.”

“Oh good I was afraid I would have to reject you.” I said provoking him.

“No worries about that.”

When I got ready, I called my best friend from Neymar’s phone and told her why I did not sleep at home, of course, she was angry and scared, but she calmed down.

Neymar decided to go in a coffee bar next to his house where he went many times. We did not have to take his car so we walked.

“You slept good I guess?” he said while looking at his phone.

“It would have been better at home.”

He laughed knowing I was lying and confident about it, since I somehow ended sleeping in his arms.

Then we finally came. There was not many people and it seems a really nice and calm place.

“Oh Ney, good morning. The usual?” an old woman asked working there.

“Hey Paola, yes please.” He smiled as I followed him at a table.

“Oh you brought company, what can I bring you dear?”

“I’ll just have a coffee, thank you.”

Then she smiled and went to make our coffees.

“So? Will you tell me?” Neymar looked at me.


“Why are you acting this mean character?”

“This is how I am.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Well your problem then.” I said annoyed since I did not want to talk about it.

“Here you go,” The women interrupted us, “I’m sorry for asking this, but is she your girlfriend?”

“Yes, she is.” Neymar said as he placed his hand on mine on the table, so I forced a smile.

“You two are a cute couple. Stay in love.” She smiled and walked away, so I moved my hand.

“How come you don’t have a real girlfriend?” I asked.

“I had Bruna, but after a year, we broke up. Since then I never fell in love again.”

“I see.”

“And you?”

“I do not need anyone.”

“I knew it.”

“What now?”

“A guy hurt you. It’s a typical answer from a broken hearted girl.”

“You know nothing. Can we go now?” I asked as I noticed Neymar finished his coffee.

“I’ll go pay. Wait for me outside.”

I walked out of the bar and waited for him, he started a long conversation so I was bored waiting, when suddenly someone walked to me, two guys.

“Hey beautiful” one of them said.

“Are you all alone?”

“C’mon come with us?” one of them said as he grabbed my hand.

“Don’t touch me!” I said getting scared.

“Oh don’t be mad, you’ll have fun with us.”

I had tears in my eyes; I was scared more than I ever was. Until I suddenly noticed a guy structure in front of me.

“Don’t you fucking touch her!” I heard Neymar.

“Hey calm down, we were just talking.” One of them said as they walked away.

“You okay?” he asked as he turned around facing me. I was shocked, I was holding back my tears, but then he placed his arms on my shoulders and pushed me in his arms.

I have never felt so safe in my life. His arms, were giving me peace, I was calm.

“I’m sorry for leaving you alone.” He said still hugging me.

After some time I moved away, I did not want him to see me this way.

“Thank you.”

“Shall we go?” he said as he walked next to me all the way to his place.

When we came, it was already time to go to the game. I was a little bit afraid about this and I did not know how to act or what to say once I will be in front of all his friends and teammates. I hated lying.

Before we went, I asked Neymar to drive me to my friend’s place so I could take my phone and my purse and so he did. While driving I noticed so many calls and text’s but I did not feel like answering any of them.

“Okay so (y/n), we’re here. Don’t forget to act in love with me, wait. You do not have to act.” He winked at me, but I knew he was trying to put a smile on my face after what happened before.

“You wish.” I said as I followed him in the entrance.

“By the way, I like this jersey on you.” he said and then walked inside. I don’t know why but I was happy about this compliment.

Loki had kidnapped you in Germany and you had fallen for him completely, but you knew what he was doing was wrong. As you stood with him in stark tower as he faced off with Tony, you stood between him and tony before he could touch tony with the scepter.

“Loki…Do you really want this? Your doing exactly what you didn’t want to do. You’re becoming a monster to these people you expect to kneel to you”
“Y/n..Are you with me or against me”
“I’ll take that as my answer then” 

You grab the scepter and throw yourself threw the large glass window in a not so thought out attempt to get Loki to stop. Tony gets the suit and before Loki can react, Tony is the one to save you and you throw the scepter to Natasha.
You love Loki, you always will but even the ones you love have faults.

No Good For You

Theo x Reader
Scott calls Theo out on working with the Dread Doctors, knowing Y/N is close enough to hear.

Scott had told you to hide, because he wasn’t sure what might be lurking. You were watching him closely. He walked directly to Theo, who seemed to be waiting for him.
“So when were you going to tell us you were trying to kill us all? When we were dead? When were you going to tell Y/N you didn’t actually love her, Theo? Because she actually fell for you,” Scott said, looking angrily at the Omega.
“That’s not all true. I really do love her. I wasn’t supposed to, but you can’t not love her. I know I screwed up, Scott, but I don’t want her to get hurt. I made another deal with the Doctors so they’d leave her alone,” Theo said, guilt evident on his face.
“You what?” you cried, from your spot amongst the trees.
“No. No, Scott, why? I never wanted to hurt her!”
“You’re no good for her, Theo. She knows now and I want you and your Doctors to stay as far away from her as possible. Stiles was right, you’re the real evil.”

Imagine: Void!Stiles having an obsession with you and wanting you for himself (Part Three) (Slightly out of character)

You grabbed the shirt that was draped over the railing and wrapped it around yourself, turning to face the five people who had appeared in front of you. You kept your eyes down, ashamed and embarrassed by your actions but not entirely regretting them.

“Maybe she should’ve been the one in the nut house…” Isaac commented, shifting from side to side as he traded looks with Scott.

Allison waved a hand at him. “Y/n, what’s going on? You’re being really weird and I’m pretty sure you were just…kissing Stiles?”

“I-I didn’t…he’s…he’s telling me things and it’s…it’s messing with my head but I can’t…I can’t stop it,” you stuttered, shaking your head and clutching the shirt closer to your chest. “H-he feels just like St-Stiles…”

“Why does that matter?” Isaac asked.

Lydia sighed. “Y/n loves him, Isaac. He’s playing her.”

You held in sobs. “I-I’m sorry…”

Derek was the first person to make a move, pulling you from your solitary spot and to your friends. Allison wrapped you in a jacket while Lydia held your hand and they all looked at Scott.

“We have to find Stiles, and the best way to do that is through Y/n.”

Lydia gave him a harsh look. “You want to throw her to him? That’s a very bad idea, Scott.”

“No…it’s a good one,” you said, looking up. “A very good one. If we lure him out…maybe…” Without thinking, you tore away from the group and sprinted away from the field, the shirt gripped tightly in your hands.

Several minutes later you arrived at Stiles house. A light inside was on and you knew he was there, waiting. You slid i side quietly and felt something cold on the back of your neck, then fingers wrapped around your wrists and you heard a deep sigh.

“Oh good, you found me. Didn’t bring any tag alongs did you?” He took the shirt and set it aside, turning so you were facing him.

“Not that I know of…” you spoke softly, heart beating too fast and breathing too hard.

He nodded and gave a slight smile as he leaned down to place his lips against your, barely kissing you. “That’s my girl…”

Suddenly he was jerked away, hands pulling you back too. You watched he was restrained by Scott and Derek, claws out and teeth bared, and fear ripped through your heart at the thought of them hurting him. You struggled against Isaac and slipped, head slamming into the corner of the kitchen table.

Imagine explaining to Sam that your mom was going to insist on sappy pictures at the family gathering…

“She’s really sweet. I mean, I love her, obviously, but she just gets a little overexcited sometimes…”

Sam looked suspicious. “What do you mean?”

You rubbed a hand over your face. “She’s…going to want to take cheesy pictures of us in front of the fireplace,” you said. You gave him an apologetic look.

He grimaced. “How cheesy?”

You gave him an awkward smile. “Like, gaze into each other’s eyes cheesy…” you said hesitantly. “She’ll probably ask you take one with both of us wearing Santa hats.”

“Oh God, I hope not…” he replied.

You couldn’t help but laugh at the look on his face.

Sam ran a hand through his hair and nodded at you. “Alright. If that’s what it takes to impress your mother, I’m game.”

“God bless you, Sam Winchester,” you said with a smile. You stood on your tiptoes and planted a kiss on his lips.

Request – Elijah & Kol Mikaelson “Decision”

You opened your eyes, immediately trying to shield them from the light. How could that be so sharp? You couldn’t remember how you got here, the last thing you did remember was… You suddenly sat upright.
“I’m dead. How can this be, I died! He…” You felt a hand on your arm, trying to calm you down. A face came in focus.
“Easy, darling… you’re not dead. Well, not really at least. You’re in transition.” It was Kol. You squinted a few times against the light, that probably wasn’t as sharp as you thought it was. You noticed you could hear a tap dropping, even when it was in another room, a bird outside, a squeaking floor. All your senses were heightened. You buried your head in your hands.
“I didn’t want this. I begged him not to… Why?” You looked up again when another figure came into focus. You only needed to see the suit to know who it was.
“I am truly sorry, Y/N. I do not know who did this to you. I just know that no one should be forced to become one of us…” Kol shrugged.
“What’s done is done. You’ll have to feed, Y/N.” You looked up at him.
“Or what?” He walked over to the fridge, opening it and taking out a blood bag.
“Or you’ll die. No other option.” You started to breathe faster. You didn’t want this, you never wanted this, since you had heard about the existence of vampires. And now there was this unknown guy who had forced you to become one. You didn’t want to die either.
“I don’t know, ok? I… I can’t do this! I never asked for this!” Kol leaned against the wall, blood bag in hand, apparently waiting for your temper tantrum to be over. Elijah was a bit better prepared for things like this, or so it seemed.
“You will be fine, Y/N. I think most of us never asked to be a vampire. We didn’t anyway.” He looked up at Kol, who suddenly pulled up a chair and sat down next to you.
“I never told you I was a witch before, did I? And I hated losing my magic after our mother turned us. And still, here I am, darling. Alive, or as close to alive as I can get. If I can do it, you can do it too.” He put the blood bag on the table in front of you, and despite the repulsion you thought you should feel, you couldn’t help but staring at it. Elijah nodded.
“Take it, Y/N. It’s yours. And you will be the one to decide what you do with it, but know that if you decide to drink it, you do not have to go through this alone. We will help you. We have some experience in the matter, after all…” You laughed a bit, the first time since you woke up. Was Elijah really making a joke right now? You took the bag in your hand, hesitating to open it. But you knew what to do. You had made your decision when Kol was talking, and you didn’t want to question it anymore. You opened the bag, and the smell coming out of it, made it already impossible to resist. So you fed.

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“Really Dean,” Sam asking looking at his brother.
“Yes, Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.” Dean said turning the music to the station he wanted.
“So Y/N doesn’t count right?” He asked laughing at Dean.
Looking over at his brother his had a small smile on his face thinking of Y/N.
“Y/N can do whatever she wants around me.” Dean said
“How’s that fair I’m your brother.” Sam said.
“What can I say I like Y/N better.” Dean said.