and i really wanted it on my blog

@leoandlancer ‘s More than Most was the first McHanzo fic I ever read and is still one of my absolute favorites. 

Slight nsfw sketch from the second chapter on my side blog.

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hey!! so i legit love your blog so much so i was wondering if you would recommend some good blogs for me? i really want to follow some more good taylor ones, thanks so much !!

ahhh, thank you so much, orla!!!!! ily ♥

and sure! here are some blogs that i love: @aitanalovestaylor @afragileline @alittleofswift @betterthnrevnge @cherryslips @colorsinautumnsobright @comicswift @dontlikeyourkingdomkeys @enchanteds @enchntted @fifteeen @fifth-harmony @foundherselfs @gothswift @ialmcstdo @knewromanticks @ludgatelatte @lulalulalullaby @melvdrama @noitsydney @ownheartbeating @silencesquitethisloud @straightlinedownx @take-that-13-for-luck @teardropsonmyguitar @these-sick-beats @thiislove @shakeitoff @shesdeads @selenaslyrics @sreverogers @svifts @swiftiereputation-13 @watchingtayshine @wearingmybestapology @weretroubles @wewriteletters @youlostandlonely @yourbadreams

i know i’m forgetting other amazing people, so you can also check my follow forever here!

You are such a good master… Keep cumming like this on me! And please like and reblog all my asshole! xP I really want that all can feel free to masturbate on me :)
Help me to grow up with this blog! Let’s keep fucking and cumming together, I love all my masters!:3

A little news. I'm leaving permanently -admin m

Starting today I will not be in charge and an admin for the blogs. Due to my schedule and my company not wanting me to have a tumblr account due to it being risky I will be stepping down. Admin pearl some of you may know her from bts wolf will be taking over. I had a bit of drama and fun times within the blogs so I’m grateful for those who supported it. I really do apologize. For the admin applicants you will receive a text from me saying I have told the new head admin about you guys so it’s up to her. I do hope you guys had enjoyed this journey with me and continue to support the blog and also please root for me! Thank you everyone

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Hi! I’m Liz, I got diagnosed with inattentive type at age 12, I’m now 27. I saw you mention “finding your people” on an ask earlier and that’s something I’ve been wanting to do lately. I don’t have any ADHD friends, and while my friends/ boyfriend are very supportive, I would love to find a group of people who have ADHD and can relate for those times when I just need to talk to someone else who gets it. How do I do this? I’ve tried through blogs here and there but nothing’s really come of it. has forums!

You will probably also get replies on this post from people who are interested in getting to know you, so check the notes and see!

Followers, would some kind of system for this kind of thing be beneficial? I don’t know how we would do it, but there IS a web site that goes with this Tumblr (hosted on, so maybe we can put something together over there? What do you think?


@they-bone-us submitted:  Heya, Savio here, I know this is p random and stuff but i made this as my take on how the landlady from SSLL looks like, i just wanted to share it with you because this makes me really proud and feeling like ive really improved over time. And besides, i absolutely adore SSLL and the way you write like aaaaaaa i just love you and this blog so much 😭But im getting emotional, keep being absolutely amazing and keep on doing what youre doing, all the love ❤️

the tortoise talks: I keep forgetting that’s your tumblr now.  xP   But ahhh!  This art is freaking amazing.  Holy crap, I love your take on the Lady–she’s so pretty!  And those moon cycles behind her!  I love it, and the night sky.   Thank you so much for sharing it, and I’m so glad you’re still enjoying SSLL and all the silliness that ends up on my blog. <333

i rly just like to keep my blog fun because thats what its supposed to be so i dont rly respond to rude or weird things but like. i have about 3,500 followers and 546 asks in my inbox and sometimes i get the most BIZARRE things like this one person who has asked me like 10 times to draw childbirth for them. its kinda nuts. i dont get to answer a lot of asks for that reason though but i really appreciate when ppl say kind things about my art or just want to talk to me about sonic, i really want to be friendly! just keep in mind that im like. literally a 21 yr old man in college drawing sonic in my free time for fun

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Your blog smells like nail polish and bubblegum! -an anon with synesthesia

nail polish is like my favorite thing in the world so i’m happy it smells like it to you. (that was the weirdest sentence) also, i really want some cherry bubblegum, god :c

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Hello! I'm Morgan! I started following you not too long ago and I'm very impressed with your blog. I just wanted to ask. More than anything in the world, I want to be a cosplayer. However, I just have no idea where to start. It all seems to daunting, it's terrifying really. Im at such a loss, and I just really want the satisfaction of making my own costume. Of just going. "I made this." Is there anything you can offer to help me? Thank you so much!

Hello there!

Cosplay can seem pretty daunting before you start, but if you break it into smaller bits or start with small things, you’ll be able to start before you know it.

As with anything, learning to craft your own cosplays takes time and practice. Almost no one is able to whip out amazing and complicated cosplays on their first try. There’s two components to this: practicing and working your way up to more complex costumes, and having patience with your own learning.

I would start small. Is there a costume you want to do where you can make some components and buy or modify others? Or a cosplay with a relatively simple garment that you can make, like a shift dress? If you have someone who can teach you to sew, or a way to take sewing lessons (look at fabric stores, local parks districts and libraries, and local community colleges for classes), that will get you started a lot faster and easier than learning on your own. If you don’t have anyone to teach you, start with a beginner-level pattern and watch video tutorials on how to operate your sewing machine.

As for starting a cosplay, it helps to break down all of the components and figure out what they are before you begin. A lot of costumes aren’t practical for daily wear and have a lot of unusual detailing, so making a list or sketching out all of the pieces can help you with not only keeping track of each item, but also so that you can look at the costume not as a big, daunting entire Thing, but instead as “pleated skirt” and “button-up blouse,” etc. You can then take it slowly and tackle each item one at a time rather than getting overwhelmed by the whole.

Once you gain more experience, you’ll start to figure out a good workflow and order of operations for each costume you do, as well. Since this varies by costume and personal working style, I can’t help you much with that,  but it’s something that will come with experience. 

As for the steps of starting on a costume, I give panels on this subject! Here is the powerpoint.

Mostly, it’s about hanging in there, choosing a costume that will teach you skills but also not be too difficult as to frustrate you, and starting small. I believe in you! We all have to start somewhere, after all.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

anonymous asked:

Stupid question but what does the IMX in your name stand for?

Do you really want to know?

Okay, just remember, you asked, and I’m answering. Brace yourself.

IMX is a shortened version of ‘ImpseMX’, which is my username on YouTube.

If you don’t know what “Impse” is, well, first of all, don’t Google it in public or at work, second of all, you can check the full description on the DoomWiki, but the short version is that Impse is an infamous piece of fanfic that became a running gag in the DOOM community in the early 2000s.

Oh, and yeah, it’s a NSFW story.

That’s for the I. The MX stands for where I come from: Mexico.

Why did I choose “Impse”? For shits and giggles, I guess? I really wasn’t thinking that thoroughly when I was creating my username; to be completely fair, I wasn’t thinking that much at all back then.

After a while I started making accounts in some places, and when I decided to open a Tumblr, I came up with “imx-doomer”.

I have to say, I never thought I was going to receive this question, but, well, there you go.

deafmic  asked:

yo i just wanted to thank you for running this blog, because it is absolutely one of my favorite blogs and i check it every day.

I still can’t believe people check this blog everyday lmao. But I’m glad it’s being put to good use and if anything I hope this blog manages to make everyone’s day just a bit better every time you scroll through it.

Thank you for dropping by. I really appreciate it.

marigolds-bring-peace  asked:

I'm half Latina and half white and I really liked seeing your blog it made me feel better about being curvy and still being beautiful. I struggle so much with wanting to starve myself and I feel like shit because of my belly but seeing how beautiful you are with a belly makes that a little better. How do you stay body positive?

Just keep reminding myself that I am beautiful even when I don’t feel it.

It helps when someone else reminds you too but it’s better to get that feeling from yourself first. 🙂

Did I Ever Tell You...

How much you really mean to me? I mean like I really appreciate everyone on here that follows me, and likes my posts, and reblogs my posts, and just makes me happy to keep on blogging about such a lovely person such as David Tennant, etc. I just want you all to know that you all are absolutely amazing and wonderful, and to just remember…

tennydr10confidential aka Katie

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Hi keith I hope you are having a good day today. It is pretty weather where I am at and I just wanted to tell you (like probably a million others have) that your meta gives me so much hope for klance. Like someone recommended it to me when I was down thinking klance wouldn't actually happen but then wow! Your meta restored my faith x10. Love your blog!!

hi!!!!!! i kno this message is a bit old but it’s really nice so i wanted to respond. brought a big smile to my face so thank u for sending it. no matter how many times i get a message like this, it will always brighten my day. thank u💜

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Do you think that sqers will accept Regina as a lesbian in a new relationship instead of sq? They say all the time how much they want representation so if they do get Regina as gay and with new love, will they accept it or still complain that sq didn't happen.

Under a cut because??? What kind of drama are you trying to get me to start??? jfc

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Okay, so...

I’m uninstalling sims 3. I have a really old computer and I need the gigabytes that this game is taking away from my hard drive. I’ll install it again if I buy a new one but I don’t know when that will happen… mainly because is not a priority to me.

I’m writing this in case you don’t want to follow a sims 3 blog that wont be posting anything sims 3 related anymore. I probably will install sims 4 because I want to play with it more and test the new things so maybe I will post sims 4 pictures, I don’t really know  (・・;)ゞ

But well! You are warned ^^ Thanks a lot for reading! ♥

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Hgggghhhghh the new iOS for iPhone is stressing me out bc I have OCD and I’m terrible with change, and some of my rituals that are on my phone are getting all messed up now. But anyway, my point is; your blog always manages to calm me down in times like these so thank you! I love your blog and all the tags/commentary underneath the posts<3

Omg, mine updated yesterday and I don’t like it either ( •᷄ὤ•᷅) There are some things they added and improved that are pretty neat, but I really don’t like a lot of the layout/design changes, plus now all my apps on my home screen are jumbled around so none of them are in the right place?? (I know you can move them around to wherever you want, but that’s not the point ^^; I was used to where they were before, so now out of habit I keep tapping the wrong app bc something else is there now?? I’m sure you get what I mean anon!!)

If it’s that annoying to me, I can only imagine how stressful it is for people with OCD and other related conditions with an emphasis on stability? Hopefully this is the biggest layout-related change for a long time……A long, long time, lol

I feel really bad, Tumblr.

Not in the health way, but just that I spent so much time away (and then my blog was suspended for 3 months) that I feel like I’m a stranger to everyone now :/

How are you guys? Has anything amazing happened to you lately? Anything you want to talk about?

Please don’t feel alienated because I was MIA for so long. I know I’m sort of floating in the abyss of Tumblr without much of a fandom (I will always be part of the THG fandom but obviously I haven’t been active), so I guess that makes things tough, but I am still here for my followers.

Sooo, yeah! How have you all been? :)

Also, also, being able to make so many personal posts is fun~ it’s really freeing to not be so upset and concerned with this blog making ~sense~ and having some sense of balance in content. If that inevitably makes some people leave, well, whatever, they’re free to it, but I was worried over my blogs for a very, very long time and it’s so freeing to genuinely treat my own blog as my own space.

If I just want to use it as a place to unwind from med school or collect pretty things or a million Pokemon gifs or post something from just about every other page of a manga I’m reading or quote an old Edwardian era book I’m reading, I can do that!

It’s so freeing! It also means I spend less time on tumblr, and more time doing important or enjoyable things because i’m not concerned with that follower count or pleasing every single group’s interests or whatever. 

I get really self-conscious and hung-up over things and I’m quite tired of that and people are free to judge or draw almost certainly incorrect about my life, personality, priorities, or interests based on a weird internet scrapbook.