and i really want to finish this meme lol


A little break in drawing Voltron. I still can’t believe I’ve started to play this game.
To be honest I really enjoy the fact that my new favourite meme lord looks so much alike me. I mean, messy red hair, large black-and-yellow glasses, comfy clothes, large headphones - this is pretty much how I look like irl lmao. Another reason to love this character haha
Also, about the screenshot I’ve put under the drawing: I’ve personally laughed way too much at this 707′s sentence since this is exactly what I’ve been thinking during all the prologue lol, guess like phisical looks aren’t the only things we have in common haha

Others from this series:
Jaehee (want to finish her route first)
Jumin (want to finish his route first)

More of my Mystic Messenger drawings: HERE

10 random songs!

I was tagged by @for-lack-of-a-better-world!!! ty my dude oh boy

Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs to play.

hERE GOES… warning in advance my shuffle doesnt seem to want to actually vary things really well LOL:

  1. Disquiet by Yoko Shimomura
  2. Nox Divina by Yoko Shimomura
  3. Walt by Yoko Kanno (there seems to be a bit of a theme here whoops)
  4. If My Heart Was a House by Owl City
  5. K.K. Lullaby by Kazumi Totaka (i cant find a good quality vid of the version i have sops ;-;’’’)
  6. Iscariot by Walk The Moon
  7. Somnus (Instrumental) by Yoko Shimomura
  8. Emil - Karma by Keiichi Okabe
  9. End of The Road by Yoko Shimomura
  10. I Can Feel Your Pain by Manchester Orchestra

I tag: @swampprophet @impernaway @hanaayo @unsteadygenius

feel free to ignore if you dont want to do it of course


AU MEME:You’re 5SOS’ new photographer and you quickly realize how awkward and silly these boys are, making it very hard to take photos of them.

*lol sorry if this is really bad, it’s my first try and i was rushing because i actually have to finish this book for school but i wanted to try making one of these first*

*also gifs aren’t mine, creds to owners*

So, maniacani asked me for AbeMiha for this OTP meme!

Though initially I only reblog that for the tags I added, I actually kinda curious to fill this meme with AbeMiha… and I think to make a mini strips for each question will be interesting!

I can’t fulfill all right now, because there’re here and there about works and life sobs but here’s sort of ‘intro’ of the series!

Annnd— in addition—

As thank you for 900++ follows (REALLY, THANKS GUYS ;A;) and maybe Val’s day too, I sort of open for more questions about this meme till 14th February.

So if you want to, you can add questions for the theme of the comic, as long as it’s around domestic!AU theme :) Just send your question to me in ask box! X-)

I can’t promise to get it all done in February, since 19th is Chinese New Year (and I’ll be sooo busy celebrating lol) and I have to go for some event in 21-24th, but I will try to finish it all little by little :))

Please look forward to it! :>

anonymous asked:

Mayu and 8 please! (I ship AkaMayu (OTP), KuroMayu, and literally just anything bottom!Mayu ... but ... um ... whoever you ship him with ... um I don't what to put here ... at all ... um ... I adore your art ... ) I'm sorry.

Hi anon! Thank youu~ >w<! And since I also ship Mayu with those two, I said to myself, “why not ot3?” So here you have~ (Although I don’t know if this counts as AkaMayuKuro ‘cause I failed at trying to think in bottom!Mayu outside the nsfw/lol).

• Special thanks to strangulated-harlot!! She was the one who gave me this idea along with lots of other amazing headcanons of these three~♥ *hugs tight*

“Mmm… This is really interesting.”