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Nonsexual intimate acts: Having their hair washed by the other-AkaFuri (I really wanted to do multiple ships, but I only know that you ship AkaFuri!!( and shizaya, but I haven't finished durarara just yet,lol)

Ahhhh, thank you so much for this! It’s funny, because I literally requested this exact prompt from the person I reblogged the prompt list from, lol! Shizaya also would have been interesting, although I’m way less confident on my ability to write for those two (as well as being able to write them without bloodshed, lol) Good luck with durarara, and thank you again! <3 (Also I wanna mention that this got to over 2K words somehow, lmao)


Prompt Meme Here

Furihata kept his eyes focused on the back of Akashi’s head, his face burning hotter with every step he took. He tried to calm his heart rate, but the pounding only seemed to increase the closer they got to the bathroom door.

He silently cursed himself for being so embarrassed. This had been his idea, after all.

The two of them had just gotten back from playing basketball, and had returned to Akashi’s house, sweaty and exhausted. It was late afternoon, with the sun already beginning to set. Furihata had immediately gone to his suitcase, rummaging for a fresh change of clothes for after his shower. Akashi was digging through his closet, doing the same.

“You may go first, if you’d like,” Akashi had said, emerging from the closet.

“That’s okay,” Furihata told him, watching Akashi wipe sweat from his forehead with the collar of his shirt. “You should go first. I don’t mind waiting, really.”

Akashi smiled warmly at him. “I’m afraid I must insist. You are my guest, after all.” Amusement flashed in his eyes.

Furihata laughed. He had been Akashi’s “guest” dozens of times now, and that excuse no longer worked. “Seriously, you worked way harder than me,” Furihata said, waving his hand dismissively. “You should go.”

“Kouki,” Akashi protested, crossing the room and setting his clothes down. “We both know you exerted yourself just as much as I did.”

They bickered back and forth a few more times, debating the pros and cons of of who should go first, or whether or not it would be worth it for Akashi to take his clothes to one of the guest bathrooms so they could shower at the same time.   

“You know,” Furihata said, shifting the clothes in his arms. “We could save ourselves a lot of trouble if we just showered together.”

The words left his mouth easily, his brain not fully processing the statement until it left his lips. He stood frozen, his gaze darting to Akashi to see him doing the same, his mouth hanging open.

Blood rushed to color his face, and he shifted nervously on his feet. “I m-mean, uh…”

He wasn’t sure what to say. It wasn’t that he wanted to take it back, exactly. The thought had definitely crossed his mind before, but he was never bold enough to suggest it. Leave it to him to suddenly find the courage in a random argument.

“Would you…” Akashi began hesitantly, breaking the silence. “Would you really like too?”

Furihata rubbed the hem of his clean shirt between fingers. “I, uh… I mean–” he cut off, swallowing nervously. He voice dropped to almost a whisper. “I’m okay with it. If, uh, if y-you are.”

Akashi laughed softly, and Furihata peaked up from under his hair. “I assure you Kouki, I am more than okay with that arrangement.” He tilted his head a little. “As long as you are.”

Furihata nodded, butterflies assaulting his stomach. Akashi gathered his clothes, and walked up to Furihata, kissing him gently on the forehead. “Are you ready?”

His heart pounded with both nerves and excitement as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to Akashi’s jaw. “Yeah. Let’s go.”

And now he was here, following Akashi into his master bathroom.

He wasn’t even sure why he was so nervous. They’d been naked together before, doing… other things. This really shouldn’t be any different. But it somehow felt more intimate, standing in front of Akashi’s shower, with Akashi standing next to him.

They both set their clothes down, and Akashi moved to pull the shower door open. Furihata watched him start the water, holding his hand under the stream to test the temperature.  

“Would you mind grabbing the towels?” Akashi asked, turning away from the water.

Furihata nodded. “Yeah, s-sure.”

He turned towards the cabinet, and pulled two fluffy white towels out. He folded them in his arms and turned back around, startling slightly that Akashi was right in front of him.

“Are you sure you’re alright with this?” Akashi asked, gently rubbing Furihata’s arm. “You seem uncomfortable.”

Furihata laughed nervously. “I g-guess I’m a little nervous.” He looked up to meet Akashi’s gaze. “Pretty stupid, huh?”

“I don’t think it’s stupid at all,” Akashi said softly.

“I knew you’d say that,” Furihata muttered under his breath, and he heard Akashi chuckle. He leaned into Akashi’s touch, and looked up to meet his gaze. “I’m definitely okay w-with it, though.”

Akashi kissed his forehead again, and took the towels from Furihata’s arms. He moved a few feet away, and set them on the counter.

And then he turned back, and pulled his shirt over his head in one fluid movement.

Furihata looked away, warmth spreading across his face. It was ridiculous, he told himself. He’d seen Akashi shirtless multiple times before. Why should this be any different?

He released a shaky breath, silently laughing at himself. Stepping closer, Furihata pulled his own shirt off and let it drop to the floor next to Akashi’s.

When he looked up, Akashi was watching him. Before he could blink, Akashi’s eyes lifted from his bare torso to meet his gaze. Furihata smiled nervously, and Akashi returned it, his eyes full of gentle fondness.

They both finished undressing, the sound of water hitting the tiles the only noise in the room. Akashi gestured toward the shower, and Furihata followed right behind him.

Akashi held his hand under the water again before stepping into the stream. He turned to face Furihata, tilting his head back and closing his eyes as the water soaked his hair, turning it a darker shade of red.

Furihata stood still, completely memorized as he watched the water run down Akashi’s face, and down his neck, and over his collarbones, and down his chest…

He snapped back to reality when Akashi’s eyes opened, blinking water from his eyes. He wiped at his face before offering a hand to Furihata, inviting him in to join.

Furihata’s face burned, realizing that he had basically been busted watching Akashi shower. He ducked his head a little, but accepted Akashi’s hand, and stepped into the shower, pulling the door shut behind him.

Akashi looped his arms around Furihata’s neck, pulling him even closer, until the water doused his head as well. His eyes slid shut, and he blindly put a hand on Akashi’s chest to steady himself.

The warm water felt amazing, after spending half the day out in the sun. Furihata let his head fall back into Akash’s hands as the water ran over his face.

Fingers brushed his wet hair back from his forehead, and it was that gesture that made Furihata turn out of the spray to open his eyes.

Akashi was standing right in front of him, wet and perfect. Furihata’s heart skipped a beat, suddenly hyper aware of the situation he was in.

“Everything okay?” Akashi asked, his voice echoing strangely in the enclosed space.

Furihata blushed, and he hoped Akashi would blame it on the heat from the shower. “I’m fine,” he said, chuckling a little. He glanced down and stared at the space between their feet. “I’m a little m-more than fine, I think.”

One of Akashi’s fingers caught under his chin and tilted his head back up, forcing Furihata to meet his gaze.

“I’m glad to hear it,” Akashi said, still wearing that infuriatingly soft smile despite the situation they were in.

They both stood in silence for a moment, enjoying the hot water. Akashi leaned to the side, and came back holding a bottle of shampoo in his hands. He popped the cap, and looked at Furihata with an almost eager expression.

“May I?” Akashi asked.

Furihata blinked in confusion. “May you…?”

Akashi laughed lightly. “I’d like to wash your hair, if that’s something you’d be comfortable with.”

“Oh,” Furihata said, turning bright red once again. “Y-Yeah, I’m okay with that.”

Akashi grinned, and lightly nudged Furihata to turn around. He tipped his head back, and a few seconds later he felt gentle fingers working through his hair.

Furihata hummed, his nerves vanishing almost immediately. His shoulder relaxed, and he leaned back into Akashi’s touch. He would have suggested this months ago, if he knew that this would come out of it.

The feeling of Akashi’s fingers massaging his scalp was more pleasant than he would have expected. He tipped his head sideways as Akashi scrubbed behind his ears, his eyes shut.

“Are you alright?” Akashi asked, amusement clear in his voice. Furihata mumbled something along the lines of an answer, nodding his head.

Akashi chuckled, his blunt nails scraping lightly along the back of Furihata’s head. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Furihata was aware that his hair must be clean by now, but Akashi showed no intention of being done any time soon.

Furihata’s thoughts drifted as his body grew more relaxed. He yawned, wobbling a little on his feet, and his head jerked up, the sound of the water spray suddenly deafening. He shook his head a little in an attempt to clear it.

“Sei,” he said, his voice a little groggy. “You gotta stop or I’m gonna fall asleep.”

Akashi laughed. “I apologize. I suppose I got carried away.”

His fingers vanished, and Furihata had to stop himself from pouting. He would definitely have to suggest doing this again…

“Here,” Akashi told him, touching his arm. “Turn this way.”

Furihata obeyed, moving so his back faced the spray. Akashi stood in front of him, brushing his hand along Furihata’s forehead to block the foam from getting in his eyes.

It didn’t take long before all the shampoo had washed away, and Furihata turned away from the stream. Akashi reached for the bottle again and opened it, about to pour some into his hands, when Furihata stopped him. Akashi looked at him curiously, one brow raised.

“Um,” Furihata began, suddenly nervous again. “Can I?” He held his hand out for the bottle.

Akashi blinked, and then smiled. “Of course,” he said warmly, and passed the shampoo over.

He turned around, and Furihata stepped up behind him. He squeezed some of the liquid into his palm and set the bottle down.

Akashi already had his head tipped back, clearly relaxed. Furihata rubbed his hands together, and then started working his fingers through Akashi’s hair, taking care to avoid getting any his eyes.

He made his way back, taking his time to get behind Akashi’s ears. He raked his nails lightly along the back of his neck, and he watched as Akashi’s head tilted forward, his whole body going slack.

There was something enjoyable about it, Furihata found himself thinking. He understood why Akashi had taken so long to wash his hair. He almost liked this as much as he liked the feel of Akashi’s fingers in his own hair.

He took his time, making sure he got every spot thoroughly. It wasn’t long before Akashi began to sway lightly, so Furihata took that as his time to stop. The last thing he wanted was for Akashi to slip.

Akashi turned, and Furihata laughed at his dazed expression.

“I see what you mean,” he said, shaking his head a little. “That is quite dangerous indeed.”

Furihata nodded in agreement. “It probably doesn’t help that we had a long day,” he said, turning Akashi so he could rinse his hair. “I’m pretty sure I could have fallen asleep on the sidewalk on the way back here.”

“That’s true,” Akashi hummed. Furihata ran his fingers through his hair until there weren’t anymore suds. “I’m not sure if I can entirely blame exhaustion, though.”

Furihata knew what he meant. He always had a habit of melting under the other’s touch, and this was no different.

It still felt kind of strange though, to know that Akashi felt the same way about him.

They each grabbed a washcloth and some soap, and set about washing the rest of themselves. Furihata wondered for a moment if Akashi was going to offer to do this for him too, and then blushed bright red at the thought.

Instead, Akashi seemed to be a hurry, and Furihata understood why. After everything that had happened, Furihata wanted nothing more than to be in clean clothes, curled up in bed against Akashi.

It seemed their thoughts were in sync once again.

They took turns rinsing the soap off, and Akashi shut off the water. Furihata opened the door and grabbed the towels, passing one over to Akashi. He tried not to watch as Akashi dried himself off.

Furihata reached for his boxers as soon as he felt dry enough, and slipped them on. He was just getting ready to pull his shirt on when he felt a pair of arms wrap around him, and a bare torso press against the skin of his back.

He gasped a little, but leaned back into Akashi’s touch. Akashi squeezed him tighter, resting his chin on Furihata’s shoulder.

“I’m very happy you suggested this,” Akashi said, his breath tickling Furihata’s neck.

Furihata swallowed, his pulse accelerating. “Me too.”

“Perhaps we can do that again,” Akashi continued. His lips pressed into the space just below Furihata’s jaw. “When we’re both not dead on our feet.”

A million thoughts raced through Furihata’s mind. Some of them made him blush, and others made him want to get back in the shower right this minute.

“I’d like that.” Furihata said, twisting in Akashi’s arms. “I’d like that a lot.”

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“ I brought you your coffee. ” for Jon/Sansa

“I brought you your coffee.”

Sansa looked up and was surprised to find Jon there in front of her desk, looking embarrassed as he placed the mug in front of her. He knew she was furious with him - for not listening to her when she was giving him directions from the phone, insisting that he knew the way. Unfortunately the way he knew was closed off with construction and it took all of Sansa’s effort not to scream into her hands while Jon apologized over and over again. She didn’t understand why he was here now - he knew she was furious. She was tired of being ignored.

“What do you want, Jon?”

He rubbed his arm. A nervous tic. “I wanted to say I’m sorry.”

“Stop doing that and just listen to me,” she replied, cross. “Why can’t you just listen to me?” Sansa was startled to find him smiling suddenly. “Stop laughing.” she snapped.

“I’m not laughing, I’m grinning.”

“What for?”

He leaned over and suddenly his face was close to hers. His breath kissed her cheek. “You look so pretty when you’re mad at me.”

Sansa kissed him hard, tugging his hair and biting his lip, still angry. His lips were gentle winds while hers were a furious storm. “I’m - so - mad - at -  you!” she told him when he moved his mouth down her neck. “And - kiss- my- collarbone–”

And then he listened to her, suckling the exact right spot, and she wasn’t really mad any longer.

When they finished making out, Jon smiled at her, his lips wet. She almost wanted to kiss him again. “I listened this time.”

Sansa couldn’t help laughing. “You definitely did.”

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For the character ask: Hideyoshi ♡


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: very smart, very strategic, basically a people expert
worst quality: tries to steal his best friend’s girl all the time, does not know what boundaries are (INUCHIYO’S CURRENT ES), THROWS THE WORK HE DOESN’T LIKE AT MITSUHIDE how dare you (mitsuhide’s seductive superstitions es)
ship them with: …his hand. 
brotp them with: nobu?? and his two retainers, kiyomasa and kanbe? are those their names? i forget. 
needs to stay away from: masamune. kojuro. the entire oshu clan. GO AWAY PLEASE
misc. thoughts: i think hideyoshi never really had a chance for me because throughout his route i was freaking out over hanbei lol. i like some of his event stories but… eh. i don’t like the flirtatious type in the first place so it’s a hard sell for me. ALSO I HAVEN’T FORGIVEN HIM FOR KOJURO’S SEQUEL although i kind of understand him a little better now that i’ve finished mitsuhide’s sequel. SORRY RINA I KNOW YOU LOVE HIM A LOT


This was kind of a vent animation I started one or two months ago.
It took me a long time to finish it because I was really busy with commissions, conventions and living la vida loca (lol sorry)
I have 2 more unfinished animations to do and I also want to do the happy pills meme (I love that song omg)
I’ll be back soon, I promise :) 

So, maniacani asked me for AbeMiha for this OTP meme!

Though initially I only reblog that for the tags I added, I actually kinda curious to fill this meme with AbeMiha… and I think to make a mini strips for each question will be interesting!

I can’t fulfill all right now, because there’re here and there about works and life sobs but here’s sort of ‘intro’ of the series!

Annnd— in addition—

As thank you for 900++ follows (REALLY, THANKS GUYS ;A;) and maybe Val’s day too, I sort of open for more questions about this meme till 14th February.

So if you want to, you can add questions for the theme of the comic, as long as it’s around domestic!AU theme :) Just send your question to me in ask box! X-)

I can’t promise to get it all done in February, since 19th is Chinese New Year (and I’ll be sooo busy celebrating lol) and I have to go for some event in 21-24th, but I will try to finish it all little by little :))

Please look forward to it! :>


A little break in drawing Voltron. I still can’t believe I’ve started to play this game.
To be honest I really enjoy the fact that my new favourite meme lord looks so much alike me. I mean, messy red hair, large black-and-yellow glasses, comfy clothes, large headphones - this is pretty much how I look like irl lmao. Another reason to love this character haha
Also, about the screenshot I’ve put under the drawing: I’ve personally laughed way too much at this 707′s sentence since this is exactly what I’ve been thinking during all the prologue lol, guess like phisical looks aren’t the only things we have in common haha

Others from this series:
Jaehee (want to finish her route first)
Jumin (want to finish his route first)

More of my Mystic Messenger drawings: HERE

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🚪Two of Clara's echoes

🚪 - new neighbours

Ella knocked on the door across the hall, hoping that someone was home and had some butter they were willing to part with. She really just wanted to make these chocolate biscuits to finish christening her new flat but she had forgotten that she’d used the last of the butter the night before. 

Now she’d already started making the dough and she really didn’t want to run to the store, hence her standing in the hallway hoping her neighbor was home.

She was about to knock again when the door swung open and revealed a petite brunette with disheveled hair and wrinkled flannel pajamas. “I’m so sorry I was napping and I didn’t hear th-” she cut off mid-sentence as she finally looked at Ella. “No way,” she breathed. “I’m still sleeping, aren’t I?”

“Unless we’re sharing dreams, I don’t think so,” Ella said, a bit shaken herself. The woman was almost an exact carbon copy of her. It was like looking into a very odd mirror.

“This is some Parent Trap shit right here,” her neighbor said. “Except my parents are still together and I’m pretty sure they would’ve told me if I had a twin.”

“Same here, for the most part. Especially about the twin thing.”

“So… weird genetic anomaly then?”

“Must me,” Ella said.

“Okay sorry, so why are you knocking on my door?” The woman said after shaking her head.

“I’m your new neighbor across the hall,” Ella jerked her thumb back towards her flat. “Wanted to see if you had any butter you’d be willing to give up in exchange for some of the chocolate biscuits I’m going to make with them.”

“You can get me to give up just about anything for chocolate biscuits,” she said with a laugh. “Let me go see if I have some butter.”

She left the door open as she trudged towards the kitchen. She returned within a minute, stick of butter in hand. “Here you go. I’m Melanie, by the way.”

“Ella. Thanks for the butter. I’ll bring over the sweets when they’re done.”

“Brilliant. Thanks!”

They stared at each other awkwardly for another moment before Ella said something like goodbye and turned back towards her flat. Living across the hall from someone who had her face was going to be odd, but she thought she and Melanie would get along given the chance.

As she started measuring out the butter, she thought that the chocolate biscuits were definitely the start of that chance. 


AU MEME:You’re 5SOS’ new photographer and you quickly realize how awkward and silly these boys are, making it very hard to take photos of them.

*lol sorry if this is really bad, it’s my first try and i was rushing because i actually have to finish this book for school but i wanted to try making one of these first*

*also gifs aren’t mine, creds to owners*

Favorite Fics I’ve Written

I was tagged by @alocalband​ - yay, thanks for thinking of me, sis! - to list my top five favorite fics I’ve written.  (spoiler alert: I also cheated.)

[1] Apathy, Apathy, You’ll be the Death of Me [Stiles/Derek]

Everyone’s apathetic. Except Derek. Derek cares so much.


Boyd is a pragmatic posthumous reappropriater, Erica spends her free time impersonating Meursault and playing Fruit Ninja, Isaac would like everyone to settle down already, Stiles is bi, Scott’s actually holding it together pretty well for a week-old Alpha with a two pack problem, Jackson’s a lizard, Lydia accessorizes, Allison’s playing on a rival (semi-murderous) team and Derek just keeps showing up.

I’ve honestly never had more fun writing anything, because I’ve never been more laid back about writing anything.  I wrote the first scene with Erica and Scott with every intention of getting it down on paper to ultimately forget about it, but I was annoyed with that continuing pattern.  I ended up giving myself the weekend to finish it, letting myself summarize or cannibalize action scenes I didn’t want to write, leave dialogue untagged and whatever else I decided I wanted/didn’t want to do.  I’ve never gotten more enjoyment out of anything I’ve written or written anything more me than this.

[2] There’s Monsters at Home [Stiles/Derek]

“How did you get past the wards?” Derek had put them up, with Peter’s grudging assistance, after the Alpha pack had made themselves at home a few times too many.

The guy pulled a face. “You mean the wards a five-year-old girl with the mental ability of a goldfish could deconstruct?” He blinked wide eyes at Derek. “Gee, I don’t know. It’s bound to go down as one of life’s great mysteries.”

Derek despised him.

Of course.  The one I’m known for, the one I’m beyond proud of, and the one that is literally all my likes in a blender - emissary Stiles, tattooed Stiles, failwolf Derek, pack building, demon Derek, slow burn, etc.  There’s probably not a more perfect fic for me out in the world because I wrote exactly what I would want to find more than anything in this fandom.  The response to it has just been the cherry on top because I honestly wouldn’t have cared when it came to this one, it exists for me, it’s double-stuff full of all my favorite tropes, my favorite Sterek dynamic, my favorite pack incarnation, my favorite everything so it was already a win the second it was finished.

[3] Our Puddle is Deceptively Deep [Stiles/Derek]

They start out in a literal tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

I would swear I didn’t like this fic that much but I go back and reread it, like, a lot.  I don’t know why really.  It’s not even so much the plot of it as much as it is the beats, or the flow, or some indefinable something that keeps drawing me back to it.  I do know that the unromantic romanticism in it is exactly my relationship flavor.  I recently got the review (on a different story) that someone was disappointed the boys didn’t say I love you to each other and I just think that’s so… narrow-minded.  The entire 40k fic existed for no other reason than to show how perfect and well-matched and easy their relationship is and you’re not happy because they don’t say three words?  I’ll never get that.  Show, don’t tell and all that, especially as it seems a lot of authors can only do one or the other.  And in this one I actually had them both say the words (one of the very few I do) and Derek’s built them up in his head and thinks of it as this huge, altering thing and Stiles’ response is just: Duh, you say that every day, you say it when you cut out coupons for the cereal I like, you know?  Because to me those are the parts that stick out when two people love each other, what they do for each other, and this fic is a lot of that.

[4] (Rode Hard) Put Away Wet [Stiles/Derek] / Bite to Break Skin [Stiles/Derek]

As it turns out, the etiquette for joining a werewolf pack is a little bit more involved than saying, “Whatever, fine, I’m in.” There’s, like, stupid werewolf rules. Because someone put stupid werewolves in charge.

Then there was Derek. Without a home or a family or Twizzlers.

Stiles can’t just let that stand, not when he has nightmares, energy to burn and an overwhelming desire to do something good.

I know, that’s two.  But I like them for the exact same reason, so, together they go!  They both have the same canon-vibe to me and it really feels as though I plucked them right out of the show and set them on these new timelines and I like that a lot.

[5] These Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep [Chris/Stiles, Derek & Stiles]

His real father was a hero who’d died in the line of fire, pun and all intended there. Chris was a hunter who had trouble sticking to a Code that could fit on the back of a matchbook.

I wrote this one for an exchange fest, and a more poorly matched pair I’ve probably never seen.  At the point of writing this fic, I had never written a pair aside from Sterek, though I offered Stiles/penis thinking I could finally get around to something new.  The sign-ups listed a minimum of ten pairings the other person might want - they were nice enough to provide me with fifteen.  Thirteen of them not only didn’t work, but I could barely stomach the thought of them.  Which left two, the only ones that included Stiles.  Then I got to the other person’s likes and, wow, their kink factor was basically off the charts (watersports, pegging, knotting, incest, etc.), while mine is lucky to not be in negative numbers.  On a good day.  Were the mods poking themselves in the eye when they paired us up?  Probably.  And I was pretty convinced I couldn’t write for this person; we had nothing in common.  I waffled for a long time over asking for a reassignment.  I didn’t want to make them have to shuffle again but I also couldn’t do this.  It wasn’t in my wheelhouse and, frankly, I didn’t want it to be either.  I showed the sign up to a friend of mine (who reads everything I write), @emeraldawn, before I made the decision to email the mods, crying, and she looked at it, made a lot of car-crash facial expressions and then said: They said their bulletproof kink is incest of any variety.  So do an AU timeline where Stiles is an orphan, have him adopted by the Argents and do a faux-incest Chris/Stiles story.  And I said: No, no–yes, you beautiful goober!  And it was hard and challenged me in ways fic-writing really never has to stay true to both myself and another person’s desires but I got the darkness and dubious consent into Chris and Stiles’ relationship that my exchange person wanted and appeased myself with one of my favorite Stiles/Derek relationships I’ve ever written.  Rewriting the first season’s canon in this new configuration and giving Derek an ally was really rewarding.  Because it was just so nice to not have Derek be so friggin’ alone, to let he and Stiles bounce ideas off each other and care about one another as they became actual friends.  The result is a fic I’m really proud of for a lot of different reasons.

I’ll tag @andavs, @callunavulgari, @drunktuesdays, @piratefalls, @asocialfauxpas, @livthelion, @cursedtruth and @tryslora, if you guys want to get in on this, otherwise consider this me frantically waving awkward hellos at you.

anonymous asked:

Mayu and 8 please! (I ship AkaMayu (OTP), KuroMayu, and literally just anything bottom!Mayu ... but ... um ... whoever you ship him with ... um I don't what to put here ... at all ... um ... I adore your art ... ) I'm sorry.

Hi anon! Thank youu~ >w<! And since I also ship Mayu with those two, I said to myself, “why not ot3?” So here you have~ (Although I don’t know if this counts as AkaMayuKuro ‘cause I failed at trying to think in bottom!Mayu outside the nsfw/lol).

• Special thanks to strangulated-harlot!! She was the one who gave me this idea along with lots of other amazing headcanons of these three~♥ *hugs tight*

“Mmm… This is really interesting.”