and i really said that last part out loud

"I'm not your blind date but you came over and I was eating alone so I went with it and now you're calling me by a different name" AU

I found this prompt on a Tumblr blog but I accidentally deleted the post and now I can’t find the prompt anymore

Lena was sitting alone. She twirled the neck of the wine glass in her left hand, her phone in her right as she responded to work emails. Jess kicked her out of the office almost an hour ago, going on about how she shouldn’t be working on her birthday and she deserved one day off for herself. Problem is Lena always had days to herself. Her days were always “her” days if she didn’t have anyone to share them with. She looked down at the red rose on the table before her, Jess’ gift to her, and let herself smile slightly. Jess was a good assistant, she meant well, and she seemed to care when no one else did.

So that’s why she listened and came here to this restaurant when she really wanted to finish responding to her emails and get a head start on tomorrow’s project. The place wasn’t the fanciest she’s been, but she wasn’t about to go to one of the high-class places she frequented when she didn’t have a date. It was nice enough: low lighting, decent wine selection, and she got a small booth in the back so no one would bother her. Her plan was to come out, grab a quick bite, and then finish work at home.

She was so focused on her phone that she hadn’t noticed the woman walk up to her booth. There was a small tap on her shoulder then, and she was slightly annoyed that anyone would interrupt her when she purposely picked this booth to avoid being bothered. She turned to look up quickly, an annoyed “Can I help you?” on the tip of her tongue, when she came face-to-face with a literal angel, the words dying before they formed. Her jaw went slack as she took in the stunning being before her.

The woman had the bluest eyes Lena had ever seen, even under the minimal lighting of the place and the black rimmed glasses she wore. Her hair fell in soft golden waves, across the shoulders of her beige jacket and blue top. She had a pair of black pants that hugged her hips and a nice pair of boots to match. She looked dressed up, yet still casual, and it suddenly made Lena feel self-conscious about the tight fitting black dress and tight ponytail she wore.

“It was supposed to be yellow,” the woman said, pointing at the flower on the table.

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i owe it all to you.

Word Count: 927

Pairing(s): Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: mentions of death, slight swearing

Summary: Reader is an actress who is cast in the second Spiderman film and is being interviewed in preparation of the release of the film. SO! MUCH! FLUFF!

Notes: This is a (not so) tiny follow up to this one shot that I posted a few days ago. I’m really surprised that you guys liked it so I wrote this in like an hour instead of going to bed. I’m so excited to watch the film today ahhh I’m gonna explode. Again, I would really love some feedback if you wanna drop something in my inbox or whatever. Okay, I’ll stop talking. ENJOY!! 

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Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Reader is a lifeguard in the hotel in Singapore and there she mets him.

Word Count: 1.8K

Warnings: None

A/N: This is my second request, people! (Requested by: anonymous) Hope you enjoy this as well and please feel free to send some requests! 

Request:  If you’re still taking requests: can you do a tom holland x female lifeguard reader? Possibly set when he Jacob and Haz are in the pool in Singapore?

You were walking near the swimming pool, looking at the people in there. It might sounded creepy but the true was that it was your job. You were a lifeguard in a hotel in Singapore and that meant you had to be always looking and taking care of people. Today you assumed you would have more work than usual because of the celebrities your boss mentioned, but everything was quiet. There was absolutely no one in the pool. You walked to your chair, sat on it and started to think about the celebrities, you didn’t know their names, because your boss didn’t tell you, he told you it didn’t matter and that they should be treated like normal guests. You agreed with him in some part, they should be treated like normal guests so they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, but you wanted to know sooo badly who were they. Maybe they were from a famous band or maybe they were actors. You secretly wanted them to be the latter. You had always dreamed of watching or meeting a celebrity.

You were still thinking about who these celebrities might be, your brain swirling in a tornado full of names, when you heard loud voices coming in. You turned your head to the source and saw 3 guys laughing. You looked at them with curiosity running through your veins. Were they the celebrities? They were too young. Maybe they were just hotel guests. You kept looking at them, watching how they put their stuff on the chairs, when one of them, the one with brown hair, turned and his eyes met yours. He stared at you for a few seconds before turning his head. You turned your head too a bit flustered. You knew him from somewhere, but you couldn’t put your finger on it. Maybe an old classroom partner? Impossible. Then why did he look so familiar? You temped yourself at looking them directly again, but you decided against it. You needed to look after the people in the pool. Accidents could happen at any minute, but then you realised they were the only ones there, which meant the people you should take care of were the boys. Therefore, you turned your head and wait for the brunet to meet your gaze again.

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Hey everyone. This is my first story so please be gentle with me. I hope you like it. Also, I’m writing this on mobile so I’ll try to fix it later.
Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader
Requested: No
Warnings: Some mention of blood (not much)

You weren’t ready. You just absolutely weren’t ready. For what, one might ask? Newt Scamander, your long time friend and crush, to let out a short yipe like a dog whose tail had been closed in a door. Snapping your head towards the sound, you watched as Newt stumbled out of the swedish short-snout enclosure with a bloody arm. That, in and of itself, was fairly jarring, but the fact that it was five thirty in the morning made it worse. Forgetting about the potion you were brewing, you rushed over to him. Your mind was running a mile a minute as you searched him for more wounds. 

“Oh my god, are you alright? What happened?” You asked as you brought him back to the shed and set to work on putting him back together.You examined his arm carefully. The gash was fairly deep and bleeding pretty good, but there wasn’t anything sticking out, like a broken bone (it’s happened before), and he was reacting to things normally. Overall, you determined that it wasn’t as bad as it could be. Still, you were worried. 

“I’m fine, but, ah, (Y/N)?” He said. You look up at him with concerned (E/C) eyes.  

“Yes?” He rubbed his neck sheepishly as you cast a healing spell on it. 

“I’m afraid that Everett isn’t very fond of men and, I really do hate to ask this of you because I know you don’t feel as comfortable with larger creatures such as him, but,” He started.

“You want me to see if I can calm him down,” You said. It wasn’t a question so much as it was a statement. He nodded, unsaid apologies swimming in his blue-green eyes. You smiled, sure you weren’t as comfortable with bigger beasts as you could be, but it wasn’t as if you couldn’t handle yourself. 

“Sure, I’ll see what I can do,” You said with a soft smile. In all reality, you were only brave enough do it because it was Newt who asked you. 

The swedish short-snout stood tensely in his habitat, looking mildly afraid when you walked towards him. He picked his head up as you approached him. You could feel Newt’s eyes on your back the whole time, as if they were telling you to be careful.They were the only things keeping you from turning around and leaving at the moment. You smiled at Everett, stopping a few feet from him, as to keep out of his immediate territory. You weren’t exactly a dragon expert, you were an expert more on smaller creatures, but you figured that this was a pretty safe distance. Everett came towards you, planting himself directly in front of you, silvery blue skin shimmering in the soft light.

“So sorry to bother you this early, Everett,” You said, calmly. “I just wanted to talk to you, if that would be okay.” 

“You’re doing very well, (Y/N),” Newt called encouragingly from the edge of the habitat. You took a deep breath, keeping focused on the task at hand. Everett glanced at him warily before looking back at you. Newt was right, he really seemed uncomfortable with men.   

“I’m just here to tell you that Newt wants to help you. I know that you’ve had a rocky relationship with men in the past, but he won’t hurt you. I promise. Everett, he wants to help you and take you home,” You muttered. The dragon was zeroed in on you with his undivided attention. You shifted a little and Everett took a more defensive stance. You held your hands up in a nonthreatening manner and he backed down a little. 

“Relax, honey. I know it’s weird being here and I know it’s hard to trust us, but I swear that we want to help you. All I’m going to ask is that you give us a chance,” You said. You could feel Newt creeping closer to you as Everett calmed. 

“For not being an expert on large creatures, you are very talented when dealing with them,” Newt said, not looking at you. Your eyes bounced from the freckled magizoologist to the dragon, not sure what was going to happen. Everett made a low threatening sound and Newt backed up. 

“Hey, hey, Everett, it’s okay. Trust us, trust him, he’s going to help you get home. In the meantime, he’ll take good care of you,” You soothed. The dragon still looked unconvinced and beautifully dangerous. Another low noise and Newt put himself in front of you, acting as your shield. You pushed his arms down and went closer to the sacred creature. Newt tried to grab you, but missed. Taking a deep breath, you turned to look at him over your shoulder. 

“Come back here, (Y/N). I don’t want you to get hurt,” He said, looking like a worried mother. You faltered slightly at his concern for you before brushing it off as friendly.

“Theoretically, the more defensive we act, the more defensive he’ll act. It’s okay, Newt,” You said, turning back to Everett. The silvery creature looked down at you, eyes filled with fear and distrust. You put on your softest, most motherly smile and ventured a little closer. You kept a little distance so he didn’t feel cornered, but stayed just close enough for him to hear you if you spoke quietly.  

“I was like you once,” You whispered, “Scared and alone, really far away from home. Newt found me to, he rescued me and fixed me up. I know it’s hard to trust someone after going through some really awful things, but believe me, Newt will take care of you.” Everette looked at you with large, thoughtful eyes, his defensive position becoming more lax.

Finally, the silvery beast relaxed and strode towards you. You held out your hand to him. The two of you met in the middle as he rested his large head against your small hand. You beckoned Newt over and he approached cautiously. Everett took his head from your hand, watching him. 

“Mummy’s here, Everett. Mummy will take good care of you,” Newt said. You suppressed a giggle tugging at your vocal cords as he said this. It was so hard to take him seriously when he called himself ‘Mummy’ (but oh so adorable). The creature cast a look at you and you gave him an encouraging nod. Eventually, he leaned into Newt’s outstretched hand, nuzzling him as a sign of trust. Newt beamed, looking quickly between you and the beast. You smiled, bowing slightly as if you were in a play. 

Newt’s smile could outshine all the stars at night. God, his smile is what drew you to him in the first place and he kept you there with his love of animals so much like your own. Watching him slowly gain the trust of a dragon that had been so blatantly mistreated made your chest warm in ways you still hadn’t become accustomed to. As the two of you made your way from the enclosure after Newt finished what he had started earlier, he turned to you with that grin. 

“You were absolutely brilliant, (Y/N)!” You waved your hand, dismissing the comment; though you still blushed like a schoolgirl.

“Oh, it was nothing really. I’m glad I could help,” You tittered. His smile remained as he took you by your waist, hugging you tightly. It wasn’t forceful, but it was firm. Dimly, you mind told you that this was one of the rare times where Newt touched you. 

“Really, you were magnificent! And you say you aren’t any good with larger creatures,” He laughed. Your blushed deepened slightly. 

“Ah, well, I try.” Newt suddenly seemed to become aware of the fact that he had been holding you and pulled back. 

“T-terribly sorry, (Y/N). I j-just got a tad excited,” He said, blushing under his freckled dusted cheeks. Smiling shyly, you ran a hand through your hair.
“Don’t worry about it. I actually enjoy your hugs, like, a lot,” You said, embarrassed by your own confession.  

“Ah, did you know that a group of Bowtruckles is called a branch,” He spit out. Blinking, you tipped your head to the side. He was nervous or uncomfortable, maybe both. You immediately regretted saying anything. Newt’s face got redder, your own following suit as the silence stretched out between you. 

“Actually, I… I did know that. Please forget I said anything while I go throw myself into the sun,” You said, awkwardly. Turning slowly, you began to hurry away from the tall wizard. A choking noise behind you stopped you and you glanced back at him. 

“You don’t have to do that on my account,” He said, quickly. “That… that may not have come out right. W-what I mean to say is, um, well…” 

Another thing you’d become accustomed to was reading his mind when he couldn’t seem to get words out. Tentatively, you made your way back over until you stood just in front of him. He avoided your eyes just as you avoided his. How is it that we can both be this bloody awkward, you thought. He had begun to fiddle with his fingers and you finally looked up at him. Lord were you thankful you did. 

Newt’s curly, cinnamon colored hair fell over his forehead just so, making his blue- green eyes stand out. His eyes, though they slid away from your own, were so soft. They reminded you of the mermaid lagoon from the story Peter Pan, the way they drew you in, hypnotized you. The freckles dusting his quickly reddening skin created constellations that the sky only wished it could achieve. Every line and curve of his face added to his overall expression of complete and utter embarrassment. Something in you was thankful that he was generally so transparent when you could see everything he was thinking. 

“You mean, you’re okay with me wanting to hug you more?” You muttered. He nodded, swallowing thickly. 

“Yes,” He replied, “Among other things.” At this, both of you went redder than you thought you were capable of getting. Clearly, he hadn’t meant to say the last part out loud. 

“Alright, you know what? Things are already awkward, so let’s just make it worse.” You took a deep breath, locking your eyes on his. “I really like you, Newt.” 

“Nifflers are capable of producing six to eight young in a litter,” Newt said, loudly; the tips of his ears flushing red. You smiled, awkwardly. 

“I knew that to,” You said, brushing you hair away from your face. He cleared his throat in an attempt to steady himself. 

“Sorry, I’m afraid I’m not very skilled when it comes to talking about these things. Allow me to try again; I care for you very much, (Y/N),” He said, giving you one of his famous sheepish smiles. You smiled shyly and took his larger hand in yours. 

“You did just fine, Newt.” You hugged him this time, pitching yourself into his arms a burrowing into his chest. He hugged you back; you could feel him smile against your hair. 

“If I knew it would only take a Swedish short-snout to get to this point, I think I would have found one much sooner,” He chuckled. You looked up at him with a content smile on your lips. 

“Ditto,” You giggled, “And, Newt?” 

“Yes, love?”

“If you ever scare me like that again, I’ll have to hurt you,” You joked.  

“Noted,” He replied, hugging you to his chest once more.


pt1 | pt2 | pt3 | pt4 | pt5 | pt6 | (ongoing)

pairing: jimin x reader, jungkook x reader

genre: angst, smut, fluff + punk!jikook

word count: 12,871

description: It was everything, from his tattoos, to his touches, to the way sweat rolled down his neck as he strummed into his guitar on stage; everything about him had completely enthralled you. So why are you now, two and a half years later, on a train to Seoul, telling a complete stranger the recollection of how you became fated to forever have scars on all of your future hearts, due to the happiness, but most of all the pain, that came along with falling in love with Jeon Jungkook.

note: inspired by the anime/manga “Nana”


The past year and a half was spent trying to recover from the hurricane that was Jeon Jungkook. He invaded your thoughts like a virus that wanted to infect everything in its path. He even crept his way into your dreams, making even the deep realm of sleep a warzone of heartbreak and emotion. It made sense, he was your everything, so now of course you saw him in everything.

You tried to bury yourself in things like work and school when he first left, just so your focus wasn’t purely on the giant black hole that he had left in your life. It wasn’t like you were completely broken by his leaving, it was more so this tiny weight that he had somehow managed to embed inside of your chest. You would be doing fine, and then a tiny scrape of cold metal against your fingertip would send you flying back into the past.

Laying in his bed as you swiped the pad of your thumb across his lip, catching the edge of the cool metal jewelry protruding from his lip while he slept. A simple memory that made it hard to breathe once you were reminded of it, because you knew that it was no longer a possible reality.

Now with all of that being said, the real question is, how do you get over it? You used to think that there really wasn’t a way to get around these feelings, so maybe they would eventually just dull with time, or they could possibly be replaced by gaining feelings for someone else, or maybe you could simply find someone who masked the pain.

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Take It Easy On My Heart

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Sam, Dean, Lisa (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: ANGST

Word count: 2010 (with lyrics) 

Prompt: Song Mercy by Shawn Mendes 

A/N: It’s written for @thevioletthourr‘s “Fif’s Milestone Challenge” as well as  SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017. I hope you guys enjoy. I tried my best :) Feedback is appreciated. 

Beta: @deantheotherkingofkinks Thanks a lot for the eleventh hour editing! :) 

My Masterlist

She hadn’t seen Dean Winchester for years and now here she was, sitting right in front of the man who she used to love - or maybe she still did.

“So, Y/N, how’s life been?” Sam asked taking a sip from his beer.

“Good… Good. Yeah. Pretty good,” she swallowed a big gulp from her bottle, “You guys tell me, I mean you have been hunting more than me.”

“Well, we’ve met god and his sister and something tells me that’s way more than hunting,” Sam said as if he was proud of himself.

“That sounds crazy, even though I know about hunting,” She said, now her eyes met Dean, “So, Dean, I heard about the mark and you becoming a demon. Is that all true?”

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cityofaangels  asked:

I'm a sucker for tattoo shop AUs (Deep in the Heart of Me is my favorite fic EVER), and I can imagine Tony being the manager of a famous shop, and accepting stray artists that want to find a job and are poor/homeless/lost (among which Bucky, Clint and Nat), and just giving them a goal, a home and a future and ARG

Thank you for reminding me of the beauty that is tattoo AUs!!!! I can’t believe I forgot about this to be honest, I used to adore them in almost every fandom, but I haven’t thought of them in ages until I got your ask! I’m unfamiliar with the fic you’ve mentioned–I don’t read a lot of Stony–but I think I’ll give it a try! But for now, let’s get back to this AU.

I really like the idea of Tony being this crazy, loveable owner of a tattoo shop who hires very questionable people under ridiculous circumstances because he’s insane like that. I also headcanon that said questionable people are very protective of their smol boss because of it.

“What the fuck do you want from me?” the stranger snarls disturbingly animalistic.

“Uhm.” Tony stares at the knife—a real knife and definitely not one for the kitchen—and scruffles a tiny step backwards. Backs against a wall before he has the chance to bring a little more distance between himself and Stranger With Knife.

Damn those walls and the stupid people that build them.

He’s going to die here, alone, in an abandoned backstreet. Where nobody will find his body until they’ll have to hold the funeral with a closed coffin. If they’ll ever find his body.

There’s probably a life lesson in here, about how you’re not supposed to follow unknown men a head taller than you and double your weight in muscles into an abandoned backstreet for one. But Tony’s attention is too fixated on the knife to care much about unimportant details like that.

For once, he hysterically thinks, Rhodey won’t be able to scold me for my messed up priorities.

“I won’t ask again!” the man hisses dangerously. He’s got shaggy hair that could do with a cut and a wash, and his eyes flicker with the same restlessness that drew Tony to him initially.

And fine, he probably shouldn’t have followed the guy. He can see how this could be considered “creepy” by people less fluent in Tony-speak than Pepper or Rhodey. Natasha will undoubtedly slap him—gently, because she’s secretly a poisonous snake who’s adopted Tony as this weird, bumbling kitten that will not get killed by anyone but her—for this later. You know, if there is a later.

“I was wondering if you want to work for me,” Tony blurts out because he can’t think of anything else to say. Also because it’s true.

“I’m not fuckin’ work for hire!” the man growls. “I don’t do that shit anymore, so either back the fuck off or I’ll make sure you won’t need anything anymore!”

Alright. Tony decidedly isn’t going to ask what the guy’s going on about. Nope. Absolutely not. That would just be too stupid, even for him.

“What are you talking about?” he asks and promptly wants to knock himself out. At least that might improve his chances to not talk himself into an early death. Clint will not be impressed if he misses is 8 o’clock appointment tomorrow and he has to cover for Tony—neither will the customer. Clint isn’t useful for anything before eleven in the morning.

The man’s eyes—they’re a cold blue that would look a lot prettier if they weren’t levelling a glacial glare at Tony right now—narrow even further, the knife itching ever so slightly closer towards Tony, and nope, not a fan of that development at all.

“Look,” Tony decides to try and deescalate the situation, “You don’t have to answer that. Actually, please don’t answer that, because this sounds too much like one of those I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you thingies and Natty would not be pleased if you did. You know, kill me. Unless you tell her I called her Natty again. For some reason she really doesn’t like that? But what do I know, women are weird,” he muses with a shrug.

“Right, I was trying to make a point. See, you could just wave your knife around and possibly- probably kill me, which would really suck. Cause I’m not a big fan of being dead before my liver gives out on me and you don’t look like you’ve got another jacket, and blood is a bitch to get out.” Not that it would be much of a loss, with the oversized, worn down thing the man’s wearing. It looks like it’s being held together by stubbornness and nothing else.

He might have said that last part out loud as well, if the guy’s twitch is anything to go by. Tony can’t decide whether that’s a good thing or not.

“Or,” he hastily continues, “you could listen to my gracious proposal, accept it with genuine appreciation and enthusiasm and in two years we’ll both laugh about this moment.” He finishes with a bright smile and a happy clap. Screw Natasha and Pepper, he can be reasonable and mature. He’s not the one waving a butcher knife around after all.

Said knife is slowly lowered by the stranger who tilts his head to one side in a show curiosity. He seems—amused, almost. Or maybe that’s Tony’s screwed perception of reality talking. Clint’s mentioned he has a problem at one point, something about seeing a ravaging monster and cooing over it and wanting to pet it. Which is nonsense, Tony doesn’t want to pet anything. Except maybe the guy’s hair, once it’s been properly cleaned. And that’s not his fault, it looks like it could be fluffy.

“I’m listening,” he drawls, almost like he’s humouring Tony. The joke’s on him though, because Tony is used to being humoured.

“Do you know Stark Tower? What a stupid question, of course you do, but just in case you don’t, it’s the best tattoo studio in the entire country, trust me on that, and it happens to also belong to me. You’d look great with a couple of tattoos by the way, really help round off that assassin-gone-rough vibe you’ve got there, and I’d totally do them for free or maybe not free. Pepper says I’m not supposed to give people things all the time, but you wouldn’t tell on me, right?”

“Anyways, I saw this,” Tony lifts the crumbled paper he’s rescued from the garbage at the café he’s first noticed Mr Tall, Dark and Knifey—and hadn’t that led to a fun conversation with the waitress—and waves it around as if to stress his point, “and you’ve got some real talent with the abstract design there, because this is amazing and I’d want it as a tattoo, wich says something, my taste is fantastic. Also I’m missing a designer because that asshole Wade keeps running off to do one thing or another and I’m not allowed to hire Peter until he’s legal.”

The guy stares at him in bemusement while Tony tries to catch his breath. Admittedly not an uncommon reaction.

“You’re offering me a job?” he asks after a moment in disbelief—and damn, this guy is catching on to Tony-speak real quick, he’s the right choice all right.

“Yup,” Tony nods. He’s thought he’s been fairly obvious.

“You’ve been following me for two subway stations, three bus stops and a couple of dozen street corners to offer me a job because you saw something I’d scribbled down at a café,” the man repeats incredulous.

Tony shrugs. “I didn’t know how to talk to you. Clint says I come on too strong usually.”

“And you thought stalking me would make me feel more at ease?”

“Well, no.” Tony frowns. “Maybe? I wasn’t—but doesn’t prolonged exposure get you used to someone?”

“Prolonged- never mind,” the guy shakes his head. “You’re crazy.”

A pause, then, “I don’t need a job.”

Tony scoffs. “Have you looked at yourself lately?” he asks, mulls over his words for a moment when the man tenses. “Alright, that might have come across as offensive but seriously. I don’t care if you need a job or not, it’s yours if you want it. Just show up sometime next week and tell Natty I hired you and if Clint is there please throw your knife at him, he’s an ass and screams like a banshee.” Tony searches his pockets for a moment before he finds one of his, admittedly worse for wear, business cards and offers it to Mr Death By Blade.

“You’re crazy,” the man states again, but he takes the card.

“Get used to it,” Tony smiles is sunniest smile because take that Clint, he can hire new staff without getting anyone killed.


“Have you ever even held a tattoo gun in your life? It’s not a real gun, for fuck’s sake! Tony!” Clint is heard screaming in exasperation through the studio a couple of days later. “What the fuck where you thinking when you hired Bucky?!”

Tony doesn’t look up from where he’s carefully drawing the worlds’ prettiest butterfly onto a young woman’s shoulder when he yells back, “Who the hell is Bucky?!”


[Bonus: “You’re taking all this surprisingly well,” Bucky comments at one point.

Clint shrugs. Takes a look at one of the designs over the newbie’s shoulder.

“Tony’s as fucked in the head as they come, but he’s a freaking genius at finding the best. If he’s hired you than that’s what you are. He wouldn’t settle for anything less.”

A moment of thoughtful silence follows, before.

“In three weeks, I’m gonna tell you how he hired Tasha.”

“Why in three weeks?”

“Studio rule. If you’ve made it three weeks without killing anyone, you’re part of the team.”

“Inside the studio or in general?”

“…you’re gonna fit right in.”]

I think I’m having way too much fun with this…

All great things are mysteries at heart.
—  You never really know a person until your heart aches to feel them again. You’ve never quite visited a place until you’re at home back in the same four walls. You never really fall out of love because the silence and distance will echo so loudly and deeply into parts of your bones that you can’t carve out. I miss you said to the mirrors, I miss you said out loud. You are aching. You are breaking. You never really love anyone until you learn how to love yourself. You’ve always been good at closing yourself off, when was the last time your open sign was on for the world to see? When was the last time you loved without giving a care about being hurt? If love was this tender and if I never really knew you, is it still possible for me to love you? A mystery such as yourself. How fitting. An art piece like you is unfinished, but worthy of any gallery. You’re my favorite musical score and if I don’t wake up tomorrow. I want you to know that.

anonymous asked:

so i just picked up crocheting so now i'm thinking about that knitter tony au you do, like what if tony makes little plushies of each of the avengers and just leaves them in the common room and bucky makes the little iron man and little winter soldier kiss (and maybe steals the iron man for himself)

I think you know they do

Haha this is so adorable oh my God. You can’t see it but I’m grinning like a loon.

Aw and of course Tony’s first reaction would be that Crochet Iron Man was lost or misplaced so he spends time lifting furniture and digging in the couch and he can’t find him so he has to sit and be sad a little. Clearly CIM got lost. Tony tries to be positive–CIM was clearly well-loved if he was played with enough to be misplaced, right?–but it’s hard, because all of the other Avengers are out in plain sight. (He takes a moment to prop Crochet Black Widow into a sitting position. It’s very unladylike and very unassassinlike for her to be flopped over like that.)

Even Black Widow’s still here and you thought Natasha would steal her, the little voice at the back of his mind mutters. Is it even worth it to make another Iron Man if he’s not going to be taken care of? Tony grips the front of his shirt in his hands tightly and tries to force those intrusive thoughts away. CIM was misplaced because he was played with a lot. That was all. He’d show up. …Wouldn’t he?

Tony doesn’t realize he’d said the last part out loud until JARVIS replies Sir, if I may, and projects a screen up in front of him, and he sees Bucky playing with all the dolls, and Tony–Tony is pleased, because he hasn’t really been able to help with Bucky’s therapy in person but he had kind of hoped that the dolls would–

“Thanks for the save, Iron Man,” Bucky says in a high pitched voice, wiggling Crochet Winter Soldier like he’s talking. “You’re the best!” Bucky turns to glance around the living room suspiciously before turning back to the dolls and carefully tapping CIM and CWS’s faces together. “Mwah!”

Tony clutches his chest as he watches Bucky put the dolls back in their regular spots. Bucky hesitates in putting CIM back in his spot on the coffee table before he carefully tucks CIM inside his jacket and he begins the most suspicious walk back to the elevator in the world. Sam is getting off when Bucky is getting on and he makes a joke and Bucky acts so suspiciously as he answers that Sam squints at the doors for several minutes, trying to decide if he needs to go after him.

“Oh,” Tony says, “Well.” There’s a warm feeling deep in his chest.

Eyes Closed

Pairing: Dave x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1618

Author’s Note: So, I would’ve posted this last night but my computer started acting up so I had to wait. I wrote this in an hour and I’m pretty proud of it. It’s cute.Thanks to my lovely babe @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me. She’s amazing y’all.

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being able to pass is a huge relief and it makes me feel worlds more comfortable in my own skin but i’m very transparently gay even when i’m trying not to be and it’s very strange navigating that shift from being perceived as a butch lesbian to being perceived as a fem gay man. i was used to the former and in a liberal area it didn’t carry quite as much obvious stigma, but the latter is kinda fuckin scary sometimes, even in said liberal area, and especially since it’s still a social position i’m calibrating myself to. like last night i was wearing a really loud ridiculous sparkly outfit when i was out with my friends, and i had to walk part of the way back to my dorm by myself at like 11pm, and my friends were genuinely nervous for me. of course i was fine but a guy did whisperscream “faggot” to his friend as i was walking past him, which i can laugh off because there were other people around and he was just being an idiot to look cool and powerful, but still, gender and gender expression and how much it dictates our lives is so weird. i don’t get called slurs or get openly harassed often by any means, but my gender presentation is still a huge presence in my life and how i look out for myself and the risks i take and etc etc, it’s always there and i’m always aware of how it affects how i’m seen

anonymous asked:

Just watched season 2 loved kalagang moments can't get enough of them why do you think wolfgang never says kalas name and how did lila knows about kala its bit confusing

From writer’s perspective, I think that Lana (and other writers) maybe looking for exact moment – the right moment where Wolfgang says Kala’s name and the world becomes so much better, lol. Maybe they’re just saving it for the very last moment of series. That’s just one theory.

I think the reason that’s keeping Wolfgang from saying her name out loud is fear. Fear of letting her completely into his heart; or maybe it’s fear of others hurting Kala because of him.

Kala – her whole existence means everything to Wolfgang. Max said in the interview that Wolfgang’s feelings for Kala is really deep…which he hasn’t felt to anyone before. Max also said Wolfgang doesn’t really like the feeling that he might get hurt by it. So even though he said “I love you” to Kala, maybe there’s still a part of him that’s trying to defend himself from all these raw and deep emotions. So saying Kala’s name might symbolize that he belongs to her – he gives himself to her completely.

At the same time, we’ve seen enemies around him hurt those Wolfgang deeply cares about – Felix. Now his enemies are not just some mafias in Germany. There’s BPO, Lila, and maybe more…who knows. It’s sad but Wolfgang is always gonna be surrounded by danger. Even Wolfgang himself is a dangerous person and he knows it – that’s why he pushes Kala away, telling her she should marry Rajan. He knows the risk of saying her name out loud in his world. Obviously, he wouldn’t want to see Kala get hurt because of him.

As for the question about Lila knowing Kala. Technically she doesn’t know Kala. If you’re asking about the bathroom scene (and Wolfgang’s bedroom scene in season finale), she can’t actually see Kala. She just knows the presence of her. So it’s basically, Lila knows there’s someone Wolfgang loves, but she doesn’t really know who that is.

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Hi, I'm starting to get the flu and I'm pretty sad since I also have to give away my dog tomorrow so it is just making me worse. Can I have a scenario of Rei, Ritsu and Mao taking care of a very sick Anzu that can't get out of bed who's also having high stress? Thanks! :)

oh no i hope you’re doing better now !!! i wrote this as soon as i saw your request, i hope i’m not too late… please take care of yourself ! ♥ - mod mademoiselle

Mao :

“Really, Mao, you didn’t have to come all the way here…” Your boyfriend pointedly looks away, now busy making sure you have enough pillows and you feel comfortable in your bed. You squirm a bit under the three blankets he’s piled up on top of you, and he mistakes that for you trying to grab another pillow. He’s already put one under you before you even have time to protest, and you just sigh, admitting your defeat.

“It’s fine, I was planning to come anyway. And I can’t just leave you like that, who knows what you’d be up to if I wasn’t here ?” He laughs embarrassedly when he meets your eyes, and lets out a little sigh of his own.

“Maybe I kinda overdid it”, he mumbles, eyes on the ground. Now you feel like comforting him. Great job, Mao.

“Yeah, you did, honestly.” He looks up at you, still stuck and unable to move under the pile of blankets, your fifteen pillows threatening to take over the bed at any moment. His nerves eventually get the better of him and he starts giggling like crazy, soon joined by you. Once your nervous laughter finally subsides, you’re left wiping away at a stray tear while he fumbles around, retrieving a bottle of cough mixture from a paper bag.

“Did you buy medicine too… ?” He nods at your question, busy reading the package leaflet while you’re left staring at his bag in awe. Did he really think of everything… ?

“Of course. I’d be a pretty bad boyfriend if I didn’t, right… ?” He laughs weakly, trying to measure how much cough mixture he should pour in the little plastic spoon he found inside the box. You just stare at him, vaguely embarrassed, while he timidly moves the spoonful of medicine near your mouth.

“It’s not exactly tasty, but it should do the trick… I think”, he says hesitantly. You groan when a drop of sticky liquid falls on your chin, and he barely suppresses a nervous chuckle before angling the spoon better and finally getting it in your mouth. You can only grimace as you swallow the medicine, and he smiles, putting the bottle away.

“It’s the worst I’ve ever had”, you comment, looking away as he bends closer to you to wipe the drops that fell on your chin and pillows, courtesy of his trembling hand.

“Sorry about that. It works really well, I promise.” He smiles weakly at you, although his cheeks are more than a little red. Maybe it’s the sudden proximity… He jumps up a bit when you grip his wrist, admittedy a bit tighter than you intended.

“It’s fine, Mao. I’m… I’m just really happy you’re here… Especially since I needed you so much.” Wow. You managed to say all that without bursting into tears. Your voice did crack a bit on the last few words, but you’re still mildly proud of yourself. Are you this emotional because of the fever, or is it because you’ve been so stressed out recently, you wonder…

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t let you deal with that by yourself. Besides, thanks to Ritsu, I’m used to taking care of sick people. You wouldn’t believe how cranky he gets when he’s sick.” You laugh softly at his comment, making him smile in his turn. You can’t help but notice how pretty his eyes look when they’re twinkling happily, and so close to yours at that… You want to look away, but he inches just a bit closer, already slowly closing his eyes. His cheeks are beet red, and you try your best to muffle a chuckle before he shakily presses his lips against yours. They’re so warm and nice against yours… You close your eyes in your turn, parting your lips slightly when his tongue shyly pokes against them. Before you have time to truly melt into the kiss, a sudden weight on you makes you gasp, and Mao immediately moves back, removing his hands from where they awkwardly landed on your chest.

“Sorry, I kind of toppled over…” He tries his best to smile despite the embarrassment, before his face suddenly contorts in disgust. “You were right, this cough mixture tastes disgusting”, he adds, nose scrunched up in a way that makes you giggle.

“Told you so. It’s your fault for suddenly kissing me like that. What if you get sick too ?” He just shrugs at your question, giving you a shy little smile that makes your heart beat slightly faster.

“I don’t really care. If it’s the price to pay to see you smile and get better, then so be it.” You’re left staring at him, eyes wide, and he awkwardly blinks. Then realization dawns on him. “Did I say something cheesy again ?” he laughs, and you can only join him.

“You did. But it’s fine. I like it.” You’re not sure you actually said that last part out loud, but the warm smile on your boyfriend’s lips and the blush that spreads on his cheeks and ears seem proof enough. Maybe he’s just as glad to be with you as you are he’s there taking care of you when you most need it…

Ritsu :

“I can’t breathe, Ritsu…” You squirm a bit, but he squeezes you even tighter in his arms. You didn’t even know he was that strong… Maybe it’s what you deserve for not knowing he had it in him to almost hug you to death. Your boyfriend mumbles adorably, still half-asleep, then lazily opens his eyes. His red gaze meets yours, and he lets out a little smile.

“Too bad. I’m not letting you go.” You groan in response, and he chuckles, slightly relieving the pressure of his arms around you. There, much easier to breathe. He waits until you’ve made yourself comfortable on your bed to nuzzle against your neck, sighing in pleasure as he gets ready to nap again.

“Are you sure it’s going to make me feel better ?” you ask, not entirely convinced by his method of choice. He simply nods, looking up at you from under long dark lashes.

“Trust me, I’m an expert… A good nap can do wonders. Just rest and let me heal you…”  You’re about to question that last part when he starts nibbling on your skin, right at the junction between your neck and shoulder. You barely muffle a little yelp, while Ritsu just smirks against your skin.

“Is that part of the whole ‘healing’ thing too ?” Ritsu doesn’t answer your question, letting his lips wander lower and lower, kissing your collarbone and licking his way down to your chest, where he rests his head before he shoots a grin at you.

“Yeah. It’s supposed to make the illness go away.” You can only blink at him while he lovingly nuzzles against your chest, hands pawing at it. He really looks like a cat… You’d almost let him do as he pleases, just because of that lovely face of his, weren’t it for one particularly insistent grope.

“How is that supposed to make me feel better… ?” He rolls his eyes at your question, as if the answer were obvious and you were just particularly slow.

“Simple. To make you feel better from a fever, you’re supposed to get hot, right ?” His mouth is pursed in an adorable self-sufficient little pout, almost making you want to kiss him. If only you didn’t risk making him sick too…

“Well, yeah, but…” He cuts you off before you have time to explain.

“Don’t you feel hot, right now ?” He’s staring at you intently, lips finding their way to your neck again. You’re not sure if he’s genuinely trying to help with your fever or if he’s just found an excuse to do as he pleases again…

“Um, yeah, I do”, you concede, looking away when he inches closer. He’s grinning widely now, visibly satisfied his unusual remedy is working wonders.

“There you go. Told you it works.” Before you have time to refute his claims, he suddenly kisses you, not leaving you time to breathe. You were just starting to kiss back in earnest when he pulls back. He’s somehow still smirking, but you notice he’s slightly out of breath too…

“Was that part of your healing technique too ?”  you tease. He nods, snuggling close to you again and looking supremely satisfied.

“Yeah. And the next step is a long, long nap. Lucky you, I’m an expert at this too.” You roll your eyes but it’s too late : he’s already dozing off. Your fingers softly run through his hair, petting it slowly as he falls asleep.

His chest is moving slowly as he takes deep breaths, and you’re left to admire how pretty his face looks when he’s asleep. He looks almost like an angel… too bad he’s not always like that. You smile a bit, imagining his reaction if you’d told him that. He would probably huff his cheeks and cross his arms, throwing you an unamused glare… Really, his glares would impress you a lot more if he didn’t look like an adorable but quite pissed off cat.

As your thoughts are wavering, you find your eyes slowly closing. Unconsciously imitating Ritsu’s deep breaths, you’re on the verge of falling asleep. He’s so warm against you, too… You lean against him, cuddling him as your conscience drifts away. You’re barely awake when he opens one eye to smirk and whisper “Sleep well…”

When you wake up, you’re feeling strangely refreshed. Maybe the medicine Ritsu gave you really worked wonders on you… You still feel a bit feverish, but you’re doing a lot better. You turn to your boyfriend to tell him when you notice he’s tightly gripping you, face hidden in your neck. Is he still asleep… ?

“Ritsu ?” You gently touch his shoulder, and when he looks up at you, your eyes go wide. He’s shivering and his cheeks are burning hot… “Oh no, looks like you caught my fever…”

Your boyfriend barely represses another, longer shiver, looking at you as stoically as he can with cheeks that red. “I’m fine. What matters is that you’re better. Besides…” Before you can say anything, he’s hiding in your neck again, hot breath dancing on your skin.

“You can always try my great healing method on me… right ?”

Rei :

Honestly, this all feels so weird. Having Rei lovingly nurse you while you’re sick definitely wasn’t what you expected from a guy who claims he’s a vampire and tries so hard to be seen as hardcore. Well, him giving you medicine wasn’t so bad. But maybe reading you a bedtime story before your nap was a bit too much. You did fall asleep in record time, but still…

You wake up to feel slightly disoriented, before you remember you’re in Rei’s bedroom. The furniture clearly mirrors his aesthetic and tastes… He’s nowhere to be found, though. You’re just about to get up and go look for him when he comes in, holding a tray, and smiles at you.

“Oh, fret not, my love. Go right back to lying down, would you ?” You begrudgingly comply, while he puts the tray on the nightstand and comes to arrange your pillows so that you’re in an almost seated position.

“You know, I can get up just fine”, you say, but he doesn’t answer. Instead he lets you rest against the pillows, brushing a piece of stray hair behind your ear.

“You do not need to. I believe I already told you how I planned to take care of your every need.” He sits next to you and grabs a plate on the tray he brought, gently blowing on it to cool down its contents. Is it… soup ?

“Did you cook for me too… ? You really didn’t have to, you know !” You’re feeling a bit embarrassed, but he gives you a little smile. Clearly, he’s happy nursing you like an overprotective mother.

“You took such good care of me when I was in need, my love. How the tables have turned…” He chuckles, but brings a spoonful of soup closer to your mouth, and you feel your cheeks slightly blushing when you realize he wants to spoon-feed you.

“Really, I can eat myself—“ He completely ignores you, but you can see the corners of his mouth quivering. Is he fighting off a smile ?

“If you would please open your mouth, just like me. Aaah~” He opens wide to set an example, and the little light twinkling happily in his eyes tells you he’s having a lot of fun. You dejectedly do as he says, looking away as he spoon-feeds you. The soup is delicious, making you suspect he really cooked it himself… He clearly reads you like an open book, given that he smirks a bit.

“I see you are enjoying my home-made cooking. Do not worry, I longingly thought of you as I was preparing it…” You’re too tired to do much else than rolling your eyes. He’s gonna tease you no matter what, anyway. But as he dutifully feeds you until you get embarrassed and take the spoon yourself, you’re left thinking he’s not doing this to make fun of you. Not with the loving way he looks at you. Once you’re done with your meal, he takes the tray from you but makes sure you take vitamins. There’s really no way to escape his surveying gaze and you down them soon enough, much to his satisfaction.

“Very good. You shall see, you will be doing much better now.” He seems to mean it’s thanks to his loving care, but truth be told, it might rather be the ultra-efficient medicine he got you. You just nod wearily, but blink down in surprise when he leans down to softly kiss your forehead. His lips barely touch your skin before he turns away with one last smile.

“Now, if you will excuse me, I have dishes to wash.” He was about to leave when you manage to catch his arm, and he immediately stops in his tracks. He doesn’t even look surprised, rather worried.

“Wait… Can you stay with me ?” Rei doesn’t answer right away, instead slowly blinking. “Please ?” you add in a tiny voice. You’re already feeling all gloomy again. Maybe that’s because of all the stress you’ve been feeling lately…

Rei just puts the tray down again and sits on the bed. Before you know it, he’s looming over you and kisses your forehead again. This time, his lips caress your skin a little longer. His fingers gently brush your cheek, and you can’t help but get lost in his mesmerizing ruby eyes for a moment.

“Of course, my love. I am devastated you are feeling so sad.” You don’t remember ever telling him about it, but it’s not even surprising. Rei’s ridiculously good at reading you… When he hugs you tight, you hide in his chest. He’s big and his arms are strong, making you feel safe and protected… You close your eyes when he starts tracing intricate and soothing patterns on the back of your neck with his fingers, whispering sweet nothings in your ear until you calm down.

“Everything is fine, do not worry… I am here, by your side…” You weakly nod, sniffling softly. It feels kinda lame, just unloading all your stress in front of your boyfriend, but at least you feel a bit better now. And when he leans in to kiss you, all the tension just melts behind your closed eyelids.

When you resurface, he’s gently cradling you in his arms, his voice a caressing murmur trying to lull you into sleep again. With how tired you are, you gladly snuggle against him, letting go of all your worries. He smiles gently at you as you fall asleep, and you weakly smile too. He is so good to you…

  • Day Four: Alternative Universe // Prompt_ AU

“Royal AU”

“Serena, will you please find a suitable dress for the ball. There will be some well matched suitors for you there to meet, and i will not have you turning up dressed in the usual drab outfits you wear. It is about time you grew up and found yourself a husband to settle down with and have children with. You’re the heir to the throne for heaven’s sake!”

Serena listened to her mother’s rant while they were having breakfast in relative silence. She had learnt by now that disagreeing with her only made things worse. “Yes mother” she replied, “i’ll go out today and find something… suitable” she lingered over the last word. She had heard her mother go on about finding a husband too many times to count, however how does the future heir to the throne find a suitable husband when she doesn’t seem to like any of the males she meets.

Serena finished breakfast rather quickly, hardly eating anything. She just wanted to escape her mother’s constant criticisms. She asked her maid to fetch her coat and she went out to find herself a dress that her mother may find appropriate.

Serenas driver pulls up to the royal tailors, she gets out, looks around at all the other stores in the street, with all the ordinary people just going about their days. What she wouldnt give to be one of them. To not have to worry about what the world thought of how she dressed, or how she walked, or who she dated. She sighed and entered the store. Serena had been to the store many times before, and as such she knew all the staff that worked there. Today, however, there was someone new. A beautiful, tall blonde woman. She had never seen her there before, and wondered when she started working there. Serena couldn’t stop staring at her. She had butterflies in her stomach. Serenas eyes traveled up and down the blonde womans body. She had a nice figure. Curves in all the right places, she thought. The blonde turned to look at Serena, and was shocked to see it was the princess. She curtsied low and knocked over the glasses stand as she did so.

“Sorry ma’am” she said, rather flustered, “i’m so terribly sorry” she repeated as she scrambled to pick the stand and items off the ground. Serena bent down to help her pick the fallen objects from the ground.

“It is quite okay. Here, let me help you, er…” she paused not knowing her name. She looked at the woman questioningly.

“Berenice. It is my first day today ma’am.” She responded.

“Nice to meet you Berenice. I am Serena.”

“I know who you are ma’am. You do not need to help me your highness. I am truly sorry”

“I want to help” she replied, as she reached for a tiara at the same time as the other woman. Their hands lingered touching each other over the shimmering item, and they locked eyes. Serena felt a tug in her heart as the stared into each other’s eyes. She really was the “most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen” She gasped in horror. She had said the last part out loud, and by the look on Berenice’s face she definitely heard her.

(when you get so stressed because your mind can’t work and your fiancée comes to save the day! Fic wrote by @berena-sapphic-angst-fest picture by me - updated picture - )

Press X To Respawn Ch. 3 (Trixya) - Rainbow

A/N: Hey everyone! Before I start this chapter, I just wanted to say thank you all so much for the positive feedback on my fic! I know I’ve made you guys wait a really long time for the next chapter, but here it is! I really hope you enjoy it! Also, feel free to bother me on tumblr @rainbowvelour. Thanks! -Rainbow

In this chapter: Trixie and Katya continue to plan their new show, but will it go as they hope?

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#2JaBt1 (Jughead Week, Day 3)

Hi all. This would be my somewhat unusual attempt at a coming out scene, in which we see Jughead Jones coming out as aro-ace to… himself? What’s going on?

As some of you may have gathered, this is an excerpt from chapter 2 of my (somewhat crack-y) Riverdale crossover fic, Two Jugheads are Better than One, in which the comic book version of Jughead encounters the TV show version of himself. Needless to say, they are not quite sure what to make of each other at first.

This chapter is told from comic!Jughead’s POV.

Read the rest of the story here on Ao3, where I will be posting the other chapters very soon. Enjoy!

Jughead couldn’t help but wonder what was bothering this guy, who was just sitting there, a mere three feet away from him with the beanie pulled down over his ears, but it seemed more like a million miles. He also hadn’t eaten any of the fries Jughead had offered him, which was practically a travesty.

“So,” he said to keep the conversation going. “I’ve been going into all the other timelines to stop myself from making terrible mistakes.”

“Uh huh. So, kind of like Sliders, but without all the awful dystopias?” the other Jughead asked, seemingly intrigued, but failing to hide his boredom.

“I dunno,” said Jughead. “Have you even seen the world you’re living in? There is a murderer on the loose in Riverdale. Everyone here looks miserable. Heck, even the sky looks darker. Totally a dystopia.”

“Come on, man. We’ve had like, one murder.”

“Yeah, and it’s one murder too many.”

“So is that what you’ve been doing in all the other worlds? Solving murders?”

“No, but that would be awesome. So far it’s just been things like when in one timeline, I stopped myself joining the football team. And in another case, I intervened to save the Jones family from a fate worse than death…” Jughead paused for emphasis. “Living in Ohio.”

“That does sound terrifying,” the other Jughead said, and he still didn’t sound like he really meant it.

Something had to be troubling him if it was making him act this distant. Why is it so hard to get through to someone who is literally me? Jughead thought.

“Listen man, is something wrong?” he said to his other self.

“Nah, it just… what you’re saying sounds fascinating and all. But, is there any way you can prove if you really are me?”

It was a diversion tactic on the part of his double, but Jughead decided to go ahead and indulge him.

“Oh, that’s easy,” he said. “I’ll just tell you anything and everything I know about Jughead Jones.”

“I guess this could be interesting,” said the other one, who was at last beginning to ease out of his gloominess.

Jughead checked that he had the full attention of his double. Then he began.

“Okay, well for starters, your— I mean our full name is Forsythe Pendleton Jo—”

“Shhh! Not so loud! People can hear you.”

“You really hate it that much?”

“I don’t hate it,” said the other Jughead. “It just reminds me too much of my dad.”

“Why? What did he do, Juggie?”

“Lots of things. Doesn’t matter? And what’s with you suddenly calling me Juggie?”

“It’s a thing of beauty,” Jughead explained. “Juggie - the nickname of a nickname. And since I don’t often refer to myself in third person, I almost never get the chance to use it.”

“I know but… no one calls me that except Mom and…”

He trailed off. Jughead was sure the next word out of his mouth was going to be Dad, but instead he saw the other boy mouthing the name Betty. That made very little sense to him. Why would Betty have semi-exclusive access to the nickname? He could worry about that later, perhaps. For now he just decided to ignore it and carry on.

“Anyway, you act real dumb in class, but your IQ is 117.”

“A lucky guess.”

“Your Gmail password is JanuaryMcAndrew5. You have no idea why you chose it. It came to you in a dream.”

“Not even close.”

Somehow his other self was still not buying it. So Jughead decided to bring out the big guns.

“Okay, so before moving to Riverdale, you were kinda, sorta in love with Joanie Jumpp. Y’know, from kindergarten? But you were like, four.”

The other Jughead squinted at him.

“Who told you that?”

“As you got older however, the more you learned about girls and boys and dating and… romance, the more you realized you want absolutely nothing to do with it. And most other kids didn’t get that, but you swear you’ve been aromantic since before you knew there was a word for it. You’re also pretty sure you’re also asexual as well.”

Jughead realized his heart was pounding far more than it should, like he was 12 again and having this conversation with his parents. It only then occurred to him that it was perhaps the strangest coming out talk in his entire life.

“Wait, back up a sec. I’m a what?”

“Asexual,” Jughead began to explain. “It means you don’t experience sexual attrac— WAIT, you mean to tell me you don’t know?!”

“No-no, that other word you used.”

“Oh, aromantic. That’s where you don’t experience romantic attract— WAIT, you mean you didn’t know about that one either?!?”


Jughead didn’t answer, but his wide-eyed expression was making look even more comical than he usually looked. His other self spoke again.

“Why is this such a big deal?”

“I dunno, man. Being aromantic is just such a Jughead thing. I kinda figure it would be a constant in every universe, like Archie being a redhead, or burgers being delicious.”

The other Jughead stared right on past him. The full reality of that word he’d said was just beginning to sink in.

If you liked this work, why not read the entire first chapter on Ao3? I’ll also be posting something else to @jugheadweek in the next day or so.

Making a move - Gabriel x Reader

Title: Making a move

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word count: 2,352

Warnings: None

Summary: What happens when Gabriel is alive? It is said that, like Sam was meant to be Lucifer’s vessel and like Dean was meant to be Michael’s vessel so was Reader meant to be Gabriel’s soulmate. But they are only friends, right?

“Nothing here” you said with a sigh, throwing yet another book on the building pile next to you.

You and your brothers were constantly searching for a way to get rid of The Mark but had no luck yet. Maybe because you were not doing any actual job, anyway. But who could blame you? The thought of a certain archangel would not stop running through your mind. That certain archangel being Gabriel. You had met him a really long time ago, back when the Apocalypse was still going on, and you instantly had clicked. The pranks he would pull on your brothers had really helped in that. But despite that, when you got to know him better you could not deny you felt yourself growing really close to him. Falling in love with him was not hard, either, not when you got to know him better. Not when you got to know who he truly was and what his true thoughts and feelings, which hid behind the mask of the trickster and funny Gabriel, were.

You were not going to say anything, though. No you weren’t. He was a powerful archangel there was no chance he would be attracted to you. A weak human. Sure you were best friends but there was no way he would see you otherwise. Best friends. That was something he had said and you clearly remembered yourself finding it hard not to cringe. You still found it impossible, even after all this time. But you knew that that was the bitter truth, despite what you felt for him. What you felt for him. Something that both your brothers were very aware of.

When Gabriel ‘died’ it was impossible for you to hide how you felt about him. You had really thought you lost him, that he was dead, and not coming back so you really found no point in hiding how you felt about him. The situation you were in after his 'death’ really gave it away. It was as if you were about to give up on everything and everyone, life too. You just kept going for your brothers.

Luckily when you found out that he was alive none of them gave away on what you felt for him - you of course didn’t either. And they had kept quiet till now. Well mostly Sam had kept quiet. He was understanding and you could always talk to him about issues like this - although you could clearly see him sometimes struggling to keep his overprotective-brother mode off.

Dean didn’t of course.

There honestly were times when he would tease you about your crush (you were not going to tell them that you were actually in love with him) even in front of Gabriel and you really wondered how he hadn’t realized anything yet . But then there were times that he would go all older-brother mode and completely overprotective and would refuse to let you go with Gabriel on the trip he had suggested taking you to - something you did occasionally.

“Nothing here either” Dean let out a sigh throwing the book he was reading next to yours.

“You found anything?” Dean raised an eyebrow looking at Sam who seemed really engrossed in his book.

Sam did not respond which made you frown.

“Is something wrong?” you asked but Sam didn’t respond again.

“You found something about The Mark?” you asked again but got no response.

“I bet he’s reading porn” Dean said wiggling his eyebrows with a smile and you rolled your eyes.

“Sam did you find anything?” you asked him again but got no response.

“Oh don’t cut him off, (Y/n). I bet he’s just getting to the good part” Dean said again with a grin and you merely hit him with your foot under the table.

“Shut up Dean” Sam’s voice was now heard.

“Oh he speaks! He’s alive!” Dean said ever-so-dramatically.

“Dean” you glared at him and he just shrugged.

“Ok first of; people can get really focused and interested in a book without it having to be Fifty Shades of Grey, Dean.” Sam set his book down and glared at the older Winchester “And second of; well, I found something. It’s not about the Mark but- It’s equally interesting.” he said the last part and looked at you with what seemed like a smirk.

“Really? What is it about then?” Dean raised an eyebrow, taking the book to read out loud “And they were made from heaven to serve heaven. Fight the ultimate battle. Give the most powerful ones what had been said they shall. Serving heaven and hell for they were made for it. Three for three. Made for the good, evil and in between.” Dean read frowning.

“What the hell is this supposed to mean?” he asked looking at you and Sam.

“Well, it doesn’t really make much sense but if you got to read as much as I did from the book then you would get it.” Sam said with a smile, glancing at you “It actually says that… like I was made and meant for Lucifer to use me as a vessel and you were made for Michael to be used as a vessel, (Y/n)… (Y/n) was meant for Gabriel.” he said with a smile and your eyes widened at the mention of Gabriel’s name.

“W-what?” you managed to stutter out.

Sam smiled at you and explained “Well here it says that we were 'made for the most powerful ones’ and then 'three for three’. I was made to be Lucifer’s vessel, Dean Michael’s and you… you were made to be Gabriel’s soulmate. We were made 'for the good, evil and in between’. I was made for Lucifer - evil, Michael - good, and Gabriel - in between, which means love. They were the tree most powerful ones in heaven, the three most powerful angels - archangels, anyway.”

You took in deep breaths, trying to calm your rapidly-beating heart. That was something you surely did not expect to hear. No, not at all. You were meant to be with him? How could that ever be possible you found hard to believe.

Your palms were sweating and you could literally hear your heart drum in your ears. Thoughts of Gabriel running through your mind and what he would actually think of it. Would he want to be with you too? Did he know about it? Maybe he did but actually didn’t want to tell you because he… didn’t want to be with you? Even the thought of it made your stomach tighten and feel heavy like a rock.

You felt your breath catch on your throat, though, when you looked up from your hands you’d been staring at for a really long time. Your eyes all but widened but you couldn’t dare even open your mouth to speak.

Dean beat you at it, too.

“Well look at that!” he exclaimed “Seems like even the universe is telling you to make a move, huh (Y/n)?” Dean smirked at you and if your eyes were not wide before, your heart was not beating rapidly enough and your cheeks were not burning hot, they surely were now.

“Dean” you tried to say firmly.

“What? Don’t Dean me now! I mean, yeah, I literally want to stab that douche of an archangel on the face but still it would be hell of a fun to see you try a move on him! Besides, you’ve had a crush on him for what seemed like forever. Now you just have the motivation to finally get the balls and show him what Winchesters are capable of.” he said with a laugh, mostly because all he had said was to tease you about your 'schoolgirl crush’ on the angel, and by the look on your face he had succeeded.

“Dean” you said in a low voice.

“What? You’ve been in love with him for like forever, and as much as I hate to admit it, he makes you happy. It’s high time you told him!” he said teasingly.

“Dean!” you exclaimed, eyes wide and tears welling up in your eyes; fact that made Dean stop.

“What?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“You were not supposed to say that” you said, lip trembling; and they both looked at you with a sad look.

“Why?” he asked again.

“Because I was not supposed to hear that” a voice said behind Dean and Sam and they both turned to look at Gabriel eyes locked with yours.

You stared back at him for a while, more tears welling up in your eyes, your cheeks burning hot. You shook your head, the tears rolling by now - mostly from the embarrassment - and got abruptly up, running to your room.

“Shit” Dean muttered, running a hand down his face “Now I really screwed up” he added.

“Damn it Gabriel! You have to fucking stop appearing like that!” Dean said gritting his teeth.

“It’s not his fault Dean” Sam said “You should go apologize to her. You really shouldn’t have said anything, anyway”

“No, I am the one that should go talk to her” Gabriel spoke up and before he could react Dean had grabbed him by the hem of his jacket.

“Dean,  no!” Sam started protesting immediately, holding onto his brother’s shoulder; trying to pull him away.

Dean shrugged him off and focused on Gabriel that was glaring at him “Listen, here. I may be teasing her about what she feels for you but that’s just it. Teasing. Now, though, I am serious. She’s my little sister so, if you ever so think of hurting her or making her do anything she doesn’t want to - and I think you know what I mean - mark my words Gabriel- I am going to hunt you down, find you wherever you may be and kill you, slowly and sure as hell painfully.” he said through gritted teeth.

“You know how I feel about her, of course I am not going to hurt her. Now, you mind letting me go so that I can go talk to her?” Gabriel said with a half-glare and as soon as Dean let go of him he disappeared from their eyes.

“You knew all along didn’t you?” Sam smirked at Dean who just shrugged.

“Maybe?” he smirked at him “Now come on, let’s go get a drink. I want to get the the thought of my little sister…” Dean trailed of and fake-shuddered.

“Yeah, agreed” Sam said.


You had your face buried in your pillow, the tears had stopped rolling, but the embarrassment was still there and the worst part was that there was no going back now. Gabriel knew what you felt about him and there was nothing you could say to cover it up. Things were not going to be like they used to and what made you feel all the more sad was the thought that you had lost your friend forever. Sure you would want him to come and tell you that he felt the same way but you highly doubted and-

A knock on the door broke your trail of thoughts.

“No” you said, face still buried in the pillow, voice loud enough so that Dean - who you thought had come to apologize - could hear.

You heard the door open and close, nonetheless, and you sighed into your pillow. You unburied your face but didn’t see who it was because your back was turned to the door.

“I told you no, Dean. I want to be alone, please. You did enough for today” you let out a sigh and closed your eyes.

“Yeah, I guess he did. And even though I didn’t think I would ever say it- I owe him” Gabriel’s voice made your eyes snap open.

You turned immediately and looked at him, eyes wide and redness returning to your cheeks “Gabriel” you breathed out.

“Yeah, that’s how they usually call me” he said with a light chuckle.

“Sorry” he soon added when he realized that you didn’t even so smile at his attempt for a joke.

“No I’m sorry” you muttered looking down at your hands “I ruined everything didn’t I?” you added and dared to look up at his eyes.

“What? No, (Y/n), no. Look cupcake, I know that you think that everything between us is going to change right now and honestly I reallywish that.” he said and you frowned slightly.

“I knew (Y/n). Of course I knew that you are my soulmate and even though this might sound creepy I- I’ve been watching you long before we met. I just- I know I messed up but I didn’t want to tell you that we were meant to be together because I was scared that you were not going to want me or maybe you would refuse to just because it 'had been said’. It’s in you Winchesters to defy the rules.” he said running a hand through his hair.

“Well I would certainly not want to defy that one” you said with a hesitant smile, having gained courage and hope in hearing him say that he felt the same way - although not clearly.

“You and me both” he said and you couldn’t help but smile widely.

“Oh really?” you raised a playful eyebrow “And you’re going to risk getting run over by the Impala, with my brothers in it?” you asked with a giggle.

“Uh well, I think it’s worth taking the risk. You’re worth taking every risk, after all” he smiled cheekily and you laughed more.

“If you give me the chance, of course?” he raised his eyebrows expecting to hear a positive answer.

You walked closer to him and cupped his face “I think it’s worth taking the risk” you said with a smile and leaned in to press your lips to his.

“So that’s you making a move, huh?” he asked with a smirk, when you pulled away.

“Oh you haven’t seen me make a move yet, angel.” you winked at him and he laughed wrapping his arms around you and attaching his lips to yours again.

our-brightest-stars  asked:

Scenario with Vongola+Reborn on a mission & mistaking their future S/O's motorcycle for their getaway ride. They tell them to "drive, now" & the S/O glimpses the gun, panics, & races off. Is actually more than half-decent for a first-time getaway driver through narrow streets of Italy & losing angry pursuers with their GUNS. Nothing seems to be amiss until the enemy is lost & they stop, nowhere near the Base. They rip off the helmet to meet a fearful civilian, pleading, "please don't shoot me."

I was laughing so hard when I first read this prompt, it’s perfect!!!  Thank you for sending it in!

He wasn’t going to lie, he had picked up some issues with their driving.  He was still trying to figure out why this person was sent to be his getaway driver.  Being so high up in the Vongola, he had expected someone a little more experienced.  Sure they had gotten away, and all the pursuers had been lost (had actually been lost for a while now), but there was something that had made him think that you hadn’t done this often.

Finally you came to a stop and he got off, trying to figure out why you had brought him here.  This wasn’t anywhere close to the Base.  Was this a trap?   Had you set him up?  He didn’t let his suspicions show, wanting to see what your next move would be before he did anything.  

He was completely surprised when you pulled off your helmet, revealing someone who definitely wasn’t his getaway driver.  And looked every bit the picture of innocent civilian – nothing like the regular hardened mafia member.

“Listen, I don’t know who you are, and if I’m ever asked I won’t say anything, promise.  So, like, please don’t shoot me!”  

He felt some semblance of shock go through him.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.


“Uh-oh.”  Tsuna couldn’t even think to console you at this point, too worried about how he was going to get out of this.  He would never hear the end of it if word got out.  Byakuran, Reborn, Xanxus…they’d all torture him for eternity about this if they found out.

“You’ve got to promise not to tell anyone about this!”  He turned to you, trying to figure out the proper damage control protocols.  There was probably definitely something about accidentally using a civilian as a getaway driver.  Right?

“Of course, whatever you say!”  You nodded so hard you thought you felt a crick in your neck, but you weren’t going to focus on that.  No, a little pain was worth your life in the long run.

“And then, I can just say that the driver wasn’t there and that I got away myself. That could work.”  Tsuna went back to mumbling to himself.  Maybe this wouldn’t be the cause of eternal humiliation.

“But how can I explain you,” he turned to you and you paled.

“You don’t have to explain me.  We can just ignore me altogether.”

“No, Reborn would definitely find out.  And then he’ll kill me.”  You felt sick at the words.  You so should have stayed home today.

“There’s only one thing to do.”  Your “passenger” looked back at you with a confident smile, you were convinced you were about to die.

“We’re just going to have to pretend we’re dating.  That you’re my secret date, and that’s why I was seen with you. How does lunch sound?”



Gokudera had started pacing the moment he realized that you were not the correct getaway driver.  That you were in fact, nothing more, than a terrified civilian.  Of course, him forbidding you from driving off probably didn’t help your fear, but he couldn’t have you leaving until he figured out how to clean up this mess.

“Are you sure you’re not connected to the mafia?”

“Uh, yes…”  The intensity of the man was fairly frightening.

“Damn it.  Can’t use that as an excuse…” And just like that, he was back to pacing and muttering to himself.  You were starting to think that he might be slightly crazy.

“So, um, what’s going on?  Are you sure I can’t leave?”  You had weighed your odds, and you didn’t think that you would be able to get out of the ally before he used his gun on you or your bike.

“You were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And no, you can’t go.  Not until we figure out how to explain this.”

“You can’t use that explanation?”

“No, my Boss would be disappointed in me.”

“Yeah, let’s worry about what your boss thinks.  It’s not like I’m worried or freaking out or anything over here…”

“Tch…there’s no reason for you to freak out.  You’re not going to be hurt by anything.  Now just stay quiet and let me think.”


“Haha, well this is awkward.”  The man that had gotten on the back of your bike – who had a gun on his side, and was that a sword on his back?? who used swords anymore??? – was laughing.  How could he be laughing in this situation? That’s it, you were at the mercy of a mad man and you were about to die.

You didn’t realize that you had said that last part out loud until he looked at you with a confused expression.  “What are you about to die?  Do you really think I’m going to kill you?”

You weighed the options of telling the truth or lying.  Because you were so stressed out, you didn’t think you’d be able to convincingly lie.  “Yes.”

His face lost its amusement and instead turned into a compassionate look. “I won’t.  I promise.  You’re a civilian, and you’ve helped me out.  Why would I kill you?”

“Because, I can identify you or something like that?  Isn’t that why civilians always get killed?”

“Maa, maa, you watch a lot of detective shows don’t you?”  Clearly, back to his more laid-back state from before, you watched your “passenger” laugh as he rubbed the back of his head.  “Well, I’m not going to kill you.  But will you let me buy you lunch to make up for this misunderstanding?”


Ryohei wasn’t actually sure what to say at this moment.  But he didn’t think an apology was going to cut it.  And he definitely wasn’t sure what he could say to get you to calm down, because every time he went to try it, you would flinch back from him.  He rubbed his head in frustration.  

“I’m not going to hurt you.”  Ryohei decided that he should probably start off direct, and try to fix the immediate problem – which in his mind was the fear that had you looking rather frozen in your spot.

“Then what’s going on?  Why’d you do this?”  You hadn’t really relaxed, but at least you were saying something beyond “please don’t shoot me” so Ryohei was willing to count it as a victory in his book.

“Well, you see, there was someone else who was supposed to be on a bike, and since you were the only one there, I thought it was you.  So really, it’s just a misunderstanding and you’re totally safe. You were extremely good at being a getaway driver by the way!” Ryohei let himself finish on a positive upbeat note - that should work.

“Getaway driver?  What was I driving you away from?”  Okay, maybe it wasn’t the smartest idea to mention that.  

Ryohei knew he shouldn’t tell you the truth.  “An…..assassination….” Unfortunately, he couldn’t think up an excuse before his big mouth opened up.

As your eyes rolled back and you passed out, Ryohei cursed himself for not thinking up a lie.  He caught you easily before you hit the ground and pulled out his cellphone. Tsuna could probably explain it better than he could anyway.


“Eh? Who are you?”  Lambo was simply frozen.   This wasn’t good, this really wasn’t good.  

“Uh, my name’s Y/n, Y/n L/n.”  Your eyes were very big as they rested on the gun that was on his side.  “But don’t tell me your name!  You know, plausible deniability and everything…I promise that I won’t say anything if you just let me go.”

Lambo had tuned you out after you had said your name and was busy trying to figure out how he’d explain this to Tsuna and Reborn.  More Reborn if he was being honest.  He just knew that the hitman would take this a sign that he needed more training.  (Actually, Lambo didn’t really want Gokudera to find out either.  Gokudera wouldn’t be sympathetic to him.)

“-and if we do that, than no one has to find out, see.  Just please, please, don’t shoot me.”

“Wait. What?”  Lambo only paid attention to the last part.  “Why would I shoot you?”

You looked at him with a touch of “you’re stupid” in your expression. “…you have a gun.  You were running away from a crime scene.  Aren’t you a criminal?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I’m one of the good guys!”  Your eyes showed your disbelief.  “Okay, so yes, I’m part of the mafia, but my famiglia is one of the good ones.  We try to help people.  My older brother is the boss.  And he has rules against killing civilians.”

“Does he?”

“Yeah. But he doesn’t has rules against hiring ones,.”  Lambo turned to you, finally coming up with a way that he could get out of this mess.


“You’re pretty good, you know.  How would you like to become a getaway driver for the Vongola?  Because if you get hired, then you’d be a Vongola getaway driver, and I was supposed to go with a Vongola getaway driver.  And then, I didn’t screw up!”


“You’re not with The Foundation.”  Hibari stated bluntly, looking at the trembling – clearly a civilian – you in front of him.  (He would recognize someone who acted so pathetically.)

“What’s The Foundation?”  You were looking around nervously, as if you expected even more threats to come jumping out of the shadows at you.  

“Nothing that you need to know about.”

“Of course.  Then don’t tell me.  Please, just let me go.”  Your gaze was now fixed on Hibari warily, clearly expecting him to jump at you.  

“I can’t now.  You would be in danger if I just let you go.”  Hibari’s tone was clipped and he sent no effort on trying to soften the blow.  

“But I don’t know anything!”  You insisted, your voice trembling.  

“They won’t believe you, even if you say that.  You’re going to have to come with me.”

“Why? Why can’t I just leave now and pretend that I never even saw you.”

“Because they’ll just kill you.”

“You’re not very reassuring, just so you know.”  


“Kufufu, well, it seems like we’re in a bit of a predicament.” Mukuro couldn’t really help but laugh at the mistake he made.  This was certainly awkward.  

“You think?”  You snarked, before thinking better of it.  “I mean, yeah.  Please don’t shoot me.”  He didn’t miss the way your eyes shifted the gun that was strapped to his waist.  

“Oh please, I wouldn’t use this,” he gestured the firearm.  “It’s too messy.  And over too quickly.  No, I have plenty of other tools to use – better tools – if I was going to kill you.”

“Oh, god, please don’t do this.”  You dragged your hand over your face.  

“I kid, I kid.”  You looked at him, disbelievingly.  “I promise you, you’re completely safe from me.  However, you won’t be safe from the people who are following me.”

“Really, is this the best the plan?  Because you don’t seem like the safest bet on the street.”

“I know, imagine how much worse the other people are going to be.  So, are you in or are you out?”


Reborn couldn’t remember the last time he had made such a mistake.  Honestly, he didn’t think he had ever made such a mistake. (Okay, the whole Arcobaleno deal had been his brightest move, but this one was stupid in an entirely different way.) This was something that he would have expected Skull to do…he could also see Colonnello making the same mistake, but Reborn….no he had never expected himself to be in such a position.

“You need to calm down.”  He instructed you – the hyperventilating coming from your general direction making it harder for him to think.  “What were you doing there anyway?”  It was, after all, partly your fault.  If you hadn’t been right in front of the building, he wouldn’t have mistaken you for his getaway driver.

“The light…the light was red, so I was waiting for it to change,” you said, pulling in deep breaths as you went.  Honestly, Reborn wasn’t sure if it was worse than the hyperventilating.

“Of course it was.”  Of all the rotten luck in the world, Reborn never expected himself to be on the receiving end.  He was Reborn, the World’s Greatest Hitman, he only got good luck.  

“What’s your name?”  

“Huh. Oh, Y/n.”  You looked up at him nervously, sure this was the end.

“Well, get back on your bike, Y/n.  You’re going to take me back to my headquarters and we’re going to figure out what to do about this.”

Blind Date

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Authors Note: I liiiiiiive for 1940’s Bucky, so I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this. Requests are still open, yo. 

Living during the 1940′s was great, besides the whole situation between World War 2, life wasn’t too bad. Men and women were always wandering the streets, children running around with their toys, men in their soldier suits. 

Living in Brooklyn was honestly a dream come true, if you wouldn’t have never made the choice of living here, you would have never met Steve Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes. 

Those two men, were so special to you. They were the closest friends you could ever ask for, they were the light into your life. 

Being close friends with them since the age of 12, was quite the journey. You first met them back in middle school, Steve was such a small little youngling while James was a much taller, bigger guy. And as for you, you were this short innocent girl, but the boys at school really did like that about you.

You were much different compared to all the other girls there, most of them would wear their little dresses or flared out skirts. You didn’t wear any of that, you were more unique with your own style ever since you were younger.

Helping Steve with the ridiculous bullies was when your guys’ friendship first started. Until a few moments later, that’s when you met James.

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This is for my wonderful friend @empressvegah for her birthday and also as a thank you for the wonderful birthday present she sent me. I wanted to give you something back and while it may not as permanent as what you gave me I hope that you really like it. 

Arthur hated hot days. Particularly hot and heavily humid days. The sun was beating down on him as he made his slow, sluggish way through the streets. The omega had to wonder why he had chosen a day that was hitting 93'F and a humidity level of 60% plus to do his shopping, as the humidity level raised the temperature higher than Arthur liked. But with his heat in just a few days time he really could not afford to wait any longer to get his shopping done.

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