and i really really love her!


#Marcos number one priority #his magnetic powerful soulmate (✿◠‿◠)


i think have truely accepted the fact that this fandom is just too big and has too many deserving people in it for tay to meet that it will ultimately be impossible for me to meet her. I know she’s trying her best but i think i’m okay with others meeting her over me, i’m just here for a good time and to appreciate my idol like I was before i even knew that she tried to meet people. I’ve come full circle and I gotta tell you it feels good a lot less stressful

Hey, loves! A lot of people are sending such darling messages and I appreciate you all so much. There are also a few people asking lots of questions, and I just wanna say that I know we’re all super excited for the album (with good reason, it’s amazing!)… but it’s important to Taylor that there are surprises for us all and I am not going to betray her trust in any way. So I’m not trying to maliciously ignore you, or anything like that. I just want to give Taylor the same respect she shows us, and I PROMISE YOU, reputation will be worth the wait. Xx

Imagine Taylor wants to meet you, imagine you met the woman who makes you happier than ever, who changed your life better place, who truly helped with her music. I don’t know this feeling, but i hope i can get a chance to hug the woman who helped me when i need, , i hope i can get a chance to thank her one day. I don’t want to meet her because she is famous, i want to meet her cause she my sister, my friend, my idol. She is truly helped me with her music and im so greatful. Her kindness is the best thing ever. She is always nice to us, others. No matter what anyone says. She is still the girl who im obsessed with her and her music. Maybe i can’t have enough money to go reputation tour, maybe i will never meet with her but i feel like she is always next to me. I hope everyone got to meet her in this era. I love you Taylor. I hope one day i can get a chance to meet with you.
Send you a virtual hug…
-your buddy Asya ❤️

i feel like. a lot better.  i got to talk with my sister today which i havent done in a while and like i ranted for a long time about why i was so upset with my mom this summer about me coming out and she was so good and she listened to everything and didnt get defensive or try to belittle me, she just gave mom’s side of it all too but not unnecessarily, which i needed.  and we just talked and then she like thanked me for like “officially coming out” since i’d never told her (my mom just told her instead of letting me do it) and it makes me think maybe it wasn’t all as screwed up as i thought it was.  


she’s trying her best


get you a man as supportive as scott mccall