and i really really love her!

So Finn’s got a little baby sister. Her name is Veilrosa (aka Veil) and she’s the human equivalent of a 12-year-old ranger badass (17 in elven years). Also her animal buddy is a female hyena named Brute (she happens to be vvvv protective of her little elf as though Veil was her own cub).

Veil basically refused her parents trying to imprint their religious teachings and ways onto her and found herself in the wild lands surrounding her home city more than she ever did in the temples. She tends to avoid people because she’s hugely self conscious about her ears being too big.

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Know what rly kills me?? Nar & sak thinkin they arent good enough for each other 💀⚰️



“I’ve lived through him, you know. Other people can have their opinion objectively about where Loki should go, but I’ve lived through every moment. And sometimes I’m the only person who knows how it feels…” Tom Hiddleston

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i love your actor au and i hope you bring it back, but for now i'm imagining everyone getting all dressed up and looking gorgeous for the premiere and i'd love to see it if it's ok




THOR: RAGNAROK Period AU After Lord Odin, founder of Odin & Sons Gold Company, passed away from a mysterious illness, Thor Odinson is forced to come back from his two-year sabbatical to Asgard Hall as rightful heir of the land and the business. This immediately puts him at odds with his adopted brother Loki who, until then, was overseeing the property and operations (to little success) as the acting heir. Friction sparks between both brothers when Thor suspects Loki of his involvement with their father’s sudden demise—until an unexpected visitor, a woman named Hela, changes the game and claims to be their estranged eldest sister and the rightful heir of Lord Odin.

What I Love About Rosa Diaz:

First of all, everything.

But no, that’s not what I mean right now. What I love about Rosa Diaz, is that she’s a badass. She keeps swords in her desk. She has a panic room in her apartment. She wears leather jackets and her fanciest leather jacket is the one without blood on it. She will throw her computer to the ground for freezing on her, she will destroy a printer because of a paper jam and use a battering ram. She rides a motorcycle. She scares most people and she loves it. Her favourite movie is Robocop because it has everything she likes - gratuitous violence. Rosa Diaz is a badass.

But what I love most about this is that Rosa being a badass in no way stops her from showing the people she loves that she loves them.

She helps Jake find a present for his and Amy’s anniversary. She is happy to be on Amy’s team for Halloween IV, and does everything Amy wanted to do even though Amy probably didn’t expect her to do it - using the codenames, reading The Babysitters Club because it applied to the heist, and more. She is fully prepared to abandon the interrogation in order to get Terry back to the precinct when Sharon is giving birth. She scolds Charles for victim-blaming when Gina smashed her teeth in on Halloween. She asks Holt about his weekend out of concern when it looks like he’s had a bad one. She goes to Charles’ ex-wifes party with him and pretends to be Charles’ girlfriend so he doesn’t look like a loser in front of her, and then helps him find a new place to live. She comes back to a trial she knows she will lose, when she could have easily run away, just because she didn’t want to leave her family - the 99.

She does all of this and she does a lot more.

In the hands of a lot of other shows, Rosa would be a stone cold bitch who maybe, on occasion, would show affection for her squad. But Rosa, our Rosa, regularly shows her squad she cares about them, even in little ways. And she does while smashing her computer and threatening to juice people who irritate her.

Rosa being a badass does not stop her from caring about her people, and caring about her people does not make her any less of a badass.

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