and i really really liked it and lindsay is a great builder

I really don't understand the RT/AH YouTube community.

This company puts out 25 videos a week, sometimes more. 

They have been providing us with free content (except for some stuff that’s reserved for sponsors) for 10+ years. None of that seems to matter though, probably 75% of the comments I see on YouTube are people complaining.

“stop shoving Matt, Jeremy and Kdin in our faces”

“don’t put Lindsay in videos shes not even funny”

“you all seem so tired and like you don’t care”

“the quality of AH is really going down" 

"i miss the old let’s builds”

“_____ isn’t funny. you should fire them." 


A.) Yes, Geoff and Gavin’s Let’s Builds were hilarious to listen to. Guess what though? They’re busy doing other things, they can’t spend all their time building things. Matt, Jeremy, Kdin and Lindsay are great builders. Their builds are more complex, and they (usually) get more done in a video than Geoff and Gavin did. 

B.) No one cares if you don’t like someone. They’re not going to fire a useful employee just because some dicks on the internet don’t like them. So stop trying. Lindsay has been part of AH for over a year or so now. Kdin has been there for awhile, no one complained until they actually started seeing him in videos. Jeremy and Matt have been there for a few months, yet people still go to the Let’s Builds just to complain about them. 

C.) Michael and Gavin were gone for a few months for Lazer Team. Before they left, they had to film a whole shit ton of Let’s Plays with them before they left. I’d be pretty tired too if I had to film and commentate videos for an entire day. 

D.) I see a lot of people asking to be hired at RT, we should be happy that there are community members like Matt and Jeremy got this chance. This is a huge thing for them. How would you feel if you got the chance to work at RT and then saw all the comments were complaining about you? The AH guys get told all the time that they shouldn’t be working there and that they’re not funny and blah blah blah. 

Basically, these guys work their asses off all the time to give us free content but all these people seem to do is complain. I don’t get it. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to watch, no one is forcing you. 

TL;DR people are asshats.