and i really love the song and music video

why i’m going to miss the blurryface era:
  • red literally everywhere
  • creepy clique art
  • music that makes you want to explore abandoned buildings 
  • tyler and josh’s talent finally being recognized. 
  • new clique frens. 
  • madison square garden
  • blurryface’s mysterious tweets. i loved staying up late theorizing with everyone about morse code. 
  • the consistent theme throughout all videos, songs, and tours has just been something really cool to observe and be a part of.  
  • incredible videos. 
  • emotional roadshow being their most impressive tour yet. 
  • snl, grammy’s, and tons of other impressive music industry stuff. 
  • the overwhelming largeness of this album and era. 
  • finally, victory over darkness.

Haha so thank you to everyone who’s sent me nice messages about my art featured in I Can’t Fix You! I love The Living Tombstone and Crusher-P’s work, and I was really honored that they asked me to participate in this music video! It already has 1.2 million views which is just NUTS! It’s such a great song!

So here’s the full set of pinups I drew! TLT basically asked for the main bots from Sister Location to be drawn as cutely as possible, and I was like “Yes, this is my destiny.”

I’ve only watched LPs of the FNaF games because I’m a huge baby, but I’m way more familiar with them and their lore than you might assume xD

Host: Steve now you’re in the One Direction world how is it different from your fans?

Steve: I don’t know if there’s another group that has more fans that drive you know songs and the brand of the artist more than any other thing I’ve seen in my life. It’s incredible to be in the middle of it…They’ve adopted me there’s adoption papers (Louis: I saw that!) They spend so much time…making flyers and talking to people about the song.

Louis: I saw they did a thank you video for you recently! that was really cool. Some of them have such a crazy understanding of marketing and how to promote a record. 

[Host: “So you can almost ask their advice” ~ or something like that)] 

Louis: Its less about advice, I mean, I’d love to ask their advice for music things forward…but like steve said it’s more like I want to run around and give people flyers and the song.

If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.


Lugia’s Song - Harmony disturbed

So this is the video I was scared to post! I did a flute cover of Lugia’s Theme Song which played in the movie. It’s a very short video but I really hope you guys like it! Looking forward to making more!

(that’s me sitting on the edge!)

Please do let me know what you think!  Would love to have your thoughts! 

  • Heavydirtysoul: "this is not rap" ARE YOU SURE TYLER?! ARE YOU REALLY SURE?! + street poetry lyrics I'm crying
  • Stressed out: insecurity + anti-capitalist vibes
  • Ride: reggae-techno-emo-rap
  • Fairly local: that one high note. You know what I'm talking about.
  • Tear in my heart: the cutesy love song we all need TBH
  • Lane boy: remember when you thought the ode to sleep rap was hard? AHAHAHAHAHA
  • The judge: weird ass noise in the beginning + ukulele + freeeeEEEEEEEE
  • Doubt: k but the beginning part sound like cats meowing really fast
  • Polarize: low key makes it feel like you're in a rap video
  • We don't believe what on tv: JOSHHHHHHHHH + YEYEYE
  • Message man: chill af + dat bassline tho
  • Hometown: supercool alt-rock vibes
  • Not today: "this ones a contradiction because of how happy it sounds" LIKE ALL YOUR FUCKIN MUSIC?!?! THIS IS WHY IM SO EMOTIONALLY CONFUSED
  • Goner: I'm crying AGAIN + the tiNY BEAN IS SCREAMING AGAIN
(NEWS) EXID’s Hani, f(x)’s Luna, And MAMAMOO’s Solar Unite For Special Collab

f(x)’s Luna, EXID’s Hani, and MAMAMOO’s Solar will be participating in producer Park Geun Tae’s upcoming project.

On January 11, a source from Mystic Entertainment confirmed that the three singers will be participating in a special girl group project from the producer. The song is described as being a dance track and will be released in mid-January. Furthermore, the recording and music video filming have all been completed.

Park Geun Tae previously worked on Suzy and Baekhyun’s “Dream,” Eric Benet’s “Did We Really Love?” Eddie Kim’s “Sweet Kiss Like Coffee” featuring Lee Sung Kyung, and 10cm’s “I Really Like You.”

Source: soompi

What I really love about Hayley Kiyoko

Is that she isn’t coy about any of this. She isn’t flirting with implications in lyrics or subtle hints or anything.
She released “Girls Like Girls” and it wasn’t a secret gay anthem. It was open and obvious. Her music videos are obviously about wlw. She doesn’t shy away from it at all. And yes it’s becoming more accepting in society and in media for wlw, but there’s still this air of “we’re not gonna define it. It’s open to interpretation.” Especially in mainstream-type music, there’s not a lot of just very plain “this song is gay and that’s that.”
But Hayley does exactly that. I don’t know I just really love it. Young girls are searching for media that they can connect with and she is giving it to them. She’s giving them their romantic music videos, their sexy pop songs, their self-acceptance anthems for when they’ve had enough. And it’s amazing.

Waking Up

Written for @mysteriouslyme81‘s Supernatural Music 2016/17 Challenge . My song was Amnesia by Guy Sebastion, click here for the video

Word Count: 2280 (with lyrics)

Warnings: Language, Sam being an ass, Dean being concerned (really a warning?) Drinking

Italics are song lyrics

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing Sam, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

It has been 5 months, 18 days and 9 hours since I walked out of Sam Winchester’s life. I loved him, I truly did, but he shut me out of his life completely. I had been with the Winchesters for three years. I had became best friends with both brothers quickly. Dean was always the overly protective older brother. But Sam. Sam Winchester was a force to be reckoned with in every sense.

He was my best friend, my confidant. He was the one I went to when Dean was too hard on me. He was the one I shared an exciting piece of lore with, or a new book I found at the library for free reading. Slowly, Sam became more. He didn’t have the walls built around him like Dean had, but he hid behind his thoughts, his intellect.

I had given my heart and soul to Sam from the beginning, but I had  to wait for him to catch up. He was a very bright man, but he could also be very dense. The Winchesters were very guarded when it came to their emotions, and to love, well that was an entirely different hurdle. Neither of them think they deserved love so when it stared them in the face, they were not always quick to recognize it. Sometimes, they just need a kick in the pants and that was exactly how it happened.

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Because I’ve gotten a couple of requests for this since the original post (and lets face it, I can’t resist a good 80s playlist). 

  • Cinder: “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar because no matter how many times you come at Cinder, you can’t keep her down. 
  • Kai: “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League. Basically Kai’s theme song.
  • Scarlet: “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways because Scarlet is a cherry bomb!
  • Wolf: “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran. ‘Nuff said. 
  • Thorne: “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson. I mean, come on. 
  • Cress: “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” by Belinda Carlisle because Cress loves Earth! 
  • Winter: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler because even the music video totally gives off Winter vibes. 
  • Jacin: “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” by KISS because I really dig the idea of Jacin rocking out to KISS, plus the lyrics are pretty apt. 
  • Iko: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper because sometimes, androids just wanna have fun! 


  • Levana: “Killer Queen” by Queen because come on, it’s a song about a killer queen!
  • Channary: “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa because “Shoop” came out in the 90s. 

You can listen to the playlist here

All I Ask Of You

A @mlsecretsanta​ gift for @miraculouspaon​! Some fluffly Marichat for you!

Have a Happy Holliday!

NOTE: This fic includes songs and lyrics from various musicals, so scattered throughout are links to youtube videos for those songs. Enjoy!

Chat Noir loves musicals.

It really shouldn’t surprise me. Cats exists, of course he loves musicals. After he found out I’m into musicals, it’s all he talks about when we’re on patrol. But I can’t even remember how we got on the subject. I think I was humming a few bars of ‘76 Trombones’ from The Music Man one day and he recognized it instantly. He started talking about various musicals he’d seen, either live or recorded, musicals he wanted to see (Hamilton and The Lion King topped the list), and his favorite songs from each. Which leads me to my second discovery.

Chat Noir has a beautiful voice.

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Mamas this year was so screwed up imo?? It was like the awards had been mixed around- blackpink should’ve won best rookie girl group ((bc come on, they won on a music song with their DEBUT SINGLE)) not best music video; bts should’ve won best music video ((bc the mv was artistic af and such)) not best choreography- that should’ve went to exo for monster (but tbh I may be biased but I just really LOVED the monster choreography and I found the choreo for blood,sweat&tears a little repelling).


I feel like I haven’t given the Shinsengumi boys enough love so here is some screenshots of them.

This will be the last of the pictures/videos for a few hours as I really need to study instead of trashing out over Toumyu haha

The bombardment of Itsukushima shrine pictures and videos will continue later!

If there is a particular song you want uploading or a particualr character you want screenshots of, ask and I try my best to accomodate.

(People who have asked for links will get it in a hour or so. Uploading to mega just takes forever)


Another little edit. A song i really like and a movie I absolutely love.

They say that good things come in threes. Apparently they’re right. ouo

@manontheinternet deserves some hardcore cherishing! This is the tumblr of the guys who are making Undertale: The Musical, which is one of the most kickass fan projects that has ever been done. You know how good? There’s this guy I follow on Youtube called UltimaAlmighty, who does reaction videos, and many of them are Undertale ones. He really didn’t like to react to songs, because he didn’t like “just sitting there staring like a zombie” to quote him. After heavy viewer request he gave in and made a react video to the Spear of Justice song. It took him less than 40 seconds to say that Undyne’s VA deserved a Grammy, and he started to react to the other parts from the beginning, and he loves it. True story. After all, I’m pretty sure “sung in Undertale: The Musical” is good enough to put on a resume for Disney.

@invertedfate is a great comic too. Like Underswap, the six main characters change place with their partner; Asgore with Toriel, Sans with Papyrus, and Undyne with Alphys. Unlike Underswap, the personalities are not changed. Moreover Frisk actively interacts with the other characters - they even have dialogue. Most of it is a sprite comic like Storyshift, but there are a few parts with original art here and there. Interestly, it also has a Tvtropes page, so apparently enough people thought it was epic enough to deserve it’s own page. This cannot said of many other awesome fanworks, which only serves to highlight Inverted Fate’s awesomeness. Come on, you know you want to look…

@ghost-dad-tries-his-best is an askblog comic that focuses on Gaster right after he fell into the void. Mod Shade is the person who VAs Garamond on the StudioCatbird MWSIH dubs, but a major difference is that MWSIH takes place during the Undertale game(although it’s moved on to the surface recenly), while GDTHB takes place before Frisk fell down into the Underground. It’s heartbreaking seeing Gaster trying so hard to speak to his sons, but not having them understand him or even remember him. Mod Shade and Mod Spacey sure are great at driving in the emotional parts, I’ll say that.

@renrink is also a great artist and person! She’s the one who made the Reapertale AU, and she’s also a big Soriel shipper. Reapertale is an AU where the characters are gods like in Greek mythology; Toriel is the goddess of life, Sans and Papyrus are the gods of death, Gaster is the god of magic, etc. The concept is really cool, and so is the comic. My personal favorite is the Emissary of Mercy - or in other words, Frisk. The other gods are cool too, so head there right now!

Once again, a thousand thanks to @undertalepositivityproject, who have allowed all of us to gather our love and spread it to our friends. Words cannot describe my gratitude; speech fails to convey it. Thank you.

And thank you too, everyone out there! A wall is not carved out of a single stone, it is built brick by brick; A fandom cannot be made from a single game, it is made by countless fans. Your efforts, though small individually, have made the fandom the shining place it is today.

*You are filled with Perseverance.

*You are filled with Integrity.

*You are filled with Patience.

*You are filled with Kindness.

*You are filled with Justice.

*You are filled with Bravery.

*You are filled with Determination.


I really love this song (*’∀’人)♥