and i really liked the quote

  • Betty: Veronica kissed me.
  • Jughead: Oh, my God.
  • Kevin: Okay, we want to hear everything. Archie, get the wine. Betty, does this end well or do we need to get tissues?
  • Betty: Oh, it ended very well.
  • Archie: *getting the wine* Don't start without me. Don't start without me.
  • Kevin: Alright, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like an “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?
  • Betty: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then we just sort of sunk into it.
  • Kevin: Were you holding her? Or were her hands on you?
  • Betty: Actually, first they started on my waist. And then they slowly slid up to my shoulders.
  • Archie, Jughead, and Kevin: Ohhhhh!
  • [in the next room]
  • Veronica: And, uh, and then I kissed her.
  • Reggie: Tongue?
  • Veronica: Yeah.
  • Reggie: Cool.
Tales from OUAT Con Vancouver

Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) talked about how awesome it was to be paired with an actor you really like and can be friends with (Colin O'Donoghue who plays Killian Jones).

“He knows me better than I know myself. Like one time on set my hand kept itching, and Colin totally figured out why. ‘Did you eat the carrots?’ I said yeah, and he said the carrots were next to the peppers and I probably brushed up against them. He remembered that I was allergic to peppers.”

Raphael Sbarge (Archie Hopper) talked about reconnecting with an old psychiatrist friend over Facebook just before his audition.

"I asked her if she had any glasses I could use for the audition, and she said, 'It’s funny, I just found these ones in a drawer, and I bought them 20 years ago when we first met.’ Those are the glasses I wear as Archie. Usually they don’t let actors bring their own props on set because it would be disastrous if they broke, but the props folks are very careful with the glasses and snatch them back between takes. At the end of this season, they very carefully put them in the case and reverently handed them back to me.”

Keegan Connor Tracey (Blue Fairy) talked about her first day on set.

"I was in the green screen room, and there was no people, just a water bottle for Prince Charming. I was hoisted into the air about 40 feet up for hours and hours. And since I was a new mom, eventually things started getting… uncomfortable, and I had be like, 'Um, excuse me, do you think someone could get me a breast pump?’ Otherwise I would have started leaking through my corset.”

Karen David talked about her audition for Princess Jasmin.

“The part originally stated it was for Shahrazad, who was described as a tough tomboy sort of person. So I thought I would wear the same outfit I wore for my Galavant audition, which was a baggy jean jumper and riding boots with some dried mud still stuck on them. And I get there, and all these other women are wearing beautiful elaborate dresses, and I’m like, 'Did I miss the memo?’ Because they had all figured out it was for Princess Jasmin, of course, but I got the part anyway.”

Gil McKinney (Prince Eric) was such an awesome singer! He talked about his first time on set, and how his first scene was to walk down the stairs in the green screen grand ballroom.

“All I could think about was, ‘Don’t fall. Don’t fall.’”

And of course, who could forget Papa Hook, aka Adam Croasdell?

Here’s a bunch more Jennifer and Colin pictures, because they’re my favorites.

When Lucy and I had  a “love thing…” she had pasties on, so I thought that it would be really funny if I took those and put them on my eyes, but one of them got stuck. When I finally got it [out] multiple eyelashes came out!

Ian Harding, Paleyfest 2017 [x]

BONUSIn another love scene, Harding recalls getting a surprise bloody nose, making the scene seem like a “horror” scene.


Over the past couple weeks, I’ve noticed that a lot of fanfiction inspiration comes from music lyrics or movie prompts. I’m sure a lot of people have millions of songs that can used for as inspiration for an OTP or a story-line or an edit.

Sometimes you think during a song, these lyrics are absolutely perfect for a situation for xxx and xxxx.

So I decided do something for it.

I’m going to create a document where you can write down all these inspiration quotes/lyrics/prompts so you can share with everyone. You’ll find other ones that you’ll like in that doc too, which will hopefully inspire you to write.

It goes for all fandoms, anime or not. It really doesn’t matter, I just hope you’ll feel content and inspired after reading!

Even if you don’t write, your contribution still matters a lot!! As readers, you guys have a lot of opinion, and we want to hear everything from you! You guys will definitely have the best prompts and quotes/lyrics, and who knows, maybe a writer will write your prompt one day!!

To join, it’s super easy!!


(optional) must be following your local meme.

reblog this post!! like i said, it won’t work with only a few people. (likes count as bookmarks.)

this must receive over 70 notes, or else I’ll pretend like it never happened.

I might even create a WhatsApp group for this, so you guys can talk about your fanfictions there, and other writers can help you!! The only way this can work is if you share, reblog, and tell your friends!

Personally, I think it’s a really cool idea. It’s really helpful for one, and you could be helping someone who’s on writer’s block or down in the dumps! A whole list of prompts? Hell yeah!

So feel free to join!! I’d love to have you, and I’m sure you will contribute a lot!! The more people, the better. Once this reaches 70 notes, I’ll share the doc with you through link, or through email. Thanks!

Physical Therapy

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N), Cara (OFC)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean hurts himself and takes on physical therapy where he meets the Reader.

Warnings: AU, Fluff.

Word Count: 2K-ish

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for @dancingalone21‘s challenge- “Lau’s AU Funny Quite Challenge”. My quote is bolded in the fic. I just want to say I am soooo damn sorry for being late on this. I’ve been having a hectic life lately. I’m sorry for the lateness of this fic. I hope you guys like it nonetheless. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy! *hides face*

**Special thanks to Ree @neversatisfiedgirl for taking the time to beta this for me. You really are a life saver, Ree. Thank you**

Physical Therapy

I didn’t think my life would get so interesting…so fast. I had woken up at approximately 4:30am, thanking the heavens above that it was Friday. It had been a long and stressful week and the weekend couldn’t get here fast enough.

But alas, I was here. And I couldn’t be happier.

The morning went as per usual. I got my Starbucks, drove to work an hour early, so I waited in the parking lot, sipping on my venti Double Chocolate Chip Frap. It was a peaceful morning…until a slightly harsh tap against my window stopped it abruptly.

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Elizabeth 3rd Bites The RFA [+ V, Saeran, Vanderwood, and Rika]

Okay so this was meant just as a joke thingy. I tried to boop my cat’s nose and she bit me, so I wondered what the RFA [+ V, Saeran, Vanderwood, and Rika] would do in this situation

▪he is so upset, he just wanted to do something cute for her and she just,,,,bites him
▪it’s just a nibble but he is nearly in tears
▪"Elizabeth the 3rd what did I do to deserve this? Do you hate me now because I can change I promise"

▪sorry, cats have a tendency to bite & attack snakes
▪what can you do, really

▪he’s upset, but is sure to keep his distance
▪he clearly did something she didn’t like so he won’t try it again
▪let this boy be a vet okay he is so considerate and loves animals

▪lol what does it mean to “leave Elly alone”
▪he’d been bugging her all day and the nose boop was Elizabeth’s last straw
▪she turned around and bit his finger, just as a warning
▪he cries
▪and rolls around on the floor clutching his finger and screaming about betrayal
▪Jumin is so proud of her

▪secretly hopes Elizabeth drew blood so Jumin will dismiss her from cat sitting
▪but she barely nibbled on Jaehee’s finger
▪just meant to boop her nose as a warning for her to get off of Jaehee’s coat, but the feline doesn’t budge
▪in fact, she rolls right over and falls asleep

▪Elizabeth keeps biting and tugging at his hair, which messes it up (ik the struggle)
▪so he pulls it away and boops her on the nose to tell her to stop
▪she bites she scores
▪so not only does Zen’s finger hurt, he can’t stop sneezing and blowing his nose
▪Elly: 1 Zen: 0

▪he’s sad inside
▪he was so excited to pet Elizabeth and even took pointers from Seven
▪so why did she bite him :(
▪tries to pretend it doesn’t bother him but he sneaks glances over at Elizabeth every few minutes

▪okay what the actual frick
▪he didn’t mean to bump her nose
▪so why’d she bite him?
▪almost considers getting an attack cat to bite Seven when he refuses to work

▪nope lol
▪Elizabeth would never bite this pure boy
▪not happening
▪he boops her nose and she doesn’t even mind
▪just rolls over so he can pet her stomach instead

anonymous asked:

Hey don't you think the "I need to move on" in the 6x15 promo has been edited so that it sounds like she's saying that but in reality it's from two separate sentences? When you listen to it, it looks like it might be that. Because it would be a weird thing for her to say, even after what happened in last night's episode... Well we'll have to wait until next Sunday to know of course, but I was wondering if I was the only one thinking that haha. (I love your Tumblr btw :3)

Yes, I do think it’s two sentences put together. Maybe she’s saying Killian was having a hard time trying to move on from his past? I mean, don’t quote me, because she really could be saying I need to move on. But something tells me that it isn’t really as it sounds. We will see! I’m trying not to worry because I DO know it ends okay. We just gotta get there. Deep breaths. WOO SAHH HELP. OK. I’m okay. lol And thank you so much! xo

  • <p> <b>Shownu:</b> But, how the heck did you guys get in a car accident?<p/><b>Kihyun:</b> We were driving and there was a deer on the road that Minhyuk didn't notice. So, i said, "Minhyuk-ah, deer!"<p/><b>Minhyuk:</b> ...<p/><b>Kihyun:</b> And would you like to tell hyung what your response was?<p/><b>Minhyuk:</b> ...<p/><b>Minhyuk [sighs]:</b> "Yes honey?"<p/><b>Kihyun, madly pointing Minhyuk with both his hands:</b> THIS.<p/></p>

I heard that there were some people in a tizzy over the new photos of Iris assisting Julian to “operate” on CS. I use quotes because this show is a lot of OMG!Science so I don’t expect anything realistic. And secondly, we don’t really know to what extent Iris is involved. Julian probably needed an extra pair of hands to hold things, or hand him instruments. Iris is most likely simply following instructions and nothing more. If Julian asked her to help him, you know she would definitely say yes. 

The biggest bone of contention is that Iris is unqualified to do surgery. Um, yes, that is 100% accurate. 

But who is more qualified than she is within the STAR Labs group? Aside from CS herself, none of the others know anything about medicine. Like who would you have preferred?

Cisco - Mechanical Engineer

Barry - Forensic Scientist

HR- Entrepreneur(???)

In fact, Julian would be on this list too, if we hadn’t seen him do an autopsy. His background is forensic science and archaeology, neither of which require any medical training. I’m guessing he’s probably in over his head on this one. None of these people should probably be touching CS. She should be in a hospital, under the care of qualified surgeons, not in some unsterilized laboratory. A metahuman attack is easy enough to explain in Central City. But hey, it is the Flash. 

I decided to look up what a biomedical engineer is, since I wanted to know what kind of doctor CS is (her wiki also says she’s a neurosurgeon). Biomedical engineering is fascinating. CS could be out here growing ears in petri dishes, or using nanotechnology to improve lab testing, or creating advanced artificial limbs. You wouldn’t really get much of this from the show, because for the most part, the show portrays CS as more of a school nurse, providing first aid to injured team members when she is clearly qualified to do so much more. Like, this should be more of an issue.

It also brought up another point: if this is CS’s field, then it means she is in the best position of anyone in the lab to deal with her inner Kiiller Frost. She should have been able to build those bracelets herself, or design the necklace. She is an expert in biology and engineering, that makes her the perfect person to deal with those powers - whether it’s coming up with the technology to help dampen her powers, or even make changes at a cellular level. Instead they have these men doing things she could very well do for herself, and they have her holding on to a mystical rock when she literally knows nothing about how it works… they are definitely not doing justice to this character for sure. 

In the same way that Iris fans are constantly push for her journalism to be more prevalent, relevant and detailed, I hope there are fans of CS are pushing to have her really be able to do more.

So maybe this is what they mean when they say that opposites attract. Or maybe we’re not all that different. See, I’m all about color. I feel the most alive with a paintbrush in my hand, playing around with different hues and intensities. You, on the other hand, aren’t really fond of things like that. You prefer to be clad in black. The closest I get to color with you is when you open your mouth and try to show the emotions you can’t really find the words for, but my gosh, when you do I see colors I never knew imagined. There’s something about the way you come alive when you let go. When you open up, you become the painter, I’m the canvas, and your tongue is the brush. Perhaps you aren’t so colorless after all.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: A poem about a girl who lives to paint colorful scenes, falling in love with a colorless guy (he literally never wears color and it’s difficult to express his emotions but when he does it’s like the world was set on fire and he controls the flames)

irosietorres  asked:

I am in loving with your writing and hope you never stop, like ever. I wanna grow old and gray and still be able to read your amazing ideas! Anyways can you do a what would be included to be pregnant/give birth/see a family like man of Stiles Stilinski? That would be great! Thanks!

Thanks for requesting! Oh my goodness I had a huge smile on my face while reading this! That was really sweet and inspiring! My promise to you is that as long as I get requests I will always write imagines for Teen Wolf on this blog. Who knows, maybe one day you can tell your grandkids about Teen Wolf and read some of my more appropriate imagines to them when you’re old and gray 😉

Having a Family With Stiles Stilinski Would Include:

🔸"Stiles I’m pregnant!“ *He faints*

🔸"Congratulations it’s a boy.” “We have a son, Y/N!”

🔸Stiles always talking to your baby bump

🔸"I love you son and I can’t wait to meet you.“ “Stiles it’s 3 AM, stop talking to my baby bump and go to sleep.”

🔸Stiles refusing to name him Mieczyslaw but rather naming him Noah after his dad

🔸Buying your guys son a little deputy outfit so he can be like his grandpa

🔸Stiles telling him stories about all the adventures him and his best friend Scott went on when they were teenagers

🔸Asking Scott to be his godfather

🔸"Son I want you to have this.“ *Hands son a baseball bat* "Dad, none of us play baseball.” “Trust me, that will come in handy on more than one occasion.”

🔸Going to the park and having picnics as a family

🔸"Daddy, is uncle Scott half man, half dog?“ "Pssht, no.”

🔸"Stiles I’m pregnant again! This time with twins!“ *He faints once again*

🔸Stiles just being a really good man to you and your family. He adores you and the kids. He wouldn’t trade his life for anything because he is exactly where he wants to be in life.

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pksubbangel  asked:

14 & 20 :)

14. Favorite player that’s son af

torey krug

20. Funniest thing you’ve ever heard a hockey player say

this isnt like a single quote but i loved the exchange where shawn thornton said “suck it you milk drinker” and krejci got really confused and asked “does he like milk” as if he needed to clarify the chirp

boyswhopll  asked:

The post you put up about AD being from the beginning and having a obsession with the five girls really reminded me of Lucas

Yep, me too. Ever since that really convincing LucAs theory I saw last month, I take him really seriously now. I can’t get his quote out of my head. “One day she’ll get what’s coming for her” or something like that.