and i really like that screencap


I was finally rewatching the (Barba) episodes of season 18 so far (and it wasn’t fun but I had to take some screencaps for a long-term project) and for the first time in a long while I noticed a rather drastic change in Raúl’s hair (and I have to admit that I’m a person who never catches the more subtle changes in someone’s hairstyle, lol).

The above screencaps are from 18.09 ‘Decline and Fall’ (left) and 18.13 ‘Genes’ (right).

It looks like he’s growing it out even more? And also what I noticed in this scene from ‘Genes’ is that the grey in his hair seems to be completely gone?

The last time I remember such a drastic change in one season was during season 15 where he started with REALLY short hair, then let it grow REALLY long (for season 2 Chilton) and then cut it pretty short again for the last few episodes of the season.

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I love the video you just posted so much! It's truly amazing to see that she still seems to care about Isak so much :) <3 Thank you for that!

yay, i’m happy you liked it :) 💝  eva does still care about isak, and isak still cares about eva, it was so obvious in that scene :) 

here’s a happy screencap for you:

from that scene :) this right here warms my heart, look at how they’re smiling at each other, such sincere smiles. happy and glad to be talking to each other, at last, happy to see how their dear friend is doing well. i’m not saying they immediately became the closest friends right after, but what a great great start that was. and over three months later now, i’d like to think that these two are really good friends again, and that they’re even more open and honest with each other. it’s friday night right now, maybe they’re at the same party, having a fantastic time 💝 


I know some others have mentioned this app in their posts, but I wanted to make a whole post about it because I love it so much. If you’re Therian or Otherkin/d, you should definitely try myNoise. Basically, it’s a meditation/relaxation app that lets you customize soundscapes. What’s neato about this one though is the additional downloadable tracks.

I screencapped a few that I think are neat, (I love the Arctic Wolves soundscape with the breathing/sniffing turned all the way up!!) but there’s so many I couldn’t even fit them all in the post! There’s space tracks, frog tracks, ghost tracks, TONS of habitat tracks, and seriously you just gotta check it out for yourself. I like use this when I’m journalling or feeling shifty and it’s really comforting and nice 🐾


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after 3.5 seasons of waiting, i get this magnificent gem :“’))

For real though, I’m proud of how wonderfully his character developed from Season 1. He is, by no means, the ideal partner, but he damn well tries. Also, I really appreciate the fact that he and MC, of all pairings, decided to break the one-sided "I’ll protect you” trope and chose to stand on equal footing. He’s probably the most “oresama” out of all the Voltage characters, and yet they break out of that trope!! Talk about refreshing.

Additionally, in his POV stories, he never really viewed MC as weak per se; to him, she was just someone he needed to protect because he couldn’t stand the thought of seeing her hurt. But in Season 3, he starts to acknowledge that she can protect both herself AND him. That’s when he begins to respect and admire her, aside from him just cherishing and protecting her.

Everything is Different Now: Part 9

I’m re-watching Yuri on Ice with an eye for all the things that are re-contextualized based on what we learn at the very end of episode 10.  This blog series chronicles that adventure.  With screencaps!  Very spoilery, obviously. Read on by clicking the jump cut below, or start at part 1 here

I guess these are less of that and more just straight up recaps at this point but whatever!

Episode 9: Commitment 

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I think the funniest thing ever was when some season 3 screencaps got leaked and everyone was making posts like “Well they’re obviously fake. The proportions are wrong, the colors are wrong, the lines are too thin and they looks like they’ve been drawn on MS Paint”.
And when the episodes aired it turned out the screencaps were real, the episodes really looked like shit

The theme of “rebirth” in YOI is an interesting one.

I didn’t notice it before, but

Lilia Baranovskaya telling Yurio this seemed really important, not just because Yurio was reinventing himself at this point to compete as a different skater from his junior days, but also because of this scene in Episode 2 

Keeping Lilia’s words in mind, it seems like Yakov is implying that Victor cannot return as the same person if he left. It could refer to his career as a figure skater, or perhaps something else.

Then, there’s this scene in Episode 10:

Since we know Victor isn’t actually dead, this seems to be a reference to his career (his era) having ended at last. 

Then, obviously, we also have the fact that Yuuri is trying to revive his career with Victor’s presence. Here, too, we face the same theme, as Yuuri tries to move forward while disassociating with his past.

He even refers to the GPF as his and Victor’s. Not his alone, as it was before Victor came into his life.

So, if Victor chose freely to leave his career for the sake of Life and Love knowing fully well that he couldn’t return (as the same person, at least) in order to help Yuuri face the competitive skating world as a different skater and is also being replaced in the meantime by Yurio in a way (through beating records and such), then from his point of view, this show is about rebirth, or, simply put, new beginnings.

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did someone say they share hotel rooms and push their beds together?? :0 I haven't really kept up in any recent interviews or anything with kubo

There’s nothing from an interview that officially confirms either point … but is the shared hotel room thing really up for debate?

I mean, do you just randomly shower in someone else’s hotel room and then sit there in a loosely-tied robe and slippers while you dry your hair?

(Sorry for the ugly screencap, but I had to brighten it to make the second suitcase more evident.)

You can see Victor’s suitcase in the lower left-hand corner, not to mention the gloves and scarf tossed onto the bed. (That looks like the same scarf we see Victor wearing in the beach scene with Yurio.)

And then there’s the matter of the obviously slept-in second bed. The sheets are pulled down.

There’s no denying that Victor and Yuuri shared this hotel room. We don’t need confirmation from Kubo-sensei on that.

Now the space-between-the-beds thing … I can actually understand if there’s doubt about that. Because in looking at that screencap above, there’s a definite gap there.

But then we see this a second later in the same scene.


It’s like the bed magically crawled over all on its own. Like it manifested consciousness and decided, “Hey, these boys need to cuddle,” and took matters into its own hands. Er, feet. (Legs?)

(Thank you, second bed. We appreciate your service.)

To me, this looks like two separate artists had different impressions about what was going on in this hotel room. I would definitely like Kubo-sensei to give her thoughts on this.

But come on. Have you ever seen hotel room beds arranged like that? There’s normally a night table between them. I did a previous post on the actual hotel this is based on, and they don’t even offer twin beds.

dirkjohn meetcute where theyre both on a discord server rose owns and john is posting screencaps of texts with his cousin jake(edited to remove identifying info ofc) bc theyre fighting over something silly and dirks like “He sounds just like my ex-bf/current bff, tell me more” and they just back and forth in the dms with silly anecdotes about these two guys they know and theyre really bonding over how ridiculous they are until johns like “the weirdest thing about him is that i swear he has like a fetish for blue women?” and dirk just breaks into a sweat and replies “Really. That’s very coincidental, as my bro here has a ‘blue dame’ kink as well. How very uncanny.”

theres a good 15 minutes of nothing before john asks “would you happen to look like a hot anime man who wears bad clothes?” and dirk panics and blocks him