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so the humans are space orcs posts where we can just hide emotions from our customer service skill set, why don’t we take that a step further.

What about actors, who literally train for years to act different behaviors for different roles, from good guys to bad guys. One minute the human is kind and gentle, the next he is arrogantly addressing the pirates who invaded, all from his acting days.

Their strict memorization can help them recall lines for any situation. They can cry on cue, motivate their crewmates with a well place monologues, become the life of the party with one liners and comedic sketches.

Hell this can apply to dedicated fans. The ones who try to get in character at cosplays, or memorize entire dialogues from their favorite scenes.

Really I just want someone to write alien fic where a human quotes the wallet scene from pulp fiction and just fucking terrifies them

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Ahsoka, or My Boy Mace

“I’m tired of all the nerfherding SITH in the nerfherding SENATE”

Crushing On You

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel X Reader 

Word count: 3301 

• you’re a solo idol [ around Jihoon/Woojin’s age ] 

• lowkey gotta ft. SAMUEL AND SOMI I LOVE THEM [ somi pls marry me ] 

• also ft. MAUVE. [ WannaWrite Ent’s created gg I formed in my requested Yuehua scenario ] 

• Kang Daniel likes you hurh hurh ;) 

hello !! [ i need to stop with the !!, ;), hurh hurh ] can i just say how much i love love love idol! au. idk it just really clicks well with me, by far one of my favourite ones to write anyways, tysm for requesting anon i hope you like it :) sorry if it isn’t completely accurate or what you imagined :( 

also i haven’t spent a lot of time on my laptop so everything is being uploaded via mobile which is why they all have the ‘to be edited’ thing

- admin L 

PS: to be edited [ 10/8/2017 ] 

edited: [ 11/8/2017 ]


“Congratulations Y/N! Your album has risen up the charts and is now number three worldwide on iTunes!” Manager unnie announced, embracing you. 

Your jaw was still agape in shock, still unable to comprehend what had happened. After two failed chances of debut, your company - WannaWrite Entertainment - expanded their budget and finally, debuted you as a solo artist. CEO L and N might have mortgaged both their houses to fund your promotions but it didn’t seem to affect them. In fact, your CEOs seemed glad your debut was doing well. 

It might as well have been a miracle. 

You nearly made the final lineup for MAUVE when they debuted but was cut off after you suffered an ankle injury. Your unnies still showered you with their love and support, even telling their fanbase to go support your debut. 

“The company has decided to give you two days off while we sort out your new schedule. Go enjoy yourself but don’t do anything stupid.” You rolled your eyes at your manager’s words but assured her you would be fine. 

The first thing you did was to search for your MAUVE sisters in the building but found out that they were out of the country to promote in Taiwan. You weren’t super close to some of the new trainees in your company but they didn’t seem very welcoming either. Finally, you settled on calling Samuel and Somi, two of your very close dongsaengs. Surprisingly, both of them weren’t occupied in that moment despite their busy schedules. 

“Ahh! Y/N noona, we must go out and celebrate!” Samuel insisted. 

“Y/N! Is it okay if I invite Lee Daewhi? He’s also Samuel’s friend. He’s from Wanna One, he really likes your album,” Somi asked, sugar dripping from her voice and you could almost imagine the batting of her eyelids. Looks like she really wanted Daewhi along…… 

Wanna One? Isn’t that the boy group CEO L really likes? I should accept this offer. 

Giggling, you agreed to meet up with them at a mall nearby all the entertainment companies. Somi was going to treat everyone to lunch. 

It had been the longest time you had seen her and nearly cried when she started being all emotional and deep, talking about her debut and then yours. Samuel didn’t have any words and just kept embracing you while congratulating you. At first, Daewhi was rather shy, he hid behind his two friends a lot, blushing, but once all the introductions had been made, you clicked instantly. You two shared a bucket of popcorn at the movies and Daewhi even took multiple polaroids together. You found the younger boy very likeable. 

“Y/N noona, now that you are an idol, would you want to date anyone?” Samuel suddenly asked before returning to sipping on his soda. Somi nodded eagerly, smirking. Daewhi just smiled, running a hand through his hair. 

You hated to disappoint but shook your head and waved your hand dismissively. “Not really…but we have to see. You never know who comes along.”


Jisung narrowed his eyes at Daewhi when the younger boy entered the house looking more triumphant than ever. “Daewhi-ah, did you do something? What’s up?" 

Daewhi shook his head but couldn’t keep the smile off his face. I mean, he spent nearly the entire afternoon out with another idol he really respected and looked up to no doubt that he was more senior in the industry. Not to mention the fact that Daniel hyung had a tremendous crush on her! Ever since her debut he hadn’t shut up about her! I think he even owns a signed copy of her first single, he may have bought it online. "Ohhh, nothing,” he sang, causing more suspicion to rise from his hyungs. 

Jaewhan, who was sitting on the kitchen counter, shot him a weird look. “Did you…wait- just tell us what you did,” he pushed. Before Daewhi could reply, a loud yell sounded from upstairs. “Yah! What’s happening up there? Stop fighting!” Sungwoon shouted, revealing more of his 'aunty’ side. He looked like he was about to jump from his seat on the sofa and start taking out slippers to hit someone. Jisung grabbed his dongsaeng’s arm, pressing a finger to his lips. “Let them come and explain." 

Speak of the devil, Woojin and Guanlin came running down the staircase, phones in their hands and muttering some gibberish. They seemed terribly flustered and nearly tackled Daewhi on the ground. 

Jaewhan walked over to examine the photo. It was a photo that Samuel had taken of you, Daewhi, himself and Somi out at lunch. Jaewhan swiped right to reveal the next post which happened to be the cute selca you had taken with Samuel. 


fun day out with my best friends. Congratulations on your album Y/N noona! You’re doing so well even if it isn’t long after your debut….i’m jealous. Continue to work hard, proud of you ❤️ tagged: @leedaewhi, @somijeon, @Y/N

He too, nearly screamed. 

"Daewhi was out with Samuel without telling us!" 

"Oh my god, is that Somi?”

“I miss Samuel!" 

"Wait, did you say Y/N?" 

At the mention of your name, Daniel perked up and nearly sprung out from where he had been lying down lazily. He was fully alert now. Jihoon passed him Woojin’s phone which was still on Samuel’s Instagram page. His eyes widened significantly. Firstly, he couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous you were, you were beaming brightly and glowing happily, that made him cheer up a lot more. After that, he frowned when he noticed how comfortable you were with Samuel, kissing his cheek while winking and whatnot. Then, he realised that Daewhi was the one who had rested his head on your shoulder. Daniel gritted his teeth, jaw locked.

"Oh my god, is Daniel hyung jealous?” Jinyoung teased, poking his hyung’s cheek. “Ahh! He is!" 

Daewhi patted his shoulder. "Yah, it’s okay hyung. I can introduce you to her.”

Daniel shrugged nonchalantly but on the inside, his heart was going to beat out of his chest and he suppressed the urge to squeal like a fanboy. 

Y/N knows of Wanna One! She knows about my existence! 

“I wonder if we’ll bump into her at any showcase….since our comeback was pretty close to hers,“ Seongwoo muttered absent-mindedly. That got Daniel’s heart in a mess. 


CONFIRMED: Y/N to perform at MNET Countdown comeback showcase [ send help I still dk what it’s called ] 

The headline were in red, bolded, as if they were a flag to catch Daniel’s attention. The boys were taking a break from practising for their comeback stage and they news had just been confirmed to the world. He clutched his phone to his chest, attempting to regulate his breathing. 

Oh my god….what is she doing to me? Is this how my fans feel? Oh my god, I can’t handle this. 

Using his hand Daniel began to fan his face, which was heating up rapidly. Before any of his friends could make an odd comment, he excused himself and ran to hide in his workroom. "Ah! Daniel-ah, what happened to you? Why are you getting so worked up over a girl?” He scolded himself in a whisper. He had never become so flustered in his entire life. Perhaps it was the fact that due to all his training, he knew relationships were and huge no-no. Maybe this was the only time where he had a chance, both of you were idols and bound to meet somewhere along the line. 

Daniel typed your name into the search bar. 

Y/N reveals the boy group with her favourite visuals 

Y/N set to release Asia tour dates soon, WannaWrite Entertainment confirms

The rising queen of kpop? Y/N has become a global hit, maintaining top spots on world iTunes chart. 

He clicked on the link to the first article. 

'In a recent interview with KBS, 18 year old rising idol Y/N may have let it slip which idols she found attractive. Other than mentioning her love for fans, she didn’t fail to make her adoration for fellow celebrities known. “I really love icons like Big Bang and SHINee, they are real inspirations to me.” She had said…’

Daniel sighed and skipped over that part, he scrolled down more. 

'When asked if she was interested in dating, Y/N simply smiled but shook her head, saying that of course there were people she found attractive but wanted to focus on her career rather than dating. However, Y/N did blush at the mention of celebrity crushes, no one can escape the love bug. She listed popular and established boy groups such as BTS and EXO to be incredibly attractive but not to sleep on smaller groups such as Hotshot or KNK. Additionally, she mentioned her incredible amount of respect for them and would like to work together someday.’

Oh my god, just get on with it. Daniel groaned and searched more. 

 ‘Y/N also talked about her other idol friends. She was seen out with Kim Samuel, Jeon Somi and Wanna One’s Lee Daewhi recently to celebrate the success of her album. Y/N was very grateful for all their constant support and thanks her sisters in MAUVE for paving a better way for her. She hinted at a close collaboration between her and Somi then added she would like to befriend all of Wanna One. 'I think they’re all very handsome too,’ she admitted while giggling. 'I love their visuals but they also have a lot of talent that isn’t to be wasted. It’s sad they won’t last very long, I’d like to see them succeed in their short time together as a group.' 

Daniel felt something stab at his heart, it was the knife of realisation that he wouldn’t be in Wanna One a few years from now and vowed to make the best of everything. Another thing also speared his delicate heart, you knew about Wanna One, you seemed to like them too. He felt special. 

“Yah! Daniel hyung! Are you in here?” Jihoon’s calls accompanied by knocks on the door shattered that feeling. He sighed but went back to practice, his motivation was to impress you on Saturday.


The shouts and cheers of the fans were already loud while you were in the car but once you stepped outside, the roars were nearly deafening. Your bodyguard and security paved the way to the entrance. 

It was chaotic good. 

Camera flashes went off and you pushed your sunglasses higher up the bridge of your nose, forcing a smile on your face even though you almost tripped over your own feet.

Phew. I think this crowd is only a fraction of what MAUVE unnies handle. 

The second you stepped through the glass doors of the venue, you were scooped off by assistants to your dressing room. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry but this was no new scene for you. At least this time you had experience, you messed up so many times during your first showcase it was embarrassing. Your manager broke off from you but promised to meet you in your dressing room after she had settled some paperwork. There was no time for a proper reply other than a small nod. The assistant grabbed your arms and whizzed passed other groups of idols with their assistants, looking just as hurried. Along the way, you recognised other group’s name stickers pasted on different dressing rooms. It was fascinating to see the well established groups in the same area as you, honouring almost.

“Erm, hang on a second,” your assistant muttered shyly, tapping on her phone and whispering frantically into her earpiece. At that time, your phone buzzed.

3.47 pm 

Daewhi: hello noona !! by any chance are you at the venue now ? :) let’s meet

You: hi daewhi, yes but it’s crowded and everyone’s rushing now…maybe after the show or you can text me when your done with hair and makeup :) 

Daewhi: Daniel hyung read that you find us attractive and want to befriend us ;)

You: pshh omg that’s gg to be held against me forever! But yes, it’ll be nice to make friends 

Daewhi: Daniel likes you 

3.49 pm


You: uhhh…okay

Daewhi: but yeah Daniel has had a crush on you since the start, like since your debut 

You: omg….i’m blushing that’s so sweet 

Daewhi: pls dte danel

Daewhi: that was jisung hyung again sorry !! 

You: it’s okay…. You: how abt u introduce us? ;) 

Daewhi: omg okay 

Suddenly, you felt a tug on your arm and your assistant beckoning you to follow her. “Sorry! There was a mix up with the dressing rooms!" 

You slow jogged after your assistant, she rounded the corner faster than you did by abit. Many footsteps and loud chatter seemed to be coming your way so you sped up a little, hoping to catch up with her faster before the crowd came. Unfortunately, you sprung off a second too late and met with something… rather someone’s chest [ cliche! cliche! ] 


Daniel could die happy. There was nothing else he could ever want. His ( life long ) dream had been fulfilled. He couldn’t care less about the strange looks he received, he just wanted to get down on his knees and thank God for creating such a perfect timing, such a perfect first making. The sheepish smile on his face remained plastered there as the stylist began curling his hair. The incident replayed in his head over and over. You had bumped into his chest and at first he too was shocked but the instinct to protect a person was stronger so his strong arms wrapped around your torso and prevented you from falling. Daniel would never forgot the look on your face when you spotted him, he’d never forget the memory of your entire face blushing pink. 

It was so adorable! 

Once you had steadied yourself, he had run his arms over yours, repeatedly asking if you were okay. Your reply was barely above a whisper but he still caught it. Daniel recalled the way his name had rolled of your tongue, causing his knees to turn into jelly, he felt his face turn hot even while he was sitting in his makeup chair. 

Moving on….. 

You had hastily thanked him, bowing slightly before greeting the remainder of the boys, their jaws dropping and some using their hands to suppress their giggles. You wished them good luck before running off after your assistant, wishing you had carried a mask with you to hide your red face. There were shouts and cheers echoing behind you which made you think back to Daewhi… well Jisung and Sungwoon’s confession on Daniel’s behalf. 

But he’s Kang Daniel! Kang Daniel! Everyone loves him! He could have anyone as his significant other! Why me? How am I special? 

You rid your head of the thoughts that only added more confusion and focussed on the task ahead of you. 

Yes, showcase. Comeback stage. That’s all that matters right now.


By the time Wanna One was halfway through their stage, Daniel’s heart had turned into mush and his legs were replaced with jelly. He could see you dancing and singing to their song from his spot on the stage, he was glad you decided to watch some other artists while waiting for your turn. Daniel found your smile captivating, it made him grin and feel giddy like a schoolboy in love again. No matter what, he would definitely be watching your performance. 

There was no lying that Kang Daniel, the man who had saved you just now, was attractive. You loved how he balanced out his sexy, manly side with his playful and more childish antics. Secretly, you had been observing the group from afar and admired how close they were. A part of you longed for that bond, especially if it was in a girl group but for now, you were happy as a soloist. 

"Y/N! It’s almost your performance. Time to suit up,” Manager unnie hissed, grasping your arm and gently tugging you towards the backstage door. As soon as the equipment was placed on properly, stylists swarmed you, retouching your makeup and dusting your clothes. 

“Okay, they’re changing the stage set up for the next act. After that, it’s you. Go prepare yourself.” Abiding by the basic rules, you double checked your sound system and downed half a bottle of water. Just as you were midway through your mental preparation, you felt a tap on your shoulder. 

It was a cheerful looking Daewhi. 

And Daniel. 

“Noona! Did you see me? Was our stage good?” Daewhi bombarded you with questions. “Do you like our concept? Our style? Could you hear me singing?”

“Daewhi-ah, you aren’t even giving her time to reply,” Daniel pointed out, chuckling. His gaze met your own but he quickly cast it on the floor. 

“Hello, I’m Y/N. You must be Kang Daniel. I’m sorry about just now,” you apologised, giving your sweetest smile.

Daewhi stomped his foot, pouting. “Ahh, I get it. Noona likes older men, now she won’t pay attention to me,” he whined but had his lips curved into a telltale smirk.

Sly dongsaeng. 

“That’s right Daewhi. Noona likes people who can pull off the sexy concept,” you played along, purposely resting an arm on Daniel’s 60cm wide shoulders. His face was slowly but surely turning red. 

“Hmph!” Daewhi marched off but turned around and shot you a sly wink. 

“So…..” you started, uncertain of how to break it to him. “Daewhi said he’d introduce me to you. Hi." 

Ew! That was so dumb! Whatever, keep your chill. You’re an idol. 

Daniel just stared at you, shellshocked and entranced by you. Not just your beauty but the way you talked, the way you carried yourself that exuded a confident yet kind and not cocky aura. He was speechless, breath taken away. He was never like this, especially in front of women! You could hear his friends snickering in the back. "Hi, I’m Wanna One’s K-Kang Daniel. Uh, I-I really think you’ll be a great artist. Not that you already aren’t! But I think you will be iconic and I have been supporting you since your debut,” Daniel blurted out, he was so flustered his mind was blank and he couldn’t seem to form a coherent sentence.

How cute. 

“Aww, that’s very sweet of you. I’d love to chat more but it’s almost my slot…so how about I give you my number. Text me when I come off stage." 

He handed you his phone with trembling hands, Daniel couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He let out a shaky breath. "Can you sign my phone case?”

Daniel! That was so stupid! She probably thinks you’re a creep now! 

You paused from punching in your number and giggled, agreeing to do so. He quickly passed you a pen and you signed his clear jelly case, adding a tiny heart at the end unlike your normal signature. Feeling bold, you saved your contact as 'Y/N 😘💍’ and passed the phone back to it’s owner. Daniel’s eyes grew large at your contact name but laughed it off. “Have fun on stage! We’ll be cheering for you!” He waved you off, beaming brightly. 

You had never felt more energised and confident walking onto that stage and assuming your position. It was refreshing. Somi was waving a banner and Samuel was beside her, screaming. You knew Daewhi and… Daniel were watching, you could feel their gaze. The appreciation and love for your fellow idol friends grew. You adored them to pieces. 

Maybe one of them in a more intimate way.

Top Movies of the First Half of 2017.

1. Get out- When it comes to the best movies of first half of 2017, consider this situation… Fucking Handled! Yo, Jordan Peele made the best movie of 2017 so far and it’s going to take a hell of a movie to knock it off. I had my reservations about this movie because movies that get this kind of hype on Facebook and social media never pan out but this one did! This movies comes correct from the first scene of my beloved Lakeith Stanfield walking through a, “superb,” in a situation that every person of color has feared would happened to them. A lot of praise should also go to the leading man Daniel Kaluuya too, his physical acting is incredible and as he’s required to change demeanors so many times during the movie and he never wavers for one moment. There’s so much to talk about with Get Out. All the white people come correct and are genuinely horrifying. I guess Lena Dunham isn’t the biggest villain on Girls. A true hallmark of an important movie is how it can change or shape your perception of a certain person, group or situation. While it sheds an incredible light on how most minorities and especially african american minorities feel about living in this country the most image altering part of this movie is that Jordan Peele made the fucking TSA cool. There has to be an award for just that alone. 

2. It Comes at Night -This film is a “horror” movie that isn’t interested at all of scaring but instead it wants to horrify you. This movie relies on tone and atmosphere than actual jump scares to create the his dark (literally because most of the movie is in the dark) tense canvas for their characters to live in and instead of a big bad monster waiting at the end of the hall the true horrors are the people themselves, well intentioned individuals who because of circumstances are forced become the most desperate version of themselves. Those circumstances are left incredibly vague throughout the movie with only just subtle nods and hints to what’s actually going in the outside world and that allows us to not worry about the world but more so on the character themselves. Nothing is ever really explained in this movie but it relies on the viewers basic understanding of a humans connection to family, a teenagers connection to sexuality to a mothers connection to a son and so on and so forth. If you come to this movie to be scared you will be disappointed. But if you come for a gorgeously shot, tense and dark character study of human survival instincts you will be blown away. 

3. Lost City of Z - Lost City of Z is one of the most beautiful movies I’ve seen in a long time. All the shots in the Amazon are breathtaking. James Grey has so much respect for all the beauty that the world has to offer and lets his camera linger on shots that a lesser director would have just blown through and moved onto the next one to service the plot. The way scenes fade in and out of each other is also masterful and makes me wish for nothing more but to leave my life behind and go exploring the amazon.  Lost City of Z is also an incredible piece of period filmmaking. From the opening shots to the courthouse drama you’re submerged into 19th century Britain and that comes with it’s own baggage. Especially when it comes to Sienna Millers character who gets treated like an afterthought half through the movie. But the first half of the movie she’s terrific and her character is given a lot to do and deserves to be respected. 

4. Win it All - As a person who enjoys people meeting and interacting with each other I can’t say enough about Joe Swanberg and Jake Johnson and their collaborations. Everything about this movie feels so real from the people, the relationships to the stakes. And by stakes I don’t mean just the gambling stakes, I mean the stakes of what it means to have a job, a girlfriend and have your life figured out. Shouts to my man Jakey J for now and forever. It may not have been as good as Drinking Buddies but for what it lacks in substance it makes up for with it’s absolute delightfulness. I never thought in a million years I would be saying a Joe Swanberg movie was, “delightful.”

5. Wonder Woman - I don’t really care for Super Hero movies that much anymore but Wonder Woman blew me away. Yeah the third act has issues and falls for the same old comic book tropes but everything leading up to it is amazing. From watching Princess Diana discovering what ice cream is to her walking across No Mans Land and unleashing hell on those machine guns all the way back to seeing baby Wonder Womans face on the big screen knowing she was going to be the hero of her very own story! It does justice to not just the woman part of it’s title but the wonder as well. It’s a wonderful movie.

6. John Wick: Chapter 2 - Spoiler alert: the dog live in this movie. Which is about the only real criticism that the first John Wick had and now that they fixed that they take this surprisingly successful franchise to new heights. Keanu Reeves is absolutely terrifying in this role especially considering I see about 5 Keanu Reeve’s look a likes walking the treadmill at the gym everyday and they’re all more likely to be doing someone’s taxes than they do gouging peoples fucking eyes out. But to each his own! 

7. Logan - When all the fanboy dickriding and Johnny Cash settles you’re left with a really good superhero movie. All the action is terrific and is a very emotional movie.Jackman and Stewart play their f bomb dropping and eye gouging versions of their iconic characters perfectly and this movie is honestly a very nice course correction after visual garbage that was X men Apocalypse.

8. Split - M Knight back? Possibly. This a very good movie with no discernible twist. Unless you count Jame McAvoy getting buff a twist, which I knew he had that in him the whole time (apparently he did too). But this a very good movie for the uneasy and tense thriller genre even though the most uneasiness to this movie comes from the real world horror and not the big bad swoll James McAvoy himself. 

9. Kong - This movie is like going into a test and expecting a D and getting a B- and sitting there and realizing you could have had an A if you really tried a bit harder. This movie has so many moments of pure joy and pleasure but the over saturated World War 2 soundtrack and some over the top Unle Sam-ification of Samuel L. Jackson bogs this down from being a truly special movie. 

10. Free Fire - Although I would have much rather this movie have more shoot em up scenes than, “hey are you still alive?” scenes I enjoyed the hell out of Free Fire. As much as I’d like to say queen Brie Larson was the best part of this movie and she’s terrific but it has to be Sharlto Copley and his A+ suit.  

I wasn’t even that upset over John Boyega’s comment. I just thought, “Huh, what a gross oversimplification of the issue. I hope by his comment, he means people need to look at the bigger picture of what Samuel said instead of being dishonest enough to turn it into a diaspora war.” I had too much faith. When I saw the tweet he retweeted before the comment, I shook my head. How dare he as someone who isn’t even a product of British colonization in the Americas, like many Black British people are btw, cosign a man telling Samuel L. Jackson he is still a slave mentally. Especially after the man just got through expressing how our experiences as descendants of American slaves are erased and untold in U.S. media and culture. So to respond with, “Yeah, I agree. You really NEED to stop being a mental slave,” is insensitive. It’s flippant, and it’s quite cruel.

 Also, Black British people aren’t just one monolithic ethnic group. Many are West African, East African, and Afro-Caribbean immigrants. Black British is a culture in itself, but there are Black British people who do have similar history as African-Americans. Just wanted to add that in case some may get someone’s heritage wrong when talking about Black British actors playing African-Americans. Even still, if they’re not African-American, they shouldn’t be playing a very unique experience that only African-Americans share.

“Friendly Neighborhood Watch” | Young Sam x Reader | FLUFF

WARNINGS: suggestive, language


DESCRIPTION: There are four days left of school before Graduation Day. It’s so goddamn obvious you and your childhood best friend Samuel Drake feel the same thing for each other… but you won’t say anything because you don’t want to risk your established friendship, and Sam doesn’t want to say anything because he can’t risk giving himself away. But when two people are a perfect match for each other, some things are bound to be revealed sooner or later.

This is technically Part 2 of “Trick of the Light”, but you don’t have to read that in order to understand this (regardless I’ll still leave the link to it below). I’m really pleased with how this one came out because it just makes my heart so happy like aw Sam :,)) It switches between Reader and Samuel so sorry if it’s kinda unclear as to whose POV you’re reading from haha *sweats intensely*

And I also wanna tag @le-ephemere @hyperionbabe @a-n-g-e-l-frommynightmare and @nataliarmnov because you guys are SO NICE and left such sweet comments on Part 1 ily please enjoy

Trick of the Light

Inspired by this song (Rather Be With You - Sinead Harnett)

The only reason why you were with Rafe Adler in the first place was because you were lonely.

Well, more like the one guy you were ever seriously in to never paid attention to you the way you wanted him to, and conveniently, Rafe Adler transferred to your shithole high school and you thought he’d be a lovely distraction.

Except that, despite getting together with Rafe, you still couldn’t get over your one true crush.

The boy next door, your childhood sweetheart, your best friend: Samuel Drake.

You remember precisely when you started crushing hard on that boy. You were in middle school, still in your semi-awkward tween stage, lost in the masses of equally confused prepubescent boys and girls trying to find their places in the social hierarchy. Sam was one of the popular kids; he and his little brother were both notorious for their mischievous methods of cutting class and their bright, cheeky grins. Always the one with extravagant (although mostly exaggerated) tales of adventures, it was expected for girls and boys to flock around Samuel Drake. His heady Bostonian voice and loopy grin managed to light up any room he walked into; Samuel Drake had this laid-back, passionate, and approachable dynamic.

And on top of that… it was almost painful how good-looking he was.

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(for the record this is a “morgan freeman documentary voice” post not a “samuel l jackson in pulp fiction voice” post)

I don’t really wanna confront anyone in particular but there are like a dozen posts about how Andrew sucks because he’s a boring het love interest and i gotta be like

the fuck are you talking about?

Yeah, there’s some sexual tension there, but Andrew’s subplot doesn’t really feel directly connected to a romantic relationship with Akko. Besides, 90% of the art from people working on the show pushes the f/f ships a million times harder. I’d be willing to put money on them not going with a romantic Akko/Andrew ship.

As for Andrew’s connection to the plot, well… part of it is establishing a broader setting outside of the witches’ school. In the second movie, the fear and hatred of witches is basically the whole point of the enchanted parade. For some reason, the old stubborn witches believe in an appeasement ceremony where the public can be huge pieces of shit to young witches, which is really fucked up. There’s clearly some sort of internalized shit going on there. Andrew represents a change in the status quo of how the people view witches.

In ep 17, the creepy little hate club deliberately invokes the hoods and the pompousness the Klan is infamous for. The fact that it happened in a school could only be the result of systemic oppression of witches. That’s what Andrew is there for and why his tenuous friendship with Akko is significant: her antics reached his heart and inspired him to reconsider the potential of magic and his country’s resentment of witches.

edit: I have been informed that the hoods are meant to evoke the spanish inquisition. gimme some wiggle room here.

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True, the open hatred of witches and the violence against them doesn’t make total sense, but neither does the hatred of mutants in X-men, nor does the xenophobia and Islamophobia sweeping across the western world. Building walls around our borders doesn’t make logical sense. Restricting immigration doesn’t hold up under most circumstances, least of all threat of terrorism or corruption of values. No systemic oppression makes sense; the continued existence of the Klan doesn’t make sense; a hotline for reporting illegal (probably hispanic) immigrants doesn’t make any fucking god damned sense; antisemitic pogroms didn’t make sense; the holocaust didn’t make sense; the internment of Japanese didn’t make sense; racially and ethnically motivated riots don’t make sense. Electing a demented, washed up, hateful old reality tv star to the most powerful position on the planet doesn’t make fucking sense. Despite our efforts, all of the horrible things in the past threaten to rear the ugly heads again and again, and in many places, even places in “developed” nations, this nonsense is a dangerous reality.

Fear serves those in power who feel the need to exercise that power on acceptable targets and they fight back against reason and progress because they will lose those targets and they will lose the fear in the hearts of those ignorant enough to grant them that power.

Little Witch Academia takes place in a world where practitioners of magic are an oppressed minority. After all, seemingly anyone is capable of performing magic, but those who choose to are regarded with fear and suspicion by many of the non-magical characters we’ve seen over the course of the show.

So my point is this: Andrew’s subplot is primarily not a romantic one but a sociopolitical one. His subplot is for social commentary and world-building.

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Loved the new chapter of SDCD! Do you have any advice on writing fight scenes?

lol oh god this is where everyone finds out i’m a nerd. okay first! disclaimer: i know nothing about fighting. seriously, like nothing. also i’m very much a visual learner/thinker, so that sort of Influences my approach to these things

for the sake of me organizing things, i’m going to focus this on lightsaber/Force fights!

lightsaber forms: a crash course by nym

one thing that helped me was to get a clear idea of what lightsaber combat form i wanted to use for each of the more major characters. they’re kind of bunk with TFA + i definitely don’t think they’re necessary to use/know for a good star wars fic, because the EU is nonsense, but for me it useful to get into the Mentality of how i wanted to write the person fighting. there’s seven main ones:

shii-cho/way of the sarlaac /determination form: the basic starting point–foundations of everything else, lots of sweeping motions/Jedi Training Wheels.

makashi/way of the ysalamiri/contention form: used for dueling, very precise strikes– i think of this one a lot like fencing, EN GARDE DOOKU

soresu/way of the mynock/resiliance form: a defense form, great at blaster deflection, good for YOU SHALL NOT PASS sorts of moments

ataru/ way of the hawk-bat/aggression form: PARKOUR. I Will Fuck Up Your Day form, super IN YOUR FACE, lots of flips and OTT acrobatics. think Xena fights where the chase scenes are conducted entirely in cartwheels

shien/djem so/way of the krayt dragon/perseverance form: a defense form, like soresu, but after you block you PUNCH THEM IN THE THROAT. big on counteracts/using the opponents’ strength against them using MAXIMUM CHILL during the fight and then taking them out when they’re Unaware. a Beware the Quiet Ones of forms

niman/way of the rancor/moderation form/diplomat’s form: the her?? of lightsaber forms. In terms of lightsaber combat using the actual lightsaber this is the “You Tried” goldstar, no advantages or disadvantages, it’s just kind of. You know. There. BUT this is a good form if you have a character who would rely more on Force powers in battle. One-handed techniques usually

juyo/vaapad/way of the vornskr/ferocity form: you thought ataru was gonna fuck up your day? JUYO IS THE SAMUEL L JACKSON OF LIGHTSABER FORMS. no really mace windu mastered it. juyo channels the negative/aggressive emotions of a jedi and lets them PUT THEIR WILL INTO THEIR BLADE. very shounen. like imagine jedi!ichigo

For characters i’ve written who don’t already have a form in “canon” (remember: the eu is nonsense), i headcanon rey as using ataru + juyo, kylo ren as niman, and finn as soresu + shien 

lightsaber fighting! Let’s get a reference: Star Wars Edition

so when i was trying to figure out how to write lightsaber fights, i first started by watching my favorite ones from the movies! here’s some handy dandy video links of the ones i dig the most:

but hey, that can get old to draw inspiration from after a while. so there’s also non-movie lightsaber duels:

but nym, i don’t want to just draw from boss lightsaber fights! Okay!! Let me show you my Strategy 2.

lightsaber fighting! Let’s get a reference: a more elegant weapon edition

so disclaimer x2, i watch a lot of martial arts + action movies. one thing i’ve tried when i get stuck is to think about fights scenes that would have similar styles to characters. it’s not so much the weapons being used as it is the movement of the fighters that i draw on. here’s some of the resources i’ve used

rey references or characters with a double-bladed or saberstaff
some suggested weapons to use for reference videos: bo staff, quarterstaff, spears, pikes

reference videos i’ve used:

kylo ren references
some suggested weapons to use for reference videos: broadsword, longsword, axe, cleaver, hammer

reference videos i’ve used:

but what about Force powers?

check out the TOR trailers i linked earlier for integrated fighting examples! “Hope” has been An Influence

some wookieepedia pages that might be Of Use:

final note
always follow your own Rule of Cool. because the EU is nonsense, and it’s in space and doesn’t matter.


  • “You think you’re the only superhero in the world?”
  • “I still believe in heroes.”
  • “I recognise that a decision has been made, but given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it.”
  • “I’m asking, what are you prepared to do?”  
  • “I did what I did to protect people.”
  • “You’re wrong about me. I do share. I’m nice like that.”
  • “I cancelled the gala because of you. Anybody willing to donate that much deserves a private dinner. Come in.”
  • “Gotta admit, I was really intrigued to meet you. There aren’t many billionaires I don’t know.”
  • “Do I look like I give a fuck?”
  • “I hate to shatter your ego, but this is not the first time I’ve had a gun pointed at me.”
  • “You think it could go on like this forever? Living like this with no consequences?”
  • “Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!”
  • “Do as I say, and you live.”
  • “Because if you die, then all of this was for nothing.”
  • “What’s the first thing I ever said to you?”
  • “ I thought you said you were gonna be cool. Now when you yell at me, it makes me nervous. And when I get nervous, I get scared. And when motherfuckers get scared, that’s when motherfuckers accidentally get shot.”
  • “What’s your deepest fear?”
  • “Goddamn girl, you gettin’ high already?”
  • “How’d you find me?”
  • “Is she dead, yes or no?”
  • “What the fuck you doin’ knockin on the door like the goddamn police? You wanna die?”
  • “You keep fuckin’ with me, you’re gonna be asleep forever.”
  • “I’m serious as a heart attack.”
  • “This you and me talking, is this like a lawyer-client thing, and you can’t repeat nothing I tell you?”
  • “There ain’t nothing you want to tell me before we get out of this car, is there?”
  • “Motherfucker hung up on me. You believe this shit?”
  • “English, motherfucker, do you speak it?”
  • “Oh, man, I will never forgive your ass for this shit. This is some fucked-up repugnant shit.”
Why I love Kingsman: The Secret Service too much

Yet another really long appreciation post. (Which I absolutely love writing, being an aspiring author).

Now, I’m not putting down any other spy movie. Really. Just obsessed with this one. Hence, this appreciation post. I’m simply expressing my thoughts like I always do.
Moving on… Dressing like a Kingsman is my favorite style now. I pretty much have a replica of some of the gizmos used in the movie. Including the same exact model of Samsung laptop which I actually received as a gift from my brother. Imagine my surprise when I saw Harry Hart use it.

I have to say why I love this movie so much.

Colin Firth. (Harry Hart a.k.a. Galahad)

Enough said. He deserves to be at the top of this list. In fact, he is a big part of this post. The movie would’ve been utterly incomplete without him.

Colin always has this classy, attractive Englishman style with a swagger and that won yet again. Won me over so easily. He just needs to grace the screen and everything gets more interesting and complete.

Just look at that saunter. If he showed up on a date with me like this, it would be the best thing on this planet.

He’s the very definition of attractive. I’m guilty of having my heart stolen by this adept gentleman spy.

Perfect example of a gentleman right there.

“The suit is a modern gentleman’s armor.” he says. Because he knows what it takes to be one.

Wise words, Harry. Wise words to live by.

Especially this one.

Do listen to the man. Do not try to piss him off. Unless you want to end up with a hole in your head or otherwise a bashed in face. And then get caught in a massacre. He just looks unassuming but is a sartorial badass who doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit.

This scene:


Remind me not to get on your bad side, Galahad.

Rest assured, he is a complete package. Classy, sassy, dreamy. I need a Harry Hart in my life. Seriously.

Bonus: Even Taron Egerton agrees with me.

Exactly! Thank you! Which brings me to the next thing on this list…

Taron Egerton a.k.a. Eggsy.

Hands down, the most adorable, liveliest character of the movie. In fact, more like a sweet cinnamon roll that is too valuable for this world.
A rookie in the Kingsman Secret Service, Eggsy’s sarcasm and various reactions to situations were amusing as heck.

Like here, when he learns of the new spy tech.

Or here, when he first experiences Harry’s fighting skills.

Yeah, I would have the same reaction if I saw Harry Hart beat up bullies twice his size in a bar and then casually come and sit in front of me. My instant reaction would be:

Eggsy’s whole demeanor makes you laugh. He was the life of the movie.

That yellow printed bomber jacket was quite ridiculous and even yet, Eggsy managed to pull it off and still look cute. In fact, he even set a trend with it.

Put that vivid attire aside, however. And this guy is smart, gutsy, quick to act, loyal and can’t be fooled easily.

Even though he does mistake a pug for a bulldog. That was an exception.

He goes along with it anyway.

Hey, it happens to the best of us, okay? Besides, you gotta love a guy who loves his dog.

In a scene, Harry tells Eggsy that if he can learn to adapt, he can transform.

Oh, he DID transform, alright. When he followed in Harry’s footsteps. Became as sexy of a gentleman as his Kingsman friend.


Seriously, Harry would just be so proud. And nobody makes a better team than these two.

At times, Eggsy’s reactions do get heartbreaking also. But because of that development of his character, it just makes you wanna root for him.

Roxy a.k.a. Lancelot.

I have to give credit to this girl because from the movie it looked like she was afraid of heights. But damn, this badass Lancelot literally went to outer space despite her phobia, in a prototype vehicle and shot down Valentine’s satellite.

Girl power, baby.


I can’t not mention her. I’ve never seen a more badass sidekick. She’s got acrobatic martial art skills and if you provoke her, she’ll slice you in half with a single swing of her blade leg. And all that rather effortlessly and while holding a glass of alcohol. So you’re better off not getting on her bad side.

Speaking of which, those blade legs? Goddamn!

The Weapons Cache.

Granted that the James Bond films have displayed a wide array of cool spy gadgets and weapons. Even an actual car that can be driven with a remote.

But every spy movie nonetheless needs some futuristic gizmos. And seeing the cool weapons in Kingsman: The Secret Service excited me. I mean, after all, it’s this movie I love so much so why talk about other movies?

Let’s just go back to Harry Hart’s quote again: “The suit is a modern gentleman’s armor.”

He wasn’t kidding. The suits are freaking bulletproof.

Neurotoxin blade in shoe.

That was one nasty weapon. I mean, ask Gazelle.

Wait, never mind.

Hand Grenade Lighter.

Bonus: Eggsy’s reaction.

Electrocuting Signet Ring.

I pity the poor soul who had the misfortune of experiencing that.

Poison pen. Only harmless until someone activates it.

And Arthur unknowingly ingested it after falling for Eggsy’s sleight of hand trick.

I saved my personal favorite for last. Multi-purpose bulletproof Umbrella.

It’s awesomeness.

The humor.

The humor was really good in this movie. It was legitimately funny. The super-villain/megalomaniac, Valentine, was funny too. His lisp sets him apart from other super-villains. He was quite the comical character. Well played by Samuel L. Jackson.

The jokes were well-timed and didn’t seem cheesy to me at all. As I mentioned before, Eggsy’s demeanor and Harry’s witty comebacks really make you laugh.

Like this scene, where Eggsy tries to steal one of the grenades.

Or this German aristocrat greeting.

In fact, even the fight scenes in the movie had a touch of humor to them.

Speaking of which,

The fight scenes.

The fight scenes were wonderfully violent. Stabbing, shooting, slicing, everything. But at the same time, they weren’t too gory that you would be put off by it. 

The church fight which I just have to mention because Harry Hart goes on an all out massacre, killing everyone and emerging as the last man standing. And Free bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd plays in the background.

Holy shit.

This bar fight where Harry first shows his badass side. It ensues after he flings a glass at a bully’s head using his umbrella.

Whoa. Manners maketh man. I get it.

Or this one when Eggsy shows he’s no less with some badass gunslinging action.

Harry taught you well, buddy. See it’s like I said before. It makes you wanna root for these guys. I definitely was cheering throughout just for these two.

Go Team Galahad!

This Sleight Of Hand.

I’m pointing this out because that two-faced Arthur deserved what he got. Because he thought Eggsy wouldn’t suspect the spiked brandy or the fact he had one of those killer sim cards in his neck. But just look at the way Eggsy watched Arthur’s every move. He knew something’s wrong.

He makes Arthur believe he had fallen for his trap when it was actually the other way around.

And when offered the so-called chance to a new world, he replies:

YES. You go, eggsy!

As I mentioned earlier about Eggsy’s reactions being a heartbreaking, this is a good example. You can see the rage and grief in his eyes at the mention of Harry’s name. And Arthur’s plan backfired anyway. Literally.

How happy that made me.

The exploding heads.

Personally, I found this one of the best scenes in the movie. It was quite brilliant and funny that they showed the heads exploding more like fireworks and less bloody. With a celebration song playing in the background.

It was Eggsy’s idea and Merlin’s hacker skills that led to this.

External image

This scene was so strangely, aesthetically pleasing to watch.

External image

And Merlin’s most apt reaction to it all.

External image

It’s like I said before. I’m not putting down any other movie. I’m just saying that I love this one too much to the core of my heart and will choose it over any other spy movie, any day of the week. It had an interesting story, plot twists, humor, attractive gentlemen spies, everything.

Most importantly, it had something no other spy movie did. Colin Firth.

I’m a Kingsman for life.

Is that even a question?

I Saw A Film: Kong Of Skull Island

BOY IS THIS LATE, AINTIT?! And not just because I saw the movie last Thursday and am only writing the review just now, but also because I literally saw it well after it left most regular theatres!

That is what you get when you mainly watch newer movies at the three-dollar theatre!

But, to put it bluntly, this film was so; so good. Like, as much as there was a fair few things I liked about Godzilla 2014, Kong  was so much better, and I think more what people wanted to see from G14 tone-wise.

A bit more after the break:

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Asa Butterfield’s interview for “Boys by Girls”

Do you cry?

Yes, when the time calls for it, like when I die in a vídeo game. No, that was a joke, I want to clarify that, haha. I don’t know what makes me cry, sad shit. I’d say I’m definitely in touch with my emotions and quite emotionally connected, but I think that growing up as a guy you tend to supress certain emotions for whatever reason. Whether it is to impress people or to show that you’re a tough guy, which a lot of people put on. Although I do cry a lot less than I used too, I used to be such a wimp when I was a kid. Like when you lose your favourite lego brick, that’s devastating. That will bring tears to your eyes.

Who is Asa?

I think that’s na interesting question, because I had quite a diferente upbringing. I’ve had to be more mature and have proper conversations with adults since I was thirteen years old. There is definitely that parto f me which is confident and good at talking to people. There is also a part of me, that is quite a quiet person. I’m very content in not saying much and just enjoying whatever situation I’m in; playing vídeo games and hanging out with my mates, which are two very opposing sides. The first impression I give people is that I am quite talkative and a sort of funny guy, but in reality I’m totally not. I”m a lot more boring, placid and easy going. I’m very contente going with the flow and chillaxing.

You have played such a variety of roles; from Ender Wiggin leading the fight against na alien racen in “Ender’s Game”, angsty teenager in “Tem Thousand Saints” and a math progidy in “X+Y”. You seem to make good choices.

Whenver I’m picking a role I look for characters that are going to be challenging or diferente to what I have done before, otherwise you’re not really pushing youself as an actor. For “Ender’s Game”, conveying his understanding of the situation they were in, being so ahead of his peers, was a challenge. I loved working with Gavin Hood, the diretor, to figure out the best way to represent that. Then “X+Y” was probably the most challenging role. Firstly it was a person who was on the autistic spectrum, which was something I didn’t know much about before the film, so it was na educational experience for me. Everyone on the spectrum are slightly diferente, so I had to figure out how to portray my character, Nathan- how he would speak and observe the world. For him it was all about mathematical patterns and colour. It was quite demanding physically, because I had to totally change myself in the way I walked. When you take on a role, even if it is subtle change you adopt, you have to start stripping back all the things you would naturally do. You need to get rid of all that, so it’s just a blank slate in which you can start to create this new character and the way he speaks and Works. It was a really interesting experience.

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Watched Kong: Skull Island Yesterday

I still really love it, but I have quite a few thoughts that I want to get out because I’m on a high right now of awesomeness.

1.) Hank Marlow is probably the best character in any kaiju movie. Admittedly, when I first saw his humor in the second trailer, I thought it was gonna ruin the tone of the movie. But as it turns out, he’s like the best part of the film, and that ending is one of three scenes in kaiju media that brings a tear to my eye. The other two being Godzilla’s death in Destoroyah and the Hawaii scene’s climax in 2014.

2.) James Conrad and Mason Weaver are incredibly weak as main characters, and they’re kinda generic. Tom Hiddleston performs as the utmost basic level of the gruff survivor-type, and Brie Larson, despite abandoning the damsel in distress plot-line, she isn’t very engaging. In fact, if she and San were combined into one individual, it would get rid of two relatively unnecessary characters (speaking of, GIVE JING TIAN MORE LINES GODDAMNIT). Likewise, Corey Hawkins’ character could have just been mixed with Conrad’s, and it may have helped make THAT character more than just filler. At least in the 2014 Godzilla, Ford Brody wasn’t generic, just shallow, but it sorta fit the tone of the story, and he didn’t necessarily need that much in the way of motivation. But in Kong, you have a plethora of unique characters, to the point where the soldiers are far more interesting to watch.

3.) Undeniably, this is a gorgeous film with an amazing use of color. The whole thing is a rainbow stretched out to last two hours. However… some shots are very obvious exceptions. The aurora borealis scene has some poorly composited shots and the Sker Buffalo textures aren’t well rendered, for example.

4.) Considering how amazing and strangely natural the randomly encountered creatures are, as main antagonists, the Skullcrawlers are kinda weak. I love their design, and the way the big one fights is incredibly fun to watch, but their behavior is basically a beta version of Indominus Rex’s. Marlow calls them “crafty bastards”, but I fail to see that trait shine, especially considering how the babies roar constantly (which diminishes the effects of the camera-flashing scene) and the adult can’t decide who its main target is.

5.) Leafwings are pretty cool.

6.) The death scenes, as gruesome as they are, feel underwhelming. Not one death is really fitting. For example, Chapman is just killed in a flash, accompanied with the cliche “blood spraying on the environment inferring a violent death”, and Randa doesn’t have enough time to really develop. And the gut rip is objectively awesome, but they really should have taken full advantage of Kong'a ability to use tools to finish the job. Also, should I mention Victor’s death? Because I still don’t know what to think about that.

7.) The Iwi are miles ahead of Peter Jackson’s interpretation of the natives, so kudos to not screwing that aspect up FOR ONCE.

8.)I like Kong’s reveal, even though it’s a complete 180 of Godzilla’s. It suits the film much better than if they took an approach similar to the latter.


10.) Ok, so about that Sker Buffalo outside the wall. How long has it been there and why did it take so long to be noticed?

11.) When Kong was done attacking all of those helicopters, how far did some of these choppers split up from one another? I assumed the battlefield was much smaller than the distance by which everybody was split up, but whatever.

12.) The final fight is highly engaging, if fairly flawed, but it isn’t as strong a way to end the film as I would’ve hoped. In all honesty, if the encounter with Packard and that fight scene were swapped, that would have been much more suiting to the story. After all, one of the greater conflicts includes man’s mistreatment of the bizarre environment of Skull Island and Packard’s warmongering frustrations. If that scene was put at the end and was extended a little longer, it could have stood the test of time in terms of greatest kaiju-human interactions.

13.) “It sounds like a bird, but it’s a fucking ant.”

14.) Kong’s somber interaction with the main characters seems a little forced, even though I appreciate the effort. It starts rather abruptly and lasts for quite a while, perhaps longer than it should. In retrospect, it’s kinda silly. Kong just kinda appears from the fog like the ghost of Conrad’s samurai father about to give him ancient shogun wisdom. Not really sure what his original plan was, and also, why did the two feel compelled to just stand there? Again, I draw back to Godzilla, because its version of that moment was much more subtle and quick. It didn’t draw out longer than it had to and was all the more emotional for it. Just brief eye-to-eye contact is enough to tell the same story as a minute and a half of petting Kong’s nose.


Ok I’m done. Carry on.

One thing I enjoy about Vimes is that he’s naturally a very noir, as in the genre, person…but Discworld, by contrast, isn’t noir at all. And neither is virtually anyone else around him. So you get stuff like this Detritus quote, aka my favorite description of Vimes:

Mr Vimes is okay but he a bit weird about some stuff, he keepin’ on sayin’ stuff like dis city is a meltin’ pot an’ all der scum floats to der top, and stuff like dat.

I love that. You get this mental image of him skulking around in a trenchcoat saying cynical noir-ish things and everyone around him going ‘well you know he’s kinda weird but he’s got your back so it’s all right I guess’ and generally being fond but bemused.

It’s so great.


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Deleted lines from the Avengers script #516
  • Steve: Fury didn't tell me he was calling you in.
  • Tony: Yeah, there's a lot of things Fury doesn't tell you.
  • Steve: Such as...?
  • Tony: Oh, like his alternative eyepatch collection; the location of the secret fancy bathrooms; his alcoholic butterbeer recipe; that stuff about S.H.I.E.L.D. being taken over by HYDRA; where the missing socks really end up...
  • Steve:
  • Steve: Wait
  • Steve:
  • Steve: He has a recipe for alcoholic butterbeer?

I just heard a really gay spotify ad for an action movie starring ryan reynolds and samuel l. jackson and like what is…. going on here. is this a gay film

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)
Movie Review by: Will Whalen

Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is the newest Tim Burton film and one I wasn’t particularly looking forward to. I saw the trailers and wasn’t impressed and even his last few movies (Big Eyes and Dark Shadows), weren’t all that great to me despite high anticipation for all. Big Eyes was fine but I was bored and Dark Shadows just simply wasn’t great. Nonetheless, I’m a fairly big Tim Burton fan and thought I would see this anyway. While watching it, I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I was liking it while it was going on.

This movie is about a boy named Jake, played by Asa Butterfield, who stumbles across this school that kids who had strange abilities would go to, that his grandfather told stories about while he was growing up. He then goes through this likesay, teleportation system that leads him into the 1940’s.

Like I said, I wasn’t really looking forward to this because it just really didn’t look all that great to me but I was surprised to find myself very entertained and really invested in this story. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely has its problems, but it’s a blast. This movie has all the classic Tim Burton style with a great production design, creepy Tim Burton vision, and everything just looks and feels like that classic Tim Burton that we all know and (some of us) love.

Besides Burton’s amazing vision, the best thing about this movie, for the most part anyway, is the characters. The performances are mostly all pretty good and I really liked Eva Green as Miss Peregrine. She was a bit over the top but in a cool way. All the peculiar kids in this movie are great and some were just adorable. The characters of Emma and Olive were both really entertaining but where it failed for me as in the characters, is a lot of the really cool kids, you unfortunately don’t get to see a lot of. Such as, the twins or the girl with the mouth on the back of her head among others that just didn’t get enough screen time and that was disappointing. Another problem I had as far as characters go, is the main character Jake. He really wasn’t all that interesting and honestly, quite boring at times. He spends most of the movie asking questions and doesn’t actually do anything until like, the last 30 minutes probably and it can get quite old. Other than that though, he really wasn’t a terrible protagonist but could’ve been a lot better. As for the villain of this movie, played by the one and only Samuel L Jackson, I never really understood exactly why he was doing all the weird shit he would be doing throughout. They made it make sense why he would be doing weird things with eye balls and things like that, but it was never clear why he started in the first place.

As for other problems with this movie, I didn’t really have any other problems. Most everything else to me, was pretty entertaining and damn fun. I did find myself wondering when it was going to be over because it felt near the end several times. I especially had a lot of fun with the ending of the film. Something else I wasn’t really expecting from this is how weird and creepy and near terrifying this would be. It’s all cool though but if you take your kids to see it, they might get freaked the hell out.

Sorry this review was a week late but it’s here and that’s what matters. I really surprisingly enjoyed this. I’ve heard very mixed opinions about it but did you see it? Are you hoping for the other two movies of the series to be made? Reply to us your thoughts and let us know what you think!

I’m going to give Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children…

3.5 out of 5 stars.

Stupid quotes for the signs

Aries: “The worst thing a man can do is go bald. Never let yourself go bald.” –Donald Trump

Taurus: “I think gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman” –Arnold Schwarzenegger

Gemini: “I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan simply because I do not like eating fish. And I know that’s very popular out there in Africa.” –Britney Spears

Cancer: “Whenever I watch TV and see those poor staving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that but not with all those flies and death and stuff.” –Mariah Carey

Leo: “I am god’s vessel, but my greatest pain in life is that I will never see myself perform live.” –Kanye West

Virgo: “I don’t think anybody should write his autobiography until after he’s dead.” –Samuel L. Jackson

Libra: “Walmart… Do they make walls there?” –Paris Hilton

Scorpio: “But obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies.” –Sarah Palin

Sagittarius: “So where’s the Cannes film festival being held this year?” –Christina Aguilera

Capricorn: “Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.” –Brooke Shields

Aquarius: “I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone, they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina” –Lady Gaga

Pisces: “I’m not going for the sixteenth chapel look.” –Justin Bieber