and i really like purple

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why purple hair

It was actually not deliberate.

I’d been wanting blue hair for ages and ages (because blue is the warmest colour) so I bleached my hair to blonde then dyed it using a dark blue hair dye.

Aaaand it came out black.

That was annoying but I went with it til my roots had come out really bad. 

Then I asked friends for dye recommendations so I could find a better brand, got light blue hair dye, bleached it blonde again, dyed it.

Aaaand now it’s purple.

So basically I just really suck at dyeing hair??? I kinda like the purple though so its not all bad.

instead of oswald pining after cute boys i want cute boys to pine after oswald

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*Epic!Sans comes by and snags a cookie* BRUH!!!!!


Epic!Sans belongs to @yugogeer12


As with all my midzel art, I’m too lazy to draw Midna and Zelda in their full outfits so…. here….


Barbara Gordon icons from art by Christian Wildgoose 

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  • Credit isn’t necessary but is appreciated 
  • Please like/reblog if you save any 

I’ve been meaning to get back into watercolour forever, so that was the perfect excuse to slip these two into Karasuno uniforms! It’s such a tricky medium but the results are so so beautiful  ♡

Who are we kidding tho Keith would obviously be in Nekoma

you know I had to do it to ‘em  @leomnlime

transparent under the cut

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