and i really like how it turned out

I’m actually sorta proud of how this turned out. Like, I’m really happy with the pose, the proportions, the shadin and such. And I’m happy with how the cake came out. I’m not sure if Core can eat stuff, but I’m sure they can at least admire it. Maybe eve give some to their friends. ^u^

Anywho, just wanted to give a bigg happy burfmus to the always awesome @dokudoki, and hope that they have a great day with tons of great stuff headed their way. You’re too cool fur skewl, Doku! ^u^b


the six of crows duology + nina zenik | requested by @wondcrwomans

She rested her head on his shoulder. “You’re better than waffles, Matthias Helvar.” A small smile curled the Fjerdan’s lips. “Let’s not say things we don’t mean, my love.”

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OK WHAT I WAS GONNA SAY WAS that i thought it was funny how almost everyone on victor's side thinks yuuri's being a typical playboy by using victor when he's just a dorky figure skater who loves katsudon and just wants to prove himself which kind of reminds me of canon!victor like how we all first thought that victor was a playboy and had some kind of ulterior motive but then it turns out he was just really in love

I still remember watching episode 10 (for the second time, I was drunk the first time 。゚(TヮT)゚。 ) and it completely changing how I perceived Viktor as a character. And then I had to sit down and revise the whole fic to match!

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So like a lot of people like YouTube couples and stuff, right? What do you think how would RFA and Saeran react to MC turning out to be a YouTuber, maybe even inviting them into a video? Like what kind of video would they make and stuff like that. I'd really love to see your spin on things. Thanks for the hard work :3

Bless you, anon. This is the shit I am talking about! I tried to make this as diverse as possible, so the HC’s look quite different for each of them



♬ as an actor Zen has to know how to handle media

♬ platforms like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook have a big impact on his career

♬ they also give him the chance to see what his fans (and haters) think about him

♬ still, all the time he was merely an observer

♬ he never even considered possibly going on YouTube and making videos

♬ until he caught you filming a video for your channel

♬ you’d been a little embarrassed about it, mainly because you’d kept it a secret for so long

♬ it just sounded sort of…strange to say that you were a professional YouTube

♬ but with over 15 Million subscribers you were good in the game

♬ it took Zen days to wrap his head around that number

♬ 15 Million people just waiting for you to put up a video once a week

♬ when you told him just how much you earned on top of that, he was shook

♬ Zen was obviously very happy for your success, but a small, ugly part of him was jealous

♬ he’d only dream of that big of a number of people admiring him

♬ you could tell how much it was wearing down on him and you felt horrible

♬ you didn’t have to work half as hard as Zen and still had the bigger following

♬ that is when you got the idea; you asked him to join you for a video

♬ after talking it over with his agency you set the video up

♬ the two of you still weren’t allowed to hint at the fact that you were dating, but you were allowed to be friends and continue to make videos should they be a hit

♬ after a while of discussing the two of you had decided on covering a song together

♬ you both knew that a romantic song was out of question so the decision didn’t take long

the two of you covered 7 years by Lukas Graham

♬ you sat beside each other, making the music together while singing at the same time

♬ your voices sounded perfect together and neither of you could stop smiling and stealing glances

♬ once up the video went viral extremely fast

♬ some people were fans of Zen, happy to hear him sing on YouTube, others now turned into fans

♬ his popularity grew more and more with every day

♬ so much so that people started demanding he start his own YouTube channel or become a fixed part of your channel

♬ you wouldn’t have minded that at all and apparently Zen agreed

♬ while his agency didn’t allow him to start his own channel they did agree to more collaborations

♬ so, you turned Friday into Collab-Day, posting a new song with Zen every week

♬ Zen popularity reached it’s peak when producers and agency got more and more drawn to him

♬ he could barely fend off job offers

♬ about a year after your first collab he was supposed to star in 5 movies and had changed agencies

♬ more specifically to one that was more acceptant of your relationship and didn’t demand hiding it

♬ when he proposed to you he did it through song, during a video for the whole world to know

♬ after that you started a second channel, just the two of you

♬ you posted everything on there, from music to vlogs

♬ but the very first video was a little collage of your wedding and honey moon


★ you see Yoosung is one of those people who follow Let’s Play type of channels, gamers like himself

★ the thing about those is though that a lot of them don’t show their faces (take Cry for example)

★ you were one of those so even after meeting you, he had no idea that you were a YouTuber

★ let alone the infamous SediLusiVici, one of the most famous gamers and the one he’d been following religiously for years now

★ he finds out in the – for him – most shocking and surprising way possible

★ SediLusiVici was having a collab with PewDiePie and the two of you decided to play LOLOL

★ PewDiePie suggested to attack the top three players of which two were none other than Seven and of course Yoosung

★ when he’d suggested that you’d laughed, telling PewDiePie that number one was one of your best friends and number two was your husband

★ Yoosung’s face had completely frozen as he stared at the screen, PewDiePie gasping in the background as you laughed your ass off

★ “You’re kidding, right?”

“No, man, I’m serious. I know both of them. I know their real names and what they do for a living and stuff like that and Yoosung is my real life husband.”

★ “Daaaamn…wanna ruin their top rankings?”

★ “You betcha, bro!”

★ so for about an hour Yoosung watched the two of you climb and climb in rankings until SediLusiVici had kicked HackerGod and SupremeYoosung from their respective spots on the top

★ it was as shocking as it was mesmerizing

★ by the time you came home from work Yoosung was still staring at the opened video

★ you greeted him cheerfully until you noticed what he was watching and blushed

★ “Fuck…I didn’t know you watched…that…”

★ you didn’t really fight about it, nor was he mad that you’d messed up his game, but he couldn’t believe that you never told him you were his absolutely favourite YouTuber?!

★ you were flattered and happy he liked your work and decided to invite him into a video

★ especially as a lot of people had requested a video of husband and wife together

★ of course Yoosung said yes and a couple of days later you started a Stream

★ you introduced your husband to your community and took the time to answer some of their questions

★ everyone was actually rather excited to get to know Yoosung as well!

★ Yoosung was shy about it at first, but very happy too

★ so many people actually admired him for his gaming skills!

★ in that video the two of you took the time to take down HackerGod together, laughing the entire time

★ it would be rather funny to read what Seven had to say about this once he saw he’d been defeated


★ with you on top and Yoosung back to second place you ended the stream

★ it was one of your most watched videos ever

★ after that you collab quite a lot, sometimes even Seven joins in

★ it’s usually you and Seven ganging up on Yoosung

★ he’s always grumpy about it

★ the fandom finds it hilarious

★ of course it’s all in good fun ;)


♨ she found out in the probably most anti-climatic way

♨ you straight up asked her whether you wanted her to post a little add on your YouTube channel

♨ you thought that maybe it would bring in some more customers

♨ she’d agreed, of course

♨ the idea was brilliant and wouldn’t cost either of you any money

♨ what she didn’t really know was just how big your channel was

♨ and just how much revenue it would bring to the cafe

♨ merely a couple of days after you told her you posted it, there wasn’t a minute the cafe wasn’t packed

♨ everyone wanted to try out that cafe you’d talked about in your latest blog

♨ when it dawned on Jaehee just how popular you were she also realized that you must be putting a lot fo effort into your blog

♨ but when?

♨ you worked together and lived together

♨ you told her that you used the nights to record as to not disturb her

♨ the money you used mainly for bills or to invest into the cafe

♨ Jaehee’s heart melted when she found out

♨ she instantly asked you on how to make it up to you, do something for you

♨ you insisted she didn’t need to, but she wanted it

♨ you then suggested for her to join you in a video

♨ you had an idea but needed help for it

♨ Jaehee happily agreed

♨ that is how the two of you found yourself in your kitchen at home, camera said

♨ you were doing the cooking challenge

♨ which in itself wasn’t a thing, but you made it one, since you couldn’t cook or bake for shit

♨ everything started out fine, almost like a cooking tutorial

♨ Jaehee and you had picked something simple to start with

♨ if people liked it, you’d suggested making it a series

♨ the pasta actually turned out pretty fine and you were surprised

♨ you ate it before continuing part two of the video and neither of you had to throw up, so…

♨ part two is where it got really fun

♨ Jaehee wanted to teach you how to bake a cake

♨ that is very complicated though

♨ it started when you accidentally tripped and flour was spread all over Jaehee, you and the kitchen

♨ after that everything just turned into a little war

♨ by the time you called it quits the video was extremely long, the cake wasn’t happening and the two of you were covered in everything and anything

♨ “So, if you want to learn how to destroy your kitchen in just a few easy steps feel free to follow this tutorial!”

♨ needless to say that cooking challenge did turn into a series


♛ Jumin isn’t good with technology, he never was

♛ he’s incapable of using an IPhone camera and took ages to uncover all of the features of the RFA-app

♛ he didn’t even really know what YouTube was, let alone how to use it

♛ he had other things on his mind than silly little videos on the internet

♛ that was until he found out that apparently you were a professional YouTuber

♛ and a very famous one at that

♛ at first he was confused and didn’t know whether to take it serious or not

♛ but then you told him you could work from home and he was extremely supportive

♛ you still had a job like you wanted, earned your own money like you wanted but never had to leave the apartment without him
which meant you were safe and he didn’t have to worry – Perfect

♛ that is until you ask him to join you for a video

♛ despite being a public figure, talking like that seems uncomfortable

♛ that is until you explain what the boyfriend tag is and how it works

♛ he instantly relaxes, happy to parade your relationship for everyone to see and here

♛ the two of you sat down together, started the camera and you began reading questions

When did we meet and where?

We met in a special chatroom a couple of months ago”

It’s much sweeter than it sounds, really!”

Where was our first kiss?

At my apartment.”

Yeah, in front of Sarah.”

You’re still mad about that?”

Well, it sure wasn’t romantic, Jumin.”

Who said “I love you” first?

Me, although you realized it first, I think.”

You were very emotionally constipated when we first met.”

You still chose me though.”

You were rich.”

♛ when he looked at you unimpressed you laughed and stole a quick kiss

♛ the blush that spread on his cheeks was very pleasant to look at

When did you meet my parents?

At our wedding. They were very nice.”

Things were very…quick, between the two of us…”

What is the one thing you wish I didn’t do?

Put yourself in danger to help others all the time. I told you to be more selfish.”

You never let me forget, honey, but you know I’ll still continue doing it.”

Where was our first date?

Is you sleeping at my place considered a date?”

“Jumin, that sounds perverted!”

“What? How? We didn’t even sleep in the same bed for most of the time”


♛ he was the one to end the video by pulling you in for a passionate kiss while reaching out for the camera to turn it off at the same time


☼ Seven obviously found out about your YouTuber activity when he did a background check on you

☼ however, he never actually visited your channel or such

☼ his program deemed it safe, so there was no need to do that

☼ until you started dating and he found out just how much money one could make off it

☼ all these years he’d been busting his ass hacking and doing illegal shit

☼ constantly living in the shadows and hiding

☼ and there you were, making funny sketches and skits for close to 20 Million subscribers

☼ earning a whole chunk of money and doing so risk free

☼ he felt a little betrayed by those circumstances, so he started his own YouTube channel

☼ obviously being a new YouTuber is hard, especially when there are so many already established ones

☼ so he swallowed down his pride and asked you for help

☼ obviously you said no at first

☼ you were still paying him back for being a dick to you when you first met

☼ and all the pranks he pulled after

☼ when he’d dressed as a maid and begged you on your knees though, you had a good idea

☼ you said yes

☼ obviously after taking a picture of him first…for research purposes

☼ that night he’d checked out as many of your videos as possible, making a profile for himself

☼ he’d had it all planned out, ready to film something funny and entertaining

☼ maybe even a prank video

☼ instead he was met with a huge box of make-up waiting for him

☼ WTF?! You’d never done anything make-up related videos before

☼ did you even know how to do make-up?

☼ the answer was no, Seven found out soon after

☼ you were doing the my boyfriend/girlfriend does my make-up thing

☼ you’d really thought it would be funny, you really did

☼ you knew you were shit at make up, incapable of even so much as winged eyeliner

☼ you thought Seven was the same and you’d both bullshit the whole thing for jokes

☼ you thought wrong, because Seven took that shit serious

☼ he did some mean contour, smokey eyes, perfect eyeliners and lips

☼ he even did some magic on your eyebrows!

☼ you almost felt bad when the two of you turned to the camera

☼ you each looked at your reflection, then at each other, then back at the camera

☼ Seven burst into laughter first, you followed soon

☼ apparently his crossdressing had taught him some valuable lessons

☼ “Subscribe to his channel my babies. He’ll give you some mean make-up tutorials.”

☼ you’d barely gotten out the words between laughter before ending the video

☼ Seven did actually give make-up tutorials

☼ not only that but he also gave tips on cosplay, wig care and tips for crossdressers in general

☼ sometimes he also pranked Yoosung

☼ sometimes twice a week

☼ he gained followers very quickly


☀ you told Saeran about your YouTube career relatively early on

☀ it was during one of those days where he completely shut off and you filled the silence with babble

☀ you talked about how you’d started YouTube in the first place

☀ how you used your channel to promote good causes and even raise money for shelters and stuff

☀ how you wished you were good enough at make-up to do tutorials

☀ and how you’d messed up even the most simple smokey eye in your eagerness

☀ silly stories in hopes of getting him out of his shell

☀ you hadn’t really thought that he’d listened to you

☀ not until one day, many many months later, he told you that he’d enjoyed your latest video

☀ you’d been shocked for quite a while after, wondering how long he’d been watching

☀ when you’d finally gathered the courage to ask Saeran had blushed, leaving you baffled

☀ he admitted that he’d been watching you way before you even told him about it

☀ in fact that is why he’d chosen you was because he’d known you from your videos

☀ so much so that he’d desperately wanted you to join Magenta and Mint Eye

☀ which for Saeran is just a way of saying he found you cute

☀ after that you catch him watching your videos more often, always smiling to himself

☀ he even lurks around when you film them, obviously suppressing the excitement he felt

☀ it took you a while to invite him into your videos

☀ not because you were ashamed, but because you’d worried he’d hate the idea

☀ (you also weren’t quite sure what kind of video he was okay filming)

☀ when you asked him he was extremely excited about the entire thing

☀ but he did refuse to do anything boyfriend tag related

☀ you were a little disappointed, but understood

☀ not everyone liked that cutesy stuff and Saeran was one of those people

☀ instead you thought that following the trend might be a good idea

☀ Challenge Videos 

☀ the first video you filmed was a try not to cry challenge

☀ it took you approximately two minutes and one video including a dog to bawl your eyes out

☀ Saeran meanwhile just looked at the videos as if he was trying to solve a hard puzzle

☀ needless to say he didn’t cry one

☀ “Do you even have a heart?!” 

 “I thought we discussed this already, Princess. The answer is obviously no.”

☀ you just stared at him for a while before ending the video

☀ people loved it

☀ the contrast between you and what they assumed to be your boyfriend was straight up hilarious to them

☀ they also applauded him for not losing the challenge and asked for another video

☀ this time you took a different route; try not to laugh challenge

☀ you held it in for as long as you could, but burst out laughing when they looped someone falling on their nuts

☀ meanwhile Saeran had the same face again, frowning and focusing without a single laugh

☀ “Dude, this is freaking grade A content how the hell are you not laughing?”

“Huh? The challenge said not to laugh. I’m good at that…”

☀ “…wow…this got really sad real quick

“Well it’s good then that this isn’t the try not to cry challenge then, right?”

☀ he smirked at you and you frowned

☀ the damn video got multiple million views

SediLusiVici means I sat, I played, I won in Latin, for anyone who cared…

Silver Glitter

This is a good one. I really like this one and how it turned out. It’s actually one of the better aesthetics of the batch. It’s surprisingly difficult to come up with captions for a dozen aesthetics. This will be a lot more difficult than I expected. I’ll just repeat what I said before: week of aesthetics; away on vacation; no new edits, just aesthetics

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I don't know if others have noticed this but they call her a new girlfriend despite he having been around for 10 months. That is not on accident. They are trying to paint her like she isn't a cheater and make their relationship seem less shitty.

Yep. Well for most of the fandom who hasn’t been paying attention she is “new” because he’s never really been photographed with anyone like this since Amy and Cody. And we all know how those turned out. 

{Reaction} GOT7 finding out their s/o is asexual

Hiya! If it’s not too specific of a scenario - I know many writers won’t have experience or knowledge of the subject and that’s a-okay - could I please request a GOT7 reaction to their gf coming out as asexual once they’re comfortable in the relationship? Please and thank you, no worries if not, and no rush if so! Your reactions are really beautifully written and I love how specific they are to members, it gives a really believable life to them! I really hope you continue to enjoy writing these!

Note: I thought a lot about this post, so I hope if turned out okay! I’ve seen a lot of different definitions for “asexual” so I wrote this in the end under the assumption that the reader doesn’t like to engage in sexual activity altogether - I hope this is okay. Thank you for your kind words and patience! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

Jackson Wang

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Jackson: “It’s okay, Jagi. I also brought you flowers” *Doesn’t bother him - he’s more about making you happy*

Mark Tuan

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Mark: “It’s fine Jagi, if that’s how you feel.. and I still love you” 


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Bambam: “That’s great Jagi- but how does my hair look?” *Again, cares more about your happiness than anything else*


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JB: “You don’t have to worry about that anymore. We can work our way around this” 


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Jinyoung: “Mind? why would I mind? We should talk this over though, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” 

Kim Yugyeom

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Yugyeom: “Naww, come here Jagi” *senses your nerves*

Choi Youngjae

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Youngjae: “It’s alright Jagi, because we don’t need any of that stuff to be happy.”

- Inquisitor Maëlle Trevelyan -

It’s done. The Inquisitor of the second and last winner of my Give-Away, @ladyblodeuwedd. I really hope you like how it turned out. Thank you for being such a genuienly nice person! Please let me know if you want me to change something about the painting - I am more than willing to work on it a little longer to make it fit your expectations. (Also, if you want me to send it to you via email, just let me know <3)

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Unpopular Opinion: i'd like it if it turned out that the reason Tom and Star's relationship fell apart was a mixture of both their faults. not just Tom's faults.

Strongly Agree l Agree l Neutral l Disagree l Strongly Disagree

I always assumed it was a mixed bag. 

Tom is a decent dude, you know? He’s temperamental, yeah, but he’s repeatedly been portrayed as a fairly honest demon, if really petty.  Star, on the other hand, is very carefree and emotionally loose. She doesn’t like delving into deep emotions, especially in a personal case. How many talks has Star had with Marco this season? Deep, emotional talks? Three? Four? 

I always headcanoned that Star and Tom were really close friends for a long time. They were delinquent buddies. Finally, Tom asked Star out, and she said yeah, ‘cause they were good friends- why not? But she quickly realized they weren’t compatible on that level, even if Tom was too thickheaded to recognize it himself. They had a messy breakup, making them such distant acquaintances like they are today.

I dunno… they always just seemed like they’d make for a good pair, as friends.

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who's ur least favorite haikyuu character?

ushijima, I wish they did more with him and shiratorizawa. I wish furudate made it so his character was what caused shiratorizawa’s play to fall apart because of his desire to crush hinata (we had that whole scene where ushijima had ran ahead of the team and left them behind, i wish that was foreshadowing) but honestly, there aren’t any characters I don’t like tbh? ushijima is my least fav bc i feel like he was wasted potential but hey, I don’t really mind how it turned out either

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I'm kinda disappointed with how BVB turned out. The only decent ones in the band seem to be Jake and Cc. Jinx has cheated on both his wives before this one, Andy's become a wife-obsessed cocksucker, and Ashley apparently doesn't even deserve his claim to fame. They don't really seem like that great of a band or people anymore and they won't be receiving anymore of my money. When Aelonia comes out, they can have it.

I’m disappointed too because they had so much momentum and they let it go. Or rather certain members did.