and i really like how it turned out

Pillow Forts

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairings: LAMP
Warnings: None

Summary: Pillow forts are the Best™

A/N: I’ve been meaning to post this for a while and the 1 year anniversary of Sanders Sides seems like the best time for some all-inclusive LAMP fluff.

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Virgil was watching Enchanted with Roman in the commons when Patton came fumbling downstairs in his cat onesie.

“Hey!  Who wants to build a pillow fort~?” he singsonged gleefully as he dropped the mound of pillows and blankets from his arms.  The other two looked up from over the huge pile; Roman seemed surprised while Virgil simply smirked.

“Where?”  Roman asked, absentmindedly handing Virgil one of the blankets before pulling one over himself.

“Here, silly!  I brought these alllll the way downstairs, so now we’re building it here.”  He knelt down in front of the blankets and started separating them into soft little piles.  “Logan’s already agreed, so that’s that.”

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full piece of my life is strange au for @yoiauzine !!


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)

Voltron Theme [Epic Trailer Version]
Voltron Theme [Epic Trailer Version]

tfw voltron hits the Big Screen™. so here’s my attempt scoring some music for Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender, as if it were a cinematic trailer. Some notes on composition below. Enjoy!!  

note: original VLD Opening Titles written by Alexander Geringas. This is most definitely a homage to his work.

extra: new version here (with updated brass samples + improved mix)

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kindergarten AU from my first stream ever today! thanks anyone who watched (it was 3 people, i supposed)

something i fished out from the trashcan to color *sweats*

this is the comic for this AU part 1

im thinking that yurio’s grandpa is the kindergarten owner, yuri has to see their grossness every day, and yuuko is the caretaker