and i really like dortmund

  • Real Madrid's board: Umm let's replace the coach who in his first season brought us the la decima after 12 years and also won 3 other major titles.
  • Florentino Perez: That's a great idea! Who do you think is up for the task?
  • Real Madrid's board: How about the coach who left Dortmund because he had one of the worst seasons of his entire career?
  • Florentino Perez: Perfect! This idea is even better than introducing the pink kits!

“When I looked Schmelle in the eyes through his face mask, which he wore for his broken nose, I knew: We can do it. I saw how much he wanted it, and how firmly he believed - and I believed it too. From that moment all I was thinking was hoof the ball up the pitch into the penalty area!”

-Nuri Sahin [talking about Schmelle + the Malaga match]