and i really hope that norman can make it to a panel for once

Surprise//Norman Reedus

You surprise Daryl at one of his panels at Comic Con

Warnings: Swearing


I wore sunglasses and a hat in hopes of no fans recognizing me and making me more obvious to Norman. I slid into the panel and took a seat near the back. The room started to fill up, it didn’t take long as it was pretty small. The mic to ask questions was in the aisle so we’d have to line up to ask a question.

They introduced the cast that would be present at tonight’s panel. Lauren, Danai, Chandler, Tom (Payne), Andrew, Jeffrey and then Norman. The crowd roared to see him, especially me. I teared up seeing him, I hadn’t seen him in a while. I wanted to just text him and tell him i was here, but I wouldn’t ruin the surprise so soon.

The time has come to ask questions, I shot up straight away. A few fans beat me considering they were closer to the stage than I was. I was somewhat in the middle, hat and glasses still on. I got so nervous and excited, I didn’t even know what to ask my own fiance. The mic was finally to me. The room fell silent, all the familiar cast mates and Chris Hardwick stared at me, waiting for my question. I’m sure Norman knew my voice by heart so I altered it a bit.

“My question is for Norman” I start and a smile rose on his face “Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?” I felt myself blush but also get nervous.

What is he said no?

“Yeah, actually I have a fiance, she’s great and funny and gorgeous, I miss her so much” Norman started rambling “I love her so much”

“I love you too, Norm” I say taking off my hat and sunglasses.

“Shit,” he says turning from the mic, his face bright red, the crowd ‘awwed’ in unison “I love you” he says to the mic.

I cried.

“Can we get her a chair up here? Can I bring her up here? I don’t care, I’m doing it” He says leaving the stage.

I ran up on stage to meet him for a hug while some crew got me a chair. I heard him sniffle and knew he was crying.

“I love you so much, so much, babe. You don’t even know” He whispered.

“I love you more” I say holding his face with both hands and just really taking a look at you “I missed your face” I said and kissed him.

They got a chair and Norman laid it next to his for me and I sat next to him.

“Damn, she really got me” Norman said into the mic with a small chuckle.

“I know I won’t be sleeping tonight” Andy says jokingly “I’ll be busy calling in noise complaints” he laughed.

“Fuck you” Norman said, his face once again glowing up red.

Repeat That Again? (Norman Reedus)

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Pairing: Norman Reedus/Reader
Words: 800
Warning(s): Some jealousy
A/N: I don’t usually like to write for irl people but since this was the first request after my requests went open again, I decided to write it. Enjoy!
Request:   Can you do a Imgaine with Norman? Where the reader is madly in love with him and at comic-con she sees Norm being with Emily the whole time and she gets so jelous she doesn’t want to spend time with Norm anymore, so she goes to his bff to talk about it and so Norm thinks that there is something going on between the reader and her bff, so he being jelous fights with her and he end’s up blurting out his feelings for her and they make up. Thank youuuu💚

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some thoughts on Daryl/Norman

So i’ll stop reblogging Norman/Daryl/Caryl stuff (for a few minutes at least) 

After writing my Levity post yesterday, i’ve been stuck in a thought process for the whole day. Can’t get this shit out of my head now. So I guess that means I’ll write something. I do after all have this all month Write-A-Day project thingy so I suppose this counts. 

I was thinking about something I heard Norman say about Daryl once. I think it was the NYC Comic Con, and I really haven’t heard it mentioned alot. The panel was asked if there were things the actors knew about their characters that others didn’t know, and that they used while playing them. And Normans answer was interesting. 

I don’t have his exact quote but it was something along the lines of him saying that A) he takes alot from h is own life when playing Daryl, which sort of makes some sense when you think about how protective he tends to be of the character and how he’s portrayed. And B) that he thought that Daryl had a lot of humiliation in his life, like with his first kiss and stuff like, having to do with his brother. Like I said, I can’t remember the exact quote but that was sort of the gist of it. 

It was interesting to me because not only did it give a little insight in Norman but because of the way the character is portrayed in his personal interactions. 

I kept thinking about this because I’ve heard others say how there was a moment in the reunion hug scene when it looked like he wanted to kiss her. And I think that may be right on target. I do think he wanted to  But I believe that he lacks the confidence in himself to do it. Which is very sad and heartbreaking to me. And its something I hope he can overcome as well. And I think he will. As soon as he learns to really trust himself. 

Because I mean he did hug her like there was no tomorrow didn’t he? For a guy so allergic to touch this was a big deal.

And this is what I believe that Norman is excellent at portraying, those little nuances of character when it comes to Daryl. You can just see it on his face. Its incredible. 




or reaction…

is emotional

and heartbreakingly beautiful..especially this last look he gives in this beautiful gif (which I did not make, cannot make these and I can’t remember whose it is I apologize…)

This look destroys me every time I see it..cause you can clearly see the love, the vulnerability (which Norman says he feels free to show around Mel) and the uncertainty and insecurity clearly on his face. It’s quite beautiful and may only be seconds long but its wonderful. 

He, like Melissa is incredible when when it comes to this stuff. Sometimes it gets lost in his popularity looks and things like that, but the man can act. And like Mel, it seems to come very naturally without forced effort. You see the reason its so fluid and organic here because there is alot of Norman in Daryl, and alot of Daryl in Norman. Even if the character seems light years from NR’s personality, the inner workings are very similar. 

And I LOVE watching it onscreen. :)

Greg Nicotero's Qoute- why I can not accept she is dead.

Okay so lets say Beth’s death is just really bad writing and a horrendous treatment of Beth’s character and Emily Kinney. I still can not accept her death because it just does not make sense. Why has Emily still not got a larger role on a T.V. show? The bigfoot photo? Why after the credits of Coda do we see Morgan with a bullet and the lucky rabbits foot, what could it possibly mean except Beth’s survival? What is the point of Morgan being behind the group? Why have Daryl begin to be hopeful only to ruin his character development?Why make him fall in love? which according to Norman, Daryl will only do once, just for her to die? Perhaps they wanted people to stop talking about him falling in love, so why not have it confirmed on the show explicitly that he loved Beth? then I could see it as a way to shut fans up, but they have left it ambiguous. 

Why spend so much money on a whole set and actors just for it to end with no resolution- apparently they had to build up the elevator shaft themselves. Your telling me they did all that, spent so much time building Beth up just for her to die? Why was it still up after the mid season finale? I do not see how Grady will be relevant without Beth.Where is the funeral? Are they really telling me they are that horrible to a character that Scott Gimple helped develop? Plus you think he would have learnt from Andrea’s death that got the previous show runner fired and that he improved the death off. Is he really that bad of a writer that he did not see the potential of fans reacting the same way when he badly killed of another blonde female? and the possibility it would also get him fired?

Lets say it was a last minute change, how long would it take to change the credit music? Why would they manipulate the audience into thinking it was Beth’s funeral why not just have it be her funeral, then Tyreese’s at the end? They took there time to hide it behind a tree and for what purpose? To be incredibly cruel by pretending to give us closure only to rip it away? Also if they are not planning on showing what happens to her body then why when the characters take about Beth do they not mention the burial? The casual audience is not going to see his quote so how will they know? 

Why have they killed off two main characters in a row? Why has Emily Kinney not taken full advantage of the media coverage? Why would she still want to be associated with a show on her twitter that treated her so poorly? Why were Andrew and Norman basically allowed to say how bad Coda when they are under contract? Why are all Emily Kinney’s panels cancelled? Why do they not have an official statement, or have not tried to calm down the petition in any way? Why do the characters in the show not say Beth’s dead and use really vague language? How was Emily able to be so excited in her Talking Dead interview after 5x04 knowing she was going to die, and how her character was treated? Why did they lie about Emily staying to film 5x09 when we know it was filmed later on? Why lie about that and quickly alter yourself before you slip up if you have nothing to hide? Why still have all these signs that point to Beth’s presence? If they wanted Beth off the show why would Tyreese hallucinate her? surely they would want people to forget about her, after the way they quickly dispatched her. Also if it is a falling out with Emily that led to Beth’s death, why would they want to work with her for an extra episode? 

Sorry this is long I was upset when I saw what he said but I just can not make sense of it all. It is just so strange? Also lets think about his qoute, what was he supposed to say? He was having a one on one conversation with something who had asked him a direct question. He could not avoid it, they probably know about Team delusional and if he had said anything that hinted to her survival we all would have heard about it and be so excited right now. He probably knows how the fandom pick up on everything. If someone can give me an explanation for all that was listed above then I will believe she is dead and gone. Until then I will not believe she is gone until the season ends and there is no sign of our Beth Greene. 

Also worth noting in the BBC’s adaption of Sherlock, Moriarity was shot dead and the fans would ask whether he could still be alive. The writers basically confirmed he was never coming back, he was definitely dead. Yet come the end of season 3 he returns, and it turns out they were lying all along. So yes it can be done, they are professionals as cruel as it is they can and will lie to fans faces, if it makes sure the secret is kept. Plus Scott Gimple said he had Beth’s death planned out since season 4 which can not be the case with how poorly it was done, and all the plot points left hanging. Someone is obviously lying and I choose to trust what the narrative and all the signs are telling me then one qoute.


[[[internal freakout occurs]]]


Did I mention contests? How about contests? Contests. Imagine the plot lines of contests brought back into an awesome 3D landscape with battle moves, judging panels, and audience members. I’m sure new mechanics will rise up, as well. Will Pokemon be able to wear clothing? Can you be able to customize them like your trainer?

More Mega-evos!

Mega evolutions are great… and to be honest Mega Swampert and Mega Sceptile are next. They’re a given considering Blaziken got one. How about Kyorge and Groudon? And Rayquaza! The newly added alpha and omega symbols on the legendaries can be a clue to how they’ll mega evolve and what types of abilities they’d have. Let’s not forget other ‘mons, too. How about Flygon and Salamence? I have a feeling they’ll be similar to the X and Y versions with how houndooomite and manectite had stones available in only one of the versions.


Remember how badass team flare was? And how awesome their sprites were and how they threw the pokeballs and were just overtly awesome? Well think about that and multiple it by your favourite antagonist team! I can only imagine the plot line behind them.

Revised Music:

The music that we all know and love are from ruby and sapphire. The elite four, gym battles, route music, aqua/magma hideout, the regis, the legendaries, the underwater explorations (THIS POINT IS NEXT BTW). The music is sure to be revamped and made awesome and will definitely make me have a mental breakdown with nostalgia.


Gamefreak will definitely bring HM Dive back. They kind of have to considering that more than half of Hoenn is waterlogged. And how will this mechanic look in 3D? Freaking awesome (have I said awesome too many times now?)

The Cities/Landscapes:

I’m just going to mention Sootopolis and your imagination will run wild. Imagine Petalburgh Woods, the gyms (look how awesome they were in x/y), Fortree City, the abandoned ship, THE FACKIN’ VOLCANO WITH YOUR LITTLE SOOTSACK, the desert, the routes, the Mount Pyre, Lilycove, etc. SO MUCH can be done with these landscapes and I’m basically pacing back and forth and am about to break down crying.

More Customization:

In x/y we were introduced to trainer customization. Heck yeah!? New region, new clothes? I’m in. 

Introduction of pokemon past gen 3:

Ever wonder what Hoenn now contains after 3 new generations of pokemon? I’m pretty sure hundreds have migrated! 


When I mention characters like Roxanne, Flannery, Norman, Wally, Wiona, Steven, Brawley, May, Brenden, etc, so many memories flood into my head. But what will the game do with these characters? Will Flannery be the newbie gym leader anymore or will she be experienced and confident after all of these years? I’m very excited to see the character developments and see who stays a gym leader and who takes over. But I do have a hunch that Wally will be the champion. I also feel like when the character meets Norman we’ll get a lecture on how we remind them of their kid (eeeek!) Which leads me to my next point,


Will these games take place many years after the original r/s games were announced? After the beasts of the sea and land were put to rest, perhaps team Magma and Aqua are at it again taking revenge on the region of Hoenn that stopped them the first time. I highly doubt that the r/s remakes will be the exact same plot as they were last time. Gamefreak has too many things up their sleeves for that to happen. But the real question is, will the games take place in the future or past?

X/Y Mechanics:

We were introduced to many things in x/y. Sky battles, wondertrade, that lovely GTS, as well as pokemonamie! These are likely to carry out into the new additions of gen 6, which will be, you guessed it, awesome. Will more pokemon get to evolve like Sylveon? Perhaps some branch off evolutions like gallade and gardie, but using pokemonamie instead?


One think I loved in x/y was the social aspect of travelling with a whole bunch of friends and rivals. We were able to interact with so many people and each person had their own separate goal. I really hope this happens in the remakes because it gets lonely after a while travelling with just one rival… I also find the characters in x/y had VERY distinct personalities. I hope this follows through with new characters and friends.


I don’t know about you, but I love em. So much. Fairy is my second favourite type (aside from water), and with the new classifications still rolling in I wouldn’t be surprised if Skitty and Delcatty along with other gen 3 pokemon were retyped as such. Who knows, we may even get a few new pokes roaming around to get us familiar with gen 7?? It’s a long shot but fun to think about, that’s for sure.

The goddamn Storyline of awesomeness:

Did I mention storyline? I’m so stoked for this, as are many other fans. What’s going to happen you think? The Alpha and Omega are too new to make too many speculations on, but I think they may be linked with megaevolution of some kind. After all, Kyogre got a random design on its head so I don’t think my guess is too far off.

As for the actual plot, will latios/latias have any play in it? Will they be like suicune in heart gold and soul silver? And how about rayquaza? Will it try to stop the rampaging legendaries and then fall to defeat once they mega evolve and dual against it? Will we have to help rayquaza mega evolve to stop the beasts!? There are so many questions, and too much time in between these releases.

We just have to keep wondering what will happen next, but the news will continue to leak through in the coming weeks and months. This is just the beginning when it comes to speculation, and you can find the newest theories and news right at

Happy Hoenn Partying!!