and i really hope one day they really do end up with the greats

fairyloco  asked:

I really don't advise to making two different endings for FAA, unless it's something you want to do. Just chose the route you want to go with it, whether that be Sam, Dean, or and ending for each of them. As long as you're enjoying it, then don't let anyone tell you how to write it otherwise. This applies to all your works and everything you do of course. I just see it continuously pop up with FAA. I hope you have a great day and that above all you're taking care of yourself and personal life :)

I don’t really think it’s something I want to, or I am planning on doing either. I am probably going to have one brother, which was the idea ever since I started this, to have one with Reader. And the ending will be somewhat bittersweet so yeah there is that too. I love taking opinions on my writing of course, some help A LOT, but in the end I make sure to be happy with the result myself. Sure thing I am ^-^ ♥

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1/2 Haha, QAF blasphemy is certainly right. But I’m shaking my head at half of the choices you made so it really doesn’t come as a big surprise. – How about one year of bad luck then? Would that be worth it? – Argh, I wonder if the people complaining about Harry (or any other celebrity for that matter) ever put themselves in their shoes... Do they have any idea how it feels to be seen as a mere object? To have people come up to you 24/7, touching you, shoving a phone into your face only to

2/2 boast about having met you or to give away your location so that even more people will come and bother you? Do they really expect that Harry should be happy about being harassed continuously? Someone please give this people some empathy so they know what it feels like on the other end…! I hope your day is great, Nick. Take care and thanks for the well wishes, AfternoonAnon

Even though I’d love for my biggest dream to come true, I don’t think I’d be willing to sacrifice giving myself bad luck lol.  

I don’t think that the people who complain about those things are able to place themselves into anyone else’s shoes.  They seem to be pretty self centered with a narrow world view.  Maybe if they tried, they wouldn’t brush off someone not acting according to their rules as that person being “fake”.  

Thank you very much, Afternoon Anon!  I hope your day is great, too!  Much love!