and i really hope one day they really do end up with the greats

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why do i think he tian is going to go into the room with mo's mother and be like ''i did it, i was the one that molested that girl'' so mo is gonna be like ''wtf?? why are you doing this?'' and idk fuhsuhd

you know, i thought about this too, but i really REALLY don’t want it to happen (and im praying to all the saints that i know that it won’t), not only because i don’t want either of our boys to get accused of something that awful, but also because even if he tian took guan shan’s place she li would still win, and i really don’t want him to fucking win, nor for the real abuser to be able to walk free only because his family has money

i also think that he tian accusing himself wouldn’t really help or change the situation much, because she li constructed the entire story to have guan shan being framed for it (one of the girls talking about it mentions that there are eye witnesses, and if it’s true you can bet that they are she li’s people or that they were paid by him), so without having any proof to back up what he is saying, he tian’s confession wouldn’t even be taken into consideration

tbh it would probably be more useful if he tian barged in there like “why the hell are you accusing my boyfriend of harassing a girl, he’s gay, we’re lovers, i shoved my tongue down his throat just the other day in the middle of the yard”. i mean, he still couldn’t prove that, because apparently even if there were at least two whole classrooms out there no one saw anything (all these kids gossiping about guan shan now, but when he tian kisses him in public suddenly everyone had something better to do, like, what kind of bull–), but that could at least buy guan shan some time, help him create an alibi for that specific hour

im digressing here, sorry, but yeah, i don’t think he tian accusing himself will happen, because ultimately it wouldn’t solve the problem, but we’ll see!! old xian is unpredictable and likes to surprise us, so anything is possible!! 

Make Me Feel Better

Request/Summary: I’m having a really depressing couple of days. Could you do a really fluffy and smutty Sebastian? If you don’t do Sebastian it can be Bucky. Thank you so much. ( @murielweathers )

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

Warnings: smutty goodness, shit writing

A/N: First time writing smut but I hope @murielweathers has a great day and I hope this will cheer you up. Hopefully, as this week comes to an end, your mood will increase and I hope you will be smothered in hugs n love. 

Groggily pushing the master bedroom door open, you sighed loudly, falling face down on the soft cushion of the bed. “Ughh.” You groaned loudly in your pillow.

It was one of those moods you were in. You were sad, angry, mad, annoyed, and irritated at the same time. You didn’t know why. Maybe it was hormones, maybe it was the people you were surrounded by. Your job? Maybe. It was just one of those days that made you sad.

“I hear a painful call silently shouting that they need my help.” You heard a voice call from the door. You didn’t bother to lift your head up to know who it was. You knew that your boyfriend was leaning against the doorframe of the room, watching you in amusement as you groaned your feelings out.

Sebastian walked towards you as you still laid face down. You felt the bed move as he jumped on the space beside you, landing on his stomach with a grunt. “What seems to be the problem today?” He asked, propping himself up on his elbows, laughing when you still grunted.

“Shitty day, shitty life. Shitty..Everything.” You said into the pillow.

“So..Nothing really happened right?” Sebastian asked. “No one hurt you…No one did anything..”

“No, Sebastian. Nothing like that happened. Im just in a really bad mood and I feel like trash.” You yelled into the pillow, voice muffled from the sheets.

The next thing you heard was the joyful tune of Sebastian’s laughter. Grabbing your hips, he began to turn you over so that you were now on your back, facing him as he looked down at you. You noticed he was shirtless, earning a small blush that crept onto your face.

“Well then.” He smirked. “At least give me a hello kiss.”

You huffed, slipping strands of hair behind your ear as you pulled him into a warm kiss. He smiled between the kiss, cupping your cheeks in his hands as he deepened the kiss. “Hello.” You mumbled as your lips moved in sync with his, smiling.

His lips moved faster against yours, hiking your leg up his waist indicating that he wanted more. You obliged, quickening the kiss as he bit your bottom lip between his teeth earning a soft moan from you. Sebastian began to softly grind his hips onto yours, earning a small gasp from you. You pushed at his chest, pushing him away.

You panted, leaning your head back onto the pillow to get a quick look at him. You pushed his hair back from his face as he let out quick breathes. “Do me a favor?” You asked him before he took his shirt off.

“Of course.” He fumbled with the buttons of your jeans, then the hem of your shirt.

“Make me feel better, please?” You pleaded, arching your back so he earned more access to get your clothes off. He didn’t have to say anything. Only smiled then dove to your neck as your heel rested at his back.

He began to leave soft kisses on your neck, grazing his teeth at certain spots that he knew would make you feel better. He sucked at the spot below your ear, making you arch your back in pleasure. Leaving trails of kisses down your cleavage, he took this as an opportunity to get your bra off, unhooking the garment and discarding it to the floor.

He smiled down at you in awe, rubbing your sides and leaving his hands at your clothed hips. You pouted up at him. “Mmmh. Hurry up.” You said with eyes closed, stretching your arms above your head to arch your chest up, knowing this would make haste.

Sebastian’s eyes widened, tugging down eagerly at your jeans, making you laugh down at him. He threw them to the side as they landed somewhere in the room, and quickly pulled at the cloth that kept him from wanting more. You lifted your hips and he hooked his fingers between the garment, pushing them down to your ankles.

You let out a moan, louder this time as he pressed a finger to your heat, squeezing your eyes shut as he rubbed your juices together, slowly inserting a finger in. You bit down on your lip, watching him and his fingers move in concentration. Sebastian had his bottom lip between his teeth, eyebrows furrowed as he was working with concentration. With every noise you managed to let out, his fingers would only move faster and faster, using his free hand to rub the small bud of you.

“Seb…” You whispered, heart beating as sweat dripped down your forehead as you began to feel the knot in your stomach. His pace quickened, curling his fingers upwards to finally get you to your high. Lifting your hips, you grind your waist up to meet his hand, soothing the friction. He slowly pulled his fingers out, replacing them with his mouth making you gasp louder. “Holy shit.”

He had your legs on his shoulders now as he rested on his stomach, putting his tongue to work. Your hand reached down to grip the strands of his hair in-between your fingers as you propped yourself upright with your elbow.

You watched as he moved his tongue around you, lapping at your juices, fucking you with his tongue. He rubbed your clit with his other hand, soon getting you to your second orgasm as he felt you clench around his mouth. Your back arched again, moaning and pulling at his hair as you began to feel yourself coming again, this time even harder than the first as you felt the warm liquid roll down your thighs.

He crawled up to your upper body, grinning at your reaction as he placed his lips onto yours. He snuck his tongue into your mouth, allowing you to taste yourself. “That was so hot.” He whispered, kissing your jaw.

You laughed. “What was?” He leaned his head in the crook of your neck.

“You, in general, but you may or may not have…” He laughed.

“Wh-Ohh…” You said, realizing what you’ve done. “Hmm. But I’m still not satisfied.” You sighed, telling the truth to him.

His head shot up, raising an eyebrow at you. “That so?” You nodded up at him. “Naughty girl.” He muttered.

Before you knew it, he pulled at your ankles, pulling you down to him. You laughed once he met your glance again. Once again, he tapped your hips, telling you to put your legs around his waist. You did so as he took his jeans and boxers off, his hard on now poking at your inner thigh. He gave himself a few hard strokes to ease the tension before rubbing himself at your entrance.

You whined. “Stop teasing.”

He smirked before finally easing in slowly, groaning as he felt your walls press against his length with every push he gave. He moaned out, dropping his head to your collar bone as he sheathed himself inside you. “You’re so tight.” He grunted, pulling himself out completely, then shoving himself back in.

You yelped at the impact, gripping the sheets with your hands as he rocked his hips with yours. He started out with a slow pace, then once he felt you were comfortable, he met his hips with yours as his pace grew with stronger, and harder thrusts. You heard the bed squeaking at the hard thrusts he gave you. Finding the headboard, you reached up to grab it as leverage, as he did the same.

He bit his lip and groaned, seeing your small frame from his view in a mess. The headboard hit the walls so hard, probably making a dent, but you didn’t care at this point. With his free hand, Sebastian reached down to take your leg higher up his back, hitting you in a different place.

You gasped out as he quickly hit your g spot with this position. He saw your reaction and began to try and hit you in the same spot. He smiled down at you, panting and moaning out when he felt your walls clench around him.

Fuck..” He whispered. “Ohh god.” He moaned out loudly now. You felt his thrusts begin to quicken now. They began to speed up as his hips quivered, loosing his neat tempo into another one.

I’m so close.” You moaned out. You pulled him closer so that his chest met yours, hands on his back to meet his eyes.

He groaned. “Touch yourself.” He said. You gladly did, dipping your dominant hand down to meet you clit, you rubbed harsh circles to get you to your final high. Sebastian helped you out by placing his hand on yours.

C’mon, baby. Almost there.” He moaned. With a few sharp thrusts, he helped you come, riding out yours and his high as his thrusts came to slow ones. The two of you cleansed each other before he pulled out and collapsed beside you.

“Wow.” You breathed out. “That was the best we’ve ever done.”

“You got that right.” He laughed, pulling your sticky bodies together. “Three times, too. Holy shit, doll.”

“Mhmm.. Shut up now.” You smiled, hugging him tight.

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Omg so I really really REALLY love your writing and I was wondering if by chance and when you have time, to maybe write a blurb or something about Harry not really liking PDA and Y/N is comfortable with that, but there are articles out saying how their relationship is about to be over and Y/N never usually pays attention and she finds herself a bit hurt by it, with maybe a little argument but lots of fluff at the end?? Thank you in advance if you do this! have a great day xxxxxx

I literally sat down & wrote this all in one sitting after receiving this prompt because it gave me all the feels. Hope you like it, beauty. Much love. xo


You and Harry had been dating for about six months now.

You had met completely by chance. You were spending the weekend in LA with one of your old friends and he happened to be there. All you did was walk up to him and ask for a picture—a picture turned into a conversation, a conversation turned into drinks, drinks turned into lunch the next day, and the two of you just…took off. 

You never expected to fall in love with each other. Yeah, you were a fan and you loved him like any other, but you weren’t expecting him to love you back. You didn’t think that he would look at you, the high strung little human being that you were, and say “hey, I’m in love with this girl.” Not when he could choose basically anyone he wanted.

And then there were the things that you didn’t expect. 

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Alternate SuperHero Universe AU
  • imagine Adrien as a villain
  • villain! Chat Noir
  • he really only does it to follow in his father’s footsteps, in hopes that being a great villain will finally make his father love him
  • unfortunately, he’s desperately in love with the local superhero, Ladybug
  • ten seconds into ‘do evil and chill’ and Ladybug, his lady love, crashes into the building to thwart his evil plans with her glorious presence and Chat Noir trips over himself because how can he fight the love of his life
  • Chat Noir still likes to mcfreaking flirt with Ladybug because even as a villain, he’s a mcfreaking dork
  • Ladybug constantly rejecting his advances because he’s a villain, and that’s not her type, causing Adrien to really wonder whether being like his father is worth losing the chance to be with his crush
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir have a love/hate relationship
  • Chat Noir builds a love-inator one day to make Ladybug fall in love with him but when she comes to destroy it, it ends up hitting him and Ladybug is preparing for some gross fanboy attack from Chat Noir, but instead, he’s absolutely the same. She teases him about his failed invention, but deep down inside, Adrien knows nothing changed because he’s already in love with Ladybug
Can’t Erase Me (1/?)

This little thing got out of control and is now a short MC: 

so like, i know we broke up and stuff but funny story, i haven’t told my family yet and they just assumed you’d be coming with me for [insert family celebration] and i really don’t know how to tell them and i know this is really selfish but i can’t break my great grandma’s heart like that, she’ll probably have a heart attack and– wait what? you’d do that for me? holy shit, i love you… wait–

And I finally get to write Fake Dating so yesssss!

Thank you to @deadherokillianjones for the title. 

On ffnet here

Rated M (eventually)

Emma threw the phone on the bed a bit angrily, chickening out at the last minute again. This was the eleventh time during the day where she picked up her phone, hovered her finger over the goofy picture of the man with blue-eyes (the one contact she had promised to delete months ago but never did), and after almost touching her finger on the little green button beside his picture, shut her phone off.

It had been exactly six months, thirteen days, and four hours since Emma Swan broke up with the best thing that ever happened to her. Happiness and love flooded her life in the forms of a cocky blue-eyed and scruffy jawed Brit lawyer almost two years ago.

The first time Emma flirted with Killian Jones was on a beautiful autumn day when she had accidently gotten confused between him and a sleazy douchebag she was supposed to bring in to the station (not her fault that the only description she got was blue eyes and British accent). Throughout the time they both spent in that cute little coffee shop, she could feel his eyes on her, watching and admiring, while she was scanning the area and trying to figure out whether he was her paycheck. After he invited himself over to her table, with two coffees, a grin, and a compliment, she flirted right back with him, loosening him up a bit.

Once he was completely relaxed, and she made a show of being late to her work (she owned a bakery this time), he offered to walk her to her car, falling completely in her trap. As they reached her yellow bug, him complimenting her on her taste in vehicles and color, she grabbed his bicep and pushed him harshly to her car, trapping his lean body between her car and herself. Her front was tightly pressed to his back and she was holding his wrists behind him.

“I didn’t expect you liked it rough, Swan” he smirked, turning slightly in her hold and winking at her.

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Daddy 5SOS: Learning Curve

“could you perhaps do a prompt where it’s the dad’s first time at doing something [probs on their own] and you’re doing something else and they probably end up mucking up but it’s a learning experience”

A/N: Ahh! I hope this is what you wanted! Thanks for requesting! In Calum’s prompt, [Y/N] is LUKE’S wife, not Calum’s. Just to clarify!


One thing you and Luke never really understood about kids until you had your own was that they cried a lot. You both knew they cried, and they cried often, but Kayla seemed to never stop crying. She was always wet or hungry or just screaming.

Luke was great, he really was. He helped you get up with Kayla during the night, taking turns and only waking you when necessary; he’d hop up immediately whenever she cried during the day even. He volunteered to do diaper changes, change her clothes whenever she spit up, and when she began to bottle feed, he offered to hold Kayla while you prepared the bottle.

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