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ShootWeek: Day 3 ↳ favorite Root friendship (s)

By Way of Spontaneity (End)

Summary: On a whim, Bucky declares you to be his girlfriend to his grandma and mother. They’re eager to meet you and he asks you to pretend to be with him for just one dinner with his family. But is that really all?

Word Count: 1,185

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

A/N: Thank you for coming on this journey with me! Here’s to the next series! <3 

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Bucky felt like a lab rat, being observed and analyzed to the deepest parts of himself. Fidgeting, he glared at Steve and Peggy. “What?”

“What?” scoffed Steve. “We should be asking you that. What the hell is going on, Bucky? You don’t really look like you care so much that your girlfriend is cheating on you.”

Bucky raised a finger and gave him a cheeky smile. “Actually, I have fed you the incorrect information?”

“Fed us?” asked Peggy, voice filled with indignation. “What are we, your pets?”

“I’m just sayin’! I haven’t been completely honest with you.”

“Then what is the truth, Buck? Because it’s all pretty confusing right about now, and your ‘girlfriend’ is not exactly the best of persons at the moment,” said Steve, crossing his arms over his chest. He looked every bit the part of a father and Bucky stopped himself from teasing his cousin.

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I can’t help doing a gif set for this!!! Look at Plushenko’s MULTIPLE MEANINGFUL GAZE at Yuzu and how Yuzu can’t stop laughing XD Omg these two meme lords!!

(*) Usually Yuzu address Plushenko as Plushenko-san, but here he was debating with himself on the spot whether to use Plushenko-senshuu or not (usually used to address a competitive skater)

Joke aside, I love the mentor-friend-idol relationship of Yuzuru and Plushenko! They respect, admire and always want the best for each other, it’s so much that Plushenko’s wife doesn’t like Plushenko coaching Yuzuru in practice sometimes (from Aoi Hono) XD

I really recommend watching the whole video here with translation by yuzusorbet because their interactions are super cute! :D

PS: At the same time, it’s also heart-breaking to me because Plushenko told Yuzu “Be healthy and beat everybody!” but as I remember, this might be around the time, probably a few days after this, that Yuzu had to inject steroid and take painkillers in order to skate because his left foot was hurting! But anyhow, the past is the past!

Art Museum

Summary: On your day off, you invite Bucky to an art museum. You’re sure he probably wants to spend his time doing something else besides looking at art, but you soon find that his definition of art might be a bit different than yours.

Word Count: 1,429.

A/N: Just another random idea that came in mind. Special thanks to @bovaria for being a doll and for previously reading this through. <3

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Whatever you do don't imagine KO with a tummy ache and BB lying next to him and talking to KO's tum, jokingly saying that the scraplets that snuck in there better leave and stop pestering his boyfriend, KO playfully waps him on the shoulder and tells him to stop since it hurts to laugh

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have you heard about shawna being against gay marriage? im a little //-: and need your opinion

i was definitely.. disappointed when i opened my inbox earlier and saw the plethora of messages regarding shawna being against gay marriage. however, i don’t think we should be dwelling on it too much or spreading any hate around because of it. she shared that opinion against gay marriage around 2 years ago, and although i doubt it has changed much, who knows what kind of beliefs she has now. i’m not excusing it at all because i wholeheartedly believe that marriage should always be between any two individuals who love each other regardless of their sex/gender/identity, but there’s really nothing we can do about it other than just.. consider it a disappointing and unfortunate thing

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I have a confession to make: lately Lauren has become a hit or miss for me, like either I find her amazing or insufferable. So as much as I ship camren I actually think that Camila deserves better

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Lauren too, right from the start, because her personality is so far from mine that I have a really hard time relating to her sometimes, it’s getting harder and harder as time goes by tbh. As for Camila deserving better, I don’t know, because we don’t really know what happened between them - I do believe Camila deserves a less messy relationship (they both do), but that has more to do with the circumstances in which Camren happened, not so much directly about Lauren. I’m sure if they had met in high school being two normal teenagers things would’ve been completely different for them - and you know a lot of fans think that Lauren changed a lot, that’s she’s tougher now, colder also, but I think a lot of those changes also came from the fact that she’s had to deal with a lot, and  that being famous wasn’t what she expected, and I genuinely believe that sometimes she wishes she wasn’t a celebrity, because all in all it made a lot of things harder for her, like accepting herself for example. I think she definitely has a lot of resentment towards the industry, the management and also the fandom for that.


@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier this has been my two and a half week labor of love!

For our art class final we were told to do 2 pieces that connect, as well as use skills we’ve learned over the year, and my brain immediately went to antisepticeye and darkiplier. I created a continuous desk, using my own desk, as well as the stuff on it and my computer for reference, and I’m really proud of how these came out!

I had to learn what foreshortening is, which was the biggest challenge besides just trying to shade (I’m better at using colored pencils). Anyway, I hope the community likes it!


HOLY CRAP IT IS FINALLY HERE! Let me tell you, I have been anticipating this film since it was announced that Javier would be playing the villain back in 2015. I have tracked it, followed it, and kept an eye on it for two years straight now… and now I’ve seen it! So, was it good?

Let’s start with the pros of this film, because there are quite a few!

- The CGI in this film was absolutely incredible. It was groundbreaking. The ships looked amazing, the open waters were beautiful, the creatures in the film looked awesome, and of course, Capitan Salazar’s CG hair looked seamless. No complaints there.

- The acting in this film was great. Johnny Depp was as usual, fantastic in his role of Captain Jack Sparrow, and he was hilarious as usual. I was fortunate to see the film in a rather packed IMAX theater, and the crowd loved Jack and his humor. The new cast members were great, as well. Though personally, I found Henry to be the better of the two new young faces. He had a more compelling motivation, and was a better actor than Kaya, I thought. Javier Bardem as Capitan Armando Salazar was fantastic, though I expected nothing less. He was menacing, terrifying, unpredictable, and still carried a bit of that Javier charm that he adds to every role. Loved it. Best part of the movie.

- Capitan Salazar is a pro in himself. He was a fantastic villain whom you really understood and even could empathize with. However, I do have one complaint about the character that I will address further down.

- This film did a great job at really recapturing that sense of adventure that some of the other films lacked. It was amazing to hear that iconic Pirates score and watch Jack Sparrow try and escape his ill-fortune once again. For that, I commend the filmmakers a job well done.

- The score in this film is fantastic as well. Though it isn’t Hans Zimmer this time around, the new composer did a fantastic job. There were several moments in the film where the music was just breathtaking, AND THE SCORE WHEN THE CREDITS ARE ROLLING WAS AMAZING. If anyone knows the title of that track, I would appreciate the info!

Let’s get to some cons, because there are a few things that did bother me a little.

- The new characters were not very compelling. In particular, I found that I really didn’t care at all about Carina, even though there is a major plot reveal in the film that ties in with her. I found that her acting was okay, but she in herself lacked a bit. Her motivation for searching for the Trident wasn’t quite strong enough and kind of got lost in the storyline.

- Which reminds me… in the middle of the film, the plot gets a bit convoluted. You have Barbossa’s ships, Salazar’s ship, the British Navy’s ships, and Jack’s ship, and they are all pretty much chasing after each other. I could have done without the British Navy subplot, though they and their ship did suffer a pretty awesome fate. But the film did kind of jump around a lot, and at times it was difficult to keep up.

- Captain Salazar. NOW HOLD UP. YOU KNOW I HAVE NOTHING BAD TO SAY ABOUT JAVS OR HIS BADASS GHOST VILLAIN, so take a breath. My con, is that once again, I felt like Javier’s villain was a bit underutilized. We see him quite a bit, and his presence in the film is the central plot point that keeps the characters moving to their destination. His character is what keeps that sense of urgency present throughout the movie. However, I wanted more. Better yet, I wanted to see Salazar come up with some sort of plan or strategy. I just needed more Salazar overall, as he was my favorite part of the movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is not a perfect film, nor was it ever supposed to be. I think that that is where many critics get lost. They expect every damn movie they see to be the greatest thing ever. No. Take it for what it is, Pirates 5 is a fun, entertaining adventure film that will make you laugh, cry, and feel everything in between. It may not be the best adventure film ever, but it has a lot of heart, and it shows.

My score 8/10

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if yousana are endgame, skam would end with two canon relationships and that would be isak/even, a gay healthy couple with a mental illness rep & sana/yousef, a boy falling for a muslim girl while they are learning to understand each other's view on religion + they are a couple that doesn't need to kiss or make out or have sex for example like noora/william did, yet we can see how much they love each other, this doesn't happen really often these days... and i think this is beautiful


out of the dark

summary: Sombra’s two favorite things are making new friends and exposing corporate corruption, and today she intends to do both.

notes: inspired by this art by @greyopal! i love these two so much ahhhh, and im definitely gonna write more for them!

ao3 link

Her printer has to be the slowest in the world. She shelled out a thousand dollars for this machine and it’s been taking ten minutes to print like, seven files. Sombra always keeps a hard copy of her work until it’s finished. Then she burns it.

Some people use paper shredders, but Sombra can’t stand the thought of leaving a trace. That eye is constantly in her head.

The files are pulled up on her computer screen, glowing a dim blue. Risky (what if someone were looking through the window?), but she wants to admire her work. Vishkar may not be anywhere near as good at helping people as the public thinks they are, but they do have excellent computer security. Nothing is impenetrable, though, not to Sombra - especially not corporate corruption.

Grabbing the ink-dampened paper, Sombra quickly flips through the pages, ensuring all had printed correctly. They’ll be locked inside a file cabinet (protected by three alarms and fourteen different kinds of computer-controlled encrypted locks) until she’s finished with them, and then she’ll burn everything in there and change the locks. Sombra never writes a password down, too risky. Besides, if I forgot one, I could probably hack into my own system, she thinks with amusement. Although that’s probably not a good thing, maybe she should beef up. Talon won’t be pleased if she asks more money for security - but she’s a valuable asset . So they’ll pay up. Always do. Maybe she should ask for a horse ranch, claim it’s vital to her work. Or seventy copies of the Linkin Park discography and hide them in Reaper’s room.

Snickering at her own jokes, Sombra throws the files in the cabinet and shuts the door, which automatically locks. She doesn’t bother to grab any extra equipment on the way out the door to catch her flight. Her internal cyber-enhancements will suffice for this job - well, job isn’t exactly the right word. This is more of a personal project. She isn’t exactly expecting resistance, anyway.

Will the files be enough to sink the company? Of course not. If (and probably when) she publishes them, they’ll be a PR disaster, but there’ll be a few firings and some monetary loss and some tearful, paid off citizens going on about how much Vishkar has done for their community and how they know they can learn from their mistakes, and ten days later the company will have three new major contracts.

They are enough to make a new friend, though. And Sombra loves making new friends.


She’s parked herself in a cyber cafe near Vishkar’s headquarters, in a corner, giving the security a once-over. She already has the blueprints, and in particular, the on-location apartment of her soon-to-be new friend. This was not going to be difficult. Nowadays, companies are so focused on keeping out hackers that they neglect physical security. With that in mind, her stolen translocating technology, invisibility camouflage, and, of course, laser gun, will practically guarantee her unlimited access to a building if she’s careful. And Sombra is always careful.

Her target is Satya Vaswani, aka Symmetra (Symmetra, symmetry, subtle, much. Sombra spent a few minutes eye-rolling when she read that one.) A top Architech at Vishkar, and seems to truly believe her company is making the world a better place. Naive, but Sombra can’t be too annoyed with her. They’re quite alike, after all, if she thinks about it: impoverished with a difficult childhood, an aptitude for technology that got them out of the slums, and willing enough to commit crimes for their aims.

That’s where it ends, though. Satya had been plucked from the streets by Vishkar and made their golden girl, but Sombra had joined gangs and fought everyone and everything tooth and nail for what she has now. Satya wants to improve the world. Sombra just wants to control it.

Though, considering Vishkar’s methods and that Symmetra cooperated with them, they might be similar that way, as well. Although she did have to note, Symmetra went along. Who knows what Satya gets up to in her free time? Sombra can’t help but giggle. She doubts a secret rebellion. From what she’s read and seen of the girl, she seems like a rule-follower, regardless of what the rules were.

These might change that, though , Sombra thinks, glancing down at the screen displaying the files she’d hacked directly from the CEO’s laptop a week or two ago.

Sombra had thought about going after the CEO himself. The files she has won’t sink the company, but they’ll sink him , and she’s sure he’d do whatever she asked to keep himself afloat. But what Vishkar’s doing strikes something in Sombra, because they’re hurting those like she had been, orphans on streets who don’t have the talents she has to get themselves out. Sombra wants the men in charge of Vishkar in prison, at least, if she can’t get them dead. And they won’t be any help if they’re in prison or hell.

But, in Satya’s case, Sombra seriously doubts she knows what’s really going on at Vishkar. Maybe she really should call it naivety, to not realize, but she has a feeling it isn’t - Satya seems like she really does just want to make the world a better place, and may be doing some unconscious selective noticing to accomplish it. Sombra can empathize with that. And not only does she want a new friend (the leading manipulator of hard light tech? a force ), but maybe she’s taking a small liking to Satya. And it would probably be better finding out your life’s work was nearly pointless because of corruption in private, rather than from national TV the next morning, with reporters hunting down every bit of contact information you have.


It’s a weekend night, and the clubs are full as Sombra makes her way to the headquarters. The multitudes of people on the street make it easy to slip around to a back entrance, go invisible, and take out the security guy with a nerve strike to the neck. Touching her cybernetic fingers to the locks, programs she’s already tested on locks just like this one spring to life, slipping into the bugs and wires and feeding the codes back to her. She drops a translocator in a bush for safety and sneaks in, again going invisible just long enough to reach the nearest security camera. Within seconds, her custom applications have thrown a bug into the system that’ll feed the cameras endless ten-second loops. With luck, the person watching the security cameras will be like most corporate employees who watch security cameras - bored and playing the latest hot app instead of paying attention.

If not, and she senses any alarm, she’s pretty sure she gave herself enough time to get to the security room and place a well-aimed laser blast at his chest before he notices her. Won’t kill him, but he won’t be happy. Which doesn’t matter to her, of course. Sombra doesn’t go out of her way to kill. As long as he’s out of her way, she doesn’t exactly care.

Now Sombra really books it, dashing through the hallways using the blueprint she memorized, only occasionally pausing to confirm a direction or go invisible to let some politely-laughing businessmen carrying briefcases walk through. She decides to take the elevator, figuring her invisibility will last long enough to make the ride if someone gets on. Vishkar’s headquarters are gigantic , a sign of the company’s power, but luckily they aren’t exactly tall. Dashing into the hallway where the elevators are, she clicks the up button and slips in, consulting her blueprint once more before pressing 7.

As it’s night, the headquarters aren’t busy, so Sombra isn’t bothered - and once she gets off at floor 7, there’s even less people. Even if she hadn’t already hacked into Satya’s calendar, Sombra seriously doubts that she wouldn’t find the Architech in her room. Satya didn’t give off a vibe of friendliness, and a look further back into her calendar, with events meticulously added and color-coded and lacking any color for “fun”, confirmed this.

Sombra smiles slightly as she strolls along the hallway - there’s another similarity to her little list. She herself certainly isn’t against going out to a club and flirting with a girl or guy or two of each, but relationships of any kind are off the table. The whole “hacker on a one-woman crusade to take control of the world” sort of prevents that, and friends are just going to want stuff in the end. Her closest companions are probably frequent Talon mission mates Reaper and Widowmaker, and when the people you’re closest to are a literal wraith and a blue ballet-dancer-turned-assassin, you probably don’t have many friends.

She gets to Satya’s door. It’s a simple, sleek white piece of work, computer controlled with some great security. Unless you’re Sombra, of course, in which case it takes a few touches and a click. It would have been even easier if she could have just ripped the passwords from Satya’s computer, but the other woman didn’t seem to write any passwords down, either. I wonder if she’s as paranoid as I am, ha. Sombra activates her invisibility and drops a translocator before entering the keycode and opening the door with a soft whoosh. She steps inside, and it closes behind her with nearly no sound.

The room is stark, all white and pale blue with not much customization. It’s quite beautiful and modern, or at least Sombra thinks so. She doesn’t have as much time to explore as she would like, because apparently Satya also doesn’t believe in bedtime and is sitting on a ledge, next to her window. Presumably, she was enjoying the admittedly quite excellent view of the night sky before her door mysteriously opened, though she doesn’t seem to be panicking. Sombra takes her time, making sure the door has locked them in and all the alarms are disabled before plopping down on the cushion across from Satya and making herself visible.

“Hola, amiga,” she chirps, resting her elbow against the window and giving her a bright smile. Satya looks unamused. Sombra had thought she was quite pretty from the television interviews she’d seen (and the secret selfies she may have examined when going through the contents of Satya’s phone), and the woman is even more beautiful up close, dark brown eyes giving Sombra a once-over before lifting back up to meet Sombra’s own.  

“I would ask who you are, but I doubt you intend to tell me.”

Sombra giggles. “Ooh, you’re astute! No, I don’t. I know who you are, though, Satya. Quite a name you’ve made for yourself at Vishkar, yes?”

Satya frowns. “I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but I will not be bribed. Or undermine the company, so don’t even try.” Sombra notices something, in her right hand, presumably some device used to alarm someone who will make life far more irritating for Sombra. She leans over, quick as a flash, placing her hand over the other woman’s own and grinning right in her face.

“Oh, I don’t need to get you to do it. They do enough of that themselves. I’m just interested in, oh….. informing you.”

There’s a slight pause, and then she feels Satya’s fingers, slowly, one by one, remove themselves from the button. Sombra snatches it out of her hand, but Satya doesn’t react, except for her suspicious frown deepening as Sombra leans back.

“I’m listening.”

Sombra smiles. She’s played this game, a thousand times before. Steal incriminating files, sneak in, show them to the right person, and bam! A lovely, helpful new friend. Sombra may not have any close friends, but she certainly has a lot of them.

Sombra slips off the cushion and walks over to the table, beckoning for Satya to join her. Warily, Satya gets up, quietly walking over a wooden chair and seating herself in it, expectantly.

“Just wait a moment.” She pulls up her screen through her gloves, clicking through to her files as Satya watches. She looks slightly irritated, probably because much of Sombra’s equipment, from her invisibility to the screens she’s using right now, are quite blatantly stolen Vishkar hard-light technology (the translocator was from the talking gorilla, she hacked the blueprints of that chronal thing he made for the annoying Brit and quite ingeniously redesigned them, if she does say so herself). She seems about to say something, but just then Sombra finds the files she was looking for, pulling them up. “Look through them as you wish, I’m sure you know your way around this sort of screen.”

Satya looks at her. Just for one second, and Sombra’s not sure what the other’s trying to read from her face before Satya turns back to the screen and tentatively touches a finger to it. She’s a fast reader, Sombra can tell from how quickly she’s flipping through them - files directly ripped from the company computers, newspaper reports and pictures put next to each other that line up in highly suspicious ways, reports of what the corporation has told Satya to do and what papers to get, but then the part she doubted Satya had known, added parts of what exactly the company intended to do with those files.

It’s damning, and Sombra can see Satya’s life falling down around her pretty face.

She gets to the last file, and Satya pauses, for another long second, eyes moving across the screen, before slowly removing her finger from it and dropping her head into her hands. One look had obviously been enough. Sombra jabs a finger at it, a “missing” financial report clearly showing the Vishkar executives spending money that was supposed to go to the Rio housing facilities on a luxury jet.

“You see, Satya? Vishkar was lying to you all along.”

Satya doesn’t move. Or speak. Or cry. Sombra is not actually sure she’s breathing.

She’s quiet for a very long time.

It makes Sombra nervous, being here for this long. It’s risky. Whenever Sombra goes to make new friends, they don’t shut down. They snark, they scowl, they plead, they try and act superior, and she loves it. But Satya is silent, processing what Sombra has shown her, and Sombra, for reasons unknown to even herself, decides to wait.

Finally, as Sombra watches, Satya stands up and walks over to a counter where a blue bag is sitting. She reaches inside the bag, and takes out two things - an extremely official-looking Vishkar license and a cellphone. Calmly and without saying anything, she proceeds to drop the license on the floor and crush it with the heel of her boot. Sombra nearly jumps from loud cracking noise, as Satya methodically sweeps the pieces into a corner with said boot and picks up the cellphone.

“Hello?” She sounds far more put together then Sombra thinks she would in this sort of situation. “Yes, it’s Satya. I thought I should inform you that I’m feeling very sick right now, so I won’t be able to attend tonight’s meeting…….No, no, it’s alright, I just need some more rest. Mm-hmm……Thank you for your concern. Goodbye.”

The cellphone drops on the counter, and Satya turns back around. Sombra looks at her.

“You’re not going to tell them I’m here?”

Satya’s hand tightens into a fist. She’s angry, Sombra realizes, not broken or whatever stupid trope one would usually expect. Angry enough that tears are beginning to leak from the sides of her eyes – not noticeably, but they’re there. Sombra thinks she looks very pretty crying, but also decides that this is not the time to mention so. “I trust you more than….than I trust them, at the moment.”

Sombra stays quiet, as Satya walks over the the window. She’s pacing now, around the room. The files are still pulled up over the table, floating there, winking, purple little puzzle pieces that line up to make something terrible.

“We were supposed to be doing good.” she mutters, each word clipped, teeth sounding clenched. She whirls around to face Sombra, turning her gaze on her. Sombra flinches involuntarily. She is not one easily scared, and Satya’s anger is not that outwardly expressed. But her eyes have a silent, terrifying intensity.

“Why are you showing me these things?” she asks, boring holes in Sombra’s eyes with her own. “What do you want from me?” That’s another similarity, Sombra thinks, because from the tone in Satya’s voice she’s asked that question many times, albeit probably with a different tone of voice. Everyone always wants something from you, when you’re good.

Sombra doesn’t smile, like she usually would. But business is business. “I’m publishing them, see. I dislike Vishkar as much as you probably do now - and you probably have more puzzle pieces than me. But these’ll get you thrown in prison too, most likely. All I want is a favor, every so often, if I need it, and then I’ll wipe your name and incriminating info from the files when I publish them.”

Usually, when she makes these sort of offers, the person hesitates. She’s had people refuse or try to take her out then and there, thinking prison is better than being beholden to an (in their minds) insane hacker. Satya does not hesitate.


Sombra raises an eyebrow at her. “Eager, are we?”

“I want to make the world a better place. That is all. I cannot do so from in prison, but I can out of it, and for that I can afford a few favors to you - especially as you are the one opening my eyes to reality in the first place. I do not think you are a bad person, and I doubt you’ll ask me to do anything too terrible.”

That deserves a slight laugh. “Oh, now there’s a first! You should hear what other people have called me in the past. So, you will leave?”


“Well, no need to give me contact information. I’m sure I can find you.” Satya doesn’t appear to find that amusing, sadly, already pulling out a laptop. Sombra closes her screens, standing there. She’s quite tempted to ask Satya what exactly she intends to do now. But it’s getting light, now, and she’s already been here far, far too long. She’s about to melt away into the shadows, but then Satya, still looking at her laptop screen, speaks.

“What should I refer to you as?”


“If we’re going to be working together in some form, I would like to know what to call you.”

Sombra shouldn’t tell her.

“Sombra.” Then she vanishes.


Sombra gets out of the building, no problem, as expected. But she can’t forget those eyes of Satya’s, so brightly intense even right after watching her world fall down around her. Though, to be fair, Sombra doubts the woman suspected nothing even before the files. She’s a smart one.

She edits the online copy of the files on her plane ride home, the one set to be sent mysteriously to several top reporters with instructions to publish as soon as possible - as promised, taking out all references to Symmetra or Satya Vaswani. It’s not difficult, there’s not really that much. Just enough to be threatening.

Her hard copy in the file cabinet, with the incriminating info, is what she spends four hours staring at. It’s irrational, she knows. Satya could be useful. She should keep her leverage.

She can’t stop thinking about those eyes, though.

All Sombra has ever wanted was control. But Satya……Satya wants to do good, so, so badly. If someone ever got into this apartment…..

She glances at her computer. She hacked Satya’s laptop, of course, and her recent browsing history is running through the screen. Satya must have opened two tabs before she went to sleep. One was a normal search for the word sombra. The other was a search, in a private, untraceable browser, for “overwatch recall”.

Sombra burns the files.

After Midnight || Jack Maynard

Originally posted by conormaynardaf

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Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1k+

A/N: After not posting for a few days, I randomly came up with this idea and managed to write it within the space of twenty minutes and really like the end result. Enjoy my lovelies!!xo

Alongside your hectic schedules, the fact that you left the house early in the morning and didn’t return until the sun was setting and Jack having things to do almost every moment of the day, you two never really got any quality alone time whilst the sun was up.

You’d come home, walk into the bedroom wordlessly and change into your comfiest clothes before walking around the apartment in a bid to find Jack, and when you did, no matter what he was doing or where he was, you’d collapse into his arms and bury your face into the crook of his neck.

He’d wrap his arms around you, and press a soft kiss to the top of your head, a silent greeting that means so much more than a simple ‘hello’ could ever. You’d smile softly, and lean up to kiss him, a loving caress that you’d so desperately been craving all throughout the day.

You’d eat, usually flipping a coin to see whose turn it was to cook or instead spending half an hour arguing over what you were going to order in. It usually ended in you sticking out your bottom lip and him caving; you’d smile and look down at your hands, trying not to show how smug you were.

You’d usually eat together, either at the breakfast bar or watching a movie on the couch; another decision that you’d squabble over before realising that your food was getting cold on the table and ending up just deciding on the one you’d first considered.

And it was only then, when the clock struck twelve am and you and Jack automatically reached into your pockets to turn off your phones, sharing a discreet grin as you did so.

A tradition, some would call it, was what that whole ceremony was in cause of. It’d first come around when you came home late, tear marks on your cheeks and a wobbly bottom lip. Jack had pulled you into his arms the moment he layed eyes on you, mumbling a series of calming words and phrases that eventually helped you calm down enough to form a rational thought.

That day had been horrific for you, and you’d come home, knowing that it was going to be no different. Your responsibilities followed you home, they didn’t let you sleep, they stopped you from eating and looking after yourself the way you should’ve been.

You spilled your heart out to Jack, who he’d you close and pushed your hair out of your face, pressing a kiss to your forehead every so often in a bid to keep you as content and calm as he could.

It was then, that the pact was made. He told you that maybe you just needed to turn your phone off the moment you walked through the door, but the scrunched up look on your face following that statement made him second guess that option.

Instead, you compromised.

At midnight every single day, you’d bother cut off any form of connection with the internet, unless it was an emergency, and would instead spent the time between then and when you fell asleep, just being with each other, and enjoying the world from a different perspective.

And so tonight, after a particularly hard day for you both, your phones were discarded and within minutes, you stood up from the couch and held your hand out to Jack, who looked up at you in surprise.

You giggle and roll you eyes, looking down at him fondly. “Come on, it was such a beautiful day today that I bet it’s still warm outside.”

Glancing between the door and your pleading expression, he sighs and stands up, entwining his hand through yours and smiling softly as you lead him out of the double doors and into the London air.

You were right, it wasn’t by any means warm, but it wasn’t cold either. It was just in the middle, a perfect amount, you thought, as you look up through your eyelashes at Jack and his eyes flicked over the skyline before moving down to connect with yours.

You smile, stepping even further into his arms before proceeding to look up at the sky, your eyes widening a fraction as you take into account the vast amount of stars that were visible in the sky that night. The sky was virtually free of any clouds, and so the stars were as bright as ever, accompanying the moon on its journeys.

“You look beautiful.”

At his words, you giggle and look back at his face, narrowing your eyes playfully and flicking his nose with the tip of your finger; though the touch was soft and delicate, as if you were afraid that any harsh touches would seriously hurt him.

Rolling his eyes at your incessant need to make fun of his 'cheesy’ statements, he wraps his arms around you from behind and rests his chin on the top of your head, joining you in leaning on the balcony wall and watching the London nightlife go about its business.

Breathing felt so easy as they stood there, in a bubble that nobody would be able to break. The stress had fallen from your shoulders completely, and Jack had lost every ounce of cockiness that he had during the day; and even though you adored that about him, it was nice to have some quality time with just Jack, not Jack Maynard, the guy from YouTube.

You were seamless, as you stood in his arms, your hands hovering over his own, twisting the band on his ring finger that he passed off to his fans as a family heirloom, whereas you knew differently.

You inhale and exhale gentle breaths, leaning your head back against his chest and closing your eyes, your hands curling around his as they continued to rest on your waist, your breathing in sync as you relied on him to hold the majority of your weight.

This was your time; after midnight would always be your time, and nobody could take that away from you.

BTS - Reaction - MV Producer

@brenda-muller Hi hi, so I was wondering if you could do the same reaction (fell in love with a MV producer) but with BTS this time. -I’m getting really into BTS-

(For those who want to see the original reaction for Seventeen, you can see it by clicking the link —> here <—)

I hope you enjoy the reaction, and I’m sorry for the wait, dealing with school exams are annoying af


Jimin would extra ‘extra’ when he knew you were looking his way. This got you two hot and bothered, so you went out for a bit to get some fresh air, which was where you also for Jimin. Hearing you, being him, he’d smile cheekily yet somewhat apologetically.

Jimin: “Sorry, I didn’t realise I had so much of an effect on you… I’ll be more careful next time.”

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Taehyung wanted your attention, and he did get it, just not the way he had intended. After only a few hours into shooting, he had somehow managed to set something on fire while making a snack, leading to you hastily getting the fire extinguisher and putting out the flames. He, of course, would apologise… ‘apologise’.

V: “Sorry, my flaming hot feeling for you must have started the fire… either that or the toast was left in for too long.”

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Knowing Jin, he’d really want to show you his gratitude for working putting up / suffering with him and the boys since he knew they could be a handful sometimes. After all the shooting was done, I can just imagine Jin bringing you a little ‘thank you’ gift.

Jin: “I hope you like it, it’s a framed photo of me blowing a kiss.~”

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Seeing a how Yoongi is involved heavily with the production of the song (producing music and such), he would want to have some kind of creative input with the cinematic elements of the MV, wanting the best for ARMY. He’d pick up a lot from you since you were teaching him about a few things here and there, and vice vera, he’d teach you a few things about music production too.

Suga: “I like how well we work together, let’s collar together in the future.”

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Probably the first to talk to you in more depth, I don’t think he’d have much trouble in talking to you, seeing as he’s the leader, he does most of the talking anyway. Well… the talking would go well, but he would have fallen over a least 3 cables and 4 bins whilst trying to look cool. Even so, it would have left a good impression on you.

Y/N: “Are you okay?”

Namjoon: “Well, ignoring the fact I just fell over 3 cables and 4 bins, I’m doing pretty okay, how about you?”

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To speak bluntly, Jungkook can be a shy mess in front of people who he admires and likes; you would be no exception. It would take him way too long to walk over to you just to say a simple ‘hello’. But when he did, he was really glad he took the risk, despite how his fears told him otherwise.

Jungkook: “It’s fun talking to you, I’m sorry for being awkward before.”

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Probably being his ball of sunshine self, Hoseok would walk over, a smile plastered all over his face. You’d been stressing out about the MV and how it would turn out, but he would be an instant mood brightener for you. You two would get so caught up with talking to each other, that you completely forgot about filming for a bit until the rest of the member came to see what was up.

J-Hope: “Sorry, I Jhope we will work hard, my angel!~”

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kuro-yukio  asked:

Hello~!! I'm really sorry to disturb you, but... do you think Shizuo would have actually killed Izaya if Varona hadn't intervened? Do you think Izaya would let himself be killed? I'm sorry if you've already answered this...

Hey it’s no problem. But yes. I think I mentioned it somewhere in the unrequited love theory. 

It was Izaya’s plan to let Shizuo kill him so Shizuo would become a true monster in the eyes of society. He knew he couldn’t kill Shizuo, so he decided to let himself be killed to make Shizuo a monster instead.

As he regretted, Izaya smiled.

He simply smiled.

From this point on, accepting his death; expediting it.

With his own life as a sacrifice, Heiwajima Shizuo would be, as a monster, banished from the human world.

- Durarara Volume 13

He may have also wanted to have an everlasting impact on Shizuo so Shizuo could never forget him (like he did when Izaya was in the hospital). Celty got back her Head yet Izaya brushed her off (even though he claimed his plan was to start a war in Ikebukuro to wake up Celty’s head). All his focus was on Shizuo. Izaya clearly said, ‘Do it, monster’ to Shizuo as Shizuo was preparing to kill him, before Vorona intervened. 

It was also said that Shizuo abandoned his humanity in his and Izaya’s death match and became a monster, so yes Shizuo would have killed Izaya if Vorona hadn’t intervened. 

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Hello there!! really risky asks: 1,4 & risky asks: 9,1 - Hopefully I didn't humiliate you, you can always ignore this if you don't feel like answering it. (ALSO my friend let's procrastinate together, because WhOaH quess what I should be doing now, and what I actually am doing :') Have a lovely day/night!! <3

Hey :D procrastinating feels so right and wrong XD, have a great day/night too  <3


1. “@” people you want to be friends with

@john-sims @catplnt @pralinesims @necrospirits @xmiramira :D <3

4. do you have a nsfw blog?

No XD i have come close on my @holoscience blog with a nip or two but no purely nsfw blog :3

 Really risky-

1. if you had to hug anyone who would you hug

hmmmmmm well if it can be fictional people, Lars from SU XD

9. do you like to use correct grammar when you type or just type all lowercase?

I try to be good at grammar but most of the time just lowercase :p

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could you please do 23 and nammin/minjoon?

“Babe, I’m sorry.”

“Suck my ass.”

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Namjoon loves Jimin. No really, he does.

The thing about Jimin though, was that you had to know two important things about him. The first was that he was always fucking up.


You would think fucking up things came with Namjoon’s job description as designated human hurricane since elementary school when he kicked a soccer ball too hard and literally broke their jungle gym. Or that one time he was on the honor roll and high school and was helping out sort out the paper directory of the school population and tipped over the entire stack of two weeks of worth because he tripped over the desk. True story.

But Jimin, his fuck ups were of a different kind.

Like now, for example.

“I can’t believe you got our whole house painted baby pink,” Namjoon whispers, mouth still dropped open from well, the house being the exact shade of a piglet’s bottom.

“Surprise?” Jimin squeaks hopefully, but even he knows he’s really done it this time.

“Jimin, I gave you one job. I told you when we move in together, I’d find the apartment, I’d manage the taxes, I’ll even take out the trash.”

“Right,” Jimin gulps, bottom lip jutting out so that Namjoon knows his boyfriend is already upset but he’s too mad to care.

“All you had to do,” Namjoon continues in a shaky voice that really refuses to stay calm, “is to move our stuff in and decorate. A one time thing. Literally, the only fun thing.”

“Well, I did,” Jimin argues, crossing his arms over his chest defiantly. “I thought you said on the phone that you wanted pink.”

“No,” Namjoon says with a fake pretense of patience, “I specifically told you, whatever you do, do not paint it some fancy, embarrassing lilac purple or baby pink!” Namjoon says in exasperation, leaning back against his old beat up SUV and staring up at their new house.

Their new house that looked like Disneyland threw up on it.

God, he could never ever ever bring any of his friends over, like, ever again.

Not when he was an underground rapper and his friend’s once laughed at him for a whole month because Jimin had forgotten to do the laundry and he had been forced to wear Jimin’s old Powerpuff Girls’ socks to the studio.

“Whoops,” Jimin says, popping the ‘p’ and looking at Namjoon to guage just what level of begging was going to make him forgive him.

“Damn right. You know we could barely afford painting it the first time,” Namjoon says, sighing, still staring with dismay at their new place with the wary eyes of a man that had seen too much of the world.

Joonie,” Jimin says in a tone that Namjoon knows he reserves for the times he really messes up, like that time they were in the middle of Tokyo for their vacation for the first time in years and Jimin had forgotten to book any hotel reservations.

“No,” Namjoon replies, tone hard but resolve wavering when his eyes flick over to Jimin’s large pretty ones batting themselves at Namjoon.

“Babe, I’m sorry.”

“Suck my ass.”

Namjoon regrets saying this immediately because the second thing to know about Park Jimin was that he was always horny.


“Give me the time and the place baby, I’ll be there,” Jimin smirks and Namjoon shoves him gently, laughing.

“You’re fucking gross, you know that?” he says, rummaging for the keys in his back pocket and fishing them out.

“Hypocrite,” Jimin says, rolling his eyes but latching on to Namjoon’s arm and laughing. “Like you don’t love it.”

“Shut up,” Namjoon says, blushing and turning the lock of their new house. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Pink was an okay color. Sure, it wasn’t what he was picturing but -

Jimin?” Namjoon almost screams, jaw dropping.

Literally everything. Was pink. Even the tablecloth. Namjoon felt his knees go weak.

“Ah, I forgot to tell you just one more tiny thing- ”

otp drabble challenge!

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Advice time!! My girlfriend and I have been dating for just over two months now and it's been amazing but the past two weeks she's kinda been more distant...? And won't make out with me. We used to all the time but now when I try to initiate anything she stops, smiles at me, and then changes the subject. It's making me feel really unwanted and awkward. She acts like every thing is still normal but it isn't. I've asked her if she still likes me and she assured me that she does so idk what-- cont

Continuation— what to do. It almost feels like we are going back to just being friends… She used to compliment me about looks or dropped cheesy pickup lines all the time but she’s stopped. And when I do the same to her now she just changed the subject. I’m so confused bc she had loved me for two years before we actually started dating and now that we are she’s acting odd and like she doesn’t want to?? But she says she does?? Help

Tell her how you feel and be sure that she understands. Tell her everything. If there is something you have not told her because you thought that you didn’t need to say, now you have to say it.

Ask her why she changed her behaviour and ask her whether you did something wrong. Listen to her carefully and if she does not answer your questions, ask her again.

However, you should also consider that your relationship could have no future. Two months are a quite short time. Probably, her feelings were not such a great thing and, after two months, she has just lost interest in you.

Cheshire is always astonished about how imposing and confident Pandora is, even if she also has her weak moments like everybody else. For him, she’s simply amazing aka he may or may not have a little crush on her… born from pure devotion and loyalty, tho.

Aaaaand another pic done mainly in Krita, as I am trying to get used to the program ^^ I really want to draw more fanart of these two, I love their weird friendship<3

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My ftm boyfriend just told me he's trans, I really really love him, but since I'm a lesbian, I'm afraid our relationship won't work out. Can you offer any advice?

Hi anon,

I can’t really offer sound advice on account of me never having been in a relationship, but I would suggest you talk it out with him and see what conclusion you two come up with. 

What really matters is how you feel about being with him. Do you want to continue this relationship because you love him, or do you want to end it because it doesn’t fit anymore? I mean, since you’re a lesbian, your boyfriend might feel misgendered if you stay in this relationship, and you might feel as though your identity is being invalidated. If you feel like you might be more flexible in your orientation, you could change your label, maybe adding bi/panromantic while still identifying as a lesbian, or something along those lines, though I understand why you might not want to do that. I don’t mean to sound insensitive.

However, I can’t tell you how to deal with this situation, and the best thing for you to do right now is talk to your boyfriend and see if you can figure something out. 

I hope everything turns out okay!

~ Nam