and i really cant with my otp


they just remind me of Spongebob and Patrick, it suits pretty well

Ink by @comyet

Error by @loverofpiggies

(i guess idea might be a little inspired by @puffrisk (??))

I'm so weak

I ship things okay

I ship them so hard

I’ll be all “oh yeah these two need to fuck and love each other and be happy together”

But then






“Welcome back” 

Drawing request of Chrobin for the kissing meme, this is #7- I’ve missed you. I wanted to draw the scene where Chrom finds Robin after many years of searching, IT GIVES ME MANY EMOTIONS


Some OTP holiday greetings for you all, Merry christmas to all of you trashbags.

(Also its the expression challange but cant link right now)


josuke didnt really think this through

When someone talks to me after 12 am it gets really deep.
11:59pm: My favourite colour is pink.
12:00am: I once killed a man.

every single scene of keith and lance being unnecessarily next to each other episode 3

(episode 1, 2)

literally 2 minutes in and i already had like 8 caps

 i love how it looks like hunk and shiro are staring at these two morons like “otp”

drag him keith

being disgusted together (: #relationshipgoals

i hate this. just fucking. sit next to each other. theres 2 other fucking chairs . jesus

hunk is like :) cant believe my cooking made klance canon :)

keith in the bg: >tfw ur crush walks away :(

keith is jealous 


after this theres a fight w voltron so i didnt cap any of the blue/red moments but there were a few. moving on

keith looks..really small??? i love him

ok thats it for episode 3 thanks for scrolling

college au otp prompts based loosely on my college experiences:

  • “i tried opening a bottle of wine with scissors and cut my hand really badly and you went to the bathroom to pee and found me bleeding all over the sink and i probably should have gotten stitches but we improvised” au 
  • “my friends found a shopping cart on campus and they were pushing me down hills in it and it got out of control and you were just walking by and i hit you im so sorry fuck im stuck in this cart i cant help you up im sorry you’re cute im sorry” au
  • “i got in a fake fight with my friend and you are the RA from the floor below and you walked upstairs to see what all of the noise was about and saw me pinned to the floor and shouting and you weren’t sure whether to call someone or not so you half-heartily tried to break us up and i accidentally punched you in the face” au
  • “we were both drunk and our friends ditched us and we were wandering around campus by ourselves at 1 am and ran into each other at a gazebo and i dont know you at all but this seems like a good time to have a conversation about the meaning of life” au
  • “we just met at a party and we didn’t really want to talk to anyone so we concocted an elaborate plan on how to steal all of the food in the room and it was going great until you spilled salsa all over me” au
  • “our squads were both really drunk and we ran into each other at 2 am and you asked if we wanted to play whiffle ball so we did and i tackled  you to prevent you from getting a home run and then we just stayed on the ground for a while” au

anonymous asked:

honestly I understand why klance is so good to you - because its the most popular ship... I really like some other ships (Hance being one) and I feel like I cant ship that ship because people will hate me for it. its not a case of "oh I hate klance" no... I like both ships. I just cant choose one otp because i'm not that kinda person. :/ I love all the art produced but artists, but I would love to see more of the other characters... I love the klance art but I'd like to see art of the others...

that’s understandable! I guess I got really lucky when it came to shipping on this show haha

it wasn’t the popularity that made me like the ship though. Their chemistry is the most interesting of all the characters (in my opinion). And they work so well together? plus it’s meant to be… and blue….water and fire…..the writers were practically throwing material at us lmao they’re aesthetically pleasing too

I mean, I honestly would draw more of the other characters but school can be so stressful at times? so when i do have time i draw what i want which is usually klance


i cant beLIEVE unbeliavble i swear how rude of me but really i love you chrom best confession ever 10/10

oh and here’s a bonus because dorky kids: 

pfft but morgan mommy’s already a dork didnt u know 


DAMARAハ ハ, 処女少年怒って?あなたのトリガーを取り、それ突き出す

DAMARA(translated): Ha Ha, angry virgin boy ? Take your trigger , and shove it-

((AH OTP FEELS. Alright let me explain really quick. I have this headcanon that Kankri is actually really dominant towards Damara and learned Japanese just so he could tell her stories and stuff. I also have a headcanon that Damara is really submissive towards Kankri and actually really enjoys being put in her place by him. She will purposely say things just to piss him off))

((my black and red feels are off the charts im die))