and i really cant with my otp

30 Days of Klance - Day 1: Pride

It’s pride month and what better way than to celebrate by doing my own version of the 30 day otp challenge but with klance? I’m really pumped for this and I can’t wait to get more positive klance content out there !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑


they just remind me of Spongebob and Patrick, it suits pretty well

Ink by @comyet

Error by @loverofpiggies

(i guess idea might be a little inspired by @puffrisk (??))

deh hc where evan just loves to be held especially by connor because he has the warmest hugs ever and comfiest chest to lean on and snuggle into but often has an awful wrench of pot so connor usually has to wear lots of cologne or something flowery because evan likes the smell of flowers and just freshness. connor on the other hand loves to hold him because a happy evan means a happy connor plus evan giggling in his arms is the cutest sight to see.

I'm so weak

I ship things okay

I ship them so hard

I’ll be all “oh yeah these two need to fuck and love each other and be happy together”

But then







red string of fate tells you to go fuck yourself (literally)


please don’t repost without permission, but icons are always free to use.


Some OTP holiday greetings for you all, Merry christmas to all of you trashbags.

(Also its the expression challange but cant link right now)

things i still cant believe
  • the lighter was invented before the match
  • oxford university is older than the aztec empire
  • the national animal of scotland is a unicorn
  • ishida sui dedicated an entire chapter to touka and kaneki fucking

person A is outside person B’s apartment, about to knock, when A hears a low, guttural moan that is, unmistakably, person B’s voice. They pause, then strain to hear more. Had they misheard? Surely there was context. They simply must wait it out, just in case.
Another long, slow moan, followed by a delicate hum and a slight slurping sound.
Person A is Shook, and considers leaving. But is also interested.
Ever so sneakily, they use the spare key they had been given in a previous time and open the apartment door to find person B hunched over their favorite food

The Infamous Small and Tall AUs

- If you try to balance one more cup on my head I am going to punch you

- Did you just get me a fucking step stool for a present????

- I always sit on your lap because I’m smaller but you wanted to “switch things up” this time and-get the fUCK OFF OF ME I CAnt BREATHE

- Every damn time we watch the lion king you always gotta reenact that one scene and it’s not cute anymore-put mE DOWN

- Whenever we fight, I always end up hiding in a really small space so I don’t have to see you but 9/10 times I get stuck and have to call you to get me out

- What do you mean there’s a limit to how many piggy back rides I get???

“Where’s My Love” is such an iconic song honestly. There’s an alternate version, an acoustic version, a piano version, and they’re all equally beautiful. Can you believe we got such an iconic song for Stydia? I mean, really listen to it. The lyrics are powerful by themselves, but when you think about how they’re applied to Stydia it just makes them a million times stronger–especially considering the scene this song played during. “Does she know that we bleed the same/if you’re scared I’m on my way/” I’m sobbing right now listening to this iconic song and thinking about how iconic Stydia is.


josuke didnt really think this through