and i realise they have the things in their ear




In your household nothing was truly what it seemed; your mother was having an affair with her business partner, leaving your stepfather to work himself into a pit of denial. The only person who had real feelings under that roof was you. You felt disgust when your mother would blatantly lie to her husband, you felt overwhelmed and stressed because of university, and you felt the euphoria of your late night rendezvous with Taehyung.

Your stepbrother.

warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, rough sex, dom!taehyung + sub!reader, degrading, humiliation, spanking + strong language

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Imagine a jinn just chilling with you and laughing at your memes and you didn’t even know it

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Coffee shop au or fake marriage thing??

Ahahaha ok ok I’m gonna go with coffee shop au because it is… so classic but also versatile.

Alright so I’m feeling this as a klance AND shallura thing, because brothers who suffer together, stick together.

So poor stressed out Keith is a university student, trying his best to study, meet assignment deadlines, and manage to take care of himself. He’s faring… ok. There’s a coffee shop he frequents on campus that has a lot to with how he copes. He goes in one day hoping to get his usual long black and say hi to his friend Hunk that works there, when he’s served by someone he’s never seen before.

And oh no. OH no…. he’s really hot. Killer smile. Tan skin. Broad shoulders. Narrow hips that Keith wouldn’t mind grabbing onto…. wait, what was he doing here again? He blurts out his order and robotically moves to the pick up counter. The baristas name tag says “Lance”. Lance serves him his drink with a cheery smile and Keith scuttles out the door.

Keith comes back later that day. And the day after that. 3 times on Tuesday. 4 times on Wednesday. Each time he thinks about asking Lance out. He repeats pick up lines to himself while he stands in the queue, but when he gets to the front, all he manages is a “fell from… hurts!….. I’d likealongblackpleasethankyou”

Shiro is noticing a huge difference. Keith is jittery and has huge bags under his eyes. He notices the coffee cup always in his hands and how Keith starts shivering if he goes for a few hours without caffeine. Shiro starts to reprimand him, but Keith brushes him off.

One day Shiro actually catches Keith entering the coffee shop. Shiro jogs after him, ready to drag his ass out of there. He bursts through the glass door and halts…..

Oh… oh sweet, gay, Keith. Shiro watches how Keith blushed when Lance remembers his order. Shiro knows exactly what’s been going on. He gets in line with a smirk. He conversed easily with Lance, and tells him that Keith always raves about the coffee here.
“Oh, Keith? That’s his name. I’ve just been calling him handsome.” Lance laughs and winks Keith’s way. He ACSENDS.

Lance gets called into the back room and another coworker comes up to serve. She’s tall, startling blues eyes, and an impossible amount of light hair.

Shiro and Keith both have a caffeine addiction for the next fortnight.

Keith goes in one day looking particularly bad. He hasn’t slept at all, and that’s partially due to caffeine, but also due to a killer assignment he had to complete. Shiro looks slightly better next to him. Lance rushes out from behind the counter.

“Dude you look awful.” Lance grabs Keith’s forearm. Keith talks in slurred words and seems to be only half present. He tries to order a coffee, but Lance says he won’t give him one. That he needs to go home and rest. Keith talks about quadratic equations and mumbles something about really needing coffee right now.
“I think you need to stop”
“Can’t stop. Have to ask out lance. Gotta keep…”
It takes Keith 30 seconds to realise what he’s said. He blushes up to his ears and apologises profusely. Lance takes his hand.
“I would make fun of you, except I could never get up the courage to ask you out either.”
Lance promises to go out on s date with him BUT ONLY after he’s gone home, slept and drunken a lot of water. Keith is about to head off when lance laughs:
“You know, we sell things other than coffee. Why didn’t you just order a juice all those times you came to see me?”

Shiro and Keith look at each other in shock, before hissing out “juuuiiiiiice”.

Keith shifts his coffee addiction to a mango smoothie one. Shiro drinks green tea by the litre.
After a week Allura leaves her phone number on his cup. Shiro has never been so happy and hydrated.

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How do I tell if I have ADHD/ADD

okay so i procratinated this a lil (thanks adhd!) this is just what adhd is like for me, im more inattentive than hyperactive but i do have symptoms of both (also this is a really helpful test that might help)

  • impatience but like less like “i dont want to wait because i want the thing” and more like “i dont want to wait because i Hate waiting and it makes me want to die” 
  • sitting still is not a thing, u fidget or die
  • ~relaxation~ is not a thing like how are you gonna tell me to sit in one spot and not do anything and call it relaxing? i would rather die™ 
  • short term memory? i dont know her
  • someone is talking to you and youre nodding along and you are So sure youre listening and then they get to the end and ur like “wait what” because you completely blanked and starting thinking about something else but you??? werent even aware??? that you stopped listening 10 mins ago but u did
  • putting a video on on youtube and immediately switching to another tab or going on your phone because just watching a video on its own is painful, but now youve gotten distracted and missed the video completely
  • telling your friends a funny story but you keep remembering different details at different times so youre like going from point a to point g to point c and its all weird and jumbled 
  • rambling™
  • “WOW I JUST NOW REALISED IM SPEAKING VERY LOUDLY IM SORRY” everyone around me holding their ears: “pls sh”
  • sitting for long periods of time is physically painful so youre constantly shifting in your seat and changing positions because you can actually feel your body vibrating with restlessness
  • going to the bathroom/out for air when youre at public things (parties/shows whatever) just because you cant physically sit anymore/you need a change of scenery
  • “I’ll do that later” means i have already forgotten what you just asked me to do
  • constantly having to double check every detail, partly because of anxiety, mostly because you literally dont fucking remember
  • switching subjects mid sentence because you thought of something more interesting to say
  • procrastinating everything to the point where it would be easier to die rather than do it
  • sitting in one place nd doing something for a prolonged time??? who?? can do that (i literally got up and played with my dogs in the middle of writing this)
Open to Interpretation, Part 2: Negan x Reader

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A/N: The masses asked for a sequel. So I give them… A SEQUEL!!!!!!!! Huge thanks to my best bitch @mr-musings for checking its perfect for ya’ll.

Warnings: The usual. Rough sex, breath play, voyeurism, age gap, inappropriate relationship, elements of DDLG.

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You grossly underestimated how much pain you would be in after your late night meeting with Negan, despite this, you were in your car on your way to class. You’d resisted the urge to stay in bed to give in to another, the urge to drive Negan crazy during his lecture.

Dressed in a nice little ensemble that made you look the picture of a diligent college student, you parked up and joined the hordes of students walking towards the main building. You noticed you were getting a few looks from guys you’d seen around. You smirked to yourself, reassured in what you already knew; you looked good.

Just as you entered the hallway that professor Negan’s classroom was in, you felt a nudge and something warm being put in your hands. You grasp it without thinking and glance up, only to see professor Negan striding toward his room. He’d handed you a takeaway cup of coffee with a piece of paper taped to it. You pull it from the cup and unfold it.

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Ashamed | Sweet Pea x Reader

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Ashamed Sweet Pea x Reader

summary: Reader is friends with Archie and the gang, this is why she has been keeping her relationship with Sweet Pea a secret this makes Sweet Pea question things.

warnings: swearing

Part 2 

A/N: This is my second imagine, please don’t be too harsh on it. It gets better. Feedback and requests are welcome and much appreciated. Enjoy!

You had been friends with Archie ever since you were little kids, you had been through everything with him. Archie and you never kept any secrets from each other no matter what, he even told you about Grundy, as much as you hated it. Though recently you seemed to be keeping secret after secret from your best friend. The biggest one being the fact that you were dating the person he possibly hated the most; Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea made you the happiest you had ever been, and you were so scared that if you told any of your friends it would damage your relationship with Sweets. You and the rest of the gang were also great friends though they were equally as clueless to the relationship besides Jughead who was part of the reason you met Sweets.


“So I decided that I would treat you tonight princess. We never go out.” Sweet Pea placed a gentle kiss on the back of your hand, as he pulled up at Pops diner.

Unfortunately the first people you spot in the diner are Archie and Veronica sitting together enjoying a meal. Luckily for you they were so involved in each other, you quickly push yourself and Sweet Pea out of the diner without causing too much commotion. You loved sweets but no one except for Jughead and the serpents knew about your relationship and you were set on keeping it that way. You knew exactly how your friends would react if they knew, it wouldn’t be pretty. You were scared that they wouldn’t even be friends with you if they found out.

You grabbed Sweets hand pulling him along to his truck. “Hey, hey what was that about?” He gently grabs your arm pulling you back towards him.

“What’s wrong?” He moves his hands up to rest on your face forcing you to look into his concerned brown eyes.

“Princess, you can tell me whats wrong”

“Archie and Veronica are in there, I don’t really want them to see us.” You finally admit as much as you love Sweets you weren’t ready for that confrontation.

“Princess,  I don’t care if they see us, I want to show off my girl.” Showing off his adorable smile.

“Sweets… You know I’m not ready for that. I don’t want my friends to know about us, especially with that enemy thing you and Archie have going on.” At your words his soft eyes turned hard and his jaw clenches.

“Well if that’s how you feel.” He grits out through his teeth before stalking over to the truck leaving you to scurry after him.


“Are you ashamed of me?” Sweets muttered dejectedly, he hadn’t spoken to you since the incident at the diner, but you didn’t want him to break his silence with this.

“I’m sorry what?” You could barely believe your ears, you have realised how much you hurt Sweets and it broke your heart a little.

“You heard me Y/N. Are you ashamed of me?” This time he raised his voice the sadness and anger clear on his face.

“Sweets are you crazy? I could never be ashamed of you, you mean everything to me.” You try to stress how much he completed you.

“Well you were telling a different story at the diner. You say you love me and you pull this shit on me. I just thought you were different. That you weren’t like all those other north sider snobs.” He lets out a large breath after his rant, tears brimming his eyes by the end of it, his hurt expression causing a stab of pain to your heart. You didn’t try to hold back your tears back letting them escape your eyes and trickle down your face.

“Sweets I’m just scared, I don’t know how they will react but I can guarantee you it won’t be a good reaction. I don’t want to ruin my friendship with them, they are important to me.” You can hear your pleading tone begging him to understand.

“More important than me Y/N, I feel like I don’t even matter compared to them. I told all my friends about you, do you really think it was easy to tell the Serpents I am dating a damn North Sider, but I told them cause all that mattered was you. Not their opinions but you and us being happy, without lies and secrets. I did it because you make me happy and I wanted everyone to know that.” Tears were starting to escape his eyes now, you could see on his face how much pain you were putting him in.

“Well maybe it’s a little bit harder for me.” You mumbled out through your tears.

“Why is that Y/N. Is it because I’m the bad guy? No, you couldn’t be caught dead dating a South Sider. What would your North Sider snobs possibly say?” He spat each word out like venom.

“That’s not true, you know I couldn’t care less about you being from the South Side.” You try to reach for his hand but he rips it away from you.

“You really think I can believe that after tonight, your actions say something very different.” You eyes are begging him to stop don’t let this go where you think it’s going.

“Whatever lie of a relationship we were leading it’s over. I’m done with being your shameful secret.” He spits turning to your door.

“Sweets…” You plead with him, he can’t do this, you can’t let your relationship end like this. He interrupts before you can tell him all this, beg for him to hear you out.

“Don’t fucking bother Y/N, you’ve made it clear how you feel.”

The tears were hopelessly streaming down your face now.

“Sweets please…” but your words were lost as he slams the door in your face. You crumple up into a sobbing mess as you hear his truck speed off, away from you.

A/N: Sorry this isn’t the best work. 

like I am madly in love with sansa, she’s my favourite asoiaf character, she’s one of my favourite fictional characters ever period, but even so, it is canon that she bullied her sister. That fact is just not arguable to me. That’s part of Sansa and Arya’s shared narrative, the two just did not get along. Sansa said awful things about her sister, and those things have influenced Arya’s sense of self, but some people run in circles to try and erase this. You can still love Sansa and see what GRRM wrote between the girls for what it is instead of sticking your fingers in your ears and drowning out the noise because it erases your false idea that Sansa is pure and good in every way.

Talk to Her

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can you write something for Twilight, where the reader is Bella’s sister, and Jasper ends up being her mate. Also Mike Newton keeps trying to ask her out, but Jasper can see that she’s not interested in Mike

For: @saracons87

Words: 819

Jasper Whitlock x Reader
Bella!Family x Reader

“Talk to her.”

Jasper scrunched his nose at Alice’s suggestion and she rolled her eyes and nudged Emmet with her elbow, “Em, tell Jasper just to go and talk to Y/N.”
Emmett glanced over to where you stood with your sister, Bella, and Edward on the other side of Forks High carpark and offered Jasper a lopsided grin, “I’ve already made my thoughts on that perfectly clear but I’m not getting in a fight again about it.”
Jasper snorted, “It was hardly a fight, I won hands down.”
On Emmett’s arm, Rosalie scoffed, “Only because Em didn’t want to break Esme’s new table.”

“Hey, hey, enough!” Alice snapped and raised her hands against the oncoming argument, “Rose, do you, or do you not, agree that Jasper needs to go and talk to Y/N about their bond?”
Rose scowled at her adopted sister, they all knew that Rosalie didn’t want you or Bella brought into their world and the fact that Rose quite liked you only solidified her view. She wanted you to have a happy life but she couldn’t deny your bond with Jasper any more than she could ignore her own bond with Emmett.

Rosalie sighed, “Do what you want Jasper, but just be sure because once you both start down this path there’s only two ways it’ll end and they both end in Y/N not breathing.”
Jasper swallowed unnecessarily, of course he knew that, one hand you’d either end up like his family or the Volturi would kill you. He shook his head to clear the clashing thoughts from his mind and turned his back to you. He’d made his decision, he could bury his attachment to you if it meant a better, well lived life for you.
Alice shook her head at him, “Jasper, you’re not saving her by being all noble. She’ll still be dragged into our world by Bella.”
“I’ve made my mind up Alice.” Jasper told her, the authority ringing in his voice showed the solider that he once was. Alice shook her head at her adopted brother and his stubbornness but she was ready leave the subject.  Jasper went to open his car door but stopped short when he heard Mike Newton approach you on the other side of the carpark. The Cullen’s watched Jasper, his posture rigid. He stood and listened to Mike, once again, coming to bother you.
“If it isn’t the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen!” Mike’s overconfidence made you wince as Mike slid up to you and dropped his arms over your shoulders.
“Don’t be silly Mike.” You blushed and stepped forwards so that his arm would drop from your shoulders and back down beside him. He laughed at your movement and greeted Bella and Edward, both gave you sympathetic glances.
“So, Y/N what do you think about me, you and a couple of beers on La Push beach?” Mike asked you with a grin.
“She can’t.” Bella came to your aid, she tucked her hair behind her ear before continuing, “You have that thing, don’t you Y/N?”
“Yeah that thing!” You tapped your head like you’d forgotten, “Good job you reminded me Bella, sorry Mike.”
Mike narrowed his eyes at you, “But I haven’t even told you when?”
You felt your face flush at being caught out and struggled with the excuse failing to form on your tongue. Thankfully, Jasper appeared to save you, “Hey Y/N, ready to go?”
“Go?” You asked before you realised, “Oh yes! Bella was just reminding me.”
Mike’s gaze flickered between you and Jasper, whether he saw the way that you flushed at Jasper’s attention or the stiffness of Japer’s posture as he glared at him, he said his goodbyes and quickly ran away.
“I think you scared him.” Edward smirked before putting his hand on the small of Bella’s back and guiding her to his car, you waved them goodbye.
“Thank Jasper, I can’t really think of a way to let him down without sounding mean.” You admitted.

“You shouldn’t worry about such things, it’s your time and you get to decide who you spend it with.” Jasper told you, “I was wondering if you’d consider spending some of it with me?”
Your face flushed as you nodded, “That would be lovely.”
“Good.” Jasper smiled. An honest, non-pained smile, the first you’d seen from him, that was clearly made for you.

“I think we should talk.” Jasper told you and offered you his arm. You slipped your arm through his and walked with him down the carpark and ignored the stares of other students and the incessant waving of Emmett and Alice.

Can’t Let Go.

For all those who asked a part two of Stone Cold, here it is! You can also read it as an individual piece on it’s own. 


Stone Cold


Six months. Twenty Six weeks.

It took Y/N six months to get to a point in her life where she didn’t end up crying at the thought of the man she gave everything to, a man who was her world until he chose not to be and walked out of her life. It took her six months of waking up, after nightmares, with a sweaty forehead, hands clammy and shaking and wild eyes only to realise that reality was much worse. Six months of coming home after work to an empty house filled with six years of memories of reunions, parties, anniversaries, fights, sadness, anger, tears and a feeling that she was now almost unfamiliar with , joy. Six months of sleeping in an empty bed with it’s left side still untouched, the scent of hi cologne long forgotten. Six month was long time to comprehend the loss of someone she once held so dearly and actually still does and wrap her head around the fact that his happiness and his heart was not hers anymore and belonged to someone else.

She didn’t bother keeping up with his life after that picture she saw of him and his new lover, realising that she wouldn’t be helping herself but falling more into the pain and suffering which this time would be self inflicting. His mother and sister however contacted her occasionally, her absence in their lives feeling like the loss of a family member to them having known Y/N since she and Harry were babies. It was from Gemma that she heard about Harry’s new girlfriend being a student who attended the same university as Y/N once did, only letting her know this as a fact. A curious mind like Y/N’s never satisfied with not knowing every small detail wanted to know her name which she didn’t know would destroy not only the last bit of respect she harboured for her ex-lover and former best friend but also the strong facade she built up in the past half year.

Y/N couldn’t necessarily understand what drove Harry into befriending a person that she knew quite well and the events from there leading him to leaving Y/N for Laura. The insecurities she had as a person were not only shown to her friends and family but displayed for the wold to see, the paparazzi had a field day publishing how Harry left Y/N for a woman who was not only her classmate from university but also a very good friend of hers.

She learned to be strong despite how difficult it was. It’s true when people say time heals all wounds but the scars remain. She knew that Harry would always be an incredibly important part of her life despite not being in it anymore. She learned that life after him would be a new chapter and just like life had continued before him, it will go on after him and Harry, who in her mind was supposed to be a protagonist in her story, actually turned out to be a supporting character.

Six months was a long time for wounds to heals and dirt from the fall she took to be shrugged off. Six months was also the time that it took for Harry to show up on her door step unannounced.


It was ridiculous how the amount of time she spent on erasing the memories of that night along with her new motto of living life one day at a time could be erased with one look into those wild green eyes that she had grown to love. Those eyes that belonged to a person whom she once considered as home,a person she thought would be with her through everything. He had been there from the beginning and she felt it was foolish of her for assuming he would be there till the end.

It was ironic that despite however many times Harry reassured her that his heart was nobody else’s but her’s, that it was meant for her eyes, he not only ended up showing it to someone else but also giving it to them The funny thing was she believed him every single time he tried to reassure her, never once doubting his love for her.

She doesn’t know why it took him so long to show up at her door or why he showed up at all. He looked every bit the beautiful person she remembered him to be, if not ever more because memory doesn’t do justice sometimes. He looked like a dream to her with his hair now longer, grown out like how he wanted it to be reminding her of that time when it was almost as long as hers, long enough of her to braid it anyway; his eyes that radiant green that she could look at forever, shining brighter than diamonds and a nervous smile peeking on his lips despite his efforts to suppress it. His hands were fiddling with the hair at the back of his neck, a nervous habit he had that she knew of along with the swinging of his body on his heels and toes being another giveaway of his stance.

When the doorbell first rang indicating a visitor, she taught it would be her mum checking up on her, she tends to do that sometimes cos she’s worried, or it could be the new friend she made at work named Maya who informed her that she would drop by sometime. The last thing she expected was for it to be the person who not only broke her heart but stomped on it and had a field day with it. Her first instinct was to shut the door on his face, tell him to go fuck himself and never show her his face again but apparently his reflexes were quicker than hers, a foot wedging in the gap to prevent the door from closing, supported by his hand.

“Please don’t close the door. Just hear me out.” He pleaded , voice holding a desperate tone to it as he tried his best to squeeze himself past the entrance.

“What do have to say Harry? That you’re sorry? That I should forgive you? Well guess what, honey? It not gonna happen.”

“No.. well yeah but I just wanna explain. I just feel like I owe you that much.”

“So now you think you owe me an explanation? Where were you six months ago with this so called ‘explanation’ when I needed you to tell me you love me and that everything would be alright? Where were you when all I wanted to know was why I was not enough!”

He looked down, eyes filled with guilt. He knew that would he did was wrong. When he asked you to be his girlfriend, he promised himself that come what may, he would protect you from anything that could potentially cause you harm. He protected you from the paparazzi who considered it their moral right to invade your privacy; from fans who called you all sorts of names and a gold digger despite the fact that you knew Harry before all the money came into the equation; from tabloids who considered it their job to pick apart and dissect every minute detail of your life. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought that he would need to protect you from himself, that out of all the pain that was caused on you, he would be the one to hurt you the most. That night, he was too blind, he was so wrapped up in what could be that he forgot what is. He was so lost in what is good for him, what he thought he wanted and what he could have, that he actually forgot about what he already had. He didn’t realise that what he needed was already in front of him and had been for twenty three years of his life. He gave into the feeling of desire whispering in his ear that he could have so much more,so much better and he didn’t realise his mistake until it was too late. He didn’t realise that there was nothing and nobody who was better for him than you, that you were the best thing that ever happened to him until it was too late and he had already let you slip through his fingertips.He couldn’t help but let slip a few tears realising that he did the one thing he promised he would never do, hurt you.

“I’m sorry, love. I never meant to hurt you. I promise. I don’t know why I did it. I just wanna clear things up between us. Hate not talkin’ to yeh.”

“Alright. Let’s hear it then. I wanna know your reason as to why you did what you did.”

“ I was so wrapped up in my head that I didn’t pay attention to someone who I loved more than life itself. One word from you and I would leave all of this behind. And Laura was there, saying all the right things and I didn’t know what to do. And you were so busy with uni-”

“Don’t you dare blame it no me, Harry Styles. I gave you everything. I gave you all that you asked for and more. I never questioned your love for me while you questioned it every single day. I gave you my heart thinking I had yours only for you to give it to someone else without me knowing it. So don’t you even for a minute think of blaming this situation we’re in on me! I wanted to fix things that night! I came to you hoping that you would agree that we do love each other but forgot just how much. But instead you ran off with your girlfriend into the sunset while I was left alone with my heart not knowing what to do with it!”

Tear sprung in her eyes, voice growing hoarse because of all the shouting she did. Her eyes were wild and she was breathing rapidly, hands clenched into fists. eyes glaring at him.

“I broke up with her.” He mumbled in a feeble voice, barely audible to himself but he know she heard it. She’s got sharp hearing, that one.

“You broke up with her?”

“Yeah, three months ago.”

“So lemme get this straight, you broke up with me because you want to be with someone else. You ended our five, almost six year relationship and twenty three year old friendship so you could be with someone for three months?”

“I’m sorry. i don’t know what I was thinking. I promise I won’t do it again. I love you.”

He uttered the words that she had been waiting to leave his lips. The words that she believed could soothe the ache in her heart, fixing all the cracks and making it whole again. She waited for so long to hear these words come out of his mouth. It was so often that he would tell her he loves her in the first few years of their relationship, but in the last year it was scarce that he remembered her presence in the house. Like he said he was so absorbed in himself that he forgot about her.

“You love me? You’re joking. Please stop this nonsense, harry. You can’t come crawling and expect me to take you back after you went around gallivanting and had your fun. You can’t utter these words if you don’t mean it. How do I know that you won’t leave me again when you find someone else who , as you put it, 'said all the right things’? How can I be sure that you won’t walk out of my life like all the time and love we put into this relationship meant nothing to you?”

“You don’t. But please love, you have to trust me. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“It seems like you would do just fine, to be honest. You want me to trust you? Trust you was all I ever did! I put my whole faith in you and showed you every nook and corner of my heart! I gave myself to you without a single doubt in my mind about you hurting me! Don’t talk about trust when you don’t know the pain that is inflicted when the person you love more than anything in the world breaks that trust!”

She sat down on the couch, head in hands, elbows supported on her thighs as she let out the tears that had been holding themselves at bay for so long. Unshed tears of pain, rolled down her cheeks as her whole body shook with her sobs. It was easier to bear the pain she felt when she was mad at him rather than in this moment because with the facade she put up, she could fool herself that she was strong. But now with letting out all her anger in the form of sadness, she realised that she was not fooling anyone. Harry knelt in front of her, his warm and soft hands taking hold of hers and gently trying to pry them away from her eyes. His puckered lips pressed warm kisses to her forehead as she cried, soothing her bit by bit. He eventually sat down beside her, lifting her body so as to perch it on his lap. She found solace in his comfort despite the pain being inflicted by him. She cried into his chest, her hands softly gripping the collar of his shirt as his hand rubbed soothingly across her back.

“I.. I can’t do this anymore Harry. I don’t know how to live without you but I don’t know how I will survive if this happens again.” She croaked, voice hoarse and scratchy.

“Shh love. I know. I promise this won’t happen again. I made a mistake and I would take it all back if I could. Please just let me in. I love you so so much.”

“It won’t be like it used to be. Before we lived around each other. It’s gonna take time.” She said making eye contact with him for the first time since he entered what once was and soon might again be their house. His eyes, just like hers, were filled with tears. Seeing her in pain hurt him more than he could comprehend. He held her a little tighter. His kisses on her cheeks and forehead got more frantic, leaving spongy wet spots all over. She giggled, eyes scrunching as her hands raised up to push his face away.

“Baby steps, yeah?” He said with a gentle smile on his face. The look he had being very similar to the way he used to look at her like she held the stars in her eyes. It was a look of love, she knew that much.

“Baby steps.” She agreed.


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Carrot Sticks

Partone | end

Group: BTS


Excerpt: Grabbing your piece of paper and pen, you pulled his firm thigh towards you before placing the paper down and proceeding to use it as a desk.

Genre: fluff, shifter au

Length: 1.1k

A/N: i’m back and refreshed so expect all the sequels you have been awaiting. I hope you enjoy this and i think it will be the last part for now~~

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Jeongguk’s threats fell on deaf ears; your mind was now filled with the memory of those long soft ears, and you found yourself paying attention to him more than your classes. Your notebooks were filled with doodles of bunnies, and although Jeongguk managed to turn a blind eye to your obvious obsession with what he shifted into, when the carrot sticks started appearing on his desk, it became the last straw.

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On a silver platter - Dylan O’Brien

Description: Dylan is early to a hangout with Y/N and overhears some things he maybe shouldn’t have heard. This is smut you guys, if you didn’t notice it by my vague description. 
Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader 
(involves Teen Wolf if you want - I had a part 2 in mind)
Word count: 2063

You can read part 2 here!

A/N: I told myself that if my first post ever got 50 notes, I’d immediately post another thing I had written. So here you go. Let me know what you think!

I grin and nod my head as I pass Tyler, waving shortly at him before disappearing around the corner. I promised Y/n we would hang out tonight, and seeing as how I had to bail on her the last three times due to problems during shooting, I thought I’d make it up to her by appearing almost an hour early. 
I’m nervous, although I’m not completely sure why.

Y/n was always very understanding of our dismissive schedule and even five minutes spent together was enough for her. Any other girl would’ve had my ass by now. But Y/n wasn’t like most. And she wasn’t mine either - something I’m painfully reminded by every time Stiles has to make out with her and she starts laughing as soon as the scene is over and I’m left with a tent in my boxers.
From afar I can already see the door to her trailer is ajar, as well as hear the heartily chatter of Holland and Y/n herself. I lick my lips as my hand lands on the door handle, abruptly stopped by their conversation.

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Request: The twins magically handcuff the reader to Professor Snape.

Note: Sorry I didn’t do two days like you asked, but I got carried away with just one day. I very much enjoyed writing this, sorry it took so long and sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted. Thanks for your request, keep them coming!

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What on earth was coming down the corridor?! No, it wasn’t ‘what’, it was who…then you realized.


Professor Snape was skipping down the hall with sparkeling pink robes billowing behind him. His black hair was bouncing up and down in tune with his skips.

You woke with a sudden jolt. What a weird dream. You had to tell your best friends. You got dressed quickly and went to your first class: advanced potion making.

“Hiya Y/N” the twins said in unison.

“Hey Fred. Hey George.” You sat between the two of them.

You and the boys had been friends since first year, you were one of the only ones who knew them apart.

“We’ve got this new spell that we are totally gonna try,” Fred started.

“And you’re the victim.” George finished with an evil smirk on his face.

“No. You. Will. Not.” You emphasised every word.

“But it’ll help with our plan,” Fred quickly whispered the plan in your ear.

Potions class went pretty normal, as a seventh year you were pretty good at potions. At the end of class, like every other day you went to give Professor Snape your notebook to be graded, but as you did so Fred as well as George  came up behind you mumbled something and the next thing you knew there was a handcuff around your left wrist, the boys ran and Snape looked livid.

“Get back here!” Snape started to walk after them.

“Ouch!! Professor stop!” You yelled as his steps jerked your wrist and the rest of you body forward.

You were handcuffed to Professor Snape. The twins would pay for this, big time.

“Well don’t just stand there Professor, get it off! I have other classes to be at.” You said pulling your hand up as if to remind him the handcuffs were there.

He narrowed his eyes at you, “Do not talk to me in such a disrespectful way Ms. Y/L/N.” He said cooly and then looked down to examine the uncomfortable handcuffs.

You waited silently as the class started to laugh and whisper.

“Well?” You asked impatiently in an annoyed tone, “are you going to get them off or not?”

“Stop using that tone with me, I’m not the one who did this.” Snape said and sighed heavily. “These,” he raised his wrist so the handcuffs were in your face, “will be part of our lives for the next two days, there is nothing I, or anyone, can do.”

You stood there, shocked, and getting very mad.

“You’ve got to be joking.” You deadpaned.

“I am not one to joke. Now, I have to get supplies for my next class.” He said and started walking.

“Oh no you don’t! I have classes I can’t miss. You’re coming with me to my classes.” You said trying to keep up with him.

“I think not.” He said and kept walking.

You stopped, causing his arm to jerk back and he stopped.

“I will drag you along if I have to.” He said as he raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Well put them on hold. I’m not having detentions because you won’t go to my classes.” You said angrily turning toward the way of your next class.

He huffed and started walking toward Professor McGonall’s classroom. You smiled triumphantly.

“Of all students why did I have to get cuffed to you. You’re so stubborn and not at all intimidated me. Most students would do what I say.” He said irritated as the two of you walked.

You rolled your eyes and walked into the class, took a seat and waited for McGonall to come in.

“Students today…Severus? Why are you sitting in my class?” She looked at the man beside you.

You raised your hand with the handcuff and Snape’s limply followed, his face in a scowl.

“What the devil?!” McGonall came over and closely examined the handcuffs, “Well, it will be an awkward two days for the two of you.” She said resuming her class and passing out a test you had to take.

You started the test and you could feel Snape looking over your shoulder at your work.

“Can you not?” You asked not looking up from your test.

“Shhh.” McGonall said.

“I was seeing if you were as bright in this class as you are in potions, but you’ve got number three wrong you dunderhead.” He whispered to you.

“Oh shut up.” You said in a more sarcastic tone so he thought you were joking.

“A simple ‘thank you’ would have sufficed.” He said looking away.

“Severus, Y/N, if you both keep talking I will give you a detention, and Severus, don’t make me bring up the birthday incident! This is a test.” McGonall said in a harsh tone.

Snape huffed. You looked back at number three, and sure enough you saw that you’d made a mistake. You rolled your eyes not wanting to thank him and not wanting him to say ‘I told you so.’

You finally finished the test and McGonall took it. You realised the worst thing possible. You motioned to Snape like you wanted to tell him a secret.

“What?” He said, his voice and face void of all emotion.

“Get your head down here I’m not saying it out loud.” You said getting irritated.

Snape gave in and put his ear by your mouth. You whispered to him.

“You what?!” Snape’s horrified look and louder than needed tone caught everyone’s attention, even McGonall’s.

“I have to pee.” You repeated just above a whisper, your face turning bright red.

McGonall choked on a laugh and put her head down, probably to hide her smile.

You got up and Snape followed, his eyes looking to the floor. You came to the bathroom and stopped outside a stall.

“Any ideas about how to go about this?” You asked.

“Just go I’ll stand at arms length and stare at the wall.” He said and walked in the stall behind you.

It was the most awkward minute or two of both your lives. You relieved yourself while Snape stood by the wall shifting his weight uncomfortably from one foot to the other.


You’d gotten through your classes and three horrendous trips to the bathroom (him having to go was way more awkward than when you had to) and it was finally time to eat….this would be weird, would he make you sit at the head table or would you sit with your friends? You couldn’t stand the thought of him sitting with you and your friends.

The pair of you walked to the Great Hall. He kept walking past the rows of students up to the head table.

“Wonderful.” You mumbled under your breath.

“I will not sit with your group of so called 'friends’ they’re all dunderheads.” He said as if reading your mind, “also they would do nothing but stay silent.” He finished as you sat uncomfortably close to him at the table.

“They’re not all dunderheads. If you’d take the time to realize that not everyone is as smart as you then you might actually see some of them aren’t that bad.” You sassed off to him as though he weren’t your professor.

“You’d better watch it young lady.” He said in a low growl.

You didn’t mean to come across as rudely, it was just your defense mechanism. You kept everyone you knew at arms length so to speak.

“I didn’t mean it as rudely as other came out, but I won’t apologise for the truth professor sir.” You said as you reached for the potatoes.

You didn’t eat much at dinner, which wasn’t abnormal, you never ate much, just enough to fill you up, and that didn’t take a lot. You sat through the boring conversations and the every now and again tease from one of the professors, some said they were so sorry about you being handcuffed to Snape others found it hilarious.

You shuffled out of the Great Hall. Tired from the days events.

“Merlin’s beard!” You said rather loudly.

Snape stopped in the hall and gave you a puzzled but annoyed look, “What is it now?”

“You….I….oh God.” You stuttered as realisation of what was to come hit you.

“Well?” Snape said impatiently and began walking again.

“We have to…sleep together.” You said in a somewhat disgusted tone.

Snape stopped. His face deadpaned, “this hadn’t crossed your mind ealier?”

“No. I didn’t give it any thought. Oh my gosh this is gonna be weird.” You said and began rambling about what others would think and say.

Snape continued walking at his normal fast pace toward his private rooms, practically dragging you along.

“Can you slow down? One of your strides is like four of mine.” You half panted.

Snape huffed and rolled his eyes, but he did slow to a pace you could keep up with.

He opened a large wooden door. Inside was a rather messy sight. Books were stacked in every corner, potion bottles were in no order on a desk in the corner of the room. The fireplace looked as though it was never used, and it looked as if Snape had never dusted.

You followed Snape down a hallway into his bedroom. The walls were stone, just like in the room you’d just been in. There was a four-poster in the middle of the room with a little table on both sides. The left side had a thick book and candle on it. The right table had another book, it was a very small book and a quill on top of it.

“D'you have a diary?” You asked teasingly and pointed at the small table to the right.

“No.” Snape said rather quickly.

“Yeah sure. Look I’m really tired can we just…” You stopped not know how to ask to lay down without it sounding awkward.

Snape nodded and you both layed down on the tall bed. It was rather hard and the room was cool. You pulled the blankets up to your neck.

“G'night Professor.” You said trying to get a bit of a rise out of him.

“Stay on your side.” He commanded.

You fell asleep rather quickly.


You woke with a jolt the next morning. 'What the?!’ You were cuddled up next to your potions master, your head was on his chest and your arm aroud his tourso. You looked at your sleeping professor, who at this moment was starting to stir. His eyes fluttered open he looked at you in confusion for a moment. “'Morning sunshine” You said with a devilish grin.

“I told you to stay on your side! Get off of me!” His voice deep and laced with drowsiness as he scooted away from you.

He scooted nearly all the way off if the bed before both of you noticed that his wrist no longer handcuffed to your own.

“They’re gone!” You said in amazwment, “how?!”

You looked over at Snape who still looked shaken by the fact he woke up with your head on his chest.

“I’m gonna tell everyone I know you slept with me, and that even though you seem like a cold man, you’re pretty warm.” You said trying to get his attention, your mouth twisted into a wicked smirk.

“If you breath a word of this to anyone…” He started, his face getting a hint of pink.

“You’ll what? You can’t expell me for telling the truth professor. And if you give me detention I’ll find other ways to annoy you.” You said triumphantly, you’d finally embarrassed the professor who never showed emotion.

“I’ll find something to do.” He said, “now that we are no longer handcuffed you can leave.” He gestured to the door.

“Oh don’t act like you don’t enjoy my company. You love it and you know it.” You said as you got up and walked to the door of the bedroom.

“Thanks for the cuddles!” You yelled as you ran out of Snape’s quarters before he could say anything.


“Well,” George’s voice brought you out of your thinking.

“Did it work?” Fred asked as he sat down beside you in the Great Hall for breakfast.

“Like a charm.” You smiled and handed Fred a large bottle of powdered bicorn horn you’d managed to grab on the way out of Snape’s room.

“Did he know?” Fred asked, looking over at Snape who looked over at the three of you as if he knew you were talking about him.

You gave an exaggerated wink to Snape, his face flashed a look of embarrassment and he quickly looked away.

“He’s got no idea, he think I have a crush on him, and that’s how I’ll return the bottle.” The twins looked at you confused, but they knew you always had a plan.

After you made the Polyjuice Potion the twins wanted you found yourself walking back to Snape’s private room.

You smiled and knocked on his door. He opened it and you quickly walked past him.

“Oh how I’ve missed your cuddles!” You said overly exaggerating every word.

Snape’s face contorted into a look of disbelief.

You opened your arms and ran toward him, purposely knocking down a table in the room. You acted as if you fell, quickly reached in your pocket and tossed the bottle to the side.

“GET OUT! This is totally inappropriate.” Snape’s voice boomed.

He came over you and to your suprise, offered you a hand to help you up. You took it and quickly walked to the door.

“As you wish sir.” You stated and winked at him, spinning on your heels to walk out the door with a triumphant smile on your face. You had finished your mission for the twins, now they owed you.

In the room you just walked out of stood Severus Snape in utter shock, had a student actually liked him? He didn’t mind her, he had indeed enjoyed her company. But he couldn’t believe a student would like him, especially when he treated every student illy. What was the world coming to?

Remedy (1)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, cute-ass Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful. 

It starts out a bit dark, but I promise, it’s all sweetness after. I thought everyone could use a little sweet, caring, cute and a little snarky Bucky after today. I hope you’re all doing okay, and I hope this maybe helps getting your minds off pressing matters, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Love you guys, stay strong. 

Summary: when a woman is found at an abandoned Hydra base, more dead than alive, Bucky takes it upon himself to help her in any and every way he can. He doesn’t have much of a choice, being the first to approach her without the intention of hurting her in a long time, she doesn’t trust anyone around but him. 

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“Steve, seriously. I don’t need a babysitter”

“I’m not babysitting you, Buck”

“Then why are you still on my damn ass when you could be on the other side of this fuckin’ warehouse, and thus, making this go a hell of a lot faster?”


Steve can be such a damn mom sometimes., thinking I can’t do a fucking sweep on my own.

“You know, sometimes you make me think that you just like lookin’ at my ass, Rogers”

“I’d like to be lookin’ at your ass when I kick it” Steve muttered under his breath, as if I couldn’t hear it.

“Don’t tempt me”

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BTS Reactions - They come home to you cooking in lingerie

Warning - Contains mature content

You smile to yourself as you readjust your socks so that they’re pulled up properly to your mid-thigh when you clear the front door open and close, indicating that your boyfriend’s come home for the night. You quickly check your lingerie to make sure it’s all okay and then go back to chopping the tomatoes for the chilli you’re preparing.

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Finally Yours

Long, fluffy Jax imagine, with some heated smut :)

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You and Jax had been best friends for about a year; Scratch that, you’d been in love with Jax for about a year. The two of you were inseparable. The moment you set eyes on him you were infatuated, and as you got to know him, you fell for him fast. Nothing has ever came of it though. The moment you’d think that he had finally realised your feelings, and that it was finally your turn to be with the man you loved, he’d have a new girl on his arm.

But as hard as it was watching him with other girls, you stuck around anyway, knowing that being his friend was better than being nothing at all.

It didn’t come without its risks though, and thats why you were currently sleeping on Jax’s sofa. You were walking home from work today when one of August Marks’ men showed up and tried to drag you into his car. Luckily, you managed to elbow him in the stomach and run into a local supermarket. You then hid in the toilets and called Jax, who told you to stay hidden until he came to get you.

Safe to say, it scared you a little bit. You were used to all the drama and trouble that comes with the club but nobody has ever physically harmed you before. Not wanting to make a big deal you told Jax it was fine, but he’d ignored you and told you he wasn’t leaving you with no protection, not until this all died down.

He’d offered you his bed, but you knew he needed the rest more than you did. The bags under his eyes and the long days at the clubhouse proving he was so invested and worried about the club, he wasn’t looking after himself.

Looking at your phone, the time shows it’s half one in the morning. You groan internally, knowing your mind is too active for you to sleep. You’d checked the doors and windows multiple times, the tiniest noises making you panic.

You bite your lip, contemplating whether to go into Jax’s room. Would he freak out? You didn’t want to scare him off or make him think you couldn’t deal with this life.

Suddenly you hear a dog bark in the distance, the noise making you jump. You shake your head, getting up and making your way to Jax’s room. Luckily, Gemma had Abel for the night, so you didn’t have to worry about possibly disturbing him by walking through the hall.

As you reach his bedroom door, your hand hovers over the handle for a moment. Should you really go in there? Would it be an overstepping of some sort of boundary?

Knowing you’re not going to get any sleep if you stay alone, and also knowing that Jax is so understanding and kind, you quietly open the door.

Upon entering, the room is dark, a sliver of light coming in through the parted curtain. Jax is lying on the right side of the bed, his back to you. You lightly close the door behind you, Jax turning to look at you. He obviously hadn’t been sleeping, either that or he’s just a very very light sleeper.

He sits up, combing his hair back with his fingers. His chest is bare, the duvet slipping, his Abel tattoo imprinted on his skin. “Is everything alright?” He asks calmly, fatigue laced in his words. You nod your head, smiling slightly at him.

“Yeah, sorry if I woke you. I’m just a bit jumpy. I probably sound like an idiot.” You quietly speak, still not moving from your position near the door. You knew it was a stupid idea to come in here. “I can go if you want.”

He smiles sadly at you, pulling the covers up, silently inviting you to get in. Your heart beats a little bit faster, as you walk over to the bed and get in. He’s only in his boxers, the sight of him so bare taking your breath away. You pull the covers over yourself, both of you on your sides facing one another.

“That shouldn’t have happened, today. I’m sorry it did, but nothing will happen to you from now on. I’ll look after you, darlin.” He speaks quietly, looking into your eyes, wanting you to feel and believe every word.

Your heart warms at the pet name, and the kindness of his words. You stop, reminding yourself that he’s saying these things as a friend, nothing more. No matter how he’s saying them, you know you trust and believe him, because your heart won’t let you do anything different.

“Thank you. It means a lot.” You blush at your close proximity, your faces just inches apart. “I’m guessing August Marks still isn’t very happy with you guys?” You question hesitantly, not wanting to pry too much.

Jax let’s out a long sigh. “I feel so lost,” he starts, his voice quite and timid. “I’ve got no idea what to do for the best when it comes to the club. I can’t look my son in the eye without feeling like a monster.” His eyes glaze over with tears, your heart clenching at the broken man before you. You feel so fortunate that he trusts you enough to be so open, his walls temporarily taken down just to let you in.

“You’re human, Jax. We all make mistakes, none of us know what we’re doing. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, a book of what’s right and wrong.” He watches you closely, taking in every word that comes out of your mouth. “Your son loves you, no matter the devils you carry on your shoulders. You need to stop beating yourself up and instead, take a moment to realise you’re doing the best that someone could do in your position.”

“You’re such a beautiful person, and the people who love you will see that, no matter what decisions you have to make.” You gently cup the side of his face, his eyes closing as he melts into your touch. He places his hand on top of yours, placing a small kiss to your palm before holding your hand within his own.

He doesn’t say anything for a moment. You feel naked under his gaze, your insecurities eating away at you.

“How is it you always know what to say?” He whispers, a smile appearing on his face. You mirror his expression, butterflies in your stomach due to his compliment.

“I don’t. All I do is tell the truth. Sometimes it just takes someone else to help you see it for yourself.” You look at each other, your eyes taking the time to breathe him in. You can see each individual eyelash, each strand of blonde hair. Your gaze flickers down, his pink lips looking so kissable.

Catching yourself, you look back up to his eyes. He’s watching you intently, your body heating up under his watchful eye. His hand comes up, his fingertips softly pushing back a stray lock of hair, curling it behind your ear. Your eyes close subconsciously for a second, his touch so welcoming and awaited.

Your eyes can barely believe it when he starts leaning in. You follow his lead, both of you taking your time, as if the moment would be ruined if you didn’t.

Finally, his lips touch yours. You’re both cautious at first, softly experiencing each other for the first time. His fingers weave through your hair, pulling slightly as the kiss deepens. You lightly tug at his chain, the bullet cold between your fingers.

You lose yourself in one another, the kiss getting more heated as you each thirst for more. He moves one leg over you, resting his hands on either side of your head as he hovers over you, his tongue slipping past your lips. You push at the duvet covering him, your hands exploring his soft, broad back. You gently suckle on his lower lip, nibbling slightly, making him groan in appreciation.

You can feel him through his boxers, his boner touching your thigh. Throwing caution into the wind, you slip your hand past the barrier of fabric, taking him into your hand.

He moans quietly as you stroke him for the first time, his lips coming to suckle at your neck. You already know you’re going to have marks tomorrow, but you couldn’t care less, the thought of Jax leaving his mark making you moan. His facial hair tickles at your skin as you pump him, your thumb circling the head of his cock.

“Fuck (Y/N),” He moans, coming back meet his lips with yours. “Let me see you.“ He asks in between kisses, you nodding and taking your hand out of his underwear. Nerves bubble up in your stomach, worries that he’ll be repulsed by you when he sees you bare. You try to shake them off, knowing you’ll only ruin it for yourself if you don’t.

He starts to kiss down your body, peppering your collar bones with kisses. He grasps one of the straps of your tank top between his teeth, pulling it down leisurely. He uses his fingers to push it the rest of the way down, helping you to slip it off your arm completely. He repeats the process with the other strap, still making sure to grace your skin with his lips, every step of the way.

Once both of your arms are free, he looks at you, silently asking if it’s OK to continue. You grant him permission, your body hot and flustered from his attention.

He starts to pull down the top of your tank, exposing your breasts. He kisses the tops of them, leaving his marks all over, before he takes one of your nipples in his mouth. His hand comes up to knead the other, his fingers pinching and twisting at the bud. Your hands find home in his hair, lightly tugging at the locks as you close your eyes, reveling in the pleasure.

He continues his path, his hands pushing down your top, shorts and underwear as he kisses your stomach. You use your feet to remove the three items of clothing, you laying bare in front of him, him just in his black underwear.

He looks you up and down, his eyes drinking you in. “Damn, you’re so beautiful. How have I only just realised what a perfect woman I’ve had in front of me all this time?”

Your heart could burst, his words slipping through your ears and repeating themselves in your mind. Was this actually happening?

A soft kiss placed on your forehead brings you back to reality, Jax running his thumb across your lips before placing a gentle kiss there, too.

He sighs deeply, your full attention on him, waiting to see what he has to say. “I just want you to know, I don’t want this to be just sex. Just a one time thing. I want you to be my girl. You’ve stuck by me through so much shit, always looking after me and making sure I’m alright.“

“Abel loves you, my mom loves you, she’s been bugging me for months to grow some balls and ask you out. I guess I was just scared. Everyone I care about seems to leave, or get taken from me.” He swallows, a nervous expression on his face.

“I’m not going anywhere, Jackson. Sure, something could happen to me, but something could happen to any of us. Life is too short to be worrying constantly. I’ve been in love with you since the day I met you at TM when you purposely broke my break light so you could to give me a ride home.“ You tease, bringing your lips up to meet his.

He laughs loudly, your soul singing at the wonderful sound. “You knew about that? I thought it was pretty clever to be honest.” He boasts, nuzzling into your neck, placing a single kiss on your sweet spot.

You run your hand down his chest, his firm abs making you hum in appreciation. The sexual tension is immediately back, his teeth pulling at your skin as you wrap you push down the last piece of clothing. Your legs wrap around his waist, your hand slipping between the two of you to bring his shaft to your entrance.

No words are spoken as he pushes into you, your tight, warm walls taking all of him. Your mouth parts in pleasure, a gasp escaping as Jax grazes his beard against your skin, both of you basking in the feeling of him inside you.

You squeeze his biceps as he draws out, thrusting back into you deeply, your your nails probably leaving crescent shaped marks. He rests his forehead against yours, his lips hovering over yours but not touching. His thrusts are perfectly timed, long and deep, your body sinking into the sheets as he fills you up completely.

“Jax…“ You pant, your legs pulling him into you, your body arching to meet his thrusts.

“I know, baby.” His hand comes down to rub your clit, his lips kissing you once more. You’re a mess, hair sprawled on the pillow, perspiration droplets on your forehead. But you’ve never felt more beautiful, more cherished.

Your nails scratch at his back as you come, stars clouding your vision. Your walls clench around his cock, the sensation causing him to moan into your mouth. You’re overcome with pleasure, your whole body on cloud nine as you ride out your high.

“(Y/N), I’m gonna come.” He whispers, your teeth sucking where his jaw meets his neck, making a mark of your own. You tug at his blonde locks, scratching lightly at his scalp. With a grunt, you feel his warm liquid spill inside of you, your legs pulling him I’m deep. He kisses you deeply, passionately, once more before pulling out of you slowly and rolling over on his back. He covers you over with the duvet, pulling you into his side and kissing the top of your head.

You both lay in silence for a moment, taking everything in. You smile to yourself, tracing random patterns on his chest.

“I think I could get used to this.” He breaks the silence, his chest vibrating as he speaks.

You look up at him, a small smile present on his lips. “Me too.”

A/N - DAMNNNN I’ve spent like 4 days writing this! Quite happy with the outcome. Sorry if I do a lot of Jax, he’s my fave and I figure who could say no to him? ;) I got such an amazing response to my Happy imagine that I thought I’d include smut in this one too. Sorry if there are any mistakes, I just want to finally get this posted! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Xx

Welcome to Sakaar

Loki x Reader

“Are you a fighter or are you food?”

Loki looked at the figures in front of him: “I am inedible, I am afraid, but surely, my touch could kill you.” He raised his hand and let it turn blue and with a sly grin he then asked: “So before you do something you will regret later, show me the king of this realm.”

“You really have no clue where you are, don’t you?”, one of the figures asked, “The way you talk, hell, even the way you’re dressed, like a prince who for the first time in his life left his golden cage.” The figure pointed to a large tower in the back: “Grandmaster. He’s sorta the boss around here.”

“Thank you, gentlemen”, Loki replied and turned around, “Have fun strolling through the debris here.”


There were only a few factors in life Loki relied on - his silver tongue being one of them. Not even an hour later, somehow, he had manged to arrange a meeting with the Grandmaster. Loki wasn’t sure what he had expected, but he didn’t expect that guy to be the master of anything.

“Well, clearly, you’re not from around here”, the Grandmaster stated when he looked at the black-haired man.

Loki laughed and replied: “Absolutely not. I am Loki of Asgard. It is an honour.”


“Asgard”, Loki repeated, hiding his confusion, “Odin’s realm, the highest of the nine realms.”

“Last time I checked, there was no Odin, but what do I know, I’m like millions of years old”

“You don’t look like it, I must say”, Loki replied.

“Ah, you flatter me”, the Grandmaster replied, “Hey, what did you say your name was?”


“Well, Loki, given there’s no real way off his intergalactic dumping ground, I can offer you a room in this humble mansion of mine. Let me call a servant!”


“You called, Grandmaster?”, a young y/s/c woman asked who wore a purple dress with silver accessories.

“Bring him to room 231 and show him the facility”, the Grandmaster said and made a gesture with his hands to signal that she should do it promptly.

“Come on”, she said to Loki and opened the door that led to a hallway. “You’re on floor 45 now, which is the Grandmaster’s private floor. On floor -1, you can enter the stadium where the fights take place.”

“What fights?”

“Gladiator fights. Though, at the moment, it isn’t highly interesting. That green thing just smashes his opponents to dust”, the woman replied unimpressed. Then she realised that Loki’s face changed to disbelief.

“Green thing? Does it have a name?”

“Of course, why are you asking?”, Y/N replied confused, “he refers to himself as Hulk.”

“Oh dear”, Loki muttered.

“Do you know him? I can bring you to him if you want-”

“Absolutely NOT.”

Y/N looked at the guy next to her: “Let me guess. He smashed you?”

“Wipe that grin of your face”, he huffed, “I’m not a god.”

“Yes”, Y/N replied, “That’s exactly what you are, isn’t it?”

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow: “How-”

“I wear an ear piece that connects me to the Grandmaster. I heard your conversation. He has been here for decades, forgetting about the outside worlds, but I remember”, Y/N said quietly, “Anyways. Your room is on floor 23.”


“So you know about Asgard, and you know my name. So it is only fair that you tell me your name and origin”, Loki said when Y/N showed him his room.

“I grew up on Xandar. And my name is Y/N”, Y/N said dryly.

“And you left for this place because you like serving an isolated, incredibly old man?” Loki questioned sarcastically.

“I left cause of war”, Y/N pressed her lips together, “This place was my final destination, it seems.”

“You seem really happy”, Loki stated ironically.

“It is what it is, an intergalactic dumping ground. But at least, it is at peace. And insignificant enough not to attract an attacker”, Y/N replied with a shrug, “But why did you leave the golden castle?”

Loki looked at the ceiling: “I suppose because of war, too. Though I doubt we have the capacity to fight one in the first place.”

“It takes some getting used to, but life here isn’t too bad”, Y/N then said, “Especially if the Grandmaster likes you. He’s kinda a narcissist. So tell him he looks like 30 and you’ll be good to go. And yeah, go watch the fights with him. He really likes those.”

“Why are you helping me?”, he questioned sceptically.

“Because politics doesn’t matter here”, Y/N replied, “And I don’t lose anything if the old guy likes you.”

Y/N turned around to leave him in his room.


Y/N turned around: “What?”

“Thank you.”

Y/N nodded with a slim smile: “You’re welcome.”

@ultrarebelheart I hope you like this! and I hope this is kinda what you wanted^^ thanks so much for the shoutout on your second blog, that made my day!

hightide-s  asked:

Story of meeting tay?


I met Taylor Swift on December the 11th 2013 during the RED Era.

I had entered a ‘25 words or less’ competition ran by Frontier Touring on Facebook. I entered because I believe you gotta be in it to win it! But the chances of winning were very low since there was only 1 winner per Australian state that she had a show in!

As soon as presale was open I bought the cheapest tickets to her RED tour in Perth, Western Australia. At the time I had no friends who shared my love for Taylor Swift (way before I met my soul mate @child-of-swift ) so I was planning on just going by myself. Classic me lol.

On the 20th of May 2013, I got a phone call from an unknown number. I answered and a lady greeted me. She asked me how I was and asked me if I was sitting down. I said “I’m good thank you! And sure I can sit down”. As soon as I sat down, my heart started beating so incredibly fast and I knew It was either going to be something really bad (probably like a parking fine) or really good. She asked me if I remembered entering a Frontier Competition on Facebook and I laughed and said Yeah, of course, I enter them all!. She laughed with me and then straight up said “Well I just wanted to call you and let you know that you’ve won a double pass to her RED show in Perth and also you have won a meet and greet to meet Taylor Swift before the show!”. I literally cried and lost my breath at the same time. I remember saying over and over “Thank you thank you thank you-you don’t know how much this means to me!”. At this point I was now laying on the floor in absolute tears. We hung out and I called my mum and I cried even more.

The Perth show was on the 11th of December 2013, and I remember it so clearly to this day. I had my lyrics written up my arm, a homemade t-shirt and bright red lips. We had been contacted a week prior to the show via email and told where to meet before the show. Standing in line to get into the room, I was shaking and on the verge of crying, but I was smiling so much. I remember I saw Mama Swift walk past with a group people and I nearly died. She was doing a pre-show tour of the grounds with some fans. Everything started to hit me.

There was about 30 of us in the line to meet her. We were told to leave all our bags and belongings on this table outside the room and to enter the room quietly. I walked in and realised straight away that it was the Club Red room! It had a little bar, a photo booth and lots of photos on the wall. It was so gorgeous. There was a small curtained off area and a photographer standing in front of it. As the curtain opened to let the people in front of me in, I saw Taylor and AGAIN I NEARLY FUCKING DIED. I’ve never so smiled so much in my life, I was borderline hysterical and so excited.

It was finally my time to go in and have my turn. One of the staff members opened the curtain, Taylor turned to me with a huge smile and said “Hii!”. I literally ran straight into her arms and gave her the biggest hug ever. Still, the best hug of my life and I wanted to never let go. I was literally lost for words and in absolute shock that I was meeting the women who had been in my life since I was 11 and inspired me every day. Taylor asked me how I was and we had a small chat, which to be honest was just me trying to get words out because i was an absolute mess. I told her “I’m working really hard with my photography because my goal is to be your photographer one day!”, she gave me another big smile and told me “Keep working hard ok, you’ll get there.” Then we got ushered into a photo by the professional. I told her “Thank you so much!” and she said, “No thank you!”. I was given two signed posters, and a business card that had my code to get my meet and greet photo and I was guided out of the room.

As soon as I got out, I burst into tears. Like smiling ear to ear and crying my eyes out. I never thought that something this important to me would ever actually happened to me. As we were walking down the ramp I saw her guitarist, Paul Sidoti standing near a tent eating some ice cream out of a plastic bowl. I literally nearly fell over and let out a small “omg” under my breath. Through my tears, I smiled at him and he walked over to me *cue me dying again* and said hello to me. We had a quick chat, I told him I had just met Taylor and he said “Isn’t she great!” before getting a quick photo together.

I walked over the merch van and started lining up so that I could get a shirt before the show. I called my Mum, and told her everything through a lot of tears. When I finished speaking to my Mum, someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was a mother and her probably 8-year-old daughter. They were so lovely and the little girl was so shy but her mum said that it was so lovely hearing me speak to my mum on the phone. I realised I had these two signed posters and obviously I only needed 1 so I bent down and offered the 2nd poster to the little girl and she just smiled ear to ear at me and thanked me. She was so cute.

So yeah that was the story of me meeting Taylor. I was so unprepared and choked up a lot and I feel like I forgot to tell her so so many things because I was basically in a state of shock! But I am so grateful to have met her, had the chance to thank her and to tell her my dream.

and hey @taylorswift if you need still need a photographer for the reputation tour I’M READY FOR IT!

One of Those Days  [ R.M ]

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader

Request: Can I request a super fluffy Reggie x Reader? The reader had a shit day b her parents are overbearing and expect a lot from her and get mad bc she messed up and they yell at her. Also she’s been studying and swarmed with homework and she goes to Reggie bc she wants cuddles and she tells him about her day and he just listens then reassures her that she’s doing her best and that he’s proud of her and then he makes her take a break from of everything by napping/ cuddling with him


Word Count: 890

Warnings: Some fluff mostly

A/N: Ok I apologise for how much this sucks; I was basically dying when I wrote this. Anyways, I hope this is what was wanted!

“What’s been wrong with you lately?” Reggie blurts, fiddling with the strap of his bag on his shoulder. It was a usual thing for him to walk you home once the both of you have finished the day at school (of course, along with any extra curricular activities) ever since the two of you had started dating. Reggie would usually swing an arm over your shoulder or lazily conjoin your fingers with his but he kept to himself today. He noticed how tense you’ve been and he didn’t want to do anything that had the possibility of making you feel uncomfortable.

“What do you mean?” You mumble, not bothering to meet his questioning gaze. You knew exactly what he meant, but you just didn’t want to talk to him about it. Besides, you thought you were fine to deal with it alone.

“You’ve been acting weird lately. Like, distant,” Reggie explains, “or as if something’s bothering you.”

“I-uh, I don’t want to talk about it.” You mumble, your eyes falling to the gravel underneath your feet.

There was something that had been bothering you and as much as you wanted to deny it, you knew that Reggie wouldn’t buy any excuses. You’re parents had been on your back more than usual and had been expecting more and more from you. They had yelled at you last night and that had set you in a bad mood ever since. As well as having overbearing parents, you had been pretty sure you’d been drowning in homework and studies. You were more than just stressed out and you’re days have repeatedly been bad ones.

“Yeah, well,” Reggie rolls his eyes. “I want to hear about it.”

“Reggie, not now. I just want to rest.”

“You can rest at my place.” Reggie interlaces his fingers with yours, quickly pulling you in the direction of his house rather than yours. You don’t bother protest.

It barely takes you five minutes to arrive at his house. As soon as the two of you step through the door, Reggie grabs an armful of snacks from the kitchen before dragging you to his bedroom. You take a seat on his bed, placing your bag on the floor.

“It’s one of those days,” You say once Reggie has settled himself beside you, resting your head on his chest and flinging his arm around your shoulders. “Where I feel like I’ve achieved nothing at all. But like, for almost the past whole week. My parents are asking too much of me, Reggie, I can’t keep up.”

Reggie doesn’t say anything. He just nods, placing a small kiss on your forehead and caressing your shoulder with his thumb. You were thankful for his silence–it was an indication that he was listening and not just letting you speak at him rather than to him.

“Apparently, I’m not doing enough. Apparently, I need to try harder or I’m not doing anything correctly. And, damn it, I’ve been trying so hard but all they’re doing is reminding me that I’m just not enough.”

“Don’t listen to that, please. Try and shut it out because it’s not true. You’re so much more than just ‘enough’, you hear me? Don’t you ever doubt that.” Reggie frowns, his gaze becoming more intense as he waits for you to carry on. He knew that you needed to let it out sooner or later.

“Try as I might, I can’t keep my mind off of my worries,” You mumble, taking his free hand in between your own. You fiddle with his fingers, lacing and detangling them between your own. It was a comforting action for the both of you. “And last night, my mom and dad yelled at me because my grades weren’t as they would have liked. I tried my best but they don’t care. Honestly, Reggie, I feel like I’m a disappointment to them.”

“Think ‘bout it this way, being a disappointment is better than you think. No one else will have any high standards of you. So, when you do something cool, everyone is amazed,” Reggie smirks. He shakes his head, flashing you a small smile. “Okay, but seriously, babe. You’re not a disappointment to anyone and you never will be.”

“I just–I want to run away. I don’t want to deal with any of this. Even though I know that these bad days will pass by soon enough and I’ll have good days again.”

“Run away?” Reggie watches you fiddle with his fingers, his head leaning on yours, which still rested against his chest. He chuckles, knowing that you didn’t really mean it. You could feel the vibrations of his chest against your ear. “Do you really think that is the right way to go about things?”

“It was too much for me to handle, but I think it’ll be alright.”

“Hm,” Reggie hums, running his fingers lightly through your hair as he nods. He pecks your cheeks, noticing your eyelid begin to droop. Neither of you realised just how tired you were up until now. “Go to sleep, sweetheart. You’re tired.”

You fall asleep with your arms and legs tangled between Reggie’s. A small smile lingers on your lips, even in your sleep and Reggie’s fingers in your hair lull you into one of the most peaceful sleeps you’ve had in quite some time.

Dim Rooms & Daddy Kinks

Genre: Smut

A/N: Thank you so much, sweet anon!! I genuinely adored this prompt so much and loved writing this!! Thank you for reading my first proper fic on this blog!

Word Count: 2420

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Age Gaps (Dan’s 17 and Phil’s 21) that’s really it

You can read this and my other older fics on AO3 here

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Force For Thought

Producer Ram Bergman tells Richard Edwards how The Last Jedi is pushing the boundaries of a Star Wars movie. — SFX Magazine, Winter 2017

Usually when SFX speaks to a filmmaker a couple of months ahead of their blockbuster’s release, they’re hectically running around fiddling with scores, signing off the colour grading, or making a last dash to finalise effects shots. So it’s something of a surprise when The Last Jedi producer Ram Bergman tells SFX, “We finished the movie, there’s just clean-ups here and there, working on the DVD, press, things like that. But the film’s basically done.”

We’re going to take that as a big positive ahead of Episode VIII’s arrival - along with the fact that all of the behind-the-scenes buzz around the project has been, well, good.

We’re the first to admit that big studios aren’t generally in the habit of spreading anything but messages of harmony and love ahead of their blockbusters landing in cinemas, but the rebooted Star Wars galaxy has had to deal with more than its fair share of backstage shenanigans since Disney bought the keys to the Millennium Falcon back in 2012. Indeed, from all the (not officially confirmed) rumours about Gareth Edwards’s diminished role on Rogue One to full-on director swaps on Episode IX and Han’s solo movie Solo, it’s only JJ Abrams on The Force Awakens and now The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson who’ve made it to the end in one piece.

“Rian wrote the script and people really loved it,” Bergman recalls. “That was as simple as I can say. When Rian was hired, JJ was essentially just a month into filming, so there were not really any guidelines for us - we just had the script that JJ was filming and dailies of what they were doing. Then at some point in the writing process, we basically told the studio where it’s going to go and everybody seemed to be on board. It was the month after JJ finished filming the movie when we delivered the script, and Kathy [Kennedy, Lucasfilm head] and the studio loved it. The first draft is probably 90% of the movie that we ended up shooting a year later.”

For anyone looking into that galaxy far, far away, that seems like a wise strategy. With high-school noir Brick and tricksy time-travel thriller Looper - two of the most memorable films of the 21st century - Johnson proved himself to be a quirky, idiosyncratic auteur with a great ear for snappy dialogue. Why hire such an exciting talent - albeit one who has no previous experience of a mega-budget blockbuster - and ask him to churn out another studio sequel, unless you’re desperate to play safe? But was there ever a danger that Johnson might have pushed the story too far?

“There were some things where you say, ‘Oh shit, they’re never going to let us do this!’ but they totally did, and I think everybody realised that it’s probably what it needed.” says Bergman. “And everybody was like, ‘Don’t be safe.’ To the credit of Kathy, and Bob Iger and Alan Horn [Disney CEO and chairman, respectively] and all those guys, they never tried to push us towards the safe. Whatever we pitched, whatever Rian said he wanted to do, they completely supported, and I think they understood why it needed to be that way. So definitely, Rian had the vision, but you have to give credit to the people on top; they had the vision to actually say yes, we need to shake it up a bit ”

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