and i quite liked bane so

The more I know about Qui-Gon Jinn the more I realise he didn’t just annoy the Jedi Council, he was quite literally the bane of their existence

He was a master diplomat to the point that Obi-Wan spent more of his padawan years off-planet jumping wars and disputes with Qui-Gon than most other padawans, but at the same time, Qui-Gon apparently “looks like a bantha and smells like a Rodian.”

So let’s say a smushy Core planet puts in a request for Jedi presence at their planetary elections, and instead of a well-groomed, masterly Jedi (were they expecting something like 30-year-old Obi-Wan Kenobi? They probably were) they get a 1.93 metre giant with uncombed hair hanging down to his waist, wearing tunics that seem to be clean but don’t seem to be at the same time, smelling like he just climbed out of an outer-rim catina, who bows perfectly and then starts cracking their governmental system open one flaw at a time, like a - well - bantha in a china shop-

-with a perfectly-groomed, not-one-hair-out-of-place tiny padawan by his side. Said padawan’s dimples solve nearly as many problems as his master’s diplomatic skills do.

But we only wanted someone to oversee our elections! They cry. We didn’t ask for this!

Could we have sent someone else, the Council deliberates.

Then we would have to have kept the Jinn-Kenobi pair here, someone points out.

Oh, good point, Mace Windu says. Everything’s perfect the way it is.

Let’s talk about 2x15

Okay, so I know a lot (if not all) of us are freaking out with those 2x15 stills, me included, and like a lot of you pointed out looks like they are wearing the same outfit from 1x12, meaning this could be a flashback. 

BUT, I’m a piece of shit and I had to be 100% sure those were the same outfits and here is what I noticed:

Magnus is wearing the same robe, but in 1x12, he was also wearing another shirt under it. The necklaces and rings are different too. Plus on the new still he has a white streak on his hair that he didn’t have in 1x12. (Also in the other stills that he’s with the red shirt he’s wearing the same necklace and the make up is the same from the blue robe still.)

Now Alec. His shirt has the same color, but the collar of them are different, so it’s not the exact same shirt. 

My conclusion is: I have more reasons to believe this is not a flashback scene and just a coincidence than the opposite. Yes, Todd said we would have a Magnus flashback from season 1 and that would involve Alec, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Alec will be in the flashback. He could be talking about him. Also, I don’t believe they would be this sloppy and make such a stupid continuity mistake. 

Another thing to point out is that by 1x12 they didn’t have the intimacy that they’re showing on the stills. I think it’s also worth mentioning that last episode (2x13) Alec was wearing the same shirt he wore in 1x04, so they could be doing the same thing with Magnus. And, if you think about it, Alec is always wearing the same type of clothes *3 different green sweaters this season*, so it only makes sense he has 5 different shirts with the same color. 

Anyways this is all speculation and I could be 100% right or 100% wrong. Let’s just calm down with the theories and see what happens. Be safe people! :)

i know alec and magnus are way too professional for this, but imagine them having little domestics at the council meetings like “we can’t forget why we’re here.” “oh, yes. forgetting things can be quite awful, can’t it? like purpose, goals, the food on the stove so that the whole apartment smells of burned food.” “that was one time!” “the whole apartment!”


Holy fuck this episode was intense

I don’t even know where to begin… 

I loved the scene between Maryse and Jace, she finally realized that Jace is the same person he’s always been no matter what.

Alec letting Maryse know that he and Magnus is a package deal

Magnus being all cute and protective over Max’s party. And his eyes 


Still haven’t quite figured out this thing between Izzy and Raphael, but i kind of like it. You know, minus the fact that Izzy is hooked on vampire venom.

Magnus being all badass using his magic

So Climon happened

And we learned that Clary has pure Angel blood

A big shout out to Matthew’s acting, it was so on point tonight

I wan’t to show you guys what we have on the books. I don’t want to ruin the experience when you’re watching it but look at the books that Magnus has, he’s encyclopedia, he has “The Washing of The Spears” by Donald R. Morris and “A History of The Modern World” which yes he’s seen himself but it’s good to have um.. to see…it’s almost like a little diary in a way, “Handbook of Experimental Immunology” and um… so he’s got quite the collection of books and I think he’s read all of them.
—  Harry Shum Jr showing us Magnus’ books
malec drabble 2

just malec being fluffy and cute in bed for no reason at all (but let’s be honest, we want something along these lines to happen in the show)

The light from the window was burning bright on my eyelids. I knew I should have been up already, I always seemed to get up before the sun was high in the sky. Today seemed to be different.

I could feel the heat of Magnus laying next to me. When I looked over, he was gazing at me with a fond look in his eyes. I gave him a bright smile and leaned in, kissing him gently and raised a hand to brush against his cheek.

“Well good morning to you too, Alexander.” He was full-out smiling now and giving me a cheeky look. He sounded like he’d been awake for quite some time.

“You’re up early,” I noted and turned on my side.

He followed my movements and turned on his side, nodding. “I’ve been up for a few hours. I ate a bit ago. I was debating about pestering you to join me but you looked so comfy here in bed.”

I groaned and rolled my eyes in the way I always did when I was mildly annoyed. “You should have woken me up.”

He didn’t seem the least bit offended by my actions and continued to smile beautifully. “Nonsense, Alexander. You needed the rest. You didn’t get back in until late last night. You deserve the sleep you got.” His hand rested on my waist and his thumb rubbed circles on the uncovered part of my hip. “And besides, I refused to disturb someone who looked so angelic and peaceful.”

I felt the same smile fall across my face that always seemed attached to it when Magnus felt the need to throw out compliments without a care. Of course the blood rush followed. “Thank you,” I whispered.

He gave me a confused look.

“For being here for me, for caring about me, for loving me. Just thank you for being you, Magnus.”

He leaned in and placed another kiss to my lips and shook his head. “Thank you, Alexander.”

Before I could question him, he was speaking again. “Thank you for being exactly what I needed. For loving me through my bad-qualities and being you. You continue to surprise me.”

I gave him the most serious look I could muster after just waking up, “In good ways, I hope.”

He laughed and his head titled back slightly but then he was nodding and surging forwards again to kiss me. “I love you, you stupid Nephilim.”

I pushed off of my back and crawled over top of him, placing my hands beside his head and leaning down to kiss him slowly, to savour the moment. “As I love you.”

Angel of the morning

A/N so i know that there has been quite a few fics (all terrific, by the way)of Alec and Magnus waking up together and this is another one *groans loudly* but i just couldn’t help myself so here is my contribution to add to the list. Hope you enjoy it and please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think or give me any further prompts that you would like to see as a fic.

The smile curved Alec’s lips even before his eyes were open. Even though he was facing away from the window he could feel the warmth of the morning sun heating the skin of his back and he rolled the muscles, reveling in the luxurious feel of it like a large jungle cat in a sun spot.

He slowly raised his eye lids, taking in the sight before him that had him feeling like a big goofy idiot.

Magnus’ body created a sensual landscape below the red satin sheets and matching quilt. Long legs and narrow hips gently sloped upwards from the foot of the bed. A gentle fall, down to the slight dip of a waist; a contradiction of soft skin and firm muscle. Although he couldn’t see them, Alec knew the corrugations of Magnus’ ribs came next and he closed his eyes briefly, remembering how his hand had undulated over their surface the night before. So damned sexy.

There was yet another rise and then the sudden hill of a broad shoulder, the arm and hand extended outwards in the bed between them as if it were reaching for something. Something, or someone, Alec thought. The soft silky sheet stopped there and the rounded fall of the top of Magnus’ shoulder lay bare. The tanned skin glowing in the morning light. The temptation to lean over and place soft warm kisses against it was almost overwhelming but Alec managed to keep himself in check so his boyfriend could sleep and he could continue his admiration. Just.

The ascent of his beautiful neck led to the angle of a firm jaw, proud and strong even in sleep. His eyes had finally reached his face, that handsome, exotic countenance, that he could quite happily stare at for the rest of his days. He took it all in; the elegant dark curve of each eyebrow, the slightly curved almond shape of each closed eye with their fringe of black lashes. The slope of a small nose, that begged for tiny kisses on its tip and then the perfect cupid’s bow of pink lips.

Alec loved how serene and relaxed Magnus looked in his sleep, all previous worries and stresses banished into the void of a deep restful slumber. By the angel, how had he gotten so lucky, he thought to himself as he continued his adoration. He clutched at the top of the sheet, his fingers gripping the slippery material so hard, his knuckles turned white. No, he can’t touch him and wake him up, he looked way too peaceful and the last few weeks had been so hard on him.

Oh, but those soft pink lips, slightly parted, warm air escaping from them were just so irresistible.

Alec bit his bottom lip in thought. Just one light little kiss wouldn’t hurt, would it? He was sure he could do that without disturbing him. No, no, he shouldn’t it wasn’t fair to wake him up when he was so sound asleep.

Just then Magnus stirred in his sleep; his smooth brow furrowed just a little and he murmured something unintelligible before rolling onto his back, his face still turned towards Alec. Alec stilled and looked hopefully at him. Was he finally waking up?

Magnus made no further sound or movement and Alec couldn’t help the slight pang of disappointment that hit him. He settled back against his pillow again, his eyes never leaving him once, however. After another five minutes of silence and internal arguing, it got the better of him and he moved carefully closer and then raised himself onto one runed forearm. He smiled as he looked down into the face of the man he loved and he doubted that there would ever be a sunrise or even a sunset that he would see that could make him feel the way he did when he looked at that face. He lowered himself, millimetre by excruciating millimetre, to that beautiful mouth and ever so lightly, touched its surface with his own.

It was the very barest of contact between them but it was enough for Alec to feel the thrill of it travel from his head to his toes. Before he had even realised he was doing it, his hand had come up to gently brush a few errant strands of dark hair from Magnus’ forehead. Alec repressed a moan of pleasure as he felt the softness beneath his fingertips. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, taking in the scent that was Magnus Bane, a scent that was like no other and he would know even if he was blindfolded and in a room full of other people.

Magnus made no indication that he had been disturbed so Alec felt emboldened enough try again. He dampened his lips with the tip of his tongue and took his mouth again, this time lingering a little longer than he had before, the feeling of their sweet softness too good to rush away from.

Magnus gave a quiet purr deep within his throat and Alec’ eyes flew open to see a definite curve framed by his thin goatee. He went to pull back, now feeling guilty for waking him up but a slender fingered hand had gone to the back of his neck, pulling him back down so their lips met for a third time.

This kiss had more definition than the last two and Alec could feel the difference straight away. Their mouths worked in tandem to each other and each movement filled Alec with a warmth that no other source could ever hope to achieve. He allowed his hand to go back up to rest against the side of Magnus’ face, his thumb brushing the surface of his cheek bone, hard below the smooth skin. He could feel another hand at the back of his shoulder, pressed firmly onto the working muscle as if it were trying to hold it in place.

The tip of a wet tongue flicked out to touch his bottom lip, sending sparks firing through him and he deepened the kiss even more. God, he could never get enough of this, Alec thought as his entire nervous system began to fire up. A soft sound from below told him that Magnus was feeling the same way. The pressure of their lips increased as did each of their breaths that were now coming in deep draws of air through noses that were mashed against each other. Alec felt like a drowning man that had finally been given the air that his lungs had been craving and he took in as much of the precious gift as his body would allow.

A few minutes later, they had finally had their fill of each other enough that they could allow themselves to break the addictive contact that they shared. Magnus’ delicate eyelids raised slowly and his deep chocolate brown eyes latched onto Alec’s hazel ones as if there were a homing device hidden behind them. His hand left the back of his neck to come around to rest near his stubbled jaw, his soft fingers moving slowly over the roughness. He was smiling with so much feeling, Alec wasn’t sure the shaft of morning sunlight through the curtains could ever hope to compete with the way it lit his whole face.

“Good morning, my love.” He purred softly.

“Good morning to you too. I’m sorry for waking you.” Alec confessed. The smile got bigger somehow.

“Never apologise for loving me that much, Alexander. I could never be angry with you for waking me up like that as long as you promise me one thing.”  Alec smiled down at him and raised an eyebrow in expectation.

“I would promise you anything.” He said softly.

“That you let me wake you up the same way sometime.”

Alec gave a soft laugh and felt a burst of heat go through him at the delicious thought.

“Anytime you like, babe. I love you.” He whispered and took his mouth again this time the kiss was soft and delicate and filled with emotion.

“I love you too, Alexander.” Magnus said between kisses and allowed himself to be filled with the unique radiance that was the essence of their love for each other.


Burn Your Fears Away

“You can fight me and watch your friends die,” Valentine said.

Alec tasted blood.

He watched Jace’s eyes flit from him to Clary to Isabelle, all around the room the Circle members had dragged them to. The seraph blade’s medal pressed a dangerous chill to his neck and Alec saw Jace stare at it.

Magnus shifted beside him. “Ah, just as dramatic as I remember,” he said.

All eyes turned to the warlock. Alec’s burned as he tried to get a good look at him, trying to warn him to stop even as he bit back the words on his tongue.

Valentine’s cold eyes swept over Magnus’s face before he shifted his stance, resting his blade in front of him with his hands folded over the hilt. He smiled.

“Magnus Bane,” Valentine said. “It has been a while.”

Magnus tilted his head to the side just so, racking his eyes over Valentine’s body. “It doesn’t feel that long ago to me,” he said, “but it must to you. You did always look quite like a potato, but I must say you haven’t aged well.”

Isabelle made a choked sound, Simon’s jaw all but hit the ground. Jace’s mismatched eyes grew three times their size and Clary ducked her chin towards the Circle members arm, hiding a smile.

The Circle member that held his blade to Magnus’ throat jerked him roughly, pressing the sword even closer.

“Mag –” Alec hissed, but Magnus twisted slightly, sending him a warning look.

Valentine let out a little laugh, taking a step forward. “And you look ever the same,” he sneered. “How’s the wound I gave you last time we met? Healing well? I know even you foul warlocks have a hard time fixing damage done by seraph blades.”

Keep reading

malec oneshot 1

Hmm, Alec in Magnus’s clothes because I really want this.

Inspired by a damn sentence in a oneshot I saw on ao3 (No I don’t remember the name of said oneshot.). Screw you ao3. xoxo

Alec hated being flashy. He hated the attention it brought and he hated the way people would approach him, like he was actually approachable.

The thought of actually attempting to socialize with another person was downright disturbing to him.

Okay, so maybe he’s being a bit dramatic. He obviously was social enough to get his incredibly adorable boyfriend, Magnus Bane, to approach him. But in all honestly, being flashy just wasn’t Alec’s thing.

And today of course seemed to hate Alec. Of course it did, the universe was quite a bitch to Alec as of lately.

Yesterday when he was out with Magnus, he had accidentally fallen into a puddle on the sidewalk. Magnus had hid behind his hand to stifle a laugh but nonetheless helped his clumsy boyfriend clean up. It was simple water (okay maybe it was a bit muddy) and dried fairly quick.

That wasn’t the worst. No, of course it wasn’t.

He then continued his terrible luck streak at the restaurant they were at. He spilled his soda everywhere. He remembers embarrassingly mumbling sorry over and over again to not only the waitress, but also to his giggling boyfriend. He sat through lunch with sopping sticky pants.

After the terrible lunch accident, they stopped to buy Alec a new pair of pants. He had been fine with it and thought the bad luck was over.

Too much to hope for.

They had decided to go for some ice cream. Just as they got their cones and were walking away, Alec’s ice cream tipped and plopped right on his shirt. He was embarrassed for the third time that day and his mean boyfriend was laughing at his misery in the background.

Alec walked back to Magnus’s place with a permanent pout.

He thought he had some clothes he had left over from random visits but he was wrong. He had shrugged it off and just went around shirtless the rest of the night. (Magnus had no complaints obviously.)

And thats how he got into the predicament he was in now.

He had woken up, showered, and dressed again only to remember his ice cream destroyed shirt.

Magnus thought it was a blessing and instantly went searching his flashy wardrobe. He yanked plenty of shirts out, observing them all with a thoughtful face. Alec sat on the bed with another permanent pout across his face.

He loved his boyfriend, he really really love his boyfriend. He loved him so much that he came out to his parents by kissing him in front of them at his wedding. But no matter how much he adored his boyfriend, he couldn’t see himself wearing his sparkely and flashy shirts.

“You can’t just portal me back to my room in the institute?” Alec gave his boy the best puppy eyes he could.

Magnus titled his head back and gave the pouty Shadowhunter a small smile and gave him a simple no. “Where’s the fun in that, Alexander?”

Alec grumbled and flopped back on the bed with a groan.

Magnus made a sound of pure happiness and success as he pulled out a dark blue tank-top with sparkly letters written across the top. He skipped to the bed and laid the shirt on Alec’s stomach.

Alec held the shirt up and slowly read the words. “‘I love my BF’? Was this worn for someone else?” He questioned in a teasing tone but gave Magnus a serious face.

His boyfriend’s eyes widened and he shook his head with a nervous look on his face.

Alec laughed and lifted the shirt, shaking his head fondly, before tugging it on. “I’m kidding. Calm down.”

Magnus pouted but bounced onto Alec and leaned down, kissing him deeply. “You look really good in my clothes. Well, my shirt at least,” he mumbled.

Alec shook his head and leaned back up to kiss Magnus again. “Izzy is never gonna let me live this down.”

And Magnus laughed again.

- - -

Alec walked into the institute slowly. People were rushing around and looking up things on the screens. He glanced around quickly and made a dash for the hallways to get to his room when he saw neither Izzy nor Jace.

“By the angel, is that Alec Lightwood in a navy blue shirt with sparkles?”

He froze, closed his eyes, and clenched his fist, muttering curse words under his breath before spinning around. Clary was standing behind him with a smirk on her face and arms crossed.

“Who managed to convnice you to wear this?” She questioned.

“I had a lot of…misfortunes last night. My shirt was ruined and I didn’t have any spares. I borrowed one of Magnus’s.”

“He couldn’t just use his,” she waved her hands around dramatically, “to get you one of your own?”

Alec grumbled again. “He refused too.”

She laughed and moved around him, heading for the hallways. “Oh, and by the way, Izzy and Jace both already took pictures of you to harass you with.” She sprinted off.

“Thanks a lot, Clary! Really!” He screamed before rubbing his head and mumbling angrily.

He took off towards the hallways and finally made it to his room. He fingered the shirt and couldn’t help but smile at the writing across it. He may hate flashy but he definitely loved his boyfriend like the shirt insisted.

shadowhunters 2x18,regarding malec.

Okay so I just came up with the most cliché,terrible,cheesy,romeo and juliet-like plot ever.Like,its actually quite embarrassing.But I am going to write it down anyway.(oh god this is terrible)

possible spoilers.

So both Luke and Magnus are summoned by the Seelie queen,they are summoned specifically because of their “associations” with shadowhunters.
The Queen, in her adult form,questions their loyalty to the downworld and their roles as leaders,claiming they have grown too attached to their shadowhunters “friends”.They assure her that they are very much devoted to their people and duty,and their new found alliance with the shadowhunters has had positive reactions from both sides.It is going well.(I want Luke to get some good lines in this scene.)

The Seelie Queen remains unconvinced,she gives the whole”stick to your own kind”speech she gave Simon.Saying,once again,that Shadowhunters will always choose their own.At this Magnus speaks up,”With all due respect your majesty,but that is not always the case”.
Magnus is of course talking about Alec,but knows better than to mention his Shadowhunter-boyfriend to the Seelie Queen.The Queen tilts her head slightly and stares at him with intrigued and questioning eyes.And Magnus stares right back at her,his cat eyes meeting her gaze boldly.(idk I just wanna see his eyes again) Then the queen chuckles and breaks their staring contest.Magnus releases a breath he didn’t realize he had been holding,but is still on guard.

The Queen speaks again”It seems I cannot compel you to see reason and choose the winning side,not with your……..strings to these shadowhunters at least”.
She gives a signal to her guards to escort Magnus and Luke out,indicating their audiance is over.Magnus and Luke are ready to leave the court room when the queen calls Magnus’ name.He turns towards her and she gives him an eery smile”Magnus Bane,you should know better than to grow attached to mortals,their lives are so fleeting,so easily…………..snuffed out.”
“Wait how do you-…..what do you mean by that?”
Magnus demands.
But the queen says nothing more and her smile only widens,she turns on her heel and makes her way out of the court room.

Magnus then realizes the meaning behind her words,and he starts to run.He faintly hears Luke calling and running after him.He moves through the forrest eyes frantically searching for the exit of this cursed realm.His mind repeating the same sentence over and over again”:He is fine,he is fine,he is fine
He spots the portal and jumps through it.As soon as he sets foot on New York ground again, he makes a portal to the institute,while calling Alec’s number,but Alec doesn’t answer. He arrives at the institute and is met with a bloodbath.
”Oh god”

Okay thats all I got for now.
I cant believe I actually posted this,tell me what you think.   

Shadowhunters s02e11

OMG, if this episode is an indication of what Slavkin & Swimmer can do given free reign, then I’M ALL FOR IT! Wonderful episode!

First, the thing that I didn’t care about much: Simon and the Daylighter thing. I just don’t really care about it. 

And now to the good stuff!

  • Luke’s new partner Ollie? I think her girlfriend will be the girl that Maia attacked when she and Luke met for the first time. And that’s why Ollie was taking pics of her, she remembered her GF’s description of her attacker. It might follow a similar path like the short story in the Bane Chronicles, the one with Alec and Magnus’ first date and the rabid wolf. It would also bring in the praetor lupus.
  • Maia. Thank you for being your likable self in this episode. When you’re not foaming at the mouth, you’re quite a chill gal!
  • The Malec kiss. And the Malec investigation. Nice. 
  • The body-swap plot. Interesting. Reserving my judgment until I see how it’s handled and how long it’ll take to solve it (hopefully 1ep!)
  • The great demon summoning. That was so cool. And it didn’t look cheap like in 104, thank the gods above!
  • The Valentine-Clary-Jace convo. The Valentine-Imogen convo. Nice!
  • Izzy and Raphael and the fact that he told her no. Thank you, Raphael!

And now to the EXCELLENT, OMG, DID YOU SEE THAT?!?! stuff:

  • The parabatai sparring scene. Holy smokes that looked intimate as hell. Matt & Dom’s chemistry is OFF the frickin’ charts. You could actually FEEL them having fun! 
  • The parabatai hug! First Jace goes all “NO HUGGING!” with Simon and then he literally melts into Alec’s arms. Goshy, goshy, goshy! *rolls on the floor*
  • Alec and Izzy. That was SO BEAUTIFUL! All of their scenes!
  • Sebastian. WHAT A CREEPY DUDE! Fantastic. And I do think that he was burning his hand to keep his fury in check when he heard Izzy talk to Alec - the guy who murdered his mother! He’s nutso enough not to care that Alec was possessed. 
  • AZAZEL! HOLY SMOKES! For the first time ever, there’s a really frickin’ dangerous enemy on the show. THIS is a a Greater Demon!

Best season premiere yet, hands down! As an Alec fan, I got everything I wanted!


“Places like this are where the Argentine Tango was traditionally danced,” Magnus finally says. He extends his arms, slowly smiling. “You like tradition, don’t you, Alexander?”

- “Eyes On Me” (chapter 3) by @clockworkswans

This gives me so many feels - it’s so lovely and my favorite part from this amazing fic!!

I tried a new style, inspired by @phildrawsfanart’s amazing work. And as you can see, I couldn’t quite decide which background color I liked best…

Good going Freeform

I for one like not knowing what is going to happen to Alec and Magnus in 2B quite yet.
It makes me intrigued to watch and that’s the whole point of it isn’t it? Right?

Relax and don’t listen to those people screaming Malec is getting sidelined. Basing what you know of 4 trailers that together arent even 2 minutes long (in retrospect of a 42 minute episode) is bullshit.

If you think like that, quit the show, go to youtube, make a Malec playlist throw all the Season 1 and Season 2A moments on there, wait for the 2B moments and voila. You have your Malec show. Problem solved.

Sometimes two wrongs make a twisted right

                                                Short author’s note

In no way am I a real writer, it’s just something I dabble in for fun sometimes, so don’t judge harshly lol I just had this  modern rosvolio AU idea so yeah…happy reading :)

Rosaline Capulet could not believe it!! Her cousin wouldn’t be so foolish as to get married straight out of college and to a Montague no less.  There had been a long lasting feud between the Capulets and Montagues for as long as both families could remember. To hate a Capulet or a Montague was like the rite of passage to both families, so imagine Juliet’s mother’s reaction when on their weekly Saturday dinner Juliet announced she was engaged. At first the whole clan couldn’t have been happier for their dear Juliet, but things changed the moment Rosaline’s cousin revealed the lucky man’s name: Romeo Montague. Let’s just say the evening went downhill from there. But Rosaline had to hand it to her cousin, Juliet was nothing if not determined when she wanted something there was no way of stopping her. No matter how much both Juliet and Romeo’s families tried to “talk some sense” into the young couple nothing seemed to work. The disasterous feud their families have been apart of had  no significance to the two lovebirds. As much as Rosaline tried to intervene with her common sense and logic it seemed Juliet was already a lost cause.

“Please, cousin, do not be foolish, it’s a short lived affection and nothing more. He is a Montague after all”. Rosaline’s tongue curled in deep disgust at the mention of her family’s rivals.

“Ah, Rose so you know the deepest parts of my heart, do you now? Maybe someone who hasn’t had a date in two years shouldn’t be giving love advice”. Juliet’s not so subtle jab didn’t go unnoticed as Rosaline rolled her eyes at her cousin’s comment.

“You very well know that’s a choice! Men are overrated anyways”. Juliet couldn’t help, but laugh from her friend.

To a hopeless romantic like Juliet love was the main thing that kept the world spinning, but Rosaline? She was quite more practical and lived in the  ’‘real world’’ as she put it. She was never one to get sentimental easily, when girls at high school were pining over boys Rosaline looked the other way. Rosaline figured she would know when she met someone she clicked with and never really thought about it again. The clicking part had yet to happen, but if it never did Rosaline wasn’t one of those girls whose life would be ruined if she didn’t have a boyfriend to prance around with.

“You need to give Romeo a chance, Rose! You’ll see he will fit right in”. A sneaky smile appeared on Juliet’s face, a smile she wore when she was up to something.

“I sure hope so. I mean I feel for the poor lad already, he will have to survive your mother’s wrath and hey on the bright side if he does not you won’t have a groom to marry”. The only response Rosaline got from Juliet was a pillow to her head.

“Hey! Don’t shoot the messanger dear cousin. I mean I wholeheartedly think that you’re crazy, but I expect to be a maid of honor and nothing less will suffice”.

Juliet knew that it was Rosaline’s way of giving her blessing and a thankful smile appeared on her pale lips. They rarely agreed on anything, but they were family and Juliet needed all the support she could get.

“Of course, how could you not? Oh, and wait till you meet the best man! Very easy on the eyes…I think you two would be a perfect match”. Juliet sent a flirty wink Rosaline’s way.

“Okay, cupid I think you should concentrate on your own relationship, not mine”. With a pointed look Rosaline rose from the bed.

“You will like Ben, you’ll see”.

“Ben?? as in Benvolio Montague??!”. Usually composed Rosaline in a blink of an eye turned into a mad woman the second she heard his name.

“You know of him?”. Juliet wore a puzzled expression.

“You can say that…” A low growl left Rosaline’s lips and if looks could kill…well, poor Juliet would be dead already.

“Doesn’t seem like you two were on friendly terms”. Juliet stated trying to avoid Rosaline’s gleaming eyes.

“Of course we weren’t! What Montague and Capulet are? Oh, well apart from you and Romeo. That bastard was the bane of my existence in college. I swear if I see him ever again I’ll poke his eyes out with a fork and hang the rest of his remains on a pole”.

“Wow there’s major pent up frustration from your side, Rose. What did he do to you?”. Juliet asked quite intrigued. It was weird to see her as ever composed cousin so disheveled just from hearing Benvolio’s name.

“What didn’t he do to me? I swear that man is the most annoying, self centered, playboy there is! If that’s the company Romeo keeps I doubt he’s any good for you”. Rosaline was already on one of her long rants and Juliet knew better than to interupt her now. That didn’t mean she was listening to a single thing though…No the young Juliet was planning a scheme. She wouldn’t have her wedding ruined just because of a little squabble between these two hotheads. In Juliet’s romanticized dream world she even believed that Rosaline and Benvolio could be still star crossed lovers…

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I just realized a weird parallel between Shane and Kai—they were both characters essentially written for Bonnie and were ruined by including other characters from the series in their storylines because their relevance pretty much only has to do with Bonnie and to do otherwise seemed forced. Also they were both potential dark ships for her that didn't get explored because, well you know the writers. The big difference is Bonkai is otp while Bane is meant to end as a learning experience.

Oookay, after I read this ask, I had a moment where I was all like

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It was great. Tbh, I wasn’t a huge Shane fan, his relationship with Bonnie kinda wigged me out. But I love that you shared this and the things it made me think.

Shane and Kai would also be contemporaries in age and paralleled each other in that both of them exposed Bonnie to facets of her family history she didn’t know and might not have learned if she hadn’t met them. Both of them being older men who definitely brought out darker sides in Bon, gave them both a very devil-in-paradise mystique. Lol Eve in the garden with two snakes. Honestly, I think it says a lot about Bonnie that she was drawn to them in this almost sexual way. It was a very adult and visceral attraction that she didn’t really have with Ben, Jeremy, Enzo, or Luka, which were all a bit more - idk. Innocent? I can’t quite find the appropriate word, but it was very puppy-like, while her attraction to Shane and Kai was definitely more magnetized.

A really cool way that they opposed each other is that they brought out her darkness in very opposite ways. Shane did so through control, by manipulating and mentoring her through Expression. Meanwhile, Kai did so through entropy, igniting these wild reactions and really overactive emotions in Bonnie. Order vs chaos, ya know? I definitely agree that Bonkai is endgame material and Bane (lol, that ship name) was that one relationship you look back on like “oh fuck, what was I thinking?” - I am a bit biased though.

Thanks so much for this ask nonny, you got me all in meta mode!

  • Alec: *clears his throat*
  • All of them other boys can walk away
  • They ain't even in the game
  • 'Cause they know that you own it
  • You got this swag, you got this attitude
  • Wanna hear you say my name
  • 'Cause you got me...
  • Flying with your love, shining with your love, riding with your love.
  • I feel like I'm on top of the world with your love.
  • One hit with your love. Can't quit with your love. So sick but so what?
  • I feel like I'm on top of the world with your love.
  • Magnus: *stunned out of his wits*
  • Isabelle: Alec has grown up. So much. You make me proud, brother.
  • Jace: Who is this and what have you done to the real Alec? *glares at Magnus*

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