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Future Writings

I was tagged quite a while ago by @canumoveyourseatup-no and @abovethesmokestacks who are both wonderful and amazing. I’m just never on time for anything, sorry about me. :) 

So here we go! Fics I’m currently working on or hope to get to soon, but no timeline or promises my life is still a mess. ha. 

Leave This Town Series (Mechanic!Bucky AU) (continuing)

- To be finished in the next few weeks. No idea when cause I keep adding parts! Whoops. :D

The Lucky One Series  (continuing)

-Yes, I will be finishing this series! Hopefully after LTT. I love it too, I just haven’t had time. Oy. 

Into the Fire (Chef!Bucky Drabble Series)

- “They say that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but in the restaurant industry, it’s a man’s world. Being the only woman in the kitchen at a new pastry chef job wouldn’t be so bad, except the Sous Chef, Bucky, seems to have it out for you. After your last disastrous job, can you make this one work? And what does Bucky have against you? It’s out of the frying pan and into the fire!” [Enemies to Lovers. Based on my life experience. Again. heh.]

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Flour Girl (Bucky AU Drabble Series)

-”Discovering the cute guy you just flirted with was the heir of a rival bakery, you suddenly find yourself running into him all over the city. Can your small boutique bakery compete? And how do you deal with the guy whose guts you happen to hate? Luckily you’re distracted by a secret admirer…But who is he?” [Loosely based on “You’ve Got Mail” and I’m excited y’all :D ]

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Untitled Jefferson (OUAT) Fic - Enhanced!Reader x Jefferson

- “You had seen him around the village and knew some of his story, but after seeing the man in the market with his daughter, you felt compelled to help him. However, he may not want anything to do with you. Will your powers help or hurt your chances of making him see a different path?[This will be my first fic outside the MCU and I’m excited :D ]

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So there’s a little taste of future fics! Once again, I can’t promise when most of these will happen but I’m pretty jazzed about them so I really hope life will settle down soon so I can write more often. Love you guys!

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I saw @schnelly post about how they’ve been on the Neotag for 3 years and they’ve grown up on the tag and it made me wonder how long I’ve been here.

July 13th 2012 was my very first post to the tag. I’d lurked for awhile beforehand because I was googling offsite neo-stuff when I came across @neopianangst blog, who was the first blog I followed and the first blog that followed me.

I’m just over 5 years here now and sadly, a lot of my old friends are no longer here or are, but no longer posting on the tag. Five years means you guys saw me through a lot of shit. 5 out of Lily’s 6 birthday’s I’ve been on the tag with quite a few of you watching her grow up. A good number of you were there for me when her dad walked out and I completely lost my shit, and even before then that when I went through all the shit that lead up to our breakup. I still have the ice bat and Lady Raincorn stuffies that I got from, I believe, Yorkie. In fact, Lily still sleeps with Lady Rainicorn. You’ve seen me through five (now six) moves and going to college (and subsequently dropping out when Mike took off). You’ve seen me go through heartbreaks and lose friends and grow to someone I am finally (many many moons later) proud to be.

We’ve been through drama blogs and toxic people. We’ve gone through five hellish years of the AC and GMC. We’ve sat up on tinychat doing stupid shit or watching youtube videos.

And I love you all. The veteran taggers who’ve been there with me since day one, right up to my newest followers. All  1,533 of you (The 1,534th follower is a porn blog and I don’t love them but I hope they do well in life.). And I hope each and every single one of you gets everything your hearts desire. You’re amazing people and never let anyone take that from you.

/end sentimental drivel. 

30 questions tag

Tagged by @thechoi-choi - Danke Schoen (spelling? I quit German like 10 years ago)

1. Nicknames: Nah, none really 

2. Gender: Femme 
3. Star sign: Gemini!
4. Height: 178 cm / 5ft 10″
5. Time: 1050 
6. Birthday: May 28th 

7. favorite bands: for this is a kpop blog, my kpop faves: Shinee BigBang Exo (minus kokoflop) f(x) SNSD Red Velvet …. 
8. favorite solo artists: Seungri, Hyoyeon, Jessica, Taemin, Jay Park, Dean, Jessi…  

9. Song stuck in my head: RingDingDong
10. Last movie watched: Fiction: Dr Strange. Documentary: Betting On Zero
11. Last show watched: Pasión De Gavilanes. Don’t judge.

12. When did i create my blog: a year ago today!
13. What do i post: shitposting, my writings, hyping my fave blogs, love for Choi Bingu Seunghyun TOP king of my world 
14. Last thing googled: How to spell Mapplethorpe
15. do you have other blogs: I want to open one for my study milestones/diary.

16. Do you get asks: Yes and I LOVE THEM

17. Why did u choose your url: Because the pouty lips on Chanyeol are beautiful.

18. Following: 215
19. Followers: Damn near close 2.5l
20. Favorite colors: gree

21. Average hours of sleep: I average 6 on a good day. Sometimes I have to nap in the middle of the day to make up for bad sleep.
22. Lucky number: 28

23. Instruments: I had to learn the flute in school, and then in high school we could pick so I chose guitar.
24. What am I wearing: my surgery shoe because my foot is swollen. White tank top. Black tennis skirt. 

25. How many blankets I sleep with: now, 1 summer duvet, 1 warm blooded husband, 1 hairy husky. The other hairy husky doesn’t like the bed.

26. Dream job: tbh honest i dont care anymore I just hope that I will get my traineeship, I want financial security

27. Dream trip: I wanna go to SoKor with @sindrafalcone !!!! And Fiji/Virgin Islands with my husband, but if money is tight we’ll make do with Hawaii.

28. Favorite food: sushi, mashed potatoes, my vegan burgers.
29. Nationality: Española 
30. Favorite song now: Red Velvet - Zoo

I’m tagging everyone who is reading this. YOU YEAH YOU. 

Highlights from Michael Chu’s AMA
  • Fareeha ‘Pharah’ Amari is a classic rock fan (’I am the Rocket Queen!’)

  • About the family Reaper was looking at in Reflections, Chu states that ‘it’s not a random family’.

  • Not every hero will get a short. But all of them will get new interactions

  • Someday they’ll actually do the birthdays of the heroes, “but probably not soon just to make sure we don’t accidentally make some date mistakes in continuity" - Chu

  • Chu states that he would also love to explore more of Hanzo’s story, both before the fight with Genji, and after Dragons, to see what his reaction to confronting his brother again is

  • Genji’s father gave him the nickname of Sparrow, and Sparrow was actually the nickname the devs used for him while Genji was in development

  • It’s still up in the air who answers Overwatch’s recall, and who doesn’t

  • The omnic language is not easily translatable to English. It’s not intended to be a language that humans (who haven’t been augmented) could read easily

  • The Hero short takes place right around the time of the Recall

  • Tracer is apparently, a fan of Diego Costa (and maybe even Chelsea?)

  • There is, apparently, a lot of lore that has been worked out but not
    revealed to the public

  • Examples of this include when they create a new hero/map/story, there is a lot of backstory behind it that they don’t reveal, and will reveal over time

  • Mei and Efi are the best ‘doodlers’ (drawers) in the game
  • Mei loves beef noodle soup
  • Apparently, Torbjörn has a pretty interesting cat that may or may not have a jetpack on it

  • Lúcio gets intense whenever Brazil plays Argentina. (Maybe he’s just tired of hearing Decime qué se siente so much.)

  • Chu also says that moving forward, some of the characters who have been underdeveloped will see some attention, and there will be a focus on Talon as well

  • There will also be further exploration of Widowmaker, and her tragic backstory

  • The Human Hating Gorillas on the moon, like the moon more than they do the earth. So they don’t want to come back down here

  • Revisiting the subject about who knows Reaper’s identity in the current timeline of Overwatch: “To clarify about the Reaper/Reyes thing, yes it is because they have not met in the ‘current day’ of Overwatch. The interactions in the game are meant to be what ifs. I do think that McCree would known that Reaper was Reyes if he encountered him.”

  • And finally, the answer to the most important question of all was never answered:

The world may never know.

The full AMA is right here if you’re interested in reading it.


※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.  


make me choose:
↳anon asked jihan or jicheol [cr. 1]

q: jisoo do you have something you want to say to jeonghan?
joshua: i love you ♡ (trans)

You know, reading @whitefire321′s post gave me another opportunity to draw background Camilla and here she is

drawing commission for Brittany


lavi for best wingman 


u kno they dead



Books read in 2017:  Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

I just sort of want to say something before we continue. You probably think that Aled Last and I are going to fall in love or something. Since he is a boy and I am a girl. I just wanted to say – We don’t. That’s all.


More Women than Warriors by @steklir  (moodboard)

“The first time Clarke sees the Head Girl she’s sitting on a throne, presiding over her dominion with a piercing stare and a crown of braids in her hair. Her warriors are spread at her feet, a multitude of them, all long-haired and wild and clad in identical brown regalia. There’s something of the sacred about her, like the crimson cloak draped across her shoulders and her divinity are one and the same.

Or at least it feels that way”

British girls’ boarding school AU. Obviously.