and i put my hands up

“Oh my God! You’re Harry Styles and Y/N!” You heard one fan gasp as you and Harry walked hand in hand, window shopping in LA.

You turned around, facing the girl and almost crying when you saw the puppy in her arms, “How are you? And how are you?” You said the latter in a baby voice, approaching her to pet the dog, “Harry, baby, look how cute he is!”

Harry chuckled, shaking his head at your love for dogs and approaching you and the fan, putting his hand on your waist as you were letting the dog. “Hello,” He smiled at the fan.

“Do you want me to take a picture?” You asked the fan nicely, your hand not leaving the cute puppy.

“Oh my God! Yes! I’m so sorry I’m freaking out right now,” The fan said as she was tearing up.

You cooed and rubbed her back before taking her phone so you could take a picture of her and Harry. “It’s okay, don’t be nervous. We’re just two dorks window shopping.” You said soothingly, “Oh my God, can I hold him?” You asked, pointing at the dog.

“Yes yes! Of course!” She handed you the dog. You balanced him in your arms and still held the phone, taking a photo of the fan and Harry together.

“Wait,” You said as you approached Harry and put one strand of his hair that was sticking up back down, and took the picture again.

“Always got my back.” Harry chuckled.

“Can you take a picture with him? Please, Haz!” You said as you gave the fan her phone and dog back and took your phone out of your pocket.

“We’ll get one like him, baby, we need to go,” Harry laughed.

“Please, Haz! Just one picture!” You pouted.

Harry groaned, “Not fair. You know that face.” He sighed before standing next to the dog in the girl’s arms and smiled.

You took the picture and smiled, “Perfect. Thank you so much.”

“I swear you’re sometimes like an embarrassing mum rather than my girlfriend.” Harry joked once you two left, putting his arm around her shoulders and pulling you closer to him.

“Hm, are you mad about that?” You asked challengingly.

“Couldn’t have it any other way, angel.” He smiled before kissing your forehead.

PART 2! the GOOD part!!

Ok sorry for the absence but I’m back for part 2! So there we were on the couch with my son feeling up my completely exposed tits and me staring at his erection through his shorts. I was so turned on but I had to keep my composure. I started stroking my hand on his thigh and I think it startled him because he took his hands off me and apologized and kind of tried to cover his erection. At that point I was so caught in the moment that I took my shirt completely off and put his hands back on my tits. I told him it was natural for this to happen and t was completely fine. I told him we were just playing so it was okay. I started rubbing his thigh again and I slowly moved my hand over his boner and stroked it through his shorts. It was the most amazing feeling. It was so rock hard and stiff and felt bigger than I expected. I stroked it through his shorts for about a minute while telling him he was a good boy so that he would feel comfortable. He continued to feel my breasts more aggressively now and I could tell he was really getting into it. He seemed a little inexperienced with breasts because of just how crazy he went on mine! He was leaning into them and playing with my nipples it was amazing! He was moaning and squirming and It didn’t last long before he squeezed my tits hard and buried his face into them as he came through his shorts. The cum soaked right through and I could feel it soaking onto my hand. My son and I sat there for a second, him still rubbing my nipples (a little less aggressively now lol) and my hand resting on his cock. He popped his head off my chest once he had realized what happened and started apologizing. I just kept reassuring him how natural it was and that he was my good boy and I loved him. We took our hands off each other and I left my shirt off. I had to go make myself cum because I could feel that I was so wet my shorts were soaked! We both stood up and I told him we could talk about this soon if he would like and he just sort of awkwardly said “okay”. We both said we were tired and I told him how much I loved him and had a great time with him. I turned off the movie that was still playing and with my shirt still off and breasts still out, I hugged my son tight and kissed him hard. This was the best kiss I ever had oh my god it was long and hard. Not exactly making out but it was surely not a close mouthed motherly kiss and I could feel his still pretty hard cock press against me. We parted ways and went to our bedrooms. I made myself cum 4 times extra loud knowing he could hear me. This night was the most erotic experience of my life. I AM STILL IN SUCH AWE OMG! I have been dreaming of this for so long and making myself cum over these thoughts I can’t believe we got this far. This is the best thing to happen and I don’t know how to properly portray how good I all felt. I still do need to talk about it with him just to know how he felt and see if it could ever happen again (because I sure want it to). So I will give updates on when I talk to him and maybe elaborate more on this night because it still seems so surreal to me. But anyways I am so happy and nothing is better than a real mother and son loving each other as much as my son and I. Updates to come later!! I’ll be answering questions if you have any about all of it!


Age: 7

You were lost,  a fun day at the lake with your parents had turned into you wondering off because of a pretty butterfly. It was getting colder and darker by each minute you spend alone away from your parents. “Hey!” you heard a deep voice behind you. You started running but soon the man came and caught you, your small legs couldn’t run that far. “Are you lost?” he asked you and smiled. You stared into his blue eyes and nodded. “I’m Bucky by the way,” he gave you a small smile and lifted you up on his shoulders. “(Y/N),” you mumbled. “Don’t worry I won’t kidnap you, I’m taking you to my friend Steve he’ll know what to do,” Bucky said and kept a tight grip on your ankles.


Age: 5

“Hey you okay?” someone asked and put a hand on your shoulder. You were standing in the middle of the shopping center and had no idea where your mother was. “No,” you said and shook your head, you had been looking at the toys and then when you went back to the place your mother had been last you saw her, she was gone. “Come on let’s find your parents,” he said and took a hold of your hand. 


Age: 9

“Hey you seem lost,” you turned around to see a tall muscular man smiling down at you. “Where are your parents?” he then asked, you were unsure if you wanted to tell the stranger, but he seemed nice. “Don’t have any they died a long time ago, I’m in foster care, but I hate it there though,” you looked down to the ground and kicked a rock. “My name is Steve,” he smiled and stuck a hand out for you to shake. “I’m (Y/N),” you smiled and shook his hand. 


Age: 15

The battle of Sokiovia was happening, your house had collapsed and your family killed by those stupid robots. You had nothing left, everything was gone and so was your way to live. “Jump up on my back, you seem to be the last survivor around here,” the speedster from the Avengers team said. You didn’t move a single bone in your body. He picked you up and sped away with you in his arms.


Age: 4

“Hey there little one, what is such a small cutie doing out here alone?” the man asked. “I’ve always been alone, or that’s how I remember it” you looked at him with big eyes. “Are you hungry or something, it looks like you haven’t been eating like ever,” you nodded and smiled when the man picked you up in his arms. 


Age: 16

You had ended up in New York, out of all places in the country you ended up in New York. It was not like you hated it here, but it was big and you had never been there before. With your backpack hanging down from your back you ended up in front of that stupid tower again. “Hey, you okay over there?” someone asked, you recognized the voice but couldn’t quite figure out who’s it was. You turned around and saw the one and only Tony Stark. “Why do you care?” you snapped not wanting to talk to anybody. “I care because the security cameras of my building have noticed that you’ve been circling the building at least seven times by now, come on let’s go inside,” he said and held the door opened. You just follow the billionaire. 


Age: 14

Natasha had been sent on a mission by Fury to find you. You were the youngest person to leave the red room, and now they wanted to ask you some question. A lot of time had passed since Natasha had been there, but she knew just the right tricks to find you. They had taught you the same things as all the all people who had been there through time and now it was time for Nat to save another soul.


Age: 11

You were terrified, your friends were missing and you didn’t know how to get home. They had forced you to go out with them in the middle of the night, even though your parents had told you to stay at home. It was dark and the batteries in your flashlight had died. Eventually, you found an alley and decided to curl up in the corner. Small sobs escaped your mouth and tears were streaming down your face. “You need help,” a deep, but calming voice asked from the beginning of the alley. You didn’t answer but could feel the person coming closer to you. “Let’s get you inside and get you warm,” he said and carried you inside a building.  

I know that Sam, Vision, Wanda, and Bruce is missing in this one, but I simply couldn’t come up with anything for those. I hope it’s okay

Requested by @princesspeach212

A Cinderella Story (Ethan Dolan)

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I’m really excited for this mini story series, there will be multiple parts so I really hope you guys like it! This is A Cinderella Story featuring our handsome Ethan Dolan!

“y/n get down here.” my step-mother Alice aka the witch calls.

I walk down the stairs to see my two step sisters Anna and Ava standing there with their arms crossed.

“what’s this about?” I asked putting my hands on my hips.

My two step sisters were youtubers, well they were trying to be, nobody really liked their videos, pretty sure my step-mother paid for some of their views. I basically just helped with everything behind the scenes because as my step mommy put it “you’re just not star material.” That didn’t matter to me anyways, my real passion was music.

“well as you know the youtube convention is tomorrow and the girls are worried that you’re going to mess something up.” Alice said.

“me?” I questioned.

“just promise the girls you won’t mess anything up, i’m tired of this conversation.” Alice said looking at her polished nails.

“I promise.” I said rolling my eyes and walking back up the stairs.

I pulled out my phone dialing my fathers number.

“hey squirt.” He says picking up.

My father was a very successful business man so he was away a lot for work.

“nothing much just dealing with the evil witch.“ I said rolling my eyes.  

He didn’t see her real side. She was a completely different person when he was around, it was like we were one big happy family. She was only after his money.

"come on y/n.” My father said.

I could hear the disappointment in his voice. When my mother died he said he didn’t know if he could love again, that was until he found Alice.

“dad she hates me.” I said defending myself.

“she doesn’t hate you, now I have to go, I have a meeting. Be good and have fun at the convention tomorrow.” My dad said hanging up the phone.

I sighed before climbing in my bed. I pulled my song journal out from under my pillow. I had quite a few songs in here, but i’d never get to perform them. That’s all I really wanted. I tucked it back under my pillow before going to sleep for the night. I was awoken with cold water being dumped on me. I jolted out of bed to see Anna and Ava holding a video camera and laughing.

“ha ha very funny.” I said shoving them out of my room and closing the door.

I jumped in the shower and got ready to go to the convention. I was in charge of carrying the bags and getting coffee. We got in the car, driving through the busy streets of LA.

“I hope we get to meet the Dolan Twins.” Anna said gushing to Ava.

“I know me too, cause then Grayson can fall in love with you and Ethan can fall in love with me.” Ava squealed like a obsessed fan.

I scoffed laughing a little bit.

“something funny dear?” Alice asked looking in the rearview mirror at me.  

“nope nothing.” I said biting my tongue.

“AH WE’RE HERE!” Ava screamed, hurting my ears.

I got out looking at the crowded building. I saw a lot of famous youtubers hanging around each other, just talking and laughing. I wish that I could have friends like that, the closest friend that my step mother would allow is Ellis, my step sisters stylist. Ellis hated them just as much as I did, but Alice paid her good money to make the girls look good (and that was a challenge in itself.)

“uh excuse me bag girl, you want to get the bags?” Anna said handing me her suitcase.

I didn’t even have time to fully pick it up before Ava threw hers on top as well. I struggled to carry both of their suitcases and grab Alice’s too. Alice walked ahead while we all followed behind.

“who are you guys?” A tall security guy asked.

“uh excuse me this is Anna and Ava, they’re on the list sir.” Alice snapped.

Geez now I see where the girls get it from.

“who’s that.” The guard asked gesturing to me.

“oh she’s just the help.” Alice scoffed.

The guard left us through. I walked a little bit ahead before completely tripping and dropping all the bags. I was completely embarrassed. I started to push myself off the floor when a hand grabbed my arm helping me up.

“are you okay?” A voice asked.

I looked up and there was thee Ethan Dolan smiling at me. I was a little star struck at first. I’ve watched all their videos. I liked them both but there was just something about Ethan that always stuck out to me. Maybe it was the breath taking smile he was giving me right now.  

“hey are you okay?” Ethan asked again.

“oh yeah uhm I do this all the time.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

Really? Did I really just say that? Ethan let out a laugh. Oh that laugh though.

“well you should probably stop.” He said laughing some more.

“you're right I probably should.” I said not being able to stop the smile that spread on my face.

Ethan reached down and grabbed the suitcases from the floor.

“do you need help with these?” He offered.

I was about to respond but was quickly cut off by Ava.

“oh no she’s got those. Hi i’m Ava and this is Anna. We’re youtubers.” Ava said standing between me and Ethan.

Ethan looked terrified as the girls got in his face.

“uh hey guys actually I have to go find Grayson.” He said awkwardly.

He walked around Ava so he was facing me again.

“I hope I see you around.” He said smiling at me.

I could feel my face start to get hot.

“yeah me too.” I said smiling too.

Ethan walked away. I picked up the suitcases and followed Alice and the girls to our room.

“what was that?” Alice said as we got in the room.

“what was what?” I asked putting the suitcases in their room.

“sweetheart, Ethan Dolan would not be interested in a nobody. He needs to be with a somebody, a somebody like Ava.” Alice said placing her hands on her hips.

“well maybe if the girls didn’t come on so strong, he might’ve actually talked to them.” I snapped.

Alice was taken back a little bit.

“what did you just say to me?” She asked coming closer to me.

“nothing, I’m sorry. I won’t talk to him anymore.” I said looking at the ground.

“good, now be a doll and go fetch us some coffee.” She said clapping her hands together.

I rolled my eyes before grabbing my purse. I walked down to the cafeteria. I ordered their coffee walking them back to the room. I should honestly just spit in all of them. My phone went off signaling that someone was calling. I grabbed it out of my pocket seeing that it was Ellis.

“hey girl.” I answered.

“I’ll be there in a few don’t let the three stooges get you down too much.” She said laughing.

“too bad that already happened.”

I started to tell Ellis the story and wasn’t really paying attention to where I was walking. I felt my body collide against someone else. The coffee slipped from my hand going all over the person.

“I’m so sorry.” I said quickly reaching in my bag for some napkins.

“do you do this all the time too?”

I looked up at Ethan standing there with a now soaked shirt.

“uh Ellis I’ll talk to you later.” I said hanging up the phone.

I turned back to Ethan who was just looking at me.

“wow I really know how to make a first impression.” I said laughing.

“I’m impressed well rather amused.” Ethan said smiling.

“Can I help you clean up?” I asked laughing a little.

He shook his head and we walked to the nearest bathroom. I walked in grabbing some paper towels and ran them under water. I walked back out and Ethan was standing there shirtless. I could feel my face instantly heat up. Ethan smirked handing me his shirt. I started to rub the coffee stain from his shirt.

“I’m so sorry again. I’m normally not this much of a clutz I promise.” I said handing him his shirt back.

“I don’t know you’re pretty convincing. Also I never got your name earlier” Ethan said laughing again.

“it’s y/n.” I said smiling.

“I’m Ethan.” He said smiling back.

I looked at all the coffee on the floor.

“I better go get them more coffee.” I said gesturing to the spilled coffee.

“do you want company y/n?” Ethan asked.

I knew I shouldn’t be talking to him but I didn’t care.

“i’d love some company Ethan.”

We walked down to the cafeteria getting to know each other better. He told me the story of him and Grayson getting bullied for making videos and then how they moved to LA to follow their dreams. I didn’t tell him how I already knew the story, I just let him tell it. I told him about my home life with my evil step mother.

“yeah your step sisters are kind of frightening.” He said laughing.

“you have no idea.” I said rolling my eyes.

Ethan and I talked for awhile. It was easy, it was like we were long lost friends. I laughed at all his stupid jokes and he laughed at mine.

“so why aren’t you a youtuber?” Ethan asked looking at me seriously now.

“well my step-mom says I’m quote not star material.” I said rolling my eyes.

“well I definitely think a face as pretty as yours should be in front of a camera.” Ethan said smiling.

I choked on my sip of coffee. Did thee Ethan Dolan just call me pretty? I was about to respond but we were interrupted by a voice.

“hey bro, I’ve been looking everywhere for you. We have a photo shoot to do.” Grayson said appearing behind us.

“sorry man I guess I just got caught up. This is y/n.” Ethan said gesturing towards me.

“It’s nice to meet you.” I said extending my hand to him.

“it’s nice to meet you too I’m Grayson.” Grayson said smirking and placing his hand in mine.

“hey catch up with you later?” Ethan asked turning towards me.

“of course, but it’d be great not to embarrass myself next time.” I said giggling.

Grayson was looking back and forth between me and Ethan just smirking.

“bye.” Ethan said getting up and walking away with Grayson who was teasing him.

I couldn’t help but smile the whole way back up to the room. I walked in and the girls were standing there with their hands on their hips.

“and just where have you been?” Anna scoffed.

“getting coffee.” I shrugged setting the carrier on the table.

“it doesn’t take an hour and a half to get coffee.” Ava said rolling her eyes.

Anna picks up her coffee taking a sip before spitting it out.

“It’s cold!” She whines.

“that’s why they make microwaves.” I said rolling my eyes.

“come on girls you have an interview.” Alice said not looking up from her smart phone.

“what do you want me to do?” I asked looking at all three of them.

“I don’t know and I don’t care. Just be back for dinner.” Alice said walking out of the room followed by the girls.

I guess I can look around. I walked out of the room and started to look around. I passed a room with a lonely piano in it. I looked around making sure nobody was around before I walked in. I played a couple keys, loving the sound. I pulled out my song book from my purse, sitting it on the stool. I started to play a song I wrote called girl on fire.

song (

I was so in to the music I barely heard anyone coming. I quickly stopped playing before running out a different door. 


“just admit you like her bro.” Grayson said for the hundredth time.

“I just met her dude.” I said rolling my eyes.

Gray has been bugging me ever since he saw me and y/n talking in the cafeteria. I’ll admit she was different then a lot of girls and I definitely wanted to get to know her more but it was way to early to tell. Grayson was still talking when I heard another sound. Someone was singing.

“shut up for a second.” I said listening closer.

It was a girl singing, and playing the piano. I started listening to the words she was saying.

everybody stands as she goes by

cause they can see the flame that’s in her eyes

watch her as she’s lighting up the night

nobody knows that she’s a lonely girl

and it’s a lonely world

but she gonna let it burn baby

burn baby

this girl is on fire

I swear I’ve heard that voice before, but I couldn’t place it with anyone. The words she was singing hit me deep. It was a beautiful sound.

“E what is it?” Grayson asked confused.

“I swear I know that voice.” I said scratching my head.

We followed the voice to a room. Suddenly the playing stopped and the door slammed shut. I walked in the room staring at the piano my mystery girl was just sitting at. I ran my fingers over the keys, they were still warm from where hers were. I smiled to myself thinking of her singing. That’s when I knew I had to find this girl.

part two coming soon!


So since my laptop is still out of commission, and I just got a cosplay for joker, I decided to do a little… Makeup test thing. I’m very proud of the hand! I think all of this turned out pretty good.
All I need now is a wig, and I should be good to go!

hearthawk  asked:

Any spooky stories?

My friends often remark that my house is haunted. I shrug it off because yeah sure whatever they’re just scared of my skull collection.

Well one night I was in bed and I swore that I saw a dark figure looking in from the hallway, resting its hand against the wall and just leaning in. It was right next to my little altar so I figured it wasn’t bad, or at least couldn’t actually do anything, so I forced myself to ignore it and rolled over and fell asleep.

The next day I notice a new smudge on my wall, like a grease stain, near where it was standing. I put my hand out over it, and the little smudges lined up perfectly in the shape of a hand- except a larger hand than mine, and higher up on the wall than I would have easily put there.

I was never able to wash it off. Sometimes Aster looks at it and jumps up over and over as if he’s trying to “catch” it and it weirds me out every freaking time.

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What do you think of the theory going around that Space Azula is Keith's mom?

Talked about it here, the relevant part is: She does not look anywhere remotely old enough to have a 17-19-year-old son. She looks like a teenager-to-twentysomething herself. If we were set on the idea any of Lotor’s generals would turn out to be Keith’s mom I’d frankly put it on Pink Ears, since she’s the one who looks… y’know… actually like a middle-aged woman.

Personally though my inclination right now is to believe Mom Kogane is probably not one of Lotor’s generals- first because that would with low effort hand over a resolution that the heroes haven’t really earned- I just can’t see a parent characterized mainly by giving up her own very personal and highly-valued weapon for the benefit of her son being willing to threaten or attack him.

And second, my beef all along with WG being Keith’s mom is: WG is blatantly a sharpshooter, this show puts incredible emphasis on personalized weapons and Zarkon kept the same weapon for over ten thousand years, and the Blade’s arguable thing is what would seem to be exhaustively trained proficiency with swords. Oh sure, maybe in the last 20-or-so years she changed weapons suddenly except this show puts literally an incredible emphasis on personalized weapons. To the point that Thace, a spy in an especially dangerous position, kept his dang blade close to him. 

So frankly I’m not gonna even really consider someone a candidate to be Keith’s mom unless their main weapon is a sword. WG is a gunner. 

I’m not the biggest supergirl fan (because i know the CW and i’m never gonna put my heart in their hands ever again) but i feel so bad after what i’ve seen, like the worst thing that could happen is to disrespect and mock such a big part of a fandom. What makes me incredibly angry is that they would have never done something like that for a f/m relationship, they would have said ‘oh yes maybe in the future’ because you know f/m friendships don’t exist. I’m honestly and seriously completely fed up with the disrespect that the cw has on lgbt community and while supergirl still had sanvers now we don’t even know what will happen to them since apparently maggie won’t be in many episodes and they are gonna shove that karamel bs in our throats like every other cw shows and i’m over that, i’m over being baited like that and then thrown away like garbage, i’m not gonna spend any more time in a show that doesn’t deserve my attention or the attention of the wonderful lgbt community

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So the dance camp I talked about ended today. I worked hard and I did my best, and I managed to live through it. But now it hit me without mercy. I had a full blown breakdown at this empty train station and cried so hard for so long. I'm so tired, I'm so frustrated... I just want to go home but I missed my train so I have to wait for another one for 3 hours and I won't be home until midnight. Please Levi pick me up. I just can't do this anymore

Get yourself together Cadet. Now is not the time to let your feelings control you. Breath with me. Breath in. 1,2,3. Hold your breath. 4,5. Breath out. Do it with me. Do you feel your heartbeat? Put your hand on your chest, feel how it moves up and down. You are alife. And you will be. You can’t change the situation. But you can try to be calm about it. You will get home. You made it this far and you will go even further. You know I am with you. All the time I am with you. Fight. Fight. Fight… - Levi


behind the scenes for a moment here

that gif was INCREDIBLY hard to make and i almost strained my shoulder doing it LOL

i had to like. hold my phone steady at the exact right angle and also hold hide up so that i could turn him easily and steadily AND ALSO NOT CAST A SHADOW ON IT

so like my arm was in this really weird elbow turned up position while i had to slowly twist my hand around with my thumb and forefinger on the strap to show both sides

it took about 20 attempts before i perfected the motion enough to make the turn smooth and quick

rip my arm lmao i put way too much effort into making that gif

so i hope u guys appreciate it ROFL

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what's some good rat enrichment? I have three poorly bred girls who hate being handled and a double critter nation. they like fishing for frozen peas and tearing apart cardboard tubes but I'd like to give them other stuff. I don't have a huge budget or they'd get more shreddable parrot toys.

It sounds like you already have a pretty good idea! Little cardboard rat houses with treats hidden inside are fun additions, and the way I tamed all my rat boys was with jam. I put a little on a spoon and only let them lick it if they came close and put at least one paw up on my hand. They quickly got to the point where they would clean my nails for me if I sat still and let them lick.

Story Time! DND with FRANCE

So, at my college, I am pat of the DnD club. I joined a campaign done by two of my friends, Ra and V. They made a custom made Miraculous Campaign based on the show Miraculous Ladybug! Ra is @miraculousobsession, she is awesome so go follower her guys! 

Anyhow, my character’s name was Peststar which is a play off a synonym for spider. Her Kawami is a spider of course. So Peststar is like a tiny, female version of Romano, angry, adorable, and useless. 

So at one point in the game, My character was trying to open a window. 

I wear my lanyard all the time at school. You guys saw part of it, the cute picture key-chains of France and China. France broke. He broke in the middle of DnD.

I started saying “Stupid France. Curse you France” as I crawled under the table pick him up. 

I did not put my hand on my head to show I was talking out of characters, and everyone noticed that immediately.

So, Peststar ended up kicking and yelling at a window who’s name is now France. Stupid France window. It wouldn’t open.

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Misa and 31!

31. “Nothing has ever scared me more than being with you”

 Post S5

               Michael has his back against he headboard when Sara wakes, shifting to face her husband. “Michael?”

               “Right here,” He reaches down, resting a hand on her shoulder as she turns to face him.

               “You alright,” she props up on her elbow to look at him.

               He nods, “Not tired tonight,” he offers her a tender smile, “Go back to sleep Sara.”

               “I can stay up,” she pulls herself up, allowing him to put his arms around her shoulders before curling into his side. “Nightmares?”

               He shakes his head, “Not tonight.” He presses his lips to her hair, “You don’t have to stay up with me,”

               “I know,” She reaches up to rest a hand over the arm around her. “But I’ve missed enough nights of comforting you through the fear and pain.” He chuckles, and she frowns. “What?”

               “Nothing,” she can hear his smile. “It’s just, you were the most terrifying thing that’s ever happened to me.”

               “What?” she shifts away just enough to look at him.

               “When I was in Fox River, when I had to be focused on getting Linc out.” He shakes his head, “But when I see you in the infirmary, when we started to talk…when I realized I cared?” his huff was almost a laugh. “That was the single more terrifying moment,” he reached up, cupping her cheek with his free hand. “But it was also the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me.”

               She smiles, turning her head to place a kiss on his palm. “I know what you mean,” He smiles at her sleepy eyes, that little smile she gets whenever he mentions their origin. “And getting you back, getting this,” she leans into him once more. “Was worth every moment.”

               “You mean the world to me Sara,” he whispers. Words that had over time changed from something he feared, to the only reason he kept fighting. She mumbled something he didn’t hear, quickly falling back asleep in his arms.

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ur an amazing writer ur amnesia fic is like no other!! i love how u ended it by tying it all together (although i wouldn't mind an epilogue jk it's not my place to ask) <333

I love this message and I love you

I love that fic dearly and while I don’t think I could write a proper sequel to it, have this instead (sorry I’m on mobile I can’t put this under a read more)

“And this is the store we used to go to?” Niall’s hand is gripping his tight, squeezing then loosening up as they enter the bookstore. They’re the only ones in today, and its blessedly quiet, always do lovely.

“Yeah,” Harry says, smiling softly at him, and Niall’s face lights up at remembering something, no matter how vague or simple.

It’s been a few years. He doesn’t remember everything, doesn’t even remember a lot. Harry had been patient, but when he realized that Niall would never gain his memory back in full, he’d been crushed, and he’d mourned the loss of the life they had. But Niall fell in love with him all the same, because the heart doesn’t so easily forget.

Harry’s always loved him. And Niall wasn’t going to remember everything anymore, but he was still Niall. Second sight, third sight, infinite sights didn’t change him.

Harry had the privilege of falling in love with him again. He counts himself very lucky.

“Oh, this looks good,” Niall let’s go of his hand, goes over to a shelf. Harry’s heart pauses and skips when he picks up the ancient copy of The Little Prince, the same one they have pored over so many times before. He carefully opens to the last few pages, muttering, “Need to go to the last chapter.”

“And why?” Harry asks, so fond and heart feeling so tender. He knows, feels that Niall doesn’t know particularly why he’d picked that book up out of everything in the shop. Just the pull of an old life, but this new one has given him so much joy. He wouldn’t change a thing.

“To see if you’re there,” Niall looks up, so serious.

“Why me?”

“To see if there’s a happy ending, of course,” Niall says, and Harry smiles, beams. Comes forward and kisses him so soundly, he feels it to the tips of his fingers.

“Well, there it is,” Niall grins against his mouth, and Harry mimics it, and he’s not wrong.

some good things about kissing girls:

  • when they cup your face with both hands
  • when they tangle a hand in your hair
  • when they bite your lip
  • when they kiss your NECK
  • when they put their hand on your back. bonus if you’re wearing a crop top and they put their hand right when your skin is exposed
  • when you can feel them smile against you
  • when your lips are tingling afterwards
  • everything?????!?

terrible tiny man/ dinosaur. i hate this. this probably isn’t canon but it is in my heart.


eurgh putting these all together makes me realize how overwhelmingly inconsistent my style is

But Guess! Who! Finally! Has! A! Friend! To! Take! Selfies! With!

One one hand there’s Mari, who doesn’t actually register the fact that she literally is best friends with a model until Alya points it out.

On the other hand there’s Adrien, who is so so so overwhelmingly overjoyed at having a friend and getting a selfie with her that he stays up late to look at that one singular picture. (”I don’t have a crush” my ass.)

I will “””neither confirm nor deny””” the fact that Adrien sleeps wearing the scarf Mari made him. But Nooroo always yells at him like “Adrien quit wearing that to bed you’re gonna choke yourself in the middle of the night”