and i put coloring on there to make it prettier


authors note: when you fall in love, it’s like your eyes are put on a setting that make things brighter and prettier. but also more harsh, scaring you a bit.

“Your sock is on inside out.” He spoke with a smile, and titled his head looking down at her as she put on her brightly colored socks, with elephants on them.

"Oh, I know.” She said simply and smiled.

"Oh.. Okay?” Shawn laughed in confusion but not questioning her weird adorable habits.

"After you wear your favorite pair of socks for a while, they get dirty right? And you can always wash them, but there’s still going to be a stain on them from that time you stepped in paint, or that time you stepped in spilled spaghetti sauce. But if you turn them inside out, you can’t see the stains!” She said cheerfully, now grabbing her sneakers to put those on next.

"Good point. But no ones going to see your socks. I mean.. Right?” Shawn was still confused so he questioned her further, to see what other creative answer she’d give.

"What if we go to someone’s house and they ask us to take our shoes off? What if someone holds us hostage and they take our shoes? You gotta be prepared.” She smiled crookedly as she tied up her shoe laces. Shawn loved all the odd ideas she came up with, and he wished he was able to think with such an open mind like that. And now he wished even more that there was a way to turn people inside out, a way to personally hide your own stains from past experiences. Shawn had a life like that once, where he was able to make a mistake and not tell anyone about it, so only he knew. No big deal right? But with the life he lived now, now the whole world saw all of Shawn’s stains. Of course there were things that some people just would never know. But for the most part, everyone knew everything.

“Ready to go?” Y/N stood up and grabbed her water bottle heading for the door, to start their hike.

“Born ready.” Shawn replied and they were off

It was very warm out, but not too warm, it was perfect for a hike. The trail they were on was long but it was worth the walk. Apparently Y/N had been on the trail before and so she ended up telling stories about it while they walked.

“And so my sister got stung on the head, and my mom got stung right in the eyes! She looked like me when I wake up in the morning!” Y/N laughed and laughed as she walked over the part of the trail where there once was a small beehive under this one rock. She had went with her family and they stepped in the wrong place, so they were all stung. Shawn liked to watch her walk and talk at the same time, especially with her cute running leggings on, and an old t-shirt with a little picture of a mountain on it. Her ponytail swung back and forth, and her hips moved in sync to what she was saying. Sometimes she’d even start singing, and she’d pull on Shawn’s arms trying to get him to sing with her. And so they had sung a few Maroon 5 songs until they finally reached the top of the trail.

The view was breathtaking. And nature was always breathtaking, but for some reason, it was even more beautiful to Shawn as he stared out into the sky, and looked at the trees. Y/N stood next to him, hugging herself before saying, “We made it!” Her smile lit up the cloudy sky and her eyes brightened the colors of the flowers on the ground. Even the dirt seemed attractive, when she picked up a stick and started drawing herself and him together, at the top of the mountain. She wrote her name into the ground and then handed the stick to Shawn.

“Your turn.”

So Shawn laughed but took the stick and wrote his name right next to hers in the dirt. She clapped excitedly and spun around, leaning against the trees. Her smile was radiant, making the green trees in the forest seem greener. More appealing than your average tree. Somehow she turned everyday life into something so lovely and interesting. Shawn was slowly catching himself falling in love with her, and it was scary at first. He wasn’t used to being so happy about everything all the time, and he didn’t know what it meant to feel this way. He wouldn’t normally find himself smiling at things like dirt, or sticks, or a t-shirt with a crappy picture on it. But it all involved her. So here he was, staring at her as she stared at the sky, and this was when he knew, that he wanted everything else in his daily life to be this beautiful. He wanted to be with her all the time. He was in love with her and he only hoped that she felt the same.

subtle charm for your window

i recently came up with an idea for a simple charm/spell that im gonna share here step for step. it can be used for any intention, and can be put on any glassy surface.

the two most important things youll need are window paint like this

youll need one for the outlines (i have a black one here) and for coloring the inside you can use as many colors as you want. these are usually available in any art supply store or even really basic stores for school and crafts supplies for children (i think theyre not more than 2$ per tube usually but not sure)

then youll also need a sheet protector (the things you use for keeping papers and documents and stuff) like this

apart from those two things, all you need is stuff to help charge your charm, what you use for that is completely up to you- it can be herbs, spices, rocks, feathers, tarot cards, literally anything that you can fit into the sheet protector works. just pick some things that you have available and correspond with your intended purpose and youll be fine.


so first what you need to do is decide what image you want to use. it can be any animal, plant, object, symbol, it can even depict a person or deity. you dont really need artistic skills for this as long as the image you pick isnt too complicated.

all you gotta do then is paint your chosen image on the sheet protector

since i am making my charm for protection and warding off evil spirits, and they are also my favorite plants, i decided to go with a cactus as my image.

heres what it looks like when the outlines are done

this will take approximately an hour or a little more to dry (as you can see i put a sheet of paper inside the sheet protector. thats because i drew the cactus on the paper first so all id have to do is trace the lines, to make it easier)

after an hour of drying you can fill in the colors as well

then it should look like this (or hopefully yours will be prettier and not as messy as mine lmao)

once youre done painting your image, you can take all your ingredients you wanna charge it with into the sheet protector (i already did that in the above image). i used various herbs and spices, a cactus needle, a rune stone, and i also wrote my intention on a piece of paper and folded it up and put it in as well.

the finished painting will take around 24 hours to completely dry. simply let it sit with all the ingredients inside like that, and let it charge.

once the whole thing is dry, you can just pull the picture off of the plastic (it shouldnt be hard to do but it can rip if youre forceful) and then stick it to a window, or any glassy surface (you dont need any glue or whatever, these colors are specifically made for sticking to glass by themselves once theyre dry)

there you go! a simple charm that you can put on any glassy surface.


what i specifically like about this is

- that it can be used by closeted witches as well since no one will be suspicious about it, and even if someone asks about it you can just say its for decorative purpose.

- that you can use any motive that fits your purpose, be it a plant, animal, person, deity, symbol, etc. if you dont have to hide your craft you can even just flat out use a sigil

- you can charge it with anything you like, so if youre naturally more drawn to herbs you can just use that, or if you feel more comfortable using rocks, use those. anything that works for you, and fits into the sheet protector, will do just fine.

- it can fit many different purposes, depending on what you charge it with. for windows id suggest things that deal with either protection and warding, or things like inviting spirits/friendly people/customers/etc into you home, for mirrors you could use them to boost confidence/beauty/etc, or for car windows (in places where they dont have any impact on your view of course) they can be charged with safety, protecting you from accidents, or helping with quick rides and avoiding getting stuck in traffic. basically, whatever you can come up with, and whatever resonates with you, you can use.


if anyone wants to do this for themselves and decides to share it on here, feel free to tag me in it! id love to see what you guys do with it, and what you come up with.


Grand Admiral Thrawn


And I don’t mean better as in making prettier pictures. You can do all of this AT YOUR CURRENT LEVEL OF SKILL.

1- Go over all your drawings and stuff, may they be on paper or computer. Select the ones you like. Separate in piles: best work, cool work, good idea, need to be worked on. FINISH THEM.
2- Print them. With a good color printer, no margin (cut them yourself if necessary). Put your favorites in frames (dollar store has a lot, buy document and diploma frames for 8,5x11 pics). Go to Staples if you don’t have a printer. Don’t forget: with bleed margins, gloss paper.
3- Make a paper portfolio. Nothing big or complicated, just a binder and clear sheets. Travel with it. When people ask “Oh, you’re an artist? What do you draw?” You’ll have an example of your best work to show off.
3,5- If you need to make something professional, put it together on Photoshop and bind it, with cover page and everything.
4- Get an online portfolio. Yourname dot com. Go to sites like to make it look professional, or get a friendly neighboorhood graphic designer to make it. Good art needs good presentation. Ask a professional.
5- Make calling cards. Your name, your dot com, your email. A detail of your best drawing. Leave them with people that seem interested.
6- Get a professional facebook page so people on there can follow you. With a catchy name (mine is Talhi Design). Very important if your family and school friends are there. Make them follow you. They’re proud of knowing an artist, never forget your first social circle. Keep them updated and interested in what you do.
7- Tumblr, twitter, facebook, etc are your friends. Get accounts in what you’re comfortable. All under the same name if possible.
8- Make accounts on sites like Redbubble or ArtofWhere or others like that. Upload your designs. Spend a couple of days doing that at first, and them upload once in a while. You’ll never know if a design will sell if you don’t put it up for sale. Even if you only make a couple of dollars a month from them, it’s always more money than nothing.
9- Your doodles, bring them all, take the best and make a doodlebook. Everything is good if you give it the right presentation.
10- FINISH YOUR STUFF. May it be drawings, comics, anything, THE BEST KIND OF WORK IS A FINISHED WORK.







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What would Doing the Boyfriend does my makeup/I do my boyfriends makeup Tag Video with Jackson, BamBam, and Mark Be like? (:

Oh god, this would be so fun.

Them doing your makeup:

Jackson— a disaster. He’s going to make you look like a clown! There would be lipstick on your teeth, eye shadow on your forehead and eyeliner on your nose. He would be using all of the wrong brushes for each of the products and he would use a foundation three times darker than your actual color. He’s not even trying; he’d be filling in your eyebrows super thick and drawing a unibrow on you. At the end he’d be laughing so hard that there’d be tears in his eyes, but then he’ll give you a peck on the lips, getting some of your lip stick on his lips. Then he’d say between laughs, “Don’t worry, babe. I still think you look good.”

Bambam would be so confused! There’s so many different brushes, so many different colors to choose from—what does he use? He’d be asking you questions throughout it all, holding up a foundation stick or an eyelash curler, “What is this?!” Bambam would be using eyebrow pencils as your eyeliner and a foundation stick as your lipstick. Then when it’s done he’ll look at you and cringe. “Ugh, you look hideous! Don’t ever let me do this again…”

Mark would do the best job out of all three, believe it or not. He wouldn’t know what he was doing, but he would actually make you look somewhat decent at the end! He’d stray away from using bold colors, (unlike Jackson) he’d use softer ones like light pink or light brown. He’d also keep the makeup down to a minimum, only using the basics like eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and possibly some lip gloss. You’d be surprised at how well the makeover turned out! Who knows, maybe if he agrees you’ll have your own personal stylist~


You doing their makeup: (if you actually manage to get them to do it)

Jackson would be joking around throughout the entire process. “Make me look pretty, okay? And choose a color that’ll bring out my eyes.” He’d be really picky too. “Don’t use that color! Use the darker one!” He’d be squirming around a lot, making it hard for you to concentrate/focus. And at the end he would be checking himself out approvingly. “Hmm, I think I look prettier than you now.”

Bambam would be pouting when you put the makeup on him because he wants to feel manly, not girly! “No! Don’t put that on my face!” he’d whine but would let you put it on him regardless. He’d tell you to go easy on him and only put a little makeup on his face. He’d be frowning the whole time, constantly asking when you’d finally be done. Tsk, he’d be so impatient. When you’re finally done he’d see himself and cringe. “…Is that really me?”

And as usual, Mark would be quiet like always. He would be the most calm, being a good boy and sitting still as you put lipstick on him or curl his lashes. He’d make a few comments here and there like, “How do I look?” or “That feels really weird…” When you’re done he’ll look at himself in the mirror and make a face. “Wow, you actually managed to make me look like a girl…” He’d let you take one picture of him but then he’d take it off right away.

sometimes (all the time actually) I think back to how nasty the black males in my high school treated me because they thought I was ugly and then on top of that I was quiet so basically I was an easy target.

it astonishes me how unbelievably awful black males will be to black girls they don’t find pretty. particularly darkskinned girls. like I was literally treated like a fucking animal. less than a human being. they would go out of their way to make fun of me for any and everything and I remember just going home and crying wondering what I did so wrong for them to attack me like this on a daily basis. I was literally afraid to go to school at certain points and I would have panic attacks all the time, even in the bathroom at school at some points because of being so scared they were going to ridicule me.

not to say now that I’m so beautiful and amazing but to be out of that environment and not be surrounded by that negativity is amazing. especially because at the time I felt like it was never going to end.

It still disgusts me to this day how black men will treat darkskinned girls that they don’t find attractive. how much they will dog them and sit and treat them like they’re nothing. and black women aren’t out of the dust either on this. you know how many times I’ve seen lightskinned girls dogging darkskin girls? or making little snippy comments like “at least my hair isn’t nappy” “at least I don’t look like that” or even getting upset at when they get compared to darkskin girls as if they’re above them and so much prettier than them that they can’t even be put in the same category? and darkskin girls ain’t out the dust either. The amount of darkskin girls I hear wishing for looser curl patterns, talking about how dark (in a negative way) people are and ogling over lightskin girls is wild as well.

It all makes me so sad.

#181 Wedding planning

Dan: “Okay, this is one of the last things we have to do before we are completely set. I’m so excited now!” You grinned and shook your fists a little.

“Me too!” He sat up a little and smiled. “What is it?”

“The cake. I don’t think we need to do anything super fancy, probably just like two or three layers?” You suggested.

“Sounds good to me. Chocolate, right?” He leaned on his elbows.

“Are you kidding? I hate chocolate cake! We need to do vanilla.” You raised your eyebrows.

“Ugh, vanilla isn’t as good though,” he groaned.

“Alright, fine. How about red velvet?” You sighed.

“I hate red velvet.” He held back a laugh.

“I’m going to stab you with this pen.”

Phil: “I don’t know, I just think the rose centerpiece is much prettier.” He put his hands on his hips.

“But the roses are more expensive and yeah they go with the color scheme but honestly they’re kind of ugly.” You looked at him.

“They are not ugly! What do you suggest then?” he raised an eyebrow at you.

“I like the peonies.” You stated.

“Ugh, those are way uglier than the roses!” He laughed.

You rolled your eyes and let out an exasperated laugh. “You are making things so difficult!” You squeezed your arms around him tightly.

“Sorry you have bad taste in centerpieces!” He shook you.


Hey everybody! I bring you a new, more organized, and prettier commissions information post. The prices are ones I’m more comfortable with and hopefully this makes things easier for you to decide what you want if you’ve been interested in commissioning me for a while!

Anyway, getting on with it:


!!!Please read carefully before commissioning me!!!

Backgrounds: A background means that I will be putting the characters in a specific setting. For example, if you ask for a character romping around on the beach, that’s what would constitute a background. Solid background colors come free of charge and you’re free to choose what color you’d like. I’ll also do patterns free of charge, but I’ll be choosing those myself.

Colored Sketches: Can either look like this (1) or this (2), so let me know if you’d like color style 1 or 2 if you opt for a colored sketch! 

Cell Shading VS Soft Shading: An example of cell shading can be found here and an example of soft shading can be found here! A combination of both would look like the sample above, which you can see a closer view of here.

What I’m willing to draw and what I’m not: PLEASE READ! The list can be found here. 

Payment: PLEASE READ! I only accept payment through paypal. Payment MUST be given up front. If you’ve got a big commission and you’re not comfortable giving me full price right away, we can do part of it before a sketch and the rest after, but I need something before I can start for my own security. Just as you don’t want your money being stolen, I don’t want my work stolen. 

Edits: PLEASE READ! I will allow up to three edits on a sketch. Prior to starting, you request seeing the sketch before I move on to coloring. After I finish the sketch, I will show it to you. You can tell me what you want changed, and I will show it to you again. This process will be allowed 3 times before I move on to coloring! So please, try to be clear the first time you ask for an edit. I ask this because the back and forth is very time consuming. Unless you’re willing to pay extra money for the extra time, it’s better to just be clear and concise for the first edit.

Please be courteous and constructive with edit requests. Telling me “the nose looks weird” doesn’t help either of us. “Please make the nose longer” is not only polite, but constructive! We can get work done easier and faster if you use clear and respectful language.

Contact: Please contact me at… Messages via tumblr are too risky since they get eaten a lot.

Any other questions? Need more examples? Feel free to ask!

I’ve been on tumblr since July 2010 and this blog used to be a fashion/quotes blog. To celebrate this blog’s 4 years anniversary, I’d like to thank these amazing blogs to make my dashboard so colorful and prettier everyday. I dedicated this blog to the one and only Harry Edward Styles. I’d like to thank you for being such a great inspiration for me. You mean a lot to me. Thank you for putting a smile on my face every morning.

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“Are you from Japan?” I was washing my hands in the bathroom of a bar when a French woman stumbled in. I told her I’m not from Japan.

“No? You’re not from the land of Hello Kitty?” And she bowed to me. Or she was just staring at her own boobs. And then she touched my blonde hair. “Is this your real hair? Why do you dye it? Everybody dyes it now. It’s fake. It’s so fake. Just like your coat. Why don’t you wear real fur? Instead of fake fur.”

I told her I don’t wear animals and that I like my hair. I like experimenting and I think it looks nice. She scoffed and peed with the door open, still asking me if there was another party afterwards. I said bye and left the crazy lady alone with her pee. It was a weird encounter.

I never ask for anyone’s opinion about my hair. They’re dead cells that grow out of my own head and what I do with it is nobody’s business but my own.

I’m a blonde for a year know. Before that, I dyed my hair light brown for two years. Even though light brown is not a natural hair color for East Asians, nobody ever said shit about me being fake. But when I went blonde, all of a sudden everything was racialized. “Is she trying to look white?” Please don’t flatter yourself. So when white people dye their hair black, they’re trying to be Asian?  I bleached my hair because I wanted something different. I want pastel pink hair someday. Does that make me “white” too? Or just experimental?

Every fucking thing is fake. You put on deodorant to fake a nice body odor, you put on make-up to fake a prettier face, you wear heels to fake a taller and thinner looking body. Glasses are fake. Why can’t people be happy with their naturally bad eyes?

Just because I’m blonde doesn’t mean I automatically got white privileges. Trust me, I’m still Asian and people aren’t that stupid to think I’m white. I speak Cantonese with my mother, I visit family in China regularly, I eat rice everyday. People still “nihao” me on the streets, tell me all Asian people look alike and ask me if I ate cat for breakfast.

My hair color is nobody’s fucking business but my own. Proud to be a blonde Asian with permanent black roots. Have a nice day.

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your school notes are so cute! do you have advice on how to organize school notes so that they are more engaging? thank you lala <3

hi thank u so much for the compliment hhghgd!! sorry for the late reply but ofc i have advice! 

  • Use nice pens/pencils and color if you can! It makes your notes look prettier and also helps with memorization. For example, you can put main ideas in one color and then add on details in another color. If you want to do this, I’d suggest keeping your colors limited and choosing a color scheme with 3 colors since you don’t want to be switching between pens over and over when your teacher is still lecturing. 
  • Write on blank paper. It might be hard to keep things in a straight lines but you actually shouldn’t do that all the time either, keeps things in small blocks.
  • Organize ideas into sections! Keep things in columns and if you feel the need to keep things seperate, use dotted or dashed lines so it doesn’t seem too obnoxious. If everything is in straight lines it gets kind of boring and hard to study since everything looks the same.
  • Make your headings look nice. For example, I sometimes put my headings in circles or ribbon shaped boxes. This can help you distinguish ideas and keep you more organized as well as make your notes look prettier in general.
  • Draw pictures/diagrams. This kind of depends on the class you’re in, but keep the diagram in its own section and make sure to label it. This way your notes don’t look bland and you have more to study than just text.

I mainly take notes like this because I get really distracted in class when I don’t have more than 1 thing to focus on and end up doodling or thinking about other things, so taking notes by switching color and organization does take a little bit of time away from the lesson. If this is an issue I suggest taking notes of main ideas ahead of time and adding on during class so you’re spending less time writing and more time listening. If you can’t do that, then you can ask your friends for things you might have missed or just cut back on the amount of effort you’re putting in making your notes look nice.