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Space & Time

(In commemoration of Hiveswap’s release I worked this up.

Also, this is a birthday gift for Mod Ama of @prospitsisters!! Happy wriggling day, cutie bean~

~Mod Ridas)

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TIS #EatTheRare ! 

(For real tho like….I don’t know why I’ve had such a hard time painting Hugh’s face,Mads however has become a lot easier for me,but like,screw it.)

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could you do bakugou with 7 please? youre a great writer!!!

Thank you hun, I hope you like it!

Soulmate AU Prompt #7- AU where you and your soulmate feel each other’s pain (both emotional and/or physical)

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • You have no idea what he does on a daily basis… but Bakugou’s S/O is constantly rubbing their sore arms and taking Advil.
    • Their arms feel like they are on fire!
  • That wasn’t even the start of it though! A few times a week their body would feel like they just got beat up or put up a really good fight.
  • Lots of soreness for this poor S/O
  • Bakugou on the other hand gets a lot of emotional pain, mostly at night.
    • It’s really been messing with his sleeping habits lately 
    • He’ll feel this terrible ache in his chest and it will take everything in him not to start crying on the spot due to how painful it is
  • He’s internally worried about his soulmate. They seem to be harboring a lot of emotional pain
  • Externally he thinks they are a useless and weak crybaby who needs to suck it up and move on from whatever the hell is causing this to happen
  • When the two meet for the first time… it’s quite something and everyone within a 2 block radius could hear the arguing
  • It’s not a typical meet your soulmate and fall in love scenario when it came to these two
    • Bakugou is yelling about he he can barely sleep and his chest always hurts and makes him want to punch it to make it stop
    • His S/O is dumping out medical supplies to show that they’ve been in physical pain for quite some time
  • Eventually the two get all the yelling out of their systems and actually start to talk to each other
    • Bakugou explains that he’s a student at UA and that pain must be from his training and sparring
    • His S/O apologizes for their own issues affecting him
    • He feels extremely guilty about this and scoffs
    • “Well I’m you shitty soulmate… so talk to me now, you don’t have to fucking hold it in.”
  • His soulmate makes a point to do so from now on and slowly they start to notice the pain going away
  • Though every time Bakugou gets hit during training he fires back twice as hard now

Not snakes

People have been telling me since I was 5 years old that I am a natural leader. Not that I understood the gravity of their words then, but I do now. Throw me into that position and I will thrive, but moreover those with me with thrive as well. I actively encourage those under my role to flourish and most of the time, we all do, as a team. When I see someone in a similar position of leadership failing to succeed, and dragging their support crew with them… I die a little inside.
What ive come to realize is: Some people are born leaders. Some people are made into leaders. And some have to accept they should never be put into leadership positions… moreover… Just because someone knows a lot does not make them an effective leader. Similarly, just because someone has been doing something for a long time does not make them leadership material.

This has been on my mind quite a bit through the last few months in so many different aspects of my life.

It’s funny how you can be a leader and still feel so powerless to change anything.


I was finally able to wear my finished Junkrat cosplay to a convention today, and I had the most amazing time!
Definitely planning to cosplay the trash boy a lot more 😜

(Edit: I noticed I put the tattoo on the wrong arm, but it was too late for any fixings and changes and I just wanted out of the hotel 🤣)

Okay so guys, i’ve been try to keep this blog active by putting stuff in the queue but I don’t really have time to do that rn, and probably not a lot of time for the rest of this semester because this semester I’m taking speech and it’s killing me (along with my crush). I don’t want to add more stress by trying to fill the queue up when I don’t really have enough free time to do so. I hope ya’ll understand!

You’re still free to message me about anything, but as far as this blog will go till December it’s gonna be sporadic posting.

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how did amaya react to finding out she took nates virginity i need to know

so i legally had to turn this into a short fic. i couldn’t not. here it is, monster

epic. 800 words. 

The thing is, he had figured she’d known. That she had read it on his face, or, at the very least, had put her fingers in his front hole and felt… something. He’s also heard that’s not true, but by the time he’d reached about 12, he hadn’t wanted to talk to anyone about that part of himself, least of all in that context.

It’s not until he’s laying in his bunk, Amaya laying beside him, heads touching, that he asks her, “Who was your first?”

She shifts, tilting her head back to look at him. He can’t see her, but he’s sure she looks kind of endearingly silly, like she always does when she’s not fully aware of her expressions, the way she moves besides him. “My first what?”

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Fanfic Writer Appreciation Week

DAY 3: @nachodiablo

Nacho is just really great, you guys. They are super active and involved. They write loads of awesome stories, they beta for others, they put lots of extra efforts in their stuff like playlists and stuff (and I liked the alliterations at the beginning of each chapter of Palo Alto), they are active in communities and support the work of others, both by recc’ing it and by reblogging their stuff with enthusiastic tags. They’re, simply put, a treasure. And they are a terrific writer! Nacho is ace, but writes really, really convincing smut. All the time. So much smut (but with plot? Sometimes?)

(I feel like I have to put the disclaimer here that Nacho once wrote a fic (in collaboration, don’t think I am letting you off the hook for a second @mirgaxus) that has scarred me for life, so everyone, skip this fic and enjoy everything else)

What I like most about Nacho’s pics, I think, is the atmosphere. Palo Alto is of course the obvious example, because that whole fic breathes California, but it is generally something Nacho excels at. All of their fics have a distinct feeling to them that is very Marauder-y and I love it. Another thing that Nacho is amazing at, is the Marauder friendship dynamics. They work so well as a whole in their stories, with fleshed out characters and interpersonal bonds that work for all four of them. And a really nice, natural writing style to top it all off. Reading Nacho’s work is basically basking. Thank you, Nacho. I appreciate you very much. 

(if you don’t like this picture of the shirt I’m wearing today, I’ll pm you a pic of my butt instead)

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How do you feel about teen wolf ending?

man i’ve avoided this ask for ages bc i don’t actually know how to coherently put all my thoughts and emotions into concise points. but, here we are, the day before the final ever episode hahshkaj

basically, i’m sad. i’m sad that it’s coming to an end because i’ve been watching this show since i was about 12 and it, and this fandom, has literally been there for me through all my shitty times and through all my slightly less shitty times.

it’s probably difficult for people who don’t know what it’s like to comprehend the fact that actors, on a screen doing their job and what they love and bringing a tv show and their characters alive, can mean to much to you and put a smile on your face and make your crap day at least a little bit better.

this show means a hella lot to me, despite the fuckin awful lighting decisions and the few plot holes here and there, and so i am sad that it’s coming to an end because it does make me really happy. i guess it was inevitable. all good things come to an end, right? and i can always rewatch for the 60th time and still cry at all the same things i cried about when i watched it the first time around. it just won’t be the same.

but i do hope that jeff has done us all good and treated all our babies how they deserve and given them a good flash forward in which they’re happy and safe and together. and i hope that this fandom, regardless of all the fandom fights and petty arguments about ships, stay strong and stick by the show and the actors and each other when it’s all over, bc i know i will. 

anywhore, i know this final episode will kill me. i’ll probably be over emotional and be so pessimistic about life and the world and everything that breathes (more than usual) for a while afterwards so come and talk to me if you want to cry with someone about it. 

i guess i’ll see everyone on the other side; good luck for sunday night :——)


“It pisses me off when people talk about Y/N that way,” Jeffrey says to the talk show host. “It’s not necessary, it’s not okay, and a lot of the time it’s just plain fuckin’ rude.”

“Yeah,” you agree as you nonchalantly chew gum. “Some of the things some pricks have said to me have been pretty fuckin’ hurtful, to be honest. There was one guy - some balding, heavy-set, middle-aged prick - who said that I look like a porn star who only does scenes of - hmm, how did he put it,” you ask yourself sarcastically, “Oh yeah, ‘scenes of hardcore lesbian anal fisting’.”

The host and the audience are stunned into silence, with some gasps echoing in the studio. “What- Why- Why would he say that?!”

“I dunno. Honestly, I’ve never watched a hardcore lesbian anal fisting movie, so I don’t know what those women look like, but apparently they look like me.

“Everyone’s always telling me to act more ladylike, and have more self-respect or shit. Which is bullshit - I respect myself plenty. I think they just want me to look or dress ‘normal’,” you make sarcastic quotation marks with your fingers, “or in a more ‘feminine’ way, and I’m not going to do that just to please people I don’t know and don’t give a shit about. If I want to chew gum, I’ll chew gum. If I want to shave part of my hair because I like how it looks, then I will fuckin’ do that. If I choose to get tattoos, then that’s my choice. My appearance doesn’t, and shouldn’t, have anything to do with anyone else.”

Jeffrey gives you a proud fist bump. 

Karamel fam I know that Ken has been going around twitter saying stuff about Supergirl but let’s just calm down. 

Ken has been very unreliable before, and just because he is on set doesn’t mean he hears all the dialogue and sees every scene. Just like us, he is on the outside. 

He has been wrong many times before, and I always take what he and other paps say with a grain of salt. The only definite type of spoilers to rely on are photos. The he said she said of it all is wrong a lot of times, not just with Supergirl but with other shows as well.

It’s best if we just ignore him for now and work on theories to bounce off each other. Putting too much stock in things like this just makes people anxious and upset, when there is no reason for it because these things are not proven to be true.

Every one take a deep breath and continue your normal blobbing.

Love you fam, stay happy!

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why do you think itachi holds his arm like that

You mean this?


Why does this hoe do that? What’s the point? What’s the fuckin point? Does it give him some strategical advantage? I doubt it would because if he had to fight he’d have to then take some time to adjust the sleeve and till then somebody could probably wreck him. Does this beautiful asshole know that it makes him look a lot hotter than usual? Is he aware of what he’s doing to the viewers by putting his arm like that? Can the ninja jesus’s Sharingan look through the fourth wall? Or was it because of his ninja illness? Does his arm hurt all the time due to jerking off to himself that he has to put it like that? The gesture isn’t even villainous in the slightest. Like you see this little shit hanging his arm on the Akatsuki cloak like that, you wouldn’t go “oh fuk he’s a very dangerous dude” no you would be like “is he ok.”  WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS KISHI EXPLAIN we have literally no way of knowing

weirdo-with-notmuch-purpose  asked:

Hi! I love your FTGo story. I saw that you were planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year. Are you excited? I've done it a few times myself. Hope things are well with you and I look forward to what comes next in FTG.

I’m very excited! I’m working on the outline for the story I’ll write as we speak. I’m hoping that makes it easier when it comes time to actually write. 

Lots of fluff for FTGO! in the next few chapters (and smut haha) There will be a bit of angst, but it won’t be big and it’ll be taken care of quickly. I… I really can’t resist putting angst in my stories. I have no idea why I can’t just write fluffy, lol. I need some variety I guess? I dunno, kinda just let the story unfold how it will with a bit of guiding along the way. 

Anyways, yup! Super excited! This’ll be my first year so I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes. (And hopefully getting another story out of it. I’ve had this idea for months, but haven’t found the time to write it)

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Yo take ur time w Quinn!! I did the same sort of thing w writing a story on a site and I put pressure on myself to update on a weekly schedule & if I didn't make it I felt awful abt my ability, so please please don't do that to yourself. I just rlly want u to enjoy doing it bc u care abt your characters so much and u put so much into each update and idk I just love u a lot and will no matter what so don't worry abt anything

This is such a lovely message. It does get to be really stressful creating content a lot of the times, because I don’t have the luxury of putting all of my effort into it at all times, so hearing things like this is nice. 

I do love this story, and I do love these characters, so even if I can’t promise you guys a steady schedule, I can promise you that I will see it to completion. 

Thank you for your lovely words, universal anon <3


Firstly, I would like to thank @captainceranna for allowing me the absolute privilege of playing with her characters and her own story of Ostwick’s Circle. Laneda is a wonderfully done character, and I wish I could have put more of her in this, but that will come at a much later time. Please go check her and her amazing OCs out. Her Trevelyan will be making grand appearances throughout parts of this fic as well.
Also, THANK YOU to those that have stuck with me throughout this fic! I don’t say it enough, but it means so much to me. I don’t think this would still be going without all of your kind and encouraging words.
Here’s to updating sooner rather than later! :)


It is hard for him to sleep at night.

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Some time ago I made a shirt appropriate for the 18th-19th century (thanks to @petalprouvaire​ for getting me the info to start this project) and today I finally had the necessary sun and help (thanks @mysunfreckle​, you’re the best) to take some pictures

These shirtsleeves are the first piece in what I hope will be a full period gentleman’s outfit circa 1830. For now I just ran around in modern boots and trousers, pretending to be a Romantic hero who has no need of the useless trappings of society as represented in a proper waistcoat, coat and cravat.

I advise everyone to make or otherwise acquire a billowy shirt, because they make you feel so dashing! (just don’t be like me and do all the finishing by hand, because it takes ages)

anonymous asked:

Please do your best in school and take care of yourself first. I would rather you create your beautiful art when you feel good and content and not stressed out and thinking that you HAVE to put out new content. I completely understand and want you to not feel bad. ☺️ Hope your day is wonderful and don’t ever forget to take care of yourself first. You are very important. - Dandelion ✨💖

aaa thank you for sending this ;v; It’s always a tough balance to find because I love drawing and putting out content is one of the main things that makes me feel good, so when school picks up I always want to take breaks to draw to help de-stress but it ends up having the opposite effect a lot of the time >< I’ll keep trying to make time for both, though! I hope you have a great day as well!!

anonymous asked:

Hey I just wanted to know I really look up to you. I'm not out to my parents, and recently my godparents said that being gay nowadays is like an "epidemic, like a sickness" and my parents and family friends agreed while I was at the fcking dinner table w/ them. Also, I'm pretty damn certain that my sister voted for trump, KNOWING my interest in girls. I've always accepted my interest in girls, but this stuff made me feel really down. And looking at you, it's nice to see that I can like girls (1)

AND have a successful career (might I mention that I have an interest in tattooing or something in the arts that my parents are apprehensive about) and relationship. So thank you really. Thank you so so so so so much for being out and proud and I hope you know that even though these anons are just a asks in your box that each answer you thoroughly put your time into really really means a lot to us (and me of course) (2)

Oh sweetie pie <3 this is so sweet and made my day. I’ve really been resinating with the Shawn Mendes lyric “All this time we spent alone, thinking we could not belong to something so damn beautiful.” To me is really speaks to the widespread problem that LGBTQ people often grow up lonely, thinking that they cannot and will not ever find love. That they either don’t deserve it, or that they’ll have to sacrifice their livelihood for it because queer love cannot coexist with a ‘normative’ life path. But that’s just…not true. You can love girls and have an amazing job and be so so so happy and filled with love and gratitude and pride and excitement every day, I know because that’s what I have!!!

I’m excited for your future. I’m excited for you to pursue the arts, if that’s what you want, and for you to continue being strong and proud, even if your family don’t support you the way you need. I had lots of family members reject me and stop talking to me when I came out eventually come back and offer love again. It’s possible. You can be happy and successful and loved, and in love!

Thank you again <3333