and i promptly burst into tears


“Daddy! Daddy!”

Rosie Watson comes thundering into Mrs. Hudson’s flat, her thin blond plaits fluttering behind her, her little Doc Marten boots pounding on the floorboards. Her favourite stuffed toy, Penny the Penicillin Microbe, is clutched to her chest and her eyes are wide as saucers; previous experience has taught John that his daughter has either discovered something terrifying or wonderful, and the likelihood of either is entirely dependant on whether she was with Uncle Sherlock when the breakthrough occurred.

With an indulgent smile Mrs. Hudson pats her on her head as she dodges around the older woman’s legs to fling herself on her father, Penny the Penicillin smacking him soundly in the backside as she does so.

The “oomph!” noise he makes causes Martha to chuckle.

“Alright then, young lady,” John says, staring down at his daughter with what he hopes is a mixture of sternness and reassurance. “What’s brought all this on, eh?”

Rosie stares up at him, lip wobbling, and it’s only now she’s close that John sees her eyes are glassy with unshed tears. Immediately his face softens.

“What is it, sweetheart?” he asks more gently, settling himself on Mrs. Hudson’s couch and swinging the child up into his lap. He sets her on his knee. “What’s the matter?”

The little girl stares up at him and sighs, giving every impression of a Christian who’s about to be tossed to some particularly peckish lions.

“It’s- It’s about Uncle Sherlock,” she says, dropping her voice until John has to lean in to hear her. “I saw him upstairs with Aunty Molly and, and I think… I think something’s wrong with him!”

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The Chocobros React: You Confess To Them And Cry Afterwards


Hello! I’m really bad at being active at the minute on this blog, but rest assured once I force myself to take a break from stressing over my coming exams and revision, I’ll be writing out a lot of requests


Noct probably wouldn’t see this coming, having probably spent a while making sure that any niggling thoughts in relation to whom you liked were shoved away and locked up in the corner of his mind; he would have been in complete forced obliviousness, in other words. So when you do actually confess and then promptly burst into tears afterwards, he’d actually have no clue what to do. One thing’s for sure, though; he’d make sure to confirm the fact that your feelings are very much mutual with some gentle—yet hopelessly awkward—words.


It’s certainly plausible that Gladio wouldn’t exactly know how to deal with crying people—much less crying people that were both incredibly cute and had just confessed to him. And so, the moment he sees those tears slipping down your cheeks, he’d be at a bit of a loss for words (much like Noctis). Eventually, though, he would offer a hug and a reassuring smile along with a confirmation that he does, in fact, feel the same way as you and would love to take you out some time. 


Granted, it certainly would have taken a lot to gather the courage to confess to Ignis, so it’s not exactly much of a surprise to you, or Ignis when you start to cry (he’d be very much sympathetic, understanding the pressure that comes with confessions and the thought of rejection—though Ignis would never actually reject you because, wow, you’re really quite amazing? And he’s admired that fact for a while now). He’d be quick to tell you how amazing it is to see that you were braze enough to admit your feelings to him, and, lets be honest, he’d be just as quick (if not quicker) to say how those feelings are reciprocated and that he’s felt that way for a while now.


The moment those tears streak down your cheeks, Prompto would be by your side with a comforting arm around your shoulder. Never mind the fact that you’d just confessed your feelings for him (though it would definitely be a topic he’d like to look back upon later), his priority would immediately set his sights on getting you to stop crying. He’d murmur soothing words, occasionally attempting to drop little jokes that might make you laugh. When you eventually get ahold of yourself and stop crying, he’d be quick to mention how he’d definitely like to go out on a date, like, right now (he might sound a little eager but oh well, he’d be excited!) 

I’m Pregnant- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by tiptoe39

Y'all are killing it with these requests! Such great requests from all of you! Thank y'all for keeping the requests coming and for being understanding about the time it’s taking to get them up! Here’s another Andre coming at ya! Enjoy!

Warning: mentions of vomiting

Anon Request: Can you do one where you’ve been dating Andre Burakovsky for a couple years and then you find out you can’t have children but then he proposes and you “celebrate” and then a couple weeks later you find out you’re pregnant


              This was not how you wanted Andre to find out.

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Protect Her. (The Originals, Klaus Mikaelson)

Or the one where Lucien’s crazy about you and Klaus is crazy about you and they are two very different things.

Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson/She.

Potential TW: Blood, crazy dude is crazy, Lucien has no chill, and biting but not the good kind.

A cold chill swept through the open balcony door, billowing the silk curtains like dancers twirling in a silent dance. It was so quiet in the room she could hear her own breathing, the cacophony of hitched gasps and worried cries. He shouldn’t have been able to get in, he had never been invited in. She had made sure of that as soon as she knew of his existence.

But there he stood, inches over the threshold of her balcony with a sickening smile on his face as he drank her in. Lucien was everything she didn’t want in a man - a monster - but there he stood, blood dripping down his chin and onto his white blouse. She didn’t care what he called his silk shirt, it was a blouse. How odd, she mused, that I am thinking of his attire at a moment like this.

“Oh my love, how silly of you to think you could escape me.” His laugh was like delicate chimes cracking under a heavy boot. “That you and I were not meant to be. That I couldn’t find you, get to you.”

“How?” Her voice was like soft rain, but a patter in the room. She knew he could barely hear her over the thud of her heart but his lips twitched in response. He wasn’t going to tell her.

“Please.” She didn’t know what she was begging for. A swift death, a calmer setting. All she knew was she was afraid of the thing in front of her, perhaps she was stupid enough to beg him to let her go.

His fist slammed into the plaster beside her head in a breath, his face dangerously close as his veins crinkled under his eyes. Laughing a low purr, he trailed a bloody hand along her cheek as he leaned to whisper in her ear.

“Oh love, why can’t you just understand how perfect we are for each other? What a wonderful wife, vampire, you’ll make?”

There was a creak in a floorboard outside her door, loud enough that Lucien’s had covered her mouth as she was about to scream. Although she had already thought better of it. If it were a mere human they would be dead in a snap. Why did she have to go to that market on that specific day?

Had she truly needed fresh flowers that badly?

“Sh, Sh, Sh.” He slowly lifted his hand from her mouth, pressing the red stained finger to his own lips. She could only hope her mouth didn’t have any of the blood on it. “Who is it?”

“It’s the queen of England, care for some tea?” It was a female voice, one she didn’t recognize and obviously neither did he. But she knew that phrase. She had been told the royal answer.

“Oh, the king is always allowed to have tea in here.” It was rushed, but a whisper as Lucien tried to stop her but she had practiced saying it quick enough. Those were the key to her safety and she wouldn’t let him steal that.

With a mighty groan, the door flew off it’s hinges. The splintered wood hit the opposite wall, knocking down framed photos and denting the plaster. She couldn’t even bring herself to care when she saw the man who stood in the doorway, golden eyes and all. Klaus Mikaelson wasn’t her favourite person in the world but she had never been more glad to see anyone.

“Release her.” Lucien clearly hadn’t known she knew Klaus.  If he had, perhaps he would have double-checked to make sure vervain was still in his system. He’d been doing so much speeding around trying to get to her that he had skimped on his habits.

Letting her arms fall from his hands, he gritted his teeth as Klaus waltzed through her door with a biting grin on his face. A woman she figured was Hayley stood in the threshold, Elijah to her side as Kol leaned on the cream coloured wall in the hall. Klaus approached the both of them slowly, sliding his frame between she and Lucien, a hand reaching back to curve her waist. It was supposed to be kind, she thinks but it was a little disconcerting when his face was all ick.

“Can you do me a favour doll, invite in my family.”

Mulling it over, she took in stoic Elijah in all his demure sensibility, Hayley who’s wide eyes blinked at her comfortingly and Kol who was bat shit crazy, a smirk on delicate lips.

“You are allowed in.”


She couldn’t breath, couldn’t move. Not when she had shut her eyes for a moment only to open them to see Klaus bite Lucien and inject him with werewolf venom as Hayley did the same in his wrist. Elijah was pining him down while Kol searched through his wallet, pulling out a photo and promptly shriveling his nose at it. Flashing it at Klaus only angered the man more and his hand clamped around the screaming man’s wound, pushing into the oozing flesh.

“Stop,” Her voice was nothing over the screams. “Please. Niklaus, stop!” It went silent, all eyes on her as she stumbled from the wall she’d used to prop herself up.

“Love,” Lucien begged but she recoiled at his voice, Klaus at her side in a instant.

“Please, not here. I don’t care what you do. Just, not here.” She pleaded, imagining the sanctity of her apartment being further tarnished by this monster.

“Of course doll, we will go elsewhere.” Klaus nodded at his group, the lot of them speeding off with infiltrator in tow. The gush of air pushed her unstable body further into his, his hand hooking around her elbow as she promptly burst into tears. Who could blame her really when she was so confused, so scared?

“It’s alright, you’re safe now. I never would have let that man hurt you.” He cooed, running a hand through her hair and balancing her when she sagged into him. His lips pressed to her hairline, unmoving even as her body shook with sobs.

“You will sleep at the compound tonight, alright? You have no door and this place is no longer safe.” She couldn’t argue with that. Instead, she let him sweep her into his arms and carry her off into the night.


She was sweating when her eyes snapped open, her body reacting to the memory of a foe as she instinctively curled in on herself as she realized the scream echoing the room was hers. A hand landed on her shoulder and she jumped, squeaking as her eyes met blue ones. Klaus. Wait.

“Klaus? Wha- Why - Bed, me, you - what?” She fumbled for the sheets, pulling them to cover her loose fitting sleep shirt that she was now painfully aware of not wearing a bra under.

“Sh, calm down doll. Don’t want to scare Hope.” He soothed, pulling her back into the comfy confines of bed. She tensed, wide eyes on him as he tugged her into his chest protectively.

“Uh, what are you doing?”



“Oh relax. I carried you here, you were having nightmares so I stayed. Your death grip on my arm wasn’t going to let me go anywhere either.” Her shoulders slumped a little, surprised by his warmth and how comfortable she felt in his arms.

“Can I ask you something?”


“How did you know he was at my apartment? Why have you been so willing to protect me ever since you found out he was obsessed with me when we have only met each other once?”

“I had men outside your apartment, just in case and Lucien killed them but one had already called.” He paused for a moment and she waited for him to answer her other question. He didn’t. Because he’s a stubborn ass.


“And,” He licked his lips slowly (which was just rude), “I don’t know. There is something about you. Something innocent, kind. You know the darkness that lurks in the corners of your streets but you buy flowers, wear them in your hair and on your clothes. It reminds me that there is beauty in the darkness.” When he looked down at her, his eyes were soft like shattered diamonds begging her to piece them together with her gaze.

There was a pregnant pause, long and soothing as they simply stared. Then it his turn to ask a question. One she didn’t want to answer. One she might not like the answer to.

“Why did you trust me enough to rely on me as your source of safety, to invite me into your home?”

“Because there’s something about you.” She replied, hand sliding to rest over where his heart once beat. “Lucien,” She cringed at his name, only relaxing at the hand Klaus used to push her head onto his collarbone as he trailed fingers through her hair. “He has this feeling surrounding him, like he could snap like a high strung twig. You, you’re the ‘big bad wolf’ but you’re not. Not to me. When we first met, you smiled at me - teeth and all - when I thanked you for picking up my bouquet and it was soothing, innocent as you said.”

“I am far from innocent doll, I have done horrendous things.”

“There are bad acts, then there are bad people.”

“And which category do I fall under?”

“I think you fall under a category all your own; a good man who was handed an evil gift that he has done his best with - even though he has done unspeakable things.”

Before he could respond, a soft cry broke in from the nursery and she stopped him from getting up. He wasn’t one to let others hold his daughter, especially not strange women but for some terrifying reason, he found himself trusting her as she cradled the now silent child.

“Do you see her?” She questioned, careful as she climbed onto the bed and under the sheets with Hope cradled tightly. “Do you see your baby? How could an evil man create something like her?”

And for once, Klaus found he had nothing to say because how could he deny how wonderful his daughter was? How could he not accept every word out of this beautiful woman’s mouth?

She was silent for a long while, rocking the baby like it was a normal occurrence in her life even though she realized how weird it kind of was when something hit her.

“Where is Lucien?”

Laughing, his lips met her cheek as a blush lit her face and he whispered in her ear - as she tried not to fall in love with him then and there.

“Somewhere you will never have to worry about him again, I told you I would protect you and I can guarantee you I always will.”


Oh shit waddup. This is hecka long and makes no sense but klaus is my main hoe and I need to stop writing when I’m sleep drunk pls send help lol (ps this is unedited because it’s late and I’m exhausted)

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anonymous asked:

Hi!!! I just wanted to ask how would you think Damian would be like as a parent in general and/or reacting to pregnancy beforehand?

Hi!! Thank you for your request~ I had fun doing this one, might even turn it in to an actual series or something in the future! I kinda went with Damian reacting to pregnancy beforehand so hope that’s fine with you ^^

The moment you tell Damian that you are pregnant, it takes a good few minutes for Damian to be able to wrap it around his head. You are pregnant? He is going to be a father? He is most likely going to be in a state of disbelief and would probably need a few nudges – or kisses – from you for him to finally snap out of his train of thoughts. He will pull you in a hug, burying his nose in your hair. If the two of you are in your house, safe from the prying eyes of others, Damian will shower you with kisses: the type where he will gently hold your face in his hands and he will first kiss your forehead, then the both of your eyes, your nose, your cheeks and lastly your lips.

“Thank you, Beloved.”

Damian would be the type of husband that you always try to make it to each and every single one of your doctor’s appointments; most of the time, Damian would just show up unannounced and would casually walk in the room. The first time this occurred, your obstetrician almost called the security and have him thrown out of the room, thinking he had been an intruder of some sort. Thankfully, you managed to stop that from happening and the two of you happily listened to the instructions and advices your doctor gave you.

“I thought you said you had a meeting you couldn’t get out of, Dami?”

“TT, the meeting went by swimmingly.”

“You mean to say you probably left the meeting and did not even think to inform your personal assistant where you were headed to?”

“Hush now, beloved, you need to rest.”

Damian would paint the nursery room a neutral colour – the two of you had agreed to keep the gender of the baby a surprise – and he would spend almost all of his free time carefully drawing, painting and decorating the nursery room. The moment he shows it to you, you had promptly burst in to tears causing Damian to be surprised because shouldn’t you love it?

“Silly Damian, these are happy tears.”

“TT, you are the silly one, beloved, crying over a room.”

“It’s not just any room – it’s our baby’s room.”

“Our baby’s room… I really love the sound of that.”

When it gets closer to your due date, Damian is going to be very overbearing and is always scolding you for even doing the slightest bit of housework. Damian watches over your diet like a hawk – he monitors the food that you eat and how much exercise you can actually do in a day so that you wouldn’t strain your body too much. This got to the point where one day, after a bad day for you, you just blew up at him and Damian got mad at you and you got mad at Damian.

Out of everyone in his family, he went straight to Dick and asked for advice, feeling regretful that he had raised his voice at you. He will have a long talk with Dick about his fears of being a father. What if he isn’t good enough? What if, after seeing his failure of being a father, you would leave him? What is he going to do if you ever leave him? Damian has a lot of these questions that he only dares to voice to Dick because he does not want to be seen as inexperienced especially from you. Even after that long talk with Dick, it will still take Damian maybe an hour or two before he will go back to your apartment, to apologise and to talk.

“It’s okay to be afraid.”


“To be very honest, I am absolutely terrified.”

“What do you mean, Beloved? Are you experiencing any problems – is our baby giving you any problems?”

“No, Dami, we’re perfectly healthy at the moment… I’m terrified because what if I can’t be the best for our baby? What if I don’t know how to be a mother, what ifs,”

“You share the same concerns as me… I understand now.”

“I know, because at the same of the day, I know that you will be there with me and together, we will be there for our baby.”

So…guess who’s turned my One Night Stand AU into a series of one shots, titled 1 Night (+9 Months)??

You can now find them under that title on Ao3!

(Also I probably won’t be posting these as close together as I have been, I was just excited to unveil the new series since so many people are enjoying this universe.)


Jemma knew it was far past the time she should be asleep – after all, she had her appointment at the OBGYN tomorrow morning, but for the life of her she couldn’t seem to get to sleep. Which, of course, was ridiculous, since she’d spent most of the day utterly exhausted, but apparently this was her luck, so she couldn’t exactly be surprised.

She’d been texting with Fitz not too long ago, hammering out the details for tomorrow of where and when they’d meet, but after she’d mentioned that she was seriously craving an ice cream sundae, he’d stopped replying and she figured he’d fallen asleep.


Sighing heavily and flopping from her left side to her right, Jemma tried to parse out whether it was said craving or thoughts about tomorrow that was keeping her awake. Sure, she was hoping to hear that the baby was healthy and of course, was excited to find out the gender (especially so that she could get Daisy off her back about baby clothes), but she didn’t think that was what had her staring blankly at her window, watching the light from passing cars peeking through the blinds.

Before she could continue struggling to figure out her feelings, however, she was startled out of her thoughts by a knock issuing from her front door.

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Aroace Justin Foley

• When all of his friends in school started looking at girls or boys in more romantic or sexual ways Justin had absolutely no idea what on earth they were one about.

• When he first got asked out on a date in Freshman year he said yes because that is what everyone does, right? They go out and about with people they know…

• Only when he was talking to Zach after a year or so of dating did he ever realise that he totally didn’t feel the way about girls as he was supposed to.

• “So you like her, right? Is she finally the one? Did you get a little bit nervous when you kissed? Because i always get butterflies when i kiss someone i like.”

• The blank look on Justin’s face must have said it all because the next thing Zach said was, “Ok, so you obviously don’t feel anything for girls? Dude, maybe you’re gay? I hear that Ryan Shaver rather likes the look of you. Maybe you could try going out with him?”

• So Justin did. He and Ryan went to Monet’s for a coffee and then to the cinema they even shared a little kiss in the back of Justin’s car.

• Not wanting to dissapoint anyone Justin went on a few more dates with Ryan. He was just trying so hard to get himelf to feel romantic feelings for him.

• Eventually he called it off, he just couldn’t stand leading Ryan on. He was lying to him and that wasnt fair.

• For the next year he struggled through periods of dating and periods of giving up completely. Bryce had told him to imagine himself doing sexual things with lots of different people to see which turned him on more but it only caused Justin more stress when no one did anything for him.

• The idea of sex just repulsed him.

• He was scrolling on the Internet during one lunch time. He was sitting alone as Zach had extra practice and the rest of his friends were off doing goodness knows what in goodness knows where when he came across the terms ‘aromantic’ and 'asexual’.

• Everything just clicked for him and he bolted from the canteen leaving all his belongings behind and barrelled into the gymnasium.

• Zach was so worried when his friend flew through the doors and promptly burst into tears on the middle of the court.

• “Zach, i thought something was wrong with me! And i looked and there isn’t.. I am normal, there are other people like me and i dont have to like boys or girls or anyone and i dont have to find anyone sexually attractive.”

• Zach drove Justin to that house and they stayed up the early hours of the morning talking about everything.

• Justin finally understood himself. He was aromantic asexual and that was perfectly ok. He was perfectly ok.

July 25: Scene that made you the most emotional. For a Doctor that pretends to be very reserved and detached, he’s gone through a lot. Barring the mess that you might be at Christmas, what scene with the 12th Doctor has made you the most emotional?

From Twelve’s Era

The most emotional I have been for a scene in the entirety of Who, let alone Twelve’s era, is the end of Face the Raven. I haven’t yet re-watched it (I literally left the room when my brothers were watching because I just…couldn’t. Even when I know that the ending of Hell Bent is coming, I just couldn’t. The second most emotional I’ve been was the ending of Hell Bent, but that was grins and happiness.

With Twelve himself

Oh, the end of World Enough and Time and like the entirety of The Doctor Falls. At one point I said “I’m losing my Doctor, aren’t I” out loud to myself and promptly burst into tears. And the kindness speech killed me.

this is an actual thing that happened this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to my beautiful sister (who told me if i wanted to live i had to crop her out of the picture haha!) who took me to Hero and Villian con in London last weekend to meet the light of my world Hayley Atwell!! FREAKING PEGGY CARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to tell her how much Peggy means to me and how thankful I am that she was a part of creating her and she said she was glad that she got to be a part of creating such a role model for girls everywhere and that I was adorable!! After I walked away I promptly burst into tears! I can’t actually believe I met Hayley honestly

Prejudiced, pt.4

PT.1 | PT.2 | PT.3

Summary: You’d forgotten about making the howler with Sirius and Remus, but you were reminded as the sound of your voice, slightly altered for anonymity, roared through the Great Hall at breakfast. Later on, you meet Sirius again for snacks near the kitchen, and then again later, which eventually gets you in trouble.

Word count: 1518

Warning: Drinking?

Forever tag: @21brownies

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

Your name: submit What is this?

Friday mornings in the Great Hall were the liveliest mornings of the week. Everyone seemed more awake, as if brought back from slumber by the mere thought of the weekend. You were chatting with friends about what snacks you should get for the night’s party in the Dungeon, when commotion around the Gryffindor table distracted you. Before you could see what was happening, you heard your voice roaring through the room, although you’d made sure to change it up just enough so people wouldn’t recognize it.


Almost instantly, everyone in the hall stopped talking, snickering and openly laughing instead. James was facing you, and though there was distance, you saw his eyes grow wide, which made you bite your cheek in an attempt to stifle your laughter.

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Our dreams have been answered

It’s 200 years post Hybern war and Feyre and Rhys have a baby daughter, Mor and Azriel are finally together, Cass and Nesta are happy (jks Nesta is still a hellion) & Elain and Lucien are also happily ruling the spring court.

Basically this is happy family fluff that I live for okay and it has no plot whatsoever.

“Remember when Rhys fainted when Feyre’s water broke?”
I laughed along with my family, my heart swelling three sizes. One night a week we all got together and drank and spoke of our more fonder memories. After the shitstorm that was the war against Hybern, we all decided we deserved it. So Rhys and I took a night off of High Lord and Lady duties and our family joined us for dinner and drinks.
The tradition had been going on years now, and we all longed for our night of family fun and happiness. Even Lucien and Elain came to the Night Court from the Spring Court every once in a while.
“Oh, that has to be the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed,” Cassian chuckled, clapping Rhys on the shoulder.
Rhys huffed, “It’s not like I was expecting it to happen in the middle of the street,”
Azriel smiled slightly, “You’re lucky a healer was walking by,”
“And that I was there to catch you,” Mor sipped her wine, a fond smile on her face, “Or you’d of hit your head,”
I gripped my mates knee and squeezed, “Don’t pout, Rhys. It doesn’t look good on someone your age,”
His mouth dropped open, but I could see the amusement in his eyes. Cassian promptly choked on his wine, and Nesta rolled her eyes, not looking concerned in the least.
Elain giggled softly, and the sweet look Lucien sent her made me smile.
“I’m never going to get tired of you putting him in his place,” Mor grinned beautifully.
Even Azriel was laughing.
I instantly straightened, my arms opening for my daughter as she teetered towards me on sleepy feet. Everyone scooped up their glasses so Eva didn’t knock them over with her wings. She reached me and clambered into my lap, her wings ruffling.
“Did we wake you up?” I asked softly, smoothing her unruly black hair down. She rubbed her eyes and yawned, loosing a small squeak.
“Mmm,” she buried her face into my shoulder, her tiny arms wrapping around my neck.
Even at almost nine years old, I allowed her to sit on my lap. Fae children didn’t reach maturity until they were seventy, and that was fine with me. I wanted my baby to stay exactly that, my baby.
“Sorry, darling,” I whispered, “I’ll tell uncle Cassian to stop roaring with laughter,”
“Hey,” Cassian protested indignantly, but his gaze was soft.
Eva’s violet eyes squinted open to look at her uncle, and she immediately blushed and hid her face in the crook of my neck.
Rhys ran his fingers through his daughters hair with a heartbreakingly soft expression on his face, “Do you want me to take you back to bed?”
“No,” she whispered, struggling not to yawn. She wriggled on my lap, and I released her. Eva had a tendency to swap and change whose lap she sat on. She slid off the couch and padded over to Azriel, and the spymaster, as usual, scooped her up with a look of disbelief on his face.
Rhys had told me when Eva had first ever willingly gone to Azriel, the shadowsinger had been shocked. It broke my heart to learn the reason was because he thought his niece would be frightened of his scarred hands and shadows. But Eva wasn’t scared of him at all. She loved her uncle. As she did with all our family members.
Mor stared at Eva and Azriel, a wistful look on her face. I was the only one who knew how much she wanted a child. She had confided in me on Eva’s fifth birthday. She and Azriel hadn’t had any luck with pregnancy, and it was beginning to upset them both.
“Did you enjoy your flying lessons today?” Cassian asked Eva softly, and she nodded, her cheeks tinged pink. “Shall we continue tomorrow?”
Her face brightened, and the overwhelming amount of love I felt nearly brought tears to my eyes. Rhys, feeling it through the bond, laced his fingers through mine and rubbed his thumb over the back of my hand, soothing my emotions.
“Yes!” Eva said, looking extatic.
Azriel was clearly trying to reign in his shadows for the benefit of my daughter. He held her gingerly, as if she was a priceless artifact. Well, to me she was. She and Rhys were the most important people in my life.
I looked around at our family. At my sisters who meant so much to me, at the Illyrians who were as dear to me as brothers, at Mor, the woman who never failed to cheer me up, and finally Lucien.
“Feyre, are you okay?”
I blinked, realizing I had been crying, and laugh a little. I didn’t even know where the emotion came from. I wasn’t normally one to just cry out of nowhere. Rhys was frowning at me, looking slightly concerned, and the rest of our family were wearing matching expressions. Little Eva wriggled off Azriel’s lap and rushed over to me.
“What’s the matter?” She asked me softly, using the same tone of voice I did when she was upset.
“I’m just happy,” I told her, and love stroked against the bond inside me. I turned to Rhys and smiled. He brushed away my tears and kisses my temple lovingly.
Mor sniffed, looking emotional herself, “Good one, Feyre, now I’m crying,”
Nesta shook her head, “You’re all too emotional,’
“You’re not emotional enough,” cassian quipped.
Nesta snarled half heartedly at him, “I’ll show you what anger looks like,”
Elain laughed merrily, but Lucien scooted away from Nesta slightly, looking unnerved.
Rhys inhaled deeply suddenly, and I turned to him. “What?” I asked, and his eyes widened. I frowned, “What?”
He leaned closer and inhaled my scent, his pupils dilated. “You smell…the same way you did when you were pregnant with Eva,”
Everyone promptly shut up, and I blinked. “What?” I repeated stupidly. I couldn’t be pregnant again so soon…could I?
Mor shrieked with excitement, looking elated. “Oh, another little baby running around. How exciting,”
“Oh,” I said, sniffing myself. I couldn’t smell it, but then again I never smelt the change in my scent with my previous pregnancy. “Huh,”
Rhys grinned, and said to Eva, “You’re going to be a big sister,”
Her violet eyes widened, and then she immediately burst into tears. “I don’t want to be!”
I couldn’t help but laugh, which only made her cry harder. I enveloped her into a hug, and she continued sobbing into my shoulder. “Oh, sweetheart, it’s not a bad thing.”
Cassian was chuckling hard, “Oh, that’s gold,”
Nesta whacked him, “Don’t be an ass,”
“Congratulations,” Azriel said smoothly, but I saw the undercurrent of…jealousy? I gave him a soft smile as I attempted to soothe my daughter.
Rhys pulled Eva from my grasp and set her down on his lap. Love swelled inside me again tenfold as he wiped tears from her chubby cheeks, “Eva, honey, being an older brother or sister isn’t a bad thing. I was a big brother. I still am,”
Azriel and Cassian stated at their High Lord and brother, love in their heavy gazes.
“Y-you are?” Eva whispered, her breath hitching from her sobs. Rhys nodded, “o-okay,”
Rhys kissed her cheek fondly, and wrapped her in his arms.
Mor pressed a hand to her mouth, looking melancholy. I reached over to her and gripped her hand. Her brown eyes snapped to mine, and she squeezed my hand back. Azriel slung his arm across Mor’s shoulders, and she leaned into him.
Nesta had reluctantly leaned against Cassian, who looked close to tears himself. Elain was silently crying, Lucien soothing her.
“Were all such emotional saps,” I said, and soft laughter broke out. I leaned against Rhys, inhaling his addictive scent. Even after all this time his scent still aroused something inside me. Love wasn’t the right word to describe what it was. It was something beyond that.
He had pulled me out of myself, out of the despair and self loathing that very well could have destroyed me. He showed me the finer things in life. Love, friendship, happiness, and family. He had fought for me despite the entire world being against us. He had believed in me when not even I did. He treated me the way I should be - no, deserved to be - treated, and loved me with his entire being.
He gave me things I never once dreamed of having. Brothers and sisters, a daughter, a husband, and a people I cared for deeply. But most of all, even through the hardships and trials and errors, I had been given a home. A home full of people I loved more than ever.
Of course one person was missing, but she would never be forgotten. She wasn’t meant for this world, wasn’t meant to be here. She had returned home willingly, looking forward to it. And we all missed her. But she was where she was meant to be, just as I was, and I couldn’t have been happier.

– two weeks later

I jumped, looking up from the papers spread out in front of me, and blinked at Mor standing in the doorway. My daughter was on her hip, her eyes wide at her Aunt’s sudden outburst.
“Is she hurt?” I asked immediately, and jumped to my feet.
Mor shook her head, looking frazzled. Mor never looked frazzled or out of it. She was always so put together. But now her hair had come out of its braid and her cheeks were flushed.
“What is it?” I asked hesitantly. If anything had happened to my mate or Cassian or Azriel-
“I am pregnant, Feyre,” Mor breathed, and my mouth dropped open. Of all the things I had expected her to say. “I’m going to have a baby,”
“Oh, Mor that is fantastic news!’ I shrieked, and embraced her awkwardly, considering my daughter was latched onto her side. "Oh, I am so, so happy for you! Have you told Azriel?”
She shook her head, “Not yet. I only was just told by a healer. And Az is in the mountains, remember?”
“Oh, right,” I waved a hand, and Rhys tapped on my mental shields, questioning. Even far apart we were able to communicate. I said to Mor, “Rhys wants to know why I’m so excited,’
"Oh, don’t tell him yet. I have to tell Azriel first,” Mor said, her brown eyes bright with excitement.
“Tell me what?”
Mor let out a small shriek and turned, her eyes wide. I quickly took Eva from her and kissed my sleepy daughters brow.
“I’m just going to-” I stopped when Mor gripped my hand and shook her head. “Okay, then,”
Azriel frowned deeply at the both of us, his nostrils flaring. I raised my eyebrows as his shoulders slumped and his arms slackened by his side. His face went a little pale, and those shadows swirled faster, seemingly buzzing with excitement.
“You - you're…Mor, are you really?” He whispered, and I felt like I was intruding on a very personal moment.
Mor nodded slowly, “yes. Yes, Azriel, I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a father.”
I couldn’t help but gape as Azriel buried his face in his hands, his shoulders shaking with sobs. Mor stepped closer to him, finally releasing her death grip on my hand.
Eva squirmed in my arms, her little face creased with concern. I placed her on the ground and she padded slowly to her uncle. She stood beside a kneeling Mor and Ariel and touched her uncles shoulder.
Azriel looked up, his face stained with cheeks, and he blinked, “Being a daddy isn’t a bad thing, Azwiel,”
A devastatingly beautiful grin spread across his face, and Mor laughed, tears streaking down her own face.
“No, Eva. No its not,” he breathed, and embraced Mor.
Eva padded back over to me and gripped my hand, “Mommy, I’m hungry,”
I scooted around Mor and Azriel, and took my daughter to the kitchen to get her some lunch, so Mor and Azriel could be alone.
Rhys intercepted us on our way, and swung Eva into his arms. She shrieked with delight, her wings flaring slightly. “Daddy!” She crowed, giggling as he planted kisses all over her face.
“How’s my girls?” He hooked his free arm around my waist and drew me closer. “And my other baby?”
I placed a hand over my stomach, “We’re all good. How’s our man?”
He grinned, his eyes alight with happiness, “I’m better now,”
“Good,” I hummed, and he kissed me long and hard, much to Eva’s dismay. She screwed her face up, making me laugh, and I told her, “You’re going to find your mate one day,”
“No, she’s not,” Rhys said with finality, “Never, ever,”
Eva pouted, “But I want a mate, daddy.”
“Hmm,” he cocked his head to the side, “maybe one day,”
Eva beamed at us, then said, “I’m hungry,”
I couldn’t help but laugh.

—- seventy years later

“Dad, what the hell?”
I glanced up at Eva, my mouth twitching. Of course she had an opinion, just like with everything else. She was headstrong, my daughter, bordering on stubborn. She currently had her arms crossed tight over her chest, her wings threatening to take shape. Shadows swirled around her back, and her expression was one for the record books.
Her violet eyes were as hard as granite, her long black hair twisted into a braid that fell down her back.
Rhys sighed, “I didn’t hurt him, Eva, just gave him a little warning,”
“Why? He’s my friend!” She snapped, waving a hand.
I pressed my lips together and shared a look with my son, Xavier, who also seemed to be having trouble not laughing at his sister. Where Eva was all hot temper and cuss words, Xavier was soft spoken and had infinite patience.
“He’s an Illyrian, Eva, not a puppy,’ Rhys said with exasperation, and I wouldn’t have been surprised to see steam billowing from Eva’s ears.
"You think-” Eva’s mood instantly changed, and she tipped her head back to laugh, “Dad, you are absurd,”
Rhys frowned, but not angrily, “What?”
Eva sighed and motioned vaguely, “Seth and I aren't…together,”
I glanced around the Illyrian training camp and saw Seth leaning against a tree, looking slightly pale and scared. I felt for the poor boy. Really, I adored my mate, but sometimes he came of a little strong. Especially when protecting his family. It was honorable, but Eva hated it vehemently. Xavier was indifferent, which always made me smile. He was gentle and kind and always had a smile on his face. Eva reminded me of a thunderstorm - wild and crackling with energy.
“Seth is my friend, dad, that’s all,” she repeated, and I clamped my lips together tighter as she pointed to a beautiful Illyrian woman with long brown hair and kind hazel eyes standing a few feet away.
Upon being motioned to the girl wandered over, looking a little apprehensive to meeting the High Lord and Lady. Xavier snickered beside me, and I shot him a glare. He gave me his infamous innocent smile, but his grey eyes still shone with amusement.
“Dad,” Eva sighed, “this is my mate, Krys,”
“Oh,” Rhys said, blinking in shock. Not in shock that his daughters mate was female, but that he had threatened an innocent boy. My mate shot me a look, and I smiled slightly.
Krys waved nervously, “Hello,”
Eva’s lips twitched, her eyes finding mine.
Xavier bounded towards Krys and grinned. “Hello! Nice to meet you, I’m Xav,”
Krys smiled warmly, “It’s nice to meet you too,”
Rhys heaved a sigh, “Eva, I’m sorry. Krys, it’s nice to meet you,”
“You too Lord-”
“You don’t have to call him that,” Eva said, cutting her mate off, “Rhysand will do,”
Rhys rolled his eyes and shook Krys’ hand, “Please do call me Rhysand, and it’s a pleasure to meet you,”
“Hello, Krys,” I waved, and she smiled shyly.
Rhys turned to me with wide eyes, “You knew?”
I smiled innocently as our children and Krys vanished to be with their friends. “Possibly,”
“You-” he sighed, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. We both watched our children for a long while, smiles on our faces as we observed them with their friends and cousins. Mor had given birth to twins, Lya and Loren. Nesta and Cassian’s sons, Vyn and Dion, were rough housing with Elain and Lucien’s children, Kyl and Deny. Although Elain and Lucien had been called away to attend important Spring Court business, they had allowed their children to stay behind with their friends. Elain had even told me not to let her children get hurt - to which Rhys laughed and said, ‘Elain, this is an Illyrian war camp,’
It had taken him almost an hour to pry the thorns from his jacket.
I leaned my head against Rhysand’s chest, “Thank you,”
“For what?” He whispered, his chin against my head.
I pulled away and looked up at him, still overwhelmed with the love I felt for him after all those years, “For dreaming,”
He understood what I meant, and his face softened, “Thank you for giving me something to dream about, my love,”
I grinned, “I love you, Rhysand. Forever,”
“That’s an awfully long time,” he winked, and I rolled my eyes.
“It’s a good thing I have a lot of that, isn’t it?”
He ducked his head, and murmured against my mouth, “Indeed, Feyre darling, I love you too,”
“Eugh,” Cassian grunted, coming out of the house behind us.
I turned around and snarled at him. He raised his eyebrows, looking amused. “I’m seriously surprised that no one has ever killed you simply because you’re annoying,”
He nudged me with his elbow, “You love me, eh, Feyre?”
I admitted reluctantly, “I suppose so,’
Azriel materialized, watching his children fondly. They stopped their rough housing long enough to wave, and then promptly went back to sparring with their friends. "They’re so close to the initiation,”
Rhys was playing with my hair, a smile on his lips, “They’re the best the camp has had,”
“Of course they are, look at their parents,’ Cassian boasted, then flinched as Nesta smacked him upside the head upon coming out of the house. "Ow,”
“Don’t gloat,” she said, but she was grinning.
Mor came out of the house too, looking happy, “Well, since we’re all here,”
She snapped her fingers, and a table with wine and glasses materialized before us. We all picked up a glass, and Rhys toasted, “To family,”
I interrupted before anyone could toast, “To the people who look up at the stars and wish,”
“To the stars who listen - and the dreams that are answered,” Rhysand murmured, staring fondly at each of us.
My family murmured their cheers, and drank.
And as I drank, I realized that I really did have everything I ever wanted.
And that the stars had listened to my wishes, and had answered.

OH MY GODS okay so this is like, 3 fics in one YOU’RE WELCOME. but I had all these little ideas and I had to write them down because my faeves deserve happiness.
Please tell me what you think and if you’d like me to post more of my stuff on here. It’s highly appreciated!!

I forgot what the Blood thing is that Illyrians do once they’ve completed training so I just called it ‘initiation’ bc I have packed all my books away!
Worth It (Draco x Reader)

Type: Fluff

Warnings: None

Summary/Prompt: Just some Draco x pregnant reader fluff

Word count: 644

@rissbennett asked: Hi could I please get a series with Draco x pregnant reader? :) 💕
Hope it’s want you wanted, enjoy!

Request here!

“Y/N, love? I’m home!” called Draco, shutting the door behind him and toeing off his Italian leather shoes.

Perfectly impractical for a healer, but stylish nonetheless.

He made his way into the living room, where he could often find you curled up with a book in front of the fire when he came home, so was surprised to see you absent from your usual spot. Hearing a sudden bang from the kitchen, he furrowed his brows and quickly walked in there, sighing in relief when he realised you’d merely dropped a cake tin.

“Oh, hello my love.” you said, bending with some difficulty to pick up the dropped items. “I got the sudden fancy to bake a cake for you when you came home from work.”

“Since when have you been the housewife type? I believe that’s what we employed the house elves for, darling.” chuckled Draco, embracing you gently so as not to hurt your stomach in any way.

“This is what pregnancy is doing to me Dray,” you laughed, “it’s turning me into a shell of my former self.”

Draco knelt down so that he was level with your bump, and placed his hand on it gently.

“Have you been a good boy for mummy today my little prince?” he asked, making a delighted noise when he felt his son kick against his palm.

“He knows you’re talking to him love.” you smiled, running your fingers gently through your husband’s hair.

“Can’t wait to meet you my little man. I love you.” he murmered against your skin, taking your hand as he stood straight again. “Love, is that your cake I smell burning?”

“Shit! you yelled, eyes widening, squatting to open the oven and revealing a lump of charcoal.

Overwhelmed and hit by a sudden mood swing, you promptly sat down on the floor and burst into hysterical tears.

“Darling, it’s only a cake, we can make another one. Or we can have the house elves make one and have a nice, relaxing evening watching the… television?” he said uncertainly, rubbing your shoulder in an act of comfort.

You turned to him sharply, eyes full of venom.

“No Draco, we can’t get the house elves to do it. That’s what you always do! Do you think I’m some kind of idiot incapable of doing anything for herself?!” you yelled, and Draco took a shocked step backwards.

“No love, you know I don’t think that. I was just suggesting that maybe you’d want to rest, seeing as you’re carrying a baby around with you.” he said, each word carefully calculated.

You felt your face crumple as you burst into a fresh wave of tears, chest heaving with each sob.

“Y/N?” Draco asked uncertainly.

“You’re so good to me Dray, you’re such a good husband, and all I do is yell at you. I’m so sorry.” you sobbed.

“Honey, it’s fine.” smiled Draco. “I understand how you’re feeling. Why don’t you go and lie down on the sofa whilst I go and change into something more comfortable?”

He helped you up off the floor and led you to the living room, lying you down gently on the couch before heading off to change out of his healer’s robes. He returned quickly, dressed in a t shirt and jeans, before you held your arms out for a hug. Laying down next to you, he said,

“I never thought I’d get to this point in my life. Being so ridiculously in love with a woman who’s carrying our child.”

“Well you deserve it.” you whispered. “You’ve been through more shit than anyone should ever have to go through.”

“Well, it was all worth it in the end, wasn’t it?” he murmered, resting a hand on your bump. “I’d gladly go to hell and back, just to be as happy as I am right now.”

anonymous asked:

Bill Weasley x Dino (KHR)

(No more requests please.)

I have no idea if this is… in-character? The pairing’s just so random.

1. Angst

“We could still-” Dino says helplessly after telling Bill about the engagement, about the heiress from a minor Italian famiglia, about the expectations people have, and his expression is desperate and scared and not at all like the boss he is.

“We could,” Bill agrees, but he also walks away because he’s no one’s dirty secret.

2. AU

“You’re a clumsy one, aren’t you?” An amused voice from above him remarks, but there’s also a note of gentle sympathy in it, and once Dino manages to untangle himself from the strap of his bag and thin air for the umpteenth time, he looks up to find a redhead with a nice smile, a Gryffindor tie, and an outstretched hand in his direction.

3. Crack

“If you bring Enzo into the tub one more time, Dino, so help me I’ll make you sleep in the garden shed for a month.”

4. Future fic

Bill apparates right onto the sprawling front lawn of the Chiavarone estate, nodding politely at all the suit-clad men bowing at him even as he walks briskly up the steps, inside, and towards Dino’s office where his lover should be at this time of the day.

He strolls in, and then rolls his eyes fondly, because of course, Dino is snoozing on his paperwork, ink on his face, a pen still clutched in one hand, and Vongola Tenth’s invitation to this year’s gala dangling from the other.

5. First time (meeting)

Bill calmly lowers the shield he threw up the moment Muggles started shooting up the local coffee shop he was previously enjoying an afternoon in. When he turns around, a blond - Italian - is gaping at him, wide-eyed and oddly cute in his bafflement.

Bill glances at the whip the stranger is holding and enquires, “Weapon or fetish? It’s alright if it’s both.”, and he chuckles when the blond’s entire face turns a bright Stunner red.

6. Fluff

People always seem surprised when they realize Bill and Dino are a couple, but they fit in ways that balance each other out - Bill grounds Dino’s more excitable nature, while Dino makes Bill loosen up and laugh more and engage in a world that’s more fun when the blond is around. You wouldn’t think so, with their respective jobs, especially Dino’s, but Dino has a bright optimism in him that Bill lacks, and Bill has a level-headed maturity that Dino tends to forget. They make each other better when they’re together, and people can talk all they want, can wonder and gossip and sneer and question - their opinions aren’t worth anything in the end.

7. Humor

“What do you think? Would I fit in?”

Dressed in wizard robes with a glittery star pattern that almost puts Dumbledore’s robes to shame, and coupled with a pointed blue hat and the same star pattern, Bill has to work very hard not to burst out laughing, but Dino seems to sense it anyway and promptly tears off the hat and starts sulking.

“It’s a good effort at least,” Bill offers consolingly, making Dino huff and turn to stomp away, only to trip on the hem of his robes and tumble to the ground with a yelp and a lot of cursing.

Bill gives up and laughs.

8. Hurt/Comfort

Dino’s ordered hits, carried out assassinations, fought in ambushes, and even watched his men die in the line of fire protecting him, but he’s never been to war, not the way Bill has, so all he can do on days when the scars on Bill’s face seem to stand out more starkly, and the look in his eyes is dark and distant and haunted with old memories, is hold him until he can face the world again and hope it’s enough.

Losing You

Anon Requested: bts one shot where y/n sends a very weird text in the group chat and when yoongi (her boyfriend) gets tipped off they all go to her house and she’s not thinking clearly and is about to do something crazy because of all the hate she’s getting? Is a bit triggering sorry

Pairing: Suga x Reader

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Triggering, Mention of suicide

Word count: 881

Description: You’ve been dealing with the hate for a long time but lately it’s been worse than ever. You and all the boys are friends and when one of the boys tips off your boyfriend that something was wrong he raced to come home to you…but was he too late?

Originally posted by yoo-ngie

“You don’t deserve him.”

“Why would he want you?”

“You’re just the charity case.”

“Why don’t you do us all a favor and end it all.”

 You clicked out of your account letting another tear fall down your face. That was it that was the last straw. You knew what you had to do, it’s not like you haven’t been thinking about it for a while now. Suicide, killing yourself, the end of it all. You tried being strong, hell you’ve been strong for the three years you were with Yoongi but this hate was getting out of control.

 Your breathing was shaky and shallow, not getting complete breath control and your stomach was in knots. Deep down you had wanted this… to end it all and stop the pain that you had constantly felt. To stop the comments that constantly filled your phone on all the social media outlets you had. You just wanted the pain to stop. But deep down you also didn’t want to die even with how much pain you were in you knew you didn’t want to end your life just the pain you had been dealing with for so long.

 Your phone rang causing you to jump at the loud sound coming from your dresser beside your bed. Taehyung’s face popped up, you sighed seeing it. You knew you were going to miss him. You contemplated not answering your phone, knowing how long the ringtone went until you missed the call. You groaned and sat up straight making sure your voice wouldn’t falter.

“Hello?” Your voice cracked. Your squeezed your eyes shut instantly cursing at yourself for not clearing your throat before you answered the phone.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong? Were you crying?” Tae’s voice promptly asked you concern evident in his voice.

“N-No. I just woke up that’s all.” You lied soon wishing it wasn’t Taehyung that called you, he was the only one aside from Yoongi that could quickly pin point your voice and how you were feeling, if you were crying. So he immediately knew he was correct once the lie left your mouth.

“(Y/N), what’s going on?” Alarm set on his voice.

 “I’m sorry Tae… I-I just can’t do it anymore.” You cried out, the tears burst like water from a dam down on your face. You felt the muscles on your chin tremble and you look towards the window that was placed near the end of your bed looking towards the sky’s colors of orange seeing the sun set.  “I’m sorry.” You clicked the red button ending the call and you tossed the phone on your bed. Calls came one after the other as you ignored each one of them.

You were rocking back and forth, there was a static in your head, a side effect of the constant fear you had been dreading. Your walls which had been so strong had finally collapsed on you, you pulled your dresser’s drawer open and saw the multiple pill bottles in them, you easily grab one fighting to open the bottle open. Now having the pills weren’t a secret to anybody they all knew you had taken some pills when it came to stress and anxiety but they hadn’t seemed to worry about you misusing them for the purpose you were aiming for. Maybe that was because they knew you struggled with the cap like you were struggling now.

“Just fucking open!” You cried out, you were pushing and pull just to get it open but there was no use, it was like the cap was glued shut.

Tears were flowing down your cheeks, releasing the sadness that you had built up over time. The noisy sobs echoed through the empty apartment, anyone inside would have been able to hear them, you were pretty positive anyone outside the apartment could hear them too. You didn’t care.

You heard the front door slam open and your bedroom door soon after. Once he saw you hysterically crying on your bed he ran up to you and held you against his chest. Your hand still clutched onto the pill bottle as if it was something with meaning and was going to be ripped from you. He clutched onto your body harder, terrified of what you might’ve done.

“Jagi, you can’t just end it. You need to keep fighting, you’ve always been able to fight this off.” His sobs were now heard. His heart was racing against your back as his heart broke seeing you. His words came out in shaky manners, terrified of what had transpired. “You need to come to me when you feel like this.”

Losing you was his biggest fear and here he was holding you against his body. His hand came over yours, your hand loosened its grip on the pill bottle allowing him to take it from you and tossing it to the ground.

“I can’t lose you.”