and i promise you i'll run away with you

Profound Sentence Meme
  • "People care about you, too, you know."
  • "What, and it's alright for you to save us, but never the other way around? Why not?"
  • "Don't you know how much you're loved?"
  • "You're trying to get yourself killed! Ever since it happened, you've been trying!"
  • "It's like you have a death wish."
  • "You're addicted to the adrenaline and sooner or later it will get someone killed. You, probably."
  • "What happened to you? Why are you like this?"
  • "This ISN'T okay."
  • "You can't keep treating yourself like this."
  • "I hear you crying sometimes, when you think nobody is listening."
  • "Do you know how sad you look sometimes?"
  • "What are you hiding from me? Just TELL me!"
  • "Something is eating you up from the inside. Something happened, or you've done something, or someone left. You need to share. Otherwise you're never going to feel okay again."
  • "Why are you like this?"
  • "Since when was doing THIS okay?"
  • "It's okay to talk to people."
  • "I'm not fragile, I'm not going to break if you talk to me about it. I'll listen and I'll care. That's it. I promise."
  • "You can't run away from this."
  • "I'm not going to leave you the moment you do something I disagree with."
  • "You're not secretly an irredeemably awful person!"
  • "What's going on with you?"
NewtXReader -Not a priority - Part 2


Part 1 - not a priority

I would recommend re-reading part 1 again before              continuing :)


The emptiness was always there. Although his sensitive nature made him feel even deeper he managed to hide it behind his reserved persona, however the feeling never completely escaped him.

It hid everywhere, the emptiness, in the closet, the cupboards. There wasn’t any getting away from it. Most days he worked endlessly in his case to the point of extreme exhaustion and stress. He just needed to feel something. To distract himself, from not anything else but simply himself.

Just as you had quote on quote hoped’, Newt’s book was an incredible success, but success was nothing to Newt if he didn’t have someone he loved to share it with. The recognition for his work seemed worthless without your opinion, your praise was the only one that mattered.

Had you even bothered to buy a copy of the book? Did you even think about him anymore? These where thoughts that often passed Newt’s mind.

As he aimlessly wandered around the apartment the two of you used to live in, a lonely tear rolled down his freckled cheek. It hurt him to stand where he stood.

Every inch of the room holding memories which the two of you had shared together. A little pile of your belongings still lay untouched in the corner, but little did Newt know their owner was standing outside.

You stood in front of the red apartment door, breathing shakily in. ‘Please be not here, please be not here’ you prayed.

You were scared. So scared. Every muscle felt tight, sprung for action. Even your face felt tight, like smiling just wasn’t an option today. Your body screamed for you to sprint down the street, for you knew that behind the door was the auburn haired man you once loved…and still, hopelessly loved.

Letting a nervous sigh out, you willed your hand to push down on the handle. As the door opened, daylight from outside shone central on Newt.

His appearance was unusually scruffy, as though he failed to see the point of looking presentable anymore. His bow tie hung slanted and his hair unbrushed. Upon hearing your footsteps his eyes nervously flicked to the door, a mixed look of guilt and relief on his face. His mouth hung over for a second as though he was trying to form a sentence out of the millions of words he wanted to say.

“Y/N….I-I didn’t m-mean it you know that right? I was just so s-stressed, I had no idea what I was saying” he pleaded, his gaze now full fixated on the floor.

“It’s ok Newt” you replied monotonously, not even a waver of emotion in your tone. You wouldn’t let him see you crack.

Shock emerged over his features as his eyes locked with yours, as it took a couple of seconds to process what you had just said.

“It’s ok?” He repeated, unsure if he’d just imagined it. Did you really just forgive him?


“So you’ll come home?” He hopefully asked, a longing look in his glance.


“No. I’m just here for my belongings Newt” you sadly whispered.

At this Newt’s smile instantly dropped, a heartbroken expression replacing it. His eyes became glossy once again and his posture slightly hunched.

“Newt I forgive you for what you said… Merlins sake we all have off days” you laughed blankly ,“but this doesn’t change anything. Work will always take a priority in your life and I won’t ask you to change that for me. It’s just in your nature Newt. I won’t blame you for loving your creatures. If you want to out them first…then so be it”, your voice shook in places as you forced the words out.

Tears uncontrollably fell from Newt’s eyes as he attempted to defend himself, “Being a Magozoologist is hard work-”

Love is hard work”, you interrupted slightly annoyed, “I love you…but I can’t keep going on like this. I’m not one of your creatures who only needs food sleep and shelter. I need your time. I need you Newt”.

Silence hung in the atmosphere.

“I was doing it for you Y/N”, Newt declared quietly his voice slightly breaking, “I-I know you hate having to move constantly… Always having to find a new home and rent different apartments. I just wanted to finish the book so desperately so we wouldn’t have to travel for creatures anymore…so we could settle down” he finished heartbrokenly.

“Newt-” did he really work all those long nights for you?

“…My aim was to finish the novel, I swear neglecting you was never my attention. I was going to use the money from the book too buy us a home…..

…..our home

From his pocket Newt pulled a crumpled piece of paper. Shyly he placed it in the palm of your hand, anxiously waiting for your reaction. Unfolding the corners a picture of a beautiful little house with 'a for sale’, was printed. Studying the image you noticed that it was a spacious house which walls where laced with ivy, nearly a replica of the house you had always dreamed of.

You had often talked to Newt about how you would’ve loved to buy a home with him in the future. Room for the both of you and maybe…even children. However most of the time you brought the topic up, it was when you and Newt used to cuddle before bed. Although you had mentioned it to him before you never thought he actually listened as most of the time he was half asleep.

You knew he was content with just living in his case and had never really longed for the comfort of a proper home like you. But he was prepared to give all that up. To work to the point of exhaustion to fund your dream.

You wanted to speak but all you could do is softly croak, “our home?”

Simply nodding his head, Newt’s mouth painted a soft smile. The piece of paper fell from your hands as he paced towards you. The warmth of his body met your cold skin, his hands clasping around your lower back, the other running through your hair. With each soft touch more tears fall, tears neither of you wipe away. “I’m sorry Newt I didn’t know. I guess I kind of ruined the surprise, didn’t I?”, you playfully joked into his chest".

“I’m just want you to be happy Y/N. I'll promise I’ll cut back on my hours Y/N. Just as long as your fine with living from my case for a while longer?” Still enveloped in Newt arms you tilted your head up, locking your eyes directly with his.

Newt was your home. You didn’t need a dream house and Newt didn’t need to work endless hours. As long as you had one another, you were each others only priority.


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  • Sansa: I want to lock Ramsey in the kennels-
  • Jon: Okay.
  • Sansa: and feed him to his dogs.
  • Jon: Sansa, no.
  • Tormund: SANSA, YES!
  • Jon: Wait-
  • Sansa: Really?!
  • Tormund: I love it! But do you think his dogs will go for it?
  • Jon: No-
  • Sansa: He hasn't fed them in a week.
  • Tormund: Brilliant! I hope they wait long enough for you to monologue a bit to get in the last word.
  • Jon: Both of you enough!
  • Sansa:
  • Tormund:
  • Jon: Now I know we've been through a lot and that he is a fucking prick, but we are not feeding him to his own dogs. We won't stoop to his level. Now, we'll deal with him in the morning. *walks away*
  • Tormund:
  • Sansa:
  • Tormund: Promise to hook me up with your lady knight and I'll make sure he wakes up in the kennels.
  • Sansa: Deal.
  • Tormund: Sweet! *starts running off* I want the details later!

The two words that had the power to kill me.
Borrowed time.
That’s all life really was, wasn’t it? Everything and everyone all just clocks ticking away. Waiting for some kind of ending. That’s all we were. We were running on borrowed time and I loved you, but time eventually runs out. The clock eventually stops ticking. We eventually stopped working. Our clock struck the ending on a night while you were out somewhere with your friends and I was at home for the third Saturday night alone. Trying to understand how our hourglass filled so quickly. Trying to understand borrowed time.


but when i shut down, i make sure i shut down good. i board up all the windows, lock every single door, barricade after barricade. i will make sure there is no way to get in. and when someone does, when they slip through the cracks and find the keys i left under the welcome home matt, i will run. because that’s what i do. i shut down, beg someone to come in, and then run at the sight of them because i fear every hand outstretched to me is the one i used to hold, the one i miss, the one that’s no longer in my reach. and so maybe they will follow, or maybe they don’t. but all i know is that i never know when to get close or when to back away so often times it takes so much time for me to come around because i am scared that no one is going to be able to figure me out.
—  but if you do, welcome home. i promise i am done running.


  • “ i’ll have what he’s having. no wait, i’ll have three of what he’s having ”
  • “ I achieved this drink only through some very determined pointing ”
  • “ There was also a woman who referred to me as her sweet peapod of love ”
  • “ You cannot blame me for every little natural disaster that happens! ”
  • “ I am relying on you to be … more reliable and less like you than you usually are  “
  • “ I must speak Prattling Fool, since I can understand you ”
  • “ I will find you. I will find whatever chest of absurd clothes you have. And I will bring a llama into the place where you sleep and make sure that it urinates on everything you possess ”
  • “ I would apologize, Except that I feel no regret at all. ”
  • “ I can’t get enough adventure, And adventure cannot get enough of me.”
  • “ it is wetter than a boar’s armpit and twice as smelly here ”
  • “ Picture this, Me with a little monkey friend. I could teach him tricks. I could dress him in a cunning jacket. He could look just like me! But more monkey-shaped ”
  • “  I begin to rather doubt the beauty of our friendship ”
  • “ I enjoy city life, you know, The glittering lights, the constant companionship, the liquid entertainment. The lack of sudden monkeys. ”
  • “ Pardon me. You were talking about bird droppings. ”
  • “ You think pirates are out to steal your bird droppings? ”
  • “ I spy dread pirates in the distance. Ready yourself for battle, my friend ”
  • “ Well, you should have thrown them out and bought clothes that were both more sweetly scented and more stylish ”
  • “ Don’t fight in front of the client, boys, or I will knock your heads together so hard, your skulls will crack like eggs. ”
  • “ I wouldn’t call that an instrument of music, An instrument of torture, perhaps ”
  • “ That explains the sound you’re making. Like a lost, hungry armadillo ”
  • “ I heard a cat making a most unearthly noise, From the sound of it, the poor creature must be direly sick. You have to help me find it! ” 
  • “  There really should be more roads up there ”
  • “ I can’t live a lie any longer! I have tried to be encouraging. Dignitaries of the town have been sent to me, asking me to plead with you to stop. My own sainted mother begged me, with tears in her eyes— ”
  • “ Furthermore, my hats are extraordinary ”
  • “ In five hundred years I have never desired the touch of another man, but I am suddenly possessed with a desire to kiss that boy on the mouth. ”
  • “ Please, Carry on showering me with compliments. This is an extremely pleasant experience for me, by the way, and precisely how I was hoping my day would go “
  • “ I’m surprised it even lasted this long; he was much better looking than you ”
  • “ I can’t settle down yet. I need more time to devote myself to debauchery. ”
  • “ That sounded like the question of a man who doesn’t need answers. That sounded like the question of a man who needs another drink. ”
  • “  You told us to leave you in the desert, because you planned to start a new life as a cactus ”
  • “ (name) , you were trying to flirt with your own plate ”
  • “ You’re an idiot ”
  • “ Run away with me. Right now. It will be the most amazing adventure, I promise you that ”
Hey, Mama! (Taehyung x Reader, M)

“You know, little mama, exactly what I want.” 

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OUAT {Sentence Starters}
  • "Evil isn't born, it's made."
  • "There's no such thing as love at first sight or first kiss."
  • "I'm a villain. And villains don't get happy endings."
  • "What, you think that kiss actually meant something?"
  • "Sometimes doing a bad thing for a good reason is okay, right?"
  • "You never have to worry. I will always find you."
  • "Covering your tracks isn't exactly your strong suit."
  • "What made you choose to come here with me?"
  • "For what it's worth, I think you're innocent."
  • "I know it seems impossible, but I can get you out of this."
  • "Trust me. I know love, and you're in it."
  • "You don't know anything about this, do you?"
  • "Love's the worst. I wish there was a magic cure."
  • "People don't change, they only fool themselves into believing they can."
  • "I think giving up might be the best plan."
  • "Why is everyone running away from you?"
  • "Every story needs a memorable detail."
  • "Perhaps you should stop making promises you can't keep."
  • "Even if I never see you again, I know you will find love. I know you'll be happy."
  • "You know what? I'll call you whatever I damn well please!"
  • "Good always loses, because good has to play fair."
  • "You've got a lot of anger there, don't you?"
  • "I guess I just- I'm not used to someone putting me first."
  • "Maybe I don't need answers. Maybe I just need to punch you in the face."
  • "You don't look well, dear. Let's take you home."
  • "Your pretty face buys you a lot, but not my time. It's too valuable."
  • "If you're wondering, I found a place here in town."
  • "No one thinks that I can do anything. Maybe they're right."
  • "I wish feelings could be helped, but they can't."

learning from Max how to make a decent selfie. hella far away from decent for now.

Maybe I want to keep running away.”
“Fine. Then run. Keep running. Run until you think you’ve escaped all this. But the moment you stop, the moment you settle, the moment you start to fall in love again, everything you’ve done and everyone you’ve hurt? It will all catch up to you. I can promise you that.
—  from an unfinished story #439

anonymous asked:

I feel like this is the place to submit my jewish pickup lines. Are you Jewish? Cause you israeli hot! God just told me there was going to be a flood and I've decided to save you. Are you the milk or the honey I was promised? I'll give you something to atone for next yom kippur. I may not be Elisha but will you open the door anyway? Baby lets run away together, just Jew and Me. the afikomen won't be the only thing you loose tonight.

I’ll give you something to atone for next yom kippur

the signs as soma moments
  • Aries: "If we die, we die cool."
  • Taurus: "I won't let you touch my meister!"
  • Gemini: "Let's not lose each other this time..."
  • Cancer: "Soul, resonate with me."
  • Leo: "After all, cool men don't cheat on their partners, do they?"
  • Virgo: "It's thanks to you, Maka, that I stopped running away."
  • Libra: "Twisted, yet always listening to me... super nice guy... my partner... Soul's soul."
  • Scorpio: "No matter how far you get blown away, as your weapon, I promise I’ll bring you back!"
  • Sagittarius: "And what's so wrong with that? It would be nice to be called an angel once in a while!"
  • Capricorn: "This is the piece I played when I met you. It's the beginning of my courage."
  • Aquarius: "I'll follow you to the ends of the Earth."
  • Pisces: "Even this music is something we made together, isn't it?"
  • Louis: How can I promise I'll stay if I don't know what I'll happen next?
  • Niall: Think of a stray puppy who has just trusted you enough to eat food off your hand. If you don't want the puppy to run away and hide, you won't make any sudden moves. That doesn't mean you can't leave. It means you can't flinch when he licks your fingers and nuzzles against your palm. He doesn't know better
The tears never stopped. I was crying, shaking, reaching for help. I wanted to run away, hide and never come back. But instead, I stayed lying on the cold sheets, trembling with fear. I couldn’t breath. I lost my mind. And the worst part was, that you did it. You, whom I believed. You promised me you will always protect from the things outside, but you, the one that I let in, hurt me the most. You broke my fucking heart, shattered it in million pieces. And I don’t think it will be ever put together again.
—  the night I died inside

did anyone want a ryuu-centric fic that was totally intended to be a drabble but spiralled out of control? did anyone want some half-formed ideas on ryuu’s past and the scars it might have left?

if so, today is your lucky day.

(p.s. bonus Io at the end because I am shipping trash)

Ryuu is young when it happens, but not so young he can’t remember it. The first sign of it is the conversation he overhears his mother and father having.

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Life’s a tangled web part 7 ((FINAL PART))
And you don’t know how it happened, but the two of you leaned closer to each other and then it happened. You kissed each other.

You looked at him in complete shock. ‘Woah.. W-what was happening?’ You didn’t want to look at him. You could feel your cheeks have turned red.

'I don’t know..’ Thiago said, so soft that you almost didn’t hear it.

'Lets pretent that that never happened.’ You looked at him and he nodded. 'Y-yeah. Alright.’ You tried to smile. 'Uhm.. I’m off to training, bye.’ He packed his bag and walked out of the door.

You just kissed your best friend. You didn’t know what to do now. You didn’t want to leave. But on the other hand, you knew it was going go be awkward between you two. You loved him as your best friend, nothing more, right?

You didn’t want to think about it but it kept coming back in your mind. Did you like your bestfriend? Actually Thiago was a beautiful man. He has beautiful brown eyes, beautiful full lips and his smile. That god damn smile.. And then you realised.. That you liked Thiago the whole time.

Wow. You liked, well actually loved, your best friend. That’s sick. You were not going to tell him you liked him. No way.

After a few hours Thiago came back home. And it was awkward. You didn’t know what to say, he didn’t know what to say. The house was silent. That wasn’t something for you and Thiago. You were both very calm, but whenever you were together you two were the loudest.

'So.. Would you like to go with me to the game in a few days?’ He asked you, breaking silence. You nodded. 'Yeah.. I’m always there supporting you. Why would i not support you?’ You asked, frowning. 'Yeah.. But you know because..’ He didn’t finish his sentence. 'We kissed?’ You spat. He looked up to you.

'Well yeah..’ You sighed. 'I’ll be there. But for now i’ll sleep at a hotel or something. I think both of us need space.’ You said, walking to his bedroom where the gigantic closed was.

You heared Thiago walking towards you. 'You will come back.. Right?’ He asked, his voice husky.’ You nodded, but you didn’t turn around. 'Yeah.. ofcourse.’ Thiago sighed in relief. 'Good.’ You smiled weakly, even though he couldn’t see it.

You packed your suitcase with closed for a couple of days. 'Goodbye, (Y/N).’ Thiago said, hugging you. 'Goodbye.’ You hugged him and walked out of the door. Away from the man you loved.

After a few days of your heads running full of thoughts and crying your eyes out, it was time for the match. You pulled on your Thiago Silva jersey and fixed your hair. 'Lets go.’ You whispered.

You couldn’t wait to see him. But on the other hand, you didn’t want to see him.

You arrived at the stadium and walked over to the VIP seats, where you could see the players properly. The players walked on the field and you focussed on Thiago. His eyes searching for you in the crowd, you knew that. He did that every match. Cause if he scored, he would point at you. You waved, and you got a wave back from him. You smiled, and the game began.

You wasn’t really focussed on the game like normally. You couldn’t get Thiago out of your head. Their were a billion of questions running through your head.

At the end of the game, they won with 2-0. You were ready to walk out of the VIP section, when you heared your name. ’(Y/N) wait!’ You turned around, facing a Thiago Silva with a microphone in his hand. You frowned but decided to stay.

’(Y/N) I.. I wanted to tell you that I’m madly in love with you.. I just want you to know that i love you.. From the first moment i met you, i’ve been thinking about you.. Non-stop.. I can’t express your beauty. I hope that you know that you are were my dreams are made of. Please, say you love me back..’ The love of your life loved you back.. He really did. You wanted to freak out so badly, but you decided it would be the best to stay calm.

You stared at him, not knowing what to do. There were so many things going in right know. The crowd was going 'awh’, David looked like he had just seen a ghost, then the other team mates where clapping, and then there was you. Staring at him. You walked away from the VIP section.

The crowd was going crazy, and not in a good way. You basically run to the dressing room, on to the field. The crowd was basically streaming. Thiago sat on the field, head in his hands, but looked up when he heared his name. 'Thiago..’ You said, softly. He walked up to you. 'I’m so sorry..’ He whispered.

'I shouldn’t have-’ You cut him off, pressing your lips on his. You wrapped your arms around his neck. He kissed you back, after a few seconds. He wrapped his arms around your back, and you pulled away. 'I can’t promise things won’t be broken, but i’ll swear that i will never leave.’ You whispered.

'And that’s how me and papai became a couple.’ You whispered, looking at your sleepy sons, Isago and Iago. Thiago walked into the room. 'What did you tell them?’ He asked, wrapping his arm around your waist. 'Oh, nothing.’ You smiled and pecked his lips. You watched your boys fall asleep. 'I love you (Y/N).’ He whispered. You looked at your beautiful husband. 'I love you too.’
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