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Do you have any ideas/theories about the curse of ymir? Whether they will try to stop it somehow or if it's even real? Like how are they going to deal with this? It honestly stresses me out so much and makes me so and I know bc of it we probably won't get a very happy ending but I continue to read theories and give myself some home anyway. Though most theories are so fucking sad omfg lmao

Hi anon! I’m sorry this response has taken so long, this is probably the toughest ask I’ve had before, so it took awhile to think about. We have a few options for this. I’m just gonna run down the line.

1. They can’t stop it

     The least favorable answer. This way, all of the Shifters would die before the series ends. There’d be nothing anybody could do, and the series ends hopeless. I don’t ACTUALLY think this is likely though. I don’t have the interview, but Isayama I think it was, mentioned something about how the number 9 occurs a bunch in snk, and that it’s related to “the end of a cycle.” That probably ties into the To You, 2000 Years in the Future thing. I’m thinking it’s probably something like a 2000 year curse, and it breaks at the end of the series.

2. Reunification Theory

     This is probably the one I’ve seen thrown around a bunch. The basic gist is that somebody has to take all of the Titan powers back into themselves. What happens next kind of varies. Maybe they summon Ymir Fritz. Maybe the Shifter puts themselves into Annie’s crystal stasis, then they get buried at the bottom of the ocean. Maybe THAT’S where To You, 2000 Years in the Future comes from. 2000 Years later they find the Crystallized Shifter at the bottom of the ocean.


     Someone from the Ackerman Clan (Mikasa) summons Ymir Fritz, tells her to fix it, she does. @falcon94ssy is the mastermind of this theory.

4. Reunification Theory Except It’s With Eldia And Marley But Every Time Eren Gets Captured It Gets Faster

     This is probably my favorite one atm, but I think the series would have to be a bit longer for it to work. Basically, Paradis fights Marley, they work things out, and then they venture out into that mysterious forest that Ymir Fritz is always depicted in and literally get like, archaeological evidence for how to fix it. Maybe there’s like an ancient tablet with secret Shifter instructions? I haven’t really given this one too much thought, but I’d love to see everyone reunite to find Ymir Fritz or something related to her. Something to give them an idea. It sounds like it’d need its own arc though.

Sorry again for the super delay in this response! Thanks for the ask!

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THE KASHIHORI MOMENT HAD ME SHOOK There probably won't be any development till idk a hell lot of chapters ( damn you sensei increase the pace already ) but still, it was great!! We seem to getting forward in ships at least, with the Nozakura chapter previously. Also welcome Min!


hhh yeah slow and steady is fine!! i dont think horis grandpa heart would be able to handle it. AND YEAH good for chiyo !! (also hellooooo)

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HOW DID YOU DO THE LIGHTS ON YOUR FLAMING POISONING RAGING SWORD OF DOOM thats so cool!! im planning on making one myself, also of my own design, hopefully it will be finished before salt lake comic con? also would you mind giving me some tips? it will be my first time making a sword this big for a cosplay and all the other times i just got a kids toy sword and built off of that, but obviously i cant do that for this? aaa it looks so cool and i love the weathering and the bic lighter oh man

aaa I really appreciate that you liked it enough to ask me for tips omg… Ok so this might go a little bit into tutorial length bc I get really excited about my prop work. 

So mine was made of L400 foam, with a yardstick as the base to keep it from flopping around. You could probably also use L200 or EVA foam, but I went with L400 because of the stiffness. I started off with a computer template of what I wanted, but I would recommend just doing this straight on the foam bc this ended up being a pain later

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👏~ if that's okay

Rumor has it that there’s a man with three sets of testicles. That’s six whole balls. Talk about bizarre, right?

(Okay, so I honestly haven’t thought of any songs for this but when I do I’ll get back to you.)

Hope Less Romantics Chapter One

“And that was Make Out Monday with their song, Twixter! Check in next week to win tickets to see the band live at their concert on the 15!” the voice of the man on the radio drifts through the speakers of Shiro’s car. He reaches his prosthetic hand out to turn the volume knob down. The man’s eye drift over the younger male in the passenger seat, who in turn gives him a glare.
Shiro chuckles, “What? The song was over.”
“Yeah, well maybe I wanted to listen to that,” Keith huffs, crossing his arms over his chest.
“They’re talking about the weather, Keith, you never care about that.”
“You know what I meant.” Grey eyes gaze out of the car’s window. “Besides, I’m not that lucky.”
“You never know,” Shiro pulls the car to a stop at a red light. “They’re, like, your favorite band right?”
“Well yeah, but-”
“Then you should go see them.”
Keith turns his head to look directly at his brother, “We both know that’s never going to happen, Shiro.”
“Keith Akira Kogane-Shirogane, we talked about this.”
Keith shrugs his shoulders, going back to watching the world outside the window.
“Don’t you shrug your shoulder at-”
“Light’s green, Shiro.”
Shiro starts driving back to their shared home, giving Keith a side glance. “We’re not done with this conversation, Keith.”
Keith hums in acknowledgement.
“I’m serious, Keith. You never know, there might come a chance for you to meet that crush of yours.”
Wide, grey eyes frantically dart over to the, now smirking, older male. “Shiro, no. We Don’t speak of that.” Scarlet forms over the younger male’s pale cheeks. “I don’t…no there’s no crush. Besides,” he tosses his hands up in the air, whacking his knuckles on the car’s roof, “everyone knows that the lead singer is straight.”
“Don’t beat up my car.”
His words fall on deaf ears.
“I mean, sure, he’s really, really cute, and has a nice voice. And his hair is really nice. Plus his eyes! Have you ever seen anything so-” Keith’s words stop as chuckling reaches his ears. “What are you laughing at?”
Shiro shakes his head, “You’re rambling about someone you claim not to have a crush on.”
“I don’t!”
“Man, you’ve got it bad. Did I sound half as bad as you when I first met Allura?”
Keith gives Shiro a deadpan look, “I’m ranting, not insufferable.”
Shiro pulls into their driveway, and goes to make a retort, when his phone rings. He reads the text with a smile on his face while typing a reply. Keith already has his things and is making his way into the house. Shiro dials the number on his phone, waiting for a response.
“He went on another rant?” Allura’s laugh emits from the speaker.
“Yeah, Allura he’s gonna love this surprise.”
“I would hope so, from the way he talks.”
“Shiro, come on!” Keith yells from the front door.
“I gotta go, sweetie, the child is impatient,” he chuckles again. “I’ll talk to you later, Allura.” He lowers his voice so that Keith can’t hear, “I love you.”
“Love you too, Shiro.”
The two hang up and Shiro heads into the house.

A week goes by and Keith’s mood seems to drop with each passing second. A few customers at the pet store he works at seemed to have noticed, but don’t ask. It’s when he’s elbow deep in cleaning the chinchilla cage, that Shiro asks.
Keith raises a brow. “I’m fine.”
“You’re in one of your moods,” Shiro kneels down beside him. “Is it because of the concert?”
Keith’s bottom lip sticks out slightly in a pout. “…no.” He stands up, brushing his hands off quickly. “I already knew I wasn’t going out. Besides, the odds of me actually meeting the band aren’t very high.”
Shiro stands as well, and sighs, running a hand through his hair. “Look, we didn’t wanna tell you this yet, but since you really need a pick me up. You know Allura, right?”
“You mean your ‘Sweetie’?” a sly smirk graces the black haired male’s face.
Shiro groans. “Yes, her. Well, I never told you exactly what she does.”
“Something that involves a lot of fancy parties, right?”
“She’s the current owner of Altea Records.” Keith’s jaw nearly hits the floor. Shiro rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. “Yeah…so that concert? Well, we got tickets for it. She knows how much you love the band, and we agreed that it’d be a nice gift for you since you’ve been working really hard.”
Keith’s grey eyes light up, “You…you’re serious?!”
“Yes, I’m serious. Plus, do you remember Matt?”
“The kid you hung around with and had a relationship with for a while in college?”
“Yeah. Matt’s the guitar player for the band,” Shiro shakes his head, an airy laugh, “I’m surprised you didn’t notice sooner!”
Keith crosses his arms over his chest, and turns his head away. “Well, maybe he looks different than he did when you two hung out more.”
“Or, you’re just too busy giving googly eyes to your crush to notice.” Now Shiro had a smirk on his face. Keith’s cheeks turned rosy from embarrassment, the pink color spanning to the tips of his ears. Shiro’s hand clamped down onto the younger male’s shoulder, “This might be your chance to meet the ‘love of your life’ that you dream so animatedly about.”
Keith threw a half hearted swing at his brother’s shoulder, blush still very evident, if not darker, on his face. “Dude, shut up!” A small laugh bubbled up from Keith’s throat. He was going to see the band he’s been a fan of for quite a while, and maybe, just maybe, he might get the chance to talk to Lance.

i need to get off for tonight but please keep showing support for hansol. please don’t bombard him with questions or ask for an explanation right now because he is going through a lot right now. all of that would be way too overwhelming. just send him loving messages and keep him in your thoughts. i hope that he gets a lot of rest and is able to work through this with the people around him that truly care for him.

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May I ask why do you as a lesbian mostly ship het? Not judging, just curious. As a lesbian myself I could never bring myself to care about f/m ships.

Ahahaa was waiting for the day I’d get this ask…

It’s more coincidence than any sort of conscious decision? All my ships are from video games and most of those games only let a woman PC romance a dude, and I play (pretty much exclusively) as a woman in those games. or in the instance I can romance a chick with a woman, that romance/character doesn’t fit with my character. 

Also I do have f/f ships and lesbian characters I swear, I just don’t draw them often. (Which I should but whatever.)

lonepiper5758  asked:

Wondering what your thoughts might be on justice for all those hurt by the War in Ishval post Promised Day. Reconciliation vs Retribution. A South Africa post-apartheid “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” model vs post WW2 “Nuremberg Trials” model.

whooo boy. this is an ask that could get me killed here on tungle dot hell.

I’m gonna start this off with two disclaimers:

1) My understanding of the TRC and the Nuremberg Trials (NT) is pretty minimal. I’ve researched them a bit for this ask but I am not exactly qualified to discuss them (or the crimes they were intended to provide justice for) in a nuanced way. I’m just answering an ask. Let me live if you disagree.

2) I love Mustang, Hawkeye, Armstrong, Dr. Marcoh and Dr. Knox (any other good guys who did awful, awful, shit in Ishval that I’m forgetting?) but if the series had ended with them being executed or imprisoned for life, I would have been sad but not angry. They killed innocent people. I don’t give two shits that the homunculi started the war and that it was all part of Father’s transmutation circle. They still murdered innocent people and I hold them 100% accountable for it.

Personally, I’m torn. As far as I can tell, one of the key differences between NT and TRC is that NT required international law (’cause, ya know, multiple countries involved) and the TRC only involved South Africa. The other key difference is that NT focused more on punishing those on trial and the TRC had more focus on like…rebuilding, I guess? 

Let’s explore the Nuremberg route:

Now let’s look at the TRC:

In short, I’m leaning toward a TRC-like model happening maybe 10-15 years after the Promised Day (or hell even 20-30 years, who knows when this government will get its head out of its ass) but quite frankly I would still consider a Nuremberg Trials-like model as justice. Either way, I’m sure there would be some Ishvalan characters who disagreed with either option.

(sorry for reusing old graphic im too lazy for new ones)

Basically, this is the network for all folks who are associated with graphic making in one way or another. So, if you’re in need of a place where you can ask ‘HEY DO YOU THINK I SHOULD LEAVE THE TEXT HERE’ or 'GUYS I NEED SOME GOOD CLOUDS TEXTURES’ and find an answer, this is the network for you (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ


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What I’m looking for

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@princess-orihime-inoueWould it be too much to ask for a colored version of Orihime in Chapter 589, where she is innocently smiling before she blushes from Ichigo’s opinion? I love the way you color her, it’s so cute💕

Done! Cleaned it up a bit to make edits easier too! Sorry for how long it took!!

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Hi, do you mind people asking for advice? Cause I'm a genderfluid person (born female) but I get a lot of hate for looking "purely" feminine. I've got rather strict parents, who just won't let me express my identity and I still like posting selfies, but I get hate everytime for tagging them genderfluid and non binary, mostly from other nb people, saying that I'm just faking it for attention and that it's disrespectful for actual nb people. Any advice on how to deal with this?

Ughh that really sucks!! I would probably tell them to fuck off but that doesn’t really solve the problem aha.

Maybe you could tell those people that gender identity =/= gender expression? And that who are they to know your gender identity?? Also nb people always get crap from binary trans folks about not “really” being trans ; it’s utterly incoherent and unfair to do it inside our own communities!!

Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of messages asking about KnB blog recs so I decided to make a masterpost! I thought that it’d be more efficient if I gathered everyone into a masterpost for any other people who may be interested. Enjoy!~

♔ - 100% KnB ‖ ☆ - Multifandom

This is not a complete list though, and will be updated whenever I come across more! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Recommendations are always welcome!!

LAST UPDATED: 10/17/2015

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Are you accepting confessions? Because I have one. I miss the days when Nygmobblepot was a ship of murderers. Villains who did VILLAIN things. When they murdered and fucked and plotted for selfish gain. Nowadays it seems like it’s all about fluff and making them toothless puppies who cuddle and adopt stuffed animals. It's frustrating! Being bad is what keeps em from being interchangeable with any ol m/m ship. Anyway this probably won't be a popular opinion but I needed to say it. -Awful Anon

Legit. I’m close to hanging up my everything. End villain erasure 2k17.

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You probably get this a lot, so I won't ask you to go into full detail for your sake lol but do you have any tips for just starting out for becoming vegan? Or do you have any websites, maybe some you used, to help you get started when transitioning to vegan. Something that suggests certain meals to start with, all the replacements, what meals or foods have eggs or dairy products you wouldn't know about, and what you should eat daily for nutrition.. stuff like that. Please and thank you :)

Order a free starter kit. ChoosevegVegansociety and the Vegetarian resource group are all great sites. I’m not a fan of PETA at all, but you can poke around their site, some of it is useful. Check out my facts page. In there I included a photo set of some of my favorite replacement stuff, although you don’t need any of it. Here’s a list of some ingredients to steer clear of. Read up on nutrition, watch some documentaries. Forks over knives, Vegucated and This speech are all goodies. There’s Earthlings too, very graphic. Take it slow if you need to, don’t stress yourself out. Eventually it’ll become second nature, you’ll learn as you go. I learn new stuff all the time, and i’ve been vegan for a while.  

It probably wasn't tactful of john to announce that he got his braces caught in karkat's carpet this weekend when dave asked him what he did so casually