and i probably spent more money than i should have

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Khux JP - Kairi EX - I have pulled 40 times so far and still unsuccessful at getting her, any words of wisdom you can pass on? Part of me is saying to purchase another $100 jewel pack and another part of me is saying I should stop. What should I do? Please help. This anniversary has been so crazy, so much money spent on every banner!


Here’s what I think: you’ve spent all those jewels and have not gotten her. The chance to get her is less than 1%. I don’t know the probability of that, but a couple well-known Japanese YouTubers had to pull over 30 times to get just one of her. They did buy more jewels during those pulls. They are “whales.”

Whether you’re doing well financially or not (not judging by any means), this is money that could be going towards basic necessities or something that would benefit you in real life. In the end, this is your money and I’m not a financial advisor, so I won’t make any decisions for you (especially since that’s not a small sum of money).

My thoughts don’t always sound as eloquent in words, but I hope this made some sort of sense.

To Try, 3/4

A/N: Bentley and Alcor go visit people in another country.

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           He woke from the fuzzy nightmare, half-aware of the way it had cut out halfway through, sticking to his subconscious before being sucked away. Usually, he fell back asleep after the sensation, but this time he peered up at Alcor with sleep-narrowed eyes.

           Alcor’s face, shadowed and lit blue by Bentley’s small collection of glowing figurines clustered on a small table by his bed, was slack in surprise. Bentley couldn’t help but notice the bags under the other’s eyes, despite the fact that his dad had started giving Alcor small snacks in exchange for eating Bentley’s nightmares (the thought still made him cringe, still made him think of nothing and the question of existence and Philosophy would never, ever be a good subject for him).

           “That taste was…different,” Alcor said. He floated upright so that he wasn’t hanging over Bentley’s body in such a creepy way. Bentley sat up, rubbed his eyes, and then looked over at the clock: 4:58. Well, at least it was Saturday.
           Bentley grunted. Even though Alcor had been helpful to the point of hurting himself, Bentley still wasn’t sure. He was around less, and he was more subdued than he had been in the past, but that didn’t mean that Bentley could unsee the demon behind Alcor.

           “…What was it about?” Alcor asked. He’d never asked before; Bentley thought that somehow he’d just known. He began to wonder if maybe Alcor had been afraid to ask.

           No. That couldn’t be it. Alcor had to have known.

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Things TNT needs to do:
  1. Get more secure and/or reliable servers or whatever they need for everything to not be so glitchy and easily-hacked. I wouldn’t give a shit except for the fact that we’re all spending real money on this site, so we deserve to have something that’s technologically more safe and advanced than a website circa 2007.
  2. Be done with the kid-friendly thing. There may be kids on this website, but I would venture to say 90-95%+ of the people still on Neo are adults. Or at least teenagers. It is nonsense that we all have to walk on eggshells and have such incredibly stupid filters in place that we can’t say words like “accumulate” because it has the word “cum” in it. Fucking seriously? At the bare minimum, make a part of the site that is only for adults, where we can talk and behave like normal human beings.
  3. CUSTOMER SERVICE. People shouldn’t have to wait a year for a response to their ticket asking why their account was (probably stupidly - see point #2) frozen. There needs to be a more reliable method of contacting you guys - especially if the issue involves real money in any way. Imagine that - you need to behave like a real website and have a support team. (Now, in my experience with tickets, I’ve received fairly quick and helpful responses. But even if the few people you’ve got working on it are great, there are not enough of them to go around.)
  4. Set up an official way to link accounts. That would just be horribly convenient and, like I said, goes a long way towards making you seem like an actual website that gives a shit. I really want this mostly because I want to be able to move NC items between my accounts without wasting boxes. The fact that we have to use boxes for that is just a dick move.
  5. Stop freezing people for things like illegitimate pets. I don’t really see why you care about that one. If you’re angry because the money people are spending on UC’s isn’t going to you, that’s your fault. It’s been suggested to you a million and one times to set up some payment system to re-convert pets. You’ve chosen not to, so that one’s on you. Don’t blame people who are taking advantage of the opportunity to provide a service that you won’t.

I’m not trying to slam TNT. I love Neopets. I’m terribly addicted to the site, and have been since rejoining it 18 months ago. I’ve also spent more money than I probably should on NC and a Premium membership. I enjoy the site and have a hell of a lot of fun on it. I also have never received a warning or freezing or any shit from TNT at all, basically. (I mostly keep to myself.)

I can’t say if Neo was better before the Viacom takeover - I was off the site for several years and only came back, like I said, 18 months ago, so I only really know the site as it is now. But the whole point of all of this is that it just seems like a site that has so many people spending real money would be a little less cavalier about kicking people off the site and care a little bit more about its customers.