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it’s almost 9pm here aND OHH BOY WAS TODAY A LONG DAY 


Zatanna (2010-2011) #1

“Captured by my worst enemies… Chained and gagged, unable to free myself or letter a spell… Anyone else in my spot would pray the end came quickly and accept their fate.But I’m not anyone else. I’m a magician. And the only fate I accept is the one I control…”

It is usually really important how you introduce your portagonist when launching a series, and the first monologue of your superhero in your comic is something of that encompassed. And I have to say, I really love this – it’s a fakeout but it works because it shows what’s going to be a theme of Zee’s series – how her superheroics feeds into her “day job” – something that’s already unique to superhero comics since it’s not exactly common for superheroes to be as in the spotlight and have an open identity like Zee – and it also introduces us to Zatanna’s supporting cast and how important she takes her relationship with her crew and how seriously she takes putting on her show. 

I love it all. And most importantly of all: we’re introduced to Mikey! Zee’s carpenter and her closest friend. I love her. 

I haven’t made a non-obligatory phone call lasting more than 5 minutes to anyone besides like my parents and my grandma in years which is Wild because when I was younger phone calls were where all the Drama was and I lived for it,,, like when I was 9/10/11/12 I’d have 2 hour phone calls with my friends most days of the week? And 3 way phone calls were the shit like one time I was on a 4 way phone call with 2 of my friends and the Cute Boy in our class and it was the highlight of 5th grade….I remember calling my friends and praying that they would be the one to answer the phone so I wouldn’t have to go through their parents…..landline phone call culture was truly Something Else and every now and then I miss it


HSGD Day 12

Yesterday’s weight: 230.2
Today’s weight: 228.4

Intake 810/1100

Today was a close one, my dad brought home doughnuts, but I limited myself to one, and it was also pizza night tonight, but I ate a salad. BUT HOLY SHIT I BROKE MY 30′s STREAK I just hope that eating 800 calories today makes me gain >m> I’m not going to celebrate with my bath bomb just yet, I have a week’s worth of camping and terrible food ahead of me. I’m praying I don’t gain any weight while camping…


This week’s spread featuring my winter essentials. I’ve been waking up rather anxious every morning this week (for no legit reason), so I’ve been trying to wake up earlier than usual. Having lots of time for your morning routine really allows you to go slow on groggy mornings; It’s never too early for some self care, and starting the morning out right will make your whole day feel a lot less tiring!

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“Would you take him back?”

She hesitated and placed her hand over her heart.

She let out a deep sigh “You know I cried uncontrollably every day for weeks. I sobbed and screamed, begging for the pain to go away. I prayed so hard, so fucking hard for him to come back to me. Maybe if he reached out to me durning those days I would’ve taken him back in a heartbeat.”

“But he didn’t”

“One day I just grew tired of crying myself to sleep and feeling so damn exhausted in the morning. I was tired of walking around feeling nothing and everything all at once. I was sick of being broken while he was perfectly okay.”

“That day I realized if he truly did care for me, truly loved me he wouldn’t have caused me that much pain and sorrow. He ran out of chances, he ran out of time, he ran out of my love.”

—  “to answer your question: no”


anonymous asked:

Poetry prompt: Don't pray the gay away, just pray it in.

did you hear the rumor that joshua and thomas made out?
it was over summer break, at the skateboard park, the air beesting-
heavy and churning with heat. they hid together
in the shadows of the tallest ramp. joshua offered his scraped,
bloody palms to thomas, and thomas pressed his mouth
to both wounds carefully. they were not thinking about how
we were circling around them, how we might have discovered them
at any moment, with hands under shirts, with lips everywhere.
i didn’t find out about it till later, but when it happened,
one of them must’ve choked out, “God,” because on that day,
for just one moment, i could’ve sworn i heard
the faintest beginnings of music–

Things about prayer that I should have learnt a long time ago: 

1. God doesn’t need your prayers. The prayers are for you. Why? Because praying five times a day isn’t merely a pointless ritual; it establishes a routine, a sort of rhythm to your life. It is the one part of your to-do list that you get to check off, even if the rest of your work is unfinished. 

2. Don’t expect some sort of enlightening experience when you pray after a long time. I think that’s what I found most disheartening about prayer, that I didn’t feel a ray of light enter my heart, that I didn’t feel cleansed when I prayed after a long time. Prayer does feel nice, but the “cleansing” the “enlightening” comes after a while and it comes from within. It comes with the stuff you do along with prayer. It comes from the effort you put in to becoming a good person and into becoming conscious of God. 

3. Beating yourself up about missing prayer disheartens you more. Beating yourself up in general is disheartening. Take it easy on yourself. 

4. You’ll never expect it, but one day you’ll be crying in sujood and it isn’t because you’re weak it’s because you’re taking a step towards being stronger. Don’t be afraid to cry in prayer. It’s nice to feel yourself humbled towards God. You don’t have to cry in front of anyone else, but you can sob your heart out in front of God and that’s perfectly okay. 

5. That discomfort you feel about having missed a prayer, is something that you should address. Don’t brush it off. If you brush it off once, you’ll do it again. Go pray. It really is good for you. 

Tfw you love your GF but hate the awful sweater she’s forced upon you. They love each other, I swear. 

Eking in an adorable piece of modern au art I commissioned from the fabulous @nippaaah of Curly and the birb being…well, themselves. 

Its really pissing me off that I’m not seeing a lot about Aleppo in social media today. Like i know its just social media but.. when a massacre happens in a western country, everyone is changing their statuses and icons and saying “PRAY FOR _____” and holding vigils and crying for days. Yet i have never seen anything for Syria. They have been going through far worse than any western country in these past few years. All these celebs only care about western countries and they’re the ones with the biggest social media platform who can actually spread things. When it comes to places like Syria everyone ignores it. When it comes to places like Syria its “all lives matter” and not “pray for syria” specifically. If all lives matter then fuckin say something or do something. It takes YEARS of constant attacks in these countries and a photo of a young boy covered in blood and ruins for y'all to say anything. Why is this not the #1 thing being talked about in the world. Why is no one doing anything. Why does no one want to stand up against a mass genocide. There are thousands of people over there right now crying out for help but the world is collectively ignoring them and letting it happen. 


As of now, this country does not have a god.  This is not the time to be praying.  We must choose.  Dead or alive?  Our lives depend on this very question.

OP Side Girls Week day 4 - Conis

Every year, thousands of people repent of their sins, but none of these ever regrets his decision. Many repent concerning time misspent and opportunities neglected. But no one has ever declared that he repents of repenting, and turning towards God. No one was ever sorry that he served the Lord. No man ever said, at the end of his days, “I have read my Bible too much, I have thought of God too much, I have prayed too much, I have been too careful about my soul”. Rather, a Christian will say, “Had I my life again, I would walk more closely with God. The way of Christ may have its cross, but it is a pleasant and peaceful path.

Let repentance towards God and faith towards the Lord Jesus Christ be the great pillars of our religion. May we, while we repent, believe; and while we believe, repent. May these be uppermost in the creed of our souls.

J. C. Ryle - Repentance

Chapter 191: A JOURNEY OF LOVE

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Did I read the Qur’an today? I can finish reading a 250-pages book in a day but why can’t I read a single verse(ayah) from the Qur’an (in which in it are words from the One who has given me eyes and enable me to read and see?) 

Why didn’t I pray today? Is my spending time with my friends better than praying to the One who has given me life (to experience the luxuries of His creations?)

Have you ever questioned yourself this way? Has it every come to your mind to do these daily checkings on how you are doing with your deen over your doings with your worldly life?

If not, then I suggest you start doing by now. in sha Allah. For this, I would like to share this beautiful character that ‘Umar Ibn Al Khattab Radiyallahu Anhu is very known for.

Whenever you study or even just read summarized events about the life of ‘Umar, you would never be able to shun away yourself on this incredible way of self-checking that ‘Umar RA used to do. 

He always practiced Al Muhasabah (self-inventory) in a manner that is just exceptional. 

During his reign as the Ameer ul Mu’mineen, he would go to the people and ask them about their needs; if they told him about them then he would meet those needs. But he told them not to distract him with personal complaints when he was dealing with matters of public interest.

One day he was busy dealing with some public matter when a man came to him and said: “O Ameer ul Mu’mineen, come with me and help me deal with so and so, for he has wronged me.”

‘Umar raised his stick and hit the man on the head, and said, You ignore ‘Umar when he comes and checks on you, then when he is busy dealing with the Muslims’ affairs you come to him!”

The man went away complaining, then ‘Umar said, “Bring the man to me!”

When they brought him back, ‘Umar threw the stick to him and said, “Take the stick and hit me with it as I hit you.” The man said, “No, O Ameer ul Mu’mineen. I give it up for the sake of Allah and for your sake.”

‘Umar said, “Not like that. Either give it up fro the sake of Allah and seeking the reward that is with Him, or give it up for my sake.”

The man said, “I give it up for the sake of Allah, O ’Ameer ul Mu’mineen.”

The man went away, and ‘Umar went to his house, accompanied by some people among whom was Al Ahnaf Ibn Qays RA, who narrated what he saw…

“He (’Umar) started to pray and he prayed two rak’ahs then sat. He said, “O son of Al Khattab, you were lowly and Allah raised you in status; you were astray and Allah guided you; you were humble and Allah honored you, then He put you in charge of the Muslims. Then a man came asking your help and you hit him. What will you say to your Lord tomorrow when you meet Him?’

And he started to criticize himself in a manner that made me think that he was the best of people on earth.”


Subhan’Allah. Indeed, this is just one of the many moments in his life where his practice of Al Muhasabah just inspired and puts whoever reads about it in a state of pondering and even questioning about how he or she is doing with his deen.

I wanted to share this story today because I believe we all need such stories that would provoke us to think about our life, how we are spending it and how we are doing with our deeds.

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, indeed in today’s time we are surrounded with so many temptations and it is such a high time that we strengthen our walls against these temptations that lure us to do sins.

Day by day, try to evaluate yourself. If you missed a prayer, ask yourself why did you. If you didn’t read the Qur’an, ask yourself why? After that, remind yourself of the blessings and favors that Allah has poured upon you. Then remember how many sins we have done and are still doing yet His Mercy still prevails and forgives us. 

Remember that what truly pushed ‘Umar RA to practice this Al Muhasabah was not because he wanted to be praised for it but he did it for his own soul for he had deep fear of Allah, yes it was his fear of Allah more than anything else.

And we pray that every reader gets enlightened with this short narration and be encouraged to practice it daily as well. 




Stories were taken from

• Al Farooq, Ash Sharqawi, p. 222
• Ibid
• Mahd as Sawab, 2/305
• عمر بن الخطاب، شخصيته وعصره

Today I feel as though I’m watching the worst of our past repeat itself.
When I look at Syria, I see the Rwandan genocide. When I read the desperate words of Bana Alabed in Aleppo, I see Anne Frank in Amsterdam.
History shows us the same children suffering, the ones we always say we surely would have helped, if only we had been there. But history does not fall from the sky, it is us who make it.
To the children under siege in Aleppo, I pray that you will get out safely. I pray that you will grow up strong, go to school and see peace in your country some day.
But prayers are not enough. We must act. The international community must do everything they can to end to this inhumane war. The Syrian regime must give safe passage to people who want to leave and allow aid workers into Aleppo to save as many lives as they can.
May God be with the children of Aleppo, even if our world leaders are not.
—  Malala Yousafzai,

In the midst of all this madness, all this fear, this division and hate i could only find solace in art. Art has always been a way to confort me, and i am not proud to say that I’ve taken refugee in Yuri on Ice, and Legally Blonde for the past two days. I know i am not the the only one who has done this, but, still i feel dissappointed on myself.

As it is said “Art is a way to encourage the process and the experience of thinking and making things better!” So if i can find temporal solace in Art, i encourage you all to do the same and find your solace. The best artists have arisen in times of political turmoil and public discomfort.
Please stay safe, as a non religious person, I would like to say I’ll pray for you all, but i think to start now would be quite hypocritical of me. Rest assured i sure will meditate, and annoy the fuck out of Amida praying that the congress and the senate get illuminated and stop this wave of hate and xenophonia that could hurt so many.
Please no one translate this to mom, I don’t want her to be more worried than what she can already be.

And to my sister in the US. Please, stay safe. I don’t know what i would do if anything happened to you.

On a brighter note. Hoping to get our minds off this madness. Consider, a Solangelo Legally Blonde AU, Will decides to get into Harvard Medical School to prove his ex (i’m, imagining a girl, cause i have this HC that will is a trans bi boy, but IDK) that he is much more than just a petty blond. He meets Nico who’s a recently graduated Traumatologist. Idk. think about it.

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