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Do you have any kind of process for picking colors for the backgrounds? They all seem to have really nice uniformity, and I would love to read up on how colors like that are picked (or if it's more intuition based). I do remember you mentioning that you also had help from another color lead before, so I was wondering how much of that they help out vs the colors you chose?

hey, thanks so much! this might get a lil long (as it always does!!) so bear with me.

firstly i want to say, there’s no right or wrong way to pick colors. every artist has their own palette they prefer and i think it’s super delightful to spend time developing your own special sense of color. so even though i’m explaining things in a “this is how you do it” sort of way, it’s not the only way! just my way. the best method to develop your own sense of color is to look at a LOT of art, look at a LOT of the world around you, and practice practice pratice.

at this point in my life i pick colors intuitively just because i think it’s something i’m naturally tuned into, and i’ve been doing it for a few years, so i don’t actively plan my palettes. but here are some things that i think about as i pick colors.

firstly, i want to go over hue, value, and saturation. i’m sure everyone knows these intuitively but i want to explain them in words. hue, value and saturation are what make up a color, and decide how colors differ from each other.

hue: what color the color actually is. red, purple, green, yellow, and everything in between.

value: how light or dark a color is. if you’re painting traditionally, adding more white or more black to a color lowers or raises its value.

saturation: how “pure” the color is vs how much neutral tone is in it.

here’s an example of all three:

this comes into play because a big mistake i see beginners make is that they pick a “just” color, and by that i mean they pick “just blue” or “just yellow”. imagine buying a set of oil paints and only using paints straight from the tube without ever mixing. it would be impossible! so i try to avoid picking “just” colors, except as for a complementary color (more on that in a bit). here are some variations of a red, for example.

so, the biggest thing for me when i pick colors is that i want them all to be friends. i want them all to have something in common so that they get along. i usually lose control of a painting when my colors feel to different from one another. so, i will usually start a painting with one color i know for sure i want, and “subordinate” other colors to it, meaning every other color i pick has to look good with that color. as to how you figure out what looks good and what doesn’t, that just takes time and lots of observation to build a personal opinion :) here’s an example from one of my paintings. in this case, the main color is the trees.

and here’s another from rick & morty, the main color is the sky this time.

now that that’s out of the way, i’m going to give you the Actual Cheat Sheet for color palettes. in color theory, there are 8 basic color schemes that are generally pleasing to look at. here they are.

i usually use an analogous palette or monochrome palette out of preference. the two examples above more or less fall into those categories. however, i also like to use split complementary because the complimentary color adds a LOT of contrast and visual interest. it’s great to use if you have a specific thing in a painting you want to draw attention to. here’s an example:

it doesn’t always have to be a perfect split complementary, just one color that differs from the “family” of colors that take up a majority of the piece. 

now! you might be wondering when’s the right time to subordinate a color, or where to put it, or how much of it to use, etc. and the answer is: CONTRAST. there is always visual interest in things that are different. i was rifling through my school notes and found these great types of contrast when working with color.

value: things that are light vs things that are dark.

hue: two colors that look different. I.E. yellow vs blue.

saturation: things that are saturated vs things that are desaturated.

proportion: note the example above. a majority of the painting is orange, so the green stands out because there is proportionally less of it.

temperature: things that are warm vs things that are cool.

complementary: red vs green, blue vs orange, yellow vs purple. when in doubt, these colors always contrast against each other because they have nothing in common (there is no red in green, etc).

simultaneous: this is a little advanced and i’m bad at explaining it, so please read up on it here. 

a super helpful exercise is to look at your favorite illustrations, paintings, photographs, designs, etc and assess which one of the 8 color schemes (linked above) it has, and which types (can be more than one) of contrast it has. we did this in school and it REALLY helped me look at color better. here’s part of the assignment i did, the artist is annette marnat.

so! that’s pretty much how i think about color and how i pick my colors! i hope it was somewhat helpful! there’s so so so so much about color theory i can’t even begin to cover, i highly urge you to watch some videos and read some books and articles to further your study. a great starting place would be this series of videos. these are made by my teacher Richard Keyes, i think he had a dvd or something. everything i’ve talked about so far i learned from him and he is an absolute expert in color. these videos are invaluable. if you take anything away from this post, let it be to watch these videos hahaha.

to answer your question about my color leads, every painting was a collaborative effort between the three of us, and sometimes other painters too. it was a very hands-on crew, so i can’t say any of the r&m bgs i did are 100% “mine”. however, i think my personal color sense is waaaay different than jason or phil’s, which made the process very interesting because we usually had 3 very different opinions hahaa. you can check out their work here and here to see what things they brought to the table in relation to my own contributions.

thank you for the ask! again, i hope this was helpful :)

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If you have the time and if you don't mind, what are some books you really recommend? Doesn't have to be all time faves, but anything that pops into mind that you want more ppl to read and love, Extra points if lgbt+ , i got the whole summer with little to do and i wanna spend it reading some good quality writing and honestly so far your recs have introduced me to so many faves its unbelievable

[blushes profusely] oh wow, thank you!!!  i’m so glad you’ve trusted me enough to check out some of the stuff i reblog; that is like the ultimate compliment, i can’t even???  i don’t mind at all(!), fair warning though: i only started recording what i read partway through last year and my mind is like a sieve so i’ll do my absolute best to remember what’s sang to me in the recent past.  warning number two: i’m in an open relationship with absolutely every genre out there so i’ll try to note which belongs where so you can avoid those that hold no interest for you.


  • i’ll give you the sun.  i loved this book, the writing is fucking transformative and all the characters are so damn likable, while still being realistically flawed human beings.
  • the raven cycle (tetralogy).  definitely my favorite series since harry potter.  the writing, the world-building, the characters, it’s all on top-form.  i wrote a little, mini non-spoilery review of it: here, back when i was better (worse?) wordly-wise and my feels were brand new.
  • more happy than not.  i’m still not sure how i feel about this book.  it was hard, but it felt very true to the characters and the lingo and style matched the ages of the players and i have a lot of respect for that.
  • the watchmaker of filigree street.  woooow i loved this book.  i admit ‘historical fiction’ kind of makes me cringe.  it never precludes me from reading a book but it does knock it down the list by a book or five because they’re often very dense and very clunky and end up taking me ages to get through.  but this one was gorgeous.  i loved the plot, the attention lovingly placed on every character and the historical elements.  the surprise gay in an already brilliant book felt like winning the lottery honestly.
  • captive prince (trilogy).  okay, truthfully, i’m only putting this on here because the second book is such a high point for me.  it was never bad at any point but it had unfortunately been hyped far too much for it to live up to my, admittedly, very high expectations.  hopefully it’ll fare better with you?
  • everything i never told you.  i go back and forth on this one.  i like the writing a lot, i like the LGBT aspect a lot, and i like the mystery aspect a lot but there are definitely characters i would cut out entirely for sheer predictability if i could and that killed a lot of my enjoyment at the time (but i think much more highly of it in retrospect?).  so, take that as you like.
  • aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe.  if there’s a book that handles its characters with more care or respect or consideration then i haven’t run into it.  i love the way this is written and the people it’s populated with.
  • flying lessons & other stories.  a bunch of uber talented authors writing a bunch of uber diverse and LGBT-focused stories and, yes, that is exactly as awesome as it sounds.
  • the song of achilles.  it is utterly heart-breaking but so rich, honestly.


  • the diviners.  (also has a minor LGBT character, who may play a bigger role in the sequel?)  fair warning, i have not read the sequel, lair of dreams, because it is somehow still not out in paperback (yes, i read physical books, yes, i pretty exclusively read paperbacks so i can lug them everywhere with me, YES, I PRE-ORDERED THIS ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO AND IT’S STILL NOT OUT, NOT THAT I’M BITTER ABOUT THAT OR ANYTHING) so i can’t speak to that one finishing on a high note as i don’t know.  but this was the first historical novel i managed to like in a long while.  it does such a good job of fusing in 1920s lingo and dress and aspects that i couldn’t help but love it.  add in the fantasy elements and i can admit i’m the perfect sucker for it.
  • the scorpio races.  i’m not sure why but it took me a long-ass time to get into this book, i wasn’t flipping pages with gusto until well towards the end but - especially as i was reading so much YA at the time - i really appreciated coming across a romance that lets both people come into it as themselves and stay themselves, neither puck nor sean were ever smashed or crumpled or shaved away to fit into their relationship, which was so refreshing.  plus the water horses were fucking cool.
  • the night circus.  the writing, the atmosphere, the circus.  just… it is all very whoa.
  • all the birds in the sky.  i loved this writing style and these characters and the magical elements.


  • i’ll meet you there.  there was something about this and i just… ended up liking it way more than i expected to.  i might’ve just read it at exactly the right time, i’m not sure, but i really enjoyed it.
  • the invoice.  this is honestly just hella cute and so freaking surreal.  swedes, man.


  • why not me?  i like mindy kaling a lot.  i make no apologies for that.  plus you can read both her books in about five seconds, haha.


  • station eleven.  i loved this book.  the way the narrative is woven is so refreshing and i wish the comic book miranda was writing in this book was a real thing more than anything else in the woooorld.
  • illuminae.  hot DAMN this book was cool.  the plot was rock solid, the characters were hilarious and badass and the graphics made out of text and spiraling words and just the way this thing is put together?  shit, it’s worth your money and then some.
  • a robot in the garden.  okay this is just cute as hell.  i can’t even with tang, he’s the most adorable robot to ever adorable.
  • annihilation (southern reach trilogy).  (LGBT minor characters.)  okay, honestly?  i don’t know.  this was freaking zany but i was invested as fuck in all the kookiness for reasons i can’t articulately elaborate on.
  • the martian.  hilarious, engaging, SPACE.  what more do you want?


  • things we lost in the fire.  this is more atmospheric than anything but, damn, could this get me wishing i wasn’t reading this in the dark or looking over my shoulder to make absolutely sure no one was standing behind me.  it’s a book of short stories (by the way, i love books of short stories and i definitely realize that is not true for everyone) and each one is so well-delivered and stylized.  i really enjoyed reading this.
  • let the right one in.  okay, this is legit horror so definitely stay away if you’re easily squicked out but it is harrrrrd to find good horror (at least in my opinion) and this definitely, definitely qualifies.
  • horrorstör.  i honestly had such low expectations for this, a horror story set in a wannabe-ikea, but it ended up being so ridiculous and strange and funny that i was won over by the finish.
  • the girl with all the gifts.  holy unique and well-executed zombie idea, batman!


  • the bigness of the world.  there were definitely ones here that hit better than others but the ones i liked, i really liked!

GRAPHIC NOVELS (i read a lot of these so, um, prepare yourself)

  • saga.  (LGBT minor characters as well.)  this is world-building to a degree that i’m convinced did not exist before.  just, i can’t say enough amazing things about this series and the staggering amount of imagination that regularly goes into it.
  • ms. marvel.  heart-warming as fuck.  it’s definitely really easy to lose faith in the world these days, luckily kamala is there to remind you that people are primarily and genuinely good.
  • black science.  this is another one that took just an insane amount of imagination to cook up.  i got off to kind of a rocky start with this one but the gray-ness of all the characters really speaks to me, and that doesn’t really blossom until later in the series.
  • spider-man/deadpool.  this was very satisfying for my super duper spideypool-shipping mind.  joe and ed did us so good, and joe basically said in his sign-off: i made it absolutely as gay as they would let me, haha.
  • the wicked + the divine.  (LGBT minor characters that you’re going to get way too attached to, and retroactively.  it’s awful [sobs].)  the concept for this, gods reincarnating into teenagers before they burn up their hosts after a predetermined set of time, is so fucking cool.  the humor and the characters and the plot is all just aces.
  • iceman (LGBT MAIN CHARACTER).  okay, so this just started.  like issue #2 was only released days ago but 1) i am liking it so far and 2) marvel did it so dirty and barely advertised bobby - an openly homosexual superhero - was getting his own series, like, i found out about it the day before it went on sale and i keep my ear fairly close to the ground (not as close as some BY A LOT, but closer than the lay person i’d say) so if you can support it, please do!  pre-orders mean a lot in terms of numbers. :))))
  • descender.  admittedly, this starts out rooough.  because the main character, TIM-21 (and his little dog too), are annoying as hell.  he’s an android so there’s no dimension to him so he’s booooring as all get out but i am so glad i stuck with it through to the next trade because, probably picking up on the unsustainability of him as a main character, he gets shuffled off and the side characters get the stage and they rock so hard.
  • paper girls. (LGBT main characters.)  i’m kind of just convinced that brian k. vaughan can do no wrong at this point.  his plots are so tight and mind-blowing and badass.
  • monstress.  here’s a little tid-bit about me: female comic book writers are 100% more likely to get my money and my time because they are so damn rare and this series is unique, badass, and eye-opening.
  • black monday murders.  i’m a little premature with this since there’s only one volume and i usually try to wait until there are at least two but i check up on a volume two a lot so that definitely means something intrigued me!
  • nailbiter.  okay, i haven’t read the final volume yet ‘cause i’m reluctant to let it go but, so far, a series about multiple serial killers all being from the same town has me VERY HOOKED.

i wish i could remember more but this is honestly way better than i expected to do, haha.  they’re definitely not all my all-time faves but they’re ones that have stuck with me for one reason or another and that i didn’t feel i wasted my time on, so that’s something, right?  i hope this helps get you started and that you don’t think too awfully of me when you inevitably run across ones that aren’t your cup of tea!

Tips for Nuerotypicals when a borderline they may know experiences a breakdown (edited)

• WE ARE HAVING A BREAKDOWN!!!!- Im so sick of seeing posts were people get angry with mentally ill people for this. It’s so important to understand that people cope differently some of us may need someone to talk to, a hug or if you’re like me you just need some space to recollect. This doesn’t mean we hate you it is just how some people cope.

• Making us feel guilty will not stop negative coping mechanisms but will only further push us to them as a way to seek comfort and ‘safety’.

• You cannot save us. We have an illness just like any other, please don’t become frustrated if your efforts to pull us out of this funk don’t work! (However your efforts are really appreciated) if doctors got frustrated at patients for not feeling better immediately this world would be messy af.

• Sometimes the only explanation for why I’m feeling like this is that I have emotionally unstable disorder. Not everything needs to be assessed Freud style.

• SPLITTING IS NOT A CHOICE!! YOU DONT PICK WHO YOU SPLIT ON!! please don’t be offended if we split most of the time we won’t let you know because must of us beat ourselves up for feeling this way. P.s. We may not actually be splitting because you’ve done something wrong in some cases it could be a projection of how the individual is feeling about themselves.

• If we have split and we tell you about it, please, please refrain from making us feel guilty I really can’t stress this enough!!

• Having borderline personality disorder means that our ability to maintain positive and healthy relationships is very difficult.

• Please respect the coping mechanism of a borderline. Especially borderlines that just need space, however difficult this may be understand that this is someone’s mental health rather than a way to spite you or hurt you.

• Be patient!! I assure you that once we are able
to feel back in control of these feelings we will be able to interact better.

• Do not expect an apology. You wouldn’t expect a person with a broken leg to apologise for cancelling plans due to the leg you’d almost even expect it; so please don’t expect borderlines to have to apologise for the way that they feel. ONCE AGAIN IT IS AN ILLNESS AND WILL BE TREATED AS ONE.

• Some borderlines have no empathy. For example my levels of empathy depend on how I feel at the time. Right now for example
I have no empathy. This doesn’t mean we don’t care about you or about what you’re telling us. Most of the time borderlines switch their empathy off when they have to much on their own plate.

• Most importantly, we still love and value you. And even though we may have difficulty expressing this when our mood is like this please don’t forget. We are working on it and we are trying but please be patient with us, bpd is such an exhausting disorder.

If you have bpd, feel free to add your own these are just some of things I feel like I needed to point out. I am going through a really shitty time and I thought this may help others explain to people around them what they need.

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reasons why Evak's shippers are fetishizer:1) you'll starting watch Skam after the cuddle scene. 2) writing Henjei fics. 3) were upset for the false rumors of Targei leaving back in March only because you won't get your gay nut. 4) the birthday video was fanservice and disgrace for the LGBT community. 5) only care about the sex part in the hotel scene and not what really important. (1/2)

6) the reason Tareji didn’t win his gullruten for his acting is because it’s wasn’t horny teenage girls with gay fetish who voted, thanks god. 7) even Mari said that all you wanna see is Isak and Even make out8) you make Henrik and Tarjei uncomfortable till the point they can’t interact with each other. 9) you never use season 1+2 isaks gifts, only season 3+4 (2/2). Mic drop.

Hello anon. I heard you’ve been copying/pasting the same message on a number of blogs/ccs, and I’ve been told to leave it alone because you probably just want a reaction out of it. But your 6th point bothered me a little bit so I thought I would answer. I’m not sure why you’re spending so much effort trying to make a claim anonymously, but Isak/Even are too precious for me to just brush off your accusations.

1. I personally started watching Skam while S2 was airing so that’s a fail on your part. S2 spoke to me because it dealt with the reality of sexual assault and how utterly devastating such events can be. How isolation can eat at you and turn you into someone you’re not, making you turn your back on exactly everyone you know, but mostly yourself. How love can turn you into someone you don’t even recognize. S2 wasn’t important to many in the evak fandom, but it was important to me. So alright.
Many started watching after the cuddle scene because they had never seen love between two boys being portrayed so innocently and in such a raw manner. It was poignant. It was beautiful. It was butterflies inducing. There was nothing sexual about it. Just two boys with a crush lying on a bed, smoking joints, and talking about parallel universes while brushing each other’s hair. So I don’t know why you’re trying to shame people who started watching because of that.
Other people started watching because of representation. I personally had never seen a Moroccan girl portrayed in a tv show before and Sana’s character was a gift to me. Other people were drawn to the show because it tackled bipolar and stigma against mental illness. Because it talked about oppression and privilege and eating disorders and depression and the need to feel like you belong somewhere. Because it tackled issues and mundane things we go through every day and that anyone can relate to without glorifying them or turning them into a cliche. The show rang true with so many. So so many. But go ahead and tell me that it’s because of “our gay nut”.

2. ? Some people wrote a few RPF fics. It’s fiction. You don’t have to read it. And while I’m not a fan myself, I don’t like the idea of shaming some people for their thoughts as long as they don’t harass people in real life and post shameful stuff on their instagrams and bother their friends and family.

3. His name is Tarjei. I personally never believed those rumors because I knew Isak meant too much to him and also because people love to spread rumors when there isn’t much to do. Back then, people had this thing against Tarjei because he wasn’t as close to the fans as other cast members, so rumors flew left and right. Still. If people were upset at the idea of him leaving, it was because Isak was their favorite character, because he resonated with them, because his struggle was real and raw and haunting. Not because of “our gay nut”. But go ahead.

4. Please explain how showing a HAPPY gay couple is a disgrace to the LGBT community, because I think you just lost me here? How is a wonderful boy making his wonderful boyfriend a birthday video with footage from their every day life a disgrace? Do LGBT people not deserve a shot at happy representation? Does everything happy have to be labeled as fanservice? Do we need to live in constant angst and pain? I don’t get it.

5. You lost me here once again. I don’t think ANYONE only cares about the “sex part” in the hotel scene. Fun fact, I couldn’t even rewatch that clip because it was so haunting and powerful and incredibly executed. I had chills and I couldn’t stop crying because that’s how incredibly poignant it was. I had to go take a walk. I couldn’t function for a while. There was nothing but heartbreak and outrage after that clip. The reveal was so heavy although expected, and our hearts bled that night. No one was “nutting” to the hotel scene. Everybody was literally shaken to their core, worried about what would happen. Worried about Even. Worried about Isak. Everybody was worried. That clip was a masterpiece and to have you turn it into this is a bit hurtful. Not to mention that the “sex part”, as you put it, was just so beautiful and touching. Even simply wanted Isak’s first time to be perfect. I don’t see why YOU have to fetishize that.

6. The point that upset me. You’re implying that Tarjei* didn’t deserve a gullruten. Tarjei, the 17 year old boy who got the award show to lower the minimum age just to be able to nominate him. Tarjei, the 17 year old who portrayed the inner struggles of a boy so repressed and so isolated and so so harsh on himself, a boy who wanted nothing but to be loved and feel important and safe, a boy who led the loneliest life before allowing himself to feel and love and accept himself. You’re implying that Tarjei – who gave a performance that touched the hearts of so many and who poured his heart and soul into every line and every scene and every blink while attending school and keeping his private life private and staying humble – didn’t deserve a gullruten. You’re “thanking god” that he didn’t win. You’re reducing his performance and Isak’s entire story to “a gay nut”. You’re reducing Isak’s entire arc and journey of self-acceptance and of falling in love with Even who challenged him to his core and made him see just how wrong he was about mental illness and about the world to “a gay nut”. Okay.

7. Yes, we want to see our favorite couple who’s gone through so much just be happy and hold hands and make out and smile and laugh and be happy. Mari does, too. She was mostly there with them when they made the fanvideo. She released the unused pictures. She loves Isak and Even just as much as we do. Your point? I seem to have missed it again.

8. Henrik and Tarjei are fine. They have nothing but good things to say about each other and they did an incredible job portraying Isak and Even. They spent months filming that fanvideo for Isak and Even and for the fans to whom they’re very thankful. You don’t know how they interact in real life. You don’t know a single thing about them and we don’t either. Stop spreading groundless rumors.

9. Again. Wrong. We love S1!Isak and we use gifs* from that era all the time. Not sure what you’re referring to here.

10. *Picks up your mic* *Drops it again.*

I don’t usually respond to hate and propaganda because I don’t see the point. But many people outside this fandom love to point fingers and label us as fetishizers when all most of us do is literally cry at the beauty of their story. Their story has touched us so deeply that we can’t move on even after all this time. It was just so raw and pure and painful, but so so worth it. Many of us didn’t even believe in the idea of ‘love’ before their story, in the idea of self-love and of finding someone who would just accept you for who you are and turn you into a better person and make you want to live your best life. Many of us didn’t have that and you have no right to reduce all of our feelings to “a gay nut”. I don’t know what you get out of this but why would you want to rob people of something that brings them so much joy and hope?

Alt er love. 💛💛

Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

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***not my gif

~ Him telling you how beautiful and smart you are every two seconds

~ “You’re so bloody gorgeous, darling. Honestly, you could tone it down a bit. You’re making me look bad.”  

~ Doing homework by the Black Lake on nice days

~ Him sneaking into your dorm late at night 

~ Stealing his clothes 

~ He would complain about it but secretly think it was so attractive

~ He would show you off with so much confidence

~ Going to every Quidditch match and cheering on Draco (even if you’re in a different house)

~ Him ordering Crabbe and Goyle to get things for you 

~ Them hating you

~ Holding hands during long walks around Hogsmeade

~ Draco would be so confident in you and believe you could do anything you set your mind to. It would just be so encouraging. 

~ Narcissa would frequently steal you away and Draco would be so annoyed

~ Professors taking points from Slytherin and your house for PDA


~ Sneaking into the kitchens well after midnight and cooking five course meals 

~ Draco would be such a good cook omg

~ Narcissa would’ve taught him how

~ Holding hands under the table during class

~ When Draco became prefect, he would give detention to anyone that so much as looked at you wrong

~ After dating Draco for a while you would turn into such a badass just like him

~ He would be so proud

~ Going to the Yule Ball together

~ Him loving dancing with you after that

~ Draco would tease you all the time

~ Christmas at Malfoy Manor

~ Baths in the prefect bathroom

~ Stupid pick up lines

~ “Are you a snitch?” 

~ “What?” 

~ “Because you’re the greatest catch here.” 

~ “Hey, Y/N? I don’t need ‘accio’ to make you come.” 

~ Really good sex

~ Sneaking firewhiskey into the Slytherin Tower

~ Draco would be so touchy 


~ He would obsessively make sure you’re content 

~ “Y/N, are you cold? Do you want some butterbeer?” 

~ “No, I’m fine. Thanks, though.” 

~ “Here babe, take my scarf. Crabbe, go get two butterbeers.”

~ Watching the Black Lake from the common room and pointing out all the creatures

~ Him taking you on broom rides and doing crazy tricks to impress you

~ Which usually scares the hell out of you

~ But you loved being in the sky

~ Harry Potter would not be allowed to even breathe in your general direction

~ A first year Hufflepuff accidentally bumping into you and knocking your books out of your hand

~ Draco pinning him against the wall and threatening him until he cries

~ “Draco, what the hell is wrong with you!”

~ “He hurt you!” 

~ “It was an accident! Bloody hell, Draco! He’s eleven!” 

~ “’M sorry darling, just instincts…” 

~ Him helping you with homework 

~ You getting so stressed because you don’t understand and just having a mental breakdown because O.W.L.S are so close

~ Him just doing your homework for you

~ Snape recognizes his handwriting but doesn’t say anything

~ Yelling at him about the word “mudblood” 

~ EVERYONE in the entire school would know that you were his 

~ When the basilisk is out and about he walks you to every class even if he’s late for his own

~ Since Draco is a literal genius you two would both put your names in the Goblet of Fire

~ He would love to kiss you

~ The kisses would rang from little pecks to him literally trying to suck your face off

~ Harry would hate you

~ Ron would think you were the hottest creature on the planet

~ Hermoine would secretly admire how smart and independent you were

~ Lucius loving you and always telling you embarrassing things about Draco 

~ Lucius would be like a second father to you 

~ He would be so hard on Draco, but the second something upset you he would be threatening to kill

~ Him and Narcissa would send you on shopping sprees all the time

~ Draco would love shopping with you

~ “Will you try on lingerie for me?” 

~ Little arguments all the time

~ Exploring Hogwarts and knowing about lots of the castle’s secrets

~ Discovering the Mirror of Erised together

~ “What do you see?” 

~ “You.” 

~ Him loving to play with your hair

~ Jealousy 


~ You sharing notes with Goyle and Draco ignoring you both for the rest of the day

~ “Draco, what is your problem? I need love and attention, stop ignoring me.” 

~ “Go get some attention from Goyle.” 

~ You HATING Pansy Parkinson

~ Her knowing and trying to get in arguments with you every day

~ Her twirling her hair and batting her eyelashes at Draco in the hallway, “Dracy, are you still helping me with my Potions later? You promised.” 

~ You just walking up and snogging Draco right in the middle of their conversation and whispering something super dirty in his ear

~ “N-No, Pansy. I,” he has to stop and clear his throat “I don’t think that I can.” 

~ Him just loving you so, so much 

~ Draco would just be the best boyfriend

~ Like despite everything he goes through he always puts you first 

~ He just loves you so much ugh 

~ It would be so good

This was probably entirely too long but I love everything about Draco Malfoy so I can’t help it.

Sherlock does something he once thought he would never do - he’s about to pick up his daughter from the kindergarten.

John is sick and can’t go.
He asked Sherlock to do it.
At first, Sherlock swallowed and shook his head. Because John has picked her up the whole time she has been there now - for one month already!
John knows the people there and Rosie is used to the view of John when she comes out and … “I will do something wrong,” Sherlock said to John.
“You won’t,” John answered softly and gave Sherlock a kiss on the forehead. “You won’t do something wrong. And she will be so happy to see you.”
“Will she?”
“I … Okay.”

And now he is about to pick up his daughter from the kindergarten.

It’s a warm day and he’s there quite early.
He didn’t want to be too late.
He didn’t want her to be alone while the other kids would be surrounded by their parents, no no. He’s going to do this right.
In the end, he is an hour too early.
But that’s no problem.
At least he can think about every scenario that could happen.

He sits down on a bench - and waits. 

As the time passes, other parents come to the kindergarten. Women, mostly. They talk with each other. They know each other.
Sherlock doesn’t look up from his hands in his lap. Maybe they look at him. Curiously. Maybe they wonder who he is. Maybe. He doesn’t really want to think about it, because it makes him even more nervous than he already is.
But he prepares himself, just for the case that someone speaks to him.
They don’t.

When the doors finally open, a bulk of laughing children comes out.
Sherlock looks up and discovers her almost immediately.
She walks beside another girl. They’re giggling. Sherlock has to smile at the view. Suddenly, there’s only her.
And when she discovers him, she stops and looks surprised for one moment - then, a bright smile spreads on her face.

“Daddy!” She calls and runs to him, with her long, blond hair flying behind her.
The smile on his face widens. He stands up and spreads his arms out for her.
She bumps against him and hugs him.

He can see two women laughing at them and in this situation it’s not difficult for him to understand, that they’re laughing because they are touched. It’s actually a nice feeling to see them laughing. He feels … proud.

Rosie looks up at him and starts to talking very quickly.
“Daddy, it’s nice that you pick me up, you know, Susan told me about this ice cream place where you can have blue ice cream with green sprinkles, I never had that, can we go there Daddy? Can we?”

“We can.” Sherlock says and smiles.

Rosie cheers. Then, she takes his hand and leads him.

He suddenly thinks that he could do that more often …
Because it makes him happy.

I *May* Have Been “That Person” and Fell in Love with a Sick Betta

First thing is that normally I do not reccommend buying a sick betta from a store. It’s just setting up for heartbreak. Especially if you’re not equipped to handle the care of a very sick betta and if you’re not prepared to deal with possibly losing a sick betta. I always try to pick out relatively healthy bettas. I have bought some with fin rot before but never anything seriously wrong. Until Monday that is…

So I went to Petco because my shitty tetra airpump finally gave up on me after having taken apart and tinkering with it more times than I care to admit. I had heard good things about petco brand airpumps so went with that. While I was there I stopped by and checked out the bettas. I was just admiring the colors and feeling sorry for some of them when I noticed a very sick veiltail. He was so skinny and weak all he could do was rest at the bottom of his cup breathing heavily through his gills. He was completely clamped up and looked more like a matchstick than a fish. I told myself to leave him, I didn’t need another betta. I wandered around the store arguing with my brain telling me about the empty emergency 2.5, extra heaters, and meds. Kept telling my brain to shut up. Then I realized I had spent well over 30 minutes wandering around thinking about the same fish…I was doomed. Let’s face it I never had a chance.

I want to clarify that I did NOT rescue him. I meekly and quietly took him to the counter and paid for him(lol at me and being a coward.) To rescue a betta means you talked to the manager about why this is completely inappropriate, I did not do that. This betta was really freaking weak. He could hardly swim and even a half filled 2.5 was too much for him. So he went into a breeders box floating in said 2.5

I wasn’t holding onto much hope but thought I’d at least try. I began doing 1 hour paraguard baths in a .5 gallon betta cube every day. His half filled 2.5 was dosed with stresscoat and paraguard as well as some aq salt to aid gill function. I couldn’t get him to eat and as he was already thin I just wasn’t expecting the best…the on the third day during his bath he ate some bloodworms! After that he continued to get better!

He is now on Day 5 and today was his last hour long bath. His 2.5 still isn’t completely filled but is more than halfway. He is still very skinny but eats 3x’s a day. He is getting better at swimming but still needs to occasionally rest and catch his breath. I love this little guy so much. @oliviner decided on the perfect name for him. Not only am I a huge D.C. nerd but it’s also very fitting given his situation. Everyone meet Mister Miracle!

His tank is pretty freaking bare right now, but once he’s strong enough I’m going to make it a Halloween Themed tank.

Again, I did not rescue MM I bought him. I happened to have most of his necessities(ignore the hidious DIY filter shhh it’s invisible you can’t see it) and I happened to have necessary meds already stocked. However 9/10 times I do NOT reccommend taking a sick betta home. It’s a lot of stress that can easily lead to heartbreak. I don’t know how to explain it, but I could not leave him I was drawn to him. I know it doesn’t make sense but anyway I love Mister Miracle and I hope he’s around for a long time. We’re still fighting.

I would like to thank @oliviner for being such a huge help and listening to my questions and concerns. For supporting us and not giving up and just for being so kind and warm. I would also like to thank @toothless-the-betta-fish @bettabbys @finsandattitude @hella-free-space @inkyozzy and @iantojonesthebetta for their support and help as well! 

that music video was so awful. 

 under normal circumstances, spinning things in your favor, trying to show that it doesn’t bother you, would be endearing. but not when you’re taylor fucking swift. not when you appear to wear revenge like a badge of honor. not when you’re so annoyingly inconsistent and hypocritical (she did not in fact “Shake It Off”). not when she appears to let her grudges consume all of her time and energy and completely eat at any happiness she once had. not when this comes across as cold and calculated. the playfulness she once had about being picked on is gone because she honestly believes she can do no wrong now (“Look What YOU Made Me Do”), and anyone who dares to call her out must pay. instead of, i don’t know, living her fucking life on her own terms, she obsesses over her frenemies long after they’ve forgotten all about her. i highly doubt kanye is shaking in his boots right now. (it’s also not cool to rip off BEYONCE. not only the dancers and costumes, but the baseball bat and death makeup [á la “Sorry”]).

i mean she’s making fun of people saying she’s a victim, ALL THE WHILE SHE’S ACTUALLY PLAYING THE VICTIM. defending yourself is one thing (one thing that every person should have the right to do). but what she’s up to is something different entirely. she’s self destructing. real karma will come for her one day. 

anonymous asked:

Have you seen the film monster about Aileen Wuornos? It is such a great movie. I fee so sorry for her even more than the men she killed. It was their fault tbh.

I like the film but it isn’t all that much accurate. It is stated that the film is fictionalised and only “based” on a true story but I know that a lot of people ignore that and think the film accurately portray how things went down. The sympathetic take on a true story but a boot print on history. It perpetuates the comforting yet erroneous belief that women only kill when provoked by abuse.

That is why so many people feel sorry for Aileen Wuornos. While there is absolutely no denying she suffered imaginable abuse during her childhood and these events, combined with her fear of abandonment, led her down a dark path, people need to remember that the men she killed were innocent. I personally don’t believe they were rapists. In fact, she never claimed they attempted to rape or harm her until months down the line and even then she changed her version of events immeasurable times.

She claimed she killed them because they wouldn’t pay her, she killed them because they wouldn’t take their pants off, she killed them because they were cheaters, she killed them because they were rapists. She relayed a different scene of events that led to each and every murder each time she was questioned. From saying one was killed inside his car as he reached for his gun to then saying he was killed while standing behind the car, the story changed each and every time. She was a compulsive liar and everybody who knew her reported so.

All it takes is looking into her case, her trial, and the evidence to see that she killed them for monetary gain. Most, if not all, were carrying large sums of money which was reported by their loved ones when reporting them missing. She killed these men when times were tough: when Tyria threatened to leave her or when another woman was in the scene and Aileen felt threatened that they would take Tyria from her. From a young age, Aileen believed she could buy love. She started selling sexual favours as a teenager and would use that money in an attempt to buy love and companionship: something that she desperately desired and was always denied.

Some of Aileen’s victims were shot in the back as they attempted to flee before being shot over and over again in the stomach as they winced in pain. She initially confessed she liked her first victim, Richard Mallory, and that he was a nice man who she had spent a number of hours with. This confession was taped. 51-year-old Mallory had a sexual assault charge when he was 19-years-old. In the years before his murder, he frequently picked up sex workers and a plethora of them reported that he was an exceptionally good client. He treated them with kindness and was know to tip.

During her trial, however, she claimed she killed him because he was coming towards her to rape her. Evidence, however, refutes this. Ballistic evidence showed that Mallory was shot from behind through the arm of the shirt first before being shot in the chest multiple times. He was fully clothed. Furthermore, Tyria told police Aileen confessed to this murder to her right away. She made no mention of him attempting to harm her.

People tend to forget that these men were innocent. They’re often lumped together as “John’s” purely because Aileen was a sex worker. However, her modus operandi was often to hitch a ride and claim that her car had broken down and then offer sex once inside. Considering a lot of her victims were found fully clothed, I imagine they turned her down and just offered to drive her wherever she needed to be. Good samaritans in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Aileen wasn’t able to pick up sex work clients like she had in the past. She was an overweight alcoholic. She was haggard and had lost her looks. She was violent while, other than Mallory, these victims had no records of violence or wrongdoing. One was a missionary and another was a child abuse investigator. Some were driving home to see their wives and kids while others were on the job, delivering goods to customers. Even if they had picked her up for sex, that doesn’t warrant their murder. Men who use the services of sex workers don’t deserve to be murdered for doing so.

I sympathise with Aileen Wuornos because of her unimaginable childhood. She was a product of her environment wholeheartedly. But to feel no sympathy for her victims is just abhorrent. These men had families. They had children. They had grandchildren. They didn’t deserve to be murdered just like Aileen Wuornos didn’t deserve the horrific abuse and torment she was inflicted as a child and teenager. I personally don’t think it’s a coincidence that the men she killed were all the same age range as her grandfather was when he abused her up until his suicide. I think her anger at her grandfather was displaced onto innocent targets. Many serial killers have been known to seek out victims with similar characteristics as those who hurt them.

Aileen’s victims have been completely demonised and it’s truly tragic. I can’t even begin to imagine how heartbreaking that is for their family members.


Title: 2 assholes play cards against humanity 

Genre: Fluff + Crack ➝ YouTuber AU

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader.

Plot: 2 assholes play Cards Against Humanity together. One asshole is an excellent kisser and the other is the worst fucking editor in the world.

Or rather: we are both youtubers and you are the worst fucking editor ever, and so you accidentally included a clip from our collab you uploaded where we made out and people don’t know we’re a thing yet, as requested (and thought of!) by me.

Warnings: This is just…unlike my writing style. Wrote this whilst drunk, probably, because I don’t remember writing this, at all.

Notes: Yes, I did go out of my way and spend 1 hour + on making a fake YouTube channel and video for this drabble/fic. Was it worth it? Probably not, but here’s Yoongo’s channel.

28TH MARCH, 2017.

despite being a youtuber with over seven million subscribers to make up for it, min yoongi is the absolute worst at his job. you’d think that being paid so much every week and being invited to vip events and having thousands- close to millions- of fans making twitter accounts with your name squished into them, and seeing your face on billboards or whatever, would act as enough motivation for yoongi to put in a tiny bit more effort.

don’t get me wrong– yoongi works hard. he uploads twice a week (thursdays and sundays, for those who wanted to know!), and always puts out fresh and most of the time, original content. a musical prodigy, as some people called him, and others called him unique, entertaining, different, inspiring. some called him mediocre and basic, but against yoongi’s strong fan base, none of that mattered. even without the fanbase, yoongi still didn’t give two damns about what anybody had to say against him. and with the success he has, he doesn’t need to be worried about anything or anybody else just yet.

but, you’d think that because of his success and picture-perfect life captured by an expensive camera and posh lenses (hey, the fact that yoongi is so well liked despite not attempting to even out his flaws with light boxes and filters or makeup products is impressive), he’d try that extra bit harder when it came to creating content he enjoys putting out into the world. especially editing videos- including ones where forgetting to edit out one tiny, tiny clip could result in thirty new scandals and his name being in the media longer than it has to be.

because min yoongi, despite his magical fingers and creative mind when it comes to creating the video itself, is the absolute worst at editing videos. he just can’t be bothered to watch the same clips over and over again. and, even though you may not like it, you’re suffering at the hand of his poor editing skills.

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have you seen her?

Originally posted by teenwxlves

pairings: reader x stiles stilinski.

warnings: meh, a bit angsty, some smut. nothing much. 

a/n: I wasn’t going to publish it in the first place, it was just going to be a little thing I did for my precious bee, @dylan-trash-tbh, however, I though I would risk it and post it. I really hope you all enjoy it!! 

ps.: you might have some characteristics that don’t belong to you, because, as I said, I made this especially to bee and now I’m sharing. haha

word count: 6867

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Block B as the Mafia + How He Met You

|||Anon asked: After reading your Monsta X mafia reaction and the other ones, I was wondering if you could do one for Block B too|||

Zico/Woo Jiho

Originally posted by mayfifolle

  • There are many gangs in Seoul but his is definitely the worst
  • Literally 5 minutes before chaos
  • When he was little he thought about taking over the city and now he’s one of the most badass leaders out there
  • Successfully robbed a bank once, so now he does it every month, just to see if he can get caught
  • No mercy for anyone who interferes with his work

You were working at the bank when they raided it. As stubborn as you were you always got into dangerous situations. You were asked to get the money but refused to comply.

“What the fuck did you just say? Bring her here.” he told his men.

“Can you repeat that honey?” he asked taking hold of your chin.

“I said go get them yourself you fuck!” and you tried to spit him in the face but he avoided it at the last second.

“Woah! Feisty! Get her in the truck.”

Lee Taeil

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  • Definitely not the one you should mess with.
  • His appearance may seem innocent but he’s far from that.
  • Enjoys torturing people not only for info but also for fun because on who else can you test the new weapons.
  • Has a massive truck and will run you over if you get in his way.
  • Gets a tattoo for every big, difficult but successful mission.

You didn’t know about his work because even though you two knew each other from childhood, he has become distant lately. One night he came knocking on your door all beaten up.

“Taeil! What the hell?”

“Oh yeah, I never told you. I’m in the mafia.” he laughed.

“What? How can you joke in this condition?”

“Can you help me out here. I will tell you everything later.” he said slumping down on the sofa.

B Bomb/Lee Minhyuk

Originally posted by my-galaxy-supernova

  • This one is sneaky. Really sneaky.
  • Can steal so much in a small amount of time that nobody even notices he was there.
  • Likes to play mahjong with Pyo and Ukwon. But they don’t.
  • He always cheats and it’s impossible to catch him doing that.
  • As he wins most of the time, he has been banned from a lot of casinos,, that doesn’t stop him from going to them though.
  • Loves those tiny bb bombs

He was just kicked out from the casino when he saw you standing beside the building, smoking. He came up to you and took the cigarette out of your mouth.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be smoking.” he said putting it out.

“That’s none your bussiness.”

But he ignored you and took you by the arm.

“Say, if you get me inside the casino, I could make this evening way more interesting for both of us.”

Ahn Jaehyo

Originally posted by jaehyohoe

  • Seems to be a pro at making any kind of black market deals.
  • But he’s actually not, he’s just really lucky.
  • Is pretty much lost all the time and without meaning any harm gets in a lot of trouble.
  • But also that way he made a lot of new strong allies.
  • Travels a lot around the country because of his work.

You have been making deals with him for as long as you can remember, so it didn’t bother you anymore when he called you to get him out of trouble.

“Jaehyo! What happened this time?” you asked, picking him up as he was barely able to stand.

“Wrong time, wrong place.” he smirked.

“As always. Come. I will patch you up.”

U-Kwon/Kim Yukwon

Originally posted by hikaricassio

  • Loves guns and the smell after you shoot somebody.
  • Likes to hunt his enemies, making them scared and begging for their life.
  • Even though he’s a very skilled assassin, he only takes those offers that can be of value to him as well.
  • As opposing to others, he doesn’t mind working in the daylight and can even kill somebody in a centre of a busy street.
  • Slaps Minhyuk in the face whenever he loses against him.

You worked as a guard for his target. He thought it will be easy to deal with you but you were expecting him and slammed him down on the ground.

“Okay, so I guess I will have to get serious.” he told breaking free from your grasp and pointing his gun at your head.

“Now be a good girl and tell me where my target is.”

P.O/Pyo Jihoon

Originally posted by unniesgirl

  • How did even this ball of sunshine get in the mafia I have no idea.
  • Can seem intimidating but he actually prefers talking to violence.
  • Grew up in the mafia business but ran away from his father gang because he was too strict.
  • Is very quick in knocking his opponents unconscious.
  • Then apologises to their seemingly lifeless bodies.

You were following his father’s orders to keep an eye on him. You were aware that he noticed you a couple of days ago but decided not to act on it when you felt his hand on your neck.

“Stay still. It’s more than easy for me to break it now.” he told you and you complied.

“My father doesn’t send just anyone, so you must be important. You will have to come with me.”

Park Kyung

Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias

  • The second most important person in the gang and Jiho’s right hand
  • He may seem all nice and stuff but he’s actually been plotting to overtake Jiho’s position as the leader
  • Makes it easy for others to trust him but in reality he’s a great liar and can betray you for his own gain
  • He’s the one who finds new, secluded hideouts for the gang
  • He’s also the one who makes the plans for all the missions

He met you at a fancy party for big shots. He has been watching you all evening, so you finally decided to approach him.

“If you have something to say then do it.”

“Oh no, I was just thinking that a party like this doesn’t suit you.” he smirked.

“Is that so?”

“Here.” he said extending his hand. “Come with me. I will show you something much more interesting.”

A/N: Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions  etc. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😉

I’m posting this story because I don’t want you all to make the mistakes that I’ve made. I apologize ahead of time for getting oddly personal.

I have never been good with words. That may seem strange because on Tumblr I don’t shut up, but in person, and especially when emotional, I have a hard time getting words out of my mouth. My shrink said that’s a common symptom of people who’ve dealt with trauma. I don’t know. What I do know is that when I left my boyfriend’s car after an argument five months ago, I did not know how to ask for help. I messaged a group chat of best friends who have been there for me before. I could manage to type out that I left my boyfriend’s car, that I’m emotional and can’t convey it over text, and that need to be picked up.

Long-story-short, one friend answered, and said she couldn’t pick me up because she was going to a club with another friend. Now, there are a lot of details here that I’m leaving out, and the fact that I probably wasn’t making any sense beyond the fact that I was sad and needed someone probably has to do with it. Of course I got mad at her for not taking the time to help me. She said something along the lines of, why should she cancel plans for someone who “couldn’t even bother to tell me what was wrong”.

I know, poor me, blah blah, how hurt and victimized I was. Why am I telling you this? Because even though my best friends at the time wouldn’t help me, people DID help me. I asked one person I had only talked to in meetings to pick me up. She dropped what she was doing and got me. She didn’t ask me to explain, or require me to be peppy around her or talk to her about it; she took me home because I asked. I had another friend who was not close to me at the time come over to talk to me, and all I had to tell her was that I had had a horrible night. I had friends who couldn’t meet me offer to take me to lunch, and talk to me over text or the phone. Although it was a hard beginning of the end for me and my “best friends” at the time (which only got worse later on), it was a hard lesson that I needed to learn.

This isn’t me looking at the situation with rose-colored glasses. This is what actually happened. For every one person who wouldn’t help me, four people took the time to reach out. All they required of me was that I asked them for help.

So I ask you, followers, because I know many that many of you are good and kind people, to take in the lessons that I learned too late:

A true friend will never ask you to prove that you are worth their time;


You need to believe that you are worth peoples’ time. You are. You are worth peoples’ time for just being you, for being human and flawed, for needing help, for being alive. Please believe that you are worth peoples’ time, and you will find others who are worth your time, too.


Avengers/Inception AU:

Steve Rogers is a highly respected Extractor in the dream infiltration business, but his past work as an Architect was truly unparalleled. Only Sam and Nat, his closest comrades, know the true reason he stopped designing dreams.

When King T'Challa of Wakanda calls Steve in for a job, it’s time to recruit some new team members: Wanda - a talented artist fresh out of design school, and Scott - a master thief with a specialization in chemistry.

The mission: perform inception on notorious weapons manufacturer, Tony Stark, widely known as the “Merchant of Death"

What could possibly go wrong?

anonymous asked:

ok but consider: tony being an Embarrassing Dad™, wearing shitty spiderman merchandise and telling anyone who will (or won't) listen about peter's accomplishments. he could save a cat from a tree and tony won't shut up about it for days

Tony would 100% wear shitty spiderman merchandise all the time, but imagine this.

“What the hell are you wearing?” Peter hisses, glaring at the neon pink shirt decorated with his face. 

“It’s your first college science fair, I had a shirt made. To show my support. Because, I support you.” Tony explains, gesturing to the lettering. “I’m so proud of you.” 

“So you’re trying to embarrass me?” Peter hisses, and Tony frowns down at his own shirt. 

“It just says Peter Parker fan club.” He mumbles. “Is there something wrong with it?” Peter shakes his head, barely resisting a facepalm. Tony turns sad eyes on him.

“It’s very sweet Tony, maybe next time don’t go with the hot pink, and neon green lettering. It kinda clashes.” Peter says, because Tony wears shitty spiderman sweaters to board meetings, there’s no way Peter will convince him not to have a fan club shirt, but he can maybe make it a little less garish. 

“Oh, sorry. I let Dum-E pick out the colors.” Tony explains, Peter snorts. Before being distracted by Pepper and Rhodey walking up in equally as garish fan club shirts. 

“Where’s aunt May? I brought a shirt for her.” Rhodey explains, Peter groans, dropping his head down on the table. 

“You guys are the worst.” He grumbles. Still, he’s touched. Even Pepper is wearing that god awful shirt to support him, and she’s the one who forced him to go to a tailor before graduation. 

BTS Reaction - Telling their S/O They are Virgins


Namjoon wasn’t all too ashamed about still being a virgin at the age of 22 because he knew he just didn’t have the time to get to know someone for long enough to build a relationship to where it got to that step, but here he was with you, your relationship going for a strong 4 months and he felt like you both were in the right part of your relationship to take it to the next step. You were surprised at his sudden confession, not expecting that he was still a virgin because he was very skilled in other areas when it came to that field. You felt somewhat glad that you would be his first but at the back of your mind you were a little worried that you wouldn’t be good enough because you weren’t all that experienced yourself. 

“We can be each others first”

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Intimacy, it was the one thing you and Jin haven’t ventured in with your relationship. You had been dating Jin for about 6 months now and things were going smoothly, it was just the fact that he never let things escalate further than mild groping while making out. You were starting to question your attractiveness to him. So today, you came up with a plan, you were going to wear his favourite dress to try to seduce him over dinner. You could tell he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, especially when he would continue twirling the same forkful of spaghetti for 20 seconds. You got up gingerly before crossing the table to his side. You sat on his lap, seductively biting you lip before softly pecking his lips, letting your lips linger for a while. Before you knew it, you were on your back with Jin above you, his hands groping your skin over your dress. You made a move to take off his shirt before he stiffened and drew back. ‘What was the problem?’ You had asked, slightly frustrated with the entire situation. He sighed softly before admitting that he was a virgin. A virgin was the furthest thing in your mind when it came to Jin. His sex appeal was ridiculous, so it had never crossed your mind that there was a possibility for him to be inexperienced. You smiled softly before wrapping your arms around his waist.

“I’m not experienced enough for you”

Originally posted by rapdaegu


Just like Namjoon he didn’t care much about him still being a virgin, he had chances before where he had the choice to have sex but it just wasn’t the right time or the right person for him, call him old fashion but that’s how he was. Being with you was totally different, your connection was something that he treasured, he felt like he could share all his problems and concerns with you, realising this he decided he would tell you that he was ready for you both take the next step, only if you were ready of course. You were all more than ready to deepen your relationship with Yoongi but when he told you that you would be his first you were shocked but totally understood the reason why. Suddenly feeling way more attracted to your boyfriend you walked towards him and straddled his lap, each of your legs at the sides of his as you kissed him with before you pulled away.

“How about we further our relationship right now”

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Hoseok The boys and I had been in the dance practice room for a while now. They were messing around and I was, as usual, sat on the ground in the corner, watching Hoseok with mini intervals phone time. They had started off with the dance routine to fire, then baepsae before finishing with their dance routine for Blood, Sweat & Tears. Blood, sweat and tears was, incomparably my favorite dance practice out of them all. The butter smooth transitions into each of the member’s parts was enchanting, especially Hoseok’s. He just had a way of making my eyes focus on him when ever he danced. He just looked so sexy. After they had finished, he walked straight over to me, his body glistening with sweat while a satisfied smile adorned his face. ’ How many girls have you charmed into bed with that dance?’ you teased him lightly. You two had never been intimate, being that you were still in the early stages of dating, but you always did wonder what it would be like to take that step with him. To your surprise he softly uttered that he was still a virgin. Your body filled with warmth at the thought of being the first person to see that side of him.

“Jagi don’t worry, you will be the first”

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You and Jimin were currently on the couch in the middle of a heated make out session. His hands that were previously tangled in your hair was now teasingly running down your back,sending tingles down your spine, making his way to your hips. His grip on you tighten as he felt his pants become a size smaller, needing more friction he guided your hips to rock back and forth against his. He couldn’t help but let a groan of satisfaction pass his lips for he was loving this new sensation. You yourself was a groaning mess, you waited so long this and hopefully you wouldn’t have to wait any longer if this continued to go where you think it was going. Sure you and Jimin had been intimate before but it was just a little groping here and there when you two made out. Needing to feel more of him and not just through his jeans you slowly moved your hand down his toned chest until it reached what you were looking for, his jeans, as you were about to remove the band of leather that was keeping you from what you wanted his hand immediately stopped yours. Taken back at his sudden actions you reluctantly pulled away from his now swollen lips to ask him why he stopped you. Jimin wasn’t sure how you’d react to him being inexperiended in this field, so he was hesitant in telling you why he had stopped you, gaining the courage he blurted it out. All you could do was smile, him being a virgin didn’t change the way you felt about him in the slightest.

“I..I never had sex before”

“Well I think it’s time to change that”

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Movie nights were something you always enjoyed. Especially since it was a very effective way to spend time with Tae. He was almost always busy, whether it be tours when he’d be away for months on end, or just schedules where he’d attend fan meets, have recording sessions, and have dance practices. So when ever he got to come home, we’d have a movie night, just the two of us and a movie of our choice. We’d been in the middle of watching a newly released movie when a mild sex scene came on when suddenly, the mood became extremely tense. You looked across at Taehyung, slightly confused as to why he was twitching his hands and avoiding eye contact with you at all costs. If there was one thing you knew about Taehyung, if not anything else, was that he thoroughly enjoyed eye contact with you. He always said he could see every emotion just by glancing into my eyes, and he loved it.’ Babe, what’s wrong?’ I asked, concerned. Was the movie that I picked that bad? He cleared his throat before turning to face me, still avoiding my gaze. 'It makes me uncomfortable’ he said softly, a slight blush adorning his face. 'Why?’ i asked curiously. 'Because i haven’t experienced any of that before’ he replied, his ears turning red. I hadn’t even thought of that possibility. I simultaneously blushed with him.

“Me neither”

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It had been 6 hours straight that Jungkook had been playing videos and not paying you any attention. You tried to catch his attention many times, you even cooked his favourite dish but he just nodded in your direction saying to put it in the oven until he was ready, his eyes not budging from the TV screen not even for a split second. You huffed about to give up when an idea popped into your head, a smirk forming on lips as you got up from your spot on the bed and slowly made your way over to where he was seated. Not caring if he lost his game you place yourself in his lap and straddled his waist. He finally stopped curious of your actions. You wasted no time in attacking his lips lightly sucking his bottom lip. He immediately reacted by dropping the remote to grab your waist and kissed you back. Smirking at your plan working you started to push him down on the bed as your make out session became more intense. You realised he was being hesitant about the way he touched you or trying to carry this any further. A little disappointed you detached you lips from his and looked at him with curiosity. 

“What’s wrong, aren’t you sexually attracted to me?” 

“No no no I am, it’s just…… I sorta kinda never had sex before..”

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I’ve been very busy with work lately and sleeping five hours a night and things, so I’m probably overreaching and/or not making any sense, but this -

- I loved this, not only the scene, but how everything was framed, and yet there’s something bugging me - why is Dean keeping his right hand on the sigil and his left on the blade? Dean is right-handed - it would have made much more sense to cut his left hand and keep his dominant hand unhurt and free. 

As I said, I’m basically delirious - but what we do know is that the left hand is the one which is a symbol for love, right? because that’s where we keep our rings (according to a medieval legend, there’s a vein that goes from the heart to our left hand, so that’s why our weddings bands go on our left hand and not our right)? Whereas the right hand - that’s rationality, doing things, fighting, writing, being all practical and sensible. And Dean’s right hand is on the Enochian sigil, because that’s the good choice - that’s what he should do to save everyone’s lives here - his, and also Sam’s, because his brother’s not far behind, because he never is, and as for Cas -



Dean’s feelings for Cas - a left-hand kind of thing. Back in Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox, the other Yockey episode, Dean picks up Asa’s angel blade with his right hand, because that was a weapon, and Dean favours his right hand when he fights, and that’s what makes sense. But this time around - I don’t think that blade is Cas’ (?), but it’s still an angel blade, which means it represents this brave, amazing, infuriating angel Dean loves unconditionally - hence the left hand, and Dean’s ‘illogical’, ‘wrong’ decision to trade his life for Cas’.

It’s really hard to be queer and religious.

When you grow up in any religion and discover that you’re queer it’s an absolute shit show and I don’t think religious queer people get enough credit for everything we have to go through.

First you spend all this time denying yourself because so many religions paint being queer as this ultimate sin of sorts. The ultimate wrong. The thing that should remove you from the religion entirely because you don’t deserve to be in it if you’re queer. People say that you have to pick one over the other and oftentimes, you do and it hurts because you have to pick either yourself or your beliefs. And that can be an impossible decision to make. 

You get crap from both sides. Other queer people are offended that you would dare to be a part of something that they see as so harmful. Other religious people are offended that you are going against what they believe and that you’re part of this thing that they see as so harmful. It’s like having divorced parents and you love both of them but they hate each other. It sucks and it hurts. Especially because both sides don’t see the harm they’re doing, they don’t know that each time they say something hurtful about the other it’s splitting you apart. 

And tbh it’s such a brave decision to make to be openly queer and to remain in your religion. Because you have to reconcile that for yourself and go through a ton of shit to constantly to convince yourself that you’re not doing anything wrong. And as you’re trying to reconcile these two important parts of yourself, people on both sides are telling you that you’re wrong and that by being who you are you’re actually causing harm. Being queer and religious means going through your life pretending you’re neither.

Basically, you never get away from the scrutiny of either side. It’s a constant in your life if you choose to remain religious. And I know people think it’s funny to tear down religion and make fun of it. But remember that not everyone who is religious is homophobic. When you talk shit about religion, you hurt queer kids who have already been hurt enough.


These are for the lovely anon who wanted Thomas Sanders quotes for their graduation cap. I hope these help :)

1. “Someone will accept us, flaws and all! Until that day I shall learn to love… myself.”

2. Could be gayer.

3. Feel the Sadness, but feel the joy too because you are allowed to do that.

4. Accidents happen. Sometimes things go wrong, and it’s not about doing everything right the first time, it’s about how fast you pick yourself up when you fall down.

5.Girls can be warriors too !

6. Even a little progress is still progress.

7. You can still be a kid at heart, just learn the world around you.

8. Believe in your dreams and one day, they will come true.

9. “Wouldn’t wanna be our own villain, now would we?”

10. “Don’t let your childhood spirit ever die”

11. “Sometimes change can be fun, and entertaining”

12. “Getting to know yourself can be quite the awesome adventure and hopefully it’s an adventure that never ends.

13. "Goals are great but, life is short. Might as well be short and Fantastic!!

14. "What ever comes you have to allow yourself to make mistakes. Not everything can be perfect. It’s all a growing process”

15. There are some low points but there are going to be high points too !

Feel free to add more !