and i physically screamed at the tv

I had a ChanBaek dream. It was awesome!!!

Basically EXO had a new reality show. So Chanyeol and Baekhyun were in their room. Chanyeol was dressing him up for some reason. He already chose clothes for Kyungsoo. Baekhyun looked annoyed. He was wearing a red plaid flannel and Chanyeol put on a big leather jacket on him.

To which Baekhyun didn’t say anything, he just complied. Then Chanyeol said something. I forgot what he said. I knew he said something and what he said made Baekhyun blush, and gave him a shy, yet touched smile.

Baekhyun stared at him for quite some time as Chanyeol was rambling of about something else. He was choosing I think shoes for Baekhyun this time? I’m not sure. He was looking for something. The way Baekhyun was staring at Chanyeol. It was so deep and lovingly that everyone who watching the reality show thought they were going to kiss. I was thinking “Are they gonna kiss? No way.” That’s what I thought because it’s a reality show. They wouldn’t do something so controversial in South Korea. But I was fucking wrong.

Baekhyun moves slowly to Chanyeol. At this point, I’m like “No way…”

They were also standing up that this point. Chanyeol who’s oblivious is still looking for something. Baekhyun walks closer to him and finally kissed Chanyeol on the side of his mouth. It was so gentle and soft. It was so chaste. It even replayed like 3 times. At this point, it became big news in South Korea. The fact that Baekhyun kissed Chanyeol on live television shocked everyone. Cause no one expected that.

I was shook in a good way. It’s not everyday you see Baekhyun and Chanyeol kiss. I was whaling and crying tears of happiness​. “God is real” I thought. Remember people, at this point. I’m still not aware this is a dream. It felt too real to be a dream. It felt like I was at home, watching and EXO reality show. Like I saw what happened but I didn’t like make a cameo in my dream.

Now, back to the dream, Chanyeol was so shook. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open. He kept staring at Baekhyun. He cupped Baekhyun’s cheeks and brought him in for another kiss. It was another gentle and slow kiss. It was so romantic the way Chanyeol was holding Baekhyun and the way Baekhyun just melted into the kiss. They finally pulled apart.

Baekhyun grinned. He looked so happy. At this point, South Korea is freaking out. EXO-ls are freaking out in a good way. People who don’t even like EXO are freaking out in a supportive way The fact that two idols who are also of the same gender publicly kissed on national television shook everyone. I’m pretty sure I was fist bumping in my mind. I was screaming and dancing in my mind even though I wasn’t physically in the dream.

There is still one thing bothering me. What the fuck did Park Chanyeol say? I remembered it like two minutes after I woke up, but I fucking went back to sleep and woke up again like 30 minutes and I don’t remember.

At least the good thing is that now I have the image of Baekhyun and Chanyeol kissing imprinted in my mind, like a gif.

The Unusual Exorcism

by reddit user _moomy

This isn’t like the usual stories I post but damn is it good:

I’ve heard several times that ghosts follow certain “types” of people. These people are perfectly normal in every way. They live their lives the exact same way you do. 

Only, when they’re alone, doors have a way of opening by themselves, light bulbs burn out and they hear soft footsteps creaking through empty wooden hallways. 

Around them, odd things seem to happen far too often. Everyone has probably been around a person like this at some point. Someone with just a few too many stories you don’t want to hear at night.

I am one of those people.

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anonymous asked:

I need your usual long ramble for the joint younow please! You always combine all the best moments into one place and I am always grateful <3

Aww thank you! I apologize for it being a bit late as always.

But to start, I’ll just quote my quick summary from the other day:

“Very happy old married couple bickering and completing each other’s sentences. You know how they say couples who have been together for a long time start morphing into one another and become really in sync with their behaviors and speech? That’s them. That’s Dan and Phil. This live show somehow just made that even more obvious than it already was. Incredible.”

Incredible, indeed. They are the epitome of old married couple going on their 60th year together. Grandparents got nothing on them. I apologize, I know the ‘married’ thing is a tired explanation by now but I truly don’t know how to describe it anyway else. They are more married than anyone I’ve ever known and they are not even married. That deserves a special award I think. And we only see not even 1/10th of their everyday lives. God only knows the level the domesticity reaches when no one is watching. I fear I may not be able to physically and mentally process that extreme so it is probably for the best that we are not exposed to it.

And as I mentioned before about the synchronized thing, I felt like there were several moments when quoting the Spice Girls and singing the line “when twooooo become oneeee” loudly would have felt alarmingly appropriate. Because they have definitely melded into a singular conjoined unit. They are one entity now. It’s slightly scary. But more so beautiful. Scarily beautiful if you will.

Favorite moments below:

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ask me all time low songs!!

The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End

Hit the Lights (Tribute to a Night, I’ll Never Forget) - do you remember the best night of your life? what happened?

The Next Best Thing - what have you always wanted? did you ever get it?

Last Flight Home - have you ever been in an airplane before?

Memories That Fade Like Photographs - best memory from when you were a kid?

The Party Scene

The Party Scene (tps) - what is your blood type?

Lullabies (tps) - longest you’ve slept at one time?

Hometown Heroes; National Nobodies - what do you want to be remembered for?

Circles - what is your perfect pizza?

We Say Summer - what’s your favorite season of the year?

Break Out! Break Out! (tps) - have you ever called 911?

Running from Lions (tps) - do you get along with your family?

I Can’t Do the One-Two Step - can you dance well?

The Girl’s a Straight-Up Hustler (tps) - have you ever been in love?

Sticks, Stones, and Techno - what’s your favorite song?

Put Up or Shut Up

Coffee Shop Soundtrack - if you could be any age for a week, what age would it be?

Break Out! Break Out! - have you ever been pulled over by a cop?

The Girl’s a Straight-Up Hustler - how long did your most recent relationship last?

Jasey Rae - what type of music do you listen to?

The Party Scene - what did you do for your latest birthday?

Running from Lions - what’s your favorite movie?

Lullabies - how many pillows do you sleep with?

So Wrong, It’s Right

This Is How We Do - where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Let It Roll - do you like surprises?

Six Feet Under the Stars - are you interested in space?

Holly (Would You Turn Me On?) - what are your hobbies?

The Beach - what is your ideal vacation?

Dear Maria, Count Me In - ever had a secret admirer?

Remembering Sunday - are you religious?

Vegas - are you an introvert or extrovert?

Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last for a Night) - do you daydream often?

Come One, Come All - do you like having attention drawn to you?

Poppin’ Champagne - best New Years Eve memory?

Nothing Personal

Weightless - how would your friends describe you?

Break Your Little Heart - have you ever broken up with someone?

Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t) - have you ever had sex?

Lost In Stereo - do you listen to your music quietly or full volume?

Stella - do you have a nickname? what is it?

Sick Little Games - 

Hello Brooklyn - have you ever been out of your state/country?

Walls -

Too Much - who are your OTP?

Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal - what do you do to stay in shape?

A Party Song (The Walk of Shame) - have you ever been hungover?

Therapy - have you ever had a therapy session?

Poison - have you ever had food poisoning?

Dirty Work

Do You Want Me (Dead?) - how many languages can you speak?

I Feel Like Dancin’ - ever danced with someone?

Forget About It - do you have memories you wish you could delete?

Guts - have you ever had surgery?

Time-Bomb - who knows you the best?

Just the Way I’m Not - have you ever pretended to be someone else?

Under A Paper Moon - do you have good drawing skills?

Return the Favor - what song sums you up?

No Idea - make up a question.

That Girl - if you could go back in time & change one thing, what would it be?

Heroes - who is your biggest role model?

Get Down On Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me - list two pet peeves.

My Only One - do you plan on getting married?

Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass - what do you want for christmas?

Bad Enough For You - what do you do for a living?

Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now

The Reckless and The Brave - have you ever broken the law?

Backseat Serenade - do you have your driver’s license?

If These Sheets Were States - do you miss someone?

Somewhere In Neverland - would you run away with the person you love?

So Long Soldier - have one of your family members ever been in the military?

The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver - have you ever had a near death experience?

To Live and Let Go - have you ever lost someone close to you?

Outlines - can you write stories well?

Thanks to You - what’s the last movie you watched?

For Baltimore - what city do you want to live in?

Paint You Wings - do you want the ability to fly?

So Long, and Thanks for All the Booze - have you ever had alcohol?

A Love Like War - have you ever fought with a significant other?

Me Without You (All I Ever Wanted) - have you ever been in a one sided relationship?

Canals - can you swim?

Oh Calamity! - would you take back one of your exes if you could?

Future Hearts

Satellite - what’s your worst habit?

Kicking and Screaming - have you ever been so angry that you physically harmed someone?

Something’s Gotta Give - what TV character are you most like?

Kids In The Dark - what book changed your life?

Runaways - have you ever run away from home?

Missing You - do you wish you were with someone right now?

Cinderblock Garden - what’s instruments do you play?

Tidal Waves - have you ever been to the beach?

Don’t You Go - have you ever dyed your hair an unnatural color?

Bail Me Out - have you ever been arrested?

Dancing With A Wolf - what kind of pets have you owned?

The Edge of Tonight - have you ever stayed up all night?

Old Scars / Future Hearts - who’s your favorite celebrity?

Bottle and a Beat - what’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Your Bed - what’s your idea of a perfect first date?

How The Story Ends - if you could be one thing from history, what would it be?


Actors - what’s your dream job?

Alejandro - how many people have you dated?

Art of the State - who is your favorite artist?

Elastic Heart - which one book do you wish they taught in schools?

Fool’s Holiday - favorite holiday?

Light the Way - who would play you in a movie about your life?

Living the Dream - what do you want your future to be like?

My Paradise - what’s the coolest story about yourself?

Painting Flowers - can you paint well?

The Worst Kind of Lullaby - can you sing?

Time to Break Up - what was your worst relationship like?

Toxic Valentine - have you ever had a valentine?

True Colors - what’s your favorite color?

Umbrella - day or night?

We All Fall Down - have you ever broken a bone before?

Sam Winchester Appreciation

This post needs no introduction. Here are the top seven reasons I love Sam Winchester:

1. He is played by Jared Padalecki, who loves the character as much as we do. We are blessed to have him on the show.

2. Sam is strong physically and mentally. It is incredible that he has been forced to confront his greatest fears (clowns, Lucifer…) on multiple occasions and has only gotten stronger as a result. If I were ever forced into a room full of spiders, I would have to be institutionalized. In season 10 it was difficult to hop on board with Sam’s plan to cure Dean (for obvious reasons), and I found myself screaming at the TV several times, especially toward the end. This season, however, Sam has really come around to ‘Swan Song’ levels of bravery and heroism. Read these posts here and here because they explain Sam much better than I can (spoilers if you haven’t seen 11x14).

3. Sam is selfless and empathetic. He genuinely cares about others more than himself and is capable of connecting with people on an emotional level (I don’t know many guys or even girls in real life who could do that).

4. He is smart and enjoys learning, and he is humble about it.

5. He is supportive of his brother, especially when it comes to saving Cas and defeating Amara, and that’s pretty neat. ;-;

6. He is a gentleman. :3

7. He has a cute smile, especially when he’s flustered.

Bonus: He is tall. 


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When you’re heart broken, and trust me at some point you will be, and it’s 3am and you can’t sleep because you swear you can physically feel the parts of your heart falling apart, get out of bed, eat shitty food and watch really bad television. Cry until you’re sure you might not have any tears left, scream into your pillow and don’t sleep until you really want to. Because no matter how many people tell you “you’ll get over it”, that doesn’t stop it from hurting now, and I know that, so be sad, and cry over him. But after a few days, you need to laugh it off and move on with your life. You cannot afford to spend time wishing for people, if they left you. It’s their fault and you are stronger than they will ever be.
—  Things my mother told me when I was heartbroken and suicidal.

Aries: unable to move, staring at the TV


Gemini: passed out

Cancer: *smashes a can and flips over a chair* FUCK YEAH 

Leo: *immediately starts playing we are the champions*

Virgo: I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT *points at TV repeatedly*

Libra: softly crying, keeps saying “i cant believe this, i cant believe it actually happened” :’)

Scorpio: LOUDLY crying, uncontrollable sobs

Sagittarius: is just fuckin gone. running around outside possibly setting things on fire

Capricorn: trying to get people to raise a toast “DEar friends we have come so far, and waited so long. It is our time to shine, our time to glow…”  

Aquarius: *just a really long high pitched scream*

Pisces: physically unable to say anything except oh my god for the entire night


Honestly…I’m so tired of people blasting Lil Kim for making decisions in her life. This is a pure example of the media being shady and fraud af toward black people and better yet getting other black people to buy into the shit. A lot of y'all don’t even see what the media is training your brain to do; hate yourself and other people you don’t even know instead of being supportive and understanding like a FUCKING HUMAN BEING.

This woman was abused several times by her past boyfriend; had several bone fractures in her face, damn near beat to death and when she goes to a plastic surgeon to try to put her face back as close to its original state as possible; everybody and they grandmama turn on the tv, see some shit, and make memes, talk shit about her and down her. Though I’m sure she doesn’t give a fuck about it, it’s sad that people judge on face value and not try to find the root of peoples actions.

Y'all are the SAME mf’s screaming “BlackLivesMatter” and saying protect black lives; that shit applies mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I think y'all forget that lives include livelyhood as well. The same way y'all say don’t call black young men thugs because they sag their pants should work likewise for abused women who get plastic surgery to regain part of their lives. Don’t judge one and throw salt on the other.

Stop letting the media mind fuck you. If you’re going to be a part of a movement; be part of it. Don’t half ass it.

-Drops Mic-

yo that sleep paralysis shit is actually real, I remember seeing posts about it on twitter and laughing just thinking what kind of bullshit is that because i’m such a sceptic when it comes to shit like that but that was until it happened to me. Gather round children: 2 years ago. Basically it was like 2am in the morning and everyones asleep and i’m on my phone in bed, I was started to get sleepy but I also needed the toilet (that is the fucking worst) so I thought i’d just close my eyes for a few minutes and then get up to go toilet. Suddenly (ahhh shit), I started hearing tv, but it sounded like olden times channels being changed quickly, now my friend is my neighbour and sometimes her and her family can be quite loud so when I heard the tv, my first thought was ‘wtf is Janet and her fam doing up at this time?’, then I realised the sound was closer to me than it was to them. I opened my eyes and yooooo, theres this oldddd white lady in a victorian white dress with a really wrinkled plastic looking face at the side of my bed and she’s smiling at me, the strangest thing about it was that she was in black and white but she was also glowing. I tried to get up and fucking scream for my mum who sleeps next door but i couldn’t move at all. I remember physically trying to pull myself up but nothing was happening. She then brings her hand out and puts it on my chest but her smile doesn’t falter throughout this. After a few seconds, I closed my eyes and the tv sound is gone and I open it and she’s gone and I can move again. I got up and ran to my mums room scared as shit and told her and she just prays for me and gives me water. I remember going school the next day telling my friends and they’re all laughing and shit but to this day, I still cant explain it.

  • Rest in pieces Rene
  • Casual, everyday WWII document falsification/forgery. Sin point.
  • In today’s episode of “Men (Nazi Or Not) Can Be Very Easily Manipulated With The Promise Of Sex “
  • What the Third Reich was this episode
  • I know Aurora was hurting too and emotionally/physically broken Rene was basically as good as dead but let’s be honest, stabbing and leaving your lover in his very own pool of blood? At least three sin points. AT LEAST.
  • Alfred unexpectedly becomes a badass and everyone is low-key being like “We didn’t expect you to become a badass” and I’m high-key screaming at my TV screen “I DIDN’T EXPECT YOU TO BECOME A BADASS”
  • Brigadeführer: Hey son here’s this cool necklace. It’s basically stolen from people we’ve more or less murdered.
    Brigadeführer: Isn’t that romantic? Give it to your babe.
    Faber: Thank you but no, maybe another time.
    Brigadeführer: You know what?! I’m gonna vaguely threaten you.
  • Neil & Harry continue to ruin me with their interactions and provide perhaps the only scenes that don’t make me want to jump off the balcony
  • Sabine and Franz need some marriage counseling.
  • No, seriously. Mrs. Satan I know you’re a timed bomb and that would virtually make things a whole lot more easier for people who still have a soul but please don’t kill your husband, I need him to doubt people’s competency.
  • On that note, Faber is beginning to realize that he may be the only useful asset of Germany.
  • I have no chill about that scene yes I know but has anyone else noticed that men in general tend to DIE around Aurora or… (⊙‿⊙) I mean, this “I hate you” game has gone too far this time. TOO FAR. Run Alfred run.
  • Unexpected feelsy plot between Tom and Krystina comes like a punch in the face and definitely makes me feel like one of them is gonna die because happiness is scarce at best. Death and suffering, on the other hand…

Rating: Not gonna lie, I had a little too much vodka prior to watching this episode and unlike Alfred I lost a lot of memories so I had to rewatch and I feel that it made things way worse but like WRITERS, WHO HURT YOU?! 10/10 would recommend. 

Abby on the view about kelly

soooo abby was on the view today and heres what I learned

  • first of all apparently abby applied to be a host on the view lol
  • abby brought in kalani and her mom or some other girls that could replace brooke and paige and Kelly got mad
  • so Kelly proceeded to pull out the bump it abby had in her hair
  • then apparently slapped abby which left a bruise on her face
  • the ladies on the view are best friends with abby now because they were all defending her most l;ikely because they are not 12 and are not screamed at by her everyday
  • apparently kalani is now a “permanent” team member like asia and I have no  idea why she would want to be besides the tv exsposure since club is a much better studio
  • last week abby and Kelly went to court in new York last week and Kelly was advised to stay away from abby physically and twitter wise
  • also after abby was slapped maddie came and asked her if she was ok (I feel bad for maddie because she doesn’t really realize what a bitch abby is since abby is normally nice to her)
  • and their dressing room was 3 stories below the stage and it was dark damp and cold
  • the competition was also in the bronx
  • and abby sued Kelly
  • and brooke and paige were banned from the show :(
  • abby also claims brooke and paige aren’t safe with Kelly

this was most likely 95% lie since we all know how honest abby is

christinapeneva-deactivated2015  asked:

Why does everybody think Moriarty is alive? All we saw from him was a picture on a screen with a distorted voice. Wouldn't he have made a video again? What if Mary is following a set plan by Moriarty and Sherlock leaving wasn't part of the plan so she fabricated Moriarty's return so Britain would need Sherlock again. As in Mary is the gamemaker even if with a little help from dead Jim.

Well…I’m not really the best person to ask about the actual plot part of the series. The clever twists and turns of exactly who is responsible for what and how they do it is not my forte. I’ve always been in the, “I don’t care how you did it, I want to know why,” camp.

I like your idea, that Mary may simply be following some master plan of Moriarty’s, even though he’s actually dead. But personally –and this is totally just my theory, I don’t have a ton of evidence back it, it’s just my intuitive gut feeling based on what I’ve gleaned from analyzing the general meta-data (none of which I’ve posted because it’s all just partially finished at this point)…my guess is that he’s alive.

Here’s why I think this:

Moriarty made it clear from the get-go that he liked Sherlock. A lot. When the cab driver called him a “fan” it sounded sarcastic, but I’m really not sure it was. Jim’s first texted words to Sherlock were “Hey sexy,” and his first spoken words to him (as Moriarty) were, “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” The first time he met him (as Jim from IT) he gave Sherlock his number while intentionally dressing in a way that screamed, “I’m gay and into you,” so loudly that even sexually-oblivious Sherlock got the message. I tend to agree with loudest-subtext-in-television when she says that the most obvious reason for why Jim looked and acted so attracted to Sherlock, was because he was literally attracted to Sherlock. 

That said, I think that Sherlock only just realized in His Last Vow that Moriarty’s primary motivator for tormenting him was his deranged affection. In the Sign of Three it was a shock to Sherlock when he realized that John was in love and attracted to him physically, and I think it was probably a big enough surprise to prompt him to reevaluate the behavior of others in his life this light as well…including Moriarty. After all, if it was possible for John, it’s possible for anyone.

In The Empty Hearse, when John asked who put him in the bonfire, he said, “I can’t see the pattern, it’s too nebulous,” but I think it all falls into place for Sherlock as he’s lying in that hospital bed. Mary is working for Moriarty. It was the last piece of the puzzle he was missing.

Moriarty had to realize that Sherlock might survive whatever his plans to kill him were, regardless of if Moriarty actually died or not. Sherlock thought that Moriarty was dead, so he sold his own death to Moriarty’s network via John because everyone in the world would look directly at him for confirmation. But it was inevitable that when Sherlock resurfaced, if he resurfaced, he’d make a B-line right back to John.

Because of this, I think Mary was sent to get close and keep her eye on John, whatever commitment that meant, however far she had to take it. Despite the fact that Mary did technically manage to kill Sherlock, I don’t think she actually meant to because I think that Mary’s primary function is to help Moriarty “burn the heart out” of Sherlock. Could she be doing it all? Could Moriarty be really dead? Sure. The thing is, though, that Sherlock’s behavior suggests that he thinks there’s someone over her, still pulling her strings.

After he’s shot, Sherlock immediately makes up and feeds a story to Mary that she can use IF she chooses to stick to her role as someone who loves John. At this point, Sherlock knows she’s a killer and has probably made the connection back to Moriarty. If Moriarty is dead then there’s no real reason, apart from loyalty, to keep up the farce. If she’s really motivated by keeping it all a secret from John, killing Sherlock is the way to go. It is THE smart choice. The fact that she doesn’t suggests to me that there are consequences if she does that. Remember, Sherlock only returned because he was confident that he’d taken care of Moriarty’s network. He may have missed Mary, but it’s unlikely that there are a lot of other members lingering around out there, making sure she follows orders…yet she’s behaving like she’s trying to salvage a plan that’s gone wrong, in any way possible.

I think that she gave her passionate love as a last-ditch excuse, and Sherlock ran with it. He adapted and fed her some lines, some excuses, that she could use if she wanted to keep playing John’s wife, and she used them. He also did all of it with John listening, to make sure it was something he could get John to swallow. 

Honestly, I’m not at all convinced that Mary’s actually in love with John. She may be, I suppose, but I’m genuinely unconvinced. I definitely don’t buy that she’ll, “do anything to stop him from leaving her,” because he didn’t speak to her for two straight months and she was okay with that. She didn’t freak out, she didn’t go psycho-wife on him and start threatening him, or clinging to him, or anything else desperate like that.

I think that Sherlock is pushing John at Mary, NOT because he’s afraid of what she might do to him if he leaves her, or because he needs someone to protect him in his absence, but because just like he NEEDED John to convincingly act like Sherlock was dead, he NEEDS John to act like he chose Mary over Sherlock, because that’s what Mary was supposed to do –come between them. Sherlock needs John, yet again, to sell his cover story. To make Moriarty think his plan is working.

Sherlock has grown a lot as a character this season, but he’s not a different person. I’m absolutely certain that he doesn’t believe the stuff he sells to Mary. One thing in particular struck me from the very first viewing, and hasn’t faded in significance. When John says “You’re an assassin, how did I not see that?” and Mary says, “You did see that, and you married me, because he’s right,” Sherlock gets this look on his face. He opens and closes his mouth and looks really unhappy. At first I thought it might just be Sherlock getting emotional over hearing John’s love confirmed by the person he chose over Sherlock, but I really don’t think that’s it. I think it’s that he really hates that John has to shoulder the weight of Sherlock’s cover story yet again. He now appreciates just how much of a toll it takes on John, and hates that he has to take the blame for something that isn’t his fault, but he has to because that’s the only way Sherlock can keep Mary in position. 

It’s not that he actually feels like he’s unworthy of John, or believes that Mary’s better for him. He just needs John to sell it so Sherlock can do exactly what he did last time—make Moriarty believe he’s won. It didn’t work last time, obviously, but that’s not because the plan was flawed, it’s because Moriarty set up precautions and Sherlock fell right into that trap.

Remember, Moriarty is the man with the crown. He can get anything he wants any time he wants. He wouldn’t care if Sherlock destroyed his network. He could get everything back, if he needed it. He wouldn’t mind losing it all if it meant he could keep playing with Sherlock.

If what Moriarty was really trying to do was drive Sherlock away from John, if Sherlock literally walks away from him, then it becomes Moriarty’s turn to make a move. Now that Sherlock has made it look like John is out of the picture for him, and has killed an unarmed man in cold blood, Moriarty feels confident that Sherlock’s heart has been successfully removed, which means he can finally get Sherlock on his side. Or on his dick. Whatever it is he’s aiming for.

I think when Sherlock gets on that plane, he is NOT going off to die. He’s using that as a cover, just like jumping off the roof. Same situation, different scenario; faking suicidality for the purpose of fooling Moriarty. I think that he had to go through the motions of going on a suicide mission because he had to wait for Moriarty to make his next move, and that both he and Mycroft were surprised that it happened so quickly. “I’ve only been gone four minutes.”

So yeah, it sounds crazy, I know…but I swear to you. Since rewatching the series from the perspective laid out by LSiT, I swear to god I cannot see it in any way other than an enormously complicated, chess-game themed love story. That’s what the meta-data suggests and until proven wrong I just won’t be swayed. 

Mary really could be carrying out orders from a dead Moriarty, but that would be really unsatisfying, in terms of how love stories usually pan out. It would feel rather anti-climactic. But you never know. The writers of this show are all total fucking geniuses, by my mind, so I never presume to know exactly where they’re going. They may take the climax in an entirely different direction and will undoubtedly do it well, so…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh, and I apologize for how long this got and how rambly it is. It was all written well after midnight…

today i ran out of the room crying during english.

it sounds like the most pathetic thing to do after hearing that your idol and his wife have split, but i couldn’t handle it.

i couldn’t handle realising that the songs on ghost stories are going to reflect the hardship they went through. i couldn’t handle putting the pieces together and realising that they all equated to this

the move to LA was most likely a last resort to save their marriage

the increased appearances together was most likely a decoy to fool the masses into thinking they were still happy together or they either realised that they don’t have to keep their relationship private because it wasn’t a relationship anymore

at first, another’s arms confused the fuck out of me but now it makes sense

listening to the lyrics “when the world just rips right through me” and “late late night watching TV, used to be you here beside me, used to be your arms around me, your body on my body" absolutely kills me

"always in my head" 

"true love” god i want to fucking scream

“ink” don’t make me say anything about this

i love him so much it hurts and to physically see him perform these new songs crushes me i can’t do this he means so much to me and their relationship gave me faith in love they were the most beautiful couple on the planet and you cannot convince me otherwise

AN: I’d secretly been hoping someone would ask for this! This is the fic that mentioned it. Also, I see all of the fics involving Lily (and, later, Steve/Tony’s grandchindren) as being in the same universe, with the same timeline, so here is the last installment of this particular world. 

Who knows? One day I might put all these fics together and write some filler scenes in between and make it into a proper, long superfamily fic. 

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