and i partied a lot last night

Family Game Night- Betrayal at House on the Hill! It went on all night, really, and it was so great. We got quite a lot of the house laid out– and a lot of useful omen/items discovered– before my sister triggered the haunt… leading to my becoming the titular betrayer! In the end, the rest of the party beat me with their last woman standing (even though I had collected almost all of the items that had been found), but it was a lot of fun to be the monster.

Darcy has been sick and is off school which means lots of cuddles and cosy times. I put the fairy door out last night, sprinkled the blue fairy dust and displayed the fairy dolly for her to find when she woke up. She LOVED it. She’s added tables and other dollies and they’re having a whale of a fairy party time!

‘It was Blue’s shoulder and her collarbone and her legs and her throat and her laugh her laugh her laugh.’ | ‘It was this: Gansey saying, “I like you an awful lot, Blue Sargent.”’


As Gene would say, it’s for the A E S T H E T I C

ML Ask Box: Party Time! Adrien

Requested by: @animatedsuperchick19

this one was too cute! Also I’m going to apologize right now because I got a little carried away. There is some slight sin but no smut.

Still working on requests and still taking them :)

Also for anyone wondering, I’m one chapter away from finishing my first official ML fic on Ao3 ^-^

Adrien’s dad was out of town (shocker!) and thanks to the help of Chat Noir he had been able to sneak out of the house without the Gorilla or Nathalie noticing. Kim was throwing a party that night for Alix- who was the last of their class to finally be turning 18 which meant one thing– drinking, lots and lots of drinking. Adrien wasn’t really excited about the drinking after all he had already turned 18, he was more excited about getting to attend a party with his classmates and what a party it would be. When Adrien got there he was the last one to arrive. Everyone was already chatting or dancing or playing games. Everyone had a drink in their hands and seemed to be having a good time laughing with one another- even Chloe seemed to have loosened up some. Kim had gone all out with the booze- he had an assortment of wines, hard liquors, even beer. Adrien wondered to himself as he selected his first drink why Kim wouldn’t just ask her out already. Adrien started playing catch up first taking two shots before settling on a glass of wine. A few minutes later and he was starting to just feel the effects of the alcohol.

Marinette told herself she was only going to have one drink. She selected a rosette and sipped it slowly throughout the evening- she didn’t want to get drunk after all. Alya and her had been dancing in the corner with Nino. The three were having a great time and Marinette tried not to let it show how disappointed she was that Adrien hadn’t shown up. When a slow song started playing Marinette groaned as Nino whisked Alya away. She loved that they were together but she hated being the third wheel. Marinette leaned back against the wall opting to finish off her Rosette. She considered getting herself another drink when someone leaned against the wall next to her.

“Good evening Princess,” Adrien purred next to her. Marinette’s body stiffened. She didn’t dare look over at the boy next to her. She would NOT let herself get excited over that dumb cat boy being here. He WOULDN’t be here! COULDN’t be! Slowly Marinette let out a sigh of relief as she turned to see Adrien next to her, Chat Noir wasn’t here.

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Pool Fun

Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 725
Warnings ~ Nope
Summary ~ Pushing people in pools is fun?
Note ~ This was a lot better when I wrote it last night, but then my computer crashed and it got deleted -_-
Also, I’m taking requests, please, I’m running out of ideas :D

I screamed as Shawn picked me up, bringing me to the edge of the pool. Que, John, Matthew and some other party goers stood across the garden laughing their asses off.

“Say you love me.” Shawn threatened playfully. I shook my head while attempting to wiggle out of his hold. His grip tightened around my waist as he dangled me over the edge, my feet skimming the water.

“Shawn! Don’t!” I warned, panic finally setting in. Steam escaped the top of the pool, meaning that it was being heated; Even so, I didn’t fancy going for a swim in the middle of October.

Shawn chuckled, “Just say you love me.” He shifted my weight in his arms, stopping me from slipping. I turned my head to look at his smiling face. He wouldn’t dare throw me in. This started as a joke! I didn’t actually hate him! Shawn knew I loved him more than anything in the world.

Then Shawn loosed his grip, pretending to drop me.

“Alright! I love you! I love you, I love you, I love you! Now get me away from this damn pool!” I finally gave in.

“Aww, I love you too Baby.” Shawn teased as he pulled me away from the edge. I let out a sigh of relief when my feet settled on solid ground once again. Our friends laughter turned into groans of disgust as Shawn kissed me.

I pulled away just in time to see Que, John and Matthew stalking towards us, evil smirks plastered on their faces, “Guy? What are you-”

One big push sent Shawn and me flying into the pool.

“Sorry, we had to.” Que giggled as I popped back up to the surface. I spat out a bunch of water that pooled into my mouth, trying to catch my breath as I paddled to keep myself afloat. Shawn, on the other hand, was fine seeing as he was tall enough to stand.

Shawn glided over to me, wrapping his arms around my waist, “You get Que and I’ll get the guys?” He whispered in my ear. I nodded my head excitedly.

Our friends where laughing so hard that they didn’t even see us swimming towards them. Shawn silently counted us down on his fingers; once the last finger went down, I grabbed Que’s arm, tugging her into the water.

They splashed into the water. Que let out a high pitched yelp as she came to the surface, “You’ve got my hair wet! Do you know how long it’s gonna take to dry?”

“I think they got a bit more than your hair wet.” John commented, his eyes wondering lower than they should. I really didn’t need to see my brother checking out my bestfriend.

My gaze quickly shifted to Shawn as he picked me up again, letting me wrap my legs around his waist, “You’re a mess.” He chuckled and pushed a chunk of wet hair away from my face. Just to annoy him, I ruffled his hair, causing wet strands to stick up all over the place. I thought it would make him look silly, but he still managed to look hot.

“And you look like a drowned dog.” My giggle was cut short by Shawn’s lips pressing against mine. I knew he was doing this to get a rise out of the others, but I certainly didn’t mind, at all.

The kiss got heated pretty fast. Shawn groaned against my mouth as my ran my fingers through his hair, tugging at the wet strands; his hands travelled to my butt, somehow pulling our bodies closer.

“Nope! I’m done! I’m going home, night guys!” John said over dramatically as he climbed out the pool, making sure to splash us, like that mattered anymore. Shawn tried to keep the kiss going as I fell into a fit of giggles. Eventually, I had to pull away to catch my breath.

“You guys are disgusting.” Matthew laughed as he floated on his back.

“You’re just jealous.” Shawn shot back, reaching over and pushing Matthew under the water. We laughed as he came back up a few seconds later.

“Not cool dude.” Matthew coughed.

We ended up staying in the pool for a good few hours before Shawn’s mum shouted at us to get out.

I’m Okay

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Request: Can you write a Barry imagine where you work for a really corporate business place and you have to go to a business party for your boss and Barry is your best friend and just got out of the coma and surprises you at the party and everyone thinks he’s your boyfriend? And lots off fluff and maybe some spice?? Thank you so much!

Notes: So, my first fic after my trip! I was going to upload this last night/earlier today but unfortunately I got sick so I’ve just been in bed reading fics instead. Anyways, I did have Y/N and Barry end up together, but still as best friends, you know how it gets. Anyways, I hope you like it!

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Who says pie has to be a lot of work?  I am having a lazy Saturday and using up some leftovers from the freezer to make a quick and easy pie lunch.  Frozen pastry and leftover filling from last week’s lasagne for the win!  The filling’s a little loose for a pie, but they taste great, and I didn’t have to chop anything.  WINNING.

They’re in party pie form partly to accommodate the sloppy filling and partly because this weekend is the inaugural weekend of the Australian Football League’s Women’s competition!  AFLW had their first season game last night, in front of a lockout crowd, and I’m still on a high over seeing women’s sports history being made.  Another go at the footy pie I made for the men’s Grand Final last year seemed appropriate.

This one’s got more veggies in it, though.  Extra vitamins for smashing the patriarchy :P

Christmas Random Reaction.

hey~ I’m bac(really?). We’re going to have a special Christmas today and I’ll return to the normal posts, I apologize for the delay with th reactions again.

Well, this special I will do according to Christmas in my country, to be more exact in my house, since I don’t know how the others spend their Christmas.

So it’s finally Christmas and you’re like: really?

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Happy night in which your whole family meets, everyone happy, happiness everywhere, but you:

Especially if the party is in your house and your mother has a lot of things to do, then if you ask something for her, she will be like: get out of here!

Then there is that doubt: Where will I spend Christmas? In the room? In the bedroom? I think in the kitchen, right? After all, the food is there…

At last everyone arrives, your dear relatives, but not so much, that cousin that you can not support, that not so funny uncle and that aunt that you have never see your entire life.

“Hi, remember me, I kissed your mother’s belly you were still in her uterus”.

and you’re: “yeah, of course not”.

Everybody talking happy and you?

thats me now.

So your cousin gets started: this year I went to 3 colleges, I bought a car, I went to the United States, I changed my boyfriend, I lost weight bla bla bla … 

good to you, bish…

It’s still 10 o'clock and you’re already hungry, but you can not eat yet:

“But mom…”

But then since you’re a thug, you decide to venture into the kitchen anyway: “it’s just a little, nobody will notice”.

But then someone goes into the kitchen…

“Are you eating?”


Going back to the living room of your house and all the boring, you realize that it’s midnight!

Then go on a frantic search for the first dish you face.

“Goodbye idiots” for the little cousins

While everyone is crying, wishing you a Merry Christmas…

You are:

But what I really mean is that we should not forget the special moments, the real meaning of Christmas (and of course food). The important thing is to be together with the people we love and to have fun, a Merry Christmas for everyone.

and hey: Take it slow, you still have dessert. 

#MayWeDrawDaily Day 6 (I promise to start posting on the right day sooner or latr)

I drew a slightly modern Nenna (look she has a cellphone and a starbucks-y lookin’ drink thats the hint) because I missed drawing her. :’( I definitely imagine her being a nocturnal party animal as a human. (Or when trying to blend in WITH humans)

i fell in love at a christmas party || steve rogers

prompt: the reader finds herself stuck at one of tony stark’s extravagant christmas parties, but a special someone there makes her evening a night to remember. 

(a/n): i freakin’ love christmas and i honestly can’t wait for it which is so ironic because i’m probably the most non-religious person to ever exist lmao

Christmas was in three days, and despite Tony’s poor planning and last-minute rush to send out invitations, the turn out was a lot better than you’d expected. You figured Pepper had something to do with that. She’d put her foot down after Tony had forgotten to hire a caterer and took over. And you had to admit, it was one of the better parties Tony had hosted, especially after last years’ incident when the tree somehow caught on fire and everyone had to evacuate the building.

You were posted up near the bar, sipping on a glass of wine and watching Tony talk about some project he was working on with a group of imporant-looking men in expensive suits. You sighed and turned your attention back to your Pinot Grigio. If there was one good thing about Tony’s parties, it was most definitely his selection of alcohol. 

You set your unfinished drink onto an empty tray and slipped out of the balcony doors, a shiver running down your spine when the wind nipped at your nose and cheeks. Most of the guests had returned to the house to escape the cold, so you were alone for the most part, fortunately. You weren’t one for large crowds, and had only gone to Tony’s party because you needed something to do on a Saturday night instead of sit at home and watch reruns of crappy TV shows. 

You leaned against the balcony, your chin in your hands, and watched the cars below. The stores were about to close for the holidays, but that didn’t seem to stop parents from making last-minute trips to grab presents after their kids had gone to bed. The roads were dusted with snow from earlier in the day, and puddles of rain water had frozen over. You wondered how it was at home, and if your parents and siblings were doing fine despite the crap weather. You couldn’t wait to go back. You loved your job–really, you did–but being an Avenger meant sacrificing a lot of time and energy that you couldn’t get back. You needed a break; you sure as hell knew you deserved one, too. 

“I’m taking it that you aren’t really a big fan of the party”, said a familiar voice. 

You looked up at Steve and smiled. He looked handsome as ever, clad in a suit that he probably had to dig through his closet to find. His eyes appeared lighter in the moonlight, a beautiful cerulean blue that you had trouble looking away from. His cheeks flushed red when the wind picked up, but he didn’t seem to mind the cold. You, on the other hand, shivered. You thought about running back in to grab your shawl, but remembered that it was locked in a closet somewhere after Pepper had taken it. You frowned, but Steve seemed to have read your mind, and shrugged off his own jacket. You smiled at him when he draped it over your bare shoulders, and shoved your arms through the sleeves. 

The jacket was much too big for you, but it was warm and smelled just like him–peppermint, leather, and some cologne that you couldn’t name but liked nonetheless. “Thanks", you said. You glanced behind you at the sound of a crash, and watched with curious eyes as Pepper helped Tony off the floor. He’d managed to knock over one of the speakers that Thor was now picking up, and it was quite obvious that he was drunk off the scotch that Clint had brought as a gift for the party. You rolled your eyes and turned back to Steve, but couldn’t help the smile that appeared on your cherry-red lips. He laughed, too, but it didn’t reach his eyes, and you could tell that something was on his mind. 

“What’s wrong?” you asked. “You should be laughing your ass off. Tony just totally made a fool of himself in front of an entire crowd of people.” You nudged him with your elbow playfully, and he finally cracked a smile–a genuine one that he usually wore after a successful mission or when he’d won one of the various bets him and Tony made with eachother when they actually had free time.

“You can tell me, you know–if something’s bothering you”, you added. The playfulness in your tone was no longer evident as you spoke. “I mean, if you don’t, that’s okay, too. I wouldn’t be mad and take it personally or anything. I’m not like that, but I think you already know.” You stopped, a blush creeping onto your cheeks when he chuckled. You turned away, suddenly embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I’m rambling.” You cursed yourself silently. It was like you were trying to make a fool of yourself. 

“[Y/N]?” he asked. 

You looked back at him, ready to apologize once more, but before you could speak, his lips were on yours. The kiss surprised you, but after you’d gotten over the initial shock of being kissed by none other than Steve Rogers, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. His lips were soft and sweet, and as his kissed you harder, you felt yourself wanting more. He pulled away then, and as much as you already missed his lips, you were thankful for the chance to finally catch your breath. 

He cupped your cheeks and leaned down, pressing a sweet kiss to your now swollen lips. “I love you”, he whispered. 

“I love you, too, Steve. Now come here and kiss me”, you said, and closed the gap between the two of you once more. 

-sobs quietly-

ok so like I worked all day yesterday and now I finally have time to upload this pic and say that last Friday was probably one of the best nights of my life

so many people fucking came??? And just partied?? And it was like a dream come true for me?? Idk where all this will go but I remember being a fucking 16 year old with this blog and all I’ve ever wanted to do was drop my music in front of a lot of people and have them dance to it and all of that happened that night and honestly it was such a cool first experience and like

all I can say is that I crave more and I’m just so excited and happy

KBTBB: Grumpy and clingy boyfriend

“Anonymous said: Can you make hc of soryu Eisuke ota and baba being clingy after waking up grumpy ?”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

Eisuke Ichinomiya
Last night was one crazy party, even it if was a welcoming party. The party was for Eisuke’s business partner in Paris, Eisuke could usually hold his liquor intake but he was no match for them. You had to carry him back to the penthouse with the help of Soryu that is. 

You tried to escape from Eisukue’s tight embrace. You needed to prepare some coffee for his hangover. He’s going to regret it later for drinking a lot last night. Carefully not waking him up, your unwrapped his arms around you and slipped out of bed. Eisuke stirred awake and tightened his grip. “Eisuke, I have to make your coffee.” You lightly slapped his cheek. “Mmmm, five more minutes.” He mumbled.

You tired everything to escape from his grasp and when he finally did you dashed out of his room. You could hear him groan, you’re definitely going to get a lecture from him later on for sure. Just as you were about the grab the mug, you felt someone wrapped their arms around you. “I don’t remember telling you to leave the room.” He hissed. 

You were surprised that he was able to walk. But you knew how bad his head must be killing him right now. In that moment Baba and Ota came down for some breakfast. “Y/N you two must’ve had a rough night at the party if he’s clinging into you like that.” Ota stated earning a deathly glare from Eisuke.  

“No please, stop trying to kill me with your eyes!!” And with that Ota ran away dragging Baba with him.

Ota Kisaski
He stayed up all night finished his paintings for his new exhibit. Right now he looks angelic, but in reality he’s still the demonic artist you know. You remembered that you needed to get up early today because you had an appointment to go to. And before you could even remember to stop the alarm, it started to ring. “Ugh, Koro please turn that thing off.” 

“I could if you would kindly loosen your grip around me.” You wiggled out from his grasp. “No.” He grunted and pulled you closer to him. You knew that he wasn’t planning to let you go anytime soon. Ota was in a foul mood this early in the morning. He got annoyed with the alarm clock and he pressed the off button himself. 

You explained to Ota that you had an appointment, he kept telling you not to go and just to stay home with him. After arguing with him for a solid five minutes he gave in. “Fine. I’m coming with you though, whether you like it or not.” He pouted and got out of bed. 

Baba Mitsunari
It was the middle of the night when you felt someone wrapped their arm around you tightly. Slowly opening your eyes, you saw Baba. He’s finally back. You didn’t want to wake him up so you let him be. 

Around seven in the morning his grip around you tightened. “C-can’t… b..bre..athe” There was no sign of him letting go therefore you kicked him off the bed with the remaining strength you had. Baba groaned but didn’t feel like moving because he was so tired. You got off the bed and poked his arm. “Baba… Let’s go back to bed”

“But you kicked me off the bed.” He grunted with eyes still shut. “I’m sorry, it was because you wouldn’t let go and I couldn’t breathe. Now can let’s go back to bed and sleep.” He managed to get back on the bed. And just like last night he pulled you close to him. Baba tends to become really grumpy and clingy when he’s very tired and someone tries to wake him up. You smiled at him before drifting back to sleep.

Soryu Oh
Sleep was what Soryu needed. He was having a good sleep when his phone rang. He reached for his phone and saw his business partner’s name pop up. “Damn it.” He rolled over to answer the phone call. You knew how grumpy he can get in the morning. 

As he was answering the phone call you made breakfast to cheer him up. He hated it when people interrupt his sleep, in a way he’s like Mamoru when it comes to his sleep. After the phone call was finished Soryu made his way towards you and hugged you. “Y/N I’m so tired.” He yawned. “My poor Mafia Boss. You can either go back to bed and sleep or have breakfast.” 

“I’d rather stay with you.” He rested his chin on your shoulders and closed his eyes. He wished that the of you could stay like that a little longer but of course that didn’t happen. The Ice Dragons came in to find their Boss and his partner in the kitchen being all lovey dovey. Before Soryu could even turn towards the noise, they all scurried away. They didn’t want to feel the wrath of their grumpy Boss. 

Newsies Live, a review of sorts

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So it’s looking like the reply I wrote up last night for @party-with-books on mobile, during a wifi issue, is just not going to ever post and is lost to the netherworld, which is unfortunate because, even if nothing I said was coherent, I wrote it while everything was still fresh and I was still on the most beautiful ecstasy high - the kind you can’t get arrested for. But I’m gonna try to do the play justice here, and using a lot of gifs, XD so we shall see.

Guys. Guys. Guuuuyyysssss. I just can’t. Let me start by saying I have never seen a stage production of Newsies. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for months, but for a lot of the bits the stage show has added or edited from the original film’s story, I had absolutely zero context for, and the soundtrack is sadly missing like a crap ton of reprises. Therefore, if you care about spoilers, I suggest you stop reading this and wait for the dvd to come out or something, because I don’t feel like holding anything back.

After that note, where the heck do I even begin? The production itself. And by that, I don’t just mean the sets and the cast and the lighting and the camera. Nah, primarily at this point, I mean Spectacle.

I’ve now seen a good number of shows, in various formats, but none of them have been so energetic, alive, and overwhelming. The dancing is superb. I know for the filming they pulled out all the stops, with bigger leaps, more twirls, and a larger number of Newsies on stage, and let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT. A stage filled with forty or more singing, tap-dancing, leaping Newsies is a sight to behold.

I mean, there was this:

Originally posted by peregrintoook

This is Ryan Steele, as Specs, doing the full-out twirl. Our Specs was played by the amazing Jordan Samuels, but it’s a different cast member entirely who performs this move, and we get a sky high view of the spin, which I’m pretty sure is faster and longer, and the entire theater gasped and applauded.

There were hundreds and hundreds of flips, spins, cartwheels, splits, jumps, tricks, and moves I cannot name. There was tap dancing on tables. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A DANCING TROUPE OF THIS LEVEL OF EXCELLENCE IN SUCH AN EXTRAVAGANT SHOWING EVER.

Originally posted by pontmarius

The set and staging was absolutely dynamite, and it will never cease to astound me how theatrical productions can amass an entire world on a few hundred feet of stage.

Near the end of “Once and For All” the Newsies completely drop out on the vocals and then come roaring back in, and again, my entire theater gasped in awe and delight, and I was crying and covered in goosebumps.

As for Jack…

Originally posted by theatregraphics

Jeremy Jordan is the definitive Jack Kelly for me, okay?

Originally posted by coreymcott

If you’re a die hard Christian Bale or Corey Cott fan or anyone else, I’m sorry, but it’s true. There will never be another player who so fully encompasses that role for me. His Jack is so intense and passionate the. entire. time. Every single thing he says and does. The only moments we see him physically relax at all are when he’s with Crutchie (and we’re too busy crying to notice) or sharing the stage with Katherine.

And that brings me to Katherine Plumber. I was not especially anticipating her role, I have to admit. I love my Denton too much, and I was horribly concerned that the romantic angle between her and Jack would be too strong, taking away from the real love story of the play, that of this family whose name is Newsies. But I couldn’t be happier with her character and Kara Lindsay’s performance. She was amazing, and I could feel the rest of the audience connecting with her too. “Watch What Happens” is just one of her shining moments, and I am in love with her, and so happy of the way the writers brought her character in.

Originally posted by jginorton

It’s also beautiful to weave in the feminine vocals of Katherine with the only other female singing cast member, Medda Larkin (our very own being played by Aisha de Haas) in the middle of all those guys. Don’t get me wrong, because the Newsies chorus is the epitome of what makes the show so great, but having those softer moments and the gals singing brings enough of a change that it completely enlivens every other male vocal in the story.

Okay, enough being calm, rational, and technical for a minute. Let me “be real.”

I Am Not Okay. Not in this or any other universe will I ever be the same.

(The rest of this post is probably going to just be me screaming at random about different things.)

CRUTCHIE. HOLY COW. CRUTCHIE MY BABY. “Letter From the Refuge” absolutely killed me. THE FREAKIN ATTACK ON CRUTCHIE FREAKIN KILLED ME. Just him standing with Jack in the prologue with “Santa Fe.” THERE ARE NO GIFS FOR THIS. Andrew Keenan Bolger is of such high caliber, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love him in this role.



Little Les is amazing. Like, in the old movie, he wasn’t so much a character as a plot device. He was literally the little boy with the cute face who could sell the papes. In this, Les is the one who strikes up the deal with Jack, and Les is the one who shouts a message for Pulitzer as the guard closes the door in their faces. He is so precocious and adorable and perfect, and so much more a character in his own right, I am so pleased.


Originally posted by mrsanselelgort

HIS SINGING. HIS ACTING. HIS CHARACTER AND INTERACTIONS WITH JACK AND LES. The confrontation between him and Jack later on when Davey is trying to get Jack to rejoin the Strike, and he says “it’s not like anyone died” and Jack whirls on him in rage, because of what happened to Crutchie, who could very well die at that point. I COULDN’T HANDLE. And when Davey reminds him what they’re fighting for, and why they shouldn’t stop. PERFECT BOYS, PERFECT.

AND I ALMOST FORGOT RACETRACK LAJKDHF. Race is my favorite Newsie from the old movie, and I was not disappointed by him here. Benjamin Cook is an adorable angel and my favorite bit of him probably has to be when he is staring wide-eyed at Governor Roosevelt at the end, so happy and in awe. Unfortunately I can’t find any gifs of him either arg.

AND SPOT, HOW COULD I MISS SPOT CONLON Tommy Bracco’s performance left nothing to be desired, he was as spot-on as his character’s name. WE ARE BROOKLYN NEWSIES

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Oh, and then there was This:

Originally posted by winnifredfoster

I HATE/LOVE THIS PART OF THE STORY SO MUCH. When Pulitzer forces Jack’s hand, makes him face the Newsies and turn on them, in order to save them and save Crutchie and Davey and Les, but Pulitzer also gives him money to go to Santa Fe and that is all the Newsies ever see. LKDJFLHDHFAJDHFLA MY HEART HURTS

I love Jack Kelly more than Raoul or the Phantom, or Dimitri, or Valjean or Marius or Enjolras, or even arguably Fiyero. I feel every single beat of “Santa Fe” as it blooms and changes from dream to dust to dream.

I adore how the stage version plays up the affect the Newsies strike had on child laborers everywhere, how Jack proclaims it isn’t only Newsies’ rights they’re striking for.

The singing was absolutely flawless. Flawless I tell you.

Originally posted by playbill

Originally posted by playbill


This is on par with the night I saw Wicked on tour. I will be buying the DVD. I will watch it at least once a year. I guess, if I wasn’t before, I’m a Fansie now.

So, yeah, to close: I don’t think I will ever find another thing on this earth that impacts every bit of my soul as much as musical theater does. That is a part of me I will never outgrow, and never give up. Doesn’t matter if I ever make it to see a show on Broadway, or if I ever get on behind the scenes at a theater company. This is me.

This is an experience I want to relive every day for as many days as I have. I laughed, I cried, I came home to my roomies in such a state of embarrassed, blissful exhilaration you’d think I just came home from my first date with the love of my life - which is a completely accurate comparison.

I cried so much, I laughed so hard. #NewsiesForever and all that. There is so much more I could say, so much I feel like I am completely leaving out. But truthfully, when it comes right down to it, there are no words in the human language to describe this experience and how thrilled I am that I was able to go, that I live in the same universe as this caliber of artistry and storytelling. This phenomenon is beyond anything I can say, so I’ll stop trying. ;)

I hope that answers anyone’s questions to whether or not I enjoyed Newsies Live.

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She Don't Like The Lights - Chapter 3

Word Count: 1098


After the partying and drinking I did last night, I felt extra crappy waking up this morning. I sat up in my bed, looking over at the clock. It read ‘12:37’. Oh crap! I was late for breakfast with Justin! I threw the covers off my body and the cold air immediately hit me. I ran out of my bed to my bathroom to quickly brush my teeth and wash my face.

I was glad that I didn’t have a terrible hang over or I’d look a lot more worse than I do now. I did what I had to and sprinted out the bathroom to grab my phone and bag. I was half way out the door when I realized I didn’t have shoes on. Way to go, Y/L/N.

I threw on my black Vans and ran out of the building, almost knocking one of my professors over on the way out. I quickly apologized before continuing to run. I was at the coffee shop quicker than I thought I would. I saw Justin sitting alone at the table and that made me even more annoyed at myself.

Why didn’t I turn on my damn alarm last night? I swung the door open and lightly jogged over to wear Justin sat.

“Hey,” I said completely out of breath. “I am so sorry I’m late. My alarm didn’t go off and ugh, I’m just really sorry.” Justin gave me a blank stare and I couldn’t decipher what emotions he was feeling.

“It’s alright. You didn’t really miss much except the first thirty-seven minutes of our date.” He replied, clearly not amused with my tardiness.

“Justin, I said I was sorry and I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” I continued, attempting to reason with him.

“You’ve been saying that a lot lately, but anyways, I bought you a muffin and coffee, if you want it.” Justin tossed over a brown paper bag and slid over the cup of coffee. I took it slowly and when I did, Justin got up.

“Wait, where are you going?” I questioned. I just got here and he’s thinking of leaving? Well, I did kind of show up late so, I see why.

“I’m going to the library,” he said in a nonchalant way, as if he wasn’t just annoyed with me a second ago. “Romeo and Juliet isn’t going to write itself.” It’s quite surprising he remembered that because the only thing he remembers are lyrics but, hey! I wasn’t complaining. I nodded my head, getting up from the table.

“So, Justin, what’s up?” I spoke up, trying to get a conversation going. 

“Not much. You know, the same old boring school life.” He scoffed, “Really wish I could just get the hell out of here already. I don’t need school, I just need my music career to take off and then, the rest is history." 

“Hope your dreams come true then,” I sighed, looking around at the scenery. There wasn’t really much to look at in LA during the day, at night is when you would see it all. I bit the inside of my cheek and looked down at my feet, then back up at Justin. “Justin, where do you see us in ten years?”

“Don’t know. Haven’t really thought that far. I just live for today and plan for tomorrow, you know?” he responded, looking down at me. 

“Right,” I said as I nodded my head. Justin was never really going to know my true emotions about all of this until the time came. Showing them to him now, would make everything we worked so hard for go down the drain.

We were now at the library, sitting at our normal seats. I was glad the girls from yesterday weren’t here or I’d poke my eyes out with the pencil. Justin and I got straight to work, he did what he said what he was going to do, and I did what I had to do. I couldn’t help but, overhear a few people talking two tables away from us. They were obviously talking about the star on campus, the one and only Justin Drew Bieber! Couldn’t they talk about somebody else for once?

“Whoa, that’s weird,” Justin spoke up. I turned back around to face him and raised an eyebrow, silently telling him to talk. “So, I just got this e-mail from this guy named Scooter Braun and he said that he saw my cover on YouTube.”

“It could be somebody posing as him for as much as you know.” I replied, not amused at the fact that he wasn’t doing his work.

“But, he says he wants to meet me at 3, at this address. It seems legit Y/N and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. What do you say, will you come with?” Justin asked.

“I don’t know Justin. This alleged Scooter Braun could kill you.” I joked around. “If you want to go, then go. Who’s stopping you?”

“Nelson’s project.”

“Don’t worry about this lame project, I can finish it up. You can go and meet him.” I continued.

“You’re being sarcastic Y/N, I know you are.” He narrowed his eyes at me. “Tell me I’m not lying.”

“Actually, you are. Justin, you deserve this! Just go on, I’ll be fine doing this by myself. There isn’t much left to do anyways.” I shrugged my shoulders. Justin really deserves this and I wasn’t going to keep him hostage here at the library.

“Are you sure? Because it seems like you would stab me in my sleep after I return.” He chuckled quietly at his remark.


“Oh Y/N, you are the best girlfriend in the entire world. I swear, when I make it big, I’ll get you whatever you want. Thank you!” He kissed me on the cheek and started dancing around like a little child. I watched him, smiling at his sudden burst of happiness. Seeing him this happy reminded me of the last time he was this happy, and that was when I let him create his YouTube account. I know, I sound like his mother but, I wanted him to focus on his studies. But, him and I have both come a long way.

“Okay, so it’s a little bit after 12, which leaves you with about two and half hours until the interview. Have something to wear?” I asked.

“Crap, I don’t.” he nervously smiled. “You’re the girl with all the answers, why don’t we go to the mall and you can help me find something to wear?”



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Let me tell you some awesome shit about clove oil ~

Not only are cloves a natural antibacterial and anaesthetic they are also great to use in spells to attract good luck and prosperity, to keep friends close, and to help stop malicious gossip.

So here is a simple little spell to encourage people to like you and think you are an amazing person. This is perfect for job interviews or if you’re going to a friend’s party and you won’t know a lot of other people there (like I did last night 😏)

So I have knee-high black leather boots. Before leaving the house I got some black boot polish and a rag. I put five drops of clove oil on the rag and then started polishing the boots. As I polished I visualised myself being able to talk to other people at the party with ease. I visualised my friends having a good time and people saying nice things about me.

And guess what. This shit worked like a fucking charm ✨

Clove oil. Use it. It’s great.

Yoosung Kim

Summary: Reader taking care of Yoosung at the party. Lots of fluff. Cutesy, you-make-me-want-to-throw-up kind of fluff. Contains spoilers for Yoosung’s route.

Requested: No.

Author’s Note: Wow can you take a guess at what game has consumed my life for the last few weeks? Yoosung deserves all the love so I wrote this up pretty quickly. I hope you enjoy this and my requests are open! x

The entire night I had felt a pair of eyes on me. I wasn’t concerned however because I knew the owner of the stare. In fact, I was guilty myself because I’d been returning the gaze all night. Any opportunity I was given, I snuck a glance at Yoosung who always seemed to be returning the eye contact at every moment. I truly would’ve liked to see him with both eyes, for him to see me with both eyes. I’ll never get to see the pair of violet eyes he sported, but I was okay with the one vibrant hue. His eyes were a gorgeous color and I thought they were even more so because it was Yoosung. The bandages worried me, but rather than reprimanding the boy, I wanted to help. I wanted to take care of him, assure him everything would be alright and I’d be there to see it through. I looked forward to the party because he was finally here, in front of me, but unfortunately I also had guests to attend to so I wasn’t able to give him my undivided attention at the moment. I guess that would have to wait for later.

At dinner I was given the chance to see him seeing as we sat across from each other. The dining hall was flooded with speech, but Yoosung and I only stared, a dumb smile on his face and I held the matching one. I took maybe four bites of my food, I was too busy being enthralled by the boy’s presence. I could’ve studied him for hours. I wanted to memorize all of his features, I never wanted to forget how he looked. From his feathery blonde hair, to his plum colored eyes, the suspenders paired with a yellow bowtie, I found it all to be endearing.

It appeared that Yoosung had eaten even less than I had, we both found it difficult to focus. Well, not exactly. We were too focused on each other that everything else around us became irrelevant. Because of this, I noticed the smallest change in his demeanor. I noticed when he winced slightly, it was so subtle, but I noticed. I frowned slightly leaning over to rest a hand on top of his own.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned softly, not wanting our conversation to be overheard.

 “The lights.” He mumbled.

“Everyone’s preoccupied, I think it’d be okay if we disappeared for a little while.” I offered with a small grin, Yoosung looking up to meet my eyes and returning the grin.

 “We’re going to go for a walk quickly, could you take care of things? If that’s alright.” I whispered, leaning over to Jaehee.

“Don’t be gone for too long.” She sighed, picking up her hand and using it to press her glasses further up the bridge of her nose.

 “Excuse us.” I said, Yoosung and I standing from our seats at the same spot. I walked around the table that seemed to stretch on and on, meeting Yoosung at the end.

“Come on, I know a nice little place.” He replied, slipping his hand into my own before leading the way. He weaved his way through guests, offering a smile and a polite ‘hello’, dodging pillars and turning corners. We walked through a hall that seemingly removed itself from the rest of the party, a grand staircase leading to God knows where.

 “How did you find this place?” I murmured as we trudged up the stairs.

“I used to come here all the time during parties, it’s a nice place to clear your head.” He replied as he walked down a hall and was met with a pair of glass doors. He gripped one of the handles before gesturing for me to enter first. I smiled and nodded to him before stepping forward, being met with the feeling of fresh air. It was surreal, after being in such a densely populated area then being allowed a moment of contact with the outside, it was refreshing. It was already pitch dark outside, I looked over the railing to see what looked like a common area. There was a fountain at the center and the cemented area was accentuated by trees, bushes, and just about any flower you could think of. No one seemed to be out in the area, seeing as it was just a bit too cold for that. I smiled subconsciously, my fingers curling around the railing as I took in the sight. I hoped there would be another party in the near future, I wanted to go out there. Once I seemed to comprehend where I was, I noticed Yoosung was no longer beside me. I turned around to see he had taken a seat on a bench that was pressed against the wall, he was hunched over with one hand on his knee and the other prodding the area around his bandaged eye. I slowly walked over, kneeling down to place my hand over the one on his knee. Yoosung looked up at the contact, momentarily ceasing his actions.

“You’re hurting.” I frowned up at him.

 “I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me.” He stated in a poor attempt to reassure me.

“Yoosung, your surgery was only hours ago. Of course I’m going to worry.” I sighed, shaking my head and looking down to our hands. He had maneuvered the one on his knee to hold onto mine, his thumb lightly tracing circles.

 “C’mere.” He whispered, leaning down slightly to grasp at my waist. I stood up at that, giving Yoosung a better grip which only led to him pulling me down onto his lap. I reached a hand up, brushing his hair back from his face to give me a view of the bandages. I sighed before looking back to his gaze, his cheeks blushing furiously.

“I-Is this okay?” He swallowed.

 “Yes, this is okay.” I chuckled, bringing my arm to wrap around his shoulders, leaning my head against his slightly and pressing a kiss to the side of the bandages, causing Yoosung to freeze under my touch.

“Oh God, I’m sorry. Did that hurt!?” I asked hurriedly, pressing my hands to his cheeks.

 “No, it actually feels better.” Yoosung murmured quietly.

“What?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow.

 “It feels better when you kiss it for some reason.” He answered. Huh. An odd and charming statement all in one. Maybe it was the light pressure easing some of the pain? I didn’t think too much of it if it meant I could temporarily relieve him of some of his pain. I tentatively pressed another kiss to the side of the bandages, Yoosung letting out a sigh. He slid his arms around my waist and rested his cheek against my shoulder. I angled myself so I’d still have access to the bandages. My other hand tangled into his hair, combing through it as I pressed light kisses to his bandages, careful to avoid his eye directly.

“Am I doing okay?” I whispered, my lips grazing the side of his cheek.

 “You’re doing great.” He replied sleepily. I chuckled, Yoosung letting out a slight moan at the vibrations that were caused by the actions.

“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” I spoke hurriedly, pressing a cool hand against his cheek.

 “I-I’m sorry, it just felt really good.” Yoosung stuttered. I smiled at the boy before me. A nervous wreck when it came to anything that might earn him more attention because he didn’t know how to handle it. He’d been single thus far into his lifetime, a lover’s touch was not something he was familiar with. Being shy was his instinct. And I loved that fact more than I’d care to admit.

“You don’t need to be so nervous, that’s the kind of thing I’m supposed to do as your girlfriend. Things that make you feel good, things that make you feel better.” I murmured, brushing his hair back from his face. Yoosung’s cheeks flushed a light pink color and I grinned widely in response. It wasn’t every day you’d find someone you had this effect on. To know your presence was enough to make someone nervous (in the best kind of way) was unreal and so, so precious. If your lover isn’t nervous around you, something isn’t right. And Yoosung’s flushed cheeks and stuttering of his words made me believe I had found the person I would hold dear for the rest of my life.

 “Ah, my darling.” I sighed happily, snuggling farther into his embrace. The cold was finally starting to become more prominent, it had kept quiet before, but now it was certain that it had made its presence announced. Yoosung gladly reciprocated my touch, his chin resting on the top of my head.

“Should we return to the party soon?” Yoosung whispered.

 “Soon, not just yet.” I responded, my voice being muffled by the blue fabric that made up his button up.

“Alright, sweetie.” Yoosung nodded. I felt his fingers splay themselves across my backside, whether it was to cover as much space from the wind or to spread as much heat as possible, I didn’t know. I imagined it was a combination of both due to Yoosung’s nature. He had to be taking care of someone, he had to make sure he did everything in his power to make sure those dear to him were okay. An admirable trait of many that the boy held. I never questioned his love and I never questioned myself because his love gave me every reason not to. I felt comfortable with myself, with him. The RFA had given me so much more than I ever thought I was capable of having. I was given the wonderful opportunity to fall in love with someone who was so ethereal, so special. Someone I couldn’t believe existed. I was given such amazing friends to a point it was incomprehensible. The RFA held so much love within it and I was so lucky to have been invited to be a part of such a thing. As humans, love is what we need and I believe it’s our job to pass it on to others. Don’t hold onto hate, spread your love, and tell a stranger something kind. 

Yoosung described it perfectly.

It really was like magic.