and i only play this song in piano so

billiethehoe  asked:

Did Billie and Jimmy get to chat? Cause I know sometimes musical guests only do their song lol.

Nah, Billie just did a song and then it was over. Jimmy actually did tell us a funny anecdote about Billie tho! It was a story about how they were at a party with Mick Jagger once and apparently Billie basically harassed Mick until he played a song on piano LMAO. and Jimmy was like “I’m so thankful for Billie cause that wouldn’t have happened otherwise!”

Also, before the musical segment, Jimmy came up into the audience to talk to us (!!) and when he mentioned Billie’s name me, Ray, n my other friend kinda squealed a little and he looked right at us and was like “I know- isn’t he the best?!” LOL

Harry on Dermot O’Leary

Quick recap of Harry on BBCR2′s Saturday Breakfast with Dermot O’Leary (starts at 1:34) for @jlf23tumble and anyone else who missed it!

I’m only writing down stuff we didn’t hear in any other interviews so far so this won’t be too long:

  • Harry’s a morning person, usually gets up before 8am
  • He talked again about how putting the single out is like giving birth, I love it
  • They weren’t sure at first if they wanted to put SOTT out first or keep it for later
  • One song on the album he wrote about 3 years ago
  • Talks about writing the song, playing the piano himself, writing with the guys from his new band and how he felt comfortable with them, learning from them and being inspired by them as a musician
  • DERMOT MENTIONED JAY I’M CRYING not her death or anything and Harry didn’t say anything about her, Dermot just mentioned she once said “my son went off to X Factor and never came back home” and they talked about Harry taking some time off at the start of the hiatus. But I’m still crying tho
  • He misses performing and touring and he looks forward to doing it again at some point
  • Dermot asked him which Paul McCartney song to play and Harry chose Maybe I’m Amazed because he’s a GIANT SAP
  • The album will be out soon-ish, he didn’t want to wait too long
  • Doing Dunkirk was one of the best experiences of his life, he loved being the new guy, being out of his comfort zone and not having any idea what he was doing

And because I know you care:

  • No mention of girls or exes or dating
  • No mention of any babies other than the song
  • Blood sweat & Tear expectations Vs Reality version (Jin trying to kiss Suga).
  • The stage was well decorated with BTS photos of the last 4 years. 
  • They sang every live to perfection. No No No! let’s be clear: TO PERFECTION!  
  • Each roommates made a team and played games 
  • Rapmon and V ship’s name is R&V (cool), JM, JK and JH is 3Js (Smart) Suga and jin ship’s name is Sin (WHAT?),  
  • First round of games was: What am i to you? each roommates trying to to give the same answer to a question (The best was: What is the longest discussion u have with each other: Suga: 3 min. Jin (a savage): 3s
  • Second round: eyes nose lips: Each team pick a model and everyone draws him. The model later needs to guess which one is his roommate’s drawing and give it 1st place (Suga just wrote a V when asked to draw V -genius-, Jk  was able to guess Chimchim’s drawing -jikooooook-, Jin had a heart in his pocket -ofc- ), 
  • Rapmon and V sang 4 o’clock live and it was so emotional and superb
  • 3Js: The best 3 dancers of BTS collabed and killed it. The songs lyrics tho: Jk’s part “motherfuck********r” JM:“girl i wanna take you down” JH “ “do me good” Well let’s say it expressed well ARMYs inner feelings.
  • When we thought it can’t get any better. JIN showed to the world not only his forhead but also his RAPPING while Suga danced. Wait wait there is more. Suga will sing awake while Jin plays the piano *heart blown, mindblown, blown*.
  • Sin will win the best performance out of the three and thank ARMYs and Bang Pd while being extra crying fake tears.
  • Spine Breaker had a live performance and Jin’s choregraphy made it even better. 
  • Sin complimenting each other is goals: suga giving jin’s rap 3000 points.
  • Jikook making hearts and giving each other those usual looks they do
  • Jhope dying after suga tried to act cute “worldwide aegyo
  • Bts revealed their baby photos: They didn’t change, the boys still look the SAME
  • BTS singing their hit songs like babies, no literally: they acted and sang like babies.
  • BTS thanked ARMYs for these last 4 years and hoped to stay together for as long as possible, each member showed his appreciation and love (Also they had those cute red cheeks, it was cu-te)

On how Sufjan Stevens became involved: “I thought a voice that was external, of narration, could be great. I thought, ‘why don’t we have a chronicler, who opens and closes the movie with a thought of introduction and epilogue?’ I thought it would be cool if we had not an actor, but a musician. And I love Sufjan, so I approached him for that. And he said, 'forget about it, it’s never gonna happen.’ So I said, 'OK, what about a song that can be, in a way, playing like that? A song of a musician of today telling the story of someone back in the '80s?’ And then he really surprised us, because a couple of months later, when we were shooting, I got an email from his management. And Sufjan not only made a song, but he made two. And also, he made an adaptation for the piano of his beautiful 'Futile Devices.” - Luca Guadagnino. 

The official soundtrack will be released on Oct. 20

Yuri on ICE
Yuri on ICE

Okay but guys remember how Viktor revealed that the part where the drums start is the part where Viktor became Yuri’s coach in the previous episode?

That just made the song so much deeper for me. 

The first part where only the piano is heard, represents when Yuri was all alone and depressed and lacked all confidence.
Then, Yuri meets Viktor, and the drums start playing. Notice how the piano starts to get so much more upbeat and how perfectly it flows along with the drums? That is the part where Yuri really starts to develop himself as a person; the moment Viktor came into his life. 

And then, the drums leave for a moment, and the piano suddenly get’s so much slower. I feel like this represents Yuri being alone with his thoughts again, trying to figure out why he was suddenly feeling so “upbeat”and happy, because it confused him.
Then, as the piano starts to pick up the pace again, that is the moment that he finally begins to realize: his true feelings for Viktor. His feelings of love. 

Then, the drums kick in again, Yuri opens up to Viktor about his feelings and Viktor “meets him where he is”, playing along with the pace the piano is already in to create the most beautiful music. 

Together they create such a beautiful harmony. The piano and the upbeat drums.  Yuri and Viktor. Yuri on Ice. 

musicians au for @fightlikeleia

She was into classical music he was into rock music. They hang out in completely different groups, but a chance at meeting at a party (that they both didn’t want to go to) was the start of their love story. They share their love for not only music but each other.

Cassian would secretly watch Jyn play her violin or piano through the cracked door in the school musical room. He loved how she got so lost in her music.

Jyn would listen to Cassian play his guitar and sometimes he’d try to teach her how to play his favorite songs. He even wrote her a song once.

No one would have expected them to be together, but somehow they fit perfectly.

CHORUS/THEATRE AU Prompts (Part 2: based on my experiences)

• “you were singing horribly in the piano room so I called security on you” au

• “We work backstage and during the slower songs, you teach me ballroom dancing- no I want to lead!” au

•"You are so goddamn slow at turning the pages on the sheet music so I’ve made it my mission to turn it for you, I am not missing this next note" au

• “it’s our last year working backstage so as we paint the set, we stick our hands in paint and leave hand prints on a wall so we’ll be remembered and fuck, our director is coming” au

• “I heard you sing for the first time and wow marry me???” au

• “I’m the only one in the entire group who doesn’t like your singing and I just have to live with that” au

• “You dance stupidly during our warm ups and we both get in trouble because you’re distracting people and I’m laughing too hard” au

• “You play the same song on the fucking piano every time the teacher/director is gone and I swear to god one of these days I have to tell you you’re not that good” au

• “I’m almost having a panic attack backstage but you don’t realize it and you start telling me jokes and making weird voices and walk like a crab to get me to laugh, and I appreciate it but aren’t you supposed to be on stage?” au

• “I’m on stage switching out the props and oh shit, the lights just went up and I’m still behind the set, hey- stop laughing! I’m stuck!” au

• “I don’t know why they chose you -the clumsiest dumbass I’ve met - to go up the latter and change out the light filters, but gosh, spotting you should be fun” au

• “I know I’m in your class, but I have a tiny crush on you and you look adorable in your costume, wanna take a picture with me?” au

• “it’s pitch black backstage and I have no idea where I’m going… I’m so sorry, I swear I didn’t know that was your ass” au

Voltron Music Headcanon AKA Lance and Shiro start a band

• so one day Team Voltron (finally) has a day to rest and Shiro and Lance are just sitting in the common room.

• Lance absentmindedly starts humming the beginning to a song (I personally imagine that it’s Floral and Fading by Peirce the Veil. I’m just putting that out there.)

• Shiro starts tapping along to it

• Lance starts singing the lyrics and it is BEAUTIFUL.

• Shiro’s heard Lance “sing” to annoy Keith (He chased Keith through the entire castle singing MCR horribly out of key in a Heavy Metal voice, it was as impressive as it was hilarious), but in reality, saying “Lance had the voice of an angel” is an insult to Lance. Holy quiznak, Lance can sing.


• They finish the song and Shiro pulls a General Shang being all like “You… You sing good.”

• Lance: Thanks, Shiro!


• Lance jokingly tells Shiro that they should start a band.

• Shiro seriously thinks starting a band is a great idea.

• Lance mentions the fact that the castle wouldn’t have any instruments to use.

• “Hey Coran, would the Olkari be able to make musical instruments?”

• “Of course!”

• Lance secretly makes Coran SWEAR not to tell Allura or Keith what they’re doing.

• Shiro and Lance ask Allura to make a wormhole to Olkarion. When questioned why, Lance bullshits a detailed “explanation” as to why Lance and Shiro need to be there.

• Allura buys the whole thing and Lance and Shiro are off to Olkarion.

• “Lance, why did you lie to the Princess?”

• “Dude, you can TOTALLY use this as a way to woo her into falling in love with you!”

• “With me? I thought YOU were the one who wanted to be with the Princess.”

• “I like her and everything, but I KNOW you have feelings for her, so I’m gonna help you lock it up, dude! Bros before Hoes, right?” (In truth, Lance wants to woo Keith instead because he’s been pining for him for a while. Everybody but Keith and Shiro are aware of this.)

• “Whoa, don’t call her a hoe!”

• “Case in point!”

• They get to Olkarion and they describe the equipment they’ll need, along with additional instruments they want to have just in case (drumset, guitar, bass, mics, amps, etc.) as best as they can.

• Lance is surprisingly eloquent with the descriptions. The instruments the Olkari make are better than anything found on Earth. Lance tells the Gibson guitar company to eat their fucking hearts out

• Hunk and Pidge HAPPEN to be in the hangar when they return.

• Shiro freezes as the Green and Yellow Paladins spot him walking out of his lion with a fucking bass drum in his hands

• “Don’t tell Allura.” says Shiro looking like a deer in the lights of an oncoming bus

• “…Or Keith” adds Lance sharing the same expression as the Black Paladin

• Pidge and Hunk look at each other for a moment. “Why not?” Asks Pidge.

• Lance tells them the plan of forming a band to win the affections of Keith and Allura.

• “How about we join the band and help you?” Says Hunk.

• “Deal” says Lance and Shiro in unison.

• Pidge finds a completely soundproof room in the castle and watches the security cams so they won’t get noticed by Allura. (Keith spends all his time in the training room, so he won’t be a problem)

• They successfully metal gear solid all the equipment to the room without getting caught by Allura. They spend an hour in the room rehearsing.

• Lance is on Lead Guitar and Vocals (Lance’s guitar solos are what dreams are made of.)

• Hunk is on Bass and backup vocals (okay, listen to a song with vocals only and tell me the bass guitar isn’t important you fricks.)

•side note: they also sing lead vocals for Paramore songs, which they are surprisingly good at.

• Shiro is on drums. (Shiro sweats a lot when he plays, so he doesn’t wear a shirt. He also does that thing where he twirls one of the drumsticks while he plays with one hand. Because of course he can. Space Dad can do anything.)

• Coran calls Allura and Keith to the common room

• They start playing Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low the moment Keith and Allura walk through the door.

• During the verses of the song, Lance gets up close and personal with Keith as he sings, hitting him with the smolder™ (he brings his fucking A-GAME. Puffed up chest, confident grin, the occasional hair flip, and “fuck me” eyes that gave a whole new meaning to “if looks could kill”.)

• Homosexuality, thy name is Keith.

• Shiro decides to wink at Allura, as well as mouth the words “dear Allura, count me in” during the chorus.

• rip allura

• once the song is over, Allura compliments Shiro and caNNOT STOP STARING AT HIS CHEST. She kisses him on the cheek and tells him she really enjoyed it and that they should do this more often. (Obviously, she doesn’t know that that sounds really sexual. OR DOES SHE?)

• rip shiro

• the space parents become a flustered, giggly mess. Shiro pulls her into a passionate kiss. Not only that but Allura is also pulled into his sweaty rock hard chest.

• rip allura part 2: electric boogaloo

• Keith starts violently making out with Lance, and they do that thing where they walk and make out at the same time until they get to the hangar, where Keith (who’s still getting all icky-sticky with Lance) knocks on red’s foot so she’ll open up.

• they “have a bonding moment” in the cockpit.

• Red is… Surprisingly okay with this development.

• they do the walk of shame™ back to the common room

• Lance [internally]: I have no shame. This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.

• when they return to the common room, everyone is applauding them. Because red and blue finally made purple. They finally did the mambo with their clothes off. They finally did the bedroom rodeo. They finally did whatever fucking euphemism for sex Pidge could think of.

• Hunk bakes Keith and Lance a “congrats on the sex” cake the very next day.

• this becomes a common occurrence within the castle (the performances, not the sex. Okay, also the sex. You get the point.)

Cate & Rooney filming the piano scene 🎹 ,this is one of my favorite moments from Therese & Carol love story 👭 💏 ,because in the book 📖 (spoiler for who has not read) Carol gives a kiss on the forehead to Therese but she hardly perceives it because the touch of Carol’s hands on her shoulders gave her a feeling that in Pat Highsmith’s (author of the novel) words, it was as if time stood still… 💕

In the film adaptation 🎬 , Todd Haynes included his own vision of what could be that moment for both Carol & Therese, we were able to see on screen 🎦 ,almost the essence of what Pat wrote in the book and something very wise of Haynes was to change the notes of Scarlatti by the song of Billie Holiday “Easy Living”, that played to the piano by Therese, gave a romantic atmosphere, besides that the music was more adapted to the decade in which this beautiful story unfolds. 🎼

The kiss on the forehead was not considered by Todd to include on the scene, but i understand the Director’s intention not to do so. In reading we can perceive and imagine the feelings of the characters because the narrative describes them. Visually, these moments of silence, can only be reflected by the details, as that which can produce the simple touch of the hands from the beloved person… 💮 💗 💖

the-munchkin-knight  asked:

Hello new blog~! Can I request​ for RFA + V an Saeran reactions on MC being a piano prodigy? Thanks in advance! /huggeu

Hello!! *hugs u back*


  • She thinks your piano playing is beautiful, asks you to play for her after a stressful day
  • You sit down at the piano, fingers poised over the keys
  • “What should I play, Jaehee?”
  • Usually she’ll ask for something slow
  • Moonlight Sonata and Clair de Lune are her favorites
  • But instead she comes up behind you on the piano bench and wraps her arms around you from behind
  • She leans her head on your shoulder, lips grazing the outside of your ear
  • “Surprise me.”
  • You look down at the expanse of ebony and ivory before you, and then
  • You close your eyes
  • You start off with one note
  • And then an arpeggio in that scale
  • And you build based on that- the movement of your fingers simply second nature to you as you focus on the movement of Jaehee’s breathing against you
  • You’re no longer in control of this piece- the notes dance to the tune of Jaehee that is playing in your mind
  • And when your improvisation trails off, Jaehee sleepily nuzzles your cheek
  • “What was that one called, MC?”
  • “I think I’m going to call it ‘Jaehee.’”


  • He took piano lessons as a kid, just like all korean kids do
  • But it was always for a recital or a specific performance of some kind
  • It always felt very strict to him
  • So he’s blown away by the way you play, the way you feel the music and the way you play like the music is a part of you
  • His eyes are wide whenever he watches you play for him
  • which is all the time, at his request
  • He doesn’t really care much for classical music, because it’s all stuff he had to learn how to play
  • But he loves it when you play contemporary themes
  • He didn’t realize the piano was such a versatile instrument
  • He shyly asks you if you can teach him how to play again
  • You sit him down on the piano bench and sit down behind him, legs on either side of him
  • He automatically goes into the rigid playing position from all his piano lessons
  • You put your hands over his, fixing his pose
  • “Relax, Yoosung. Why are you so stiff?”
  • You eventually get his fingers to relax and you flip to the page for one of his favorite songs
  • You help him play at half speed, as he still remembers the notes and he is a very skilled player, if a rigid one
  • “Okay. Now I want you to do that all again, but close your eyes.”
  • “What??”
  • “Close your eyes. I’ll help you play the notes, but I want you to feel it.”
  • You guide him through the blind session, your hands over his the whole time, and you can feel him start to melt into the melody
  • He can feel the difference too, and he’s eager to try again


  • When he comes back to the penthouse and finds you missing, he’s not extremely worried
  • You were, after all, free to the premises of the entire building
  • And you were often gone to the gym or to the cafe downstairs
  • But after checking all of the usual places and finding you nowhere, he gets a little nervous
  • He hadn’t even bothered to ask his security chief about your whereabouts, but he turns to him now
  • “She said she was going to the orchestra hall, Mr. Han.”
  • He approaches the empty hall, slightly skeptical until he hears the sound of beautiful piano music coming from inside
  • He enters the hall as quietly as he can, standing against the back wall with a smile slowly growing on his face
  • The stage and the stands are both empty, but you’re seated at the piano, eyes closed as you play one of your favorite songs, Yiruma’s River Flows in You
  • He can’t believe he never knew this about you, and he can’t tear his eyes away from that look of absolute peace on your face
  • When your song draws to a close his applause rings out through the hall
  • Embarrassed, you start to move away from the piano as he walks towards you
  • “No, love, please stay. Play another for me.”
  • He’s amazed when you can play any classical piece that he requests
  • And even more amazed when you confess that you usually visit the hall when it’s empty to play the piano
  • He immediately orders a grand piano for the penthouse so you don’t have to play in an empty hall


  • He saw your piano videos a long time ago 
  • But he doesn’t bring it up until all the Saeran issues have been solved and you two move in together
  • But he surprises you one day
  • With a keyboard that he built himself
  • It has the full piano range and three working pedals
  • But it has literal thousands of instrument capabilities
  • Including one that is just Saeyoung screaming at different pitches
  • You two mess around with it for hours, laughing at some of the more ridiculous ones
  • Elizabeth the 3rd’s meow autotuned to the whole range
  • Car horns
  • He asks you to play something serious
  • So you straighten up into proper posture
  • Fingers over the keys and feet flat on the floor
  • And play Etude No. 3 in a soundfont of Vanderwood’s disinterested (and heavily autotuned) “Ya…”
  • Saeyoung is losing his shit as you continue to play as if you were in front of a crowd in an orchestra hall
  • And you solemnly stand up and bow when you’re finished
  • He wipes tears of laughter from his eyes and switches it back to the default piano setting
  • “Baby I’m sorry I couldn’t finish this sooner. You must’ve been so sad, with no piano in the apartment”
  • He doesn’t answer when you ask him how he knew to get a piano for you


  • Literally he is OVERJOYED when you first play for him
  • He brings you with him to the practice room for the first time
  • And you light up when you see the piano there- it’s been months since you’ve been able to play
  • When you tell him you can play he’s excited 
  • But he sure as hell wasn’t expecting you to tap out a full-on 5 minute jazz improvisation
  • “Babe, how are you so perfect for me??”
  • He gives you the piano music for the musical he’s rehearsing for
  • It’s easy compared to the pieces you usually play, but you help him practice for as long at he needs to
  • Once his self-allotted time is over, though, he leans over the piano to kiss you on the nose
  • “Okay, I’m done~~ So show off for me now, okay?”
  • You’re happy to oblige
  • His face lights up when he recognizes the opening of “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera
  • And you swear you see stars shining in his crimson eyes when you start to sing Christine’s part
  • He’s the only one in the room but he makes you feel like you’re playing for the real opera with the undivided attention he gives you
  • He comes in perfectly with Raoul’s verse, and nearly reels back in shock when you nail the high note in the ending
  • As soon as you’re done he’s all over you with kisses
  • “Why didn’t you tell me you were so talented?? You have to perform for the director, he has to give you a part”
  • He bugs and bugs you to audition with him, and he’s super determined to get you on stage


  • He’s been living with Seven for a few months now, but recovering from a traumatic experience like Mint Eye takes a lot more than months
  • So he still has a lot of sleepless nights
  • He’ll call you often, and you do your best to talk him to sleep
  • But it’s been bad lately
  • So when you offer to let him sleep at your place for a few nights he definitely accepts
  • You wake up in the middle of the night to find that he’s not there
  • So you shuffle out of bed and into the living room
  • Saeran is sitting on the couch, staring out the window
  • You sit down next to him, curling into his side
  • “I’m sorry I couldn’t help.”
  • “No, no, it’s not your fault. I’m sorry I woke you.”
  • “I don’t want you to spend all night here alone. Want me to play some music for you?”
  • He’s heard you play before, but usually only scales or pop songs
  • So when you sit down at your piano and weave a soft melody out of thin air he’s taken aback
  • But the lull of the notes instills in him a sense of comfort that he realizes he’s been missing these past few nights
  • He can’t tell if it’s the music or the person playing it
  • And it could very well be both
  • But he finds his eyelids drooping, his mind finally able to feel the fatigue of his body
  • When you realize he’s asleep you stop playing and pull a blanket over him
  • It’s the best sleep he’s had in years


  • Oh boy he loves you even more for it
  • The two of you are at one of V’s friends’ exhibitions at a local cafe
  • It’s very artsy kind of place, with a grand piano that is free for the public to use
  • And when you arrive someone is currently seated at it
  • But once they leave V turns to the now-empty piano
  • “I remember when my mom had me taking piano lessons. I wonder if I even remember anything from it.”
  • “Oh, I still play,” you say with a laugh, trying to downplay it
  • “You do?”
  • V’s face lights up, and you realize too late the mistake you just made
  • “Can you play something for me?”
  • He’s already ushering you to the piano before you can protest
  • And as you sit down you think about what kind of song V would like
  • You settle on a piano version of La Vie en Rose, with arpeggios and fills
  • V is rendered speechless while you play, and he hugs you afterwards
  • “MC, I had no idea!”
  • “Oh, it’s nothing really…”
  • Won’t stop giving you praises

sorry these are so late!! i’ve only been back a week but it’s been a rough week T_T i’ll try to update more….

A new update is here! (finally…. :D) <3 I also made a little gif to go with my list from now on :D Find the complete list HERE

New additions to The List since last time:

Multichaptered Love

  • In Need of an Outlet by blj2007 - this started as a meet-cute in a coffee shop, full of innuendos and went to become so much more <3 I love this so much <3
  • What’s It Gonna Be by lemonoclefox - Pride and Prejudice inspired AU <3 Magnus is a talented baker at Fairchild’s bakery, Alec is an insufferable prick - or is he? This is so lovely <3 Better than the movie imho :D
  • STAR WARS: A Search for Justice by Ketz - This is epic <3 I love Star Wars and I love this :D Alec as a (soon to be former) stormtrooper and Magnus as a Jedi, fighting for the Downworlder Resistance against the Circle…
  • Eyes On Me by clockworkswan - When a new same-sex dancing rule is made, Magnus is determined to prove this is a good change. All he needs is a partner for ballroom dancing… <3 I am SO IN LOVE with this fic :D It’s fluffy and perfect, and I have a weakness for dancing :D
  • The Way You Move Me by blj2007 - When Alec takes his little brother Max to go roller skating, he didn’t think he’d end up meeting someone so intriguing at the rink. He can’t really skate himself, but ends up coming back to the rink - only for his brother of course :D I love this story <3
  • Appassionato by Chonideno - Alec likes to play the piano for himself, until his upstairs neighbor, whom he’s never seen before, starts slipping notes with song requests under his door. Hauntingly beautiful descriptions, full of feelings, even if you know nothing about music <3

Cute little Oneshots*

  • It’s a Yes from Me by Ketz - reclusive singer Alec Lightwood gets roped into being a judge for the Angel’s Voice. And there’s one contestant that’s especially talented as well as intriguing…love this so much <3
  • Flirting With Death by AllOfTheFanfic - Magnus gets hit by a car and meets his soulguide Alec, while staring down at his body. Major character death, but in a nice happy end way…it’s very interesting <3
  • never again left unsaid by hufflebee- Magnus realizes Alec never leaves the loft without telling Magnus he loves him. Short, cute, fluffy <3
  • I’ll Write You A Fantasy by theloverneverleaves - technically this is a series of currently 2 oneshots, decided to put it under oneshots though^^ Alec gets dragged to ComicCon by his siblings and ends up falling for a fantasy author… <3
  • Belonging by iloveyoursmile - Swimming AU with Alec as a swimmer and Magnus as a diver. There’s fluff <3 and drama. Enjoyable even if you don’t like sports (like me :D)

*actually not so little in some cases :D

as always: please send fic recs whenever you like! I sometimes forget to mark stuff I have read, and then am really annoyed with myself, would be great to find some of those again…., and I also always want to read new stuff! I will read anything you recommend and decide whether it’ll be added to the list :)

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Soft midnight sighs, and a tender “I love you and goodnight, tomorrow will be a better day, so long as I wake up to you.” Sleep induced snores and the sound of rain against the windowsill, won’t you come here and hold me for a little while longer? We’re only counting the days until together means something a bit less temporary and a bit more permanent. Won’t you take my heart’s sincerest melodies composed of hopeful metaphors? You descended from dragons didn’t you? Maybe that’s why I keep wishing for rain it simply means I’m wishing for you. So when the sun comes up I’ll draw you my first thoughts of you– a breath of fresh air when my lungs forget what it means to breathe. You’re my favorite type of song; piano keys my fingers don’t know how to play, and poetry my hands don’t know how to write. Maybe nothing is what it seems. We’re just wishing on dead balls of light we call stars. We’re just reading words written by dead poets. I’m just kind of caught up on you. If anything exists then nothing can be anything, and if nothing can be anything, then something can be everything. I’ve seen lightning strike the same spot twice, somewhere on an island and we’re in too deep. I’ve seen love kill a man and longing destroy a woman, let’s not repeat the mistakes of Romeo and Juliet. Let’s fall far from their lanes, if we read dead men poetry, then let’s breathe life into our own. Some words I’d like to write onto your skin, while you’re awake or asleep. These days the blues are much more colorful, I’m not always sad and when I’m happy you’re still around, proof that fire can be warm if kept from a distance. So if we burn when we’re together, smother my lungs with your ash and smoke. My goodbyes to you always stuck in my throat, I hate goodbyes more than tales of forever and always. So say I’ll see you soon, I’ll talk to you later. I won’t be long, this won’t take forever. If this is death then let’s make it pretty. If this is life then let’s make it art. If this is love then let’s turn it into a poem, somewhere that I can call home, somewhere inside of your hands, somewhere past the home run, somewhere close to misery, but subtle torture to be next to you. I can love and I can feel that these things do exist. Someone to miss, someone to kiss, someone to understand– someone that you don’t have to think about to know that they’re thinking about you. Someone that exists in a realm of fantasy, these are my thoughts about you. Is it love? Who can tell, I’ll say my I love you’s. I’ll put my time in, I’ll figure out if you’re real of fiction. You love to paint, right? I’ll grab a star and write its truths onto the softest parts of your skin, some words cut us deep, I want those words too. Tell me words that’ll make me regret not finding you sooner, tell me words that’ll make me feel like this is it. Tell me the things I’d share with the sky when it can’t tell the difference between beginnings and endings, tell me the words my soul needs to hear, tell me the words that my heart beats to. Tell me what’s on your mind, what’s in your heart, who did you used to love and what can I do to avoid that entirely? If this is real, if this is raw, if this is gentle, if this is tender, if this is nothing into something, if this is something into everything, tell me how to love you, tell me how to keep you, tell me how you want to be wanted, tell me how you need to be needed, tell me how you’ve slept many nights just to wake up into a dream that doesn’t require more rest, tell me about the time you almost had a home, but then as always, something went wrong. This isn’t one of those things, this is one of these things– if I can use art as an excuse to keep you around, I will. Your skin belongs to the innocent parts of the earth, I’d like to know the parts of you that you’ve yet to discover. They say we know more about space than we know about our very own ocean, you can be the solar system that still needs to be seen from a telescope built from my bones, you can be the darkest secret of the ocean as long as you share it with me, you can be the worst thing that has ever happened to man with that smile and I’d still want to know why you look at me like that, you can be the best thing that has ever happened to flowers and that’s something I’d never want to change. If this is love, if this is everything– please tell me how to love you until it no longer hurts to dwell, please sleep into my memories, whisper your sweet nothings into my ear, let the words echo into my emptiness. If this is love, then teach me how to melt from my side of the volcano into your torn down fragments– if this is real, if this is fantasy, if this is a nightmare, if this is a dream, if this is you, the real you. Can I just dance with you to every classical song known to man? If this is truly what you want, if you’re in love with me, if this is it– every mountain range finally hearing the screams of lost souls that have lost everything, if this is it– can you just paint my lonely blues into the sweetest reds that even roses can’t withstand? I don’t want this to be another sometimes I love you, I want this to be I never had a doubt. I want you to be my something into everything.
—  My something into everything

opalescentobrien  asked:

hi! can i request a street performer! au for seventeen like what they do and how they catch your attention and start talking to you and stuff and yeah whatever you want lol

- interactive performance
- takes requests from the crowd to “make them part of the performance too”
- does anything from juggling, to 50 push-ups, to song covers and pretty much any doable suggestion
- every day, you pass by the same district to see the same handsome boy doing the most random things
- you didn’t pay attention at first but one day, you were like “i’ll go check it out, why not”
- you manage to find a spot up front, and almost instantly….. you have eye contact with the boy
- and almost instantly, he gets this grin on his face
- he starts getting requests from the crowd, and sometimes it feels like he’s looking in your direction but you always think no….. it can’t be
- you come by often to watch him perform, and you’re pretty sure everyone around you has requested something at least once, while you never did
- one day, after his performance, he walks up to you and he laughs “hey!! no requests from you yet??”
- you say “me??? oh no i can’t think of any for now”
- and he says “how about we switch things around then? if i requested something from you?”
- you ask “what do you have in mind?”
- he grins “can i have your name? and maybe get a coffee with you later?”

- singing covers
- you’re going around the city taking pictures with your new camera to test it out
- your pictures are mostly of the sky and the busy streets, but you soon lose interest because you need more excitement, right??
- you walk further into the city while looking through the pictures you took when you hear beautiful singing…..
- you follow the singing to see this boy—no. this MODEL, this ANGEL singing into a microphone
- he’s so beautiful….. you hold your camera up and take a picture of him
- but then your camera flashes…. and you want to sink into the ground and DIE when everyone turns to you because HOW COULD YOU FORGET TO TURN FLASH OFF
- when his performance ends, the boy gets a round of applause and you try to sneak off because the embarrassment still haunts you
- but the boy blocks your path and says “so…. you’re the one who took my picture, aren’t you?” and you try to act dumb and say “me?? no what are you saying aaaaahahah”
- he chuckles and says “next time…. don’t forget to turn flash off.”
- you get super flustered and while he’s walking away, you say “hey!! you….!”
- he turns to you and grins “it’s jeonghan. try to take a picture from over there next time—that’s my best angle.”

- acoustic covers
- you’re walking around downtown lost because you went out the wrong exit, but while trying to find your way….. you suddenly hear this beautiful voice
- you follow the voice to see a boy singing an acoustic version of a pop song while playing the guitar and you find yourself just standing there listening to him sing
- a bunch of people pass by without looking in his direction, or some stay for a few seconds before leaving, but you stay there the entire time
- when he finishes his song, you clap for him and he looks up to smile at you
- you approach him and say “wow you sing so well, and you play the guitar so well too!!!”
- while packing up his guitar, he says “thanks!! i’m glad you stopped by to listen. so….. which way are you going??”
- you smile sheepishly and say “i…. don’t really know. i’m trying to find the train station but….”
- he says “oh i’m headed there too!! we can walk there together….. if that’s okay with you??”
- you say “i’m good with that. i’m (name), by the way”
- he says “joshua. nice to meet you!!”
- while walking in the direction of the station, you say “so that song you were singing…. you listen to them too?”

- magician
- you’re sitting on the bench, on your phone searching up the directions to get to your location to meet up with your friend when you hear a crowd of people clapping
- you look up and in the distance, you see a little crowd all huddled together watching what looks like a street performance and cheering for “jun”
- you walk over to see a handsome boy doing a bunch of magic tricks
- they’re small things like card tricks and disappearing objects, but you can’t help but clap and grin after each trick
- plus the magician’s really handsome too….
- near the end of his performance, he walks over to you with a hat, and pulls a bouquet of flowers out of it and hands it to you
- you look at him in confusion and he just grins “pretty flowers for a pretty person”
- you’re like how cheesy LOL but you accept the flowers with a laugh
- you hug the bouquet tightly in your arms for the rest of the afternoon, and when your friend asks about them, you say “let’s just say i met an interesting person”
- the next day, you come back to see jun in the same place….. and he makes sure he puts on a great performance that day

- comedy skits
- you’re having a pretty bad day and you honestly just want to go home and die in your room
- while walking towards your house, you suddenly hear a bunch of people laughing loudly near where you are
- you turn to see a group of people watching a boy doing a bunch of body gags and you’re like what’s happening???
- you decide to stop by for a quick second to see what’s going on, and…. that’s when you find yourself DYING of laughter because this boy’s so FUNNY (and he’s cute too!!)
- he re-enacts a bunch of scenes that happened in his childhood or even events that happened days earlier
- you find yourself forgetting all about your bad day, and whenever you’re feeling down, you come by to watch the boy’s performances
- he eventually notices, and one day, after his skit, he walks up to you and says “hey!! did you enjoy the show??”
- you nod “i always do!! you make me smile on my saddest days”
- he then says “i’ve seen you frown sometimes you know….. you shouldn’t. you’re really cute when you smile.”
- you feel your cheeks heat up, and the boy just says “i’ll see you around. keep smiling!!” and for the rest of your shift…… you just can’t wipe the smile off your face

- chalk art
- everyone knows about the chalk artist named wonwoo who draws beautiful things on the streets
- his art is so beautiful, so genuine…… they really capture things happening in people’s daily lives
- you love his art, you always feel happy whenever you see them on your way to work
- that same day, your shift ends later than usual and you’re so tired and to make things worse it’s raining and you didn’t bring your umbrella
- so you take your hoodie off and hold it over your head while walking back home…… when you see wonwoo packing up his art supplies
- his beautiful masterpiece from earlier is completely washed away by the rain…..
- wonwoo’s getting drenched by the rain and when he sneezes, you walk up to him and hold your hoodie over both of your heads
- when he looks up, you say “hey! uhh i hope i’m not being too weird or anything but it’s raining and….. you’re going to get sick”
- wonwoo smiles upon hearing your words and he says “thank you…. that’s thoughtful of you”
- he gets up on his feet after packing up all his supplies and he TOWERS over you, and that’s when he says “i’ll hold the hoodie you if you hold my chalk?? they’re not heavy at all, don’t worry”
- you agree to it, and you walk him to the bus stop with your now soaking wet hoodie
- he says “thank you for all this…..” and you say “it’s no problem!! you work hard to draw for people…. you don’t deserve to get sick you know….”
- you say good night to each other and you think it’s sad because he might forget about all this by tomorrow
- but when you pass by wonwoo’s usual spot….. you smile when you see a drawing of two people shielding themselves from the rain with a hoodie, surrounded by puddles of rainbow

- instrumental covers
- there’s this boy who always plays instrumental covers of songs in the shopping district
- he’s able to play so many instruments….. sometimes he plays the piano, other days the guitar, drums, clarinet, etc
- he’s so talented and you really love his song arrangements because they always sound so lovely and calming
- a piano’s been placed on the street one day, and you see the boy walk up to it
- you decide to stop for a while to listen to what song he’s going to play next and when his fingers come in contact with the piano….. you fall in love
- you’ve never heard of the song before but it’s so beautiful??? and you’re not the only one who thinks so, since a crowd quickly forms
- when the boy finishes his song, everyone claps but you’re just left standing in absolute awe
- you approach the boy when the crowd leaves, and you ask “hi!! i just wanted to know what song you were playing?? i don’t think i’ve heard it before, but i love it”
- he looks at you in surprise before looking away and saying “….i made it.”
- you say “what??? you made that song????” and he says “yes….”
- you exclaim “that’s amazing, you’re so talented!! i’m really looking forward to your next song”
- he thanks you and unknown to you….. you really helped him with his confidence and he wonders…… if he’ll be able to write a new piece on pretty you….

- stand-up comedy
- it’s dark and cloudy outside…. and you can’t help but think it matches with how you’re feeling
- you didn’t exactly have the most pleasant day at work….. and you just need something to cheer you up
- you tried calling your friends, but they were all busy so you’re like ok i’m just going to have to make myself happy again
- while walking down the street, this guy bumps into you and accidentally makes you fall over
- you’re like great can this day get any worse….. but then you look up to see this boy looking down at you with a worried expression on his face
- he accidentally screams “AH ARE YOU OKAY?? ARE YOU HURT?? I’M SO SORRY I DIDN’T SEE YOU” and you get embarrassed by the attention and also accidentally scream “I’M FINE!!! DON’T WORRY”
- he helps you get back up on your feet, but then he says “i’m kind of in a hurry!! sorry!!” and he runs off without another second to lose
- ….but literally ten seconds later, he comes back and says “you know what?? come along with me!!” and you say “UM NO?? what makes you think i’d trust a stranger—”
- he says “i’m not a creep i promise!! you can leave if it gets too weird for you!!” and you sigh like ok fine why not
- you end up following him and it’s at the park that’s right around the corner
- you ask “what’s this??” and he grins “you’ll see”
- and when a crowd forms around you two…. you find out that he does stand-up comedy???
- he introduces himself as dk to the crowd and he must be popular because you soon find yourself next to almost forty people
- dk’s so funny….. you laugh the whole time and you even feel sad at the end of his performance
- when you go up to him, you say “you’re so funny omg i’m so glad i decided to follow you”
- and he says “yeah? i’m glad i was able to make you smile”

- costumes
- you know when you’re walking around the city and there’s a group of people going around wearing costumes so that people can take pictures with them??
- well this particular mascot is reaaally popular and you have no idea why, so you decide why not figure this out while i’m here
- his name is apparently mingyu (he accidentally said his real name instead of the character he was dressed as which is bong bong)
- so you’re out to hunt him down and figure out why he’s so loved by everyone in comparison to the other mascots like hello guys um kakao talk friends are super cute what are you doing
- you finally see the familiar mascot in the distance and while marching over to him, he suddenly takes his mask off and you…. stop walking because holy. crap.
- he’s GORGEOUS now you understand why he’s always surrounded by people
- you kind of just….. stare at him….. and his eyes suddenly land on you and you get so flustered because you just got caught staring GOOD JOB
- you walk away and pretend you didn’t see anything….. but while walking around the area, you get stopped by bong bong who asks “would you like a picture??”
- and you think “HE’S TEASING ME NOW” but you reply “oh no it’s fine!!”
- he then takes off his mask and grins “you sure?? i’m pretty sure i caught you staring earlier….” and you’re like AAAAHH WHO ARE YOU STOP
- in the end, you do end up with a picture with him…… and maybe you got his number too…..

- b-boy
- you’re walking around the city late in the evening with a couple of friends, when one of them notices a breakdance battle going on in the distance
- they drag you over to go take a look, and you see two people standing in the middle with the crowd forming a circle around them
- the person in front of you leaves, letting you move forward to have a better view of the battle
- immediately….. you notice the tall and thin boy watching his opponent dance
- you think no way…. that boy looks too soft and cute to be doing breakdancing????
- but does he surprise you because he starts off STRONG
- the whole crowd is chanting “the8” while you just watch in silent awe
- the8 suddenly starts doing a bunch of acrobatics like backflips, but he goes a little too far and almost kicks you
- he quickly turns to you and asks “AH are you all right?? i’m so sorry!! did you get hurt??”
- you laugh and shake your head “no no no i’m fine!! don’t worry about me, just focus on winning!!”
- he shoots you a cute smile before heading back into the battle and KILLING IT
- the8 clearly wins in the end and you find yourself cheering along with the crowd when he’s announced the winner
- he walks up to you when it’s all over and your friends are like hehehe oooohhhh
- he says “hey, i just wanted to make sure you’re all right???” and you laugh “i’m fine, really. you did great by the way, you dance so well”
- the boy BLUSHES and says “thanks!! so…. will you be around here tomorrow again?? there’s another dance battle….. you know…..”
- you turn to your friends and their eyes scream OHHH MY GOSH HE THINKS YOU’RE CUTE WE’RE COMING BACK TOMORROW OK
- you turn to him again and say “i’ll be here. i’ll be looking forward to seeing you dance again”
- he grins “i’ll be looking forward to seeing you again….!” his smile disappears after realizing what he said and he kind of speed walks away in embarrassment
- but you just laugh because….. how could someone be so cute??

- variety
- your shift luckily ends early that day, so you grab a quick meal at a nearby store
- but on your way home, you see a huge crowd of people cheering “BOO SEUNGKWAN” over and over
- you walk over to see a boy smiling and shyly covering his flustered face, thanking the crowd over and over for their support
- you get interested so you stay for a while to see what he does and this boy…. is a variety STAR
- he did comedy by making a skit about people reacting to tsunamis in movies, he danced to popular girl group songs, and between breaks, he even tells everyone to get take a break and get something to eat so they don’t get too hungry while watching
- as a final act, seungkwan decides to sing a song….. and you were NOT expecting such a beautiful voice
- you look around as everyone sways from side to side, and at the end of his performance, he bows while everyone cheers loudly while chanting his name over and over
- when the crowd disappears, you’re about to start walking back home, when you hear someone’s stomach growling….. and you think you know whose it is
- you turn around to see seungkwan looking around with an embarrassed look on his face
- you look down at the food in the plastic bag you’re holding and you walk up to him with a friendly smile on your face
- you say “hi, i um… i watched your performance just now…. you really are meant to perform variety, you know?”
- seungkwan grins “you think so?? that’s so nice to hear—”
- his stomach suddenly growls again and he covers his face, muttering “sorry!! that was embarrassing…..”
- you hold out the food you have in your hand and say “you tell everyone to eat well and take care of themselves, but you’re not following your own words. you must be hungry…. i hope you like what i bought….”
- he accepts the food and thanks you nonstop, wondering if there’s any way he can repay you
- you say “it’s fine!! just be well, okay?” and you leave for home
- the next day, you come back to see seungkwan….. and his face lights up when he spots you in the crowd

- freestyle rap
- when you’re walking around the city and see a bunch of street performers, most of them are singers, dancers, musicians and the usual
- you’ve never heard of a freestyle rapper….. until you see him
- he calls himself vernon, and you know this because he always mentions it somewhere in his raps
- he sets up his stereo and plays an instrumental version of a song…. and then he freestyles to the melody and he’s so amazing at it???
- you’re sitting on the bench closest to where he is and you listen to his rap while pretending to play on your phone
- his raps are so calming to you…… it’s weird to say because it’s not like it’s soft singing or a piano playing….. but his voice is so nice to listen to
- no one really claps for him during his performances which makes ZERO sense to you because??? HELLO this boy just made the most perfect rap ever with the backtrack of like a ballad how in the frICK do you ignore this??
- when you see his defeated face at the end of his song because no one cared to clap, you get up on your feet and clap as loud as you can
- vernon turns to you and his eyes sparkle as he says “thank you” to you
- you walk up to him and say “hey!! don’t get discouraged!! your raps are beyond amazing”
- and he says “o-oh, thank you for thinking so! you’re….. really helping me feel more confident”
- you say “BE confident!! you have a gift.” and vernon just smiles at you because you’re so…. kind….
- and he thinks if it would be too cheesy to write a rap about you??? LOL

- freestyle dancing
- you’re on your lunch break from work and you see a crowd of people clapping to the beat of a song and you’re like what’s going on there??
- you go on your tippy-toes and take a peek and you see….. this cute boy dancing around with a group of kids and you’re like…… my heart
- he makes sure that none of the kids feel left out, and you can tell he’s truly so excited to be playing around with them
- while dancing, he looks up and locks eyes with you and he gets this huge grin on his face
- he pushes past the crowd, grabs your hands and says “dance with me!!”
- you say “i can’t dance???” but he drags you into the circle anyway and spins around with you as you laugh
- when his performance is done, the boy says “and that’s all for today!! my name is dino, or lee chan if you prefer, please don’t forget me!!”
- and when slipping your extra dollar into his hat….. you make sure to drop a piece of paper with your number in there too
- later that day, after your shift, you check your phone to see a text message that says “hey, it’s chan! um, will you be free again tomorrow around the same time?”

thank you for your request!!

nestofthought  asked:

What instruments do you think the gang would play if they were in a band? What type of band would they be?

I really like this!! This is an interesting prompt! Thank you so much for the ask!


  • If he were in a band - he’d play the bass. 
  • Or; he’d be the lead male vocalist. 
  • The fans love him - they love him so much. 
  • He’s the one that all of the girls are thirsty for. 
  • Each group has one. 

Originally posted by quantumacid


  • Drums - he loves drums. 
  • They’re a good way to take out his anger at those shitty adults. 
  • You either love him or hate him - there is no in between. 
  • The fans are split on his “character.” 
  • Is he a vulgar guy - or is he really a sweet cinnamon roll? 
  • Most fangirls believe the latter. 

Originally posted by odetotop


  • Lead singer of the group/ Lead female singer
  • She writes a good chunk of the songs - with Makoto and Akira, of course. 
  • Good with people. 
  • She’s the poster girl. 
  • Pretty much everyone loves her - but some hate her for no reason. 
  • She doesn’t care though; she shoots them down like the badass she is

Originally posted by rockangelofficial


  • Guitar is his instrument. 
  • He helps a lot with the promotional aesthetics and band costumes
  • If they aren’t within the aesthetic - he makes it so. 
  • He’s a painter on the side
  • The fans think he’s weird but he’s a ray of oblivious sunshine so it’s okay. 

Originally posted by raphodraws


  • She’s more of the manager. If she has to play an instrument - it’s something classy - like the violin or piano.
  • She helps write some songs. 
  • She’s very good at people. 
  • The fans love her - she’s not as loved as Akira and such, but she receives warm, caring vibes from the fans for dealing with the crazy band. 

Originally posted by darkesttrip


  • She usually remixes the band’s songs/is a sound manager/DJ/whatever it’s called 
  • She hacks stuff on the side. 
  • Not very good with people. 
  • Because she’s not good with people - the fans see her as shy and endearing. 
  • It’s cute. 

Originally posted by hardwelltr


  • She’s the backup vocalist; although she’s extremely shy about it. 
  • However, she did learn how to play piano, and sometimes plays along with Makoto onstage. 
  • Loves to garden on the side. 
  • Sometimes pitches in to help with songs - whenever Ann and the rest are having a dry spell; she creates a soft song. 
  • She’s okay with people - if a little shy. 
  • The fans see her as a delicate sheep - but if they only knew…..
  • Cute #2 

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In 1 month you would be turning 17, and i wonder everyday what would that be like, if you would be borrowing my clothes and make up, or if you would still play with dolls as you did when you left me here.

Would you still be funny and sweet as you were?, Never calling me “fat” or things that you know would hurt me.

I miss you, so much its unbereable, like a hole in the middle of my chest. You were my sister, my only sister and I dont have you by my side anymore. And its really unfair. I would give up my life if that would bring you back.

I’m so afraid noone will remember you but me. Thats one of my greatest fears. If people forget how lovely you were and how strong and brave and how willing to go through hell just to live.

I want all people to know about you.

Lucy (Lucia Florencia), was born in February 4th in 1998, when i was six years old, and she was my best friend ever.

She was really funny and loved to play dress up. She usually used Sailor Moon’s suit and put make up on and it was just hillarious.

She really liked when i took pictures of her, she was like my model, i really liked taking pictures of her. She is the cutest thing the world has ever had.

Her hair was long and waivy and dark brown, and her eyes where so bright and charming and obscure at the same time, really misterious.

She played the piano, the violin and had a really good ear and could play lots of songs only by ear, without even know how to read partitures.

She was bright as hell, but really talkative, and sometimes naughty. Once she came back from school (9 years old), and told my dad, “I have one bad new and one good”, my dad said “Tell me the bad first”, “the teacher put me a bad face on my notebook because i punched Anna on the face, she was being really rude”, and my dad said, “and whats the good one” “That Anna is okey, that we are fine, and it was nothing at all, just that”. He could not stop laughing after that.

She was my rock, and I was hers. We loved each other even more other sibbligs do. She was the true face of love.

Her favourite stuffed animal was the racoon you can see in the bed besides her. She was burried with him, his name was “Mapachin”, and he was her fav since she was like 3 years old, when she cut really deep her finger and had to have stitches and mum bought that to her for being so brave.

She got sick in 2008, she was 10, her back started hurting really bad, and after xrays and exams, mum came back crying like I had never seen her, and my world felt appart.

I had to go and tell Lucy she had to go to another city to get her back cured. and she asked me if she would have to take some medicine, and it broke my heart.

She had cancer, a new kind of cancer, in one tumor it had different fenotipes and there was no treatment that cured the whole tumor, so they removed it. It didnt work.

She thought she was cured, my parents never could tell her the truth after that, we were all a reck, really messed up people, we still are. We will always be. Life really took love away from us in such a hurtfull and horrible way its almost impossible to describe.

Whatever doctors said that she might have or experience, happened. Every single bad thing. She had to lie on a bed for 4 months without moving, cause her brain tumor wouldnt let her. Her lungs tumors filled her lungs with water, so she couldnt breath anymore.

After some months of unbeareable sadness and hoping for miracles and praying to every god ever existed. Doctors had to put her in medical coma, because she wouldnt get better. Ever.

And that was it. on June 8th on 2010, my sister died of cancer, in a hospital bed. Her last thing she “said” (she couldnt talk anymore, so she said I LOVE U blinking her eyes really hard), was I love you, to my mum, dad and me.

And I lost everything.

The day after that, was when i saw death itself. My sister, insanely pale and blue-ish in a coffin, and i had months and months of nightmares.

I miss her smell, i miss her voice, and i miss not remembering everything that happened before the illness, because i wasnt really thinking something as destroying as that would happen.

Im just writing my heart here, you cant see my fingers trembling, or the tears running down my face, but i know you can feel them, because i need to tell you all this.

Please think of her, even though you didnt know her. She was my baby sister, and my mate, and my love. And i dont have her anymore and I dont want her to be lost in time and noone knowing who she is.

She couldve been a remarkable piano player, or an actress, or a veterinary,for her love towards animals. But she hadnt the chance to do that.

She didnt have her first kiss

or her first period

or travel to disney world

or be trully in love with someone

and most of the things we enjoy as teens and young adults. She couldnt have them, so please, think of her when u do. Say her name before going to sleep, tell your kids about this amazing girl who lived in Mar del Plata, Argentina and told the kindergarten teacher she wanted to be a Ship captain just like her dad. And how she was not ashamed at all when she asked santa for a HotWeels Car wash instead of a barbie.

I love you, and I hope you think of her.

Eugenia Cecilia Arroyo.


Can’t Help Falling In Love (Jacob x Reader)

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Summary: Jake finds out that you can play the piano, and asks you to play a song for him.

Warnings: Nada.

Author’s Note: wowzas okay here’s a lil jacob imagine for you today !! i really recommend listening to elvis presley’s can’t help falling in love (or you could listen to twenty one pilots’ or dodie clark’s covers of it) since obvs it was my inspiration for this imagine. hope you enjoy it !!

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OK RE: YESTERDAY IT WAS THE GUY IN THE BACK PLAYING THE PIANO IN THE FLANNEL SHIRT!!! what do y'all think am i deluding myself or did he look directly at me like,, several times

also didn’t film this but their next performance was a love song and he looked at me several times again throughout it gah

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Danti #3? (platonic or romantic, whichever you prefer)

((This ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated lmao))

As soon as it happened Anti regretted it. Dark had been speaking to him, and there are been a snarky insult or two in what he had been saying, and Anti had snapped. He was fresh off the energy from once again sending fear and shockwaves through Jack’s community, and though Dark had complimented his approach, there was always a sharper edge to his words. The glitching had been more to threaten Dark than anything else, make the grey-skinned man think that Anti could just appear anywhere and hurt him, but Anti had accidently taken it too far. Dark’s prized piano was sitting in the corner of the room, and Anti had made a beeline for it. He had just wanted to scare Dark, but the glitching had gotten out of control, and the piano had paid the price for Anti smashing into.

Everything in the room seemed to stop, and Dark stood staring at the mess that had once been his instrument. The silence was deafening and Anti’s heart was beating in his throat. He didn’t need Dark to tell him how much that piano had meant to him. It was a Steinway Model O, something Dark had mentioned quite a lot of times whenever he had played it for Anti, and Dark himself had rebuilt it when he had acquired it since it had been in a bad state of disrepair.

Anti approached him slowly, hyper aware of how still Dark was. Even his aura wasn’t ringing anymore, and the man seemed to be in complete shock over what had happened, his eyes fixed on what had once been his piano. When he sensed Anti getting closer his eyes slid over to him, and Anti was shocked to see a sheen of tears in their depth.

Without a word, Dark turned and left the room, abandoning Anti with the remains of the piano. Anti knew better than to follow him, and turned to look at the mess before him. He had fucked up this time. He had never seen Dark in such a state of shock before, with his aura completely gone despite the anger that must have been swirling inside him. Glancing at the pieces of the piano, Anti pulled out his phone and made a swift decision to try and set this right.

When he saw Dark next, it was on the roof of the building the Egos lived in. Dark was sitting on the edge, legs dangling over, suit jacket and tie lying next to him and sleeves rolled up against the heat of the setting sun. On his lap was a pile of sheet music, songs that Dark loved to perform, that he had written himself, and that he had been in the process of composing. The topmost song was one Anti hadn’t seen before, but in Dark’s beautiful script a name had been scrawled at the top – Circles.

“What are you doing?” Anti asked softly, sitting down next to Dark on the roof but keeping a short distance between them.

“Contemplating whether to throw my music over the side.” Dark replied, refusing to look at Anti.

“I’m sure you can get another piano!” Anti said, “It’s not the end of the world Dark, you don’t have to be so melodramatic.”

Dark side-eyed him, a glare that could have cut Anti to the bone if he wasn’t so used to them. “It’s not just about getting a new piano Anti. You’re not musical, you don’t understand. When you find the right instrument…you have a connection with it, something deeper than just a material object. I spent years looking for the right piano, playing and testing countless ones to see if it would fit me and then I found that one and it was perfect. It was one of the most important things in the world to me and you ruined it. Just because I insulted you, which I’ve done countless times before.”

“I’m sorry!” Anti exclaimed, “I’ll buy you a new one.”

“That isn’t the point!” Dark shouted, and the volume of his voice gave Anti pause. It was rare for Dark to shout and for his shell to stay intact, and Anti wasn’t entirely sure what it meant that that was precisely what had happened. Had he really shocked Dark so much that his aura had receded, leaving only the man behind?
“The songs I wrote on that piano won’t sound the same on any other instrument. And this one,” Dark gestured down the top-most song, Circles, “I was writing this one about you. You can’t just…finish a song on a different instrument.”

Anti didn’t speak, he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t understand why it was such a big deal, but he had to admit the sounds Dark produced when he had played that piano had been beautiful. And Dark clearly understood more about instruments than Anti did, which was fine. It was understandable for him to focus on anything but his anger at the broken instrument as well, because Anti knew Dark hated it when his shell completely broke.

Standing up, he left the room. He couldn’t be with Dark right now, wouldn’t have been able to say the right thing or offer him any comfort of any kind. Right now, there was only one thing he could do.


Their relationship wasn’t the same after the breaking of the piano. Dark was still in shock for a while, although Anti knew he hadn’t thrown away his music. They didn’t spend half as much time together, but that suited them both since they had their own side projects to deal with.

When Anti showed up at Dark’s office requesting him to play the unfinished song Circles, he half-expected Dark to slam the door in his face. Instead, Dark raised an eyebrow and folded his arms.

“I don’t have anything to play it on.” He muttered.

“You don’t, but I do.” Anti replied, pulling one of Dark’s arms free and dragging him from the room. He pulled him continuously through to Dark’s office, where everything was shrouded in shadows except for a grand piano sitting in the centre.

The Steinway showed signs of where Anti had broken it, but also signs that it had been put back together with the utmost care and attention. Polished to a perfect shine, the keys and strings replaced and Dark was stuck in the doorway looking at the piano that only a few weeks ago had been a jumbled mess on the floor.

“You fixed it?” He whispered.

“I didn’t do it myself,” Anti replied, “But I arranged for it to be done. I’m really sorry I broke it, Dark.”

Dark looped an arm around Anti’s waist and pulled him close, kissing him suddenly enough to make the glitch squeak quietly in surprise. “Thank you.” He murmured, resting his forehead against Anti’s and offering him a genuine smile.

Anti grinned, “So will you play Circles for me now?”

“It isn’t finished.” Dark protested weakly as Anti led him to the piano and trailed his hand along it, their fingers entwined as they did.

“I want to hear it anyway.” Anti pushed, “Please.”

Nodding, Dark took a seat the piano and gently ran his fingers across the keys. They were the same as the ones from the old piano, slightly smoothed where his fingers would hit them during playing, and Dark had to take a moment to stop himself from breaking down. Anti pulled up a chair next to the piano and lounged next to him, waiting patiently.

Dark glanced at him. The song he had written didn’t do Anti justice, not at all. So, with the glitch sitting next to him, Dark began to play, a completely new song that came to him almost instaneously. Anti was silent throughout the entire thing, captivated by Dark playing and it was in that instant that Dark knew exactly why Anti had repaired the piano for him. This was one of the most important things to Anti as well, getting to listen to Dark pour his all into piano pieces, songs that spoke of the entire world they struggled again, and all the love they had for each other. Circles was always going to be incomplete, because to Dark, Anti was too precious to name, and no matter what song he played for him, it would always be different, because nothing could ever pin Anti down.

When the song was over, Dark leaned over and kissed Anti again.

“Thank you.” He whispered against his lips.

Anti kissed him again in response.

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Who's that guy in the tattoo slip gif? 😍

His Name is Kim Jiwon but he goes with the stage name Bobby! He is part of the 7 member idol group ‘iKON’

- Full Name: Kim Jiwon / Stage Name: Bobby (95 liner)

- He is the second rapper of the group, dancer, lyricist, composer & sometimes also vocal (part of Team B)

- He was born on december 21, 1995 (turned 21 in december 2016/ 22 korean age) was born in Seoul but raised in Virginia US 

- Joined YGE at the age of 16 (in 2011)

- He left his family in the US at a really young age to become famous so he could bring them back to korea someday and build/buy a house for them there (what he achieved in 2015)

- He is together with Hanbin (B.I) and Jinhwan one of the three original members of the group what means that they were (out of all iKON members) trainees under YG for the longest

- He won 2014 rap survival show “Show me the money 3″ here are some of his songs:

- L4L (lookin’ for luv feat. dok2 & The quiett) 

- Go 

- Bounce

- YGGR#hiphop 

- Also his promo song for SMTM4 ‘King of the youth’

- And his solo song that was released in 2016: ‘HOLUP!’

-  GQ Korea included him in their 2014 “Men of the Year” feature”. This feature included “men who have made an impact on culture in 2014 watch video here

- Watch some of his pre debut beatboxing here 

- He was, as I mentioned before, featured in epik highs “Born hater”/ Hi SUHYUN’s “I’m different” & Masta Wuu’s “Come here” (all songs released in 2014) and co- wrote (together with hanbin & song mino) WINNER’S “Empty” 

- Was featured in Lee Hi’s 2016 album Seoulite -> ‘Video’ // Was featured in Reddy’s (2016) SMTM5 performance -> ‘Like this’  // Was featured in PSY’s album 4x2=8 -> ‘BOMB’

- He has production credit for 35 songs so far

- He is very religious & grew up in church where he learned to play guitar, drums and the piano  

- He has one tattoo on his back “Fear only god hate only sins”. He made the tattoo together with his older brother & father (all three have the same tattoo) Read more about it here  

- He has an older brother by three years named Kim Jiun

- He formed a sub unit called MOBB together with Winner’s Song mino in 2016 two sub unit songs were released in 2016 ‘Full House’‘Hit me’

- Trademark: eyesmile, sharp jawline, high tension on stage & bunny teeth

- Some of his Nicknames: Bunny, Kimbap, King of the youth, mood maker, smiley face, eyesmile

- Things he likes/is fan of: Bob marley, winnie the pooh, his fans, fast food, trap music (or just music in general), cats, to wake up early (and eat breakfast), to work out, being/living freely, light fixtures, art, naruto, sleeping when he is bored or there is nothing to do

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: seafood

- Habit’s: smiles even when mad, showing front teeth, high-tension on stage, sleep talking, snores, polite especially to elders (always 90-degrees bow), dabbing 

Few Characteristics: Looks hardcore at first but is a sweetheart, really strong rapping voice and strong image on stage, more than confident, jokes around A LOT, doesn’t fit his age because he is actually 5 years old, sosososo loyal, loves to eat and sleep, is called bunny by the fans due to his cute front teeths.

[ 96617 ] 絶対希望バースデー Absolute Hope Birthday (piano) short.V
ChromeXVII (96617) ; 山田智和 (Tomokazu Yamada)
[ 96617 ] 絶対希望バースデー Absolute Hope Birthday (piano) short.V

Soundcloud link

I’ve tried to make a piano version of Zettai Kibou Birthday because I absolutely love that song. I’m bad at recording myself so I’ve only recorded a bit of it for now but I will upload the full version if I manage to record it, and I may also record Zanka which completes the single since I can play it too!

Zanka piano cover

full size illustration