and i only like the last 3 movies


“My little brother loves creepy clowns. He’s only 3 so I won’t let him watch IT, but he still loves Pennywise. He asked me to paint his face like Pennywise. He’s done pennywise before but I lost most of the pictures. And since we’ve gotten more pictures of the movie Pennywise, I decided to redo the photo shoot and really go big. The shot in the water was actually a last minute decision. I thought about the scene in the basement and my friends own a lake, so I asked them if I could stop by and toss him in the lake. They said it was fine so he got in the lake and made his “mean face” and I got the perfect shot. “This is the first IT photo shoot I did. At first, he had a plastic bag on his head and a wig and I edited the forehead to look more real. He didn’t have the full costume. So I decided to redo it. And the new one it’s his real hair, and his forehead is edited just a bit to look bigger because these costumes I make from household things I happen to have. So I didn’t have a bald cap and liquid latex, and I threw that old orange wig away. That’s my favorite part of doing it. I don’t really plan things out and make these fancy costumes. Occasionally I do, but with Pennywise, he’s got on an old white blazer, I tied the sleeves with some string to give it the puffy look and the little cuffs at the end. He’s got a dress on under that’s rolled up under it to give it the puffy thing on his hips. The collar is a dress my sister has that I just turned inside out and put around his neck. So really the only thing I bought was orange hairspray and some balloons. I make most everything from simple things I find around the house.“

Photo Credit: Eagan Tilghman
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1) Smile at strangers. Because the world is tough enough without holding back such a simple kindness.
And so what if they don’t smile back? A smile is a gift to both the giver and the receiver.

2) Exhale compliments like carbon dioxide. You’re carrying a mouth full of bandages if you’d only say something.

3) School is important. But not more important than your mental health.

4) Your goals are attainable. Everyone who ever did; first believed that they could. So believe. Every expert was once a novice. So practice.

5) Be honest.

6) Don’t take your friends for granted. Take them to the movies instead. Hold them tighter. Remember that it might be the last time.

7)Living is not about competing with everyone else. I know it feels like a race but the only record you need to beat is your own. Be better than you were yesterday.

8)Your success doesn’t mean another person’s failure. You won’t get happiness by taking it away from someone else.

9)You are worthy. You are good. You are loved. Don’t ever forget it. Write it down before breakfast. Sing it in the shower. Feel it in your bones like marrow; in your skin like pins and needles; in your heart like a first love.

10) The count down is silent but you’re still running out of time. Do the things you’ve been thinking about.

11) I know that fear of success can be even more paralysing than fear of failure. What if you achieve all your goals? What if your dreams really do come true? But you won’t find the answer by asking the question.

12) Things will not always work out how you hoped. Be flexible. When the hurricane comes remember that the tree that does not bend; will break.

13) Buy yourself flowers. You are all the reason you need.

14) Be kind to your body. Drink more water. Take a nap. Dance. Don’t just live; feel alive.

15) Applaud yourself. You did good. You’ll do better. The possibilities are endless.

16) Be patient. Most of the things that take time are worth waiting for.

17) You can change whenever you want to. This is your story. So turn to a fresh page. Write yourself over. Call it a plot twist. Don’t let anyone tell you how it ends.

—  17 things I need you to remember this year by Ceres @mentamorphisis
First crush (part 1)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader, Tony Stark (dad) x Reader

Summary: After being home schooled your whole life, it’s finally your first day in high school. You are so excited to finally have a chance to live a normal teenage life. Well as normal as you could get. 

Word count: 1544 (this part is pretty long, the other parts are going to be shorter)

A/N: This is the first thing that I have ever written so please go easy on me. I have written five parts to this story and I’m going to post a new part everyday. I would really appreciate constructive criticism. So, if you think of something that I could do better let me know! So here we go. I hope you guys like it!

PS You can send me requests if you want! I can write about almost any Avenger. By sending me requests you can help me improve myself. 

Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

You were Tony Stark’s biggest secret. You were his daughter. Only his closest friends and the Avengers knew about you. You were tired of it. Last weekend while the Avengers were on a mission you watched all the teen movies and romantic comedies you could find on Netflix. After each movie, you were more and more tired of the way you were living. Your whole life you have been home schooled, you’ve never had any real friends or boyfriends. Not even crushes (well if you don’t count the short crush you had on Bucky when he first moved to the compound). You wanted to experience the whole teenage life. All the high school drama, hating your teachers for giving you too much homework for the weekend and crushing over all the cute high school boys. So, when your dad came back from the mission you went to him immediately and told him that you wanted to go to a regular high school. “Why in the hell would you wanna to go to that teen hell?” was your dad’s first reaction. After hours and hours of persuading him, your dad finally gave in.

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soiluv1d  asked:

What is your favorite Kuroken HC?

My favourite KuroKen HCs??? Oh my god. Everything involving Cuddles. Lots and lots of cuddles!!! Like… like:

1. Kenma likes to use Kuroo like a chair, especially when he’s playing his PSP. Kuroo tucking his chin on top of Kenma’s head.
2. When Kenma gets tired, Kuroo carries him to the bedroom (bridal carry or face to face while Kenma’s legs around his waist).
3. Kuroo gets super clingy and touchy to Kenma when he’s in a bad mood.
4. Kuroo and Kenma getting tons of cats once they start living together, who they cuddle with every day. Their home made into cat-friendly home.
5. Kuroo clings to Kenma like a Koala in his sleep.
6. Kenma wearing Kuroo’s oversized shirt and walking around without pants on. Kuroo likes it very, very much.
7. When Kenma gets jealous, he purposely sticks to Kuroo closely and acts like a grumpy cat.
8. When Kenma is having a bad week, Kuroo buys him a whole apple pie to be eaten for the week (which lasts only 3 days cos Kenma is an apple pie monster).
9. Kenma likes to bully Kuroo a bit by picking a horror movie for movie night cos he knows Kuroo is bad with horror movies and gets squeamish easily. Kuroo uses this as an excuse to cuddle.
10. Kuroo and Kenma naming their Cat kids after video games characters.

…. wait that’s not just one HC isn’t it.

When I draw Khadgar, I’m mostly inspired by the books. And storywise, only by the books. But I like to add some visual details from the movie. To mix up things I like.

So I drew this version of Khadgar with his outfit from the movie cause I really wanted to draw it again. I think it looks really cute x//D I love his cloak, and I like how it looks without it too !

So yeah -w- ❤

Pissed myself while drunk at a friends apartment!

You guys get the drill by now. This is the 3rd omorashi experience I had that I wrote about for I’m having fun bringing all my written works to a new community, given how well they’ve been received elsewhere. You guys are awesome! ^^


I think you guys are rubbing off on me, in an odd way. This is my third experience I have to write recently, and I think I’m almost subconsciously letting myself get into these situations at this point. I’ve really gotta learn to go when I’ve gotta go.

I visited a friend yesterday. I hadn’t seen her in awhile, and her and two other girls including me were having a get together at her apartment. I was the first to show up, as I had to be there early in the day, so I stayed in her apartment for a bit while she stepped out because she had things to do…I was basically house-sitting for a bit. Just kind of hung around, watching tv, playing Playstation 2, good stuff. In that time I had a Rockstar and 2 beers. She ended up getting back around 11 o'clock with the others, and we just started hanging out and chilling. Usually we have like card games or board games we play or even some Smash Melee 1v1’s, but last night we were just content to sit around and chat, shooting the shit and talking about whatever topic came up while passing around rum and vodka. We eventually marathoned some Netflix movies, but that didn’t happen until later last night, after this story (We were up until the late morning. Its almost 5 pm and I’ve only been up an hour or two).

Here’s the description phase, and I’ll be a little bit more complete for newcomers. I’m pretty average height, but if I’m around my friends I feel pretty short because they’re all tall. I was 5'8-5'9 last time I checked, though sometimes online I’ll lie through my virtual teeth and say 5'11 because I hate feeling small. Last time I checked my weight like 3 weeks-a month ago I was 116 pounds. I have long black hair, goes past my shoulders, but its not really well taken care of. Split ends and bedhead glaore. Its only nights like this one I go through the effort to make it look not trash. I’m pretty pale and pasty, I try to tan during summers but I almost always burn and it sucks. I usually give up by August and sit under a parasol on beach days like I’m a goddamn vampire or something. Lucky for me, my complexion has always been pretty fair and acne free, due to my face-wash, so I have that going for me appearance wise at least. On this particular day I was wearing some light-grey leggings for comfort, a black bra and panties, along with a black crop top (to show off the belly button piercing I got like a month ago) and a zebra striped, unbuttoned overshirt. Really slutty looking, I know, but its not like we were going out. I just needed to show up all my friends, because I’m an ass like that. I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer looking gross, so I try to look pretty every once and awhile. :P

Anywho, back to the story, we were all sitting around talking. I took in a beer, and another, and that went through me along with the stuff I drank earlier, but I had easily ignored it because I was also doing shots. Vodka is obviously the second coming of Christ. Mmmm. As we know, things like beer are a diuretic, and eventually I was pretty drunk off my rocker, and I really had to pee. But I was drunk, and I was like pssshhh its fine. And as an omo enthusiast, needing to pee was exciting, and the alcohol made me consider the reprecussions of holding it in remarkably less, and it didn’t even occur to me that being inebriated might affect my ability to hold properly. As I was sitting on the couch, I just pulled the blanket over me and held myself, and continued on with the conversation. The need to pee grew, but instead of getting up to go, I just got more excited! I mean, I’m a big girl, I know my limits right? The bathroom is literally 6 feet away, its not like I somehow won’t make it when I need to go! So instead of going, I continued holding it, while still taking active part in the discussion, making it almost a game where I was absolutely desperate and trying to keep friends from noticing. Gripping myself under the blanket, subtly rocking, it worked so well. Of course I continued shots. It didn’t occur to me even that I might have difficulty with my balance once I stood. I didn’t even think about it.

Naturally, I got to the point where I was even sweating with the effort of holding it, yet still didn’t really care. I had to pee, so what right? But I also didn’t consider one of my friends thinking something was up. Katie looked at me and straight up asked me, “Are you alright?”

I didn’t know how to answer. I just suddenly froze, trying to think of something, staring her right in the eyes like a confused cat. It was at this worst possible time, that my mind drifting off had suddenly taken an edge off my holding ability, and I started leaking. Katie asked again if anything was wrong, and now all eyes were on me as I was frozen staring at katie, and I felt a small “psshhh” as my hand got wet, in its position shoved in between my legs. I quickly clenched my legs to slow the flow and swiftly started nodding like crazy, and started explaining, while nervously stuttering might I add, how I was in that situation where with the blanket I’m warm, and without it I’m cold, so I only have it over my lap to try and even it out, but I was still a bit warm regardless. Luckily I wasn’t the only one that was piss drunk and they totally bought that, as little sense as it made for me to be sweating and shaking from this. One of my other friends suggested we all gather in the bedroom and watch netflix on the tv in there, as the ones sitting on the floor and not the couch were getting chilly, and as the bed was against the wall so there was enough room for all of us to sit on the bed and lean against the wall and get cosy. While everyone was chatting and agreeing with her I was frozen in the realization that I had really gotten myself into a predicament. While I was thinking this I couldn’t help it. I felt it again.



I felt the short hisses against my hand again and again, my hand getting wet, and I could feel the couch underneath me becoming warm. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I was wetting on my friend’s couch, right in front of them all. Luckily they didn’t seem to notice. They all got up and a few of them filed into the bedroom, Katie asking if I was coming. I sharply nodded and used my spare hand to handle my phone, saying I just needed to check something first. Pssshh. They went in. Except for Steph, who immediately went into the bathroom. I suddenly went numb. God dammit Steph.

I shot up like a lightning bolt, and looked down at the couch. There was a blanket folded over thrice covering the cushions, and there was a large stain where I had been sitting. A pretty significant one too, and still warm. I flipped the folded blanket over to its other side, and thankfully it wasn’t soaked all the way through. So I left it flipped, knowing since I was sleeping there nobody would be the wiser, given it also looked the same from the other side. I felt between by legs. Warm and wet. Same with my ass. I mentally cursed as it happened again as my hand became warm and damper. Pssshh.

I ran to the bathroom and stood just outside it and realized Steph would realize the moment she looked at me that I was wetting myself, and I just moaned from frustration. I stumbled to the bathroom, leaking some more. My thighs and the front of my leggings got it from the angle, and it crawled in a wet little line across the top of my front thigh. Shit. Now I couldn’t just hide my ass and hope for the best. So I did what every stupid drunk would try. I hid next to the door against the wall, like I was in a spy movie. Leaning against the wall, my legs locked together and my hands between them, I was able to see my swollen belly thanks to the croptop and I almost lurched upon realizing how much I was holding. Then I just stood still and silent, my goal being for Steph to not know I was there and just walk by when she was done. This proved to be my undoing, as by being silent I could hear Steph’s powerful stream hitting the water as she peed, from the other side of the door. This did me in.

I couldn’t take the sound of her peeing. Leaning against the wall, gripping at myself for dear life, my legs wobbling, I couldn’t stop myself. I started gasping as I felt my hands grow warm from the very thing I was trying to prevent.

Psssh. Psssssshhh…..ssssssshhhhhhhhh…..

The hissing against my hands, all too familiar at this point, grew in strength, length, and intensity. I clutched and gasped and whined, but I could barely manage any futile attempt as drunk as I was. I was using the wall just to be able to stand upright. My leggings all around the back of my legs started to feel warm, and I could feel my urine dripping down from my crotch, to my ass, down my thighs…the feeling almost had me let go completely right there, if not the sound of it hitting the floor. But I couldn’t give up. Anybody could come out of the bedroom and stare right at me as I peed my pants. I moaned as I felt a rather big PSHH leave my hands and stream down my legs.

And then the door opened. And Steph lurched by, laughing at something like it was the most hilarious thing on earth, and went right past me. Thank the omo gods. I darted in quick as a flash, slammed the door, and held myself up against the sink. I looked at myself in the mirror, wide eyed in terror as I realized the movement had only made things worse.


It was all over now, pouring down my legs, like several connected streams with the force of a rapid river. The sound of it drenching myself as well as the floor was deafening, my legs turned inward at the knees. I was soaked. I was wetting myself with full force. Damage minimization. Toilet. Where’s the toilet. I need to sit on it, that much I can do.

Only I couldn’t. The moment I let go of the sink I fell ass first onto the tub edge. The position made the sound of my peeing louder, an echoed hissing throughout the bathroom as it poured down the side of the tub. As a last ditch effort I let myself slide back into the tub, so my back hit the tub wall, with my wet knees hooked on the edge. I was partially laying down, in a really awkward position. But I couldn’t do anymore damage or leave anymore evidence like this. Thankfully as well, as I physically couldn’t remotely fight it any longer, even though I tried, laying there horizontally with my hands between my legs, moaning “No, no no no nooo!!”

My crotch was just oversaturated, my pee all but sprawing out from between my fingers, a steady stream covering both the top of my leggings and my belly, and going down, soaking the entirety of my ass and even drenching my back and the bottom of my overshirt. I knocked my legs together feebly, gripping between them all the way. Gotta give me an E for effort, right? Of course, I was eventually empty. In my effort to minimize the damage I had ended up soaking more of myself than I should have. But at least the mess would be easier to clean up. Outside was first, I decided. I stripped my leggings and overshirt off so I was only in my panties and crop top. I gathered up toilet paper, and opened the door to look. I could hear the girls all giggling in the bedroom. A nice opportunity.

I wiped up my puddle beside the door, darted out and grabbed my bag, and ran back in. I stripped off, putting my wet clothes in the bag, and taking my jammies out. I grabbed a shower, and then used the towel I had just dried off with to wipe up my rather large lake of a puddle next to the tub. I ended up having to pee again while in the shower, so I just let it go while I was in there. I mean, I was showering anyway. I probably should have taken a bath though, as my balance was real poor. If it wasn’t for the shower bar and mat, I could have broken my neck. But I don’t think straight after alcohol. I only drink straight. Ba dum tss. Anyway.

I got out of the shower, and once I was all fresh and jammied up I knew I had gotten away with it, assuming nobody randomly checked the underside of the couch blanket. I went in and sat next to another friend who asked what took so long and I just told her I showered. I laid my head on her shoulder and watched TV with them and fell asleep pretty quick. I was exhausted. When everyone was going to sleep she woke me up. I made my way to the couch but realized I was bursting again, so I immediately used the bathroom again to avoid incident. I laid down and set an alarm on my phone to wake me before anyone else (A few hours ago actually) so I could wash the blanket, making the excuse her cat peed on it when I had gotten up to use the bathroom. Went smooth as a baby’s bottom. She even thanked me for doing so.

Another accident, another smooth getaway.

Remember the wolf from pulp fiction? I’m starting to feel like him, but for omo. The omo wolf. :P Can clean up and hide any accident.

As always, feel absolutely free to let me know how I’m doing! Its come to my attention a lot of people like my writing so I’m typing up every incident I have, and constantly trying to improve! Thanks for reading, as always! You’ve all been so kind to me, I love you all.

Have a fantastic day! :D

Gold Digger ~E.C.~

Summary: your bestfriend is dating a gold digger.

Requested: nope.

Note: I’m getting the rest of my imagines done and this I’m going to work on my Wattpad stories. :))

I was sitting in my friends living room while me, him and his girlfriend watch a movie. It was supposed to be just me and him but she wanted to “swing by and see how he was” as she put it. That actually meant she was going to take pictures with him and post them just for followers. His girlfriend sickened me. Sure she was pretty and had an amazing body, but her attitude was shit and her personality was next to nothing.

Me and Ethan met when we were little and he was doing some filming for Shameless, my mom was costume manager so I hung out with him and Emma a lot. Me and Ethan became closer. I’ve always had a crush on him, okay maybe I was practically in love but he’s dating Brielle

“Awe man, I forgot I have a casting to be at.” She says loudly and puts a pout on. She’s an actress and she’s been in plenty of big movies, I still think she’s stuck in her brothers shadow, but whatever.

“Awe babe you’re leaving?” Ethan says unwrapping his arm from her shoulder.

“Yea. But don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow and we can have the whole day to ourselves” I saw her sneak a side glance towards me but I decided to roll my eyes at the foolishness.

They kiss goodbye and she stands up to leave. She walks right past me without even acknowledging my presence.

As soon as the door slams shut I speak up.

“You know she’s only with you for fame right?”

“Y/N what the fuck? Did you accuse my girlfriend of being a gold digger?” Ethan looks completely shocked but my face hasn’t changed a bit. I walk over to the couch Ethan was on and sat next to him.

“Fine, what do y'all do when y'all are together?” I say looking in his eyes.

“Usually watch movies and mess around on snapchat.”

“When was the last time she posted a picture of you on snapchat?”

“Like 3 minutes ago”

“Ok and Instagram?”

“A few minutes after she got here” he says finally understanding. He puts his elbows on his knees and and rubs his face. All I do is rub his back.

“So what do I do? I’ve never been in this situation. Why can’t girls just like me for me? Not Carl Gallagher. It’s pissing me off.” He says extremely frustrated.

“I do.” I say quietly before I can think.

“What? You do what?” He says snapping his head up. The back rubs come to stop before I take deep breath.

“Fine. I’ll say it now. Not how pictured it but fuck it. Ethan Cutkosky I love you. I don’t give a damn about how many followers you have, I don’t give a damn what character you play in some stupid ass show. I love you. The funny kid who’s always making me laugh. The kid who’s got the biggest smile and cutest eyes. I love you. Fuck everyone else because I love you” I say now standing in front of him.

He just stares at me for a moment and I feel my heart drop after he doesn’t say anything. I look at his face and see him mouth “fuck it” before he stands up and grabs my face.

I feel our lips smashed together and moving in sync. His arms make their way down to my hips pulling me closer as I wrap my arms around his neck. The kiss is so powerful, I’m pretty sure we’re the only thing holding eachother up.

Ethan gets the same idea because he breaks the kiss and sits down on the couch pulling me with him. As soon as I’m straddled in his lap he reconnects our lips. I grab his cheeks and pull his face to mine. He pulls me even closer my wrapping his arms all the way around my back.

I begin kissing down his jaw and to his neck. I suck and nibble until I find his sweet spot under his jaw. I create a hickey and hear him groan my name. I pull back a little bit to see him. He looks at me smiling before pulling my neck towards his mouth.

I throw my hair onto my other shoulder and begin grinding my hips against Ethan as he makes love bites all over my neck.

“Fuck baby girl, you’re so sexy” He says biting on my collar bone. I giggle and rip off my tshirt and reveal my bra and diamond bra liner. He drags his thumb around the edge mesmerized my boobs. He looks back up at me with a childish smile broke kissing me again.

We both work to take the rest of our clothes off. I finish pulling down my underwear and see Ethan standing there with just his boxers.

I run down the hall to his bedroom and hear him chase me.

Before I make it to the bed he grabs me and spins me around. He pulls me by my hips and kisses me again. We slowly walk to the bed where he lays me down.

He moves his lips down to my neck and chest causing me to push my hips up trying to get friction. He pulls down his boxers and looks in my eyes. I nod letting him know I’m sure about this.

He slowly pushes into me cause us both to groan. After some time he begins moving slowly. I moan at the feeling because I’ve never had sex this great. Sure I’ve been with plenty of guys but none felt like Ethan. I could feel his passion entering me with every thrust.

I hear Ethan groaning and moaning in my ear and it’s one of the most beaautiful sounds on earth.

“Feels so good, E” I say getting closer and closer. I can tell he’s getting close too, because he’s going faster and sloppier.

“Fuck y/n I’m almost there, holy shit, clench again” I follow his orders and I cum immediately almost screaming.

I feel Ethan spurring his cum in me before he slowly pulls out and lays down next to me.

“I like you too y/n. Actually I love you. I think I always have. I would go into more detail, but I’m kinda tired from having the best sex of my life” Ethan says pulling me into his chest. I laugh a little before moving to lay on him.

“Alright, sleepyhead. Take a nap and when you wake up, we’ll have round two of the best sex of your life.” I hold him tight and hear him mumble yes please. His heavy breathing immediately puts us both to sleep.

Preference #2 | You’re Best Friends.

A/N: Sooo Calum’s preference got a little long. OOPS!


It was week number 3 of the boys’ world tour. This meant it had been 3 weeks without my best friend. Ashton promised to call, text, and FaceTime when he got the chance. And to my surprise, he actually did do things on a fairly regular basis. We got into a pretty regular routine with when he’d call. Although, it wasn’t like being face to face. We both knew it. It was impossible to have movie nights or to go to the mall together. It had only been 3 weeks, but I already had plane tickets to go and see him. He had no clue and I wanted to keep it that way until the very last second. I had communicated with Luke since they left about coming. He said he’d make up some sort of excuse as to why he had to go to the airport to come pick me up. Luke would take me to the venue and I’d help out where I could for 2 weeks. The time to get off the plane had come and I texted Luke: I’m landed :) . I somehow had stuffed everything into a duffle and a backpack. I went to grab my bag and saw Luke waiting. “Hey, Luke!” I walked over and gave him a hug. “Ready to go see your boyfriend?” He smiled. “We.. aren’t dating. We’re just friends.” I stuttered. Luke laughed. “Sorry, the way he’s been talking about you lately, I just assumed he’d asked you out.” I blushed. “He talks about me?” Luke rolled his eyes. “Are you seriously joking? The guy literally only shuts up about you when we tease the shit out of him; and even then he’ll start again in a couple hours.” I turned even redder. “oh..” “But you didn’t hear it from me. Actually, you didn’t hear that at all.” Luke said. We hopped in an Uber and got to the venue. We put my stuff into the bus and then headed inside. “LUKE! Did you get the headphones you wanted because I found ones that look way better at.. HOLY SHIT! Y/N!” The curly haired boy came running towards me at full speed. I was soon lifted off of the ground. “What are you doing here?” He smiled. “Well, I guess this isn’t my apartment. Weird.” I teased. “I’m so glad you’re here. I missed you so much, you have no idea.” I laughed. “No, you have no idea how much I freaking missed you.” I responded. Ashton pulled me in even closer. Our faces were inches apart from each other. “Hi.” He whispered. “Hello, Ash.” I giggled. Suddenly his lips were on mine. His eyes widened and he quickly pulled back. “I don’t know why I just did that.” “I’m not mad. It was kinda nice actually.” “Again?” He asked with a huge smile. I nodded and we began to kiss again. “THEY ARE KISSING! YOU OWE ME TEN BUCKS, MICHAEL!” Calum yelled.


“Pizza?” Michael asked. “We literally had pizza last movie night and the past 3 other times.” I groaned. “And what goes better with a movie than pizza?” He asked. “I don’t know, maybe like Chinese or Chipotle?” Michael pouted. I rolled my eyes. “You win this time, Clifford. Just this once!” I yelled as I went to grab the pizza takeout menu. I ordered pizza and sat back on the couch. “Wanna Netflix and chill?” Michael joked. “In the most innocent way possible, yes.” I laughed. “Oh c’mon. You’re no fun.” He rolled his eyes. I started grabbing movies and we finally decided on a comedy. The pizza arrived and we ate it happily while watching movies. We started cuddling as it got later. All of a sudden, Michael’s front door was burst open. The other three boys came tumbling in. “We heard it was movie night!” Ashton yelled. The other two boys smiled and nodded. “Oh, we aren’t interrupting anything, are we?” Calum teased. “Yeah, we heard it wasn’t a date, so we thought it would be fine if we came over.” Luke added. Michael glared at all of them. “It should be really fun with you guys here! I’ll go make more popcorn and grab more drinks.” I said and went into the kitchen with Michael close behind. “I can kick them out if you don’t want them here.” Michael said. “I mean I would’ve preferred the two of us, but we never said they couldn’t come, so the more the merrier!” I said as I grabbed the fresh popcorn and a couple of sodas. I set the stuff on the coffee table as the boys mumbled thank yous. I sat back down on the couch as the boys grabbed a horror movie. “Great..” I mumbled. Michael soon joined me back on the couch. “Are you okay watching this?” Michael whispered. I nodded my head as I began to see the horror in front of me. The movie kept getting scarier and tears started to silently come down my face. Michael looked down at me and tried to make me look away, but I’d gotten this far into the movie and I just hoped to see a happy ending soon. I continued to silently cry for awhile. Michael quickly grabbed me and started kissing me. “JESUS MICHAEL!” Luke shouted. Michael pulled away. “Now we know why we’ve never officially been invited to one of these movie nights!” Ashton said. “Seriously, if you’re going to do that get a room!” Calum added. “This is my house. This all is my room.” I continued to sit there blushing and speechless. “Well, on that note we will be heading home because our work is done here.” Ashton said. They all got up, said quick good-byes, and left. “Why did you kiss me?” I asked shyly. “You were crying. I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to make it stop and I didn’t know how and… and I’m sorry.” He flustered. “It’s okay. I’m not complaining, I just wanted to know.” He smiled.


“Luuuuuuuukkkkeeeee” I called out. I had just gotten to his and Michael’s place, so we could hang out. I heard footsteps coming from the floor above me and saw Michael coming down the stairs. “Well, you’re not the postmates guy.” Michael sighs. “Hi to you too, Mikey. Where’s Luke?” Michael just pointed up the stairs where their bedrooms are. I nodded and headed upstairs. Luke’s door was open and I saw him soundly sleeping. I started to walk closer to him, so I could wake him up. “Michael, I swear to god if you try and prank me, I will murder you.” My eyes widened. “Well, I guess I’m glad that I’m not Michael.” Luke opened his eyes. “Y/N! Just come cuddle for a little bit. I’m not ready to go to the mall yet.” “Obviously” I laughed. I crawled in the other side and he soon wrapped an arm around me. We just laid there for a few minutes. “So what do you need to get again at the.. oh” I looked at Luke and he was fast asleep. I tried to fall asleep until I heard Luke mumbling. “Y/N. She’s so nice.” I smiled. “So pretty.. funny.. kiss me..” My eyes widened. I checked to see if he was awake, but he was sleeping. I had a crush on Luke, but I wasn’t going to act on this. It could’ve been a weird dream and he could think we were just friends, which we were. He finally woke up and got ready for the mall. “Okay, I need to hit a few places to grab some new shirts and pants, you?” He asked. All I could think about was what he had said in his sleep. “Uh, I don’t need anything.” He gave me a weird look and we went to the mall. “What do you think of this shirt?” He asked. It was just a plain black tee. “It’s a nice basic.” He rolled his eyes and continued looking. “This?” “It’s a good thing for layering.” He held onto it and moved on to the pants. He grabbed a couple of black jeans and I continued to make awkward comments. He grabbed a pair of bright red skinny jeans. “What do you think about these?” He raised an eyebrow. “I think if you paired it with the right shirt, you could make it work..” He sighed. “Cut the crap. What’s going on with you? You’ve been acting weird all day.” I decided whether or not to tell him. “Well?” He asked. “I might have heard you talking about me in your sleep. You might have said something about kissing me or wanting to, but I get that dreams aren’t real, so I didn’t want to say anything.” I spewed. His eyes widened. “Okay, you weren’t supposed to hear that. But now that you have, I really like you and I have for awhile. I didn’t want to say anything in case you didn’t like me back.” He let out a big sigh. “Well, I kinda like you too.” I smiled and he smiled back. “Wanna make all my dreams into reality?” He smirked. “All?” I asked. Luke laughed and nodded. 


Being on tour with the guys was one of the best times of my life. We were all good friends and Calum was my best friend. We got to see different cities almost everyday and I got to hang out with these four dorks all of the time. “Y/N! Can you grab me a drink from up there? I don’t care what it is.” Luke yelled. Calum had gone bass shopping with John and I didn’t want to go, so I stayed back with the boys. “Yep!” I grabbed another coke and went into the back of the bus. Luke stood up and opened it just as the bus started for regular check ups. His coke went all over my shirt and I just laughed because it was the kind of luck I had. “Do you want to borrow a shirt? I know you need to do laundry at the next hotel.” Luke asked. “That’d be great, thanks.” Luke went and grabbed a shirt from the small bag he kept on the bus. I took it into the bathroom and threw my shirt into a plastic bag. I also put my hair up into a bun because my outfit became more casual. Luke and I watched a few episodes of The Office before Calum got back. “Y/n! I’m back!” He yelled as he walked on. “How was bass shopping?” I asked as he walked in. He looked at me and at the shirt I was wearing. “It was fine. I got a new bass.” Calum suddenly sounded like this was the most boring conversation in the world.I shrugged it off and let him go, maybe he was tired from walking around. It was time to head into the venue and I ran up to Calum to talk to him after I had given him some space. “So are you playing your new bass tonight?” I questioned. “Yeah.” He said as he quickened his pace. “Are you excited?” I continued. “Can you just leave me alone?” He raged. I stopped in my tracks. “I’ll be in the bus. Sorry.” I spun around and ran to the bus with tears streaming down my face. I’d ordered my weight in pizza and cheese breadsticks. I switched into my pajamas and stained my pillow with makeup and tears. I didn’t know what I did to Calum and he’d never been actually that angry with me. I fell asleep until I heard the boys get on the bus. “Where was Y/N tonight? She’s normally waiting for us after our set.” Ashton asked. “She’s in here; I think. I’m going to bed.”  Calum sighed. “Is there something going on between the two of you?” Ashton asked. “I’m. going. to. bed.” I could almost hear Ashton lift his hands up as Calum walked towards the bunks. I didn’t understand what his deal was and now he was mad at Ash too because of me… The tears started to come out again and got out of bed and ran into the back before anyone could hear me. The door slid shut behind me and I flopped onto the couch. “Can I get an answer out of you as to what’s going on or are you going to bed too?” Ashton whispered. I looked at the boy sitting on the opposite couch. “I would tell you if I knew, but I don’t. And damn, do I wish that I did.” I sighed. I eventually fell asleep on the couch while Ash watched some dumb movie. I woke up the next morning looking like a raccoon that got caught in a wind storm. My hairbrush and makeup remover were my best friends today. Luke came onto the bus looking like this was his walk of shame. “Where were you last night?” I asked sounding sadder than intended. “I went to the club and well, things progressed and..” “Oh. I hope it was a good time.” I said. I walked off the bus, grabbed my laundry, and walked into the hotel. I checked myself in and went to the laundry machines to begin.  I heard a pair of footsteps. “So, I don’t mean to open any wounds, but what did you do to Y/N?” Luke asked. “What did I do? What the hell do you mean? I didn’t even know you two had a thing until yesterday when I saw her wearing your fucking shirt and then you didn’t even come back last night. She was a mess last night and then you come back in the morning and tell her you cheated on her! Which isn’t fucking cool for a few reasons. 1. She’s my best friend. 2. Nobody should be treated like that. 3. YOU KNEW I LIKED HER AND YOU STILL DECIDED TO GO FOR HER AND BREAK HER HEART!” I heard something hitting the wall and I assumed it was Luke. “Dude, what the actual hell are you talking about? We aren’t a thing.” “Did she know that?” Calum questioned. I decided it was time to end this. I walked into the hallway. “Yes, Cal. Luke and I were never a thing. I was a mess last night because you freaked out at me for no reason. And I’m still a mess if you couldn’t tell. I don’t what I did, but this is between you and me; not me and Luke.” Calum let Luke out of his grip. He turned to me. “Why were you wearing his shirt then?” “He spilled coke on me and offered me a clean one because he knew I needed to do laundry. But your attitude makes me wish I’d just kept the spilled one on because I spent the night in the bus crying anyways.” I explained. “You could’ve borrowed one of mine.” He mumbled. “You would’ve freaked out at me! Do you not remember what you were like yesterday, Calum?” I yelled. “I wouldn’t have been mad at all if you just wore one of mine instead of his!” He yelled back. “Why would that even matter? It’s just a shirt.” Calum let out a huge sigh. “It does because I’m in love with you. And I want you to wear my shirts. I know we’re best friends, but like I want something more. God, I’ve wanted something more way before we even left for this tour. You wearing his shirt just like made me realize we aren’t more and that anyone could date you. And thinking about that makes my blood boil. I’m sorry if you don’t feel the same or whatever, but..” I cut him off. “Cal, I love you too. I wouldn’t look like this if I didn’t. I didn’t think you even liked me and I felt like I just came on this tour because you felt guilty leaving me like a puppy who follows you around everywhere.” He brings his lips to mine and pulls away. “If anything I’m the puppy that follows you around everywhere, babe. I don’t think I’ve ever gone shopping as much as when we started being best friends or had as many face masks or had as many lipstick swatches on my hands and arms as I did before. I did it because I was so freaking in love with you.” I blushed. “Do you want to be my girlfriend or continue to make me wait?” He asked. “As much fun as it sounds to make you wait, I’ll be your girlfriend.” I said. “FINALLY!” I heard all of the boys shout. 


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I found this on my cousin’s Facebook and felt like filling it out

USING ONLY ONE WORD! It’s not easy. 😂

1. Where is your cell phone? Hand
2. Your hair? Messy
3. Your dad? Sleeping
4. Your other half? N/A
5. Your favorite food? Carbs
6. Favorite color? Red
7. Your favorite drink? Tea
8. Fear? Breaking
9. Favorite shoes? Feet
10. Favorite way to relax? Sing
11. Your mood? Restless
12. Favorite Place? Bedroom
13. Where were you last night? Movie
14. Something that you aren’t? Rich
15. Muffins? Sometimes
16. Vacation spot? Europe
17. Where you grew up? Boring
18. Last thing you did? Draw
19. What are you wearing now? Pajamas
20. Your TV? Off
21. Your pets? Perfect
22. Life? Eh
23. Regrets? Many
24. Missing someone? Maybe

Why I think Justice League will suck:

1. The time it’s coming out, November. Movies that come out in November, December and January usually do so for a reason; cause they suck. Studios usually realize that the movie is bad and release them during the holiday season when everyone is too busy to go see it. Yes, a lot of good or at least mediocre movies come out during this time, but with the more recent DC movies it just makes me more skeptical.

2. The over-marketing. I was watching a movie on tv and there was literally a trailer every commercial break. Stop. Over-marketing is another sign of a bad movie, because it means the studio desperately wants to try to make back its budget.

3. The trailer is really unclear. Seriously, I have no idea what the movie is about. Is there a bad guy? Is superman in it? What is it even about? A lot of people don’t go to YouTube to watch trailers, so when they go to see the movie they’re practically walking in blind.

4. Also the trailer in general, other than being really unclear, it seems to focus heavily on Wonder Woman. The studio is trying to say, “Oh, you like Wonder Woman? WELL, HERES JUSTICE LEAGUE SHE PROBABLY ONLY HAS TWO SCENES THAT ARE SIMILAR TO HER LAST MOVIE, BUT LETS JUST MAKE HER THE FOCUS OF THE TRAILER SO YOULL GO SEE THE MOVIE!!” And, like she does that thing where she lands in front of the guys and says something and then saves their asses, stop, you can only do that so many times before it redundant.

5. All the setbacks and delays. First, the script needed to be rewritten, than the director quit (yes, I know why Zack Snyder quit, it really was a tragedy, but I heard that another director quit), and those are another two signs of a bad movie with no clear direction.

6. The run time. Holy fuck, two hours and fifty minutes??!! If you’re not lord of the rings, you can’t do that! But also it’s two hours and one minute? What is it?! This makes it very unclear again because if it’s two hours and fifty minutes, how much of it is unnecessary filler footage? And if it’s two hours and one minute, what as cut? What was so unimportant that it needed to be cut? Also, I’m a fan of DC, and I absolutely do not want to sit for almost three hours watching it, I’ll wait until it’s on Netflix or something.

7. The characters and their actors. Personally, I hate Ben afflecks batman. He feels too old to be a young playboy that gets girls (like Michael Keaton) and parties to an unhealthy point (like Christian Bale) and he’s too dark to bring any of the human to Bruce Wayne’s character. Bruce Wayne always had a bit of lightheartedness to him that was brought out by people around him, like Alfred, but his version is waaaay too dark and it strips away any personality and character that was left in Bruce Wayne, it makes him unlikeable, and when he loses people around him, you don’t feel bad because it feels like he never had a connection with them to begin with. Also, the guy who’s playing cyborg hasn’t ever really acted and I think he’s going to be bad, because he’s barely, if even, included in the trailers, sometimes I forget he’s even a part of the movie and I don’t think I’ve seen him say more than a few words in any of the trailers. And aqua man looks nothing like aqua man, so??? Why did they even do this??? Why are they so dark??? Marvel doesn’t make their characters this dark and look at them.

8. Reputation. Since 2013 (2008 depending on how you feel about TDKR) DC has only had one hit that’s been successful with critics and audiences, Wonder Woman. A lot of fans, casual and hardcore, don’t want to go see a movie that’s bad or disappointing. Also, DC feels like it’s copying marvel now. If I want to see good superhero movies, I’ll watch the Avengers, if I want to see bad superhero movies, I’ll watch batman v. Superman or suicide squad. They’re on tv every weekend or Netflix, at least they’re free or cheap and I don’t have to pay for a $15-$20 movie ticket and overpriced movie theatre snacks and transportation.

9. The CGI. Why is there so much CGI, like I’ve only seen maybe one or two scenes that aren’t completely CGI. This isn’t a “DC USES TOO MUCH CGI!!1!” Complaint, this is more directed to all action movies today that rely too heavily on CGI, including marvel. But so far, JL feels like every scene is an actor in front of a green screen (except for that bank scene with Wonder Woman, which also confuses me but I’d probably have to see the movie so it’s not taken out of context).

(This may be edited)

(And, even if the movie is a critical and audience success, I will leave this up because this is my opinion BEFORE the movie came out)

fall back into place

requested by anonymous: nico asking jason for relationship advice. warning: this went off in a completely random direction, but i hope u still enjoy!


Jason has a big, dumb grin, which suits him, as far as Nico is concerned, because he is a big, dumb guy.

“Stop looking at me like that,” Nico grumbles, but nope. The big dumb grin appears to be scowl proof.

“I just can’t believe you came to me!” Jason says, and he sounds genuinely excited and happy about it. It’s kind of weird.

Sometimes, the amount that his friends make him roll his eyes back into his skull makes him long for days of being alone with his thought and feared by the ghost of one thousand year old entities.

But those days were sad. These ones are much better.

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Okay Thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming



2. Legit though, I may have been flailing for her entire scene and I love Pepper Potts and this made me so fucking happy

3. I love Michelle, I love what they did with her and how interesting the character is. She didn’t have that many lines, but then ones she had were gold, and I love her. I’m also relatively sure that she knows Peter is Spider-Man and she’s just going to mess with him about it. 

4. I love Tony in the father role, and honestly, I love the amount of development he’s getting here, and how he’s doing his best to mentor Tony and even though there are things he could do better (more productive communication, and giving Peter the attention Peter very clearly needs), he’s trying and he’s putting in the effort not to be like his dad, and he’s also not shying away from making that comparison about his dad out loud to Peter and that actually means a lot because it means he’s not denying the role he’s taken on 

5. I like what they did with Liz, and the parallels to Gwen Stacy, with the whole father is Spider-Man’s enemy (in a completely different way but still) thing. I like Liz as a character too. I like that they made her a character and not just Love Interest. She had things she wanted to acomplish. 

6. I was so happy that Mason finally got to use the thing he had been working on for so long. like you go dude. it fucked some shit up, but hey, you achieved your goal there. 

7. and speaking of bad guys there, I like Vulture, and I like that Vulture chose to give Peter that chance to just go in and enjoy the dance, because from the very start of the movie, he wanted to do the best he could to provide for his daughter. he was a character I could root for, even with the fact that he was a bad guy. also, I like that Peter didn’t kill him. He wouldn’t do that to Liz.

8. also I think this movie talked way more about accountability than Civil War ever did, and I’m so glad that they are. we see the Damage Control department there and the fact that there actually is something out there in charge of fixing the shit that gets broken, and keeping the alien stuff away from people. I am really really really glad they showed that. 

9. all of their characters felt like characters and not just roles. Peter. May. Flash. Michelle. Liz. Vulture. Tony. Everyone felt like characters. Everyone had something they wanted to acomplish. 

10. the lego death star. tbh, flashback to me and my best friend at 14, or you know, now at 24, building legos all night while doing other shit too. that’s so realistic I love it. 

11. the Cap PSAs. they are so unlike Cap and I love them, and tbh, maybe if he was forced to sit down and watch all of them again he would learn that yeah, fucking patience is important you dumbass. (don’t get me wrong, I like Cap, but he could really learn to take his own advice)

12. still swooning over Pepper Potts here

13. I like that they took the chance to develop the world more too. We went back to things that happened in past movies. Avengers. Iron Man. Civil War. And we added in new details. Peter didn’t really know what he was fighting about in Civil War, and Tony didn’t give him much details. Yes, they did do damage control in Avengers, and yes, this is what happened to some of that tech. Same with Age of Ultron, they mentioned where they got some of it. Happy has been carrying that ring since the first Iron Man. It was a lot of casual development, the way world building should be. 

14. Honestly, it was really really nice to see a marvel movie that didn’t feel like they shoved way too many plots into one movie. they managed to properly develop the characters without feeling like it was too much. things weren’t slipping through the cracks. I can’t remember the last time I watched a marvel  movie that wasn’t throwing in so many new characters that it kind of didn’t make any of them stand out? I don’t know. It’s been awhile. Maybe Iron Man 3? Maybe Winter Soldier?

15. It was also really nice to see a superhero movie that wasn’t the end of the world. like yeah, okay, it’s nice when they save the whole world. but there’s only so many times I can watch that. I like this street level stuff. he’s not at save the whole world. he’s not overpowered. not yet. at this point, most of the Avengers are powerful enough that they don’t struggle with these kind of things and it’s not a challenge for them unless it’s crazy. and I’m growing bored of it. Spider-Man is different and he picked a cause to fight for. His neighborhood. He had a motive and he used it. He talked to people. He was clear in what he was fighting for. And it makes him care more about damage control too. He went and saved the guy at the deli, and the cat. would the other heroes have bothered with that? 

16. that thing where he tried to sew a boat together? that was like really epic, and awesome

17. Aunt May is kind of a dork

18. Peter actually learned his lesson about taking on too many things at once. It was nice. 

19. Even in prison, Vulture isn’t telling people who Peter is. I admire that. 


21. oh and also the quality of the acting in the scene where Peter finds out that Vulture is Liz’s dad??? A+++++ that was good

22. Also, I was not expecting that twist so A+ on that one too

Every time I talk about Avatar I always call it “Avatar: The Last Airbender” instead of just “Avatar” so that people know I’m not talking about Avatar the movie with the blue aliens but when I call it “Avatar: The Last Airbender” people always think I’m referring to the live action movie, which really shouldn’t confuse them anyway since that one doesn’t even have the word “Avatar” in the title, it’s only called The Last Airbender, and also it doesn’t even exist so why would I be talking about that one in the first place

Back at it again for 5.
  • This weekend will be a normal “Matty” style weekend. What does that mean? It means drinking beer, buying comics, playing games, day drinking, going to the movies, and eating foods. I like this kind of weekend.
  • I only have 3 projects left for the big customer I inherited when they laid off the designer in our Portland office. I am fucking ecstatic. The last month and a half, the work has been shuffled off to Texas. Fine by me! I am tired of being inundated with all the fucking emails for these jobs.
  • Every year there are always reports of some sort of production delay for the new iPhone. Every fucking year. This year has been no different. My dollars will be ready come September.
  • Speaking of Texas, I am purchasing airfare this weekend. :)
  • Just FYI, I am definitely not trying to suck my own cock.

Oh, and totally rockin’ my 2017 SDCC T today of course.


After watching a new Thomas’ video I was thinking about some things.
1. From a couple last videos we can see, Roman and Logan are increasingly competing with each other. It began for rap battle than Logan began to learn Spanish to offend Prince in the future. In “Growing Up” they cooperated and it didn’t go well (exclusioning Morality and fun was a mistake). Next they were against each other in “Making Some Changes” even if they wanted to do aliance. In last movie they’re still fighting. It isn’t like a banter between Anxiety and Prince, they are regular rivals. I think this is going to be a video with only this two!

2. My headcannon tells me Logic is this one who accepts the challenge because he is ambicious. Also it tells me Princey is against Logan because he is jelaous of friendship between Anxiety and Logic.

3. Logic and Morality represents Thomas’ love to puppies and all dogs. We know Morality is very excited about dogs but Logan too! He said Thomas about singing puppies and I remember the video when Logan was drawing puppies at the class! It was adorable. And Logic insisted that being in a cartoon was incomprehensible. THEN Morality mentioned about dog and Logan admited he understand! I suppose that Morality knew what to say and he did it on purpose. He know everything about love so he know about Logan’s love to dogs!
They both represents love to dogs because love to dogs is cute, funny AND logical!

1) Smile at strangers. Because the world is tough enough without holding back such a simple kindness.
And so what if they don’t smile back? A smile is a gift to both the giver and the receiver.

2) Exhale compliments like carbon dioxide. You’re carrying a mouth full of bandages if you’d only say something.

3) School is important. But not more important than your mental health.

4) Your goals are attainable. Everyone who ever did; first believed that they could. So believe. Every expert was once a novice. So practice.

5) Be honest.

6) Don’t take your friends for granted. Take them to the movies instead. Hold them tighter. Remember that it might be the last time.

7)Living is not about competing with everyone else. I know it feels like a race but the only record you need to beat is your own. Be better than you were yesterday.

8)Your success doesn’t mean another person’s failure. You won’t get happiness by taking it away from someone else.

9)You are worthy. You are good. You are loved. Don’t ever forget it. Write it down before breakfast. Sing it in the shower. Feel it in your bones like marrow; in your skin like pins and needles; in your heart like a first love.

10) The count down is silent but you’re still running out of time. Do the things you’ve been thinking about.

11) I know that fear of success can be even more paralysing than fear of failure. What if you achieve all your goals? What if your dreams really do come true? But you won’t find the answer by asking the question.

12) Things will not always work out how you hoped. Be flexible. When the hurricane comes remember that the tree that does not bend; will break.

13) Buy yourself flowers. You are all the reason you need.

14) Be kind to your body. Drink more water. Take a nap. Dance. Don’t just live; feel alive.

15) Applaud yourself. You did good. You’ll do better. The possibilities are endless.

16) Be patient. Most of the things that take time are worth waiting for.

17) You can change whenever you want to. This is your story. So turn to a fresh page. Write yourself over. Call it a plot twist. Don’t let anyone tell you how it ends.

—  17 things I need you to remember this year // Ceres

i couldnt sleep so i drew my ocs crying LOL i also drew them happy but i was too lazy to clean it up so it’s rly messy