and i only didn't because it was $150

the zine scene

these are all the zines I know of currently, as well as a few that are still open if you’d like to apply! there were so many talented artists and writers we didn't get to have with us on the second year project simply because we had 150+ applicants and only 24 spots, and we wanted to give them other opportunities to showcase their talents :)c

in progress: @haikyuu2ndyears  ❀ HQ Ghibli EZine ❀ Haikyuu Flower EzineMatsuhana EzineShiratorzawa EZine ❀ Ushijima Ezine@hqwriterzineHq Art AU Fanzine ❀ @runcharityzine ❀ 

@tendouzine  : accepting applications

@captainszine : accepting applications❀ 

if you happen to know of a few more feel free to add to this! :)