and i officially have no idea what to do tomorrow

well guys! the story of me busting it on the tile floor brought enough people 😂

i’m not really sure what i’m gonna do? i’m officially on spring break except for a spanish composition that’s due tomorrow so i’m open to ideas if you have them. the last time i did something was for 700 and well those prompts are sitting in my ask box still. i’m always taking more though! i just can’t promise how long it will take me though but i will eventually do them all!

i’m still doing moodboards! um if you search the name aesthetic tag or the my edit tag you can see some of those. it’s like the prompts, i’ll do them all, just not sure when.

i’m still adding my birthday page (don’t @ me @exybee i haven’t been on my laptop but i’ll add you don’t worry) i’ll try to do something for everyone’s, not sure yet though?

mm, then like for an honorable mention, i’m adding members to my trc blog. i know the fandom is sort of waning? there but i can’t bring myself to delete it: @auntjimi so lmk if that’s something you’d be interested in

uh, i’m always down to give song recs (or receive them @queerneiljostcn recently gave me some top notch suggestions)

this is just me putting something up cause i wanted to say thanks for being here? you should hit up my ask box whenever, for awhile when my blog first got an influx of followers one or two people would stop by to tell me about tests or speeches or meetings they were worried about. sometimes it’s nice to let someone know. i’ll give a kiss to the sky for you guys, always.

i’ll make an actual pretty post later. right now i’m a pantsless gremlin who is too lazy to get out her laptop. but that’s what happens when spring break hits

this was information dense. i’ll post a lighthearted photo

Hey, guys.

Well.  It’s officially the new year.  2016.  I have no idea what lies ahead, but I want to take a moment to look back.  Not one year, but five.  Because on New Year’s Eve, 2010, I very nearly took my own life.

I had a plan.  I had the means.  And I had no will to live.
But I didn’t do it. Someone stepped in.  And as of today, I’ve been alive for five years.

Those five years haven’t been easy.  I spent one chunk of time in an abusive relationship, another chunk recovering from it.  My parents divorced. I lost friends – including the girl who had stopped me.  

But I’ve also made friends.  I’ve gone to concerts.  I’ve read books. I’ve seen movies. I’ve watched the sun rise and set over a nearby lake.  I’ve been to cities.  I’ve laughed.  I’ve gotten gifts, and given them.  I’ve roasted marshmallows.  I’ve marched and protested.  I’ve sung my heart out when no one’s listening, and danced alone in the kitchen while I cook.  I’ve met people, online and in meatspace, who changed my life.

And it’s all been worth it.
Every smile – mine, or a friend’s, or a stranger’s.  Every laugh.  Every “Thank you.”
That has made it worth it.

So if you are now where I was then – if you feel lost, alone, hopeless, empty, anything – if you are considering killing yourself – then please, listen to me.

The day will come when you look back and you want to cry not because it’s all so impossible, but because you almost ended it so long ago.  
You almost didn’t meet that person.  
You almost didn’t see this sunrise.  
Your life almost didn’t happen.

Some day, you will have been alive for five years.
But only if you hold on now.

I promise.  The day will come when you are so, so glad you lived.