and i never normally use textures

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hello! sorry to bother, i really love your art and was wondering what brush settings you use on photoshop? i'm new to to appliance and have been having trouble. thank you 😊 hope you have a great day!!

My principle with brushes is that less is more. The standard round brush will go a long way. I have set the spacing of mine all the way to 1% as I don’t like the scaly pattern you get from the default settings.

Of course, you don’t want to *see* the standard brush at a first glance, so you would normally put something extra on top. 

Then I got a couple of custom brushes: I got a soft grunge brush that I mostly use on skin after a sturdy layer of a standard brush. Then there’s the flat brush which I use for almost everything, from skin to clothes to environments. Last is the line brush I sometimes use for sketching or to accentuate the drawing with something bold.

I read in ImagineFX magazine once; ‘’you should see the artwork first, and the textures second’’.

So if you’re in doubt, use the standard round. You’ll never go wrong with that. :p

London, 1960. Girl holding kitten.

Photograph: Bruce Davidson/Magnum

I always had a feeling for Britain. We would listen to the BBC during the war, when I had an uncle Herb who was flying a bomber, which I believe may have been from England.

In 1960, I purchased a Hillman Minx convertible, which wasn’t a very expensive car in those days, and drove around England with the top down. It was an American-drive car, which was an advantage because I could snap people on the sidewalk more easily. I also had a sports coat made with the side pockets larger, so I could fit my Leicas in them.

I found this young woman quite by accident, as I was walking the London streets. I came upon a group of teenagers, and struck up a conversation. They took me into a cave, and then some kind of huge dancehall. I think it was on an island. It was getting late, and I needed to move on the next morning, so I didn’t stay very long. 

But I isolated this girl to photograph, holding that kitten, which was probably a stray she had found on the street, and carrying that bedroll wrapped around her body. There was a great deal of mystery to her. I didn’t know where she had come from, and I didn’t get her name, but there was something about that face - the hopefulness, positivity and openness to life - it was the new face of Britain.

The picture was taken with a normal 50mm lens, with a wide aperture. I used the Ilford film, called HPS - hyper-sensitive film - which I loved, although it is probably no longer made. I loved that grainy texture; she has the feeling of a statue.

I still feel close to this picture. I wonder what that young girl is doing now. She must be lurking around London someplace, or she may not be alive, you never know.

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What's your opinion on ritual clothing? Some Wiccans have told me that you're online supposed to wear those long black robes you see in some Wiccan/Pagan shops and such but other pagans have told me that you wear what's related to your craft. What's your opinion on the subject?

Honestly, I do my rituals in my pajamas with a face mask on sometimes. I’ve never been big on ritual clothing, unless it’s a super important ritual to me, and even then it’s more of a “whatever makes you feel like the badass practitioner you are” kind of thing.

And if you’re not specifically Wiccan, then you don’t necessarily have to take their word for it when it comes to your practice. 

Hope this helps hun.

nocturnal wix

Unless you’re part of a tradition or group that has clothing requirements, I’d say don’t worry about it unless wearing ritual clothing actually serves a purpose for you.  Some faith traditions do have requirements about what you’re allowed or not allowed to wear - headscarves, no dark colors, etc - and they usually have a reason for it.  Masks are a time-honored tool for ‘putting on’ an identity during ritual; veils can make possession or trance easier, but I’ve also seen mediums wear headscarves as a way to lessen the likelihood of possession; some spirits and entities may prefer to interact with people who dress a certain way, especially if it has to do with modesty, depending on their personal cultural norms. 

When Santero friends invite me to something I always make sure to dress according to their requirements, but like Nocturnal Wix, in my own private practice my spirits are lucky if I bother with more than sweatpants.  Comfort is far more important and those dramatic black cloaks always end up strangling me anyway, which is not only terribly uncomfortable but distracts me from the purpose of the damn ritual in the first place.  However, a friend who identifies as a “stitch witch” and makes all her own textiles puts huge importance on cloth and fiber in her own work, so for her, ritual clothing makes perfect sense.  Like masks, having special clothing can be a useful psychological tool for helping you mentally transition between “normal daily living” and “oh hey, ritual time!” but it’s definitely not necessary unless your tradition or personal preference says so.

For people with sensory sensitivities in particular, having ritual clothing made of certain kinds of cloth textures or colors could serve a purpose, but that would be up to individual experimentation on what helps, hinders, or makes no difference at all.

Jewelry, though…I am never without devotional jewelry or amulets unless I’m explicitly requested to remove them.  For me, jewelry serves as physical focii for connection instead of clothing.

- mountain hound

My skincare Routine:
I only use simple products, I don’t believe in over priced products just because it’s a designer brand, furthermore.
Nivea (blue tub) Cream
African Black Soap (if you have oily skin)
Nivea Milk Cleanser (sensitive dry skin it will last you 3months)
Rubber pore cleanser (superdrug, it gets rid of all my clogged pores and texture and it’s super cheap like £1.29)
Snail Cream aliexpress (£1.50)
Jamaican castor oil (if you have dry skin, apparently it gets rid of acne I don’t know that for fact as I’ve never had acne)
Coconut oil (eBay 2 for £6)

I made this post so people don’t have to ask any skin questions😊 please don’t ask me any skin questions I’m not an expert, I wish I had all the answers but I don’t 😭 I’m just a normal gally who use to have serve dry skin that finally found what works. All the products above are cheap and last for ages 💖

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Normally I'd rather burn myself alive rather than pick Art Nouveau over Art Deco but Sotha Sil's stuff looks so much better than the Dwemer's

That’s because any good TES fan knows Sotha Sil is better than the dwemer.

Also my only real complaint with Sotha Sil is that his whole place could use more blues to offset the brasses and golds. I was never one to care too much about him having circuitboards on his walls (even in SSE we recommended players install a texture overhaul that turned things into a nice blue-gold overhaul).

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Sorry, me again! What do you use for your pencil sketches? I like the textures.

I use prismacolor black for my life drawings! I use this because my arm is never strong enough to put down dark lines with normal pencil :1

Last weekend my cousin and I went to an outdoor mall,
and many women there had already started embracing the sun
with their tanned and glistening thighs and chests
and she said to me, “Your skin is so pale, why don’t you tan?”
and I stumbled over my words a little bit but I was angry that she would ask me that
as if something was wrong with me.

The same goes for every time a person says, “Why don’t you lose weight?”
or “Why don’t you dye your hair lighter?”
because my hair is the leather cut from Indian winters
and I like its crisp texture and blue-black color and the likeness it has of my mother,
and my weight reminds me that I used to weigh 80lbs at 16 years old
and now I’m just normal, and god, normal has never looked more beautiful to me today than it ever has,

so how dare you tell me who I am isn’t good enough?

So what, you say that woman’s skin is too dark. Her skin runs with the tears and love
of her mother, it’s been kneaded
and bruised by too many
and you don’t need to be someone else to try and break it.

So what, she’s a little heavier than you, you weren’t there when
her boyfriend beat her for not losing weight fast enough,
weren’t there for all the nights she drank to get that beer belly,
to forget his fists the next day.

So what, he has a scar on his cheek,
you’re too busy criticizing to see the weight in his eyes,
too dead to see that he is a survivor.

So what her teeth are crooked,
you’re trying so hard to get away
from her smile that you’ll never get to feel the warmth of it.

So what, there is a birthmark on his face,
if you took the time, you’d realize it was a continent on a world
that you never bothered to explore
and instead you just became another person to discredit his humanity,
another bully on the playground to try to make the rest of his face black.

So what, so what, so what you don’t like the way they look.

A person is not yours to bend to your liking, they are flesh and blood,
not clay,

and the sooner you realize that people aren’t born for your comfort

the sooner you’ll know how beautiful acceptance feels

because you will start to accept yourself, too.

Do you look at the stars and say, “Oh that one isn’t pretty enough for me, I think I won’t look at it tonight?”

We are all apart of this universe. We are the passions and pain and last breaths of our ancestors.

There are galaxies in your DNA, the shaking hands of your great great grandfather
reaching for the sun in a field, his skin the pinks and oranges of a sunset,
the day your father saw your mother in a coffee shop with no name,
the color of your grandmother’s hair in your own,

it’s all different and unique and it all lives inside your body that everyone tries to change,
and it’s beautiful.

We are infinite and mysterious and unknown.

We have a right to be here as much as the stars.

No one questions their beauty, so why the hell should they question yours?

—  Galaxies || Scarlette La Vaillante

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Hi! Have you ever made any PS painting tutorials? (I checked #how to and #photoshop but all that shows up is the lineart tut.) It seems like every tumblr artist with a painterly style is using Paint Tool SAI these days, and while I would like to acquire it and experiment with it eventually, it doesn't seem to work on Macs (...right?) so for now I'm still using Photoshop. I'd love to hear how you use it to its best advantage for digital painting!

I had a terrible, awful, no-good-lost-an-arrow-in-the-brushpile archery day so I have decided to answer asks on Tumblr and drink hard cider.  Because I am an adult and I make good decisions!

Google can tell you how to run Windows software on a Mac, like, there’s ways.  PaintToolSAI is pretty lightweight so I’d expect it to run pretty well.  There’s also, like, Corel Painter?  Which I think has a Mac flavor, but personally I find Painter to be quite insufferable. 

SO, Photoshop!  ………………I wish I had a compelling secret to reveal to you so you’d feel like it was worth having read this far, but I don’t.  The truth is that my Photoshop technique, which I carried over into SAI, is a continually morphing.. critter.. and I very often do things I love and then later have to stare at the layers I created and figure out how to recreate them, aha.

Here, let’s just do a quick archaeological dig on a finished photoshop-only painting and you can see how, in general, I work:

Base layer is a sketch, usually with a fairly thick translucent line, usually on a grey background.  I start my paintings using techniques I learned watching this fucking amazing tutorial.  The link is just to a ‘commercial’ for the full video, but if you watch carefully you can see what’s going on. Sometimes I work up the sketch in black and white, sometimes not, usually I do ‘tone’ it at least a little before jumping into color:

SImple sketch, simple black and white shading.  The idea is to get a roadmap going - the b&w shading, adding volume, is also a good way to check your sketch, because when you start ‘rounding’ things out is when goofy shit shows up.  I mean, shit, compare the bare sketch to the ‘filled’ sketch and see for yourself.

On top of the sketch, whenever I decide I have a sketch I like (and remember - I am pulling these snaps from a finished painting, so the sketch layer has been tweaked.  That massive shadow/bruise on Clint’s jaw, for instance, was added at the end) … on top of the sketch I slap down some saturated colors. I get these as hot as I can stand, like, you can always remove saturation later, so start lively:

Don’t be afraid of purple and green and turquoise; even if I wasn’t shading with bruises in mind, skin has a lot of purple and green in it, because your blood in your veins is blue.  This applies to skin of all colors - deeply black skin in particular has an unbelievable amount of purple, for example.  Look for colors other than ‘peach’ and ‘brown’ and ‘yellow,’ is what I’m saying, if you want to paint nice skintones.  Also ask an artist who’s good at skintones for more advice, shit, I am weak-sauce!  Moving on.

.. now paint.  Uhm, sorry, like I said.. pulling these from finished art, so they’re not perfect ‘progress’ steps.  I use mostly the plain round brush at a fairly low opacity, and overlap brushstrokes to create texture, BUT I do use fancy brushes - you can see one in the background shading, Clint’s hair is detailed with a hard ‘pencil’ brush, but seriously, the plain round brush with a hard edge is where it’s at.  Like this:

SO, okay, base colors all laid in, I personally usually chicken out and put details on another layer so that if I decide to fiddle with the underlying color later, I can do so without ruining my detail work.  Like, I can tell you that I painted Clint’s face, added the cut on his cheek during the detail phase, and THEN dropped back to that previous layer and added the bruise under the cut.

There’s another layer of painted highlights using an ‘Overlay’ layer - this is my preferred method of adding WOW, and in my PaintToolSAI art I do it a whole fucking lot because SAI has a truly magical luminosity mode oh my GOODNESS - but in Photoshop I add several layers, three in this case, of texture, one black and two VERY colorful, using the ‘Overlay’ mode at about 25% opacity, to both richen the color and add some ‘random’.  Here’s one of the textures, on normal mode so you can see it:

Note that I have erased out sections of it over Clint’s face - don’t be afraid to ‘sculpt’ your texture layers to blend them into the artwork, I mean, I just spent all that time shading up all the facial detail, I don’t want the texture layers to completely flatten it.  

This is the end product, with three texture layers - two on Overlay, one on Color Burn - definitely play with ALL the layer modes!  You never know what you’ll get.  I very very VERY often use hella strong modes (like Color Burn) at a very very low opacity, 10-20%, they’re so strong that you just need a little bit to add some lovely drama:

And that, more or less, is it.  Hundred percent crop so you can see the detail, such as it is:

What else…When I paint in Photoshop I don’t use the smudge tool, I blend by starting with the color I want, painting, and then hitting ALT as I paint to bring up the color dropper to grab a ‘mixed’ color, then keep painting.  In SAI I do this less, as SAI has gorgeous painterly blending.  Photoshop is very ‘dry’ on the blends, you have to lower brush opactiy and just grab mixed colors to blend.  If you do choose to use the smudge tool, the secret is to NOT use a round brush - use a scruffy one.

… I am out of both hard cider and observations, but if you have any questions, or want to see details from a particular painting, feel free to ask!  The older ones, if you go waaaay back in my art tag, are 100% Photoshop.  The one of Clint standing in front of his building in #6 is the first SAI one, anything after that will be a mix of Photoshop and SAI.


Three Slots Open for Grunge Texture Character Commissions!

Hey all! So, I’ll spare you the boring details, but being a vendor is expensive since I have to pay for printing costs and whatnot. With EFNW next weekend, I could use a smidge of extra funds, so here we are. Since I normally never take more than sketch commissions, consider this a rare shot, since I only take color commissions when it’s ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

Each slot is $50, which gets you one character of your choice. Canon characters are preferred and encouraged, but not required- OCs are okay too! But if I can use it as a print for conventions later… well, I’ll be more inclined to choose yours, of course. :p And yes, MLP or not is fine! Don’t be shy about your request, I’m just using this method to allow myself options. <3

I will be accepting email inquiries about these via leekfish at hotmail dot com until 6/29 at noon PST. After that, I’ll look at my options, reply back to the ones I choose, and then stream them on my Picarto channel.

Hope that answers everything- feel free to ask any questions, and thanks for reading! <3