and i never normally use textures

My skincare Routine:
I only use simple products, I don’t believe in over priced products just because it’s a designer brand, furthermore.
Nivea (blue tub) Cream
African Black Soap (if you have oily skin)
Nivea Milk Cleanser (sensitive dry skin it will last you 3months)
Rubber pore cleanser (superdrug, it gets rid of all my clogged pores and texture and it’s super cheap like £1.29)
Snail Cream aliexpress (£1.50)
Jamaican castor oil (if you have dry skin, apparently it gets rid of acne I don’t know that for fact as I’ve never had acne)
Coconut oil (eBay 2 for £6)

I made this post so people don’t have to ask any skin questions😊 please don’t ask me any skin questions I’m not an expert, I wish I had all the answers but I don’t 😭 I’m just a normal gally who use to have serve dry skin that finally found what works. All the products above are cheap and last for ages 💖