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Family fics Masterpost

Hey guys, as you would’ve known from some of my Omelia future fics featuring their children in my Omelia universe, their 3 children are named Charlotte Addison, Noah Christopher and Olivia Megan Hunt.

Here are some pictures of them:

 The latest additions to the family fics are- the Christmas fic of Omelia serenading 4 month old Charlotte with Christmas songs in ‘Christmas Serenade,’  14 year old Charlotte being embarrassed by Owen in the hospital ER ‘Stop Embarrassing Me, Dad!!’   and 17 year old Charlotte drinking and Amelia’s reaction to it in  ‘ Vodka Shots and Some Lessons Learned,  about Charlotte drinking . Do check them out! ;)

Amelia’s pregnancy with Charlotte:

Forever Love ( based on the season 12 finale)

You Still Have Feelings For Her

Like A Virgin

The Green Couch

Of Burnt Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Dinner Parties

Family Feud



You’re My Hero

If Tomorrow Never Comes

A Glimpse Of The Future

No One Is Perfect

Pink Or Blue?

Cravings and Baby Names

All Of Me

Charlotte’s Birth:

The Time Has Arrived


Hanging By A Thread

Bring Me To Life

Charlotte’s Infancy:

You’ll Make A Great Father Someday

Christmas Serenade

Amelia’s pregnancy with Noah

Hello, It’s Me

Noah’s Birth

You’ll Be In My Heart

Our Little Boy

Olivia’s Birth


Family time:

Happy Father’s Day

Christmas Days

Happy Mother’s Day  

Charlotte reaching puberty and teenagehood:

No Longer Our Little Girl

‘ Stop Embarrassing Me, Dad!!’

Vodka shots and some lessons learned

Caught In The Act

Charlotte getting married:

The Necklace

Charlotte getting married without Amelia:

Never Really Gone

Through the years:

The Christmas Tree


Amy ( last scene)

Still  ( last scene)

Thinking It Over - part 4 ( last scene)