and i need to work on my history paper



If there’s any of you out there studying history* and you feel like you’re drowning amongst all the content you need to learn, here’s something that’s making my studying a lot easier and more efficient. 

Split your course into small sections and limit yourself to one A3 paper (this cuts out any unnecessary waffle and textbook parroting), make sure you theme your notes and once you’ve finished writing them you can go over one sheet per day and it’s far less intimidating than reading through 200 pages of notes :)

*I’m sure this would work for other subjects too



I returned to Cambridge yesterday evening, and will be spending the rest of the Easter break here finishing off the dissertation & starting revision. Today’s set-up concerns the latter - I’ve been making lists of topics I need to go over & am currently trying to tackle revision for my Practical Criticism paper (which, very handily, also helps my History & Theory of Literary Criticism paper too (yay - multi-tasking!)). 

The sun is currently streaming through my window, which is extremely beautiful, but also scorching hot, so I currently have half-drawn curtains to stay comfortable. Usually I don’t work in my room, but today I’ve made an exception as I’ve been gathering resources from lots of different shelves/folders to make lots of lists and plans for the next few weeks - tomorrow I’m hitting the UL to spend a full day on my dissertation 💪. I’m also using today to use two of the presents my mother bought me for christmas (the sticky notes & the lip balm - they’re so cute!). Don’t let the ‘I’m so organised’ fool you - I’m seriously not, however much I’d love to be. The ‘Gin & Tonic’ flavoured lip balm is a more accurate representation of my character though. 😂

I’ve already expressed countless times how much I enjoy spending holidays in Cambridge, so I am currently so glad to be back. I just feel so much calmer, and so much more free than I do during term time. Planning work, exercise, meals, chill-time is just so much easier when there’s less compulsory stuff on the timetable. Plus, meandering around Cambridge when it is sunny is my favourite thing to do & I just feel like I have so much more time and mental space to really enjoy it! It is just quite strange to think that this is the final Easter holiday I will spend here. 

- Sarah 

What I’m Writing

I was tagged by @melonshino because she is nosy and wanted to know which fics I’m working on. I have to write three papers for my history classes, so there is not much fic writing happening atm. So sad. BUT: I will give you an overview of the fics  that I sporadically worked on during the last weeks:


Chapter 17 of Lost Souls Found (Bucky x Reader)

The Blood In Your Veins (Bucky x Reader, Skinwalker AU in collaboration with @awaitingjudgementx)

Need A Title For This Fic (Bucky x Reader, Vampire AU with timetravel elements)

The Beyond (Implied Bucky x Reader but I’m not sure If I should tag it as a reader-insert? Written from 2.pov, but well… you will see. Fic title might change)

We’ll be together (Bucky x reader with lots of Angst. Based on the fic title @melonberri sent me for the made-up-fic-title-ask-thingy. I can’t find the post anymore, sorry)

Dadpool (Deadpool x Kid!Reader, mostly crackfic with some angsty bits too)


Part 3 of Of Love and Loss (Sam x Reader with lots of Angst and Hurt, don’t have a fic title yet)

Part 3 of  Photos On The Fridge (Castiel x Reader, pairing might change at some point. Lots of Fluff with some minor Angst. Don’t have a fic title for this either, lol)

And more which haven’t started writing yet. So many ideas. Too many ideas.


February 4th, 2016. This is the first official post on my study blog! Please feel free to say hello. I’ve had a pretty productive day so far, thanks to my lucky jade seagull friend I’m sure. I finally started research for my seminar paper, and have a decent bibliography going. My topic is kind of vague right now, but I’m super excited about it. I can’t believe I haven’t worked on gender or animals yet, so combining the two is sort of irresistible. Now I just need to find some awesome visual material to work with (which should really have been my starting point) and Titian is tempting me again as usual…

okay so it’s like 11 pm and i’m gonna go to bed, but first i’m gonna request a few things. and on a side note: tomorrow i have band rehearsal after school and won’t be home until probably 6:30-7. :T kill me.

  1. do you guys know of any topics within star wars that have 2 definitive sides to them that could be debated or written about in an argumentative academic writing paper ? i have to write an argument paper for my senior project or whatever in my english class and i’m really wanting to do it over star wars because i know i can easily hit whatever the page or word count requirement will be by talking about it.
  2. if i’m doing a shit ton of stuff starting tuesday after school, i need someone ( anyone, really, that’ll remember this ) to scream at me to work on my history research paper if i’m doing more stuff here than i probably should if i say i’m working on it. the rough draft is due on march 30th before spring break and i literally only have 1 sentence written on it. i want to treat it like the final draft, as per suggestion of my teacher, so throughout april i’m only making minor adjustments to it to make it better instead of rewriting the entire damn thing.

So my friend asked me to hang out in her room for a couple of hours because her lock isn’t working and she needed to go do something, but the maintenance guy came and I’m just praying that he doesn’t ask me to check the lock when he’s done because I don’t want to have explain that I don’t actually live here.

Constructive Criticism vs Being a Dick

So the other day I was talking to the braintwin about critiquing writing and then @lunamanar made a badass post about leaving non-constructive/toxic comments of fics. That coupled with seeing some responses to the latter set my brain off and I need to word vomit somewhere.

Background on myself - I majored in graphic design and minored in art history. I didn’t have papers or tests; I had crits. Almost every class included a crit. I remember my first year with the basic 2D class and NO ONE knew what to do crit wise. So everyone was just “I like this. I like that.” By the third crit, my professor said, “saying you like a thing isn’t going to help improve someone’s work. What’s there that could improve and be better?” And then it developed into a far more interesting conversation with my peers. I remember one student, however, took it upon herself to not say anything nice and just rip everyone apart. Two years down the road, one of our typography professors ripped her a new one for not knowing how to crit properly.

But I always tried to take the “say something nice and something helpful” thing and apply it to whatever I crit. As we progressed in the program, professors were harder and harder on us. In turn, us students hardened up and constructive criticism was second nature. Some of my closest friends and I were rather brutal in a loving way. Like I had peers look over my shoulder while in the lab and go, “the hell is that?” Likewise, I’ve crumbled draft prints of my friends’ work and threw it in their face and went, “dude you can do better.” No one was hurt and we actually improved. Hell I had people ask me to crit their work, because they knew I’d be honest. Granted, that’s a level of comfort that not everyone reaches with each other, but it was great having that frank honesty.

But even then, everyone is going to have a different opinion. I remember my junior review and two of my favorite professors butting heads over one of my posters, because one thought I should’ve made the tomato a photo tomato and the other thought I should’ve kept it as the flat color I did with it. Like literally five minutes spent on this damn tomato and neither came to a consensus. And these are two people with 30+ years experience in their fields. And they had different opinions. And that’s ok.

While I’m not actively working in the graphic design field, I have taken what I learned from it and applied it to my writing. Of course, I’m not going to crumble up your writing and throw it at your face unless you want me to be brutally honest (and I can and will), but I want to offer concrit when I can, because I want other writers I love to improve. Hell, I want people to do the same for me so I can improve. As much as I love the gushing comments, I also crave for someone to be like, “hey, this part was lacking a bit. Here’s a way you might be able to improve.” I welcome that. It’s vital to improve. It forces me to think differently.

However, there’s a difference between concrit and plain old negativity. I’ve seen people for a while saying that any critique, even concrit, is detrimental to a writer and I think that’s outright bullshit. If someone is pointing out everything that’s “wrong” and not saying what your strengths are, they don’t know how to give constructive criticism, especially if it’s something in a fanfic review. If someone says “I don’t like this” and gives no reason why, they don’t know how to formulate a proper critique. They are not being helpful. There should always be explanation as to why something doesn’t work and even then? That’s one person’s damn opinion take it or leave it.

And some people don’t like that kind of stuff, even real concrit, and that’s fine. I’m not saying everyone has to like it, but I’m of the opinion that if you as a writer want to grow and become better, the best way to do so is through concrit. It’s not easy to stomach it sometimes, but I firmly believe that if someone who actually knows how to write a review takes the time to do so for you? They care. I know I do when I do it. If I didn’t care about a thing, I wouldn’t remotely bother clicking the kudos button, let alone write a comment.

Because again, there’s a difference between having someone point out your weak points and someone telling you that you suck. Hearing your weak points isn’t easy. Trust me, I’ve been there. But you know what? I’ve also been there when people were cruel.

Like my fifth grade teacher dragging me out into the hallway and saying she would never trust me with writing anything on my own. Like the boys in high school who stole my notebooks and ripped them up and tossed them in the hallways. Like my high school English teacher constantly sending me to the office, because I didn’t write or discuss topics in class to her liking. Like the fans who drove me out of a fandom because I wanted to write about a ship they didn’t like. Like the select family members who told me I was wasting my time writing anything.

That’s negativity. That’s not helpful to anyone. That’s what destroys writers and prevents them from wanting to write. That happened to me. I didn’t write anything for a solid six years or so because of the negativity I received. There’s a difference between that and someone telling you, “I didn’t like this and here’s why.” One you can grow from. The other literally destroys your soul.

So to my fellow writers, please don’t dismiss concrit. Even if you strictly write for pleasure and yourself and take none of it as srs biz (which is awesome), don’t completely rule it out or say it’s toxic. If you believe it’s toxic, then the reviewer doesn’t know how to concrit. It’s not easy, but it shouldn’t make you want to quit writing. And reviewers? If you feel the need to voice your thoughts as to whether or not something works, be intelligent about it. Actually explain why and be polite about it. It’s the only way anyone’s going to take you seriously. So many people out there actually DON’T know how to review. Set a good example and point out strengths AND weaknesses.

And for those of you who feel the need to tell someone their story sucks? Go fuck yourself.


Coulson Week- Day Three: Favorite Pairing (#1)

Phlint (Phil Coulson/Clint Barton) Romantic 

Phil/Clint has always been a favorite pairing of mine both because of the empty space in their shared history at SHIELD that fans can easily play with and fill in, and because it reminds me of my own relationship with my husband. One of balance, kindness, problems that need to be sorted out over time, and different personalities working together to make an amazing team. 

the adventures that they could have together as SHIELD agents has always drawn me towards them, and i would love to see them actually speak about each other (at the least) in the MCU/Tv show because even in the comics they have a strong friendship that i love seeing on paper.

Due to having some issues with getting payments from a few of my clients (I’m on the third round of excuses from one of them -_-), I’m suddenly finding myself a few hundred dollars short of where I supposed to be.  And it’s the end of the semester, so I’m not going to have any significant income for the next month or so.

As a result, putting my services out there. 

If anyone needs help with tutoring at the college or high school levels for English, History or Science, or needs proofreading or copyediting help for anything they’ve written (papers, novels, fanfic, etc, I’m flexible), please, consider working with me. 

My rates are reasonable and, as for speed, I can honestly say that I’m capable of reading, copyediting, and returning a 10,000-word Computer Science Master’s Thesis paper, fully polished, in under three days.

Services and Rates:

Tutoring: $20/hour, usually using Skype or Hangouts

Proofreading: $1.25 per 300 words; I highlight and flag issues for the writer to fix.

Copyediting: $0.06/word; this is deep polishing, where I don’t just find the grammatical, spelling, and comprehension issues, I help fix them.

Also, there’s my Etsy shop

Please signal boost! 

i think i just found 2 boys just like phan at school halp !!! ME

okay so today i was in history class there was these two boys and umm lets call them mike and josh well i was seeing them talk and i was llike omg OTP! than i found out they have been bffs for 5 -6 years and i was like omg phan !! ,but i need to work so i was like okay stop work on your history paper ,i was in till i was interrupted by to boys having a TICKLE FIGHT NEXT TO ME ! i seriously didn’t think i could get anymore phan AF in till one of the boys wants to draw on the board and grabs a pen than than other was like let me draw on your face and my breathing stopped, than it happened he asked him if he could  put whiskers on his face and i think i passed out who knows but than after the day was all most over he was hugging him and mike was like i love my joshie and like FFFFFFFFFFFFF …..

okay this is day 2

 little shorter so josh comes and says he doesn’t want to do school anymore and the teacher brought him out side to talk and he was crying and DO YOU KNOW WHAT MIKE SAID THAT MADE ME WANT TO FREking !! yell at the top of my lungs OTP ! he said “Awee i need to talk to the bae later see whats wrong with my joshie” ….IM IM IM IM SORRY I HAD TO GET IT OUT I FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

I’m doing my WST seminar presentation and paper on biophobia in the LGBT community, though mostly with the L and the G. I still need to narrow the topic down, but I was wondering if any tumblr users had any books to recommend on the topic, including (obvs) history books?

I promise I’m not asking for you to do my work for me- I have several articles printed that I have read through and a few books on their way from the library, but I wanted to get some recs from people who may have studied this topic before. Thank you :)